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The Khonds or Kuinga: an ethnological, sociological and administrative study.

9 volumes, sketches and correspondence. Various sizes

Typewritten and handwritten. Entries are typewritten unless stated otherwise.

The volumes contain illustrations many of which are on attached insertions.

Presented by the author’s granddaughter, Rachel Friedli, 18 Oct. 2014

HWA    Herbert William Alderson
TCH    Prof. Thomas Callan Hodson (RAI Council 1909-10, Hon. Secretary 1913-15)
RLN    R.L. Narasimham

 /1    The Khonds or Kuinga: an ethnological, sociological and administrative study; by H.W. Alderson; with a map and illustrations. [iii], 1-115, [115a], 116-133, [133a-b], 134-164, [164a], 165-196 leaves. [First draft?]. 28 x 22.5 cm. Typewritten with handwritten amendments and corrections. Bound in brown paper. Contents: introduction, leaves [1-6]; Chapter I, leaves 7-79; Chapter II, leaves 80-115, [115a], 116-164; Chapter III, leaves [164a], 165-196. Illus., leaves 71, 107, 115a, 135-6, 138-9; plan, leaf 108; MS verso leaves 50, 156, 173; MS emendations, leaves 72-93; inserts, leaves verso 130, 133a-133b; map – Area occupied by the true Khonds … [and] area occupied by Khonds who have lost much of their tribal character … Printed, 21.5 x 20 cm, [filed attached to back cover].

 /2    Ibid. [iii], 1-5, 6a-6c, [7]-80, [80a], 81-113, [113a], 114-166, [166a], 167-197 leaves. [Second draft?]. 27 x 21.5 cm. typewritten and handwritten with extensive amendments and corrections. Bound in Flat File green card. 28.5 x 21 cm. Contents: Introduction, leaves 1-5, 6a-c; Chapter I, leaves [7]-80; Chapter II, leaves [80a], 81-166; Chapter III, leaves [166a], 167-197. Illus., leaves 73, 105, 113a, 132-3, 135-6, 138-9; plan, leaf 106. Inserts leaves 69, 73.

 /3    Ibid. [iii], 1-5, 6a-c, [7]-80, [80a], 81-113, [113a], 114-166, [166a], 167-197 leaves. [Carbon copy of MS 472/2]. 27 x 21.5 cm. Typewritten. Bound in Flat File green card. 28.5 x 21 cm.

 /4    Ibid. [i], 1-145 leaves. [First draft?]. 27.5 x 22 cm. Typewritten with handwritten amendments and corrections. Bound in green card. 29 x 23 cm. Contents: Chapter IV, leaves 1-83; Chapter V, leaves 84-145, verso leaf 108. Inserts leaves 64-5

 /5    Ibid. [i], 1-90, 90a. 91-157 leaves. [Second draft?]. 27 x 21.5 cm. Typewritten with handwritten amendments and corrections. Bound in Flat File green card. 28 x 22 cm. Contents: Chapter IV, leaves 1-90; Chapter V, leaves 90a, 91-157. Inserts leaves 48, 94, 126, 137.

 /6    [Ibid.]. [i], 1-90, 90a, 91-157 leaves. [Carbon copy of MS 472/4]. 27 x 21.5 cm. Typewritten. Bound in brown paper.

 /7    [Ibid.]. [I, 120] leaves, verso leaves 1, 35. [First draft?]. 27.5 x 23 cm. Typewritten with handwritten amendments and corrections. Bound in green card. Contents: Chapter VI and appendices A-C. Illus., leaves 18-20, 22-24; inserts leaf 10; musical notation leaves 11-12, 15.

 /8    [Ibid.]. [i], 1-34, [ii], 35-70, [iii], 71-107, [108-120] leaves. [Final draft?]. 27 x 21.5 cm. Typewritten with handwritten amendments and corrections. Bound in pink card flat file. 28.5 x 24 cm. Contents: Chapter VI [and appendices A-C]. Illus., leaves 19-22, 24-25; inserts leaf 11; musical notation leaves 11-12, 15

 /9    [Ibid.]. [i]. 1-34, [ii], 35-70, [iii], 71-107, [108-120] leaves. [Carbon copy of MS 472/8]. 27 x 21.5 cm. Typewritten. Bound in pink card. 29 x 24 cm.

