Stow, George William (MS 418)

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Photographs of Stow’s copies [cartoons] of Bushman paintings not included in Rock-Paintings in South Africa

[i], 50 leaves. 25.5 x 20.5 cm. 50 black and white photographs, 12 x 16.5 cm, each mounted on one sheet with location and colour description


Stow’s other 74 cartoons were published in Rock-Paintings in South Africa from parts of the Eastern Province and Orange Free State copied by George William Stow with an introduction and descriptive notes by Dorothea F. Bleek. London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1930. Held in the Anthropology Library, Department of Ethnography, British Museum at q KYZ L3668

Documentation concerning the gift of these photographs is held in the RAI Archive collection at A70/2/5

Presented by Dorothea F. Bleek, 1943

/1 Note by D.F. Bleek about the Stow copies. 2 pp. 20 x 6 cm