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GLUCKMAN, Max (1911-75), Correspondence 1918-99

Handwritten and typewritten.


References to associated photographs, in the RAI Photographic Collection, are included, with the prefix ‘phot.’


The material has been arranged into the following sections:-

 /1  Alphabetical Correspondence

 /2  General Correspondence

 /3  Correspondence concerning house purchases

 /4  Private Correspondence

 /5  Undated Correspondence

 /1 Alphabetical Correspondence

This section contains a catalogue of the correspondence between Max Gluckman [MG] and various key individuals, arranged alphabetically by surname. For correspondence with other people, see /2.


Allan, William [WA] [See also /2, General Correspondence; MS 496 /5/2]


 /1  MG to Jean and WA, 5 Feb. 1948 – gives the reasons why he has not written sooner; on his new house; hears they are off to Mauritius; congratulates him; has had hankerings after Northern Rhodesia; these are less now that they are about to leave; looks forward to them coming to stay. 2 leaves (tpc.)


 /2  WA to MG, 14 Mar. – refers to MG’s letter of 5 Feb.; describes how things have been hectic; on G.B.; on being ‘shot off’ to Mauritius; is staying at the Cape until they get him a boat; will have overseas leave in about Aug. next year; is glad they are both pleased with the change; on visiting (autogr.)


 /3  Ibid., 5 Apr. – on the proofs of the ‘Tonga Report’; makes suggestions as to how to deal with it; on the ‘Essays on African Land Usage’; is still waiting for a boat (autogr.)


 /4  Ibid., 7 May 1959 – is coming to London; suggests he and Mary have dinner with him (autogr. pc)



MS 495


/1/5 Mr Potgieter, Chief Bantu Affairs Commissioner, to WA, 16 Jan. 1961 – refers to his enquiry regarding poor crop seasons; on the situation historically; on the high rainfall of Zululand; his department is doing a lot to better the agricultural methods of the Zulu; a high percentage of Bantu farmers still have subsistence economy; suggests he consult South Africa House in London. 2 leaves (tp.)


 /6  WA to MG, 10 Feb. – some months ago he wrote to the Division of Native Agriculture in Natal asking for data on poor crop seasons; here is an answer; on the fertility of Zululand and the Natal coastal zone; on storms and locusts; on production of maize; does not know how far dynastic conflicts created famine; if MG lets him know areas and periods he is interested in, he will see if anything can be got from South Africa House; on MG’s operation; on a typescript. 3 pages (autogr.)



Barnes, John A. [JAB]


 /7  JAB to MG, 17 Oct. 1948 – thanks him for two letters [not held]; on a census he is involved in; on his luggage; has discovered some people who believe in the spirits of their ancestors; on a mourning dance; on attending a feast; more on the Ngoni (tp.)


 /8  Ibid., 21 Oct. – asks if can make alterations to his bit of 7 Tribes; explains these; on the weather (tp.)


 /9  JAB, ‘The Fort Jameson Ngoni’, amendments to text. 2 leaves (tp.)


 /10 MG to JAB, 4 Nov. – refers to his two letters of 17 & 21 Oct.; on the corrections; his own essay is not finished; Schapera suggested he write a comparative introduction; thanks him for news; on Fox-Pitt; is glad to hear he got on to the ancestral spirits; on getting a cold; on the size of the School (tpc.)


 /11 JAB to MG, 27 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter of 4 Nov.; on the introduction to 7 Tribes; on the Salisbury conference; wants to add another alteration to his 7 Tribes manuscript; on Fox-Pitt; on ‘Plainville’ (tp.)



MS 495


/1/12 MG to JAB, 15 Dec. 1948 – refers to his letter of 27 Nov.; has made the changes in 7 Tribes; is going skiing; on the book [7 Tribes]; on ‘Plainsville’; on his article on the Lozi; is struggling to work out his section on chieftainship for the book; on the most interesting point that emerged from the term’s seminars; gives news of other people in brief (tpc.)


 /13 JAB to MG, 17 Feb. 1949 – refers to MG’s letter of 15 Dec.; has just established himself in a new place; on the weather; on churches; school and church are regarded as syno[ny]mous; has not got much on MG’s idea of male-female polarity in Bantu mystical thought; has read Sundkler on ‘Bantu Prophets’; thanks him for EP on Shilluk Divine Kingship; has sent in a paper on Marriage to John’s (tp.)


 /14 MG to JAB, 23 Mar. – has had a lot of editorial work on 7 Tribes; his children have had measles; would be a great thing if he could do a good study of Christianity; on Sundkler’s book; thanks him for following up the male-female polarity; looks forward to seeing his long paper on Marriage and the family; thinks he is right to press on to a book on the Ngoni; Seven Tribes will not have an introduction by Schapera (tpc.)


 /15 JAB to MG, 30 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 23 Mar.; the copies of his marriage paper have come from Livingstone; has sent him one; on the paper; on the Dutch church and the Roman church; Christianity baffles him; has not found anything on male-female polarity; had a good trip to the Yao; the air is full of witchcraft (tp.)


 /16 Ibid., 20 May – refers to MG’s letter of 11 May [not held]; congratulates him on the Manchester job; on Manchester; on off-prints of ‘Village Headmen’; is due to leave Fort Jameson in three weeks; on his wife and children; has been sitting for two days at the African Provincial Council; on MG’s Lozi paper for 7 Tribes (tp.)


 /17 MG to JAB, 2 June – refers to his letter of 20 May; thinks there is a lot of promise in Manchester; it will be hard to get colleagues; on Clyde [Mitchell]; on other people he has suggested as visiting professors etc.; congratulates him that he got the Johns Fellowship; the 7 Tribes book is temporarily held up; on a house; thanks him for kind comments on the Lozi paper; on that paper (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/18 Ibid., 6 Aug. 1949 – on a house in Manchester; on lecturers’ pay scales at Manchester; spoke to EP about his election to the Association of Social Anthropologists; on Turner (tp.)


 /19 MG to JAB, 31 Jan. 1957 – acknowledges the manuscript of his paper for the JRAI; is very busy so will not read it yet if he does not want comments; on returning a copy of the Nyasaland Journal (tpc.)


Brelsford, W.V. [WVB]


 /20 MG to Mr Sandford, Secretary of Native Affairs, 21 Feb. 1944 – as requested has read WVB’s manuscript on ‘The Succession of Bemba Chiefs’; outlines how many copies he thinks ought to be printed and distributed; gives lengthy comments on the manuscript; makes one major point which is not contained in the body of the letter (tp.)


 /21 Detailed comments on WVB’s manuscript. 9 leaves (tp.)


 /22 WVB to MG, 6 Mar. 1944 – found his comments on the Bemba succession; is glad to have his help in getting the work into shape; discusses the paper in detail; will rewrite and incorporate MG’s suggestions; on other papers; adds PS on Bwembia. 5 pages (tp.)


 /23 MG to WVB, 19 Mar. – refers to his letter of 6 Mar.; is glad his comments were of some use; answers some of the points made in that letter; is sending his own effort on the Bemba; is glad to hear he is working on Bangweulu; thanks him for data on Bwembia (tp.)


 /24 WVB to MG, 11 Apr. – refers to MG’s ‘Exercise’; refers to the later version of his own work; makes some points. 4 pages (tp.)


 /25 MG to WVB, 17 Apr. – refers to his previous letters; congratulates him on the Bemba succession; made a few notes on it which he outlines; on his own ‘Exercise’; mentions clitorodectomy; mentions Dr Cunningham (tp.)


 /26 WVB to the Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 8 July – refers to attached letter to Government Printer [not held]; on corrections to his paper on Bemba Succession (tp.)


 /27 WVB to MG, 28 Mar. 1949 – on an error in the new edition of Bemba chiefs; encloses a few errata slips (tp.)


 .1  Errata slip (printed)



MS 495



Campbell, Killie [KC]


/1/28 MG to KC, 5 Aug. 1943 – refers to her letter and enclosed cheque; saw a note in African Studies about her library which she is hoping to present to the Natal University College; on his thesis on Zululand; if he can get hold of offprints of his articles he will send them; suggests she become an Associate Member of the Institute (tpc.)


 /29 KC to MG, 11 Aug. – thanks him for articles; would like to become an Associate Member of the Institute and encloses cheque; should be delighted to have duplicates of his photographs; mentions Chadwick’s ‘Commentaries of Native law, customs and beliefs’; there is a chapter on Umkosi or Dance of the First Fruits; will have it typed for him if he likes; if he is ever in Durban she would like to show him her African collection; on an essay competition (tp.)


 /30 MG to KC, 24 Aug. – thanks her for letter and cheque; on the duplicates of photographs; on Chadwick’s book; there is little chance of his getting to Durban; on essays sent in for her competition (tpc.)


 /31 KC to MG, 2 Sept. – encloses Chadwick’s chapter on ‘Umkosi or the Dance of the First Fruits’, also ‘The Laws of Inheritance’; Chadwick’s book is rare and would be hard to get; hopes to go to the Natal Archives this week; on the S.A. Historical Monuments Commission marking Bantu historical places; she shall have to start on the Zulus; is nervous of sending the originals of the Zulu essays (tp. with autogr. note by MG)


 /32 Text headed ‘Umkosi, or Dance of the First Fruits; extract from ‘Native Laws, customs, and Usages; with some Remarks upon Interpretation & Annexation’ by John Courtenay Chadwick, J.P. 2 leaves (tp.)


 /33 Text headed ‘Inheritance’, on the laws of inheritance as administered in the Native Law Courts; extract from ‘Native Laws, customs, and Usages; with some Remarks upon Interpretation & Annexation’ by John Courtenay Chadwick, J.P. 6 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/34 KC to MG, 1 Nov. 1947 – is making a collection of Bantu photographs and is keen to get more of the Rhodesias; if she sends a cheque could he get photographs of Mashanas Matabele etc.; it must be in tribal dress; on the Fynn Papers; is also sorting a box of Mr Stuart papers; on Miss Barbara Tyrrell; wishes she could get or buy one of Patterson’s pictures (tp.)


 /35 Ibid., 4 Jan. 1948 [wrongly dated 1947] – thanks him for helping her about the photographs of Native life or Bantu tribal dress; discusses details of the photographs; describes the hectic time they are having in the library; on Dr Bryant’s manuscripts (tp.)


 /36 MG to KC, 17 Jan. – refers to her letter of 4 Jan.; will get the photographs done for her; asks if she has a spare copy of Fynn’s diary; would be glad to edit Dr Bryant’s manuscript (tpc.)


 /37 KC to MG, 10 Mar. – is looking forward to getting the photographs; on a trip to Basutoland; saw Duggan-Cronin’s collection; does not have a spare copy of Fynn’s diary; on Dr Bryant; thanks him for letting her have copies of his photographs (tp.)


 /38 [MG] to KC, Apr. – refers to her letter of 10 Mar.; glad to hear that the Fynn Diary will be published; on Dr Bryant; as soon as he has unpacked he will deal with the photographs (tpc.)


Carey-Jones, N.S. [NSCJ]


 /39 NSCJ, British Honduras to [MG?], nd – on inefficient government; is waiting for the birth of a child; is due some leave; on work he has been doing; thinks the country would yield superb material for a sociologist; poverty is limiting the ability to enjoy the place; on the difficulty of getting to know the people; mentions Evans Settlement Commission report; on economic and social exploitation; on David; asks him to write. 2 leaves (autogr.; page[s] missing)


 /40 NSCJ to MG and Mary Gluckman, 27 July 1947– congratulates them; on MG’s transfer to Oxford; on the birth of his own son; on life in Belize; on the people he works with; on the people of the country; gives a lot of other details about life in Belize; on a publication he has read about Russia; on naming his son; has just found MG’s letter; answers some points in it; on mahogany trees; on Jamaica; on India; on other subjects; on a Royal visit; on missing Livingstone. 10 pages (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/41 Ibid. and Stella, 26 Nov. – congratulate them on the new addition; on their own son; have revised some of their ideas on the place; on the people; on the government; on a fishing trip; mention a Major Webb; tell a story about their dog. 6 pages (autogr.)


 /42 Ibid. to MG and Mary Gluckman, 26 May 1948 – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; on how settled MG seems; misses not having MG there to share his troubles; goes into great detail about the people he works with; on his report for 1946; on the war; on hankering after Rhodesia; on his work; on MG’s sons; on his own son; on the colour question in Belize; on the Communists; on playing tennis and sailing; on the water shortage. 13 leaves (autogr.)


 /43 Ibid., 9 Sept. – thanks him for what he has done; has written to Frankel setting out his position and hopes; on having a change from auditing; finds it difficult to maintain his interest; refers to his letter of May [not held]; on house-hunting in Oxford; glad of the success of the RLI scheme; ‘philosophises’ about being proud of one’s achievements; on his [baby son] David; on his hopes that his imminent second child will be a daughter; on the situation in Guatemala; on a local festival marking the anniversary of the Battle of St George’s Cay; on the lifestyle of the local people; on relations with America and Jamaica; on some friends who are returning to Jamaica as they feel more at home there; on his son’s name; the letter has been delayed as he and Stella have had flu; was interested in MG’s description of feeling in England; on the press; on the situation between America and Russia; is becoming a ‘new imperialist’ and perhaps a bit of a reactionary; on a talk by Sir Hubert Rance; on Hawkesworth; on the new C.S. 8 pages (autogr.)


 /44 Ibid. to MG, 7 Apr. 1949 – refers to MG’s letter; on the birth of his second son; on the draft of his N.I. ‘thing’; on doing a B.Litt.; on going to South Africa (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/45 Ibid. to MG and Mary Gluckman, 8 Oct. 1951 – on reason for not writing sooner; thanks him for the book; on his new accommodation; on his work; is speculating on Mitchell’s successor; on their leisure pursuits; on his amateur dramatics group; on being elected vice president of the European Civil Servants’ Association; the real danger to a happy community seems to him to be the African, not the Asian; most Europeans see the Asian as a danger; finds it difficult to take interest in Kenyan politics; on his neighbours; on an incident when the neighbour’s ayah was taken away by the police; refers to his burglary; on their unpopularity with the police; on going to Mombasa for Christmas; on his work prospects; asks about MG’s news; on his wife and children. 8 pages (autogr.)


 .46 Ibid., 23 Dec. 1952 – on coming to visit; is going back to Kenya at the end of May; needs a real talk with them; Frankel and Audrey are to be on the Royal Commission; on MG’s sons (autogr.)


 /47 Ibid., 30 Dec. – thanks MG for the maps; is happy to talk unofficially to anybody about Kenya; doubts he can make a contribution to anyone’s knowledge of the place; would like to talk to MG about it; asks if he can stay an extra day (autogr.)


Colson, Elizabeth [EC]


 /48 EC to MG, 16 June 1948 – refers to MG’s two letters [not held]; mentions a Malinowski article; on Hans; on Betty; on Sheila Vanderhorst; mentions Jack Simons; on staying with Schap; on the voyage out; on Hitchcock; the Beit people would like an Englishman from Oxford; on the Lamba report; on publishing it; on an article by Schap; Ian got in today; on going to the docks. 4 pages (autogr.)


 /49 Ibid., 24 June – sorry not to have written before but has been busy; gives report of meeting concerning Miss Elliot, Barnes, Mitchell, Betty and Mary Tew; put his letter on the agenda with some pungent comments; on flying up for the meeting; is going back to Livingstone tomorrow; on accommodation; on Mary having a spot on her lungs; Mwiko is dead. 3 leaves (autogr.)


 /50 Ibid., 29 June – refers to MG’s letters [not held]; answers points made in them one by one, on various matters (tp.)



MS 495


/1/51 [MG] to EC, 13 July 1948 – thanks her for letter; on John Barnes; is glad she is staying on; on fieldwork; has been editing the manuscript for the R.B. Festschrift; drafted a set of rules for contributors; on the Association of Social Anthropologists’ Conference; R.B. will be there; thanks her for writing to Nyambela about Imwiko’s death (tpc.)


 /52 EC to MG, 21 July – is happy to be back; Ian came with her; on his meeting the Tonga; on things they witnessed; on Ian; Masane arrived last night; answers the points in his letter, on various matters; on a suggestion made by Schap (tp.)


 /53 MG to EC, 30 July – sorry to bother her with things in the field; some do not require attention; makes a number of points, including mentioning Ian Cunnison; on Lucy Mair; on family news. 2 leaves (tpc.)


 /54 Ibid., 1 Aug. – is answering her letter of 21 July and enclosing an earlier letter; on Ian; answers the points made in her letter, on various matters; on his family; on John Barnes. 3 leaves (tpc.)


 /55 EC to MG, 4 Aug. – on a bust-up; he has her sympathies to a large extent; on the role of the Council; on an R.B. collection; mentions Betty; is trying to collect budgets for a year’s period; is also getting a couple of men to write their life histories for her; has investigated a brother-sister tie-up; on brothers, sisters and bride-wealth (tp. with autogr. addition)


 /56 Ibid., 20 Aug. – refers to various letters; on sending money to Albert, Sianga and Nawala; on Lucy Mair; on Marwick; on the book [‘Seven Tribes’]; makes some other comments on his letter; on Betty; on Rheinalt Jones; on the ‘bajwanyina business’ (tp.)


 /57 Ibid., 17 Sept. – refers to both his letters; mentions Wilson; on housing; on Schap writing a general introduction for the book [‘Seven Tribes’]; mentions Sonia Gregory; mentions Marwick; on her article; on John […?]; on Clyde; on a meeting spent considering the application to the C.D.F.; on Marquard; on Humphries; other news in brief (tp.)


 /58 Ibid., 29 Sept. – sends the opus; is horrified at its length; on possible ways to cut it; sends some photographs; mentions Hans; is in Livingstone; on Wendell Philips; on the Winterbottoms (tp.)



MS 495


/1/59 Ibid., 11 Oct. 1948 – on various essays for ‘Seven Tribes in British Central Africa’; sends the preface; on Schap’s introduction; on housing; on Marwick; on Clyde; on Marquard; on a new secretary, Thora Burgess; passes on some gossip; on a woman writing a report of African life (tp.)


 /60 MG to EC, 4 Nov. – refers to her letter of 11 Oct.; on the book; on the preface; on Miss Elliott; answers other points in her letter; on his health; on Leinhardt, his research assistant (tpc.)


 /61 EC to MG, 7 Nov. – has not heard from him for over a month; has been to Lusaka for a Trustees Meeting; on Pat Mosdell and Thora Burgess; mentions Meyer [Fortes]; mentions Miss Elliott; on Lucy Mair; mentions Little and Humphreys; on a Tonga transvestite; on witchcraft (tp.)


 /62 MG to EC, 10 Dec. – refers to her letter of 7 Nov.; is going to Switzerland; has a copy of E.P.’s lecture on the Shilluk for her; on other things he is sending; on the book; congratulates her on her article on Rain Shrines; on news of the Trustees meeting; mentions Clyde; on Marjorie Elliott; on John Barnes; on Tonga women mimicking men’s activities; on distributing the Tonga report; encloses list of people to whom it should be sent; on family news. 3 leaves (tpc.)


 /63 Names and addresses of those to whom the Tonga report should be given (tp.)


 /64 EC to MG, 29 Dec. – has three letters from him to answer; answers points in his letters; on a conference; on Clyde; on Stent; on several other people who were there; she and Clyde talked about witchcraft; mentions Ian; had a number of long talks with Hans; on Keystone; on a nasty letter for Rheinalt Jones; on Ian and Marjorie; on Frances Barnes; ‘a director’s life is not a happy one’. 4 pages (tp.)


 /65 Ibid., 5 Jan. 1949 – encloses a copy of Jones’ letter and her reply; on David Peters; on her new building; on the outline for the papers on kinship and local organisation; the Secretary of State for the Colonies indicated that they liked her application; on changing the start date; on the weather (tp.)



MS 495


/1/66 J.D. Rheinallt Jones to EC, 13 Dec. 1948 – refers to her letter of 7 Nov.; should have liked to have had a talk with her; on grants being made to the Institute by the mining industry; on various companies before whom the matter was placed; has written a memorandum of which he sends a copy; it is difficult to persuade people of the economic value of anthropological studies to the mining industry; there is information which the industry needs and if the Institute can help get that information that is a good reason for financial support; no application for a grant has been received; suggests she applies to the various companies. 2 leaves (tp. copy)


 /67 J.D. Rheinallt Jones, 27 Nov. 1948 – memorandum for Mr Phillimore on the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; does not recollect recommending that the mining industry be asked to contribute £10,000; the support the mines were giving was negligible in view of the work which the Institute wanted to do; lists the points on which he would like to see investigations carried out in the Copperbelt; describes the composition of the team which should carry out this sort of investigation; the study would take about two years; suggests the industry contributes £5,000 (tp. copy)


 /68 EC to R. Jones, 4 Jan. 1949 – refers to his letter of 13 Dec.; refers to an application she sent to him; explains why she made no direct application to the mining companies; discusses the specific suggestions in his report to Mr Phillimore; agrees that the research would have to be carried out by a team; believes he is underestimating both the cost of the scheme and the time taken to carry it out; refers to her own estimate of four years; costs could hardly be less than £3,000 a year; at the figure he suggests it is impossible to do an urban study which would provide useful information; would like his comments. 3 leaves (tp. copy)


 /69 MG to EC, 12 Jan. – refers to her letter of 29 Dec.; on his skiing holiday; on Audrey; on the Bohanans; asks whether she would like a university post in America or England; on the future of the Directorship; answers the points in her letter; on Clyde. 2 leaves (tpc.)


 /70 EC to MG, 26 Jan. – on the weather; on a letter from Sir Hubert Young asking for information about ritual murders; answers the points in his letter; thanks him for parcel of books; accounts have just been audited; mentions Marjorie who is unhappy (tp.)



MS 495


/1/71 MG to EC, 11 Feb. 1949 – refers to her letter of 26 Jan.; on going to a UNESCO conference in Paris; on Clyde Kluckhohn; has finished his Lozi article; has proofed ‘The Village Headman’ article; answers the points in her letter (tpc.)


 /72 EC to MG, 20 Feb. – refers to his letter of 11 Feb.; glad he put up a battle for social anthropology; on Clyde Kluckhohn; refers to his Lozi paper; if she were rewriting her paper now it would be different; has not heard more about the application; mentions the Bohannans; asks about the Drys; on proofing the papers; gives news of various people (tp.)


 /73 Ibid., 13 Mar. – refers to his three letters; on Middleton; on Ruth Levin; answers the points in his letters (tp.)


 /74 Ibid., 4 May – on applicants for a post as officer to make a study of the Ndebele of Southern Rhodesia; asks if he and Mr Hudson would interview the applicants; gives the names of the applicants (tp.)


 /75 Ibid., ibid. – refers to his two letters; encloses letter about the Ndebele post; on the arrangements; on the ‘Seven Tribes’ book; on a job; on John and Clyde; on a wedding and a burial (tp.)


 /76 MG to EC, 6 May – on being offered a Chair at Manchester; on his successor at Oxford; discusses the possibility that she might succeed him; on his salary; on Manchester University; on vacancies in other universities; on Morton-Williams; on Middleton; on the Bohanans; mentions Clyde; on family news; more on Manchester; pros and cons of her working there. 4 pages (tpc.)


 /77 EC to MG, 12 May – has two manuscripts from him; one will do for the journal; on other papers for the journal; on his Lozi article; on the Salvation Army Hospital at Chikankata; mentions Canham; mentions Henry Vaux; on the Lamba report (tp.)


 /78 MG to R.S. Hudson, Colonial Office, 13 May – on behalf of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, EC asks if they will interview three candidates for the Beit Research Fellowship for the study of the Ndebele; suggests a date for the interview; tells him a little about the candidates; wonders if they should invite a third referee; Forde would be the most suitable advisor. 2 leaves (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/79 Ibid. to EC, 22 May 1949 – refers to her letter of 12 May; answers the points in her letter (tpc.)


 /80 Ibid., 23 May – encloses copy of a letter to Hudson; only Reeder is left; Forde has suggested they consider two other of his pupils; on the quote for the ‘Seven Tribes’ book; is putting her up for a Research Fellowship at Manchester; is rather fed up with EP (tpc.)


 /81 EC to Beatrice Wyatt, International African Institute, 31 May – on the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute becoming a Governing Member of the International African Institute; on the subscription; names MG as a temporary representative of the Institute (tp. copy)


 .1  Covering note (autogr.)


 /82 EC to MG, 31 May – refers to his letter of 17 May; congratulates him on the Manchester job; discusses the possibilities of her coming to Manchester or to LSE; if she lets him put her up for Manchester and then pulls out, asks if it would involve him in unpleasantness; thanks him for accepting her request to act as committee; on the candidates; has had a visit from Hermjies; on people she has seen (tp.)


 /83 Ibid., 3 June – refers to his letter of 23 May; Parnwell’s letter is a blow; quoted him as in favour of not cutting and bringing the book out as soon as possible; on MG interviewing Forde’s other two candidates; mentions Peter Worsley; on him putting her up for Manchester; on various local matters; is sending him a copy of a thing she ran up on Tonga attitude to wills; has asked the secretary to send him Tonga Report to replace lost copies; (tp. with autogr. PS)


 /84 Ibid., 5 June – on Chepa who wanted MG to get him a gun if he sent money and the right certificates; on advertising for ‘Economy of Central Barotse Plain’; people prefer to hang on to them rather than sell them back; shall be off to Luapula at the end of the week; Chepa regards MG as his great friend (tp.)


 /85 MG to EC, 19 June – on Manchester and her job; she is almost certain to be offered the Research Fellowship; on LSE; on ‘Seven Tribes’; on the Ndebele post; on Ian Cunnison; on Mitchell; on copies of the Tonga report; on other small points (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/86 EC to MG, 4 July 1949 – refers to his letters of 22 May and 19 June; on ‘Seven Tribes’; on the Ndebele post; answers the points in his letters; gives gossip about various people (tp.)


 /87 MG to EC, 19 July – on the ‘Hughes position’; the Beit Trust have approved the appointment; Worsley and Hutchings have applied to Manchester for Research Studentships; has ulterior pressures in wanting Hughes at Manchester; explains this; on the Simon committee; asks if she would consider taking Hutchings and Worsley to the Ila; if they get the awards, MG will arrange to release them to join her at the most suitable time for her; the Senior Lectureship is waiting for her (tpc.)


 /88 EC[?] to ibid., 15 Jan. 1955 – writes in response to his letter [not held] and two articles; makes some points about his article ‘Social Anthropological Problems in Central Africa’; makes some points about his article ‘Scandal’; thanks him for reprint of Bemba article; answers some points in MG’s letter; on the AAA meetings in Detroit; other news. 3 leaves (tp.)


 /89 EC to MG, 11 Sept. – refers to MG’s letter of 31 Aug. [not held]; on broadcasts; on family news; thanks him for information on the RLI Directorship; on candidates for this; on ideas she has been having arising from John’s ‘Politics in a Changing Society’; on the Ngoni; on Turner’s thesis; on Art Tudin (tp.)


 /90 MG to EC, 12 Apr. 1957 – refers to her letter [not held]; has done her manuscript; asks her about one query; on her query about the table (tpc.)


 /91 Ibid. to EC and Clyde [Mitchell], 8 Aug. – on Fosbrooke’s visit; seems clear that the RLI is going to become an adjunct to government; any research done will be by chance; feels he must pull out of association with the future research; gives his reasons; will say that his time and energies are taken up with developments in his department; is also worried about remaining on the editorial committee of the Journal; discusses this (tpc.)



Doke, C.M. [CMD]


 /92 CMD, University of the Witwatersrand, to MG, 5 Mar. 1937 – on curtailing his trip; thanks him for his offer to assist in the Zulu Dictionary preparation; is especially interested in recording the idiomatic phrases; refers to a testimonial (tp.)



MS 495


/1/93 Ibid., 19 Aug. 1940 – refers to MG’s letter of 1 July [not held]; knows of no literature on the languages of the Luyi apart from the work of Jacottet; some grammatical studies were printed; there is nothing that one could call literature; on his Dictionary work (tp.)


 /94 MG to CMD, Editor, African Studies, 16 Feb. 1948 – refers to his articles in Africa; asks for permission to reprint (tpc.)


Douglas, Mary [MD]


 /95 MG to MD, nd – sends comments from himself and Vic Turner on her manuscript; is sorry for delay; enjoyed the paper but it reads like the product of a mother of three small children with no time; went through the manuscript paragraph by paragraph and scribbled notes in the margin; the analysis is fascinating (tp.)


 /96 MG, nd – comments on MD’s manuscript. 10 leaves (tp. with autogr. corrections)



Evans-Pritchard, Prof. E.E. [EEE-P]


 /97 EEE-P to MG, 22 Dec. 1934 – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; it was a pleasure that he could spend some days at Pevensey Bay; thanks him for suggestions about the Nuer; shall probably start on the Anuak; will ask Seligman to let him have the Zande book for a few weeks; shall be grateful for comments (tp.)


 /98 Ibid., 23 Jan. 1935 – his mother has a duodenal ulcer; will send a draft of politics and law; on appearing in a witness box; Malinowski is appearing for the defense next week; on MG’s scheme for fieldwork; on the Nuer and Anuak; asks for a line now and again; is trying Oxford University Press for his book. 4 pages (autogr.)


 /99 Ibid., 23 Feb. – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; on the Polit. Org. notes; has not started on the Anuak; leaves tomorrow; on the area; thinks MG wise to publish as soon as possible; on fieldwork; encloses a short note for the African Institute. 4 pages (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/100  Ibid., 25 Sept. 1935 – apologises for not having written sooner in reply to MG’s letters [not held]; will set out his general standpoint on the questions MG raises; on functionalism; has written to Forde to say that he would like to give a paper to the Institute in Jan.; will write again from Egypt. 10 pages (autogr.)


/101 Ibid., 10 Oct. – refers to MG’s letter of 31 July [not held]; MG’s present stage of scepticism is highly to be welcomed; suggests a course of history; on historians; on giving a paper to the Institute; on Fortes; is glad he is going to publish some papers; on the Oxford chair; on Schapera; refers to a quotation on love; on Abyssinia; on Italy; on coming to England. 8 pages (autogr.)


/102 Ibid., 30 May 1936 – on seeing him in London; is working on his Anuak notes; mentions a paper in the JRAI; wishes him luck for Zululand; gives him some advice; asks him for a line about his degree (autogr.)


/103 EEE-P & Meyer Fortes to ibid., 8 Nov. 1937 – are planning a book on Political Organisation in African Societies; ask if he would be prepared to contribute an essay dealing with his own area of fieldwork; such a book would be of great value; the object would be to bring out general principles of political structure; on a uniform framework of presentation; a list of topics which the book should cover is subjoined; give a list of those who have been invited to contribute; asks that each contributor limits the essay to 12,000 words; list topics to be covered in the book. 2 leaves (tp.)


/104 EEE-P to ibid., 12 Mar. 1938 – is in Cairo until 5 Apr. when he leaves for England; refers to MG’s letter [not held]; on Miss Hunter’s book; has never had experience of investigations of the kind he is engaged in; on the trouble he is having with the Sudan Government; on MG’s work with the Zulu people; on his own next piece of work; every fieldworker must be sensitive to the conditions of his work; thinks MG is right to focus on those problems which concern the Zulus’ attitude to the new order of things; hopes to see him in Oxford in the summer; on the Wilson job (autogr.)


/105 Ibid., 5 Apr. 1939 – read the final pages of his essay; it is better than the original but is too long; asks him to get it down to 12,000 words; makes two criticisms which are meant to be helpful for another occasion; he might like to show Meyer this letter to see if he agrees with the remarks he has made (autogr.)

MS 495


/1/106  EEE-P to MG, 17 Sept. 1946 – on his own movements; on a post at Cambridge; the salary is inadequate and he no longer urges MG to apply (autogr.)


/107 Ibid., 2 Oct. – on proceeding to appoint a lecturer; cabled him and sent a typed letter; mentions Cambridge; hopes he will accept; thinks he should get the bulk of his Zulu book finished before getting involved in academic work; hopes he has not raised false hopes (autogr.)


/108 Ibid., 3 Oct. – on starting the wheels turning to fill the vacant lectureship at Oxford; asks if he would accept if it goes through the various committees; on the salary; he would not begin work until Oct. 1947; on visiting Rhodesia (tp.)


/109 Ibid., ibid. – intends to propose MG for lectureship; asks if he would accept (telegram) [on verso: MG to E.E. Evans-Pritchard, nd – would be delighted to accept (text of telegram)


/110 Ibid., 24 Oct. – on the position at Oxford and at Cambridge; there are three candidates at Cambridge; MG’s name was brought forward at Oxford; a sub-committee was appointed to decide whether the appointment should be made forthwith; hopes he will come to Oxford (tp.)


/111 MG to EEE-P & Dr M. Fortes,25 Oct. – cabled Cambridge yesterday withdrawing; explains why; gives his personal reasons as well; all except one of his people are keen on the idea of getting to Oxford in 1947-48; everyone in the field writes cheerfully; it is very hot (tp.)


/112 EEE-P to MG, 28 Jan. 1947 – on family news; on MG’s interesting paper on lineages; on the definition of words; hopes he will soon be in England to discuss matters; on the lectureship business; on his twins. 3 pages (autogr.)


/113 Ibid., 2 Mar. – Meek was appointed to the lectureship; has put an application in to the Board of Anthropology and Geography that MG be appointed at once; believes that Forde is trying to get him for University College; asks him not to accept any post until he hears from him (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/114  MG to EEE-P & Dr M. Fortes, 13 Mar. 1947 – on Forde’s suggestion of a part-time appointment for him at University College; would rather be full-time in England; mentions his obligation to wait and see what happens at Oxford (tpc.)


/115 Ibid. to EEE-P, 14 Mar. – refers to his letter of 2 Mar.; on the letter from Forde; he replied that he is awaiting developments at Oxford; on his article on Kinship and Marriage; on Schap’s article (tpc.)


/116 EEE-P to MG, ibid. – Stallybrass has rung to say that the senior lectureship has been approved by the General Board; it is almost impossible for a hitch to occur at this stage; thinks he is safe in making arrangements to take up duties in Oxford in Oct. (autogr.)


/117 MG to EEE-P, 18 Mar. – refers to his cable and letter; takes it that everything is fixed; is hesitant about writing to his Trustees before he has an official letter; is grateful for the way E-P has pushed him; on E-P going to America; on the pleasant life he and Mary have in Livingstone; has no hesitation in leaving; wants to put to him personally a few matters; on the research scheme; on bringing his team to Oxford; proposes that Colson should be asked to take on the directorship; on getting secretarial and research assistant help at the RLI; outlines the directorial work involved; asks if he could remain as one of the editors of the journal for a couple of years. 3 pages (tpc.)


/118 EEE-P to MG, 25 Mar. – asks about accommodation; note from Ioma about her twins (autogr. pc)


/119 MG to EEE-P, 26 Mar. – refers to his letter of 14 Mar.; is delighted to be coming to work with him; is grateful for all he has done; has written to tell the Governor; hopes he does not mind if he writes to Daryll Forde (tp.)


/120 EEE-P to MG, 1 Apr. – sends copy of letter from the Secretary of Faculties at Oxford; will not be possible for the University to send an official invitation until next term; it is good enough to enable him to make arrangements (tp.); K.C. Turpin, Secretary of Faculties, to Prof. E.E. Evans-Pritchard, 18 Mar. – on the agreement of the General Board to MG’s appointment; the General Board will want to know how much outside tuition MG is to be permitted to undertake (tp. copy)



MS 495


/1/121  [MG] to EEE-P, 1 Apr. 1947 – thanks him for letter with copy of letter from the University Registry; is not yet resigning officially as the Trustees do not meet until June; by then he hopes to have heard from him; asks about an allowance for the children above the salary; Elizabeth has been to see him and is pleased to take over; on the research team; if they cannot come to Oxford they will go to Johannesburg to work with Mrs Hoernle; is sure Elizabeth can run the show; must get his article for the two RB books done (tp.)