/10    Illustrations and sketches on waxed paper in pen and ink; [possibly by Marguerite Milward see MS 472/12/30.1]. 6 sheets. 27.5 x 23 cm.

 /1    Typical Khond of old school

 /2    Gold necklace

 /3    Toperi – silver head ornament

 /4    ‘Gogla’ solid silver neck ornaments

 /5    Silver anklet [and] silver bangle

 /6    Nose bosses gold [and] ear ornament gold [and] silver ornament fitting over knot of hair – women [and] ear with earrings around outer lobe

/11    Sonepur, Baudh, Patna, Khondmals, Baliguda Agency, Kalahandi, Ganjam, Bastar, Koraput]. 1 map. Scale 1:1,000,000. 54 x 51 cm [see MS 472/12/30.1]

/12    Correspondence, 1937-1949. Various papers. Typewritten unless stated otherwise. Various sizes. Some of the early papers are in a very damaged condition

 /1    HWA to Secretary, Asiatic Society of Bengal, 29 Aug. 1937 – requests permission to use some of the articles published in the Journal written by Mr Friend Pereira, in his forthcoming publication on the Khonds. 1 p. 27.5 x 23 cm. [damaged]

 /2    Ibid., [and to] Anthropological Society of Bombay, [nd] – draft copy of a reminder of his request for permission to use articles in the Journal. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm. Handwritten

 /3    HWA to Managing Editor, Madras Mail, [2]9 Aug. 1937 – requests permission to incorporate portions of articles published 1894, 1906-1908 in his book on the Khonds. 1 p. 27.5 x 23 cm [damaged]

 /4    Editor, Madras Mail, to HWA, 2 Sep. 1937 – grants permission to reprint portions of articles with appropriate acknowledgement. 1 p. 14.5 x 22.5 cm

 /5    HWA to Secretary, Anthropological Society, Bombay, 29 Aug. 1937 – requests permission to incorporate an article by F. Fawcett from the Journal II, 1902 in his book on the Khonds. 1 p. 27.5 x 23 cm [damaged]

 /6    Secretary, Anthropological Society of Bombay, 30 Sep. 1937 – grants permission to reproduce the article by Fawcett providing AWH acknowledges the source and presents a copy of his book to the Society. 1 p. 27.5 x 21.5 cm [damaged]

 /7    HWA to Revd. W.W. Winfield, Baptist Mission House, 29 Aug. 1937 – requests permission to include a summary of his Kui grammar and language in an appendix of his forthcoming book on the Khonds. 1 p. 27.5 x 23 cm. [damaged]

 /8    W.W. Winfield to HWA, 21 Sep. 1937 – acknowledges the letter and is aware of HWA and his work through various contacts; glad to grant permission to use his books on Kui language and grammar; publishing rights belong to the Asiatic Society of Bengal; suggests HWA write to the Secretary, J. Van Manen; hopes the grammar will help to illustrate characters of the people; offers assistance in the preparation of the book on the Khonds. 4 leaves. 23 x 18 cm. Handwritten

 /9    [?], Calcutta to HWA, 16 Dec. 1937 – has been to see Van Manen who is overwhelmed with paperwork for the Indian Science Congress; asked him to respond to HWA’s request for permission to quote the Kui language and grammar books that is unofficially granted, and to use the Journals; will send official approval later; hopes the Government will help with the publication of the Khond book; quotes the prices for private printing; glad to hear HWA settled in Koraput; mentions mutual acquaintances. 4 pp. 20.5 x 12.5 cm. Handwritten

/10    S.N. Misra, Partially excluded areas committee, to R.P. Ward, 10 Feb. 1939 – is sending the three volume manuscript of The Khonds with attached note and correspondence files. 1 note attached to MS 472/12/11. 1 p. 23 x 20.5 cm

/11    R.P. Ward to S.N. Misra, 12 Feb. 1939 – acknowledges receipt of the manuscript book. 1 note attached to MS 472/12/10. 1 p. 23 X 20.5 cm

/12    P.T. Mansfield, Revenue Commissioner, Orissa to HWA, 5 Aug. 1939 – replies to a letter sent Nov. 1938 requesting help in publishing The Khonds; they have asked the Collector of Ganjam, [R.P. Ward], to provide a copy of the manuscript; he replied the MS was with the Enquiry Committee; requests HWA to let him see the MS when he visits Koraput this month. 1 p. 23 x 18 cm

