Potekhin, Ivan Izosimovich (MS 426)

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Papers concerning peoples of Asia and Africa. 1962

Various papers. 33 x 20.5 cm


Presented by A. H. Christie, 1962

/1 Some problems of African studies in the light of the decisions of the XXII Congress of the CPSU; by I.I. Potekhim. (Narodi Azii i Afrika – Peoples of Asia and Africa 1, 1962). 8 leaves. (Passed for publication 24 Jan. 1962)

/2 The First International Congress of Africanists. (Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR 2, 1962). 2 leaves

/3 The peoples of Asia and Africa are brothers: apropos the future of the International Congress of Africanists. (Aziya i Afrika Segodnya – Asia and Africa Today 3, 1962, p.4-5). 3 leaves

/4 Translation – extract from text of broadcast by Moscow Radio on 19 May 1962 of a speech made by Kruschev in Sofia. (S.W.B. 950:2, 22 May 1962). 1 p.