/122 EEE-P to MG, 21 Apr. – the date of the beginning of term is 12 Oct. (autogr. pc)


/123 Ibid., 22 Apr. – on children’s allowances; suggests he wait until the official appointment is through (autogr. pc)


/124 Ibid., 23 Apr. – on MG’s kinship paper; there are alterations he might wish to make; there is no hurry (autogr. pc)


/125 EEE-P to ibid., 26 Apr. – on the last stages of his application to Oxford; on MG’s article in Africa; on various students who are working or who have worked in Oxford; on Raymond Firth; on Schapera; asks him to be back by the beginning of the Michaelmas term (tp. with autogr. PS)


/126 Ibid., 27 Apr. – is getting a short list of books printed for students; encloses a draft; asks for his views about deletions or additions (autogr.)


/127 List of books. 3 leaves (tp.)


/128 EEE-P to MG, 17 June – refers to MG’s letter of 16 May [not held]; on his lectures on Central Africa; on bringing his team to Oxford; hopes he will be there by the beginning of term; on housing (tp.)


/129 Ibid., 23 June – is glad the team are coming; on accommodation; is writing an account of the Luo of Kenya for his journal (autogr.)


/130 MG to EEE-P and Dr M. Fortes, 28 July – has heard from Nobby Clark; they gave in and agreed to take students; asks if they can help him to find somewhere to live; if they fail to get anything for all of them, asks if they can get something for him (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/131  Ibid. to EEE-P, 19 Aug. 1947 – refers to his letter of 12 Aug. [not held]; ‘these London people are swine’; they would have been jubilant if the team had gone to LSE; is going to beat them on this issue; on housing; on the appointment of Director; on retaining independence (tp.)



Fitzgerald, Walter [WF]


/132 Ibid. to WF, Department of Geography, University of Manchester, 7 May 1949 – has accepted the gratifying offer he made; will be coming to Manchester in Oct.; has been corresponding with Devons about teaching possibilities; on the Honours School of Anthropology and Geography; shall be coming in June to discuss teaching (tpc.)


/133 WF to MG, 12 May – refers to MG’s letter; is happy that Social Anthropology is to have its proper place in the university; on the history of anthropology at Manchester; the department of geography catered for both Geography and Anthropology without any clear distinction between the two; is delighted that MG will be restoring to its proper place the degree in Geography and Anthropology; shall do his best to help him; knows that the students will be eager to attend his courses. 2 leaves (tp.)


/134 MG to WF, 17 May – refers to his letter; it is a return of the subject to the university; on the relation of social anthropology and geography in the university; hopes to come up in June; they could have a discussion then (tpc.)


Forde, C. Daryll [CDF]


/135 CDF to MG, 28 Feb. 1947 – on MG’s desire to have one foot in England as soon as possible; explores possibility of a part-time appointment for him ‘here’ [UCL]; outlines this; shall not discuss it with the college authorities until he hears from him; on Monica Hunter; on R.-B. (tp.)



MS 495


/1/136  MG to CDF, 14 Mar. 1947 – is grateful for his sympathetic suggestion of a part-time appointment at University College; asks if he could leave the matter over for a short time; now that Meek has been appointed at Oxford there is a chance of a lectureship in the Institute of Social Anthropology itself; on E.P. supporting him; MG cannot consider anything until he knows that there is no chance of getting to Oxford; if that fails he would like to discuss the possibility he suggests; on taking his research workers to Oxford when he goes on leave there; the Trustees are rather obstinate about this; will write definitely when he hears what is happening at Oxford (tpc.)


/137 Ibid., 28 Mar. – the proposal to create a senior lectureship and to appoint him has been approved by the Department at Oxford; should probably be unable to accept his generous offer; appreciates it very much; on Dr Colson taking over the directorship; if he leaves, he does not see that collaboration between RLI and the African Institute need not take place (tpc.)


/138 Ibid., 20 Nov. – submits to the International African Institute a request that they consider publishing his thesis on ‘Ritual Systems of the South-Eastern Bantu’; explains why he did not consider publishing it at the time when he finished the thesis; describes the four main objects of his thesis; has found it useful to refer members of the RLI and students to his thesis; Prof. Evans-Pritchard has agreed to write a letter of support; will try to get £150 towards costs from the Rhodes Trust; thinks it would break the unity of the thesis to write in later material; will refer to its implications. 2 leaves (tp.)


/139 E.E. Evans-Pritchard to ibid., ibid. – writes in support of MG’s request that the Institute should publish his thesis; thinks it will be a most valuable publication; on the reasons why MG did not publish it at the time it was accepted; thinks it better if MG merely refers to later fieldwork (tp.)


/140 CDF to MG, 24 Nov. – refers to his and E.P.’s letters; is going into the question of securing funds to extend publications (tp.)


/141 Ibid., 22 Jan. 1948 – thinks he has the position with regard to his Zulu Ritual Systems book clear; on some other points (tp.)


/142 MG to CDF, 5 Feb. – on his own Zulu Ritual Systems book; on the other points he raised (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/143  CDF to MG, 29 Apr. 1948 – refers to MG’s letter of 27 Apr. [not held]; is not bound by official closing date; if there is no good candidate shall wait a year for Barnes; suggests MG write to say that he cannot offer to take up duties in Oct. and to see if an appointment in 1949 would be considered; has got a copy of the Administrative Organisation of the Barotse Native Authorities; has got MG’s manuscript for the Kinship volume; has been editing it (tp.)


Fortes, Meyer [MF]


/144 MF to MG, 26 Aug. 1935 – cannot outgrow the habit of thinking with his fingers; hence he sends a handwritten letter; on Oxford groupies[?]; goes into a very dense theoretical discussion [hard to comprehend]. 5 pages (autogr.)


/145 MG to MF, 28 Aug. – refers to his letter; returns his article; has made some corrections and attached some criticisms; on driving his car; on making a trip to Chester; on birth and birth ceremonies. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/146 MF to MG, 25 Feb. 1937 – has been dilatory in replying to his letters [not held]; on his health; on a job at Wits; mentions E.-P. and Wilson; on a job at Cape Town; hopes that MG gets it; thinks MG should get down to the question of the body of Law and its reactions to contact; advises him to write down everything he sees, however humdrum; on his own work; is trying to wangle a call at South Africa on his way back to England; on meeting (tp.)


/147 Ibid., 17 Dec. 1946 – on the birth of MG’s son Peter David; thanks him for the parcel; was interested in the account he gave of his session with the Trustees; on Henry Minns[?] who is being sent to West Africa to report on the advisability of resuscitating the West African Institute; mentions Audrey; on a post being advertised; on Meek; on Stallybrass; thinks MG’s chances are the highest; on Cambridge; asks if MG would publish his Ashanti report in his journal; his second book is in the press; on the RB Festschrift; on various other points (autogr.)


/148 Ibid., 15 Feb. 1947 – on the job; the selection sub-committee includes Mason[?] who is a reactionary Tory; MG’s chances are better than 50-50; on the salary; sees from the New Statesman that MG is advertising for sociologists, economists etc.; asks if he would consider Meinhard; on his background and his work; on the political situation (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/149  MG to MF, 27 Feb. 1947 – refers to his letter of 15 Feb.; replies about Meinhard; thanks him for news about the position at Oxford; has practically given up hope; on the cold in Britain; on his family; has sent his second version of the festschrift article; has sent his review back to African Studies; mentions Hilda; on the communists in Cape Town; on the coal crisis on the king’s visit (tpc.)


/150 MF to MG, 6 Mar. – the proposal for a lectureship to which he should be appointed went through without a hitch; on the salary; housing will be a frightfully difficult business; suggest he write to some house agents; on MG’s account of his conference; on Sonnabend; on taking a census[?]; on the snow (autogr.)


/151 Ibid. to and E.E. Evans-Pritchard, 7 Mar. 1945 – Meyer has written telling MG that he is planning a festschrift for R.B. [Radcliffe-Brown] and has asked for an article; encloses draft of the argument put forward in his essay ‘A Comparative Study of the Instability of Lozi Marriage’; considers how far the essay fits MF’s demands for an article; names those on whose work the study is based; the data on the Lozi is original; outlines the relation of the study to R.B.’s work; if the theme is not acceptable, he will try to think of something legalistic; on the difficulties of doing comparative work. 2 leaves, headed ‘Lozi Marriage’ (tpc.) [NB out of chronological sequence]


/152 ‘Plan of “A Comparative Study of the Instability of Lozi Marriages”’. 10 pages (tp.)


/153 MG to MF, 18 Mar. 1947 – has had a cable from E-P from which he gathers everything has been fixed up; now that the decision has been made they realise how many pleasant things there are about life here; asks him to ask E-P to show him a letter MG wrote about various matters; on his team going over to Oxford; on continuing to edit the journal for a couple of years; is going to ask Colson to take over the directorship; his letter to E-P gives all the details; on houses; on his conference; on Mitchell; looks forward to his views on MG’s article for the festschrift; on Julius Lewin (tp.)


/154 MF to MG, 24 Apr. – gives reasons why he has not written sooner; on MG’s paper for the Festschrift; mentions Baldwin and Sonnabend; suggests he ask for a grant for secretarial assistance and other expenses; coming to Oxford will be no small financial strain; refers to MG’s trip to the Barotse (tp.)



MS 495


/1/155  MG to MF, 4 Nov. 1948 – refers to his letter of 10 Oct. [not held]; is sorry not to have replied sooner; on Sonia’s health; is looking [forward] to him coming back; on the Fox-Pitts; answers several points raised in Fortes’ letter; on the duty payable on tobacco; gives his own general news. 3 leaves (tpc.)


/156 MF to MG, 14 May 1954 – encloses some literature from Prof. Walker; refers to records which may be useful to him; if he does not want to buy them, should be grateful for his comments on what they are likely to contain (tp.)


/157 MG to MF, 18 May – thanks him for enclosures about Zulu records; would like to purchase them but does not have 10 guineas; takes it that they cover praise-songs (tpc.)


/158 MG to MF and E.E. Evans-Pritchard, nd – has been thinking over anthropological talks with EP; thinks they are in a position to formulate some general sociological laws; on classifying two types of social systems; gives examples of different types of society; makes some general comments. 5 leaves (tpc.)


Fosbrooke, Henry A. [HAF] [See also /2, General Correspondence]


/159 MG to HAF, 21 Mar. 1956 – he, Mitchell and White went to see the Secretary of the Manchester University Press; every decision was up to the approval of the Director; Turner took minutes and will be writing these out; on the ‘Judicial Process among the Barotse’ and ‘The Yao Village’; on Turner’s and Epstein’s manuscripts; Gann’s ‘History of Northern Rhodesia up to 1914’ was due to come out as an RLI Paper; on getting a special issue of the Journal involving the discussion of the Royal Commission’s Report on East Africa; on Rhodes-Livingstone Papers (tpc.)


/160 HAF, Director, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 21 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter of 14 Nov. [not held] concerning reprints of his Zulu material; on Clyde undertaking the introduction; the whole publication situation is under review (tp.)


/161 Ibid.[?] to Lewis Gann, 22 Dec. – on sending off his manuscript; on MG going through it; on MG writing a foreword; refers to the C.O. and the N.R.G. being ‘sticky’ about the whole job; if major changes are contemplated the proposed inserts should be presented to Government; the N.R.G. is their biggest backer; on choosing a map (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/162  [MG?] to HAF, 3 Jan. 1957 – on reviews; mentions Margaret Read’s book and Audrey Richards’ book; on an article by Eisenstadt; on Schapera’s book; is upset that he is rewriting the Uganda land tenure stuff; on reviews of stuff of local interest (tpc.)


/163 Ibid. to HAF, ibid. – thanks him for copy of his letter to Gann; agrees that new passages should be referred to the C.O. and the N.R.G.; on copies of the manuscript; on the footnotes (tpc.)


/164 HAF, 5 Jan. – Memo to Standing Committee; on the rate of recruiting field staff under the new scheme; refers to attached table; there are reasonable candidates for the remaining posts; when he cannot match salaries for senior people he suggests that a fund might be established to make up the difference; on circulating details of candidates (tpc.)


/165 Table referred to, showing posts available and possible candidates (tpc.)


/166 HAF to MG, 10 Jan. – asks about Van Velsen; on his candidature; on delays; asks if Van Velsen has gone elsewhere; on the morning’s meeting of the Standing Committee; papers on appointments will go to MG tomorrow (autogr.)


/167 Ibid., 12 Jan. – encloses the papers for the next Projects and Priorities Committee Meeting; on certain rulings he obtained at the Standing Committee Meeting [concerning applicants for posts]; mentions Pollock’s Ndau study (tp.)


/168 Ibid., ibid. – Agenda for the 3rd Meeting of the Projects and Priorities Committee to be held on 5 Feb. (tp.)


/169 MG to HAF, 21 Jan. – thanks him for agenda for the Priorities Committee; comments on some points; on the title of the Rhodes-Livingstone Journal; on publications arising from Kariba research; on the appointments; on the difference between the kinds of work done by Americans and by English anthropologists; mentions Pollack; comments on the various people suggested by HAF (tpc.)


/170 HAF to the Secretary, Committee of Ways & Means, 21 Jan. – information on the Socio-Economic Survey of Urban Areas in Southern Rhodesia. 3 leaves (tp.)


/171 H.A. Fosbrooke, nd – document concerning the visit to the Institute of representatives of the Ford Foundation on 7 Dec. 1956. 3 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/171.1 22 Jan. 1957 – compliments slip referring to the document (tp.)


/172 MG to HAF, 12 Feb. – thanks him for the documents outlining his views on the socio-economic survey of urban areas in Southern Rhodesia [see /170]; on putting the case to Ford; on compiling the next Journal (tpc.)


/173 HAF to MG, 1 Mar. – refers to MG’s letter of 12 Feb.; Elizabeth and Clyde agreed his plans for the next three numbers of the Journal; thinks it a good time for him to take over responsibility; is holding up the approach to Ford until he knows the result of the C.D. & W. application; mentions S. Rhodesia and an approach to the Municipalities; on an appointment (tp.)


/174 MG to HAF, 6 Mar. – thinks the Institute has behaved unconscionably with regard to Van Velsen; goes into details; he himself will have no more to do with appointments; he has nothing against HAF personally (tpc.)


/175 Ibid., 11 Mar. – encloses a voucher for the work done by Mrs Van Velsen; Gann’s manuscript was in bad condition from the editorial point of view; she did a magnificent job on it (tpc.)


/176 Ibid., 12 Mar. – thanks him for minutes of the Priorities Committee; is worried about the method by which appointments are being made; gives examples; on the question of the Kariba research (tpc.)


/177 HAF to MG, 18 Mar. – thanks him for comments on the P. and P. Committee minutes; quotes from references for some of the candidates under discussion; mentions Apthorpe and Gayre (tp.)


/178 Ibid., 21 Mar. – refers to MG’s letter of 11 Mar. concerning Mrs Van Velsen’s work; is glad to find funds for this type of work; will earmark £25 for the coming year (tp.)



MS 495


/1/179  [MG] to HAF, 25 Mar. 1957 – refers to his letter of 1 Mar.; thanks him for offprint; on Jones suggesting he make some amendments to his foreword for Gann’s book; on Watson’s book; Watson is rewriting the introduction and conclusion; MG hopes to get the book this weekend and will then write a foreword; explains that the foreword will be controversial; asks about the Journal; on the next R.L.I. Paper; mentions Peters’ work on Barotse agriculture; Bill Epstein has been appointed to a Simon Research Fellowship; thanks him for news about the C.D. & W. application and the approach to Ford; on Merran McCulloch (tpc.)


/180 Ibid., 28 Mar. – refers to his letter of 15 Mar.; on the two candidates under discussion; on Apthorpe; on Gayre (tpc.)


/181 Ibid., 2 Apr. – thanks him for cheque which he has sent to Mrs Van Velsen; does not think that £25 will cover the expenditure on editing this year; Elizabeth Colson’s book is likely to be expensive; thinks £50 to £75 would be nearer the mark; being able to pay for editorial assistance has made a big difference to him (tpc.)


/182 HAF to MG, 6 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 28 Mar.; on his movements during a trip to the UK in the summer; this will give them a chance to discuss recruitment, editorial policy etc.; on Apthorpe; on Hughes; on Gayre; on Raum; is still wrestling with the problem of finance relative to the Southern Rhodesia Socio-Economic Survey. 2 leaves (tp.)


/183 Ibid., ibid. – refers to MG’s letter of 2 Apr.; on the subject of finance for editing and proof correcting; on the review of Audrey Richards ‘Chisungu’ (tp.)


/184 MG to HAF, 16 Apr. – refers to his letter of 6 Apr.; is pleased he will be over soon; hopes they can have some long talks; on Hughes and Apthorpe; thanks him for news of Gayre (tpc.)


/185 HAF to MG, 22 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 16 Apr.; on recruitment; on the argument with the Colonial Office about funds; has at least got some buildings started (tp.)


/186 MG to HAF, 29 Apr. – refers to his letter of 22 Apr.; is sorry that there are still difficulties about funds for publication; on Raum; on his young Sikh (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/187  HAF to MG, 3 May 1957 – refers to his letter of 16 Apr.; if all goes well with the Standing Committee will go for Apthorpe; Clyde will have Apthorpe and Argyle in Salisbury during his absence in the UK; will readvertise the rest of the posts (tp.)


/188 Ibid. to T.L. Jones, Manchester University Press, 8 May – glad to hear that the books are coming along well; on the next Paper and Journal; on his movements while in the UK in the summer; trusts he will be available (tpc.)


/189 Ibid. to MG, ibid. – encloses copy of letter he sent to Jones which explains the hold-up (tp.)


/190 Ibid., 4 June – on Miss Margolis; Apthorpe has accepted; Mel Her[s]kovits, Audrey Richards and Elizabeth Colson are all coming (tp.)


/191 HAF to Dr E. Colson, MG and Prof. Clyde Mitchell, 6 June – the attached [not held] is for their perusal (tp.)


/192 MG to HAF, 16 July – discusses arrangements for his visit to Manchester (tpc.)


/193 HAF to MG, pre-2 Aug. – was good to see him and to meet members of the department; however there was much left undiscussed; asks if they could meet again (autogr.)


/194 MG to HAF, 2 Aug. – looks forward to their next meeting; it will have to wait until Sept.; thanks him for the Journal; on paying for assistance; on family news (tpc.)


/195 HAF to MG, 6 Aug. – has readjusted his plans; suggests times when they might meet; on publications (autogr.)


/196 MG to HAF, 13 Aug. – thanks him for note of Standing Committee’s 7th meeting; on Mrs Weiss; mentions Dr Biesheuvel (tpc.)


/197 HAF to MG, 30 Oct. – thanks him for circular letter of 4 Oct. [not held] concerning Worsley’s article; will be sending him some papers for the P & P Committee (tp.)


/198 Ibid., 1 Nov. – on payment for proof reading (tp.)



MS 495


/1/199  MG to HAF, 4 Nov. 1957 – it was good to meet him and get to know him; on a trip he [MG] made to Paris to work in the records of the Paris Mission Society; the people were so helpful that he is sending them copies of all the Rhodes-Livingstone publications; on other papers which he wants; on Prof. G. Balandier; on MG’s suggestion that he become a reviewer of their work in France; on sending him publications; on Turner’s book (tpc.)


/200 Ibid., 14 Nov. – refers to his letters of 30 Oct. and 1 Nov.; on Worsley’s article; on spending money of preparation of papers (tpc.)


/201 R. Apthorpe for HAF, Editor, to MG, Elizabeth [Colson] & Clyde [Mitchell], 5 Dec. – asks for comments on the attached, which is self-explanatory (tpc.)


/202 Information about Rhodes-Livingstone Institute Communications; on the series so far; the series has been in abeyance for some time; it is being resumed; on the first titles of the resumed series; asks members to fill in the attached form to say how often Communications should be sent. 2 leaves (tp.)


/203 MG to HAF, 18 Dec. – on sending publications to Prof. Balandier; quotes from a letter from Prof. Balandier about reviewing Rhodes-Livingstone publications (tpc.)


/204 HAF to the Editorial Committee, 12 Apr. 1958 – sends an outline of Journal No. 23; on stimulating contributions and reviews for No. 25 (tp.)


/205 List of Contents for Journal No. 23 (tp.)


/206 MG to HAF, 1 May – on his health; on Elsey Collins’ article; feels it should have precedence over Gann’s; if they cannot get it into this Journal thinks they had better write and offer her the chance of withdrawing it (tpc.)


/207 HAF to MG, 16 July – quotes from a letter from Morton H. Fried, seeking permission to reproduce articles from the RLI Journal; he cannot afford to pay a fee; the RLI is agreeable if the authors are; asks him to reply direct to Prof. Fried (tp.)



MS 495


/1/208  Ibid. to Mrs G.R. Collins [copy to MG], 26 July 1958 – on the Aushi village paper; had hopes of publishing it in Journal No. 24; it would have been necessary to cut out many of the tables and figures; Clyde was averse to any abbreviation; he advises that it should be brought out as a Communication; on the standard of the Communications; encloses a couple of specimen maps from Communication No. 8; on the text (tpc.)


/209 Specimen maps. 2 leaves (printed)


/210 MG to HAF, 6 Aug. – refers to copy of HAF’s letter to Mrs Collins; on publishing her article; is going on a year’s leave; suggests that Ian Cunnison take over dealing with queries raised by the Press; on books for review; suggests that during his year off he be taken off the Consultation Committee (tpc.)


/211 Ibid., 11 Aug. – on Elsey Collins’ paper; is sending him a paper by Charles White; sends all the papers he has on the Journal; on the reprinting of his Zulu paper; on the despatch of papers to Prof. Balandier; on papers to the Paris Missionary Society (tpc.)


/212 Ibid., 20 Aug. – refers to his letter of 14 Aug. [not held]; on his health; on Ian Cunnison doing the editorial work; on Elsie Collins (tpc.)


/213 Ibid., 21 Mar. 1959 – resigns his position as Research Consultant to the Institute; on his long association with the Institute; it has become clear that HAF does not agree with MG’s advice; the matter which has clinched his doubts about continuing to serve was Matthews’ appointment; he was appointed despite MG’s warnings; wants to make it clear that he had no share in his appointment; HAF may also wish MG to resign from the Editorial Committee of the Journal although he is prepared to continue to act in this sphere; is ready to assist while he continues to work with Manchester University Press (tpc.)


/214 Ibid. to Ian Cunnison, Vic Turner & Bill Watson, nd – the enclosed speaks for itself; on Matthews; Clyde agrees that it is time for MG to resign (tp.)


/215 HAF to MG, 9 July – on the reproduction of various papers of MG’s; on offering out-of-print Journals and Papers in microfiche form; on a second point concerning reproduction (tp.)



MS 495


/1/216  Ibid., 9 July 1959 – has delayed replying to his letter about his position of consultant to the Institute; was waiting for some finalisation of the Matthews issue; refers to the Programme 1960/65 of which he sent MG a copy; there is not yet any firm news on the matter; refers to C.D. & W. application; will have the opportunity to put the whole position before him in person when he comes over this month; on being busy with editorial work (tp. with autogr. note)


/217 Ibid., ibid. – on meeting William Allan; on publishing the manuscript of Peters; the paper contains much tabular material; would have to cut this out; the alternative would be to publish it as a Communication; the Agricultural Department promised to place an order for 100 copies; will write on other points in separate letters; is coming to England; hopes to see him (tp.)


/218 Ibid., 10 July – on a letter he received despatched on 18 Dec. 1957; it concerned Prof. Balandier; on sending him publications (tp.)


/219 MG to HAF, 4 Sept. – refers to his letter of 9 July; there is no point in discussing the future of the Institute as he has made up his mind that he cannot continue to work with it; his advice about appointments was not taken; has decided that he cannot comment on manuscripts sent by the staff; is prepared to work on publications whilst he is publishing through Manchester University Press (tpc.)


/220 HAF to MG, 7 Oct. – refers to MG’s letter on reproduction rights; on stamps; will write at greater length from Lusaka; sorry not to have time for a talk (autogr.)


/221 Ibid., 13 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter of 5 Nov. [not held] about Peters’ report; not clear what he means about the illustrations for it; makes some suggestions (tp.)


/222 Ibid., 21 Dec. – refers to his letter of 15 Dec. [not held] advising of the despatch of Peters’ manuscript; it will be a little time before he can get Peters into type (tp.)


/223 Ibid. to Mrs E.M. Collins, 30 Dec. – on an account from I.C.T. via MG for £85 on tabulation ordered by her; Clyde Mitchell understood that her work would amount to a book; on ways of presenting her analyses; hopes she can produce the material in the foreseeable future (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/224  [MG] to HAF, 19 Jan. 1960 – on getting his collection of essays together; on printing his essay on Zululand, Rhodes-Livingstone Paper no. 28; Jones does not think that re-presenting it will reduce sales; asks if he has any objection (tpc.)


/225 Ibid., 1 June – on sales of Epstein’s book; his personal opinion is that it is worth printing another 1,000 (tpc.)


/226 HAF to MG, 10 June – refers to his letter of 1 June; on the reprinting of ‘Politics in an Urban African Community’ (tp.)


/227 [MG] to HAF, 28 June – on reprinting Epstein; on Turner’s paper (tpc.)


/228 HAF to MG, 21 Nov. – refers to his letter of 16 Nov. [not held] giving Mrs Peters’ address; on the incorporation of the Institute into the University College at Salisbury; thinks it is the wrong time; as it is being done against his advice, has no choice but to ask for release from his contract; is going to Tanganyika to finish a book; after that there are embryonic possibilities (tp.)


/229 MG to HAF, 28 Nov. – refers to his letter of 21 Nov.; thanks him for sending her husband’s papers to Mrs Peters; thanks him for news of changes at the Institute; is sorry that he has had to resign; on his book; hopes the unnamed possibilities come off (tpc.)


Fox-Pitt, Tommy [TF-P]


/230 TF-P to the Chief Secretary, Lusaka, 21 Mar. 1936 – submits some notes on the history of the Wisa Tribe collected by him and Mr F.M. Thomas; there has been no time to verify many of the notes; has failed to put the notes in chronological order; the notes are an approach to a full enquiry. 2 leaves (tp.)


/231 ‘Notes on the History of the Wisa Tribe Crossing of Luapula and First Settlement in this Country’. 23 leaves (tp.)


/232 B.S. Hudson to TF-P, 6 Sept. 1938 – refers to the writing of a Tribal History; forwards the papers; hopes he or Brelsford will do the job (tp.)



MS 495


/1/233  Chirupula to ibid., 7 Nov. 1938 – on Caroline and Mademoiselle; will do what he can to help the history; will hunt up the manuscript of Chirupula’s Tale; on errors in the printed version; on his idea of getting old hands to write their own stories; recommends he get in touch with Frank Vigers Worthington; would like a copy of the Chitambo affidavit (tp.)


/234 TF-P to P.E. Hall, 18 Feb. 1940 – on books; began an Index of all published works; sends a letter from Brelsford; refers to a story about Chinama; on Brelsford; on personal matters. 3 pages (autogr.)


/235 TF-P to MG, 5 May 1947 – on his visit to MG; on an enquiry about a ‘witch doctor’; MG might get something out of him (autogr.)


/236 Ibid., 6 May – cannot say which day he will come; asks him not to enquire about Inambwai[?] (autogr.)


/237 Ibid., 7 May – is tied up with things; will not be able to get out this week; shall try to fit in another day (autogr.)


/238 Ibid., 9 May – refers to a case which may interest him (autogr.)


/239 Ibid., 12 May – sends ‘this’ so that he can see if there are interesting things in the evidence; mentions witch-finder prosecutions (autogr.)


/240 Ibid. to the Magistrate, Subordinate Court Class III, Mankoya, 30 May – on an accusation of witchcraft (tpc.)


/241 Ibid., 25 Jun. – on the jeep; thanks him for explanation about the Kutas; on the Paramount Chief; asks if MG will speak well of democracy as a stable form of government; on direct representation in the Kuta; gives reasons why the Paramount Chief is uneasy; on a disappointing change of attitude; on further political matters. 4 pages (autogr.)


/242 TF-P, Acting Provincial Commissioner, to the Secretary for Native Affairs, 26 June – attaches memorandum on the new Katengo Council explaining its position in the Barotse Native Administrative Organisation (tpc.)


/243 ‘Notes on the Formation of a new Katengo Council to introduce a democratic element into Barotse Administrative Organisation’. 3 leaves (tpc.) [enclosed with /1/242]



MS 495


/1/244  MG to TF-P, nd (‘Sunday’) – is sending his record of yesterday’s proceedings; typing it out made him angry; mentions Suu (tpc.)


/245 TF-P to MG, 8 July 1947 – thanks him for letter about the Co-operative Conference; on Boyd-Wilson’s talk; tried to get him to give some examples of how the thing could help the ordinary villager (tp.)


/246 Ibid., 10 July – the attached copy shows that he is pushing another non-anthropological job onto his shoulders; possibly Suu would be the best man; the needs of the primary producer affected by general cost of living are quite considerable (tp.)


/247 Ibid., Acting Provincial Commissioner, to the Paramount Chief, ibid., on a commission coming to Mongu to take evidence about the cost of living; is asking MG to explain to the Induna what it is that the Commission wish to find out; it has often happened in the past that the needs of the food producers are forgotten; the question of increasing wages is bound up with the increase in the cost of living (tpc.)


/248 Ibid. to MG, 25 Sept. – thanks him for pamphlets and booklets; had a long talk with the Paramount Chief; on the Administrative Conference; on the new Governor, Rennie; had the word to go ahead with some development; on an election in Cape Town; thanks him again for books; family greetings (autogr.)


/249 Ibid., 17 Jan. 1948 – will try to give him all the local gossip; on Mshwae Kaiko; on Imwiko’s daughter who has had a baby; on his own daughters; mentions Kaluwe and Kafuna; gives news of Mwene Rutondo and Mwene Kahari; on two cases in which the pride of the Paramountcy was affronted; on finances; on Glennie; tells him things in confidence; Lord Hailey visited; had a day at Lealui with him and a Sikalo debate was put on for him; he also saw a case in Solamis court; the Paramount Chief had an hour with Lord Hailey; on the necessity for bringing subordinate tribes into the highest office; on changes of personnel; on a possible new road between Mankoya and Mongu; on cutting down the number of indunas; suggests some of the lands become retiring posts in lieu of pensions; asks if MG could make an argument along those lines; asks about England in the winter; has leave next summer; on inviting the Paramount Chief on Christmas Day. 13 pages (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/250  Ibid., 25 July 1948 – is in England on leave; hopes to see him in Oxford; on the Colonial Summer School at Cambridge on educations for Citizenship for Africans; the pamphlet about it mentions neither Trades Unions nor Race Relations; new Trades Unionism is the most important subject for education; asks if MG can recommend a book on the subject; on giving Africans advice on race relations; on steering them clear of the form into which Negroes have got in America; mentions George and Betty; has not told him anything about Imwiko’s death and funeral; on Glennie. 4 pages (autogr.)


/251 MG to TF-P, 29 July – on his movements in the coming weeks; suggests 2-12 Sept. for a visit from him; is not surprised that the pamphlet on adult education does not mention trade unions or race relations; will try to find a suitable book for him; Transport House has been working on the problem of democracy in nationalised industry; on Glennie; on a decline in Wiko population; on the death of Imwiko. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/252 TF-P to MG, 1 Aug. – refers to MG’s two letters; on coming to stay; on his daughter’s convalescence; on looking for a house to rent or buy near Oxford; mentions that Glennie is back at Mongu; on a book; looks forward to hearing what MG thinks of world affairs and Barotse ideas; sends account of the Royal Funeral by Lesulo[?]; wonders where he shall go next. 4 pages (autogr.)


/253 R.W. Lesulo[?], 28 June – ‘Funeral of Late Paramount Chief Imwiko’. 3 leaves (tp.)


/254 MG to TF-P, 1 Aug. – refers to his letter; glad he will be seeing him; on his daughter’s operation; on finding a house near Oxford; on prices; thanks him for the account of Imwiko’s funeral; on his ‘spies’ sending him diaries (tpc.)


/255 TF-P to MG, 10 Aug. – on coming to Oxford on Sunday; family circumstances mean that he cannot come on Saturday; got a helpful answer and a book list from Transport House; on seeing a man called Beresford Kimmins; has written to the Secretary of the course suggesting that education in industrial relations and race relations be included; thanks him for the ‘Uniform of Colour’; on Gore Browne; is almost certain to go to Fort Jameson and Glennie will return to Mongu; on a cottage he has heard of near Oxford; asks MG to find out about a school in Oxford; shall retire to Nyasaland. 5 pages (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/256  Ibid., 22 Aug. 1948 – his visit was a good preliminary to the Conference; on the people he met there; on a speech by Creech Jones; on a speech by Margery Perham; on a break from the old idea of Native Authority; it is assumed that educated Africans cannot be loyal to King and Empire; on a conversation with Cohen; Leonard Barnes has not yet arrived to be Chairan of the gourp; Julian Huxley[?] addressed the group; Margaret Read spoke; family news. 9 pages (tp.)


/257 Ibid., 29 Aug. – gives more news of the conference; describes some of the talks which took place; describes his Chairmanship of a sub-group and subsequent removal as chairman; the letter is ‘too long about too little’. 16 pages (autogr.)


/258 Ibid., 5 Sept. – on the air of goodwill about the Conference; sends some papers; they are ‘not for publication’; on Prof. Lewis’ talk; on Rita Hinden and her letter to the Times; on his movements; asks about studying at Oxford for a term; on his plans to buy a cottage. 5 pages (autogr.)


/259 Ibid., 16 Oct. – refers to MG’s letter of 10 Oct. [not held]; asks him to keep the account of Mwana Wina’s installation; has extension of leave until Jan. and will then take over the Eastern Province; on coming to Oxford to study anthropology for some weeks; on a property he has made an offer on; on conflict between America and Russia; had a letter from Betty Sacks; mentions Fortes and a plan he has; on Palestine. 4 pages (autogr.)


/260 Ibid., 13 Jan. 1949 – thanks him for letters [not held]; on books; on speaking in the Colonial Office on better social relations with Africans; refers to the ‘Jamaica University idea’; on Williams of the C.O. who made a note of lecturers; MG headed the list; mentions others who were on the list; on a new despatch on mass education; on the combination of European and African education in Northern Rhodesia; there is one Labour commissioner for both races; on Stubbs; on his own job; on Inyamawina; Hudson has retired; asks about MG’s anthropological conference; on his own daughters; on MG’s Paris conference; on British politics; Cartland is leaving the C.O. to go to Nairobi; he [Cartland] is bringing out a quarterly review of administrative technical news; his fellow passengers are a dull-looking lot. 9 leaves (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/261  Ibid., 11 Mar. 1949 – has at last reached his destination; on Barnes; tells him some Barotse news about Nalubutu, Nogro and Inyamawina; news of others; mentions Creech Jones and Gore Browne. 6 pages (autogr.)


/262 MG to TF-P, 23 Mar. – the children have been ill so he is behind with work; sends copy of his article on the Lozi for the book ‘Seven Tribes of British Central Africa’; thought he would also send it to Suu; encloses a cover note for him; on a part which could be deleted (tpc.)


/263 TF-P to MG, 24 Apr. – has returned the papers he wanted for his Radcliffe Brown articles; on Hudson; on Creech Jones, who appreciated that Oxford was the vital school; on Mwendawelu[?] who is P.S. to Mwanawina; has heard no other Barotse gossip except something about Creech Jones; investment of N.A. funds in stocks and share is poor economics; Elizabeth Colson and Barnes have been staying with him for odd days; they spoke of MG with affection (autogr.)


/264 Ibid., 2 July – refers to ‘the attached’; on the new Kalonga; he brought a message from the Paramount Chief saying that they wanted him to go back there; the new Ngambele’s house burned down; on Yuyi[?] Mupato; on measures to save salaries; the petition for a protectorate goes ahead; on the ordinances that conflict with the treaty; on Atkins (autogr.)


