Hinde, Sidney Langford (MS 433)

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Newspaper and journal cuttings on his life and work. 1881-1900

1 scrapbook. [xxv], 200 pp., illus., maps. 29.5 x 22 cm [and] 3 loose cuttings and index. Various sizes

Printed and handwritten. Bound in black cloth

Presented by ?Dr S.L. Hinde? [nd]

Contents :

pp.[i-xxv] Blank

pp. 1-9 University career, 1881-89

pp.10-28 Congo Medical Service and military service in the Congo State, 1891-4

pp. 29-79 Lectures, papers and reviews of ‘The Fall of the Congo Arabs’, 1895-7

pp. 80-1 Medical Officer of the Interior, British East African Protectorate, wedding 1896-7

pp. 82-102 District Officer in Masailand, ‘On birds observed near Machako’s station, in British East Africa’, interest in animals and birds, Zoological Society of London, game shooting, 1898-1900

pp. 103-200 Blank

/1 Anthropologie et administration: la vie scientifique; by Lucien Chassaigne. Le Journal, 2 May 1923. 1 newspaper cutting. 45 x 8 cm. Printed

/2 Medical art in history: the curios of Wigmore Street: drugs of ancient Egypt: a savage tribe’s secret; by Percy Dunn. [np, nd]. 1 newspaper cutting. 47 x 6.5 cm. Printed

/3 The Congo Free State: to the editor of The Times; by Jules Houdret – To the editor of The Times; by the editor of Mr Hinde’s book. [London, The Times, nd]. 1 newspaper cutting. 54 x 7 cm. Printed

/4 [Index of newspapers and journals from which cuttings were taken]. 18 leaves. 27 x 21 cm. Handwritten