/13    HWA to S.N. Misra, 9 Aug. 1939 – has learned that The Khonds is in Misra’s custody; when in Balliguda had given permission to look at the MS but not to keep it; the Revenue Commissioner has asked for it to be sent to him. 1 p. 23 x 22 cm

/14    S.N. Misra to HWA, 9 Aug. 1939 – MS was taken from R.P. Ward then returned 10 Feb. 1 telegram. 16.5 x 19 cm. Handwritten

/15    HWA to R.P. Ward, 9 Aug. 1939 – Mansfield is arriving in a few days; asks him to give him the MS so publication can be commenced. 1 p. 34 x 22 cm

/16    HWA to S.N. Misra, 9 Aug. 1939 – has received the telegram; regrets the letter he wrote based on a misapprehension. 1 p. 34 x 22 cm

/17    HWA to P.T. Mansfield, 9 Aug. 1939 – has learned that the MS has been in Ward’s possession since 10 Feb. 1939; has asked him to send it on. 1 p. 34 x 22 cm

/18    Ibid., 9 Aug. 1939 – only gave permission for S.N. Misra to refer to the MS when in Ward’s custody; has wired Misra to hand the MS to Mansfield; he wrote to Mansfield for assistance in publishing the book. 1 p. 34 x 22 cm

/19    S.N. Misra to HWA, 11 Aug. 1939 – explains he took the book from Ward on 27 Jan. and returned it on 10 Feb.; Ward told Mansfield that the MS was with Misra but not that he had returned it to Ward; has requested Ward to send MS to HWA. 1 p. 34 x 21 cm

/20    Ibid., 12 Aug. 1939 – MS taken from Ward; returned 10 Feb. 1 note attached to MS 472/12/21. 34 x 21 cm

/21    Ibid, 9 Aug. 1939 – post copy forwarded to HWA for information. 1 note attached to MS 472/12/20. 34 x 21 cm

/22    HWA to P.T. Mansfield, 29 Oct. 1939 – thanks him for returning his book and suggested amendments; has no set terms for costings of the publication of his book nor remuneration; quotes financial support given by other Government offices for the publication of similar books, e.g. Maria Gonds of Bastar by Grigson; reluctant to approach the Maharajah of Jeypore who has an appreciable population of Khonds on his estate; Government of Assam published 3 books on the Nagas; hopes the Government of Orissa will do the same for his book. 2 leaves. 34 x 21 cm

/23    HWA to J.S. Wilcock, Secretary to Governor of Orissa, 15 Jan. 1940 – recounts the history of the submissions of his book to various bodies and the question of publication funding; he offers to take the MS to England for publication when he next goes on leave if funding is available. 2 pp. 34 x 21.5 cm

/24    J. Bowstead, Government of Orissa to F.H. Alderson, 3 June 1943 – apologises for lack of reply to letter of 20 Apr. 1943 about his brother’s book; the Government cannot undertake the printing and now there is a paper shortage due to the war; the honorarium for the MS has been sanctioned; the Government would like him to write a chapter on the Kutiya Khonds; asks who is to write the foreword; discusses captions for the photographs. 1 p. 16.5 x 20.5 cm

/25    HWA, Bastar State, Jagdalpur to R.P. Ward, 26 July 1945 – asks after progress with publishing his book; points out that Verrier Elwin’s books on the Gonds have been published; is concerned Elwin wants to write on the Kuinga; suggests the book be printed by OUP; now six years since he handed over the MS; nothing has been done; will try to raise funds to publish it himself. 2 pp. 25.5 x 20 cm

/26    Ibid., 27 Sep. 1945 – refers to his previous letter; his brother reports that Azfar regards the MS as a ‘report’ and wants it abridged into a pamphlet; he finds this suggestion unacceptable; is prepared to return the honorarium and attempt to publish himself. 1 p. 33 x 20 cm

/27    R.P. Ward to HWA, 1 Oct. 1945 – does not know if Azfar has seen the book; seems the Home Department is dealing with it and view the matter as letter of 3 June 1943; suggests he address the Chief Secretary directly; there is a danger in use of research by Government; he thinks the Government will publish it through Orissa Press as outlined in Bowstead’s letter. 1 p. 33 x 20.5 cm