/265 Ibid., 30 Aug. 1950 – refers to MG’s letter of 13 July [not held]; congratulates him on the birth of his son; on his difficulties in getting on with the Fort Jameson planters; a delegation is petitioning the Governor to have him removed; outlines their grievances; the petition will go before the Executive Committee; on the way various people are likely to vote in the matter. 6 pages (autogr.)


/266 Ibid., 9 Dec. – would have written sooner had there been definite news; the thing ‘drags on’; outlines factors in the delay; he was told that the settlers had lost confidence in him; outlines the details of being questioned about the charges against him; one settler wrote to Tom Driberg M.P.; will send MG some newspaper cuttings; mentions Desmond Clarke and Charlie White; Mbikushita Lewanika has written to a newspaper supporting amalgamation with Nyasaland and Tanganyika; refers to the dreadful things happening in the world; refers to Korean atrocities. 7 pages (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/267  Ibid., 26 Jan. 1951 – sends cuttings about his case; the member for Agriculture and Natural Resources is backing the settlers; outlines his next steps depending on whether or not he is reemployed after a period of leave; gives more details of his case; mentions British politics. 6 pages (autogr.)


/268 Ibid., 19 July – has a lot to write about; has retired; is staying for a month or two to help Africans politically; on the Federation Report; the Africans have the impression that it is accepted Government policy; the proposals for Federation are very tricky; the advice is not to turn it down flat without reasons stated; the N.R. African Congress meets tomorrow; they will build up a considerable case against it; on the African Representative Council; on John Moffat; on the Paramount Chief of Barotseland; tells MG something in strict confidence; gives details about his personal quarrels with the government; on the Secretary of State’s visit; is coming to England at the end of Aug.; when he returns is hoping to buy plots of land; on a man called Lee-Tattersal; on Comrie the Trades Union Labour Officer; mentions world news; gives news of various Malozi; the Malozi are all against Federation. 16 pages (autogr.)


/269 Ibid., 25 July – Godwin Mbikushita Lewanika is sending extracts from his address to the N.R. African Congress to the Manchester Guardian; asks if MG could vouch for the N.R. African Congress to the Editor, as an association which represents a lot of African opinion; Henry Nkumbula has been elected President in Godwin’s place; Godwin is going to start a newspaper; on Nkumbula; mentions the strength of feeling against Federation in the Congress; on meetings of Congress and of the African Representative Council; on John Moffat; is sure MG is against Federation. 6 pages (autogr.)


/270 Ibid., 5 Sept. – thanks him for ‘African Systems of Kinship and Marriage’ and ‘Seven Tribes of British Central Africa’; on MG’s health; is flying for home on 19 Sept.; on his dealings with Godwin, which have made him suspect to the new leaders; on Lewanika [Godwin]; attended the Congress Meeting; was told that while on leave pending retirement was not to take part in politics; more on local politics and his role in it; on a Lithuanian named Zukas; on his own successor, Norman Price; on Welensky’s paper; outlines his view of an alternative of a rigorous Protectorate policy in Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland. 10 pages (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/271  Ibid., 30 Sept. 1951 – is looking for a house in London; hopes to come north in Nov.; wants to learn something of electioneering methods; on African political progress; on the acceptance of the principle of Federation by the Government; mentions Moffat; is going to see Lambert at the Colonial Office; on Bellinger; has given his name as a referee; on the Paramount Chief. 5 pages (autogr.)


/272 Ibid., 2 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter of 30 [Oct.] [not held]; on visiting; Marjory will have to stay with Caroline; on Marjory; would like to talk to MG’s anthropologists; is feeling poverty-stricken; must find a job but must also go on taking an interest in African politics; it will be valuable to meet the editor of the Manchester Guardian; on train times for his visit; is glad MG got his man in. 6 pages (autogr.)


/273 Ibid., 26 Nov. – enjoyed his visit; thanks him for copies of articles and his letter to Monkhouse; refers to a debate in the house; the Fabians are sending a letter to the Times; refers to Federation; on a Rhodes-Livingstone job; on John’s book; if he gets the Rhodes-Livingstone job he will get the D.O.s discussing customs and legends. 10 pages (autogr.)


/274 Ibid., 8 Dec. – does not see how he can come north again; must be here for the girls’ holidays; Yamba tells him that they are trying to keep the discussion of Partnership open; they will offer to meet Welensky; on an article in Venture; on the Rhodes-Livingstone job; on builders in his house (autogr.)


/275 MG to TF-P, 27 Dec. – sends what he has done of his book; would be grateful for comments; notes [on the book?] (autogr.)


/276 TF-P to MG, 28 Dec. – refers to MG’s book on Lozi law; on Partnership; thinks of going back to Northern Rhodesia with something like loathing. 4 pages (autogr.)


/277 Ibid., 17 July 1952 – on his letters being opened by the police because he has tried to help Zukas; on Zukas; mentions Moffat and Nightingale; other news; refers to ‘time of crisis’ in Africa; on Federation. 4 pages (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/278  TF-P, the Anti-Slavery Society, to MG, 10 Mar. 1954 – the attached has been agreed to by Dr Phillips and Mr Freedman; Greenidge says that the Society had gone back on a thousand resolutions; has drawn Greenidge’s attention to what the Secretary General of the UN had said; on marriage and slavery; asks MG to write something for the next issue of the Journal; asks him to combat a line of Greenidge’s (autogr.)


/279 ‘Notes of a conversation between Dr. Arthur Phillips, Mr. Maurice Freedman and the Acting Secretary (T.S.L. Fox-Pitt) of the Anti-Slavery Society on February 2nd. 1954’. 3 leaves (tp.)


/280 TF-P to MG, 10 Mar. – the Race Relations Committee of Chatham House is looking for someone to do field work on race questions in Central Africa; thought MG might have a student looking for a job; on the Frankenburg debate; on the ‘horror’ of Kenya (autogr.)


/281 Ibid., 19 Mar. – returns his two articles about Mau Mau; has shown them to Michael Scott; on the idea that there could be an African civil servant in one of the official Ministries; has written about it to Jim Griffiths; makes a criticism of the argument in MG’s article; on books by Margaret Murray; on Mau Mau being connected with foreign ritual; MG has shown clearly that the cause of Mau Mau is the conflict with colonisation; should like to come to speak to his people next term; on having an operation. 4 pages (autogr.)


/282 Ibid., 25 Mar. – thanks him for article on Marriage for his journal; on the article; discusses the situation in Kenya and mentions Mau Mau; on John Barnes; on MG being in the running for the Pitt-Rivers medal; on Basil Davidson. 4 pages (autogr.)


/283 Ibid., 6 Apr. – thanks him for lecture; has written to Clive Mitchell about a girl sociologist who is stranded in Northern Rhodesia; gives details; thought Clive might have a job for her at the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; mentions Sir Robert Boothby’s demand for a Royal Commission on homosexuality and the law; asks if he can visit Manchester after his operation in May. 4 pages (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/284  Ibid., 5 Dec. 1965 – refers to MG’s letter of 19 & 27 Nov. [not held]; on plans for a visit; on other people who will be there on Christmas night; mentions Hilary getting away from Rhodesia; mentions Mankoya; wants to talk to MG about whether he is wanted there any longer; he has not become a Zambian citizen; perhaps an African should be doing his job; on the Fabers (autogr.)



Gluckmann, Emanuel [EG]


/285 EG to MG, 20 Jan. 1947 – on letters; on John; asks if MG can help in the case of a native who contends that his ‘throne’ is being usurped; sends the papers (tp.)


/286 [MG] to EG, 7 Feb. – there are not sufficient facts for him to give a judgment on the query on native law; mentions a book he might consult; suggests he consult Julius Lewin or Hilda Kuper (tp.)


/287 Manager, Peltours (S.A.) Ltd., to EG, 28 Feb. 1949 – on his booking on the Athlone Castle from Cape Town to Southampton; on the possibility of leaving from Durban instead; on sailing from Italy to Israel (tp. copy)


/288 EG to Messrs. Peltours (S.A.) Ltd., 3 Mar. – has noted the contents of their letter of 28 Feb.; has decided to leave from Durban not Cape Town; intends to leave straight to Palestine; if there is an interval of some days he will spend them with MG; on arranging his sailing from Italy. 2 leaves (tp. copy)


/289 Ibid. to MG, ibid. – encloses copies of his letters to and from Peltours; is sorry not to have written but is very busy; is trying to learn Hebrew; at 69 he is going to carve out a new life in a new land; on photographs of the children (tp.)


/290 Ibid., 30 Mar. – did not reply sooner as he was up to his neck in work; thanks him for offer of hospitality and money; cannot stay with him for a week or two; on his travel plans; mentions Rubin Cohen who told him that no ship will sail for Israel till Aug.; asks MG to make enquiries; refers to MG’s parcels. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/291 Ibid., 20 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter; on some money MG sent; on his luggage (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/292  Ibid., 24 May 1949 – is looking forward to his new life; answers some points made in MG’s letter of 14 May [not held]; tells him he is proud of him; mentions Mrs Miller (autogr.)


/293 Ibid., 31 May – it is the eve of his departure; refers to MG’s letter; on details of his journey; is very tired and looking forward to a rest on board ship (autogr.)


/294 EG to MG and Mary Gluckman, 22 July – gives a long and detailed account of his travels. 10 leaves (autogr.)


/295 EG to MG, 1 Sept. – is very busy; on their buying a house; sends greetings to the family (autogr.)


[There is no 1/296]


/297 Ibid., 6 Sept. – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; on Katie. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/298 Ibid., 2 Oct. – encloses a letter which he wants MG to post; on photographs; on a book he ordered from Blackwells (autogr.)


/299 Ibid., 6 Nov. – thanks him for generous offer to help with the buying of a flat; on a flat he has to decide on today; on mother. 3 pages (autogr.)


/300 Ibid., 15 Nov. – refers to MG’s cable offering help; £400 would put him right; on his work (autogr.)


/301 Ibid., 27 Nov. – on the loan; on Katie; on his work (autogr.)


/302 Ibid., 26 Jan. 1950 – refers to MG’s letter of 17 Jan. [not held]; is going to Jerusalem; on Katie; on a ceremony they attended; on the circumcision of his grandchild. 4 pages (autogr.)



Harris, Alfred [AH]


/303 AH, University of Chicago, to MG, 14 Jan. 1948 – refers to MG’s article on Malinowski and his request about its possible use in the university; had to wait to ask Dr Eggan and Dr Redfield; they both like the idea of reprinting the article for class use; gives their opinions of the article; asks for a list of the Papers which are still in print (tp.)





/1/304  MG to AH, Feb. 1948 – refers to his letter of 14 Jan.; on Elizabeth Colson; thanks him for the enquiries he has made and for consulting Dr Eggan and Dr Redfield; Miss Colson has agreed to republish his articles on Malinowski; the secretary at Livingstone has sent a list of papers which are still in print (tp.)


Hoernlé, Mrs A.W. [AWH]


/305 AWH to Prof. Brown, 28 Apr. 1923 – refers to his letter [not held]; sends the Ovampo genealogies; goes into details about some of the terms in the genealogies; the Ovampo ones are not as full as the Herero; refers to publishing; returns the syllabus of the vacation course. 2 leaves (tp.)


/306 Lists of relationship terms. 5 leaves (tp.)


/307 H.C. Lugg to AWH, 31 Mar. 1926 – thanks her for copy of her address on marriage customs; refers to some notes he sent her; makes a couple of points regarding his notes[?]; on the sacrifice of human beings; on the question of whether a woman on marriage remains subject to her father’s ancestors or to her husband’s. 2 leaves (tp. copy)


/308 N.J. van. Warmelo to AWH, 10 May 1933 – on natives; on rain ceremony; on the special hut mentioned by Roberts; on sacred seed (tp.)


/309 AWH to MG, 8 Aug. 1934 – is glad that his first is confirmed; shall be glad to have his impressions of the Anthropological Congress; the Education conference was a great success; on Malinowski; on England and the English; would like an account of his programme when it is decided upon. 3 leaves (tp.)


/310 E.J. Braatvedt to AWH, 12 Sept. – refers to her two letters; thanks her for cutting containing her account of the Ihlambo; he has not had time to write the official account of what took place; the Ihlambo was an impressive ceremony; on the late chief’s demise; on his successor being appointed paramount chief; the disadvantages of this. 2 leaves (tp. copy)


/311 AWH to MG, 2 Oct. – relieved to hear that Evans-Pritchard was to lecture this year at Oxford; has heard that the Congress was rather disappointing; mentions Malinowski; on what is going on in South Africa; asks MG to let her know his programme when it is completed. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. addition)



MS 495



/1/312  E.J. Braatvedt to AWH, 2 Oct. 1934 – refers to her letter; on tribes which did not attend the Ihlambo; on various Zulu leaders[?]; on Solomon; on his corruption; how could the Zulus benefit if a paramount chief were appointed; the material prosperity of the Zulus is advancing in spite of Solomon’s attempts to frustrate this. 4 leaves (tp. copy)


/313 M.C.[?] Zulu to AWH, 23 Oct. – is sorry for delay in replying; will answer her two letters; on the Order of the Amabuto in Marching; on Amavigo; on Ukukliza; on the five territorial divisions of a regiment; on the History of the Regiments; other points. 8 leaves (autogr.)


/314 AWH to MG, 6 Nov. – on which degree MG will be pursuing, Ph.D. or B.Litt.; on whether he should study in Oxford or London; is sending the testimonial; is glad he likes England (tp. with autogr. addition)


/315 AWH, to whom it may concern, ibid. – testimonial for MG (tp.)


/316 Ibid. to MG, 3 Mar. 1935 – on having a holiday; refers to MG’s letters; has heard good news of him from Mrs Hellman; on MG’s plans; Mrs Krige’s compilation on the Zulu is to be published; on using Bryant’s manuscript information; outlines what he thinks MG should do; on the Zulus; on his MA thesis; on MG publishing, which she does not advise; mentions Evans-Pritchard; suggests some reading for MG; has spoken to R. Jones who is putting before the members of the committee MG’s application and two others. 7 leaves (tp.)


/317 AWH & Alfred Hoernlé to ibid., 27 Aug. – on having flu; thinks it possible they might get a grant for MG from the Social and Educational Research Council of the Government; thinks he should come out there to do a thorough piece of fieldwork; her idea is that he go to Zululand; on Zululand; thinks MG could make a valuable study of ‘Chieftainship’; on rereading Buell; is glad MG is keeping ritual in view for his doctorate; on Evans-Pritchard and Malinowski; on Durkheim; has heard rumours that MG seems to be drifting; on making an application for funding from the S. and E. council; asks him to send drafts for consideration. 6 pages (tp. and autogr.)



MS 495


/1/318  MG to AWH, 13 Sept. 1935 – thanks her for her and her husband’s letter; thanks them for their help; will send a first draft of his plan of research; outlines the guiding principle they want him to adopt; Fortes said he should get Malinowski’s backing; will submit two papers with his application; shall also send them other papers; on an argument with Fortes; finds difficulty in determining what is the essence of ritual; on the situation in Germany; more on Fortes and Evans-Pritchard. 3 leaves (tpc.)


/319 AWH to MG, 13 Oct. – on the Festschrift; his papers have not arrived yet; on Sir Malcolm Hailey who was interested in the work she wants MG to do in Zululand; on the iButho system; one wants a study of the native courts; asks many more questions about Zululand life; tells him not to delay his application too long. 4 pages (tp.)


/320 MG to AWH, 29 Oct. – thanks her for her letter; thinks the further details she suggested could be fitted in to his application; discussed the application with Evans-Pritchard and Fortes; on the chief difference between his application and her letter; on backers for his application; encloses the remainder of his memorandum on methods of study; on various people at Oxford; on Evans-Pritchard; is rewriting his thesis. 5 leaves (tpc., incomplete – last page torn off)


/321 AWH to MG, 17 Nov. – does not think it advisable to send back to him his memorandum on proposed research and method of study as time is short; suggests his father have a dozen copies typed to be sent to members of the committee; does not retract her position regarding the function of the anthropologist; is making an addition to his memorandum; he can state that the University is keen to see this work done; thinks his memorandum is adequate now; on when he would come out; intends to read all his material which has arrived; on another reference she has cut out of the memorandum. 3 leaves (tp.)


/322 Ibid., 31 Jan. 1936 – the Social and Educational Research Council have awarded him £300 for his work among the Zulu; thinks he should be able to manage; suggests he go by horseback; has been reading his notes on Birth Ceremonies and on First Fruit ceremonies; the latter reads like a hodge podge; thinks he should hold up the article until he has checked it in the field; discusses his paper on birth ritual; asks when he can get out there; they are planning on leaving for England at the end of June. 4 pages (tp. and autogr.)



MS 495


/1/323  MG to AWH, 11 Feb. 1936 – thanks her for letter; is deeply grateful for the trouble she and Prof. Hoernlé have taken; on finances for the trip; cannot yet say definitely when he can come out; will probably cross their boat at sea; shall be very glad if they can arrange for him to meet various people; on his papers; the first fruits paper has already been accepted for publication in Africa; their criticisms are very encouraging; outlines his plans for his thesis[?]; Evans-Pritchard has been very helpful; on Marett; on various other people; denies rumour that he is engaged. 4 leaves (tpc.)


/324 E.J. Braatvedt to ibid., 19 Mar. – describes the position in Zululand before the Zulu war; describes the present position; in the event of war the Zulu army would be composed of the five divisions mentioned in her letter. 3 leaves (tp. copy)


/325 AWH to MG, 1 June – is upset by news brought by Dr Schapera, who tells her that MG is planning to go to Southern Natal; he cannot shift around in this way; the grant is given by a body not primarily interested in anthropological research but in educational, social and administrative problems; he will do himself harm if he shilly shallies; he will need to work hard to get his information; suggests he go to Mr Braatvedt at Nongoma first; she needs to know if he is prepared to go on with the work. 3 pages (tp.)


/326 Ibid., 15 June – sends best wishes for his fieldwork; has written to Mr Lugg and Mr Braatvedt and is sure they will help him; has put her original documents in an envelope for him; gives him advice; on her plans to visit England and Germany; tells him to see Smit and the Kriges. 3 pages (tp.)


/327 Ibid., 3 Nov. – refers to his letter [not held]; on her retirement from lecturing; has nothing to do with the appointment of a successor; suggests MG apply; is glad his father has given him a car; on Braatvedt and Lugg; on the question of tribal government; likes the outline he has given of his programme of work; on sanctions; raises some other points which he might consider in his field-work. 4 pages (tp.)


/328 Ibid., 24 Oct. 1937 – on a lectureship in Native Law and Administration; cannot imagine that it will not be established; hopes it will be a full-time position but it will be some time before that decision is made; shall keep the testimonials; on his news; on the situation in Zululand[?] (tp.)



MS 495


/1/329  Ibid., 3 Nov. 1937 – Mr Smit refuses MG permission to return to Zululand; says he lived in a kraal like a native and made a bad impression; she is very upset; Mr Smit has promised further reports; she trusts that research work in the Union is not going to suffer a set-back; on his ‘Analysis of a social situation in Modern Zululand’; on publishing parts of it; asks how his report is progressing. 3 pages (tp.)


/330 [MG] to AWH, 7 Nov. – her letter was disquieting; takes Smit point by point; he did live in a kraal; on making a bad impression on the natives; on making a bad impression on officials; refutes both these charges; cites many officials who approved of his work and who helped him; mentions other Europeans with whom he was on good terms; mentions the only row he was aware of, with Mshiyeni; on asking the Zulu questions about their intimate affairs; it is upsetting; explains why he has given such detailed information; on various other people involved; is looking forward to his work in Barotseland; hopes she has enough material from the letter to decide on a course of action; thanks her for her comments on his paper; on his plans for the rewriting of it. 7 leaves (tpc.)


/331 Ibid. to AWH, 9 Mar. 1945 – thanks her for help about the appointments; on writing to Schapera; on a successful visit to Salisbury; is going to announce the Beit Research Fellowship soon; on Schapera’s criticisms of his general approach; has sent him a draft of the plan for the marriage book; on the complex of hut property through the mother falling into two geographical regions. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/332 MG’s Secretary to AWH, 16 Sept. 1946 – has had a letter from MG from the boat; hopes to see her in Johannesburg (tp.) [Similar letters to Prof. J. Gray, Dr H.F. Sonnabend, Dr H. Kuper & L. Cooper not retained]


/333 [MG] to AWH, 7 Mar. 1947 – on letter from Fortes telling him that Meek has been appointed at Oxford; gives something of the background; they are now hoping to get a full lectureship in social anthropology; is grateful for her support; is writing his article on kinship and marriage (tp.)



MS 495


/1/334  AWH to MG, 6 Feb. 1956 – has just finished reading his ‘Custom and Conflict in Africa’ which he dedicated to her; makes some general comments on the work; [19 Feb.] – on Ellen’s criticisms of the work; is no further on with the appointment of a professor of Anthropology; on some possible candidates; on life in South Africa; mentions Ellen again (tp.)


Hunt, Major Donald R. [DRH]


/335 DRH to MG, 28 Sept. 1932 – will try to answer his questions about chiefs and headmen in Sekukuniland; on chief Sekukuni; on Kgololere the other chief; on the splitting of the chieftainship; answers MG’s questions on: the part played by Councils in the location; on the payment of monetary or other tributes to the chief; on the role chiefs play in the church; on the payment of chiefs by Government; on chiefs’ taxes; on chiefs buying labour; on chiefs helping recruiting; on chiefs accumulating wealth; on chiefs’ lobola; on rights of chiefs at waterholes and dipping tanks; on public works; on chiefs and administration of justice; recommends a book on the Bapedi tribe. 11 leaves (autogr.)


/336 Ibid., 29 Oct. – answers his further question about chiefs limiting the use of grain, water and food in times of scarcity; on the personnel of the parliamentary Commission on native representation and native land; on the book on the Bapedi (autogr.)


/337 MG to DRH, 31 Mar. 1933 – refers to his thesis on native chiefs; on an interesting point regarding winter grazing which has cropped up; on using waterholes on different days; asks about similar regulations or customs among the Bapedi; asks for any information. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/338 DRH to MG, 9 Apr. – on numbers of cattle in the past compared with today; on chiefs reserving cattle grazing lands in Basutoland and Bechuanaland; on escaping from the worries of office to a river cattle post; among the coastal tribes grazing presented no difficulty; on the position in Sekukuniland; on distribution of land; the subject requires a book, not a letter. 4 leaves (autogr.)


/339 MG to DRH[?], 10 Apr. – on some petty offences mentioned in Harries’ book; asks him some questions about these laws. 2 leaves (autogr. draft[?])



MS 495


/1/340  DRH to MG, 14 May 1933 – refers to MG’s letter of 10 May [not held]; sends some photos to show him the use of reeds; answers his questions about reeds; on baskets; asks about MG’s thesis. 3 leaves (autogr. with drawings)


/341 MG to DRH, 19 May – refers to his letter and the photographs; asks a question about the animals living in the reeds; repeats his other questions; should like to show the photographs to Mrs Hoernlé; on his thesis. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/342 DRH to MG, 22 May – on the birds and animals living in the reeds; natives in Sekukuniland have little or no regard for game preservation; answers his further questions; advises him to ask his cook or houseboy about plaiting baskets; refers to the photographs. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/343 Ibid., 16 Jan. 1934 – on MG’s thesis, which has come; makes several points about it. 6 leaves (autogr.)



Kafunya, Albert Singumbe [ASK]


/344 ASK to MG, 1 July 1947 – on his wife’s illness; on the successor of the late Mwene Chulungu; on going to Mongu (autogr.)


/345 Ibid., 9 Jan. 1948 – on the death of his daughter; on letters from MG; on his diary; shall try to mark important things which he shall see or hear at Libonda (autogr.)


/346 Ibid., 16 Feb. – on MG’s letters; has sent him three copy books in which he kept a diary; asks him to let him know that he has received his work; on floods in Barotseland; asks him to send photographs he took; is collecting money to buy a shotgun (autogr.)


/347 [MG] to ASK, Apr. – refers to his letter of 16 Feb.; has not yet got the copies of his diary; thanks him for news; is sending the photographs (tp.)


/348 ASK to MG, 7 May – refers to MG’s letter of 24 Apr.; sorry that the three copies have not reached him yet; has sent the fourth copy book of his diary; on a shotgun; asks him to send some money. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/349 [MG] to ASK, 8 June – on the diaries; on the shotgun; the diary brought Bulozi clearly to his mind (tp.)



MS 495


/1/350  ASK to MG, 19 July 1948 – on his diaries; on the gun; on the death of Paramount Chief Imwiko (autogr.)


/351 MG to ASK, 29 July – refers to letter of 8 June; has been through his diaries; asks him some questions about points made in the diaries. 2 leaves (tp.)


/352 ASK to MG, 6 Sept. – refers to MG’s letters of 8 June and 29 July; answers MG’s questions in his Aug. diary; on the birth of his daughter; on the death of the late P.C. Imwiko; Mwanawina was appointed as the new Paramount Chief; on his shotgun; greetings. 3 pages (autogr.)


/353 Ibid., 21 Sept. – thanks him for £2 sent to help in the cost of the shotgun; on payment for his diaries; refers to his previous letter of 6 Sept.; has sent three copy-books of diaries; mentions Herbert; asks for a catalogue (autogr.)


/354 MG to ASK, 23 Oct. – refers to his letters of 6 and 21 Sept.; the diaries have just arrived; on Albert’s baby; on the payment for his work on the diaries; will try to get him a catalogue (tpc.)


/355 ASK to MG, 10 Jan. 1949 – refers to MG’s letter of 12 Dec. [not held]; on a previous letter; on the birth of his daughter; on diaries; on the new Prime Minister of Barotseland; asks for a family photograph. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/356 Ibid., 3 June  – refers to MG’s letter of 26 Feb. [not held]; gives news; asks if he received diaries sent on 28 Jan.; asks if MG wants him to keep more diaries for him. 4 pages (autogr.)


/357 Ibid., 3 Oct. 1957 – many days have passed without correspondence; is still stationed at Senanga; on his children; shall be pleased to hear from him (autogr.)


Kuper, Hilda [HK]


/358 [HK] to ‘Heff’ [MG], 5 May 1940 – on commenting on an article; encloses a few odd notes; makes some specific points; there are comments in the margin; on Audrey; on Hoernle’s book; will be sending the first chapters of the book; mentions Chamberlain. 2 leaves (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/359  [MG] to ‘Piglet’ [HK], 21 Mar. 1942 – refers to his comments on ‘The Development of a Primitive Nation’; on bad proofing; considers the article valuable and stimulating; puts his remarks under three heads, technique, argument, and details; goes through these one by one. 5 pages (tp.) [last page torn off]


/360 HK to ‘Heff’, 27 Apr. – is glad about John; thanks him for letter on her article; thinks it more important to appreciate his article; makes detailed comments on his paper (tp. with autogr. notes)


/361 MG to HK, 15 Aug. – apologises for delay in answering her letter on his Zulu manuscript; on family news; her points are all pertinent except for one batch with which he did not agree; impossible to dispute the intricacies in hurried letters; hopes she will find the rewritten version of culture vs. sociological relations better; he sent it to Farrell; the Government wants data on the subject of written wills for Africans; suggests getting students to write essays on the subject; gives references (tpc.)


/362 HK to MG, pre-23 July 1943 – asks for an account of his trouble with Mshiyeni; N.A.D. refused her permission to go to Vendaland; cited trouble with students; mentioned MG; on other matters in brief (autogr.)


/363 [MG] to HK, 23 July 1943 – was distressed to get her letter saying she had been forbidden permission to visit Vendaland, partly because of MG; refers to his dispute with Mshiyeni; when he returned from Oxford to come to Northern Rhodesia, paid a farewell trip to Zululand with his wife; then the war broke out; assumed that the objections to his return to Zululand originate in his quarrel with Mshiyeni; encloses letter from Mrs Hoernlé and his reply; on the specific objections of certain Zulu to MG, including ‘living like a native’; gives an account of his dealings with Mshiyeni. 4 pages (tpc.)


/364 [MG] to HK, ibid. – on the death of Hoernle; encloses a letter about the ‘Zulu business’; mentions her thesis; asks after Leo; on books he has lent her; he would like these returned; is hopeful of a quick end to the war. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/365 List of books held by Hilda (tp. with autogr. notes)


/366 HK to MG, 20 Jan. 1944 – on Brausch’s thesis; asks for his report on it; discusses the thesis; has flu; awaits letter about photographs (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/367  MG to HK, 2 Feb. 1944 – will not be able to report on Brausch’s thesis for some time; shall deal with it as soon as he can (tp.)



Leakey, L.S.B. [LSBL]


/368 [MG] to LSBL, 21 Mar. 1945 – asks about inheritance customs among the Kikuyu and Kamba; outlines the custom of other tribes; mentions Clark (tpc.)


/369 LSBL to MG, 6 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 21 Mar.; names some tribes among whom ‘the custom referred to’ occurs; on a Curators’ Conference (tp.)


/370 [MG] to LSBL, 24 Apr. – refers to his letter of 6 Apr.; thanks him for the information on the allocation of stock by heads; on the customs of other tribes; would appreciate any help [part missing?] (tp.)


Lemon, James [JL]


/371 MG to JL, 19 Nov. 1944 – asks if he would get some statistics on law cases coming before the Lozi native courts; describes what he would have to do; sends two articles which set out the heads clearly; should be grateful for his help (tpc.)


/372 JL to MG, 2 June 1945 – refers to MG’s letter; has been ‘choked’ with work and tours; on carrying on doing the base records; shall do some as soon as he gets the chance; on other duties. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/373 [MG] to JL, 4 July – refers to his letter of 2 June; understands how difficult it is for him to get the data; understood he had been ill; his own programme has been upset by going on a trip with the agriculturalists to do work on land tenure; on his trip to Mongu being postponed (tpc.)


/374 JL to MG, 13 July – forwards analyses of Sutu[?] and Yuka[?] courts[?]; describes what Sutu[?] and Yuka[?] consist of; should be glad of criticisms and suggestions; on the number of years’ absence necessary before a wife can get a divorce; has written explanatory notes on the back of the sheets. 3 leaves (autogr.)


 .1  Tables showing types of cases and reasons for divorce with notes on the backs of the sheets, referring to Yuka[?] and Sutu[?], 4 leaves, (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/375  [MG] to JL, 24 July 1945 – refers to his letter of 13 July; will leave the discussion over for a while; is deep in a survey of Tonga land holding; will write at length when he can (tpc.)


/376 JL to MG, 21 Dec. – wonders how he is getting on; has had some of the Institute’s books for a long time; on his subscription; on work (autogr.)


/377 [MG] to JL, 15 Jan. 1946 – on his subscription; on publications (tp.)


/378 JL to MG, 2 Aug. 1973 – on meeting to discuss witchcraft in Barotse; on errors in MG’s ‘Judicial Process among the Barotse’; goes into detail about these; on the death of his wife. 6 pages (autogr.)


/379 MG to JL, 1 Sept. – refers to his letter of 2 Aug.; on the death of his wife; answers the points made in that letter; refers to illegibility of handwriting; would like to meet sometime but is very behind with work. 3 leaves (tp.)


/380 JL to MG, 25 Nov. – on reasons why he has not replied sooner to letter of 1 Sept.; thanks him for agreeing to make corrections when a new edition is published; on his handwriting; the part of his letter which MG could not read referred to the means by which the ‘witch-hunt’ spread; describes how this happened. 8 pages (autogr.)


/381 MG to JL, 8 Jan. 1974 – on health; thinks he should publish his own account of the outbreak of ‘witchcraft’ in Barotseland; the details he gives are very interesting; urges him to write something more fully (tp.)


Little, Clifford [CL]


/382 CL to MG, 27 Dec. 1948 – has an allergy to letter-writing; mentions news of MG from Rusbridger; is still at Lusaka; on Munali; on his relations with Sir Stewart; asks if MG has any suggestion about a new job; on Elizabeth Colson; on David Peters; mentions Hudson, Bush, and Rennie; asks for news of Audrey Richards, the Perhams and Rita Hinden (tp.)



MS 495


/1/383  Ibid., 29 Aug. 1949 – is booked to sail from Port Elizabeth on 15 Jan.; should be visiting Oxford in Mar.; mentions Margery Elliott; he is on a Committee studying the problems of Higher Education for Africans in Central Africa; on this committee and its plans; on the political feeling of the Barotse students here [Munali Training Centre]; mentions Elizabeth Colson; on Jack Winterbottom and David (tp. with autogr. PS)


/384 Ibid. to CL[?], 15 June 1955 – refers to his letter of 30 May [not held]; hopes to send him soon a copy of his six broadcast lectures; on the Barotse Omboka; thanks him for news of the Institute and its Directorship; on candidates; thinks it important to maintain links between the different generations of staff; the Trustees want to break the connection with him; if they overlook all the work he has put in, to hell with them; he will not lift a finger outside of his legal obligations; on his family (tpc.)


/385 CL to MG, 6 Sept. 1959 – refers to MG’s two letters; one was a copy of his letter to H.F. resigning as Consultant; he himself has resigned as a Trustee; is now Secretary to the Minister Gabriel Musumbulwa; there is a lot of discussion about the future of the Institute; F. went on leave in July leaving an unapproved research plan for 1961/64 behind him; asked Raymond Apthorpe about the field notes; the notes are now in a special section of the library; on MG’s letter being forwarded and missing him (tp.)


/386 MG to CL, 28 Sept. – sorry that his letter crossed backwards and forwards over the seas; on MG’s second letter; on various dealings with Fosbrooke; feels bitter about the destruction in three years of work that took nearly 20 years to build up; on material points which are angering; refers to the letter written to him by Raymond Apthorpe; explains why he could not comment on it or on his manuscript; does not want Fosbrooke to say that MG has been turning the staff against him; on the matter of the field notes; hopes to see him when he is over here (tpc.)




MS 495



Marwick, Max [MM]


/1/387  [MM] to Elizabeth Colson, 5 Aug. 1948 – refers to her letter of 20 Apr. [not held]; has heard from MG about his contribution to the projected book on local organisation; asks if there is a chance of him getting a job with the Institute; on Fort Hare; the prospects of getting sense or financial support out of the Colonial Office are remote; makes positive suggestions regarding a post at the Institute; mentions Clyde; realises that his past differences with MG might count against his being appointed; most of their points of difference seem to have been cleared up; asks her to let him know if she would like him to apply in more formal terms; is sending a copy of the letter to MG; on his wife. 3 leaves (tpc.)


/388 MM to MG, 6 Aug. – refers to MG’s letter of 8 June [not held]; apologises for not replying sooner; explains why; shall send a draft of his contribution to the symposium on local organisation as soon as he can; on the Lamba report; found his discussion of lineage most useful; on the attitude of the Chewa to Europeans; on Fort Hare; has asked Elizabeth about the possibility of an RLI job; Clyde says that MG is writing a paper on how material should be prepared for publication; asks where it will appear (tp. with autogr. PS)


/389 Ibid., 6 Jan. 1949 – has been intending to write for months; thanks him for letter suggesting that he might try to get on RLI staff; has been given a grant for vacation research; on a job he has applied for; asks if MG will have a look at a draft paper he has written on the Bwanali-Mpulumutsi anti-witchcraft movement; has sent it to Dr Fortes who will show it to MG; on the comments he has had so far; on John and Clyde; on the Cewa (tp.)


/390 Ibid., 15 Aug. – refers to his letter of 9 Aug. [not held]; asks him to go ahead with criticism of his anti-witchcraft article; as it is too long for Africa, proposes to shorten it; the CSSRC have refused an application for a further field grant; is trying to get a job overseas; social psychology will continue in confusion until a lot of conceptual pruning has been carried out; his latest application is for a sociology post at Natal; mentions Clyde (tp.)



