White, Gavin D. “collection” (MS 348)

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Material on Eskimos

Various papers. 25.5 x 20.5 cm

Typescript carbon copies

Contents :

/1 Letter to GDW from R.A. Gibson, Deputy Commissioner, Administration of the Northwest Territories, Canada. 15 June 1950. 3 leaves

/2 The Eskimos of Canada. At head of page: Canada, Dept. of Resources and Development, Editorial and Information Division. 13 Mar. 1951. 2 leaves

/3 Letter to GDW from G.E.B. Sinclair, Director, Northern Administration and Lands Branch, Canada, Dept. of Resources and Development. Ottawa. 16 July 1951. 1 p.

/4 Discrimination: equality seen need for Eskimo. [Report by Edmund S. Carpenter]. Globe, about 1 Feb. 1952. 2 leaves

/5 Letter to GDW from Roy R. Knight, MP for Saskatoon, House of Commons, Canada. Ottawa, 5 May 1952. 1 p.

/6 Eskimo ‘new deal’ will include better schools, health facilities. Ottawa, 17 Oct. 1952. 1 p.

/7 The Eskimos: a Canadian human resource. From the Government of Canada, Canadian Weekly Bulletin, Information Division, Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa, Canada. Vol. 8, No. 12, 23 Jan. 1953, p. 6. 3 leaves

/8 Comments on Reindeer from Lappland by John Mikkelborg, The Bay, 1949-50. 2 leaves

/9 Reindeer for Scotland, Frank Illingworth in the Field. 1 p.

/10 Some answers to Mr A.E. Porsild’s criticisms of Farley Mowat’s People of the deer reviewed in The Beaver of June 1952. Apr. 1953. G.D. White. 3 leaves

/11 Reindeer breeding in the British Empire. 5 leaves

/12 Area West of Hudson Bay and the Baffin Island experiment, T.T. Paterson. 7 leaves

/13 Canadian Government attitudes to the Arctic. 11 leaves

/14 [Label from original folder]: Gavin White’s material on Eskimos – set for Col. Croft

Presented from the estate of the late William Buller Fagg, CMG