Pan-African Cultural Festival, First (MS 412)

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[Addresses and papers]. Algiers, The Organization of African Unity, 21 July – 1 Aug. 1969

Various papers. 27 x 21 cm


Presented from the estate of the late William Buller Fagg, CMG.

/1 Addresses from various delegations

/1 Address by Mr Diallo Telli, Administrative Secretary-General of The Organization of African Unity at the inauguration of the First Pan-African Cultural Festival, Algiers, 21 July 1969. [i], 4 pp.

/2 Inaugural speech of President Houari Boumedienne, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Head of the Government, Acting Chairman of the OAU. OAU/AACF/DIS. 1B. [i], 16 leaves.

/3 Address of the Head of Delegation of the Congo Brazzaville. OAU/ACCR/DIS. 1. 11 pp.

/4 Address by the Head of the Tunisian Delegation. OAU/AACF/DIS. 2. 5 pp.

/5 The conflict of cultures in Africa, by Dr. Seth Cudjoe, Ghana. OAU/AACF/DIS. 3. 12 pp.

/6 Speech by the Head of the Delegation of Guinea. OAU/AACF/DIS. 5. 31 pp.

/7 Address of the Head of the Delegation of Morocco. OAU/AACF/DIS. 6. 11 pp.

/8 A speech by Zambia’s Minister of State, Mr. Peter Chanda. OAU/AACF/DIS. 7 REV. 8 pp.

/9 Communication from the Delegation of the Cameroons. OAU/AACF/DIS. 8. l0 pp.

/10 Communication of the Malian Delegation at the Symposium of the Panafrican Festival. OAU/AACF/DIS. 11. 29 pp.

/11 Communication of the Malian Delegation at the Symposium of the Pan-African Festival. OAU/AACF/DIS. 11 REV. 12 pp.

/12 Statement by the Delegation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the Symposium of the First Panafrican Cultural Festival. OAU/AACF/DIS. 12. [i], 5 pp.

/13 Address by the Head of the Delegation of Nigeria. OAU/AACF/DIS. 14. 5 pp. [2 copies]

/14 A speech on African culture delivered to the first all-African cultural festival, Algiers, on 25 July 1969 by S.J. Ntiro, Leader of the Tanzania Delegation. OAU/AACF/DIS. 15. 8 pp.

/15 A speech by Nickey Iyambo, Chief of the Delegation of the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) to the symposium of the first Pan-African Cultural Festival. OAU/AACF/DIS. 17. 3 pp.

/16 Speech of the Algerian Delegation. OAU/AACF/DIS. 18. 21p.

/17 Address by the Head of the Delegation of Mauritania. OAU/AACF/DIS. 19. 4 pp.

/18 Joint address by the national liberation movements of the Portuguese colonies to the symposium of the First Panafrican Cultural Festival by Mr Abilio Duarte. OAU/AACF/DIS. 20. 11 pp.

/19 Address by His Excellency by Mr Stanislas Adotevi, Commissioner General for culture and youth of Dahomey. OAU/AACF/DIS. 21/Rev. 17 pp.

/20 Revolutionary challenges and cultural perspectives by Mazisi Kunene of the African National Congress. OAU/AACF/DIS. 24. 11 pp.

/21 Message from President William S. Tubman of Liberia. 1 p.

/22 The message of the Palestine national liberation movement Al-Fateh to Africa. 6 pp.

/23 Communication by Mr. Phan Tu, Head of the Cultural Delegation, Ministry of Information and Culture of the Republic of South Vietnam. 10 pp.

/24 Submitted by Indian observers (New Delhi – India), Dr. Mulk Raj Anand and Sajjad Zaheer. Greetings to the first Pan-African Cultural Festival. 5 pp.

/25 Zimbabwe African People’s Union, Pan-African symposium (Algiers, July 2l – l August 1969). Zimbabwe culture and the liberation struggle, [i], 11 leaves.

/2 Papers read at the Symposium of the First Panafrican Cultural Festival

/1 Address by the Chairman of the Symposium. 6 leaves.

/2 African culture: its realities, its role in the liberation struggle, consolidation of African unity and in the economic and social development of Africa, by Chief J.A. Avorinde, MFR, MBE, Nigeria. 14 pp.

/3 The collection, notation and arrangement of Liberian folk songs, by Agnes Nebo von Ballmoos. 8 leaves.

/4 Some notes: African culture and liberation, [by] Dennis Brutus. 6 pp.

/5 African theatre, by J. Scott Kennedy. 3 pp.

/6 A bi-lingual approach to theatre development in Ghana, [by] J. Scott Kennedy. From: The study of Ghanian languages, pp. 97-107.

/7 African culture and national liberation, by Alex La Guma. 3 leaves

/8 Ibn Khaldoun: historian of culture, [by] Walter Markov. 4 leaves

/9 Liberia’s contribution to the science of communication, [by] Bai T. Moore. [i], 13 leaves

/10 Negro-African culture and poetry – elements of the survival of our civilization, by Mr. Lamine Niang. 9 pp.

/11 Search for a new African theatre, by Demas Nwoko. [ii], 30 pp.

/12 The artist and politics: the dynamics of contemporary African society, by Joseph Okpaku. 9 pp.

/13 The place of traditional music in African society with special reference to Nigeria, by Mr. Olaolu Omideyi. [i], 5 leaves. [3copies]

/14 Folklore and the new image of man: some remarks on the contribution of African literatures to world culture, by Arnold Rainer. 4 pp.

/15 Why … ? Al Fateh was born: history of Palestine problem. 7 pp.