MS 495


/1/391  MG to MM, 1 Sept. 1949 – refers to his letter of 15 Aug.; has discussed with Fortes what he should do with his Mpulumutsi paper; thinks he should publish it in the Rhodes-Livingstone Journal; explains why; suggests some works he might profit by reading; discusses the paper in some detail; in summary, the social psychological part is very good; the sociological part could be made clearer. 3 pages (tp.)


/392 MM to MG, 10 Sept. – thanks him for the prompt reply to his letter; thanks him for valuable comments; answers some of the points MG made; thinks he should publish the paper in two successive parts; this will give more time to make a better job of the analytical part (tp.)


/393 MG to MM, 20 Sept. – refers to his letter of 10 Sept.; glad he found the comments of use; would personally prefer the paper to be a single complete paper; on periodicity of movements; thinks the Rhodes Livingstone Journal is the best place for the paper; does not think he can improve it by reading much more (tpc.)


/394 MM to MG, 24 Sept. – encloses part I of the revised draft of his Bwanali-Mpulumutsi paper; has told Elizabeth that he would ask MG whether it should be published in Human Problems and whether it should be done in two parts; gives the titles of these parts; refers to letter of 4 Sept. telling him of John Barnes’ opinion (tp.)


/395 Ibid., ‘The East-Central African Messianic Movements – Part I – Descriptive: the Bwanali-Mpulumutsi Movement of 1947 and its Predecessor of the early 1930s’. 25 leaves (tp.)


Emanuel Marx [EM]

/396 MG to EM, 25 Nov. 1960 – refers to his letters of 21 Nov. [not held]; on a travel grant; on raising funds to buy a jeep; asks him to telegraph ‘go ahead’ if he can pay for the petrol and cover any loss on the re-sale of the jeep; asks him to let him know if he will buy the jeep in England or Israel. 2 leaves (tp.)


/397 EM to MG, nd – tells him to go ahead; has decided on a used jeep (telegram)


/398 MG to EM, 15 Dec. – the Bursar is going to get the money to him as soon as he can; on settling his GPO account (tp. with autogr. note)



MS 495


/1/399  Ibid., 17 Jan. 1961 – there has been a delay in transferring the money for the jeep as the Bank of England is being awkward; it wants a guarantee on three points; specifies these; on a strained cartilage (tp.)


/400 Ibid., 19 Jan. – the Bursar has written to the Bank of England with the required guarantees; is just about to go into hospital (tp.)


/401 Ibid., 27 Feb. – it is unlikely that the British Council can help over his passage to England and back; is trying to raise funds; asks how much he thinks passages would cost (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/402 Ibid., 13 Mar. – refers to his letter of 7 Mar. [not held]; the British Council may pay his fare but not his family’s; on the jeep; on an American (tp.)


/403 Ibid., 3 Aug. – refers to the death of his brother; mentions Yonina; mentions Emrys; on big changes in the Department next year (tp.)


/404 Ibid., 31 Oct. – thanks him for letter [not held] and cutting about ‘the American’; the enclosed letter will tell him how MG has dealt with the jeep problem; on finding money for the passages of EM’s family; is sending a copy of the syllabus (tp.)


/405 Ibid., 23 Nov. – refers to his letter of 16 Nov. [not held]; on booking flights for EM’s family; the letter about the jeep was sent on; glad there is a chance of EM getting a house (tp.)


/406 Ibid., 1 Oct. 1963 – on his appointment; he has been appointed as a Research Fellow; on the salary; on going to Ethiopia (tp.)


/407 MG, 12 May 1964 – confirms that EM has been entrusted with various equipment for his field research; lists the items; specifies what should be done with the equipment at the conclusion of field work (tp.)


/408 MG to EM, 11 June – refers to a letter; hopes his trip has continued well; on his own health; thanks him for the work he did launching the Israeli scheme; will see he gets credit for it; refers to a letter from the Consul about the customs business; refers to letter from the Jewish Agency about the girls coming out on an immigrants’ boat; will read through the lectures on immigrants which he left (tp.)



MS 495


/1/409  Ibid., 25 June 1964 – refers to EM arriving in Israel; on celebrating his Silver Wedding; on Elaine and Daphne; Emmanuel Gutman has run some fine courses for them (tp.)


/410 Miss Sheila Perrin to ibid., 1 July – although he is in Israel with a car, she thought she would send him ‘this’; will jog the Professor to send a quick reply to his letter; has booked Elaine on a ship leaving Marseilles on 19 July (tp.)


/411 Shebetay Eshkoly, State of Israel, Ministry of Transport, to Department of Social Anthropology, University of Manchester, 17 June – refers to letter regarding the importation of a car; asks that the attached form be filled in; upon receipt action will be taken to issue the licence (tp.)


/412 EM to MG, 3 July – refers to his letter of 25 June; congratulates him; on difficulties with customs relating to the car; envisages more difficulties with customs with regard to the research equipment; on transferring money to Israel to pay the customs dues for the car and the research equipment; mentions Ovadia Shapira; mentions Elam. 2 leaves (tp.)


/413 MG to EM, 6 July – refers to his letter of 28 June [not held]; encloses copy of letter he has written to Yitzchak Eilam; if he is in Jerusalem, perhaps he could see that Eilam is doing the job properly; on his [MG’s] praise of EM’s contribution to the scheme; Elaine sails on 19 July; will ask the Finance Officer to pay the customs duties; on various people who are coming to Manchester; on making an arrangement with Tel-Aviv university; Tel-Aviv would compensate the research scheme for the time EM was off; encloses a letter to Herschlag. 2 leaves (tp.)


/414 Ibid. to Y. Eilam, ibid. – he has been appointed to give research assistance; on the salary; he wants an index and indication of unpublished material in the Institute of Oriental Jews in Jerusalem (tpc.)


/415 Ibid. to EM, ibid. – refers to the letter he wrote to Herschlag; on EM’s position during the period of writing up; refers to a suggestion he made in his letter; suggests he send back the draft letter to Herschlag with proposed changes; if they do not offer a full Lectureship, he will advise EM not to take the post (tp.)



MS 495


/1/416  Ibid., 13 July 1964 – has written to the Bursar asking for a cheque to clear the car etc.; on Elaine Baldwin; suggest she go on an ulpan before doing work or travelling; she is thinking of doing a thesis on Moroccan Jews (tp.)


/417 Ibid., 15 July – on Elaine Baldwin; on her expenses; encloses copy of his letter to the Finance Officer (tp.)


/418 Ibid. to Hanson, Finance Officer, ibid. – on paying £50 under the Bernstein Israeli grant for Miss Baldwin to go to Israel; on paying a further £250 to EM’s account for her use in Israel (tpc.)


/419 Ibid. to EM, 10 Aug. – refers to his letters of 23 July [not held]; on a tangle about the car; on Elaine; on Herschlag; gathers that he has made up his mind to do academic work in Israel; on taking a job in Tel-Aviv; thanks him for good news about Eilam; on Emmanuel Gutmann; on personal matters. 2 leaves (tp.)


/420 Ibid., 21 Aug. – thanks him for letters about the car; has sent another £400 for him and Elaine (tp.)


/421 Ibid., 30 Oct. – it is a long time since he heard from him; had a letter from Erik Cohen; on Elaine; on various people whose theses she could use while writing hers; on people in his department (tp.)


/422 Ibid., 11 Nov. – refers to EM’s letter of 31 Oct. [not held]; on Elaine; on Daphne; on Eilam; on Erik Cohen; on EM’s Bedouin book; glad he is settling in well; will write about accounts separately; on the people in his department. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. note)


/423 Ibid., ibid. – on the Statement of Accounts; asks that he make out a statement showing how much money he received from the University and setting out the items he spent it on; will asks Elaine to give him a separate accounting for the money she received from him; describes how to set out the statement (tp.)


/424 Ibid., 27 Nov. – refers to his letter of 18 Nov. [not held]; his accounts are excellent; on his book; on Erik Cohen; on Daphne; on Elaine (tp.)



MS 495


/1/425  Ibid., 14 Dec. 1964 – the Trustees approved of him teaching at Tel-Aviv; on details of his appointment and his working in Manchester in the vacations; is pleased with the way his small group is developing; had hoped to get out in Jan. to see about recruiting another couple of Israelis but has to give two Marett Lectures in Oxford in Feb.; shall get out as soon as he can (tp.)


/426 Ibid., 15 Jan. 1965 – on EM’s appointment in Tel-Aviv; on the manuscript of his book; mentions Daphne (tp.)


/427 Sheila Perrin to EM and Dahlia, 20 Jan. – on the reason why she has not written sooner; on her driving lessons; on the Department Christmas party; on his typewriter; it will cost £14. 8s. to send it to Israel; on the books he asked for; on his manuscript (tp.)


/428 Ibid., 3 Feb. – refers to EM’s letter of 29 Jan. [not held]; is writing his Marett Lectures and correcting proofs of his Yale book; on EM’s appointment at Tel-Aviv; on EM’s manuscript; on Abner’s book; on Deshen, Minkowitz and Elaine; has heard from an M. Amir about coming into the scheme; is thinking about EM’s long term interests; asks him to see Eisenstadt about recruiting young Israelis. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. note)


/429 Ibid. to T.J. Jones, Manchester University Press, 4 Feb. – encloses a manuscript by EM which he hopes they will agree to publish; if it is not good enough to go to a reader he will have it retyped;  gives a list of possible readers; will ask for a copy of Evans-Pritchard’s report on the thesis (tpc.)


/430 Ibid. to EM, 23 Feb. – refers to EM’s letter of 9 Feb. [not held]; is delighted that he will be staying on the scheme to do his research without compromising his situation at Tel-Aviv; on Zweig; on Amir; on his book (tp.)


/431 Ibid., 24 Feb. – has received a letter from a Mr Soen at Tel-Aviv University as Chairman of the ASA; Mr Soen would like to become a member; asks if he can give any judgment on him (tp.)



MS 495


/1/432  Ibid., 25 Mar. 1965 – refers to EM’s letter of 9 Mar. [not held]; has been very busy; on his Marett Lectures; the university has renewed EM’s Fellowship for a further year; on his book; mentions Eisenstadt; on the ‘affairs’ of Tel-Aviv; the young people seem to be getting on well; on Erik Cohen and Weingrod; on MG’s coming to Israel; on Soen. 2 leaves (tp.)


/433 Ibid., 6 May – good to have heard from him again; glad he has heard of the renewal of his Fellowship; on the two Israelis; on EM coming out of the field and writing three or four papers; asks if he would come to England; hopes he will do so; on his own and others’ trips to Israel; is sorry about Yonina; on Eilam; decided to withdraw his offer of a post from Air; on EM’s book. 2 leaves (tp.)


/434 Ibid., 1 June – refers to EM’s letter of 21 May [not held]; on EM’s book; thinks it is too late to get Israeli people in on the Scheme; on the University of Tel-Aviv; on Deshen and Minkovitz; the Israeli seminar is going very well; thinks it an excellent idea if EM arrived in Jan. with some prepared papers; hopes to get to Israel in the summer. 3 leaves (tp.)


/435 S.N. Eisenstadt, the Hebrew University, to MG, ibid. – refers to his letter of 14 May [not held]; on Deshen and Minkovitz; they received leave of absence of a year from the Jewish Agency; on MG’s suggestion; it can only be discussed when they come back; he will send names of students as prospective candidates for MG’s programme (photocopy)


/436 Sheila Perrin to EM and Dahlia, 3 June – gives news of the secretaries in the department; on an electric typewriter; on Alex Weingrod; mentions Vic Turner; MG’s latest book came out yesterday; on her driving test; on her plans to work as a courier in the summer (tp.)


/437 MG to Prof. S. Eisenstadt, 15 June – refers to his letter of 1 June; there has been misunderstanding regarding Deshen and Minkovitz; the University offered them three-year contracts; hopes the Agency would give them leave to return to complete their Ph.D. degrees; thanks him for the prospect of a student; on Amir (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/438  Ibid. to EM, 15 June 1965 – on the ‘tangle’ over Deshen and Minkovitz; they accepted three-year contracts from the University but only applied to the Jewish Agency for a year’s leave; they are expected to return to the Agency’s service; refers to writing to Shmuel [Eisenstadt] about a half-time contract for them; encloses photostat of his reply; on the possibility of Deshen and Minkovitz working for EM in Tel-Aviv; also encloses copy of his reply to Eisenstadt. 2 leaves (tp.)


/439 Ibid. to Profs. Ovadia Shapira and Shmuel Eisenstadt, 2 July – is hoping to come to Israel in Sept; hopes they will be there to discuss the situation with Deshen and Minkovitz; would be grateful for any help the Agency could give with housing (tpc.)


/440 Sheila Perrin to EM, 5 July – asks him to let her know the whereabouts of three tape recorders (tp.)


/441 MG to ibid., 20 July – refers to EM’s letters of 20 & 27 June [not held]; on Terry Evens; on Deshen and Minkovitz; mentions Eisenstadt; thanks him for the account of the money paid to him; on some Hebrew books; on personal news. 2 leaves (tp.)


/442 [E.A. Cummins], Bursar’s Office, University of Manchester, to MG, 23 July – on payment for part-time teaching by EM; indicates the procedure to be followed (photocopy)


/443 MG to EM and Dr Percy Cohen, 27 July – a number of essays have been produced at Manchester on Israel; wonders if they might be put together into a book; if it came off, would like them both to come in; asks whether they are interested (tp. with autogr. note in Hebrew[?])


/444 Ibid., 5 Aug. – attaches copy of a letter written to Cooks about a typewriter for shipment to Israel; asks if it is his private typewriter or one used on the Research Scheme; on Elaine Baldwin taking items when she goes over; asks him for serial numbers of the Israeli Scheme equipment which he has (tp. with autogr. note in Hebrew[?])


/445 Ibid. to R.T. Topham, Thomas Cook & Son Ltd., ibid. – refers to his letter about the shipment of a typewriter (tp. copy)



MS 495


/1/446  Ibid. to EM, 5 Aug. 1965 – on various financial matters; on Percy Cohen; on his holiday; on an honorary doctorate from the Université Libre de Bruxelles; Erik Cohen gave news of Ben-David and Yonina. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. note)


/447 Ibid., ibid. – on financial matters; attaches copy of letter from the Bursar. 2 leaves (tp.)


/448 Ibid. to E.A. Cummins, ibid. – refers to his letter of 23 July; on financial matters; encloses a copy of his letter to EM (tpc.)


/449 Ibid. to EM, 13 Aug. – Dr Ioan Lewis recommended that his book be accepted by the Press; has sent a number of suggestions for its improvement; has obtained a copy of his report and sends it with his permission; asks him to try to meet Dr Lewis’ points (tp.)


/450 I.M. Lewis to Mr Jones, 16 July – report on EM, ‘Bedouins of the Negev’; makes a number of comments on specific points. 3 leaves (photocopy)


/451 MG to EM, 27 Aug. – refers to EM’s letter of 19 Aug. [not held]; on the collection of essays; on EM’s book on the Bedouin; on Deshen; on various other random matters. 2 leaves (tp.)


/452 MG to all members of the Department, 8 Sept. – on his honorary doctorate from the university of Brussels; it is awarded for ‘services rends a la Science et a l’Université’; this must mean Manchester University; therefore the award recognises the work of the Department as a whole; thanks them for their contribution (tp.)


/453 Sheila Perrin to EM, 17 Sept. – MG is busy with papers for the seminar on African Law he is running in Addis Ababa in Jan. 1966; therefore cannot comet to Israel at the end of Sept.; will come out towards the end of Oct.; does not wish his family to know but he is exhausted; he asks EM to look after Terry Evens for him (tp. with autogr. note in Hebrew[?])


/454 MG to ibid., 13 Oct. – arrives in Tel-Aviv on 26 Oct.; on arrangements for meeting; asks him to write to Evens, Minkovitz and Deshen to invite them (tp. with autogr. note in Hebrew[?])



MS 495


/1/455  Ibid., 14 Oct. 1965 – refers to EM’s letter of 2 Oct. [not held]; the press has agreed to publish his book provided the Faculty will underwrite it for £250; will be arriving on 26 Oct.; asks if they could meet on 27 Oct.; mentions Shlomo and Moshe; on Terry; on Minkovitz and Deshen; on the financial arrangements; will exchange news when they meet. 2 leaves (tp.)


/456 MG to Dr. Weitz, Prof. Eisenstadt & Dr Shapira, 7 Nov. – statement relating to Deshen and Minkovitz, relating to the Jewish Agency; MG had not explained his proposal clearly; MG always thought Deshen and Minkovitz would come to Manchester for three years; appreciates that the loss of staff is causing difficulty for the Jewish Agency; offers that they be free to help the Jewish Agency within the framework of their main research (tp., very faint)


/457 Hilda [Kuper] to MG, 10 Nov. – wonders if he is in Israel or England; asks if he received some books she sent; on visiting Swaziland; asks if she and Leo could work in Israel for a year; on MG’s sons (tp.)


/458 MG to EM, 18 Nov. – on seeing him in Israel; hopes his talk with the Jewish Agency ended satisfactorily; was impresses with prospects at Tel-Aviv University; on Ronnie; expresses gratitude for the work he is putting in on the Manchester research in Israel; on a fortnight of seminars; on his trip to Brussels; on research expenses; on Elaine. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. note in Hebrew[?])


/459 Ibid. to Hilda Kuper, 19 Nov. – is in England, but off to Zambia and Ethiopia shortly; did not receive the books she sent; asks what she means about working in Israel; on his son Peter; will fly to her about 15 Mar. next year (tpc.)


/460 Ibid. to EM, ibid. – thinks if Ronnie gets an offer from Africa he would prefer it to Tel-Aviv; on the possibility of his getting Hilda Kuper and her husband as visiting professors (tp.)


/461 MG to all [Department] staff, 25 Nov. – he saw the Secretary of the Manchester University Press and put to him the idea of starting a series of papers in Social Studies; on the length of papers required; asks that they think it over while he is away; asks for promise of material or some material (tp. with autogr, note in Hebrew[?])



MS 495


/1/462  Sheila Perrin to EM, 6 Jan. 1966 – is pleased to hear he is coming to England soon; MG is in Addis Ababa until mid-Jan.; on new people in the department; mentions Dick Werbner and Elaine; on secretaries; on a party; on her time in Spain; on the missing tape recorders (tp.)


/463 Ibid., 12 Jan. – has posted to him 12 copies of his ‘Theoretical Aspects of the Absorption of Immigrants’; MG wants him to pass them on to people; asks if he wants more copies (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/464 MG to E.A. Cummins, 26 Jan. – on financial matters; includes translation of letter in Hebrew which EM sent to Minkovitz and Deshen, concerning payments for their work at Tel-Aviv University. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/465 Ibid. to EM, ibid. – refers to EM’s letter of 6 Jan. [not held]; on EM’s third baby; hopes EM can come over possibly in May and June; on his trip to Africa; glad that things have worked out well with the Jewish Agency; has sent the Bursar a copy of EM’s letter to Deshen and Minkovitz; on Ronnie, who is off to Zambia; a man called Hanley might be prepared to come out to Israel; on Yonina; on his book; is glad that he is thinking of doing something for our series of papers; on Terry Evens; asks if he needs import licences to send tape recorder and typewriter to Israel; on Elaine; has spoken to Paul Baxter about Hanley; suggests EM interviews him when he comes. 3 leaves (tp. with autogr. note)


/466 […?], Garnett, Crewdson & Co, Chartered Accountants, to E. Cummins, 8 Feb. – writes with regard to items including in the audit for which there were no vouchers; specifies these; shall be pleased to hear from him in regard to these expenses. 2 leaves (photocopy)


/467 MG to EM, Moshe Minkovitz & Shlomo Deshen, 14 Feb. – the auditors have queried that there are no vouchers with certain items of expenditure; vouchers must in future be kept; asks if they have copies of tickets or any receipts (tp.)


/468 MG to Mr Cummins, 15 Feb. – gives his comments on the letter of 8 Feb. from the auditors of the Israeli Trust expenditure; explains what he can and explains what steps he is taking to get further information; has cyclostyled the letter so he can send it to the members of staff concerned. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/469  Ibid. to EM, 22 Feb. 1966 – refers to EM’s letter of 7 Feb. [not held]; refers to the enclosed copy of letter from the auditors; asks him to write concerning the items involving himself and Elaine; on EM coming to Manchester in May; on possibilities for MG to go to Israel with his group; on Terry’s equipment; on getting the Kupers; on Eric Hanley; on ‘this chap’ Almayor; is delighted that he is pleased with his papers on Immigrants. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. note in Hebrew[?])


/470 MG to Dr B. Bernstein, 23 Feb. – refers to his letter of 8 Feb. [not held] about the problems in his village; suggest two agencies which might help: the Ministry of Health, and Mr Ovadia Shapira at the Jewish Agency; from this department is developing a programme of anthropological research in Israel, under the direction of EM whom he could also contact; the kind of problem he has been striking has been common in settlements in Israel; many settle down satisfactorily (tp.)


/471 MG to the Trustees, the Bernstein Trust Israeli Grant, 30 Mar. – the accounts have been delayed as the auditors raised a number of queries; describes the two types of queries; the costs of research in Israel are rising; asks permission to devote money to easing the position of fieldworkers; reports on EM, Elaine Baldwin, Abarbanel, Aronoff, Mara, and Schutz, who had suffered emotional difficulties and has returned to America. 2 leaves (tp.)


/472 Paul Baxter to EM, 11 Mar. – MG has suggested he write about Eric Hanley, regarding an assistantship post EM is wanting to fill; gives details of Hanley; he is keen to apply but has another iron in the fire; asks what his chances are for the post; asks about the salary (tp. with autogr. notes, one in Hebrew[?])


/473 MG to ibid., 21 Mar. – invites him to stay at his home during EM’s visit; he himself shall be in America and the sons are not living at home; it would be a kindness to Mary if he stayed (tp. with autogr. note)


/474 Ibid., ibid. – has been working out a programme for the summer; makes some suggestions to him and the Isareli research group; on his movements; proposes to organise a seminar for those in Israel to meet the new group; asks that the four of them out there provide an introduction for the new people; on settling the kind of research the new people will do; on ulpanim; on housing. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. note in Hebrew[?]



MS 495


/1/475  Ibid. to the Registrar, University of Manchester, 29 Mar. 1966 – on EM; thinks that from next year he will be taking a full time appointment in Tel-Aviv University; will enquire in case they can retain his services (tp.)


/476 Mary Gluckman to EM, 17 Apr. – is glad he is coming; on family news; on going to the Lakes; mentions Dick W. (autogr.)


/477 MG to ibid., 22 Apr. – has recommended renewal of his appointment; on a dinner for Trustees to meet research workers; wants him to be there; thanks him for stuff about seminar, topics, housing and ulpanim; hopes to be back about 3 June; on Elaine Baldwin’s thesis; is pleased he will be with Mary (tp. with autogr. PS)


/478 Ibid. to EM and Dalya, 11 May – congratulates them on the birth of Alon; asks him to ask Paul Baxter to see that the group at Manchester apply for leave to go to Israel at once; on Elaine’s thesis; mentions Yonina’s death; Mary writes that she is enjoying having him with her (tp.)


/479 Ibid. to EM, 31 July – on the World Cup final; was good to see him at the airport; Terry did not telephone about Susan’s[?] decision; on his travels; Mary has had a profitable and happy time here (autogr.)


/480 MG, ‘Round robin’ letter, 7 Sept. – ‘brief news of the Gluckman family’ (tp.)


/481 MG to EM, 16 Sept. – refers to EM’s letter of 7 Aug. [not held]; quotes from a letter from Terry; is off to Cambridge for seminar on the theme of his Marett lectures (tp.)


/482 Ibid. to R. Boren, Treasurer, Tel-Aviv University, 10 Oct. – queries certain aspects of a payment made for the work of EM, Mr S. Deshen and Mr M. Minkowitz; on the matter of income tax (tp.)


/483 R. Boren to MG, 7 Nov. – clarifies some points in connection with the payments to EM, Mr Deshen and Mr Minkowitz. 4 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/484  MG to EM, 8 Nov. 1966 – refers to EM’s letter of 19 Oct. [not held]; on a car; on EM’s move to Jerusalem; mentions Elaine; mentions Aronoff, Abarbanel and Mars; is sorry about Shlomo’s baby; mentions Terry; on plans for his visit; could fly out on 8 Jan.; it is going to be difficult to work out the financial business with the University of Tel-Aviv; sorry to hear he is depressed about developments in Tel-Aviv; on his book; family news. 3 leaves (tp.)


/485 Ibid., 15 Nov. – is off to America tomorrow; has got a letter from the Treasurer of which a copy has gone to EM and the Bursar; hoped that Deshen would give some talks on Jewish culture (tp with autogr. note in Hebrew[?])


/486 Ibid., 27 Nov. – on his travels; is feeling very exhausted; has decided it would be unwise to come to Israel in Jan.; there must be a seminar; asks if he would run it himself or would he like MG to send someone; names some possible people; if he feels MG really ought to come he might manage later in Jan. (tp. with autogr. PS and autogr. notes by EM)


/487 Ibid., 7 Dec. – suggests it would be wise if he were made a Simon Fellow; encloses application form; asks if he got his last letter; reiterates that he cannot undertake the journey; reiterates the points about the seminar and offers to send someone; on Handelman; is sorry he cannot come; notes that he does not want anybody [for the seminar] (tp.)


/488 Ibid., 22 Dec. – he is exhausted; on Handelman; is agreeing that he should come to Israel in Mar. (tp.)


/489 Ibid., 16 Jan. 1967 – refers to EM’s letter of 1 Jan. [not held]; on the seminar; on Shlomo Deshen; on the death of Elaine’s brother; on Alex Weingrod; would like his accounts as soon as possible (tp.)


/490 Ibid., 17 Jan. – attached general letter speaks for itself; on his accounts; on the seminar; no research funds are to be paid to the defaulters without his permission; has wasted hours because of their slackness (tp.)


/491 Ibid., 19 Jan. – refers to EM’s letter of 11 Jan. [not held]; mentions Handelman and Shlomo; has thought of a way in which the reimbursement to Tel-Aviv could be made (tp.)



MS 495


/1/492  Ibid., 6 Feb. 1967 – refers to EM’s letters of 18 and 27 Jan. [not held]; delighted that the seminar was a success; on Shlomo and his work; mentions Moshe and Terry; on establishing Social Anthropology on a sound footing; on Hilda Kuper; on Yitzchak Eilam; thanks him for the accounts. 2 leaves (tp.)


/493 Ibid., 14 Feb. – refers to EM’s letter of 4 Feb. [not held]; hopes to come out about 14 Mar.; on Terry; on Deshen; encloses copy of his reply to him; on the Simon Fellowship (tp.)


/494 Ibid. to Shlomo [Deshen], ibid. – refers to his letter of 6 Feb. [not held]; on coming to Israel; if he has done 40,000 words he is well on the way to producing a thesis; 60,000 to 80,000 words would be enough for a thesis; on the amount of time he must be in Manchester before submitting; appreciates the difficulties in his family situation; suggests he show his work to EM; asks him to send a manuscript as soon as possible; asks if it is impossible to get the operation done here (tp.)


/495 Ibid. to EM, 1 Mar. – will be coming out on Mar. 14 or 15; on his plans; will try to clinch arrangements for Terry Evens to stay on the kibbutz until July; more on Terry and his movements; on travel plans. 2 leaves (tp.)


/496 Ibid. to all Israeli staff, 8 Mar. – on his travel plans; on meeting Terry; would like to meet other members of the team at Tel-Aviv; the letter is being done with carbon copies but will add personal note to each; asks EM to contact his brother who will know where he is; hopes the dates suit him (tp. with autogr. note)


/497 [EM] to Emrys [Peters], 27 Mar. – MG has just left; on his [EM’s] mother’s death; he is to join Tel-Aviv’s staff in Oct. or Nov. and his connection with the scheme will be severed; wants to be in on the scheme at the writing up stage; has arranged leave of absence for the 1968 and 1969 sessions, to come to Manchester; the outlook for Tel-Aviv seems to be getting brighter; mentions Minkovitz and Deshen; on a student named Israel Shefer; on Elaine Baldwin; on happenings in the department; on his writing up (tp.)


/498 MG to EM, 29 Mar. – on his mother’s death; thanks him for what he has done for the team; on Shlomo’s work; on being in Italy with Mary (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/499  Ibid., 31 Mar. 1967 – on Shlomo’s manuscript; is reminded of early Rhodes-Livingstone sessions; congratulates him on his leadership (telegram)


/500 Ibid., 11 Apr. – looks forward to hearing about the seminar; on paying travel tax for Deshen (tp. with autogr. note)


/501 Ibid., 20 Apr. – glad he got his letter but disappointed that he did not get a telegram; is sure they are making a breakthrough in Israeli studies; on Shlomo; on Emmanuel Gutman; Emrys cannot get to the seminar this summer; asks if he would like someone else to come; disappointed that he saw so little of him (tp.)


/502 Ibid. to members of the Israeli Research Team, Apr. – on his pleasure at the fine way in which their work is developing; it is going to be a breakthrough in Israeli studies; mentions the work of the members of the team; on Shlomo’s work; on EM’s work; on Moshe; on Terry’s work; outlines one general anxiety which he has; was delighted at how much they have developed into a group under EM’s leadership; refers to his telegram; their work is going to be a major contribution to social-anthropological theory in general; his visit was a most exciting experience. 2 leaves (tp.)


/503 Ibid. to his family 25 May – his thoughts are with them during this time; family news; [added note to EM:] – thoughts are with friends; asks him to help if any of the team wish to return home (tp. and autogr.)


/504 Emrys [Peters] to EM, nd – asks whether Israeli post graduates should be withdrawn from the field in view of the situation (telegram)


/505 EM to Emrys Peters, 1 June – situation will not affect staff’s safety (text of telegram?)


/506 [MG] to Israeli Research Staff, 22 June – has heard from everybody except Mike; everyone seems well; is corresponding with the Trustees about financial arrangements; on Terry; on continuing the research; seems to have got Almagor from Leicester; takes it they will be having a meeting and seminar around Sept.; is trying to persuade Emrys to come out; is off to California in two weeks’ time (tp.)



MS 495


/1/507  MG to EM, 22 June 1967 – refers to EM’s letter of 14 June [not held]; has had news of all the Research Group except Mike; lists those he has had letters from; on Terry; on EM being offered the Military Governorship of Jericho; on going to California; on financial matters; on the good man from Leicester; asks if he thinks it time they looked for more funds. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/508 Ibid. to EM and Dalya, 28 June – congratulates them on the appearance of EM’s book; thanks him ofr public expression of appreciation to the Departments (tp.)


/509 Ibid. to all Israeli Staff, 29 June – on allocations of field research money for the year from Aug. 1967 to July 1968; would like their accounts closed and balanced by 31 July; on the allocation for the next year; outlines what he allocating to each person (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/510 Ibid. to EM and Dalya et al., 11 June – refers to general anxiety about the Middle East situation; on news from members of the team; he and his family were due to go to the USA; on members of his family going to Israel; thought he might not go to USA; but is now planning to go; on Shlomo’s papers; EP has phoned the Israeli Embassy to give his moral support (tp. with autogr. PS)


/511 MG to […?], nd – he and Mary decided they could not go to America as MG’s family were in Israel; enquired whether they would be of any use in Israel but were considered too old; therefore will be going to America (tp.)


/512 MG to EM, 20 June – reported to a meeting of the Trustees that EM was serving in the army; they will continue his salary; they asked MG to thank him for all he has done for the scheme (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/513 Ibid., 29 June – encloses circular letter setting out his allocation of field research expenses for the next year; asks if he will handle it (tp.)


/514 Ibid., 19 July – his letter gives a vivid picture of what it was like in the troubles; on his salary; family news; on EM’s book; on Terry; on the new candidate McGlean, who withdrew from the Israeli scheme; is glad Almagor is coming; on applying for more funds for the scheme. 2 leaves (tp., with autogr. notes by EM)



MS 495


/1/515  MG, ‘Round robin’ letter, 31 July 1967 – on his sons going to Israel; on Mary’s health which delayed her going to America; on his study at the Centre [for Advanced Studies]; on their house; on Mary’s trip to Chicago on the way to California; she has taken to California with enthusiasm; on his work; on their leisure activities; family news; (tp.)


/516 Ibid. to all Israeli Staff, 1 Aug. – asks for news; hopes soon to start searching for funds to continue the Israeli scheme; reminds each of them to close their accounts for the year (tp.)


/517 [MG?], 16 Sept. – ‘Suggestions for further research, 1968-’ (tp.)


/518 MG to U. Almagor, 19 Sept. – one of the posts in Sociology which he hoped to offer him is not now available; all he can offer is for him to come onto the Israeli Research Grant for the studying of Jews; could recommend him for a Research Associateship; outlines the salary; he would be doing research for a PhD and attending classes; could do some undergraduate teaching; hopes the offer is acceptable to him (tp.)


/519 Ibid. to EM, 27 Sept. – writes about Almagor; the grant that Tel-Aviv has given him is not enough to cover living expenses and fees; on offering him a Research Associateship; he wishes to prepare for work in Africa and would prefer to be on EM’s grant; on Tel-Aviv offering a grant of £500 to Manchester for a Research Associateship; he could then be appointed; encloses a draft letter which the Rector could send to the V-C; encloses draft letter which he would send to the V-C if the Rector makes the offer (tp.)


/520 Draft letter to V-C Manchester from the Rector of Tel-Aviv University, nd – is grateful for the assistance given by the seconding one day a week of EM, S. Deshen and M. Minkovitz; would appreciate it if the University of Manchester would accept a grant of £500 to train an experienced Israeli for research in Africa or Asia (tp.)


/521 Copy of letter which MG will send to the V-C if the Grant from Tel-Aviv is acceptable, nd – EM has informed him of the proposal which the Rector of Tel-Aviv University is going to make; asks if a Research Associateship could be established; the person appointed would be regarded as a member of staff (tp.)



MS 495


/1/522  S.J. Gracie, Secretary, to EM, 28 Sept. 1967 – thanks him for Bank Statement; MG would like it typed out again in English; refers to letter about the grant for Almagor; MG had not considered income tax etc.; asks that the sum be raised to £600 (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/523 MG to ibid., 10 Oct. – refers to EM’s letter of 16 Sept. [not held]; had not thought of support from the Jewish Agency; rather thought he should write to Louis Pincus and ask if he could help raise the money; thanks him for news of members of the research team; mentions Elaine and Len; mentions Claudine Cohen; mentions Moshe and Terry; on Emrys; family news (tp.)


/524 Ibid., 16 Oct. – has just arrived via Yale [in California]; on EM’s seminar; mentions Deshen; on Almagor; suggests EM write to Paul Baxter about Almagor; is delighted that the folk are doing well in their research; on EM’s paper on violence; on his accounts (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/525 Ibid., 14 Nov. – refers to EM’s letters of 16 Sept. and 23 Oct. [not held]; answers various points; looks forward to his paper on violence; on Deshen’s thesis; mentions Claudine Cohen; on EM coming to Manchester in Oct. 1968; on coming to Israel; on Almagor; refers to this as a ‘snippety’ letter (tp. with autogr. corrections)


/526 Ibid., 24 Nov. – refers to EM’s letter of 10 Nov. [not held]; on Almagor; it is impossible for him to manage as a Ph.D. student on £500; Paul [Baxter] must settle this; asks him to write to him; mentions Don; asks him to write on the bank statement what each item is for; does not want more trouble with the auditors (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/527 Ibid., 12 Dec. – shall be leaving on 22 Dec.; will be in Manchester for Christmas; hope work goes well (tp.)


/528 MG to EM, 5 Jan. 1968 – refers to EM’s letter of 22 Dec. [not held]; explains why he has not written before; on Don Handelman; on Almagor; on Deshen’s thesis; mentions Minkovitz, Paul and Emrys; will enclose a form of application for a Research Studentship for his fellow; will try to come some weekend in Feb. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/529 Ibid., 9 Jan. – on EM’s paper on violence; returns the paper with suggested changes of style; discusses his main argument (tp.)