/28    HWA to Chief Secretary, Government of Orissa, 5 Oct. 1945 – refers him to previous correspondence; he sent his MS at the request of His Excellency Sir John Hubback; recounts history of other similar publications; after six years he would like to see the publication; asks for the MS to be returned so he can write the necessary additions; if further delay is anticipated he requests the return of the MS; will try to raise funds to publish himself. 2 pp. 33 x 20.5 cm

/29    R.A.E. Williams, Chief Secretary, Government of Orissa, to HWA, 16 Oct. 1945 – paper is now available and they hope to publish after HWA supplies the chapter on Kutiya Khonds; if this is going to take a long time, suggests publishing as it stands unless HWA wants alterations. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

/30    RLN, Law, Commerce and Labour Department, Orissa, to HWA, 18-20 Dec. 1945 – the Government is of the opinion that publication will be delayed; would prefer him to make his own arrangements and return the honorarium in exchange for the MS; would like to retain appendix C on the administration of Khondmals as compiled from official records; asks whether HWA would agree to this. 1 p. 33 x 20 cm

 .1    HWA to P.T. Mansfield, 5 Mar. 1945 – forwards copy of MS with amendments; the photographs are with his brother in Sambalpur; essential to reproduce the illustrations and sketches; also the appendix; has removed appendix C and suggests it be printed separately as a pamphlet; the map is unsuitable for publication and only for private reference; suggests a survey of India map. 1 p. 29 x 20 cm. [Copy]

/31    HWA to Oxford University Press, Bombay, 4 Dec. [sic ie Jan.] 1946 – has written an ethnological and sociological study on the Khonds in Orissa, a book of 320 pp., with photographs, sketches and a map; asks if they will accept the MS with a view to publication; requests an approximate cost of 1000 copies run. 2 pp. 30 x 21.5 cm

/32    HWA to R.A.E. Williams, 4 Dec. [sic ie Jan.] 1946 – requests return of the MS; asks if he may keep the honorarium as 6 years have elapsed and he could add it to the cost of publication; refers to other Governments which have supported publications. 1 p. 34 x 21 cm

/33    RLN to HWA, 10 Jan. 1946 – acknowledges receipt of letter to Williams dated 4 Jan. 1946; asks him to address future communications to himself. 1 p. 20.5 x 12.5 cm

/34    OUP to HWA, 14 Jan. 1946 – unlikely to be able to publish for a year after acceptance of an MS due to the war; rough estimate of cost at Rs 5 per copy depending on illustrations. 1 p. 18 x 22 cm

/35    Verrier Elwin, Editor of Man in India, to HWA, 23 Jan. 1946 – OUP has contacted him with a view to publishing jointly with Man in India the HWA book on the Khonds; describes the cost and method of such joint publications; explains that this is the method of publication for his own books; suggests HWA find the money necessary; gives his address where he will soon be in Koraput; happy to receive the MS and offer advice. 2 pp. 21.5 x 14 cm

/36    HWA to Verrier Elwin, 1 Feb. 1946 – thanks him for details of publication; Government of Orissa still has the MS; the costs seem heavy; needs to seek financial support; hopes to meet Elwin. 1 p. 23 x 17 cm

/37    HWA to RLN, 2 Feb. 1946 – requests return of his MS, sketches, photographs, etc.; if the Government of Orissa decides not to make a contribution he will return the honorarium. 1 p. 23 x 17 cm

/38    HWA to Kinglsey Martin, Editor, New Statesman and Nation, 2 Feb. 1946 – explains he has written a book on an obscure aboriginal tribe in India; at present publication in India impossible; asks if they can suggest a possible publisher. 2 pp. 23 x 17 cm

/39    HWA to Maharaja Pratap Keshari Deo, 15 Feb. 1946 – mentions that they met in Raipur and discussed his book; explains the content and history of efforts to publish so far; as he cannot fund the costs himself, asks if the Majaraja could extend his generosity; asks for the promised Kui language vocabulary about which they had spoken. 2 pp. 23 x 17 cm

/40    Kingsley Martin to HWA, 22 Feb. 1946 – experiencing difficulties in publishing learned subjects due to war; suggests he contact anthropology world; thinks Prof. T.C. Hodson of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge may be able to help. 1 p. 20.5 x 12.5 cm