MS 495


/1/530  Ibid., 24 Jan. 1968 – on financial matters; Shlomo has passed (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/531 Ibid., 9 Feb. – refers to EM’s letter of 20 Jan. [not held]; would like to have EM’s article on violence for his book; mentions Don, Shlomo, Moshe, Terry, and Almagor; on application form for I. Shefer; is delighted that his Rector will let him have a year off; hopes there may be a chance of getting him a temporary post; thanks him for transferring money (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/532 Ibid., 15 Feb. – on having a seminar in Mar.; he can come to Israel on Mar. 6 or 7 (tp.)


/533 Ibid., ibid. – has finished the introduction of the Addis Ababa Law Symposium; is now free to edit ‘Allocation of Responsibility’; apologises to Ronnie for having had his article for nearly a year; on the progress of other people’s essays; would like to get the book to press before going to Yale on Mar. 24; would like the essays in by 10 Mar. so that he can write the tribute to EP; if all the essays come in he should be able to produce an independent book (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/534 Ibid., ibid. – on finance; thinks he ought to come to see the research group before he goes to Yale; on dates; on EM’s article on ‘Patterns of Violence’; asks if he could let him have it by 10 Mar. (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/535 Shmuel Gerber, Personnel Department, Tel-Aviv University, to EM, 18 Feb. – confirms that he has worked at Tel-Aviv University from 1 Oct. 1964 to 30 Sept. 1967 as staff loaned by the University of Manchester; from 1 Oct. 1967 he was on the staff of this university; on his salary; on pension benefits (tp.)


/536 MG to ibid., 20 Feb. – hopes to arrive on 7 Mar.; hopes to start the seminar on Friday morning (tp.)


/537 EM to Elaine, Jay, Mike, Shlomoh, Dan & Len, 21 Feb. – on MG’s visit; suggests meeting on 8 Mar.; asks them to prepare to talk informally about their work (tp.)


/538 Ibid. to MG, 22 Feb. – on financial complications concerning his salary, pension fund etc.; encloses copy of letter from the University of Tel-Aviv. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/539  MG to EM, 22 Feb. 1968 – his mother is very ill; on arrangements for the seminar which will fit around MG visiting his mother; on a visit to Cambridge; the important thing is to get Elaine, Len, Jay and Mike to present analytic reports on how they see their field problems; asks about the department car, which he would like to use; on Moshe’s thesis (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/540 Ibid., 28 Feb. – refers to EM’s letter of 20 Feb. [not held]; on his trip to Israel; thanks him for the article on violence; mentions Terry; on various other points; on Moshe’s thesis; is not well (tp.)


/541 Ibid., 2 Mar. – has pneumonia and cannot travel (telegram with autogr. notes by EM)


/542 Beryl W. Cavanagh, MG’s Secretary, to ibid., 4 Mar. – MG will not be able to come to Israel as he has pneumonia; he expresses his regret (tp.)


/543 Ibid. for MG, 11 Mar. – no likelihood that he will come to Israel this month; thinks EM should have the seminar; asks if he would like someone from here; mentions some possibilities; on Susan Evens; on Terry; on his own health (tp.)


/544 Bulletin on MG, from hospital, 25 Mar. – today he would have flown to Yale, had it not been for his heart attack; on the state of his health; in three months he should cease to be an invalid; feels fine (tp., circular letter)


/545 Beryl W. Cavanagh for MG to EM and Israeli staff, 26 Mar. – is much better, as per bulletin; no chance of getting to Israel before June or July; should decide whether they need a seminar; the ASA meets 15 Sept. with Manchester as hosts; will pay from Israeli funds for any who wish to attend; (tp., with autogr. notes by EM)



MS 495


/1/546  MG to Louis A. Pincus, the Jewish Agency, 1 Apr. 1968 – on his health; had been hoping to see him when he was due to visit Israel; the research on Jews in Israel has been a success; his colleagues have made a real breakthrough in Israeli studies; EM can describe what has been produced so far; on the research which is ongoing; thinks the work has practical value; when he started the research, he [Pincus] said that he would be able to put MG in touch with sources from which he might raise funds to continue; the Bernstein fund is fully committed; is eager to raise more money; asks if he can help; Percy Cohen could give an independent opinion of the work done. 2 leaves (tp.)


/547 Ibid. to EM, ibid. – on his health; is trying to raise money to see him here in Oct.; asks him to send on the letter to Pincus; asks him to let him know if he wants it changed (tp. copy)


/548 Ibid., 6 Apr. – on Aronoff’s request for money; on his health; glad to hear the team is going well; on Mike’s work; on Paul; on Deshen’s work; mentions Moshe and Terry; is planning to come to Israel; on Almagor; is waiting to hear from the Dean about funds for EM to come to Manchester (autogr.)


/549 Ibid. to EM, Jay Abarbanel, Mike Aronoff, Elaine Baldwin, Len Mars, Shlomo Deshen & Don Handelman, 8 Apr. – on seeing to money for their journeys home; asks for details of how they will travel; asks if they think they should leave equipment in Israel to sell if MG fails to get a renewal of the grant (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/550 Paul Baxter to ibid., ibid. – is coming to Israel; gives details of his flight; MG requests that each fieldworker reads a paper (autogr.)


/551 MG to EM, 13 Apr. – refers to the enclosed bulletin; on Paul’s visit to Israel; has not had a reply from the Dean to all his proposals to get money to bring EM to Manchester; on the state of his health; expects to go home from hospital 19 or 20 Apr. (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/552 Bulletin from MG at home, 25 Apr. – on the state of his health (tp., circular letter)


/553 Beryl W. Cavanagh to EM, 6 May – asks him to let MG know when and how he will be returning from Israel; on bringing a typewriter back to Manchester (tp.)



MS 495


/1/554  MG to EM, Shlomo, Len, Jay, Mike and Don, 15 May 1968 – Hilda Kuper is coming to Israel in June; she would like to visit those of them who are still in the field and see those who live in Israel; asks them to write to her if they are available; will write separately to EM about the possibility of organising a meeting of those who are still there (tp.)


/555 Ibid. to EM, ibid. – encloses letter to the group about Hilda Kuper; as everyone will be about to come home the idea of a ‘field seminar’ seems to be off; it would be useful if any of them could meet Hilda (tp.)


/556 Ibid., 31 May – refers to EM’s letters of 12 and 20 May [not held]; on his health; will probably come to Israel in the Christmas vacation; thanks him for doing the bibliography; on Paul; mentions Mike, Jay, Len and Elaine; on Moshe’s thesis; on Almagor; on a fire at London airport; on Terry; on Don; hopes EM’s university will pay his fare to the Sept. meeting of the ASA; on Pincus; on Hilda Kuper; famiy news. 3 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/557 [MG] to Prof. J. Clyde Mitchell, Prof. Peter Worsley, Dr Emrys L. Peters, Dr Paul Baxter and EM, ibid. – Shlomo Deshen has been invited to give a memorial lecture for Yonina Talmon; has also been invited by Eisenstdt to give a course for MA students; this is a measure of the success of their social anthropological research in Israel (tpc.)


/558 4 June – letter in Hebrew (tp. with autogr. note in Hebrew[?])


/559 MG to EM, 22 July – asks if he knows the chap MG has written the enclosed letter to; he wants to come and study with him; asks for his judgment on him; asks him to ask the chap’s institute to telegraph the Netherlands; has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy (tp. with autogr. notes by MG and EM)


/560 Ibid. to Mr Joseph Shepher, ibid. – asks him to forgive delay in replying to his letter; has been ill; is interested in his wish to work for a PhD with him; on the subject matter; asks him to telephone when he is in England; has sent a copy of this letter to Mr B. Sansom who deals with graduate admissions (tp.)



MS 495


/1/561  Ibid., 23 July 1968 – refers to EM’s letter of 30 June [not held]; on his health; refers to his letter to Louis Pincus; suggests he write separate letters about financial matters so that MG can send them to the Bursar; mentions Almagor; on Moshe’s thesis; mentions Terry, Susan, Jay, Mike, Len and Elaine; he shall call a meeting of the group fairly soon; mentions Paul and Erik Cohen; mentions Hilda Kuper (tp.)


/562 Ibid., 5 Aug. – on his health; family news; on Josef Shaffer; on Minkovitz’s thesis; looks forward to seeing him here; Sheffer is keen to come here (tp.  with autogr. note by EM)


/563 Ibid., 26 Sept. – on financial matters; it was good to see him; on funds for Deshen and others to complete their research or writing-up; if the Ford grant comes off, asks if he can help (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/564 Ibid., 15 Oct. – thanks him for copy of queries he sent to Moshe about his thesis; comments on a few points (tp.)


/565 Ibid., 16 Oct. – on financial matters (tp.)


/566 R.A. Rainford, Bursar, University of Manchester, to MG, 28 Oct. – on financial matters (photocopy)


/567 MG to EM, 12 Nov. – is coming to Israel on 15 Dec.; on finding a flat (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/568 Ibid., 13 Nov. – encloses copy of letter from the Bursar [/1/566]; on financial matters; on Dick Werbner; on the Israeli group; Emrys has been appointed Professor of Social Anthropology (tp.)


/569 Ibid., 26 Nov. – refers to EM’s letter of 16 Nov. [not held]; on coming to Israel; on the flat; is sorry he is not yet getting the Ford grant; discusses the work of members of the research group; on Erik Cohen; on Terry; on Handelman (tp.)


/570 Ibid., 15 Jan. 1969 – mentions Elaine; encloses application form for Senior Simon Fellowship; suggest EP as a referee (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/571 EM to MG, 17 Jan. – it was great to spend so much time in his and Mary’s company; encloses first draft of a research proposal; has not touched upon the finances; has not heard from Berkeley; asks if MG would enquire of Elizabeth Colson what his chances are; on Don. 2 leaves (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/572  12 Jan. 1969 – ‘Anthropological Studies of Israeli Society – A Research Proposal’. 6 leaves (tp.)


/573 MG to EM, 30 [Jan.] [wrongly marked ‘February’] – refers to EM’s letter; has not had much time to reply; has looked at his letter with the research proposal; thanks EM and Dahlia for the warmth of their welcome; on Elaine; on Mike and Jay (tp.)


/574 Ibid., 14 Feb. – sorry that he has not written before about the research scheme; on the Simon Committee; on the Simon Marks Fellowship; on Clyde Mitchell possibly going to California; will try and enclose copies of the second year syllabuses; on Elaine, (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/574a Ibid., 20 Feb. – EM has been awarded a Simon Fellowship (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/574b Ibid., 25 Feb. – on EM’s research scheme; on his Simon Fellowship; on travelling expenses and arrangements; on MG’s health (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/575 Ibid., 11 Mar. – refers to EM’s letter of 2 Mar. [not held]; delighted to know that he will accept the fellowship; gives news of the research team; glad to hear of his talk with the Deputy Minister of Absorption; on Bruce Kapferer’s thesis; on his health; glad he liked MG’s introduction to Shlomo’s book; on family news (tp.)


/576 Ibid., 8 Apr. – had hoped to write about the research scheme; is away for 10 days; will do it on his return; asks him to post enclosed letter to Pincus; on Israel Shepher; on Elaine; on a grant for Elaine, Mike and Len (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/577 Ibid., 7 May – on an SSRC grant for Mike, Len and Elaine to return to Israel; Abarbanel has a post at the University of California; mentions Terry Evens; on Elaine’s health; on his trip to Paris with Mary (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/578 Ibid., 2 June – refers to EM’s letter of 12 May [not held]; he has been busy; gives news of members of the research group; will find out if it is possible for them to do any teaching at Tel-Aviv; hopes he can get Elaine for a job at Manchester but there are no prospects at the moment; will ask the Trustees if they will pay EM’s fare to England; on EM coming to stay with him; on Mike (tp.)



MS 495


/1/579  Ibid., 24 June 1969 – the Trustees of the Bernstein Israeli Research Trust have agreed to pay his fare between Israel and Europe (tp.)


/580 Ibid., ibid. – refers to EM’s letter of 12 June; encloses a letter from Mary urging him to come and stay; is writing separately about the fare; on the theses of Aronoff, Abarbanel and Baldwin; on the question of members of the research group teaching in Tel-Aviv; on Israel Shepher; refers to ‘neglecting’ EM’s research scheme (tp.)


/581 Ibid., ibid. – gives results of the Trustees’ meeting; they have agreed that EM have £300 for his fare; have agreed to appoint Israel Shefer as Research Associate; agreed to pay Terry £300 on delivering his thesis and £300 on delivering his book; agreed that if Deshen and Shokeid could produce a book more quickly they will make a grant[?] (autogr.)


/582 Mary Gluckman to EM & Dahlia, 25 June – Beryl has probably not affixed her letter in yesterday’s; repeats what she said; exhorts them to come and stay; they shall be depressed at being left without Peter; they would be doing them a favour by filling the house; on Tim (autogr.)


/582a MG to EM, ibid. – on a contribution towards his transportation costs in relation to his Fellowship (tp.)


/583 MG to EM, 23 July 1970 – thanks him for letters [not held] and cheques; on paying Deshen; gives news of various members of the research group and others; hopes to be ‘here’ Dec. to Apr.; felt the group needed to meet more often; on the Jerusalem lot; is delighted to hear EM’s book is complete; mentions Rikki (tp. with autogr. note)


/584 Ibid., 29 July – enclosed copy of a letter to Mr Bond speaks for itself; on paying Deshen; it occurs to him that EM has never taken two jobs (tp.)


/585 Ibid. to Mr A.J. Bond, Bursar’s Department, ibid. – on paying Dr S. Deshen to enable him to write a second book; asks that the payments be made by standing order (tp. copy)



MS 495


/1/586  Ibid. to EM, 16 Aug. 1970 – has drafted a foreword for his book; on other forewords he has to write; has posted the manuscript so asks him to check a couple [of things]; refers to EM’s letter of 6 Aug. [not held]; gives news of various people; on his health; on paying Shlomo [Deshen]; shall do his best to help him write a second book out of any surplus funds in the Bernstein Trust; on other claimants on extra money; it is time to take up plans to develop a new Tel-Aviv/Manchester link; is sorry that he has not done anything with the draft he sent; work and health reasons prevented this; must do something or the Israeli programme will peter out; they need a specialist on Israel at Manchester; the obvious person was Elaine; Emrys says there was no such agreement; on the options he sees if Elaine is not appointed at Manchester; there are fundamental differences of opinion about the future between himself and Emrys; mentions Erik Cohen; mentions Henry Rosenfeld. 2 leaves (tp.)


/587 Ibid., 2 Oct. – refers to EM’s letter of 7 Sept. [not held]; on EM’s foreword; on the car; does not know what is going to happen about Elaine being appointed; thanks him for thinking over the joint book; mentions Lewis returning EM’s article with a request that he revise it; does not think this is funny; on personal matters; sees that EM is consultant to the team planning the development of new towns. 3 leaves (tp.)


/588 Ibid., 12 Oct. – had had some troubling letters from Emrys; things are straightened out; shall shortly draft a Manchester/Tel-Aviv scheme; Emrys has begun to take an interest in studies of Israel (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/589 Ibid., 17 Nov. – is sorry he has taken so long to write about EM’s book; explains why; thinks the reader has missed the main theoretical argument of the book; the report seems to have missed what he stressed in the foreword; more on the book; makes some specific criticisms; it is up to EM to consider whether he wants to do anything to meet the criticisms before asking Bailey to consider the book; in MG’s opinion it is not as good as the Bedouin book; suggests he get Josi Ben-David to read it; on EM’s article for ‘Allocation of Responsibility’; is sorry that Ioan Lewis rejected EM’s article; on other articles which he rejected; suspects he is prejudiced against Manchester people; gives news of Pnina, Nomi and Emrys; is sorry about the book. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/590  Ibid., 15 Dec. 1970 – was shaken to learn that Dick Werbner had already posted EM’s manuscript to Bailey; did not feel it should go without his foreword; it is difficult for him to operate with EM’s manuscript when Werbner is also operating with it; on giving Dr Eugene Rostow an introduction to EM (tp.)


/591 Ibid., 6 Jan. 1971 – refers to EM’s letter of 13 Dec. [not held]; on reasons for not writing; has booked to fly to Israel on 22 Jan.; has written to Elaine about organising a seminar; on correspondence with Emrys about appointing Elaine; has decided to try to find a post for Elaine elsewhere; on her referees; is posting his foreword to EM’s book to Freddy Bailey tomorrow; on a paragraph on Tiger’s male-bonding idea; on Shlomo’s book; on various articles; wonders if Lewis is anti-Israeli; on the responsibility book; on personnel for the seminar (tp. with autogr. PS)


/592 Ibid., 12 Jan. – his trip to Israel has been delayed by ill-health; gives his new travel dates; on organising a seminar; on Terry Evens; Prof. David Mandelbaum is interested in their research in Israel and would like offprints (tp.)


/593 Ibid. to EM and Dalya, 29 Apr. – thanks them for hospitality; on accommodation for next time he comes; refers to hold-up over Elaine’s ticket; Shlomo Deshen’s book has won a prize; has had no news from Pincus yet; has written to the Centre for Advanced Studies in Behavioural Sciences to nominate EM for a fellowship; personal news; is furious about the delay over Elaine’s flight; on Emrys; on Elaine’s thesis. 2 leaves (tp.)


/594 Ibid., 4 May – ‘Allocation of Responsibility’ has been recommended by the External Reader and is ready to go to press; is sorry for the delay; on Emrys’ article (tp.)


/595 Ibid., 3 June – on the birth of his grandson; on Israel Shepher; on Don Handelman; Elaine has been appointed to Salford; mentions Dick and Pnina. 2 leaves (tp.)


/596 Ibid., ibid. – encloses letter and cheque from the travel agency; feels it was absurd that they had sterling in Israel and could not pay with it; suggests changing banks; asks about violence [book]; on Emrys’ article; on Elaine (tp. with autogr. PS and autogr. notes by EM)



MS 495


/1/597  Ibid. to Dr Rina Shapira, Tel-Aviv University, 25 June 1971 – refers to previous correspondence [not held] about Don Handelman; on Israel Shepher; on finding funding for him. 2 leaves (tp.)


/598 Ibid. to EM, ibid. – on family news; on Elaine; on Don; ‘Allocation of Responsibility’ was posted to the Press with Emrys’ article; on the violence book; on Israel Shepher; on EM using the car; on EM coming to Britain. 3 leaves (tp.)


/599 Ibid., 21 July – on family news; mentions Elaine, Israel and Maomi; had better write to Pincus; it is a disgrace that the violence book is not yet in press; is leaving the country on 16 Sept. (tp.)


/600 Ibid., 28 July – has a Trustees meeting; has not allowed for the fact that they have an asset in the form of the car; thinks they ought to sell it; does not think EM has had any money from the Trust for a long time; on the book on violence; on Vic Turner; on Elaine; on Shokeid; on Jay; on Don (tp.)


/601 Ibid. to J. Abarbanel, M. Aronoff, E. Baldwin, S. Deshen, T. Evens, L. Mars, EM and M. Shokeid, 2 Aug. – presented the Trustees with copies of Moshe’s book; after discussion of MG’s progress report, Lord Bernstein expressed himself as well satisfied; suggests that each member of staff write a short note saying what field research they have done and how it affected their careers, to send to the Trustees; would also like to send them offprints or copies of articels; a number of them have been granted money for research expenses which have not been accounted for (tp.)


/602 Ibid. to EM, 9 Aug. – refers to EM’s letter of 29 July [not held]; expects to be in California until the end of Apr. and into May; on EM coming to Manchester; thanks him for trying to sell the car; is sure the Trustees would agree to reselling it to him; when he comes over he could use his stipend to pay for the car; the Trustees think EM should post a copy of his manuscript on violence to them; would like five copies of it; wrote to ask Pincus if there was any news; on paying the costs of Len’s luggage. 3 leaves (tp. with autogr. note and autogr. notes by EM)



MS 495


/1/603  Ibid. to Louis Pincus, 13 Aug. 1971 – refers to his letter of 30 July [not held]; gives his addresses in Canada and California; on family matters (tp. with autogr. notes by EM in Hebrew[?])


/604 Ibid. to EM, ibid. – asks him to pay from the Israeli account an advance to Dr L. Mars to cover his baggage home etc.; asks about the balance of the account; asks for a statement for the auditors (tp.)


/605 Ibid., 15 Aug. – is glad he enjoyed his year here; on his own health; on the responsibility book; on EM’s book; gives some notes on specific passages; on family news; will draft the foreword later. 4 leaves (tp.)


/606 Ibid. to contributors to ‘Allocation of Responsibility’, 7 Sept. – should have all got proofs and be completing the index; gives instructions about indexing; [note to EM added:] is anxious to know if he is coming May to June; would like statement of the Israeli account; on the car (tp.)


/607 Ibid. to EM, 24 Oct. – refers to EM’s letter of 18 Sept. [not held]; on the car; on EM buying it; the Trustees agreed that arrangements could be made for him to pay over time (tp.)


/608 Ibid., ibid. – on EM buying the car; on the way he will pay for it; has set aside £250 per month for him from SSRC fund; on tax; on the dating of his visit; congratulates him on becoming an Associate Professor; asks him to send Bond an accounting of the Bernstein Fund; on equipment; letters of thanks should be sent; shall chase up Pincus by letter; on the violence manuscript; has Peter Lloyd’s article and introduction for Coniston symposium. 2 leaves (tp.)


/609 Ibid. ‘to whom it may concern’, ibid. – on EM’s involvement in the Israeli research project; on the achievements of the project; is anxious that EM can come to England to discuss the final writing-up; the SSRC have provided funds; asks that the tax on the journey be waived; in view of the importance of their work and the fact that over £40,000 was spent in Israel, the concession would be a gesture (tp.)



MS 495


/1/610  Ibid., 8 Nov. 1971 – refers to EM’s letter of 24 Oct. [not held]; leaves today for 3 weeks on the east coast; encloses a general letter about their doings on the way here; asks him to pass it on to several people; thanks him for news of his book; suggests he send a copy to Kegan Paul and Routledge; he could also try Aldine; thanks him for news of Nomi Nevo; on Nandi; on Valdo’s leaving (tp. with autogr. PS and autogr. notes by EM)


/611 E.L. Peters to MG, 17 Nov. – the Trustees of the Bernstein Israeli Research Trust have agreed to give the equipment purchased with this fund for use in the Department; the equipment already in Israel should remain there; all that is left is some Dansette record players; asks if he arranged with Mr Wood to sell the record players; asks about the whereabouts of a Voigtlander camera (tp.)


/612 MG to EM, [Nov.] – the Trustees of the Bernstein Israeli Research Trust have decided that the equipment belonging to the Trust which is in Israel should be handed of as a gift to his department; would be grateful if he could send a list of it, with numbers (tp.)


/613 Ibid., 8 Dec. – glad he liked MG’s lecture in Montreal; heard from Janet that EM’s book on violence arrived there; will write to Aldine and ask if they are interested; on the book by Peter Lloyd; on the car; encloses a letter about Handelman; on Eilam’s manuscript (tp.)


/614 Ibid., 21 Dec. – on his and Mary’s health; mentions EM sending his manuscript to Aldine Press; wrote to the chap who runs it and recommended the manuscript; asked that if he could not take it, to return the manuscript and suggest another publisher; will not send it to Tavistock until he hears from Aldine; on a book by Yitschak; is writing to Peter Lloyd about the book on conflict; he was not appointed at Sussex; on offprints of the volume on Responsibility; on Deshen (tp. with autogr. note)


/615 Ibid. to Freddy Bailey, 6 Jan. 1972 – on family matters; EM wrote that he was interested in the manuscript on violence; on his foreword; has removed a scathing reference to Lionel Tiger’s theory of ‘male-bonding’; if he [Bailey] is writing his own foreword, MG will not be offended if he returns his foreword (tp. photocopy with autogr. additions)



MS 495


/1/616  Ibid. to EM, 9 Feb. 1972 – Morin of Aldine liked the violence manuscript but did not consider it suitable for commercial publication; asked a sociologist in California if he would look at it and recommend it to the university press if he liked it; shall write to Tavistock or Kegan Paul; on his health; on Nomi Nevo; refers to the Eilam-Almagor quarrel; asks if he can go and see Pincus to find if he can do anything about the grant; on Nandi (pt. with autogr. notes by EM)


/617 Ibid., 23 Feb. – refers to EM’s letter of 10 Feb. [not held]; on his health; has not seen the volume on responsibility; Emrys had a copy bound for presentation to Evans-Pritchard; mentions Elaine, Jay, Mike and Len; is delighted that his department has agreed to let him go abroad in May; on EM’s book; on what is wrong between Almagor and Eilam; on Handelman. 2 leaves (tp.)


/618 Ibid., 24 Feb. – encloses copy of a letter he has sent to Cooks about a ticket for EM; if he fails to get a tax rebate, asks that he let him know; asks when he wants money for the honorarium; has not heard his friend’s reaction to EM’s book; on Nomi Nevo; on Nandi; has a memory that Sydney Bernstein helped EM with a grant over the Bedouin; asks if he sent him a copy of the book (tp.)


/619 Ibid. to Prof. Dov Weintraub, the Hebrew University, 6 Mar. – on the serious quarrel between Dr Uri Almagor and Dr Yitzhak Eilam; Almagor alleges that Eilam had used parts of Almagor’s thesis in his [Eilam’s] book; received a letter from Dr Paul Baxter about the matter; goes into the matter in much detail; in summary, from his knowledge of the two works there is no substantial overlap between them; is sending copies of this letter to Prof. Peters and Dr Baxter at Manchester. 7 leaves (tp.)


/620 Ibid. to EM, 8 Mar. – on Almagor’s accusations against Eilam; on the letter from Paul Baxter; has written to Dov Weintraub; is sending him a copy of the letter; says he should show it to Handelman, Shokeid, Deshen and Aronoff; on the evidence he has the charges are absurd; considers that if there has been copying, it has been by Almagor of Eilam; has heard from Eilam who sounds cheerful. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. PS)



MS 495


/1/621  Ibid. to Prof. Dov Weintraub, 24 Mar. 1972 – follows up his long letter about the allegations of plagiarism made by Almagor; has received from Baxter a list of the alleged plagiarisms; in many cases MG had discussed the problems long before Eilam could have seen Almagor’s thesis; Eilam does refer to the thesis which is reprehensible if done without permission; hopes he can adjust relationships between them satisfactorily. 2 leaves (tp.)


/622 Ibid. to EM, 29 Mar. – refers to the ‘unpleasant business’ between Almagor and Eilam; congratulates him on having been awarded the President Ben Zvi Memorial Prize for Research for the Hebrew translation of his book; is glad his ticket arrived; on his health; on his plans to travel home; on Elaine; has corrected and done a foreword for Jay (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/623 EM to the Trustees, Bernstein Israel Research Trust, 4 Apr. – on the Trustees decision to hand over the field equipment remaining in Israel to Tel-Aviv University; the Bernstein Israel Research Trust is terminating its work; it is time to evaluate their achievements; describes what the project set out to study; on the subjects selected for research; on the development of common interests among the research staff; at a later stage they ought to pull together the lines of thought developed and work out a coherent picture of Israeli society in the 1960s; first they must wait until all the studies are published; on the establishment of Social Anthropology as an academic discipline in Israel; on the establishment of a new faculty of social sciences at Tel-Aviv University; the period of work on the Israeli Research was happy and well-spent; calls MG a ‘charismatic leader’; gives reasons why he has not published more of his work; on his work on violence; the scheme will continue for many years to produce results. 5 leaves (tp.)


/624 MG to EM, 17 Apr. – refers to EM’s letter of 8 Apr. [not held]; refers to copy of his letter to the Trustees; on their movements at the end of May; on Elaine; Weintraub thanked him for his letters about ‘that absurd quarrel’; he kept it cool and let the thing die down (tp.)


/625 Ibid. to all contributors to ‘Allocation of Responsibility’, 7 July – has not yet signed a contract with Manchester University Press about royalties, if any; suggests as editor he take two shares, as editing the book proved exceptionally harassing (tp.)



MS 495


/1/626  Ibid. to EM, 8 Aug.1972 – had a letter from Elaine about the death of EM’s father; sends sympathy; on his own health (tp.)


/627 Ibid., 19 Aug. – refers to EM’s letter of 10 Aug.; on the death of EM’s father; glad he enjoyed his stay in Manchester; thanks him for what he says about royalties; on the thesis by Schepher; mentions Alex Bernstein (tp.)


/628 Ibid., 3 Oct. – on his health; pleased that he is coming over in Nov.; invites him to stay; sorry that he has not heard about the book; Len Mars has an appointment at Swansea; on Israel Shepher (tp.)


/629 MG, 25 Oct. – circular letter on his health and hospital treatment (tp. with autogr. notes by MG and Mary Gluckman)


/630 Ibid. to EM, 26 Oct. – asks if he is due here in Nov.; on the murders at Munich; mentions Elaine and Naomi Nevo; on Israel and Paul; sorry that EM has no news of his own book (tp. with autogr. notes by EM in Hebrew[?])


/631 Emrys Peters to EM, replied 12 Nov. – refers to his sad letter with news of his father’s death; discusses the love of a son for a father; on Dick Antoun (autogr.)


/632 MG to EM and Dalia, 19 Nov. – thanks them for letter about his operation; is now home; looks forward to having EM here at the end of Jan.; on Elaine’s book (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/633 Emrys Peters to EM, 29 Nov. – refers to his letter [not held]; makes some comments about his fieldwork; on his visit last summer; on MG’s health; on Dick. 2 leaves (tp.)


/634 MG to EM, 8 Dec. – on Alex Bernstein; it is hopeful that he and his family will subsidise the publication of future books under the scheme; encloses copy of letter to Jay Abarbanel; discussed the position of EM’s book; urges him to do all he can to get it published; asks him to send the latest version or bring it in Jan. ; on getting Hebrew typewriters to Israel; if they are gifts to the University of Tel-Aviv asks if they could get in duty free; on Israel’s thesis; on his health. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)



MS 495


/1/635  Ibid. to Dr Jay Abarbanel, 8 Dec. 1972 – on the prospects of publication of his book; Alex Bernstein is hopeful that his family will be able to subsidise publication through the Press, or to publish through one of the two publishing firms they own; he cannot say that all is settled, but there is light at the end of the tunnel; on his health. 2 leaves (tp.)


/636 Ibid. to EM, 20 Jan. 1973 – refers to EM’s letter of 11 Jan. [not held]; is sorry that Dalya’s parents have not been well; encloses a bulletin about his health; on Elaine; on Israel’s thesis; Avner is the external examiner; the Bernsteins will be almost certain to raise money for all their books, including EM’s; is delighted that he is coming to England in Feb.; Avner would like to see him in London. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/637 Ibid. to contributors to ‘Allocation of Responsibility’, 23 Jan. – on dividing royalties; he gets two shares to their one; encloses statement for income tax records (tp. with autogr. note to EM)


/638 Ibid. to EM, 25 Jan. – refers to EM’s letter of 17 Jan. [not held]; on his health; on Israel’s thesis; on the Hebrew typewriter; mentions Naomi; on EM’s book; is going to lecture in Aberystwyth on 8 Feb.; will then have a holiday; asks him to send Xerox copy of his manuscript. 2 leaves (tp.)


/639 Ibid., 31 Jan. – refers to EM’s letter of 24 Nov.; [not held]; on publishing his book; is sorry EM has had no news from the Center in California; on going to Aberystwyth then having a holiday (tp.)


/640 Ibid., 7 Feb. – the Bernsteins are going to subsidise the publication of Abarbanel’s book; on the terms of publication of Aronoff’s book; makes suggestions regarding the publication of EM’s book; has been corresponding with Dov Weintraub about coming to Jerusalem as a Visiting Professor; asks if he would be interested in participating in seminars; a Rabbi Edgar Siskin wanted to start an Institute of Anthropological Studies in Israel; urged that it should be based on Tel-Aviv; is horrified that Siskin consulted only people from Jerusalem. 2 leaves (tp.)


/641 MG to […?], 25 Feb. – on his sister-in-law who has liver problems; her sister has been sending her medicine from England; asks that anyone travelling to Israel take out a bottle of this medicine as it is very expensive to send (tpc.)



MS 495


/1/642  Ibid. to EM, 26 Feb. 1973 – refers to EM’s letter of 17 Feb. [not held] in which he says he is postponing his visit to England until 18 Mar.; he has to be in Holland by 17 or 18 Mar.; wonders if they could meet up in Holland; asks him to try to postpone the trip; thanks him for receipt of royalties; thanks him for statement from the bank of the Bernstein account; queries whether they should try to claim rebate of income tax even though the amount is very small; on subsidies for publications; on the article on ‘Coercive Violence’; on the seminars at Jerusalem; he has written to say he prefers less money and a smaller burden of work; on his trip to Wales; on his sister-in-law’s illness; encloses a note about taking medicine out for her; is sure that when he returns he would be willing to take a 2 litre bottle; mentions the Hebrew typewriters. 2 leaves (tp.)


/643 Mike Aronoff to MG, 9 Mar. – on MG’s health; on the publication of his own book; on the question of getting tenure; mentions MG’s intervention on his behalf with Mr Feather at Blackwell’s (tp.)


/644 MG to EM, 12 Mar. – refers to EM’s note of 26 Feb. [not held] confirming that he is not able to come to Britain; is postponing going for a semester in Jerusalem for a year; has a number of jobs which have been hanging over him for a long time; on the business of the shooting down of the plane (tp.)


/645 Ibid., 14 Mar. – encloses letter from Aronoff and copies of two letters to him; on Tel-Aviv University (tp. with autogr. note)


/646 [MG] to Dr M.J. Aronoff, ibid. – is sorry there is delay about his tenure because of delay in getting his book printed; on Tel-Aviv University; part of the reason for the delay is MG’s slipped disc; outlines the position in brief regarding Aronoff’s book. 2 leaves (tp. copy)


/647 MG to ibid., 15 Mar. – is dismayed by the information in Aronoff’s letter of 9 Mar.; on Tel-Aviv University and the position regarding Aronoff’s tenure. 2 leaves (tp. copy)


/648 Emrys Peters to EM, 19 Apr. – refers to his letter of 19 Feb. [not held]; sorry that he was unable to come to England; on EM’s manuscript; on financial trouble at Manchester; mentions Gillian; mentions Dick; on Basil’s health; hopes EM can visit soon; on Henry Rosenfelt’s Simon Fellowship; on Yitzchak; on Brian. 3 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/649  MG to ibid., 11 May 1973 – refers to EM’s letter of 19 Apr. [not held]; on Daryll Forde’s death; on Mike Aronoff; mentions the medicine for his sister-in-law. 2 leaves (tp.)


/650 Ibid., 15 June – refers to EM’s letter of 8 June [not held]; on Elaine; their life has been disturbed of late; on EM’s book; on EM coming to England; on Mike Aronoff; had a visitor from Tel-Aviv who gave a different picture of the situation. 3 leaves (tp. with autogr. PS on the envelope)


/651 Ibid., 16 July – refers to EM’s letter of 8 July [not held]; looks forward to seeing him in Britain; on books by Abarbanel, Aronoff and Mars; on the conference at Oxford; on a special edition of the TLS on ‘The Future of Anthropology’ (tp.)


/652 Emrys Peters to ibid., 18 Oct. – reminds him that he asked him for a statement about Dick, whom he is hoping to promote to Senior Lecturer; on the situation in the Middle East (tp.)


/653 MG to ‘my dear family’, 29 Oct. – is glad to know that various people [family members?] are well; on Mary’s and his health; had to cancel a lecture at Swansea (tp.)


/654 Ibid. to EM, 30 Oct. – refers to EM’s letter of 9 Oct. [not held]; mentions the war; on the death of Dalia’s mother; on EM’s book being considered by the firm Jossey-Bass Ltd; on the Bernstein grant and the Bedouin book. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. PS on envelope)


/655 EM to Prof. Emrys Peters, 16 Nov. – responds to his request to evaluate the work of Dr Richard Werbner with a view to his promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer. 2 leaves (tp.)


/656 MG to EM, 12 Dec. – refers to EM’s letter of 2 Dec. [not held]; on the political situation; on EM’s manuscript; on the Bernstein grant for the Bedouin research; on Len Mars’ book (tp. with autogr. PS)


/657 Ibid., 31 Dec. – has no news of his book; encloses copy of report of the external reader of Len Mars’ book; on family news (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/658 [MG] to Miss P.A. Bedford, Manchester University Press, nd – report on ‘Economic and Ethnic Relationships in an Israeli Co-operative Village’ by Len Mars. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/659  MG to EM, 12 Feb. 1974 – refers to EM’s letter of 6 Feb. [not held]; on Len Mars; no news from the publishers; on EM’s field work; asks EM to forgive him for not acknowledging the offprint (tp. with autogr. additions)


/660 Emrys Peters to ibid., 13 Feb. – Dick has been promoted to Senior Lecturer; it might serve as a tonic if he dropped him a line (tp.)


/661 MG, 14 Feb. – circular letter giving family news; on his health; on his son’s health; have not suffered from shortages of petrol; MG and Mary are going to USA on 2 Mar.; on visas (tp.)


/662 MG to EM, 2 Mar. – encloses a list of addresses in the USA; encloses copy of letter from John Harvard-Watts, the Managing Director of Jossey-Bass Ltd.; on the different standards in the USA; encloses copy of his reply; on his heart (tp.)


/663 Ibid. to John Harvard-Watts, ibid. – thanks him for letter of 27 Feb. [not held]; is delighted to hear that he is impressed by the manuscript of EM and considers it should be published; gives EM’s address; could perhaps discuss it if USA colleagues do not feel the same way about the book (tp. copy)


/664 List of addresses in the USA (tp.)


/665 MG to EM, 30 Apr. – refers to EM’s letter of 12 Apr. [not held]; is pleased that EM has been fixed up at Berkeley for next year; he and Mary have been appointed Lady Davis Visiting Scholar at Jerusalem; on EM’s book; on his general book in Hebrew (tp.)


/666 Ibid., 3 June – refers to EM’s letter of 12 Mar. [not held]; refers to bank statement; on EM coming to London; on MG’s movements; hopes the disengagement with the Syrians works (tp. with autogr. note)


/667 Ibid., 6 July – refers to EM’s letter of 1 July [not held]; on EM settling in in America; mentions the Center at Stanford; it is better not to put himself forward; on the Radcliffe-Brown Lecture; mentions Jay Abarbanel’s book; on Elizabeth Colson; hopes to see Dalya (tp.)


/668 Ibid., 6 Aug. – refers to EM’s letter of 23 July [not held]; glad EM is enjoying California; no news of his book; on going to Israel; on Moshe (tp.)



MS 495


/1/669  Ibid., 12 Sept. 1974 – is leaving for Israel in 6 or 7 weeks; encloses copy of his reply to a disappointing letter from John Harvard-Watts; publishing is in a bad way; asks if he should approach Harvard-Watts [about] the possibility of a subsidy; on the balance of money in Bernstein account in Israel (tp. with autogr. PS)


/670 Ibid. to John Harvard-Watts, ibid. – on EM’s ‘The Social Context of Violent Behaviour’; is disappointed that the University of Pittsburg Press turned down the study; on various other publishers; another colleague who worked in Israel has sent a different kind of book; asks if he would be interested (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/671 Ibid. to […?], 26 Sept. – on travel arrangements for getting to Israel (tpc.)


/672 Ibid. to EM, 27 Sept. – refers to EM’s letter of 20 Sept. [not held]; on EM’s book and Harvard University Press; on travel plans; hopes to read Don’s manuscript on the ship; on withdrawing money in Israel; wants to close down the account and close up the Fund; refers to his query about Harvard-Watts and a subsidy; on the Israeli series generally; on plans to study the South African network. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


673  Ibid., 9 Oct. – refers to EM’s letter of 2 Oct. [not held]; has postponed his departure for Israel; on the reason why the Israeli books do not sell well; on a subsidy for the violence book; on EM’s Bedouin book; Moshe has written (tp.)


/674 Ibid. to EM and others, 24 Oct. – has been into the finances of the Trust; cannot afford to distribute copies of Aronoff’s book; asks that they get copies themselves (tp.)


/675 Ibid. to […?], 28 Oct. – has received book by Jay Abarbanel; refers to Mike’s book; cannot afford to finance them; could order the books at two thirds of the price; asks for money in advance (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/676 Ibid. to EM, ibid. – writes about the publication of his violence book; has not had a reply from Harvard-Watts about the subsidy; has heard from a firm called Garland Publishing; has recommended some theses to this firm; suggests EM submits his manuscript to them; has got agreement for a subsidy (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)



MS 495


/1/677  Ibid., 17 Nov. 1974 – on the death of Saada; mentions warm welcome of various people; on his teaching; sorry that EM is not there; on Shlomo and Moshe’s new book; on Jay and Mike’s books; on getting EM’s book published; on political situation (tp.)


/678 MG, 24 Jan. 1975 – circular letter on his health; suffered a heart attack on 27 Dec.; with PS to EM (tp.)


/679 Ibid. to EM, 5 Feb. – on his health; on a letter from Harvard-Watts; suggests EM write to Garland Publishing about his book; on Shepher’s thesis (tp.)


/680 Ibid., 3 Mar. – on royalties for ‘Allocation of Responsibility’; encloses cheque (tp.)


 .1  Cheque


/681 MG to EM, 17 Mar. – on his health; mentions Moshe and Shlomo; on Israel Sheffer who has agreed to Garland doing his book; mentions Gidon Kressel (tp with autogr. note by EM)


/682 Mary Gluckman to EM and Dalia, 23 Apr. – on MG’s death on 14 Apr.; it was a sorrow to him that they were not here; he was prepared for death; on the Memorial Evening; people have been very kind (tp. with autogr. PS)


/683 Emrys Peters to EM, ibid. – on MG’s death; discusses his relationship with MG; on plans for a festschrift for MG; on EM’s Bedouin book; on Pnina; on an article of his own. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/684 Mary Gluckman to EM and Dalia, 28 May – thanks them for their letters [not held]; asks them to come and stay; on family news; on Dick and Pnina; on her insomnia (autogr.)


/685 Emrys Peters to EM, 5 June – MG’s death entailed a lot of extra work for him; on the festschrift for MG; hopes to put a sum of money towards founding a scholarship in MG’s name; suggests that contributors to the festschrift give their royalties to this scholarship fund; on Mary Gluckman’s reaction to MG’s death; will be in Manchester in July; on EM’s Hebrew Bedouin book; on his own article; some family news. 3 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/686  Ibid., 28 Aug. 1975 – relates the details of a conversation he had with Alex Bernstein, concerning the Israeli scheme; refers to a paragraph in his letter concerning the department at Manchester; on charges that the department has changed; on EM’s statement that Peters himself has changed; will not hold his remarks against him; on articles; makes a number of points about his attendance at seminars, in response to a comment by EM. 4 leaves (tp. with autogr. PS)


/687 Mary Gluckman to ibid., 6 Sept. – found some things of theirs in the room they had used; does not fancy sending them by post; will wait for someone going to Israel; Raymond Firth is doing an obituary; asks EM to send him a resume of what MG did on the Israeli scheme; on Emrys; on Miri; hopes he had a good time in Holland (tp. with autogr. note by EM)


/688 Emrys Peters to ibid., 1 Dec. – on using the surplus in the Israeli Fund to bring EM to England; mentions Alex Bernstein; on setting up a research fellowship in the name of the Bernsteins or in MG’s name; asks about Jewish agencies land purchases (tp.)


/689 Ibid., 19 Dec. – refers to EM’s letter of 12 Dec. [not held]; has heard from Alex Burnstein that funds can be transferred for EM to come to Manchester; on EM’s book on violence; on Frank Stewart; thanks him for references on land settlement; on his own SSRC Research Professorship. 2 leaves (tp.)


/690 Ibid., 8 Jan. 1976 – on EM using the surplus funds in the Israeli Bank to travel to England; on meeting Alex Bernstein on 30 Jan. (tp.)


/691 Dola Kogan, Sourasky Central Library, Tel-Aviv University, to Mary Gluckman, 5 Apr. – on her selling MG’s library to the University; the University will pay £3,500 for 1595 books; on shipping arrangements; the books will be labelled in memory of Prof. Max Gluckman (photocopy)


/692 Emrys Peters to EM, 3 June – refers to EM’s letter of 22 May [not held]; on the ASA Conference; on what Subhi told him about EM’s view of an article he wrote; on circumcision; on writing to Alex Bernstein about the endowment of a post; explains why he has suggested a post rather than a Fellowship; on the Violence book (tp.)



MS 495


/1/693  Ibid., 9 June 1976 – Alex Bernstein is not going to endow a Fellowship; has suggested he contribute to a Studentship Fund instead; on an article of his being included in a reader which EM is preparing; has not been consulted; is not happy about this; asks him what the facts are (tp.)


/694 Mary Gluckman to EM and Dalia, 5 Oct. – thanks them for pamphlet about MG; it is disappointing that the Bernsteins felt unable to finance a schol[arship] in MG’s name; Emrys spoke about establishing a fund for MG; no one tells her anything; mentions Pnina and Dick; glad the Bernsteins are going to help with publications; on Elaine; on the books going to Tel-Aviv; is leaving for Sierra Leone on 5 Nov.; on her work there; on family news (tp.)


/695 Emrys Peters to EM, 5 Nov. – thanks him for the book; on the sum of money used for EM’s visit to Manchester in Jan.; asks him to submit an account (tp.)


/696 EM, 17 Nov. 1977 – notes for a letter to Emrys Peters[?] (autogr.)


/697 Emrys Peters to EM, 29 Mar. 1978 – on the death of Yitzchak Eilam; it is a pity he is coming to England as he [Peters] is leaving; on Gillian (tp. with autogr. PS)


/698 Ibid., nd [replied 18 July] – enquires whether he has written anything on Tribe other than his article in Menahem Milson’s collection (autogr.)


/699 Ibid., 24 Oct. – refers to the Dec. conference; would have liked to attend; does not go away in term time; on the move of his department; is going to Iran in the middle term of the year; will probably accept an invitation to go to Benghazi; on possibility of stopping off in Israel; on one of the snags of the move. 2 leaves (tp.)


/700 Ibid., 22 June 1979 – on a letter of Mar. [not held]; on the desert research institute; would have liked to have attended the conferences; on the fall of the Shah; mentions the peace treaty with Egypt; is sorry he could not make it to India; on Shuli; on Gillian; on the new department at Manchester; on a ‘mutual friend’; on the Middle East Conference (tp.)



MS 495


/1/701  Ibid., 3 Dec. 1979 – is most unlikely that he will appear at the Amsterdam Conference; explains why he does not want to go; on EM coming to Manchester; on EM’s research in Egypt; on visiting Cairo (tp. with autogr. notes by EM)


/702 Ibid., 29 Apr. 1986 – sorry to miss him on his last visit; hopes to see him when he next comes; on Peter Lienhardt’s death (tp.)


/703 Ibid., 26 Aug. – sorry to hear of sadness he has had; will be here on 1 Oct.; on movements; would love to have him to stay (tp.)


/704 Dalia and EM to Stella [Peters], 4 Mar. 1987 – on the death of Emrys Peters (autogr. draft)


/705 Mary Gluckman to EM and Dalia, 28 Feb. 1989 – is coming to Israel; on Pnina who has had hepatitis; is going to Bruges for a few days; remembers a previous visit with MG and Meyer; on the Salman Rushdie row (autogr.)


/706 MG to EM, 15 May [?year] – on Paul; refers to his mother’s funeral; learns from Paul that EM cannot come to Manchester this year; discusses dates for his visit; on EM’s article on violence; asks if he can write paragraphs to tie the essay into the theme of the book ‘Allocation of Responsibility’; mentions Abner Cohen. 2 leaves (tp.)


Meggers, Betty J. [BJM]


/707 BJM to MG, 6 Feb. 1948 – on his two recent articles on Malinowski; asks for reprints; feels his remarks deserve more attention than they will receive; was glad to read his remarks on the prevalent attitude toward fieldwork; is sending him a reprint of an article of hers (tp.)


/708 Ibid., 28 May – refers to his letter [not held]; thanks him for his comments on her paper; was interested in an article of his; is glad that his articles on Malinowski attracted attention here; suggests he submit a paper on the scientific possibilities of anthropology to a journal in America; on going on an expedition in the Lower Amazon; gives her address (tp.)



MS 495


/709 MG to BJM, 8 June 1948 – refers to her letter; is interested in what she tells him about reaction to her article; at Oxford people feel strongly that the investigation of social construction poses problems of its own; thanks her for comments on his article; on his work; sends a manuscript; sends best wishes for her expedition (tp.)


Mitchell, J. Clyde [JCM]


/710 JCM to MG, nd – thanks him for the village headman and covering letter; commiserates about MG’s sinus; shall always owe a debt to Oxford and to MG; on his thesis[?]; is not happy about MG’s suggested paragraph in the Political Org. paper; thanks him for comments on the sorcery paper. 4 leaves (autogr.)


/711 Ibid. to ‘Chief’, nd – sends a preliminary draft of his RAI address; sends a copy of his fertility thing; wants to ask him about the advisability of changing the title of his thesis; outlines what the scheme would be (tp.)


/712 Ibid. to MG, 4 Aug. 1948 – is sorry for the delay in writing; on the death of his mother; on work he has done; on Max Marwick; on discussions they had; on a paper Marwick has published; on Monica Wilson; on Mrs Hoernle (tp.)


/713 Ibid., 8 Sept. – sends the General Account with pictures; makes some points about the paper; on witchcraft; on his Fertility paper; on jobs; on a conference; does not think there is any special news. 2 leaves (tp.)


/714 Ibid., 19 Oct. – thanks him for his letter [not held]; asks him to alter some points in his paper; lists these; on his thesis (tp.)


/715 Ibid., 2 Nov. – the agricultural department have sent some comments on the Seven Tribes paper; lists these; asks him to make alterations; on the Political Organisation paper; he ran across a brand new village being established; the Pol. Org. paper has arrived; has rewritten part of it; on the death of W.I. Thomas; shall be sending part of the thesis for his approval or otherwise; mentions Max Marwick (tp.)


/716 [MG] to JCM, 4 Nov. – refers to his letter of 19 Oct.; on his own essay; Audrey Richards used his material from the Headman paper for her Kinship and Marriage article; is muddled by overwork and a cold; on Miss Elliott (tp.)



MS 495


/1/717  JCM to MG, 14 Nov. 1948 – refers to MG’s letter; goes through the points in it systematically; on mbumba and liwele; on Audrey Richards and the quotes; on the Fertility paper; on papers he will send (tp.)


/718 Ibid., 2 Dec. – sends revised part of the ‘Seven Tribes’ paper; sends a list of points made by Enid Charles; on the Pol. Org. paper; on witchcraft (tp.)


/719 List of comments on Yao fertility. 2 leaves (tp.)


/720 MG to JCM, 15 Dec. – acknowledges his new manuscript for substitution in the Seven Tribes article; has made a few changes; on the book; thanks him for Enid Charles’ comments; shall be writing again about his article; on witchcraft and ritual; mentions EP; mentions Monica [Wilson]; on Marwick; answers points from his letter of 14 Nov.; sends other news; on writing up chieftainship (tp.)


/721 JCM to MG, 19 Dec. – is turning up research work; on a job; on presenting his thesis in Nov.; mentions Elizabeth; gives reasons for his decision; on the conference; on Gussman. 6 leaves (autogr.)


/722 Ibid., 12 Jan. 1949 – thanks him for letter [not held]; on languages; has been baiting the DCs; went to the Cewa and the Angoni; on Max Marwick’s work; on witchcraft (tp.)


/723 MG to JCM, ibid. – refers to his letter of 19 Dec.; appreciates the difficulties he is under; on jobs; thanks him for account of the conference; has still to finish his article on the Lozi; on his skiing holiday (tp.)


/724 JCM to MG, 20 Jan. – writes as a member of that ‘opprobrious cohort’ the Admin. Officers; the P.C. asked him to take charge of food production in a district; on applying for a post at LSE; on Audrey’s paper (autogr.)


/725 Ibid., 25 Mar. – encloses negatives and prints for the Seven Tribes book; on the pictures; is back in the field; was offered the job at LSE but turned it down; on housing; on his fieldwork; on his marriage paper (tp.)


/726 Ibid., 26 Apr. – on his trip to Britain; asks MG about accommodation; the Government wants him to do a Malemia survey; on Elizabeth and John; on the marriage and family paper (tp.)



MS 495


/1/727  MG to JCM, 6 May 1949 – refers to his letter of 25 Mar.; on delay in replying; has taken a Chair at Manchester; this introduces changes into his [CM’s] prospects; explains how; on EP; on Meyer [Fortes]; asks him to let MG know his plans; he must consider whether he wishes to come to England or to return to South Africa; has now received his letter of 26 Apr.; answers points in it; on accommodation in Oxford; on his draft for the kinship-marriage symposium; on the situation ‘here’. 4 pages (tp.)


/728 JCM to MG, 10 June – congratulates him on his chair; his plans remain unaltered; found MG’s comments on statuses interesting; on Talcott Parsons; on the marriage paper (tp.)


/729 [MG] to JCM, 9 Aug. 1950 – sends some UNO queries on calculations of the Lamba budgets; has just been proofing his ‘Seven Tribes’ article; makes a number of editorial points on it; thinks the article is good; on the other articles in the book (tp.)


/730 JCM to MG, 21 Aug. – on the UNO bloke; answers his editorial points on this article; on Marwick’s paper; on the selection of candidates (tp.)


/731 […?] to the Secretary for Native Affairs, 11 Dec. – refers to his letter in which he makes some observations on a passage in Mr Epstein’s article in Human Problems XIII; isolates the three main points he raises; answers these points (tp.)


/732 F.R.G. Phillips to JCM, 23 Dec. 1953 – refers to his letter of 11 Dec. about Epstein’s article; the main object of his letter of 9 Oct. was to ask him to draw Epstein’s attention to the passage and suggest that he might be more careful to guard against misrepresentations; it does not appear that he has done this; JCM to Mr Phillips, 24 Dec. – does not accept that he is empowered to communicate with Mr Epstein directly; in effect Mr Epstein is being told that he must not criticise government; intends to raise this matter with the Trustees (tp.)


/733 Ibid., 18 Jan. 1954 – refers to MG’s RSA paper; makes two general points about it; on urban studies; makes some minor points about the paper; is putting a bibliography on paper separately; is waiting for news about Salisbury (tp.)


/734 ‘Suggested additional items for bibliography’. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/735  J.M. Winterbottom, Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd., Cape Town, to JCM, the Director, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 2 May 1955 – wants a photograph of Central African fish traps for a geography text book; on selecting a photograph from MG’s ‘Economy of the Central Barotse Plain’ (tp.)


/736 Ibid. to MG, 24 May – on his letter about fish trap photographs; on family news (tp.)


/737 MG to Dr J.M. Winterbottom, ibid. – JCM has sent on the letter about fish trap photographs; asks if he wants copies of the photographs he has; on reproduction fees (tpc.)


/738 JCM to MG, 24 Sept. 1956 – encloses a bibliography of urban and related studies in Africa (autogr.)


/739 Bibliography of urban studies. 13 leaves (tp.)


/740 JCM to ibid., 28 Dec. 1963[?] – encloses some correspondence which may interest him; on Bill Watson; on Bill Epstein; on the opposition of the Mines to Epstein’s study; seems to have succeeded in alienating everyone (tp.)


/741 Ibid., 23 Jan. 1965 – is sending a copy of the White Paper of the SRG on the demand for independence; it is a shocking statement; suggests some people he might show it to; has several letters of MG’s to answer but has not got time; on a field work seminar; on Bruce Kapferer; on other papers (tp.)



Radcliffe-Brown, Prof. A.R. [ARR-B]


/742 MG to ARR-B, 23 Nov. 1944 – thanks him for copy of ‘Study in Kinship Systems’; mentions his own study of the instability of Lozi marriages; recently posted to him a copy of his research plan; is asking the Trustees to ask ARR-B among others to advise on the English applicants for the posts under [the Institute’s] expansion (tpc.)


/743 Ibid., University of Oxford, 27 Apr. 1946 – on his thesis for degree of Ph.D.; Prof. Schapera wishes to publish it as a ‘communication from the School of African Studies’; asks for permission (tp.)


/744 Ibid., 24 Dec. – Oxford is going to advertise the lectureship and he is going to apply; asks for testimonial and reference; on the new baby (tp.)



MS 495


/1/745  ARR-B to MG, 8 Jan. 1947 – congratulates him on the happy event; thanks him for parcel; shall be glad to recommend him for Oxford; on papers for the Kinship and Marriage volume; shall be busy until the end of Feb. (autogr.)


/746 [MG] to ARR-B, 21 Jan. – refers to his letter of 8 Jan.; thanks him for agreeing to be a referee; had intended to write his essay on Kinship and Marriage at the end of the year; will get going on it as soon as the staff conference is over; on Holleman; quotes from a letter from Mrs Hoernle on Holleman’s paper; has had letters from Mitchell; is planning to go to England in Oct. (tp.)


/747 Ibid., 7 Mar. – the post at Oxford has gone to Meek; they wanted someone with ‘administrative experience’; thanks him for his backing; has just about completed the first draft of his article for the book; hopes he will send criticisms; shall be in Oxford for at least six months from next Oct. (tp.)


/748 Ibid., 10 Mar. – has completed first rough draft of manuscript for the symposium; is sending it in its present form; mentions other articles by Hilda Kuper, Schapera and EP; his own is a third type; on the contrast in his article between the Zulu and the Lozi; on his methodology; hopes ARR-B will approve; makes some minor points on the article (tpc.)


/749 Ibid., 12 Mar. – on posting to him an article for a symposium; on a letter from Forde about an appointment at University College; on a letter from E-P on a lectureship at Oxford (tpc.)


/750 Ibid., 18 Mar. – has had a cable from E-P; he is to be offered a senior lectureship from next Oct.; on his manuscript for the Kinship book; it is very much improved now; has just read the last American Anthropologist; on Hilda’s and Schap’s articles for the symposium (tp.)


/751 ARR-B to MG, 23 Apr. – on his comparison of the Lozi and Zulu systems; the paper needs a little revision; on EP’s opinion; on the different part played by lineages in different systems; mentions the ASA meeting in July (autogr.)


/752 Ibid., 10 July 1948 – mentions Manchester; on his health; has sent him four papers by Talcott Parsons; on the possibility of MG’s pursuing the investigation of marriage and divorce; makes some points on these subjects (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/753  [MG] to ARR-B, nd – sends correlation charts; on whether tribes are patrilineal or mixed; on various factors concerning marriage and children. 4 leaves (tp.)


Richards, Audrey I. [AIR]


/754 AIR to MG, 14 Jan. 1942 – on resigning the Directorship; has accepted a post at the Colonial Office until the end of the war; the development on local centres of research is going to be one of the most prominent features of post-war development in Africa; thinks she could help the Institute should it seem desirable (tp. copy)


/755 Ibid., ibid. – owes him many letters; the enclosure is her formal letter of resignation from the Directorship; on his minutes on the function of local institutes; on Makerere; wishes he could get some young people into training; mentions Hilda; thinks comparative work is the next obvious step; on the Nuffield scheme; is trying to finish an article on girls’ initiation ceremonies; asks about Godfrey [Wilson] (tp. with autogr. additions)


/756 MG to AIR, 29 Mar. – on the birth of his son John Brevent; refers to her two letters; answers some of the points made in her personal letter; on coming to Mongu along the Whores’ Way. 5 pages (tp.)


/757 AIR to MG, 19 June 1944 – on her forthcoming trip to Africa; gives Maxwell Robertson permission to use her photographs; on her ‘urban natives’; on his comments on ‘L, L and D’; shall try to do him something on chieftainship; on the death of Godfrey [Wilson]; on obituaries; mentions E-P (airgraph)


/758 Ibid., 29 June  – hopes to arrive at Makerere middle or end of July; will not have time to come to N.R.; hopes he will come to Makerere; on her ‘urban natives’ essay (airgraph)


/759 MG to AIR, Colonial Office, London, 23 Nov. – the Governor Sir John Waddington is going to London; he will discuss MG’s application for research funds; sends her a copy of the application; on Brelsford’s memorandum on Bemba succession (tp.)



MS 495


/1/760  AIR to MG, 11 Aug. 1947 – he will be infuriated at getting a letter from the Council suggesting alterations in the plans for his team to come to Oxford; on the Institute being nine months with no one in charge; the Council were concerned that MG had asked for money for one thing but was doing another; there was a feeling that people ought not to use Government money in order to qualify for University posts; mentions the matter of precedent (tp. with autogr. note)


/761 [MG] to AIR, 19 Aug. – refers to her letter of 11 Aug.; is infuriated at her Council acting over the head of his Board; on plans he has made for taking his team to Oxford; he is convinced that her arguments are rationalisations; takes her arguments one by one and answers them; he knows his team and knows what is best for them; discusses the option of the team going to Cape Town instead. 3 pages (tpc.)


Ritchie, Jack F. [JFR] [See also /2, General Correspondence]


/762 JFR to Mr Read, Provincial Commissioner, 22 Feb. 1942 – has diffidence in commenting on MG’s Survey of Prefix Concordance in Lozi; on the use of grammars when learning a language; a book for beginners will help the majority if it consists of a mass of representative examples of the language; on the matter of conjunctive or disjunctive writing; he is interested in language as a psychologist rather than as a scholar; the Bantu think in phrases rather than in words; on an incident which MG records; on the psychological advantages of disjunction; considers that attempts to build up a Bantu literature are a waste of time; on omissions and errors in MG’s Tables of Concord; asks that a copy of this letter be given to MG (tp.)


/763 Ibid., 4 Mar. – asks that he attach this note to his letter of 22 Feb.; from a linguistic point of view, disjunctive writing cannot be justified; he is approaching the question from a psychological angle; should advocate dispensing with elisions and abbreviations; on factors which will effect changes in the thinking of Africans (tpc.)


/764 Ibid. to MG, ibid. – on the reasons for his delay in going into the psychology of the language question; must find out more of the factors determining his way of thinking; must then seek further data; shall discuss it with him (tp.)



MS 495


/1/765  Ibid., 25 Nov. 1942 – on participial mode of expression in Silozi; returns the slip with the clauses which he got from Burger and Mwendaweli; encloses sheet on the psychology of the Malozi. 3 pages (tp.)


/766 Ibid., ibid. – sheet on the writing up of some of his findings about the Malozi studied from a psychoanalytical point of view; cannot do so until he has cleared up complexes which exist in him; outlines these complexes; discusses getting help from a professional analyst; on smoking (tp.)


/767 Slip with examples of clauses from Burger and Mwendaweli (tp.)


/768 JFR to Mary Gluckman, 6 July 1943 – has sent her a packet of tea; thanks her for how good she and Max were to him during his stay in Livingstone; on having flu; feels alone in his educational outlook (tp.)


/769 Ibid. to MG, ibid. – on an article which is not yet ready to send; he has been ill; on another article to be submitted to Overseas Education if approved; he has been asked to rewrite a paragraph; T.B. has practically promised him the Publications Bureau job; feels new life at the thought of getting away from Mongu and from contact with African school work; the publications job is not particularly thrilling but will be better than what he has endured for twenty years; on a paper by Evans-Pritchard (tp.)


/770 Ibid., 21 July – on his essay ‘Study in African Psychology’; he is not pleased with it; had many interruptions; if MG publishes it, he suggests that he need not submit it to [JFR’s] Head of Department; he would keep it for months and then return it with a request that parts be rewritten; discusses their joint work on Science and Witchcraft (tp.)


/771 MG to JFR, 26 July – congratulates him on the manuscript; on Molly being ‘de-tonsilled’; thanks him for the tea; other small points; says it is good about the Publications Bureau; thinks the job will be what he makes it; is keen to publish his manuscript; thinks he should reconsider publishing without permission; explains why; makes a number of detailed comments on the manuscript. 4 pages (tp.)



MS 495


/1/772  JFR to MG, 28 July 1943 – on the proposed work on Witchcraft and Science; the difficulty is more serious than that of finding time; his suggestions of how African pupils might be guided to a scientific outlook would imply or express criticism of the social-economic-political system; scientific thinking is inhibited by the Oedipus complex; Governmental authority if a father symbol; on a point concerning the Soviet Union which struck him when reading his ‘Study in African Psychology’ (tp.)


/773 MG to JFR, 2 Aug. – refers to his letter of 28 July; sympathises with his feeling that to write on the teaching of scientific method is impracticable; thinks he will do his part and then see if [JFR] can add anything; will not touch his manuscript until he has an answer to his last letter; on Molly (tp.)


/774 JFR to MG, 4 Aug. – refers to his letter of 26 July; is grateful for all the comments; is revising and expanding the manuscript; gives detailed responses to MG’s comments. 5 pages (tp.)


/775 MG to JFR, [9 Aug. – date taken from an incomplete copy, not retained] – refers to his letter of 4 Aug.; answers some of JFR’s responses to his comments (tp.)


/776 JFR to MG, 12 Aug. – has sent his revised manuscript by registered post; is not satisfied with his presentation of a quarter to a third of it; cannot face rewriting it; whether it is worth publishing or not it has been worth his while producing it; asks if MG remembers saying that writing would help get rid of obstructions in his mind; on their proposed joint work; explains his official difficulty more fully; gives an outline of how he sees the work developing; asks if they should exchange skeletons of their ideas; it is possible that there are fundamental differences in their views which would make the project impossible; does not want to call it off yet; has subjects in mind for essays he could offer to MG; asks if he ever thinks that scientific investigation is a waste of time. 3 pages (tp.)



MS 495


/1/777  Ibid., 17 Aug. 1943 – is not annoyed by anything MG said in his letter; refers to MG’s reference to [JFR’s] ‘hatred of the Malozi’; explains that he does not hate them; describes the kind of people he dislikes; a large number of Malozi have most or all of these characteristics; these people aroused his ambivalent attitude towards certain things in himself; it was the positive side of the ambivalence that was dominant; his antipathy keeps him from being objective; has felt that he ought to give up scientific investigation until he has mastered everything in himself; on writing a paper or two; returns Levy-Bruhl’s book and Evans-Pritchard’s paper on it; discusses this; thinks he can begin to put down ideas about subjective factors in scientific work; spells some of these out; has written all this because expressing it will help straighten things out in his mind; mentions Freud; refers to the letter as a ‘dissertation’. 6 pages (tp.)


/778 MG to C.J. Tyndale Biscoe, 21 Aug. – JFR has written a paper embodying the results of his psychological investigations; it contains no comments on educational policy; quotes from General Orders regarding publication by technical officers; is anxious to get the paper into press soon; asks if he will read it and approve its publication (tp.)


/779 JFR to MG, 22 Aug. – since he wrote on his antipathy to the Malozi a subtle change has taken place in his attitude towards them; describes this; speculates on the reasons for it; the main point of the letter is that he can do no useful scientific work because of his excessive use of tobacco; excessive smoking is a sort of substitute for unhealthy sexual practices; goes into a lot of detail about his smoking habit; it is the reason he cannot get on with his contribution to the work on Witchcraft and Science; on the two sciences Sociology and Depth-Psychology; has realised that they are complementary; is thinking of writing Mary a letter on the super ego. 4 pages (tp.)


/780 MG to JFR, 30 Aug. – refers to his letter; discusses objectivity in science; comments on his attitude towards the Lozi; discusses his smoking; tells him not to worry about the paper; on sociology and depth-psychology (tp.)



MS 495


/1/781  JFR to MG, 30 Aug. 1943 – on his letter of a week ago; writing it helped to clear away rubbish from his mind; on seeking to exercise power; began thinking on scientific lines at an early age; nothing but scientific thinking has any hope of saving mankind from destroying itself; on his criticism of education; has sent minutes to his departmental headquarters, suggesting scientific planning of the whole system; mentions his occasional revulsion of feeling against science; more on exercising power; mentions smoking; has been working on his outline of the psychological side of their prospective work; answers the points made in one of MG’s letters; on his leave; on writing to T.B. about a transfer. 6 pages (tp.)


/782 Ibid., 5 Sept. – he relies on MG’s letters; returns some shorter papers; on E.-P.’s ‘Witchcraft among the Azande’; T.B. tells him that the Publications Bureau is off for the time being; is giving as much time as he can to outlining his part of the joint work; is rather held up by some subjective factor; asks what he thinks of Churchill’s attempt to justify not having the Soviet Union represented at the North American talks; more on Evans-Pritchard; has to finish as he must show some missionary women around the school. 3 leaves (tp.)


/783 MG to JFR, 6 Sept. – is glad the ‘daemon smoke’ is down; on acting as JFR’s analyst; on science; on his paper; on a delay in getting it to T.B.; is glad he is becoming more appreciative of the Lozi; on E-P; hopes they can see each other while he is on leave; shall try to get down to his part of the witchcraft work (tp.)


/784 C.J. Tyndale Biscoe to MG, 10 Sept. – returns JFR’s article as OK for publishing; hopes to see him on his way through Mazabuka (autogr.)


/785 Mary Gluckman to JFR, 11 Sept. – refers to letter of 27 [Aug.] [not held]; makes some comments on his paper; thinks some of it needs rewriting; makes points on specific phrases; on the aggression of her son John; on the super ego. 3 pages (tp.)



MS 495


/1/786  JFR to MG and Mary Gluckman, 12 Sept. 1943 – refers to two letters from MG; on smoking; on a possible transfer; states that MG’s friendship has replaced that of his brother-in-law who died; on how much he values their correspondence; hence the length of his letters; on objectivity in scientific work; on the question of science and power; on the revulsion of feeling against science; on Nazi-Fascism; on Evans-Pritchard. 8 leaves (tp.)


/787 MG to JFR, ibid. – T.B. has approved of the paper being published; on his transfer; on their correspondence; on Seligman; gives more comments on his paper; thinks the paper could go forward with minor changes; as Mary says, it could do with some rewriting. 3 leaves (tp.)


/788 JFR to Mary Gluckman, 17 Sept. – thanks her for the letter with comments on his paper; will probably rewrite it; did not realise that any parts of it reflected personal prejudices against the Malozi; did not realise he was writing to clear certain things in his mind; mentions her detailed comments and criticisms; answers some of these; on the super ego; on John’s aggression. 6 leaves (tp.)


/789 Ibid. to MG, 19 Sept. – refers to MG’s letter written a week ago; will decide whether to rewrite or scrap his paper; most of what he has to say about it is in his letter to Mary; makes just a few more small points; on the suggestion that MG might take him on the research staff; on the kind of psychological research he would like to do; gives an addendum to what he wrote to Mary about the psychologists and the socialists; on Seligman; has just received the paper; some of it is dreadful; shall probably put in a few alterations and completely rewrite 6 to 8 thousand words. 4 leaves (tp.)


790  MG to JFR, 21 Sept. – makes a few small points; gathers he is coming to Lusaka on 7 Oct.; can travel together in the train; cannot do justice to his letter; is glad the smoking is better; asks him not to apologise for the length of his letters; they can discuss objectivity in science on their journey (tp.)



MS 495


/1/791  JFR to MG, 26 Sept. 1943 – is very busy so it will be a scrappy note; on his paper, he was optimistic in thinking he could recast it before going on leave; has recast the arrangement and sends a table of contents; does not know if conditions on leave will be such as to allow him to work on this or on the work on Magic and Science; cannot make out the penned notes on the side of MG’s letter; on plans for his journey; on the things he has to collect from the Secretariat[?] (tp.)