/41    RLN to HWA, 28 Feb. 1946 – the Government of Orissa agrees to return the MS excluding appendix C and to reassign the copyright if HWA pays Rs 50/- for the transfer; which leaves HWA with Rs 950/-; gives details on how to make the payment. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

/42    HWA to RLN, 4 Mar. 1946 – agrees to the proposal; encloses cheque for Rs 50/-; requests copy of Appendix C for his own research; undertakes not to print it; urgently requests return of the MS. 1 p. 22.5 x 17 cm

/43    Maharaja Pratap Keshari Deo to HWA, 17 Mar. 1946 – sends a copy of the first part of Away to Kandh dialect by a local primary school teacher; will send the second and third parts when produced; would like to see the HWA MS for help in learning the Kandh dialect; asks if HWA knows the Kandhas have different dialects in different parts depending on the area. 2 pp. 20.5 x 12.5 cm

/44    HWA to C.V. Rao, Jeypore Estate, 18 Mar. 1946 – gives a description and history of his book; points out that the Maharaja has over a million Khonds in his state and is a Patron of the Arts; gives a précis of his information from OUP and Verrier Elwin; makes a plea for financial support to get it published. 2 leaves. 24 x 17.5 cm

/45    HWA to TCH, 28 Mar. 1946 – gives explanation for reason for letter; gives a history of the Khonds, his MS and efforts to gain publication; requests advice and possible sources of financial support. 3 leaves. 22 x 17 cm

/46    C.V. Rao to HWA, 6 Apr. 1946 – hopes to give HWA pleasant news in person before the end of the month. 1 p. 20.5 x 12.5 cm

/47    HWA to RLN, 15 Apr. 1946 – refers to letter of 4 Mar. and requests return of MS; hopes it has not been given to Verrier Elwin. 1 p. 22.5 x 17 cm

/48    TCH to HWA, 16 Apr. 1946 – he retired from Cambridge nine years ago; India Office has no funds for publication; Royal Asiatic Society, London might publish; also suggests Bengal Asiatic Society; sending HWA’s letter to Hutton who has had books published by CUP; Prafulla Chandra Banj Deo was one of his Cambridge pupils whom he tried to interest in tribalists; Winfield’s grammar of Kui has a bibliography of Kondh literature; wife of Kingsley Martin read anthropology under himself. 2 pp. 20 x 13 cm

/49    M. Nanda, Law, Commerce and Labour Dept., Orissa to HWA, 23 Apr. 1946 – encloses draft of deed of re-assignment; photographs omitted from deed as they cannot be traced; will send MS when deed is signed and returned. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

/50    RLN to HWA, 24 Apr. 1946 – as far as he is aware the MS was not given to Dr Elwin; awaiting signed deed. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

/51    TCH to HWA, 27 Apr. 1946 – Prof. Hutton will act as a reference if consulted by a publisher; supports HWA’s account of the Khonds; thinks a University Press possible if HWA is a member; otherwise Murray or possibly Royal Asiatic Society; he will take MS to the Librarian, The India Office, who is a member of the RAS which might help. 1 p. 20 x 12.5 cm

/52    HWA to RLN, 1 May 1946 – the absence of photographs and sketches will stultify his ethnological publication and so will not sign the deed; requests an early search; requests a change of wording of use of Appendix C to exclude ‘in any manner whatsoever’; has agreed to hand over Appendix C to the Government but cannot guarantee not to mention it as a matter of interest. 2 pp. 22 x 18 cm

/53    RLN to HWA, 14 May 1946 – the sketches are found but not the photographs; if he will not accept the re-assignment excluding photographs, the Government of Orissa will return the Rs 50/- and retain copyright; happy to allow mention of Appendix C but not publication; sees no reason to change the language of the proviso. 1 p. 23 x 18 cm

/54    HWA to RLN, 23 May 1946 – has no option but to accept the loss of the photographs and accept the Appendix C proviso; requests immediate return of MS and sketches. 1 p. 23 x 17 cm

/55    HWA to TCH, 23 May 1946 – grateful for his interest; has adopted a similar structure of his own material to Hutton’s on the Nagas; the minor Maharaja is studying in Cambridge; does not think he would be interested in tribal affairs; his MS throws light on human sacrifice by Khonds prior to British occupation; HWA interpretation of these sacrifices differs from Fraser’s Golden Bough. 2 leaves. 23 x 17 cm