/792 Ibid., 27 Oct. – does not think he can manage a couple of days in Livingstone on his way back; T.B. wrote about transferring him to Mazabuka immediately on his return; on a medical examination; on packing up to leave Mongu; is getting on with the rewriting of the paper; will have to post it as he cannot take uncensored material out of the Union; on other papers he might write; on his new job; is enjoying himself but it is expensive [in Cape Town?]. 5 pages (autogr.)


/793 MG to JFR, 5 Nov. – thanks him for his letter; glad to hear he is moving to Mazabuka; on the job; he must get three papers published and reviewed before he retires; a paper on the psychology of colour prejudice is a good idea; is excited at the idea of him being at Mazabuka; glad the holiday place is a success; on family news (tp.)


/794 JFR to MG, 12 Nov. – on their health; has sent the paper by registered mail; hopes it will not be held up by the Censor; the paper is a bit of a mess, partly hand-written; thinks it is an improvement on the previous version; it was difficult to get down to writing amid many distractions; hopes it will prove legible; has left out the section on the ‘Sentiment of Gratitude’; on correspondence with T.B. about when he is to leave Mongu; asks when MG is going back to Barotse; asks when MG hopes to bring out the first issue of the Journal; shall be interested to see what Sachs says about his paper. 5 pages (autogr.)


/795 MG to JFR, 24 Nov. – refers to his letter of 12 Nov.; the manuscript arrived safely; is sorry he left out the gratitude section; has done a lot of work since he returned from Lusaka; the first Journal should go to press in Jan.; Mary did not write to Molly as she had a miscarriage (tp.)



MS 495


/1/796  JFR to MG, 29 Nov. 1943 – may be in Livingstone before this note but is sending a manuscript anyway; it is the best he could manage for Mrs or Miss X; is sorry to be leaving ‘here’ two days hence; but is looking forward to seeing MG; hears that the planes on 9 and 16 [Dec.] are cancelled; on where he will stay; has proposed to T.B. that he stay on at Mongu until May or June; would just as soon stay until he retires; on the Winterbottoms. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/797 Ibid., 28 Dec. – on Mrs Drury; on Culwick’s ‘New Beginnings’; sends two copies of the gratitude section; suggests sending one copy to Lovedale and the other to Sachs; if he is reviewing the paper, he should have this section; on making alterations at proof stage; on a parcel of coffee spoons; Mongu has been quiet over Christmas; on its drinking pace; Sianga brought a tent to see if it could be repaired; he cannot do anything about it (tp.)


/798 MG to JFR, 3 Jan. 1944 – the manuscript reads very well; on the changes which need to be made; asks for the tent and some other items (tp.)


/799 JFR to MG, 4 Jan. – refers to MG’s letter of 27 [Dec.]; hopes that his own letter of 2 weeks ago did not give the impression that he was indulging in self-commiseration; is starting 1944 with a happier outlook than he has had for a long time; on concentrating on the outward situation; there is also an occasional need to look within; sends his precis of the paper; it is a little over 3000 words; thanks him for offering to place ‘Gratitude’; should like to write it up as a separate paper but wonders if he should be getting on with the Magic and Science work instead; it is easier to work on a short paper; on New Year; on Gordo (tp.)


/800 MG to JFR, 9 Jan. – has just opened a new file for him; most of the letters are his [JFR’s]; glad he is feeling more cheerful; does appreciate the interior psyche; thanks him for the precis; tells him to do his short paper on ‘The Illusions of Deprivation’ first; then tackle magic and science; Mwendwelie has left; MG will probably have a secretary and a curator for the next year (tp.)


/801 JFR, ‘Study in African Psychology’. 38 pages (tp., bound with tape)


/802 [Ibid.], ‘The Sentiment of Gratitude’. 13 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/1/803  [MG] to JFR[?], 20 Nov. 1944 – wants some check samples on his divorce statistics; on getting data from his [JFR’s] school children; shall send copies of forms to the D.A.E., the P.C. and Rusty (tpc.) [see Kinship Survey section]


/804 MG to the Provincial Commissioner, Mongu, ibid. – enclosed copy of letter sent to JFR will explain itself; hopes there is no objection to the information being got at the Barotse National School; if he feels that the Principal should not assist in this kind of work, he can inform him of this (tpc.)


/805 Ibid. to Mr Frisby, Director of African Education, ibid. – enclosed copy of letter sent to JFR will explain itself; hopes there is no objection to the information being got at the Barotse National School; if he feels that the Principal should not assist in this kind of work, he can inform him of this; shall also write to the Provincial Commissioner (tpc.)


/806 MG to the Principal, Barotse National School, ibid. – is anxious to collect various check samples on marriage statistics in Barotse; an easy way to get a random sample would be to collect information from the children in the school; has roneoed 400 copies of a simple form to be filled in by the children; lists those to whom he is sending a copy of the letter (tpc.)


/807 JFR to MG, 28 Nov. – on the forms filled in by the school pupils; on his health; on MG’s paper on Barotse Administration and proposed reform (tp.)


/808 A.W. Frisby, Department of African Education, to MG, 11 Dec. – refers to his letter on the collection of information from pupils of the Barotse National School; should be unwilling to authorise the survey without agreement of the Principal of the school and of the Provincial Commissioner; JFR is undergoing medical examination in Lusaka and may not be available to conduct the investigation (tp.)


/809 MG to A.F. Frisby, 21 Dec. – JFR obtained the data very easily (tpc.)





Sayce, R.U. [RUS]


/1/810  MG to RUS, Museum, University of Manchester, 7 May 1949 – a Chair in Social Anthropology is being established and he is coming to take it; looks forward to meeting him and working with him; sorry he did not have time to call on him when he came up for interview (tpc.)


/811 RUS to MG, 10 May – is glad to hear that steps have been taken to establish anthropological teaching in the university; will be pleased to cooperate; on his work in the museum (autogr.)


/812 Ibid. – is preparing the list of Saturday afternoon lectures; asks if he could include a lecture by MG on some aspect of his African work; hopes they can have a good talk soon (autogr.)


/813 MG to RUS, 23 May – refers to his letter; shall be glad to give a lecture; should like the subject to have some reference to the collection in the Museum; will try to get a specific title (tpc.)


/814 RUS to MG, 25 May – on MG’s lecture on ‘the Masked Dancers of Barotseland’; on meeting on 13 or 14 June (autogr.)


Schapera, Prof. Isaac [‘Zakkie’ or ‘Sakkie’] [IS]


/815 MG to IS, 4 Apr. 1933 – is now working on his thesis on the economic position of Bantu chiefs; quoted his essay in Africa on chiefs reserving land for future needs, presumably winter grazing; asks for his authority for this view; has written to Major Hunt and asked about the practice among the Bapedi. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/816 IS to MG, 18 Apr. – if he stated that the Zulu-Xosa chiefs reserved winter pasturage it must have been a mistake; for Basutoland the practice is well-authenticated; on summer and winter grazing; on the situation in Bechuanaland; hopes the thesis is going well (autogr.)


/817 Ibid. to IS, 4 May – refers to his letter on summer and winter grazing; on the three types of grazing; the thesis is going fairly well; has had to leave the analysis of the changes in the chief’s position for some future date (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/818  IS to MG, 14 Mar. 1935 – on doing fieldwork before going back to England; shall support his application when it comes before the Inter-University Committee; the next meeting is not until Nov.; encloses a testimonial; discusses the field MG has chosen; suggests that he choose Southern Natal rather than Zululand; on different schools in England; on functionalism; hopes that when MG comes out they can have some talks together before he goes into the field. 2 leaves (tp.)


/819 Ibid., 6 June – is sorry not to have written sooner; on the Handbook; a new scheme has been drawn up; it was decided that only writers in South Africa should be asked to contribute; MG has had to be excluded; asks him for a contribution to the Sept. number of Bantu Studies, in honour of Mrs Hoernlé’s 50th birthday; answers the points raised in MG’s last letter; on the general question of how to teach social anthropology; on Toynbee’s book; on his own work; refers to Ashton. 2 leaves (tp.)


/820 Ibid., 28 May 1938 – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; has just got to his third Tswana tribe; has been disinclined to do any writing; is going to Nolepolole next week; on MG visiting him there; on the work he has done so far; the chief has lent him two books of records left by his father; on the social organisation here; describes it; plans to be at Nolopolole until about 3 July (autogr.)


/821 Ibid., 24 Nov. 1939 – has been reading his manuscript; complains that MG is using jargon; makes some detailed points about the manuscript; if he is thinking of publication, suggests that he revise the paper; on Krige’s appointment to Rhodes; on his own plans for the long vacation. 3 leaves (tp.)


/822 Ibid., 11 May 1942 – MG’s Zulu article will go into the Sept. number of African Studies; on his own work; mentions Audrey (tp.)



MS 495


/1/823  Ibid., 5 Mar. 1945 – on getting his secretary to write; on Holleman; shall gladly serve on the Board; is not keen on visiting Johannesburg; is glad he was successful if arranging for a study of the Shona; on Mrs Waldeck; refers to the criticisms he made of MG’s ‘Lozi Land Tenure’; feels that the most urgent need is to work along the lines advocated by Radcliffe-Brown; it is primarily a question of approach in which they differ; the Kenya Government has asked if he can go there to advise on studying Native land tenure; sends copies of the reports he wrote for the B.P. Government. 2 leaves (tp.)


/824 MG to IS, 12 Mar. – refers to his letters of 5 Mar.; on his secretary writing letters for him; thanks him for agreeing to serve on the Board; on the workings of the Board; has begun work on the Southern Rhodesian material; on methods to be followed in comparative studies; sends a copy of the draft of his study of Lozi marriage; on rules on inheritance of property; on different ways of working; on his paper ‘Processes of Social Change in Zululand’; on the native land tenure committee. 4 leaves (tpc.)


/825 IS to MG, 29 Mar. – sends notes on the draft of MG’s paper ‘A Comparative Study of the Instability of Lozi Marriage’; makes various points about the draft. 3 leaves (tp.)


/826 MG to IS, nd – refers to his letter of 29 Mar.; encloses his proposals for Southern Rhodesia research; asks him to look through them; answers the points made in IS’s letter; on Lozi marriage; on divorce; mentions the customs of a number of other tribes; may publish his straightforward account of Lozi marriage; on other points. 4 leaves, marked ‘File Lozi Marriage’ (tpc.)


/827 IS to MG, 27 Apr. – has been through his draft proposals for research in Southern Rhodesia; on a man named Stead who completed a book on one of the Shona tribes; suggests MG look at this work; suggests he ask the S.R. Government if there is any special problem on which they would like information; on MG’s marriage paper; suggests he publish his Lozi material only and sketch in a tentative hypothesis along the lines of the draft; on an article on the Yao by H.S. Stannus; on going to Kenya; on a survey of the Institute’s work; is now beginning on his comparative Tswana stuff. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/828 [MG] to IS, 25 May 1945 – refers to his letter; on doing a survey of village organization among the Tonga; thanks him for going through his proposals for research in S.R.; on Stead’s manuscript; his work would be a good base for more trained investigation; on his marriage thesis; on the work of the Government Land Tenure Committee; on IS visiting; on pieces for the Journal [of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute?]; on starting a theoretical journal of African sociology; on applications for his posts. 3 pages (tpc.)


/829 MG’s Secretary to IS, 16 Sept. 1946 – has had a letter from MG from the boat; hopes to see him in Cape Town (tp.)


/830 IS to MG, 21 Dec. – thinks MG owes him an explanation of his conduct; explains the reasons why (tp.)


/831 MG to IS, 28 Dec. – refers to his letter of 21 Dec.; had been wondering if he was offended; answers the points made in his letter; hopes he has clarified the position; on Holleman; on three further matters: the Journal, the conference, and the proposed trip to Oxford; is applying for a new lectureship at Oxford; encloses a draft plan of his Zulu book for comments. 7 pages (tpc.)


/832 IS to MG, 8 Jan. 1947 – MG’s letter has cleared up all misunderstanding; does not think it necessary to go again into the points raised; the only point to be taken further is the staff conference; he is making a trip to Kenya; on Holleman; on correspondence with various members of MG’s team; on his paper on the Annals; on the team going to Oxford; if Oxford is ruled out, he would look after them in Cape Town; hopes MG gets the job in Oxford; should be grateful if MG could continue to send him RLI papers and minutes; will go through his manuscript in the next couple of days. 3 pages (tp.)


/833 MG to IS, 14 Jan. – it was a relief to get his letter; on his trip to Kenya; discusses Holleman at length; on Marwick; glad that he agrees his people should go to Oxford; is glad he agrees that it is time MG returned to academic life; on Elizabeth Colson; sends some RLI papers; on the Annals; on Barnes’ and Mitchell’s work on the Lamba. 5 leaves (tpc.)



MS 495


/834 IS to MG, 23 Apr. 1947 – will write to him about his papers on his return from Johannesburg; on his own kinship study; on Holleman; on the Oxford job; thinks MG would do better to work up his Lozi material than go ahead with plans for a Zulu book; gives his reasons for this opinion; on his own work (tp.)


/835 [MG] to IS, 30 July  – the Colonial Social Science Research Council is not happy about his team going to Oxford; explains why; has already taken action on the decision and it is too late to change the arrangements; on the colleges which will take members of the team; on accommodation; is opposing the change as hard as he can; objects to the Council taking on the right to query decisions made ‘here’ so as to rob the Institute of independence; more on this subject; on the reasons for preferring Oxford to Cape Town; on the Directorship; if they approach him assumes that he will repeat that he cannot take the team in vacation or after June (tp.)


/836 MG to IS, 16 Aug. 1948 – Government here is considering introducing written wills for Africans; MG has suggested that Prof. Schapera or Hilda [Kuper] get a student or students to write an essay of the subject based on existing literature; gives some references (tp.)


/837 IS to MG, 13 Oct. 1954 – thanks him for note on the Zulu; gives him a quotation (autogr. pc)


/838 Ibid., 17 Jan. 1957 – asks if he could borrow some books (autogr.)


/839 Ibid., 13 Dec. 1966 – cover letter for the rough notes about his involvement in the great witch hunt in Barotse (tp.)


Scholte, Bob [BS]


/840 New York Review of Books, 18 July 1974 – ‘Insult & Injury’, letter from Bob Scholte in response to a review, which mentions MG, by Edmund Leach of ‘Reinventing Anthropology’ (newspaper page)



MS 495


/841 MG to the Editors, the New York Review of Books, 17 Oct. 1974 – encloses a letter which he hopes they will publish; it is in response to a complete fabrication in the form of a statement which BS alleges he made; considers that the statement compromises his position as an anthropologist; it is so nearly libellous that he is taking attorney’s opinion; it would be advisable to check the statement; or give the person concerned the opportunity to respond in the same issue (tp.)


/842 Ibid., ibid. – MG was abroad when the issue of the New York Review of Books appeared so he did not see it; colleagues have drawn his attention to an untruthful statement made about him by BS; BS was replying to a review by Edmund Leach of ‘Reinventing Anthropology’, ed. D. Hymes; Leach was scathing about the book and about BS’s contribution to it; quotes what BS wrote about him; the key assertion being that MG spoke of himself as working for His Majesty’s Government in Northern Rhodesia; he could not have made this statement because he was never a member of the Government; he worked for the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; nothing written by the staff was subject to Government approval; BS also fabricated a statement that anthropologists had a role in sustaining or formulating British colonial policy; describes an occasion when BS was in Manchester; he has a dim memory of a remark by MG about being in ‘His Majesty’s service’ as a private in the Northern Rhodesia Defence Force during the war. 2 leaves (tp.)


/843 Ibid. to the Editor, the American Anthropologist, nd – a longer version of the previous item. 11 leaves (tp.)


/844 Ibid., nd – a shorter version of the previous item. 3 leaves (tp.)


/845 Meyer Fortes to MG, 3 Nov. – has just received his letter in reply to BS and his piece on Forde[?]; what BS said about remarks Fortes was supposed to have made was nonsense; describes the event in question as he remembers it (autogr.)


/846 Bob Manners to ibid., 4 Nov. – his letter and the manuscript on BS arrived this morning; was baffled by the remark BS attributed to MG and this clears it up; has made a few minor editorial revisions; will Xerox it and send it to BS for reply; is grateful for his letter because it complements an essay-review of ‘Reinventing Anthropology’ by Kaplan; mentions Emanuel Marx and Elaine Morgan (tp. with autogr. PS)



MS 495


/847 B[…?] […?], Yale Law School, to ibid., 4 Nov. 1974 – will scrawl a ‘horseback’ opinion on his case; he has as uncertain a case as it is possible to have; under ordinary libel law he would have a good case; but the law of libel has been transformed in recent years; it is almost impossible for any public figure to win a libel case; malice must be proved; defamation is a ‘boomerang’ kind of action; asks him how mad he is and how much he wants to set the record straight; on Charles, who is in hospital. 4 pages (autogr.)


/848 Karen Harbeck, Assistant, American Anthropological Association, to ibid., 5 Nov. – has received his comment to BS; has sent a copy for his response; will let MG know when it will appear in the American Anthropologist (tp.)


/849 Thomas G. Harding, University of California, to ibid., 27 Nov. – has read his letter in the New York Review of Books; a few years ago the Scholtes on the academic circuit were intimidating; student interest in ‘Reinventing Anthropology’ is zero; hopes he can visit soon (tp.)


/850 Robert A. Manners to ibid., 23 Jan. 1975 – was delighted by his excoriation of BS; planned to publish it along with a reply from BS; quotes from a letter from BS making conditions under which he would send a reply; refers to MG’s piece in the New York Review; more on this subject; on things at Brandeis. 2 leaves (tp.)


/851 MG to Bob Manners, 11 Feb. – on his health which has delayed a reply to the letter of 23 Jan.; on various versions of a reply which he wrote (tp.)


/852 Dr P.T.W. Baxter to Prof. Eisenstadt, 21 Feb. – delighted that he might be able to come to the age-set symposium; is enquiring about funding (tp.)


/853 Ibid. to MG, 13 Mar. – hopes the enclosure will be satisfactory and not too late; on personal matters; mentions Eisenstadt’s money; will discuss his manuscript on MG’s return (tp.)


/854 Ibid. to Prof. Robert Manners, ibid. – understands that BS is still making misleading and injurious statements about MG; BS’s mode of conducting debate seems extraordinary; his own recollections of the event in question are similar to those of MG; he did not hear MG suggest that he had ever been a member of colonial government (tp.)



MS 495


/855 Ibid. to Mr Peter Kemeney, 14 Mar. 1975 – is sending a copy of Derek Allcorn’s Ph.D. thesis (tp.)


Shepperson, George [GS]


/856 GS, University of Edinburgh, to MG, 26 Jan. 1955 – sends a copy of his Central African separatist churches’ paper; also sends article on ‘Ethiopianism’; on the Kadalie autobiography; on Livingstone manuscripts at the Blantyre Memorial; on speaking at MG’s seminar (tp.)


/857 Ibid., 20 June 1961 – mentions MG’s Ph.D. student, Long; will send him a copy of the inventory of Church of Scotland missionary papers in the National Library; on three books on churches in Africa which would make an interesting review article; offers to write one; was going to Uganda but his wife is in hospital (autogr.)


/858 Ibid., 22 June – has had copies made of the Foreign Mission Records of the Church of Scotland which are now in the National Library; sends a copy for Long; there are some papers of the Nyasaland Livingstonia Mission which will be deposited eventually in the National Library of Scotland (tp.)


/859 Church of Scotland Foreign Mission Committee – list of records transferred to the custody of the National Library of Scotland, 1953. 5 leaves (tp. copy)


/860 [MG] to GS, 11 July – refers to his two letters; explains why he has not replied sooner; will give Long the other copy of the list of records in the custody of the National Library of Scotland; will write to Charles White about the review article he suggests; on family news (tpc.)


/861 GS to MG, 2 Aug. – refers to MG’s letter of 27 July [not held]; is pleased that White will receive a review article from him on three books on separatist churches; repeats the titles of the books and the publisher’s address; on Joyce (tp.)


Sianga, Davidson Silumesii [DSS]


/862 DSS to MG, 2 Nov. 1939 – applies for post of interpreter; on his work experience; on testimonials (autogr.)


/863 DSS to […?], 4 Mar. 1940 – letter in another language (autogr.)



MS 495


/864 DSS to MG, 2 Oct. 1940 – on Mary Gluckman’s trip to Lusaka; on MG’s tooth; mentions Induna Solami (autogr. with autogr. PS in another language)


/865 Ibid., 4 Oct. – on Mary Gluckman’s illness; sends tin of tobacco; sends teacher’s note and exercise book (autogr.)


/866 Ibid., 5 Oct. – on the contents of a ruck-bag; sorry that their work in Barotse is coming to an end; on Senanga and Seoma (autogr.)


/867 Ibid., 15 Nov. – on MG’s illness; has enough books; gave F. Suu his books; mentions other people; needs his boy’s food (autogr.)


/868 Ibid., 20 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter of 17 Nov. [not held]; has been going to Sivisto[?]; on Maibiba; shall be coming to Katongo on Friday (autogr.)


/869 Ibid., 24 Aug. 1945 – refers to MG’s letters of 1 and 8 Aug. [not held]; is sorry that he could not write full account of how Imwiko was installed; has been ill; encloses addresses to the public read by the Secretary for Native Affairs and the Paramount Chief (tp.)


/870 Address by the Secretary for Native Affairs[?] 2 leaves (tp.)


/871 Message to the new Paramount Chief from Governor (tp.)


/872 The Paramount Chief’s Address on the 15th August, 1945. 2 leaves (tp.)


/873 DSS to MG, 29 Aug. 1947 – refers to MG’s letters of 11 and 20 Aug. [not held]; on gifts; sends four books; is sending postal orders; asks him to buy and send two scarves; Nawala was ill (autogr.)


/874 DSS to MG, 5 Dec. – refers to MG’s letter of 20 Oct.; hopes he had a good voyage to England; has divorced his wife; on greetings from various people; on a Kololo Dictionary; on his hut in Katongo; mentions his grandfather’s death (autogr.)



MS 495


/875 MG to DSS, 17 Feb. 1948 – refers to his letter of 5 Dec. 1947; was distressed to hear of his grandfather’s death; on his divorce; explains why he has not written for so long; will read his diary soon and will then write; refers to other matters mentioned in DSS’s letter; shall soon be sending copies of photographs. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/876 DSS to MG, 3 June – letter in another language. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/877 MG to DSS, 5 July – refers to his letter of 3 June; on the passing of the Paramount Chief; on various points to do with money; on his leave; suggests he write to Dr Colson; asks him to send accounts of the speeches made to people when they inherit names; sends greetings; mentions Mr Mitchell and Mr Barnes. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/878 Ibid., 22 Oct. – two questions have come up with his work; asks about the relationship between a man and his first children; asks him to write a description of the power which people have to hurt others by cursing or swearing at them (tpc.)


/879 DSS to MG, 2 Dec. – letter in another language. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/880 [MG] to DSS, 24 Feb. 1949 – it is a long time since they corresponded; has still to send his comments on DSS’s diary; asks him to get in touch with Mr Peters; describes what he would like him to do; would particularly like him to survey Muluumbo village (tpc.)


/881 The Kenton Pharmacal Co. to DSS, 15 Mar. – advises that the large size ‘Brownatone’ is $1.75; suggests he finds out what this is in English money then remits an international money order (tp.)


/882 DSS to MG, 4 Nov. – refers to his letter of 23 Sept.; has been overwhelmed with field work; has distributed the photographs; asks if he can buy him a large-size ‘Brownatone’; refers to attached letter; ma-Njekwas has died; sends greetings for Christmas (tp.)




MS 495


Smith, Rev. Edwin W. [EWS]


/1/883  EWS to MG, 3 Feb. 1952 – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; will read the thesis and send it back as soon as possible; thanks him for suggestions (autogr.)


/884 Ibid., 23 Feb. – asks him to read through the enclosed and favour him with any remarks; asks some questions; on writing up a lecture (autogr.)


/885 Ibid., 24 Mar. – it was kind of MG to read his stuff; makes some points about it; on asking him for a sentence or two; is reading the T.S. to the RAI; on his health (autogr.)


/886 MG to EWS, 26 Mar. – on his health; gives him one or two sentences on the way he sees the land-cult (tpc.)


/887 EWS to MG, 7 Mar. 1953 – values his sympathy; is concerned about Federation but has decided not to sign the memorial; on Churchill; is sorry he cannot do what MG asks (autogr.)


/888 Ibid., 17 Oct. – returns the papers he sent; on MG’s ‘Economy’; on RL papers; it would be nice to have a complete series; it was good to see him at Oxford (tp.)


/889 Ibid., 28 Nov. – the carbon has come back; sends it; asks him to point out any blunders; is sailing for Cape Town on 18 Dec.; asks him to return the T.S. to his daughter (autogr.)


/890 Ibid., 17 Sept. 1956 –has sent an offprint of his paper on Sebetwane and the Makololo; asks if MG could read it and point out any errors (tp.)


Stevens, C.G. [CGS]


/891 CGS, District Commissioner, to the District Commissioner, Mankoya, 3 Aug. 1939 – encloses copy of acknowledgment of the Mongu-Lealui Tour Report; Acting Provincial Commissioner to the District Commissioner, Mongu-Lealui, 29 July 1939 – forwards copy of Mr Clay’s Tour Report No. 5 (tp. copy)


/892 H.C. Brooks, Acting Provincial Commissioner, to the District Commissioner, Mankoya, 29 July – thanks him for the Mongu-Lealui Tour Report; notices that the report concerning the Mankoya section of the tour has not been received; other points (tp. copy)



MS 495


/893 ‘Mongu-Lealui Tour Report No. 5/39’. 3 leaves (tp.)


/894 […?], Provincial Commissioner, to MG, 12 Dec. 1939 – refers to his letter of 22 Nov. [not held]; CGS will give what information he can; returns his letter to the Paramount Chief, which he considers unsuitable; he must not make any attempt to see him (tp.)


/895 CGS to ibid., 22 Jan. 1940 – forwards letter to MG from the Provincial Commissioner (tp.)


/896 Ibid., 7 Sept. – refers to a ‘clean sweep’; has put what remains into a new hut; refers to Silumesii’s carelessness; he should pay MG some sort of compensation (tp.)


/897 Ibid., 9 Sept. – expresses regret for MG’s misfortune; encloses field glasses; asks for a note of his programme at Lealui (tp.)


/898 Ibid., 11 Sept. – there is no objection to his moving to Lealui next week; on a camp site; he should not call on the Paramount Chief (tp.)


/899 Ibid., 12 Sept. – on Lealui village; on visiting Yeta (tp.)


/900 Ibid., 2 Nov. – encloses permit for 5 bags of meal and grain a month (tp.)


/901 Permit for 5 bags of meal per month (tp. and autogr.)


/902 CGS to MG, 5 Nov. – gives his comments on MG’s report. 2 leaves (tp.)


/903 [MG], nd, no title – the report [on Barotseland[?]] is a survey of the sociological problems as they have appeared to him; on the extent of his observations; on relations with the people; on human geography and economics; on the productive groups; on the position of women; on the political system; on other information collected; conclusion. 17 leaves (tp. with autogr. additions)


/904 CGS, Chief Secretary to the Government, to the Secretary-Curator, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 26 June 1942 – the Government is considering the adequacy of the native law of inheritance; on the desirability of providing for the making of written wills by Africans; asks him to forward any information he might have (tp.)



MS 495


/1/905  MG to CGS, 28 July 1942 – refers to his letter about the making of wills by Africans which has been passed to him; gives at some length his own data on the Lozi; gives a list of references to other tribes; on getting a student to write an essay assembling the available information; suggests others could write too. 5 pages (tp.)


/906 Mrs J.D. Clark, Acting Secretary-Curator, to ibid., 11 Aug. – refers to the previous correspondence; has been unable to find further references to other tribes; gives further references to the experience of other Governments (tp.)


/907 CGS to MG, 13 Aug. – acknowledges his letter of 28 July; asks if he could pursue the enquiries suggested in it (tp.)


Stevenson, Robert F. [RFS]


/908 RFS to MG, 12 Jan. 1965 – is engaged in research into the relationship between population density and the process of state formation; need more exact information about population density for the Zulus; asks some specific questions; asks permission to quote MG’s reply in his dissertation (tp.)


/909 MG to RFS, 21 Jan. – answers his questions about population, area and density of population; these estimates agree with those of Father Bryant; has been going into the figures of population in his history of the rise of the Zulu empire; the problem is most important (tpc.)


Suu, F.L. [FLS]


/910 FLS to MG, 19 Nov. 1940 – has received parcel of notebooks and a shirt; on collecting information for him (tp.)


/911 Ibid., 29 Nov. – sends part of the work he wanted; wishes him a good journey (tp.)


/912 [MG] to FLS, 22 Feb. 1941 – refers to his letter; asks him for information on various matters (tpc.)


/913 FLS to MG,7 Apr. 1942 – returns the 5/- and the notebooks (tp.)


/914 Ibid., 25 Sept. – refers to Makishi dance; sends him some sugar (autogr.)



MS 495


/1/915  Ibid., 7 Dec. 1942 – on MG’s health; on MG giving him £2 to buy a gun (autogr.)


/916 FLS to MG, 17 July 1947 – thanks him for gift of cartridges; shall try to explain the questions MG has asked him; thanks him for putting his points before the Commission (tp.)


/917 FLS to MG, 15 Nov. 1948 – has received the fountain pen; thanks him; he and Ngambela Wina have lost their positions under the Native Government (tp.)


/918 MG to FLS, 14 Dec. – is glad he received the pen; has heard the story of how he and Ngambela lost their places in the Kuta; sympathises; longs to be back in Africa; is going skiing (tp.)


/919 Ibid., 23 Mar. 1949 – has written an account of the Lozi and their Kingship; wonders if he would read through it and send any criticisms; asks him to see the ex Ngambela Wina about it; is sorry to hear that it is a bad year in Barotseland (tp.)


/920 FLS to MG, 8 May 1950 – refers to MG’s letter of 6 Mar. [not held]; congratulates him on his manuscript on the Barotse kingdom; corrects one mistake in the manuscript; is very busy with business and cannot write on his people’s life and customs; congratulates him on Timothy’s birth; on Wina. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/921 FLS to MG, 6 Mar. 1966 – on a land dispute; gives more information about the case (autogr.)


/922 Ibid., ibid. – thanks him for the book (autogr.)


/923 Ibid., 2 May – refers to MG’s letter of 28 Mar. [not held]; has been busy; in 1964 the number of judges in the Barotse Courts was reduced; on laws passed in 1950 on komu ya mwana; thinks he has answered both questions clearly; thanks him for the £3; on his son (autogr.)


/924 Note of information given by FLS on legislation passed in the Case of the Barren Widow (tp. with autogr. corrections)


/925 FLS to MG, 28 July – has read his book; makes some comments on it (autogr.)


/926 Ibid., 21 Sept. – refers to his own previous letter about MG’s book (autogr.)



MS 495


/927 MG to FLS, 12 Nov. 1966 – refers to his several letters; apologises for not replying before but he has been travelling; refers to FLS’s comments on his book; is glad to have the matter of the new law on Komu ya mwana cleared up; on FLS’s son; is going to the United States to give a lecture (tpc.)


/928 FLS to MG, 25 May 1967 – thanks him for the book; sends greetings (autogr.)



Welensky, Roy [RW]


/929 L. Easton[?] for RW to MG, 22 Sept. 1942 – refers to MG’s note of 13 Sept. [not held]; on his work; was a row in the House with the Attorney General; on strikes; on bad news from Stalingrad; [notes added in French:] […?] to M. Brausch – thanks him for pipes; if he returns to Livingstone, he and his wife would be delighted to see him (autogr.)


/930 RW to MG, 6 Oct. 1955 – refers to MG’s letter of 20 Sept. [not held]; he is a grandfather; got news of MG last time he was in the UK; if he goes to the US next year would like to see MG and Mary; on the Federation; on local politics (tp.)


/931 Ibid., 17 Jan. 1957 – refers to MG’s letter of 10 Jan. [not held]; his task almost borders on the impossible; on his wife’s illness; shall endeavour to come to Manchester; on political issues in Southern Rhodesia. 2 leaves (tp.)


/932 Ibid., 6 Feb. – refers to MG’s letter of 29 Jan. [not held]; on his wife; on Mary’s activities; on his son (tp. with autogr. addition)


/933 Ibid., 25 Feb. – refers to MG’s letter of 19 Feb. [not held]; on his wife; on looking back at a golden era when he crawled under engines; on a racial ‘indaba’ over Mrs Matimba. 2 leaves (tp.)


/934 Ibid., 3 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 26 Mar. [not held]; on his wife; on floods; may be in England next week but will not have time to visit Manchester (tp.)


/935 MG to RW, 14 Aug. – it is a long time since he has written; hopes his wife is recovered; is hesitating between a year in California and another trip to Rhodesia; on family news (tpc.)



MS 495


/936 RW to MG, 31 Aug. 1957 – was glad to get his letter; could do with a break; on his wife; on his trip to England; on MG’s doubts about being allowed to come into the Federation; on family news; on an African called Oliver Kabungo. 2 leaves (tp.)


/937 MG to RW, 4 Oct. – sorry not to have replied sooner to his letter of 31 Aug.; the family has had flu; on RW’s wife; on the question of whether he would be allowed into the Federation; discusses the case of A.L. Epstein; there does seem to be a use of entry permits to stop the coming in of young research workers; Fosbrooke has asked him out for a conference at Easter; on his department. 3 leaves (tp.)


/938 RW to MG, 20 Aug. 1958 – thanks him for the copy of his new book (tp.)


/939 MG to RW, 25 Aug. – is going on a year’s leave so writes in haste to say that all are well (tp.)


White, Charles [CW]


/940 CW to MG, 27 Apr. [?year] – thanks him for letter of Oct. [not held]; should be grateful for a copy of the proof of his circumcision paper; has been writing up notes on the Mahamba; on changes in Wiko life in the last generation; on Wiko immigrants to Barotseland (autogr.)


/941 CW to MG, 25 Aug. 1948 – thanks him for two letters; has sent map and bibliography to O.U. Press, Cape Town; answers some other points; is gathering material for some notes on village and local organisations; life remains busy (tp.)


/942 Bibliography. 2 leaves (tp.)


/943 [MG] to CW, 23 Aug. 1949 – on an ethnographic on the Balovale District peoples; a Miss McCulloch is working on these peoples; MG has suggested she write to him for help; asks three specific questions (tp.)


/944 CW to MG, 29 Mar. 1961 – refers to MG’s letter of 24 Mar. [not held]; agrees with the views expressed about the 6 papers by Elizabeth; on the volume of essays on methods of field research (tp.)


/945 [MG] to CW, 22 Apr. – refers to his letter of 29 Mar.; on the republishing of the 6 papers by Elizabeth; on the volume of essays on methods of field research; Barnes is offering several papers; on his leg (tpc.)



MS 495


/946 CW to MG, 13 July 1961 – Herbert Chipungu from Abercorn is coming to Manchester next term to do du Sautoy’s community development course; on MG putting him in touch with people with an interest in Northern Rhodesia; has a new project of Mass Media research starting with a David Jones from Oxford; shall be on leave next year (tp.)


/947 Ibid., 15 July – refers to MG’s letter of 11 July [not held]; on Shepperson doing a review; on printing Elizabeth Colson’s article on Modern Political Organisation of the Plateau Tonga with the other Tonga papers; will write to ask for permission to reprint (tp.)


/948 [MG] to CW, 27 July – on Mr Herbert Chipungu; looks forward to seeing him [White] next year; on the inclusion of the seventh essay on Modern Political Organisation in Elizabeth’s book; encloses draft of proposed foreword; on the question of compiling an Index for the Journal; outlines what he has in mind; thinks he could find a research student to do the work, if he [White] could raise the money to pay for it; mentions Shepperson (tpc.)


/949 CW to MG, 8 Aug. – on Herbert Chipungu; on the foreword for Elizabeth’s book; on the Index for the journal; has something along these lines already; describes this (tp.)


/950 MG to CW, 17 Aug. – refers to his letter of 8 Aug.; on indexes for the journal (tpc.)