/56    RLN to HWA, 31 May 1946 – all the MS and sketches except Appendix C have been sent; requests acknowledgement. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

/57    HWA to RLN, 5 June 1946 – acknowledges receipt of MS and sketches. 1 p. 17 x 21.5 cm

/58    HWA to Dr Verrier Elwin, 22 June 1946 – would be grateful to receive the address of Mrs Marguerite Milward as he wishes to ask her for a sketch of the Khond head she modelled because the Government of Orissa has lost all his photographs. 1 p. 21.5 x 17.5 cm

/59    HWA to TCH, 22 June 1946 – thanks him for trouble taken; will send a copy of his MS; asks if he will advise if a request for publication would be best to the RAS or Murray; grateful to Prof. Hutton for his interest and offer. 1 p. 21 x 17 cm

/60    HWA to Prof. Hutton, 24 June 1946 – thanks him for his help and encouragement; will send a copy of the MS to TCH with sketches and photographs; the Hutton book on the Nagas stimulated his ideas and presentation of his Khond MS; hopes to meet. 2 leaves. 21.5 x 17 cm

/61    HWA to Kingsley Martin, 24 June 1946 – thanks him for his advice and suggestions; has contacted TCH and Prof. Hutton who have agreed to help; is sending a copy of his MS to them with a view to publication. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

/62    Government of Orissa to HWA, 10 July 1946 – requests a money order for Rs 28/2/- for stamps to execute the deed of cancellation and re-conveyance. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

/63    Ibid., 19 July 1946 – returns the MS of Appendix D which was attached to Appendix C and left behind through oversight. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

/64    Verrier Elwin to HWA, 27 July 1946 – has been ill; apologises for delay in replying; suggests he write to Mrs Milward c/o the RAI as she is a Fellow; it is possible that the Khond head is in the Indian Museum, Calcutta and HWA could obtain a photograph. 12 x 24 cm. Handwritten

/65    HWA to Mrs Milward, 6 Aug. 1946 – explains the photograph of the Khond head he wants to use as a frontispiece has been lost; as publication in India is not possible, TCH has offered to help; would be grateful if she would send the photograph to him as he has a copy of the MS; will complete a three year term of office as Diwan Bastar State before returning to England. 2 pp. 22.5 x 17 cm

/66    RLN to HWA, 13 Aug. 1946 – refers to letter of 10 July 1946; requests payment of Rs 28/2/- for the execution of the deed and sale of the copyright to HWA. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

/67    HWA to TCH, 2 Sep. 1946 – sending MS with a map, sketches and photographs; unsure which of the photographs will be suitable for inclusion in the book; has asked Mrs Milward to forward a photograph as a frontispiece; if negative prints are required he will gladly make reimbursement; expresses gratitude. 2 pp. 22.5 x 17 cm

/68    RLN to HWA, 5 Sep. 1946 – requests Rs 28/2/-for purchase of stamps; reminds him he does not have copyright ownership until the re-assignment is complete. 1 p. 20.5 x 12.5 cm

/69    Certificate of post registration no. 189 for the MS to TCH dated 8 Sep. 1946. 8.5 x 11 cm

/70    HWA to RLN, 10 Sep. 1946 – encloses Rs 28/2/- for stamps needed for the deed of re-assignment. 1 p. 21.5 x 17 cm

 .1    Certificate of post registration no. 82 for Rs 28/2/- to RLN dated 10 Sep. 1946. 8.5 x 12 cm

/71    RLN to HWA, 18 Sep. 1946 – acknowledgement of receipt of Rs 28/-. 1 postcard. 8 x 14 cm

/72    Ibid., 28 Sep. 1946 – encloses deed of re-assignment on behalf of the Government of Orissa for HWA signature and that of two witnesses; HWA is to keep the deed and send him the date of signing and the names of the witnesses. 1 p. 21 x 17 cm

 .1    Deed of Re-Assignment between the Governor of Orissa … and Herbert William Alderson … 4 leaves with handwritten additions on verso. 34 x 21.5 cm

/73    HWA to RLN, 2 Oct. 1946 – acknowledges receipt of the Deed and gives the date and names of witnesses. 1 p. 18.5 x 12 cm

/74    TCH to HWA, 25 Oct. 1946 – the MS has arrived; informs HWA that to make it of some value to ethnology and to sociology it must conform to modern standards and take note of modern methods and ideas; lists comments and suggestions on the text by chapters and pages; says HWA has got hold of good stuff and lists a series of questions he feels need to be answered by HWA in the MS; promises to lock up the MS and approach firms about it. 4 pp. 26 x 20.5 cm

/75    HWA to TCH, [21 Dec. 1946] – thanks him for comments; explains he has no access to material quoted in the MS; lists responses to all points and suggestions raised in letter of 25 Oct. 1946; apologises for paucity of information; in his MS introduction, explains he is no learned authority but a knowledgeable and committed observer of the Khonds; felt their characteristics need to be appreciated. 4 pp. 34 x 21.5 cm

/76    TCH to HWA, 11 Feb. 1947 – apologises for delay in replying; has added all the HWA additions and expansions to the MS; will send script to Longmans; Hutton’s book on caste is out and unfavourably reviewed. 1 p. 20.5 x 13 cm

/77    John Grey Murray to TCH, 19 Mar. 1947 – carefully considered publication of a scholarly and comprehensive work but paper shortage and printing restrictions limit ability to publish new work on a very specialised subject; regrets unable to publish it. 1 p. 20 x 17.5 cm

/78    TCH to HWA, 24 Mar. 1947 – encloses letter from Murray’s; will now send MS to the Royal Asiatic Society and ask a friend to help; if published, offers to see it through the press and run up a short index. 1 p. 20 x 13 cm

/79    Ibid., 11 June 1947 – hopes for publication; sent MS to RAS after Murray’s; then MS handed to R.E. Enthoven and offered to Macmillan’s who were unable to take it on; consulted OUP who suggested HWA approach Mr Hawkins, OUP Bombay; hopes Enthoven can influence the RAS to help formally and financially; possibility of shortening the book might help; considers the effect of such a forthright work on political conditions in India. 2 pp. 20 x 12.5 cm

/80    HWA to TCH, 15 July 1947 – grateful for his interest and kindness; under the circumstances thinks no action should be taken; will return to the UK very shortly; hopes to discuss the MS then. 1 p. 21.5 x 20 cm

/81    TCH to HWA, 25 Jan. 1948 – has been in touch with Enthoven, Vice President of the RAS, about funds and backing and hopes he will be able to advise HWA; is finding life difficult and hopes The Khonds will be seen; discusses the prejudices and prepossessions now ruling in India. 2 pp. 20.5 x 13 cm

/82    R.E. Enthoven to HWA, 28 Jan. 1948 – recounts efforts to publish so far; suggests it may be necessary to reduce the MS; suggests School of Oriental Studies and RAS might be able to help with costs but first HWA must find a publisher and get a quotation; he should discuss this with TCH; currently reviewing von Führer Haimendorf’s Reddis for the JRAS; recent work seems to concentrate on the Gonds; Verrier Elwin is contributing to this; believes it will soon be possible to witness a renewal of Mera sacrifice together with infanticide and sati; suggests meeting in London or Oxford. 4 pp. 23 x 17.5 cm. Handwritten

/83    Ibid., 24 Oct. 1948 – interested to hear of the Khond MS; sends sympathy for loss of his wife; will contact TCH but HWA must find a publisher and quotation; Indian scholarship is declining. 2 pp. 17.5 x 11.5 cm

/84    Ibid., 27 Feb. 1949 – the Khond MS has gone to John Murray at Prof. Hutton’s suggestion. 1 postcard. 9 x 14 cm

/85    Ibid., 19 Sep. 1949 – has consulted Routledge, Murray, Faber & Faber and OUP and all refuse to publish even with a grant from the RAS; OUP suggest production via Hawkins in Bombay; asks for views on this proposal before next RAS Council meeting. 2 pp. 18 x 11.5 cm

/86    Ibid., 16 Oct. 1949 – the RAS Council have decided against funding the publication and suggest approaching Hawkins in Bombay; offers to do so; OUP Bombay may print it here. 2 pp. 18 x 11.5 cm

/87    Ibid., 30 Oct. 1949 – the MS has gone to Cumberlage of OUP who thinks Hawkins in Bombay may be interested with printing being done in England. 1 postcard. 9 x 14 cm