/951 CW to MG, 7 Mar. 1962 – refers to MG’s letter of 28 Feb. [not held] about Robin Mackenzie; he sounds very suitable; has passed the information to Clyde (tp.)


/952 MG to CW, 13 Mar. – refers to his letter of 7 Mar.; asks for information about the micro-films of the Rhodes-Livingstone publications which he can supply, and about costs etc.; lists the works he would like micro-films of (tpc.)




Wilson, Godfrey [GW]


/1/953  GW, [Director, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute], to MG, 5 July 1939 – refers to MG’s letter of 23 June [not held]; congratulates him on his marriage; on salary and allowances; on accommodation; is going to ask him to do a study of the Barotse; looks forward to working with him; after three years it is possible that he will be offered reappointment; asks him to come at once; asks him to come in Aug. if possible. 5 leaves (tp. with autogr. PS)


/954 Ibid. to the Provincial Commissioner, 18 July – has recently appointed MG as Assistant Anthropologist to the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; intends to ask him to undertake a study of the Rotse people; on MG; expects him in Livingstone late in Sept.; on him taking a preliminary tour in Barotseland before the rains; his wife intends to accompany him; hopes his results will repay [the Commissioner’s] kindness (tpc.)


/955 […?], Acting Provincial Commissioner, to GW, 27 July – refers to his letter of 18 July; will be pleased to help MG; will furnish him with letters to the District Commissioners (tp.)


/956 GW to MG, 23 Aug. – on allowances (tp. with autogr. note)


/957 Ibid. to the Provincial Commissioner, 28 Aug. – is grateful for the assistance he promises to MG; on MG’s arrival and movements; consults him about gifts to the Paramount and his subordinates. 2 leaves (tpc.)


Wilson, Monica [MW]


/958 MW to MG, 31 Mar. 1945 – refers to MG’s letter of 2 Mar. [not held]; replies to his questions about divorce and inheritance among the Nyakyusa and Pondo; has no news from the International African Institute about a grant; asks if he knows who they are getting for the Wits appointment (tp.)


/959 MG to MW, 24 Apr. – refers to her letter of 21[sic] Mar.; thanks her for replies to his questions; has suspended work on the marriage theme for the time being; on different customs relating to inheritance of property; sorry that there is no news on the International African Institute grant; suggests an approach to the Colonial Social Science Research Council; he might be able to get her something; on Meyer [Fortes] coming to Wits.; on his work on land tenure (tpc.)



MW 495


/960 MW to MG, 22 Mar. 1949 – thanks him for his letter [not held] and the bibliography; on the bibliography; on Government Reports; on illustrations; on children (tp.)


/961 MG to MW, nd – refers to her letter of 22 Mar.; on the bibliography; on Government Reports; Mary is expecting a baby in Dec.; he has been offered a Chair at Manchester University (tp.)


/962 MW to MG, 11 July 1951 – gives information arising from her Keiskammahoek studies; mentions his essay in ‘African Kinship Systems’; has not heard from R.B.; is worried that he is offended over something (tp.)


/963 Ibid., 9 May 1952 – it was nice of him to nominate her for the Rivers Memorial Medal; on the Watsons and the Van Velsens; on Turner; on Hilda; on Mrs Turner; asks how the book on law is proceeding (tp.)


/964 Ibid., pre-6 Aug. 1953 – asks about a reference to ‘sorarate’ and ‘sororal polygyny’ in one of MG’s works; asks about his book on law; on R.B. who is rather ‘shaky’ (tp.)


/965 MG to MW, 6 Aug. 1953 – on the reference she asked about; his book on law is now finished; on the news of R.B.; on his family (tpc.)


/2 General Correspondence

This section is arranged chronologically.


 /1  Coryndon to King Lewanika, 25 Oct. 1897 – on the message he has given; the British Government has sent him to be Resident at Lealui; on relations with the British South Africa Company; hopes for friendly relations (tp. copy)


 /2  W.J. Davidson, Acting Chief Native Commissioner, Natal, to all Magistrates in Natal and Zululand, 8 Nov. 1918 – circular on the shortage of native labour in Natal (tp.)


 /3  Principal, Zulu National Training Institution, Nongoma, to the Chief Native Commissioner, Pietermaritzburg, 13 Oct. 1924 – forwards report on the Meeting held on 8-10 Oct., acting on the instruction of the Chief Native Commissioner and at the invitation of chief Solomon ka Dinuzulu (tp.)


 /4  Report on meeting of the Inkata ka Zulu held at Mahashini on 8, 9 and 10 Oct. 1924. 4 leaves (tp.)


MS 495


/2/5 Magistrate’s Report on Meeting of Inkata ka Zulu. 3 leaves (tp.)


 /6  Copy of Magistrate’s Report, including last page missing from previous copy. 3 leaves (tp.)


 /7  C.A. Wheelwright, Chief Native Commissioner, Natal, to the Principal, Zululand National Training Institute, 3 Nov. 1924 – thanks him for clear and comprehensive report (tp.)


 /8  Principal, ZNTI, to the Chief Native Commissioner, Pietermaritzburg, 10 Oct. 1925 – submits report on the Inkata ka Zulu held on 6, 7 and 8 Oct. (tp.)


 /9  Report of meeting of ‘Inkata ka Zulu’ held on 6, 7 and 8 Oct. 1925. 4 leaves (tp.)


/10  Lovell S. Robertson, Cash Jeweller, to Rev. L.E. Oscroft, 24 Oct. – refers to conversation about the ‘Eshowe incident’; mentions Mr Sargent and Mr Howard; mentions Soloman and Mr Wynne; now he knows what has transpired. 2 leaves (tp.)


/11  Romer Robinson & Co. to C.A. Wheelwright, 7 Nov. – on the withdrawal of Solomon’s case; if he wishes to withdraw the case without paying Defendant’s costs he must do so within three weeks (tp. copy)


/12  C.A. Wheelwright to Rev. L.E. Oscroft, 9 Nov. – encloses copy of letter from Messrs. Romer Robinson and Co., the legal representative of the Natal Mercury; thinks that if Solomon were to withdraw it would be the most satisfactory conclusion to the matter; this is a reiteration of the views he gave Solomon in Durban (tp. with autogr. note)


/13  Rev. L.E. Oscroft to C.A. Wheelwright, 15 Nov. – refers to his letter of 9 Nov.; summarises Solomon’s attitude; he himself has been driven to bring an action to clear his name; the matter will remain a deadlock until a meeting between both parties is arranged; it is desirable that the matter should be stopped or it will become a racial matter. 2 leaves (tp.)


/14  […?] to Mr Robertson, ibid. – on the action he took about the Eshowe incident; efforts are being made to find an honourable way out for both sides; it is a critical affair (tp.)


/15  C.A. Wheelwright to Solomon ka’Dinuzulu, 8 Apr. 1926 – letter in another language (tpc.)


MS 495


/2/16    Principal, Zulu National Training Institution, to the Chief Native Commissioner, 16 Sept. 1926 – the Annual Meeting of the Inkata ka Zulu, or Zulu National Council, has been called to meet on 22 Sept. and the following days; asks whether the Department wishes him to attend and report (tp.)


/17  [Chief Native Commissioner] to Rev. L.E. Oscroft, 20 Sept. – if Solomon invites him to attend the Inkata ka Zulu meeting then he should do so (telegram form)


/18  Principal, Zulu National Training Institution, to the Chief Native Commissioner, 7 Oct. – submits report on the Annual Meeting of the Inkata ka Zulu held 24-5 Sept. 1926. 4 leaves (tp.)


/19  Resident Magistrate to […?], 5 Aug. 1927 – the Board of Management of the Barotse Fund desires to obtain information upon the economic resources of Barotseland; notes the matters of interest; shall be pleased to receive any information; on native contributions (tp.)


/20  O. F[ynney?] to ‘Padre’, 17 Oct. – mentions Nicolson; on S. keeping Ncapayi on; on S. drinking too much; on the Inkata business; on trying to see S.; Mabomvu will call on him and give him an account of S.’s extraordinary behaviour; Wynne offered him £250 as some sort of recognition for his services; the splitting up of a tribe is the first step towards complete detribalisation. 4 leaves (autogr.)


/21  [Padre?] to O. Fynney, 2 Nov. – thanks him for letter which Mabomvu brought; he has become a pessimist; the proper person to put things right is himself [Fynney]; the secretary Ncapayi drinks too much; on Solomon’s neglect of important correspondence; on Solomon applying to the Government for permission to be supplied with liquor; on the Inkata exchequer; on this year’s Inkata meeting; they appointed a sort of Council; suggests that the time of the Inkata be changed to the winter. 3 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/2/22    G. Heaton Nicholls to L.E. Oscroft, 10 Dec. 1927 – wants him to give a push to his institution and to Solomon; wishes him to promise silence on the political importance; on Kadali, whom the European press has made; leadership is passing through the chiefs’ hands; it is essential that Solomon give a lead to the tribal people; the school break-up would be the ideal place for him to give a speech; he will give the speech in Zulu and then it will be read in English; the effect will be very great; this is a great opportunity for him [Oscroft]; if Solomon plays his part well the whole relationship of Chieftaindom will be changed; encloses a copy of Solomon’s speech; on translating the speech into Zulu. 3 leaves (tp.)


/23  Text of speech to Zulus [by Solomon?] given at the invitation of the Principal of the Training College. 7 leaves (tp.)


/24  […?] Fynney to ‘Padre’ [L.E. Oscroft?], 10 Dec. – refers to his letter; must share with him a valuable piece of news; Marwick has come round to their side; Mr Heaton Nicholls has always been on their side; Solomon has been discouraged on almost every hand; more on Solomon; the breaking-up of the ZNTI provides an opportunity; on Solomon delivering an address on this occasion; on the practicalities of delivering the address; Heaton Nicholls and Marwick come in later. 5 leaves (autogr.)


/25  Ibid., 3 Jan. 1928 – refers to his letter of 14 Dec. [not held]; quotes from it on the subject of Solomon’s speech; on Solomon; on Ncapayi; on his own affairs; on the ‘booze business’; on the Inkata; Bulose was to have collaborated on formulating a proper constitution. 6 leaves (autogr.)


/26  Ibid., 18 Feb. – he gave the Zulu version [of Solomon’s address] to John Dube for publication in his newspaper; is glad about the ‘Ikarezi’[?]; on Solomon’s movements; on Clark who is in Solomon’s bad books; quotes from a letter from G.H.-N. on the subject of Solomon’s address; he states which papers reported on it. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/27  J.H. Nicholson & Thorpe, Solicitors and Notaries Public, to Rev. L. Oscroft, 8 May – a meeting of the Zulu National Congress, ‘Inkata ka Zulu’, will be held on 21 May; the Secretary of Native Affairs agreed to his attending the meeting on behalf of the Government (tp.)



MS 495


/2/28    Principal, ZNTI, to the Chief Native Commissioner, 6 June 1928 – submits herewith his Report on the Annual Meeting of the Inkata ka Zulu (Zulu National Congress) held on 31 May and the following days; includes list of those chiefs present or represented. 5 leaves (tp.)


/29  J.H. Nicholson & Thorpe to Rev. L.E. Oscroft, 12 June – ask him to do them a favour regarding the execution of a Deed of Trust and Constitution; enclose draft of the Deed; also enclose Powers of Attorney to execute the Deed; ask him to obtain signatures from Solomon, Kantini, Zilemane and Mnyayiza; ask him to complete this as soon as possible. 2 leaves (tp.)


/30  H.P.A. to Mr Wheelwright, 12 July – Mr Gebers asked him to make a copy of the attached Deed of Trust and Constitution of the Inkata ka Zulu and transmit it to him (tp.)


/31  Deed of Trust and Constitution of the Inkata ka Zulu. 12 leaves (tp.)


/32  J.H. Nicholson & Son to ibid., 23 Aug. – writes in connection with the foundation meeting of the Inkata; on resolutions appointing people to various offices; ask who proposed and seconded each person; ask for copies of the resolutions. 2 leaves (tp.)


/33  [Rev. L.E. Oscroft] to [Timothy] Mate, 1 Sept. – Mr Nicholson, the solicitor for the Inkata ka Zulu, has asked for some information; asks for names of proposers and seconders of resolutions appointing Solomon and himself [Mate] (tp.)


/34  Principal, Zulu National Training Institution, to the Secretary for Native Affairs, 6 May 1930 – forwards certain information about the Institution (tp.)


/35  Information about the Zulu National Training Institution, Nongoma. 3 leaves (tp.)


/36  6 May – Translation of a letter sent by pupils of ZNTI to the Secretary for Native Affairs, Pretoria. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/2/37    […?] to the Native Commissioner, Nongoma, 9 July 1931 – on his private affairs which have caused anxiety and financial worry; in the past has been encouraged that if he made an effort towards liquidation of liabilities consideration would be given to his case by the Government; accusations have been made against him of misconduct; has not had guidance in the drafting of his communications; has approached three people to be his private advisers. 2 leaves (tp.)


/38  [L.E. Oscroft] to Capt. Reynardson, 18 Nov. – on the Chaka Memorial; on the unveiling in July 1932; asks whether the Governor General would entertain the suggestion of making a big day of it; describes the memorial; on parlous conditions due to drought and famine; the natives appreciate the action of the Government (tp.)


/39  Henry Birch Reynardson to L.E. Oscroft, 25 Nov. – his Excellency is interested to hear of the unveiling of Chaka’s Memorial but cannot commit himself so far ahead as next July; asks him to send a reminder; is glad that the Zulus appreciate the Government’s relief measures (tp.)


/40  L.E. Oscroft to Chief S.E.G. Majozi, 15 Dec. – wrote to the Secretary of the Governor General with regard to the unveiling of the Chaka Memorial; quotes from his reply; leaves the matter in his hands (tp.)


/41  [L.E. Oscroft] to Chief S.E. Gilbert Majozi, 14 Apr. 1932 – refers to his own letter to the Secretary of the Governor General; sent a letter reminding him to approach the Governor General early this year; has heard nothing; asks for news (tp.)


/42  S. Gilbert E. Majozi to L.E. Oscroft, 8 May – refers to his own letter of 28 Apr. [not held]; the Executive meeting of the Memorial Committee will be held on 16 May, after which he shall be able to say what is to be done (tp.)


/43  S.Ma.D.[?] to G. Heaton Nicholls, 13 May – refers to his letter of 4 May [not held]; is not able to answer all the points raised as he has not heard from Chief Majozi and the Rev. J. Dube for some time; intends to be present at the unveiling of the monument; approves of the suggestion that the Minister for Native Affairs be asked to attend; intends to do nothing without the approval of the Government (tp.)



MS 495


/2/44    […?] to ibid., 14 May 1932 – on letters concerning the Chaka Memorial; on the origin of the idea; on cutting the numbers down [at the unveiling?]; on his letter to Solomon on his financial affairs; on malaria; there will be a shortage of food again in a few months’ time. 2 leaves (tp.)


/45  [L.E. Oscroft] to ibid., 18 May – a meeting of a section of the Memorial Committee was held last night; there will be another on 28 May; the Committee desires to secure the services of the Governor General to unveil the Memorial; the Committee deplores the suggestion that each chief should be limited to 10 followers only; in all matters pertaining to the Memorial, Chief Majozi is keeping in touch with the Chief Native Commissioner for Natal. 2 leaves (tp.)


/46  G. Heaton Nicholls to Rev. L.E. Oscroft, 25 May – refers to his letter of 18 May; the Governor General is prepared to unveil the Memorial if he is properly invited by Solomon as head of the Zulu nation; describes how this should be done; on his own movements. 2 leaves (tp.)


/47  E.J. Braatvedt to ibid., ibid. – he posted his letter to Glutz[?]; Solomon and Bhokwe have gone to Vryheid; on auction sales (autogr.)


/48  Ibid., 2 June – refers to letter written on behalf of Gilbert Zulu re. Mlahla Magwaza; Gilbert has no authority to hear cases; no one is bound to accept Gilbert’s judgment; explains what must be done; asks him to explain to Gilbert (tp.)


/49  19 Oct. – statement by Solomon ka Dinuzulu Zulu, nominating Charles Frederick Adams as his attorney and agent; he will receive his monthly stipend from the Government; the monies to be used for the purpose of liquidating the debt incurred in the purchase of a car (tp.)


/50  D.Z. to the Native Commissioner, 10 Nov. – applies to renew permit to collect cattle offered by Natives; the cattle are in the possession of the chiefs as shown in the list enclosed; it has been difficult to obtain a list of the offerers as the number of cattle is reported, not the names of the offerers; regrets delay (tp.)


/51  List of Cattle offered to Solomon ka Dinuzulu. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/2/52    L.E. Oscroft to Chief Solomon ka Dinuzulu, 11 Jan. 1933 – on meetings with various chiefs; the magistrate Mr Braatvedt does not wish him to hold meetings unless the permission of the local magistrate has been first obtained; letters will facilitate matters in the collection of cattle; mentions Mr Adams (tp.)


/53  Solomon ka Dinuzulu to Rev. L.E. Oscroft, 12 Jan. – refers to his letter; on Mr Adams; on meetings (tp.)


/54  Ibid., 14 Jan. – has no money for journey to meeting; asks him to see to the matter (tp.)


/55  Ibid., 17 Jan. – on the disorganisation of the meetings; on other meetings; asks for bus fare for Gilbert (tp.)


/56  Ibid., 24 Jan. – asks him to accompany him to a meeting (tp.)


/57  [L.E. Oscroft] to Solomon ka Dinuzulu, 26 Jan. – refers to his letter; bad tyres and no spare tyre prevent him going to the meeting; Mr Mbongwe has been allowed to go; on other meetings; hopes he has raised at least 100 head of cattle for the stock-sale (tp.)


/58  Solomon ka Dinuzulu to Rev. Oscroft, 28 Jan. – things are mixed up; would like to see him soon (tp.)


/59  Native Commissioner, Nongoma, to Rev. E.L. Oscroft, 5 May  – encloses list of the late Chief Solomon’s assets; little chance of creditors receiving more than a small percentage of the sums due to them (tp.)


/60  L.E. Oscroft to Messrs. Shaw and Co., 30 May – refers to their previous letters; on an amount owed for three wreaths ordered at the instigation of the late chief Solomon ka Dinuzulu; he was informed that the Inkata ka Zulu would defray the expense (tp.)


/61  Mshiyeni ka Dinuzulu to Rev. L.E. Oscroft, 7 Sept. – on the complaint of a teacher at Ekwandeni school; the affair is more of a criminal offence than an ordinary complaint; has instructed the police to take the culprits to Nongoma to meet the Crown prosecutor (tp.)


/62  D.M. Kennedy, Chief Secretary to the Government, to […?], 26 Sept. – on privileges granted for fishing and cultivating in the Caprivi Zipfel; on an agreement between the Government and the Government of South Africa; the Agreement was the best that could be reached; it is not now possible to obtain the more favourable terms they desire (tp. copy)



MS 495


/2/63    L.E. Oscroft to Mtwana, 20 Jan. 1934 – on Nhlopekazi Ndwandwe, who is in the employ of Mrs Oscroft, being fined for not turning up at court; he has secured leave on four occasions in order to attend; asks that his police speak to him first; hopes he is feeling better (tp.)


/64  D.H. Daninel Soko to the Paramount Chief, 25 May – refers to his letter of 11 May; on fishing permits (tp.)


/65  Arthur Edward Mshiyeni ka Dinuzulu to Rev. L.E. Oscroft, 18 July – invites him to National Function of the late Chief Solomon ka Dinuzulu (tp.)


/66  J.A. Cottrell to Paramount Chief Yeta III, 30 July – on permission to get Malela poles (autogr.)


/67  Ibid., 12 Oct. – encloses Minutes which he did not send with letter of 11 Oct. (autogr.)


/68  J.D. Naughton[?] to Yeta III, Paramount Chief, 21 Oct. – refers to his letter; on entitlement to the big drums (tp.)


/69  J.C. de Graft Johnson & J. Bardsley, Joint Secretaries, Christian Council of the Gold Coast, to the chiefs and people of the Gold Coast, 19 Dec. – accompanies Memorandum on the customary law of inheritance; suggests ways of remedying the present situation (tp.)


/70  Memorandum on the Customary Law of Inheritance. 10 leaves (tp.)


/71  L. Clay, District Commissioner, to the Provincial Commissioner, 21 Mar. 1935 – on the two Marozi Indunas sent to investigate the food question and give orders relative to hoppers; one of them is ill; asks him to convey to the Paramount Chief his gratitude for the services of these indunas (tp.)


/72  G. Stokes to the Paramount Chief, 27 Mar. – sends the letter from the District Commissioner about the two Indunas sent to Mankoya to look into the food situation and to give advice; these men have done very good work; sorry that one is ill (tp.)


/73  District Commissioner to the Chief Secretary, Lusaka, 6 Jan. 1936 – forwards two copies of notes extracted from the District Note Book (tp.)



MS 495


/2/74    E.M. Sallands[?] to Mr Dundas, 10 Jan. 1936 – will get available information about the Batoka and Batonga; has a lot of notes on the former tribe but is hoping to write them up himself; on the Baila; on the Masubuja[?]; sends new year greetings (autogr.)


/75  Ibid. to the Chief Secretary, Lusaka, 7 Feb. – refers to his minute of 24 Oct. on the subject of the tribal history of the territory; forwards notes sent by Kalomo and Mazabuka; Mazabuka hopes to furnish further notes (tp.)


/76  Ibid., 11 Feb. – forwards notes sent to him by District Commissioner Mumbwa (tp. with autogr note)


/77  Ibid., 17 Feb. – refers to his own minute of 11 Feb.; forwards a copy of a history of the Livingstone District compiled by Sekwazwa and Kemuel Mahiritona; its accuracy has been checked; forwards some notes on Native Customary Law in the Livingstone District (tp. with autogr. notes)


/78  C.H. Hazell[?] to the Chief Secretary, Lusaka, 3 Mar. – submits a paper on the tribes of the Balovale district; regrets the delay; on checking the records of the District (tp.)


/79  M. Lukama Namonungo to P.C. Yeta III, 18 Apr. – letter in another language. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/80  D.H. Daninel Soko to District Commissioner, Mazabuka, 20 May – on permission to fish (tp.)


/81  Sikufele to the Big Government of the P.C., Aug. – on complaints (tp.)


/82  C.T. Adams[?] to MG, 4 Jan. 1937 – sends a book; the preceding one has been mislaid; hopes this will not make a difference to the information he is wanting (autogr.)


/83  A.G.[?] Marwick[?] to MG, 7 Feb. – encloses a copy of part of General Smuts’ speech from the National Review; has written an article on the proposed transfer of Swaziland to the Union; has sent it to the Times and the Star; will send him a copy; on Hilda Kuper (tp.)


/84  Extract from the National Review, Sept., including part of General Smuts’ speech on government policy regarding land for natives; includes part of Mr Pirow’s speech on the same subject (tp.)



MS 495


/2/85    Richard Matolano Jamela to Sakubona Mfowetu, 21 June 1937 – letter in another language (autogr.) [for translation see /2/111]


/86  R. Moorhead, Mapopoma Store, to MG, ibid. – sorry that MG has been in hospital; on his notebook; has made out a detailed account; on the death of Taffy Morgan; news of other people (autogr.)


/87  Lucy Mair, RAI, to MG, 2 July – on a memorandum of problems arising out of developments in the custom of ‘bride-price’ prepared by the standing Committee on Applied Anthropology; encloses the memorandum; is anxious to obtain information for persons in touch with native life; specifies which information she seeks to obtain; asks if he could send information by 31 Dec. (tp.)


/88  ‘Plan of Research on Modern Developments of Bride-Price in Africa’. 4 leaves (tp.)


/89  […?] to the Assistant Chief Secretary for Native Affairs, Lusaka, 14 July – on enquiring about a book, ‘Bulaba et Balubaises’; gives the information he has on it; asks that it be sent (tp.)


/90  Ronnie Lassiter[?], Government Veterinary Officer, Nongoma, to the Senior Veterinary Officer, Pietermaritzburg, 1 Sept. – submits annual report for Northern Zululand, year ending 31 Aug. 1937; on diseases of cattle. 7 leaves (tp.)


/91  Documents giving information about various diseases in cattle and other animals. 20 leaves (tp.)


/92  […?], Acting Provincial Commissioner, to the Paramount Chief, 18 Nov. – encloses account of a course of instruction given to chiefs at Mazabuka in June 1937 (tp.)


/93  E.G. Malherbe, Director, National Bureau of Educational and Social Research, South Africa, to ibid., 8 Dec. – refers to MG’s letter of 28 Nov. [not held]; notes MG’s application for a supplementary grant of £120; the total applied for is considerably in excess of his original estimate; his request will be laid before the Council at its next meeting (tp.)


/94  Chas. T. Adams to ibid., 21 Dec. – has today sent 8 books with ticket numbers as follows; lists the ticket numbers (tp.)



MS 495


/2/95    Lucy Mair to ibid., 2 Jan. 1938 – refers to his letter [not held]; on the memorandum on bride-price; hopes he can let them have something; should like something about the length of an article in Africa; hopes summaries will not be necessary (tp.)


/96  Umatalan Undwandwe to Sakubona Mkosi, 21 Jan. – letter in another language (autogr.)


/97  G. Halsted, Stansfield Ratcliffe & Co., Ltd. to Cobbler Maliti, 9 Apr. – on a boot closing machine (tp. with autogr. notes in another language)


/98  Johnson J. Njoko to MG, 25 Apr. – sends his answers to the questions; has answered in his mother tongue; shall be pleased to have any advice (autogr.)


/99  […?] Worthington to Yeta, 10 May – on the boundaries of Barotseland. 6 pages (tp. copy?)


/100 D. Malcolm, Chief Inspector of Native Education, to MG, 1 June – refers to MG’s letter of 10 May [not held]; will be glad to have some essays written for him; suggests standards VII to IX if the essays are to be in English, standards V and VI if in Zulu; suggests some ‘provocative’ subjects (tp.)


/101 Baden Shangase[?], Agricultural Demonstrator, to ibid., 22 June – sorry that he could not accompany him to Banganoma[?]; on the papers; has some leave so will have more time to work on them; asks for a loan of £3; [text in another language]. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/102 J. Jethro Njoko to MG, 28 June – refers to MG’s letter of 20 June [not held]; on meeting him; sends items for question 14 (autogr.)


/103 ‘Malaria Questions – Question 14’ (autogr., in another language)


/104 Mason C. Zulu to [MG?], 20 July – the Hoernles have written to ask MG to get in touch with him; he is going to Natal to teach on 28 July; is very interested in his people; on learning from each other; MG would gain a rounded knowledge of the Zulus if he had a Zulu to help him; Mr Jonathan Nkala would speak for him. 2 leaves (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/105  E.H. Lane-Poole[?] to Mr Hudson, 3 Aug. 1938 – returns all the documents of Mr Dundas’ projected work on the history of the Native Tribes of Northern Rhodesia; all the material must be arranged; it is a big task; suggests people who might do the work; shall discuss it with him further (tp.)


/106 E.N. Braatvedt to ibid., 24 Aug. – thanks him for giving him the opportunity to read his article on the Zulus; there is no very great difference between Natives and [Europeans]; points out several inaccuracies in the article. 10 leaves (autogr.)


/107 Ronnie Lassiter[?] to MG, 14 Nov. – encloses information in respect of cattle sales; on Braatvedt; mentions various other people; natives have been asking after him; will answer his letter later; this is just a covering letter with the lists. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/108 Somkele Cattles sale – lists of cattle sold with dates and prices. 2 leaves (tp.)


/109 [Ronnie Lassiter?] to MG, 14 Nov. – on his holiday which ended sadly; Donald was killed on the Pretoria road; is going to see Toby’s people; on the Langfields and the Braatvedts; seventy school children left this morning for celebrations in Vryheid; the old induna is sick; on the bus question; on Homo’s wedding. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/110 Gilbert G. Mkize to [MG], 30 Nov. – letter in another language. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/111 Ibid., ibid. – translation: thanks him for the book; on health; gives news of changes of personnel; on MG’s work (tp.); translation of Richard Matolana Jamela’s letter of 21 June [/2/85]: on MG’s illness; the induna greets him; on money (tp.)


/112 R. Lassiter[?], Government Veterinary Officer: Northern Zululand, to whom it may concern, 1 Dec. – testimonial for MG who is applying for the position of Lecturer in the Rhodes University College (tp.)


/113 Ibid. to MG, 4 Dec. – sent the testimonial; is with Joe in Durban; Matolane and his brother have not patched up their quarrel (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/114  Lewis E. Hertslet, J. Hudson Stockil & O. Townley Williams to ibid., 15 Dec. 1938 – a day is to be arranged for all who write on Native Affairs in Natal to get together; gives the aim of such a move; Senator Brookes agrees and will act as Chairman; asks for his views; there are already 70 names on the list (photocopy)


/115 P.P.M. Zama to [MG?], Jan. 1939 – letter in English and another language; the information MG wanted is hard to get; will try to answer his questions. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/116 Mason Zulu to ibid., 5 Jan. 1939 – letter partly in another language; on getting information for MG; will send it in Feb.; on his examination and plans to study for a degree; appreciates MG’s offer to help; on Mr Braadvedt. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/117 Ronnie Lassiter[?] to MG, 6 Jan. – on Christmas cards; on weather conditions; on his holiday which did him good mentally; on a teacher trying to ‘swing the lead’ on him over her pregnancy; on New Year’s eve; on Jae; Verna has broken her leg; Judah received a letter from him; on Richard; on Pretorius; on Oscroft; on the Voortrekken waggons and celebrations; he did not take part in any of the celebrations or see any waggons; the waggon idea was sponsored by Cape people; is dead against anything likely to intensify national feeling; Braatvedt and his wife are off to Pretoria; more news about mutual acquaintances; has been taking up too much space talking about himself; has no friend handy so burdens MG with burdensome details; on a testimonial he wrote for MG; is pleased he will be back soon; asks him to pardon his verbosity. 13 leaves (autogr.)


/118 M. Longfield to ibid., 7 Jan. – on his Christmas card; on life here [Nongoma]; on Mr Braatvedt; thought he was moving to Umtata but was then retained; on ructions at Mahashini; on a fight between followers of Maduma and Mabaca; on faction fighting. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/119 Philemon Zungu to [MG?], 20 Feb. – asks after his health; sends greetings (autogr. in another language, with tp. translation)


/120 J.A. Garrison[?], Native Recruiting Corporation Ltd., Pietermaritzburg, to MG, 9 Mar. – forwards figures which MG has asked for to assist him in his work (tp.)



MS 495


/2/121  Toby […?], Native Recruiting Corporation Ltd., to ibid., 14 Mar. 1939 – apologises for delay in writing; encloses some statistics furnished by Maritzburg office; on the difficulty he had obtaining the statistics; is not permitted to write a testimonial; on MG’s movements; gives news of various people; on the untimely death of his brother Donald; on Girdwood; on his new chief, Lowe. 4 leaves (autogr.)


/122 C.K. Allen, The Warden, Rhodes House, to MG, 24 Mar. – the Rhodes Trustees have agreed to make him a grant of £150 (tp.)


/123 Ronnie Lassiter[?] to ibid., 6 June – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; gives congratulations; looks forward to seeing them both in Zululand; on his ex vade mecum; on his friends in Maputa; on Matolane; the affair he wrote about has been settled; is sorry he has not written more frequently; news can wait. 4 leaves (autogr.)


/124 P.V.S. Ngcobo to ibid., 13 June – refers to MG’s letter of 16 May; on a letter which was not received; on an amount of money MG owes him; congratulates him on his marriage (autogr.)


/125 Malcolm Mangele to ibid., 11 July – [some text in another language]; did not receive the cheque; says that he needs a motorcycle; asks him to buy one for him; he will repay him when he gets it; hopes to see him in Sept. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/126 E.J. Thompson, Accountant-General, Lusaka, to the Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 20 July – refers to his letter of 14 July [not held]; on the cost of travel for MG and Mary Gluckman from Cape Town to Livingstone (tp.)


/127 B.J. Versfeld to ibid., 6 Oct. – refers to MG’s note of 3 Nov. 1938 which advised that MG would soon send statement of his expenditure out of his grant; he has not supplied this statement; asks for it urgently; would like a copy of his report when it is available; asks about plans for publication (tp. copy)


/128 Arnold Mawawa to ibid., 7 Oct. – offers himself for the position of interpreter; on his schooling (autogr.)


/129 K.E.F. Lewanika to ibid., ibid. – applies for situation as clerk and typist (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/130  Nicholas A. Funsani to ibid., 7 Oct. 1939 – applies for position as a native clerk; on his qualifications; on the languages he speaks; on his current salary. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/131 Robertson P. Chiswah to [MG], 8 Oct. – applies for position as clerk and typist in his department; on his education and qualifications. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/132 Notes by MG on candidate for the post of interpreter[?] (autogr.)


/133 Griffiths M. Mukande to ibid., 17 Oct. – applies for the post of Malozi interpreter; the Museum ‘wamandula’[?] can answer questions about him (autogr.)


/134 Follows, Acting Financial Secretary to the Government, to the Curator, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 1 Nov. – refers to his letter of 20 Oct. [not held] regarding MG; the press cutting refers to persons who had already arrived in England; the position as regards those who have not yet proceeded to England is different; only person with special qualifications would be accepted; MG should take up his appointment with the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute (tp. copy)


/135 Ronnie Lassiter[?] to MG, 6 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; apologises for not replying sooner; on MG continuing to work in Zululand; would be pleased if he came back; on the world situation; in Nongoma one would hardly know there was a war; on Oscroft. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/136 Nicholas Funsani to MG, 14 Nov. – submits a short account of Barotse Political Organisation; although he is not a Mulozi he has been educated in Barotse schools; is familiar with customs and information; on his knowledge of Silozi language; asks him not to approach his present employer. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/137 Nicholas Funsani, ‘Barotse Government Political Organisation’ (autogr., double sheet)


/138 Arnold Mawawa to ibid., 15 Nov. – refers to his letter of 11 Nov. [not held]; encloses short history (autogr.)


/139 Text entitled ‘Life in Barotseland before the White Man came’. 5 leaves (autogr.) [enclosed with previous item]


/140 B.J. Versfeld to ibid., 17 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter of 9 Nov.; sends a copy of the letter of 6 Oct.; an early reply would be appreciated (tp.)



MS 495


/2/141  [MG] to [B.J. Versfeld], 20 Nov. 1939 – refers to his letters; encloses statement of expenditure; on reasons for delay in submitting it; has made no plans about publication of his report; on publication of sections of the report (tpc.)


/142 MG, statement of expenditure covering period of research 8 June-24 Aug. 1938. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/143 J.A. Cottrell to MG, 20 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter of 16 Nov. [not held]; in Bulozi the royal clan is very distinct from the commoners; advises him not to employ Kaluwe in spite of his being a prince; he has a bad record including embezzlement; suggests he apply to the Paris Mission or to the P.C. Mongu for an interpreter; on Kaluwe’s history of the Lozi; mentions the Rev. Adolphe Jalla (autogr.)


/144 MG to the District Commissioner, Mongu, 22 Nov. – the Provincial Commissioner has agreed to his making a study of the Barotse; hopes he does not object to him and his wife working in his district; plans to arrive in Mongu about 28 Dec.; should like to move out into the native area and establish a camp near a Rotse village; on his plans (tpc.)


/145 Ibid. to Mr Cottrell, ibid. – refers to his letter; he has prevented MG from prejudicing his work; is grateful; on the advisability of employing a prince; mentions Kaluwe; on getting in touch with Jalla; glad to hear that he is preparing an English history of the Barotse; mentions Macgregor and Ellenberger’s ‘History of the Basuto’; shall be glad to share information with him. 2 leaves (tp.)


/146 Ibid. to the Provincial Commissioner, Barotse Province, ibid. – thanks him for cordial letters about his proposed study of Barotseland; his arrival at Mongu has been delayed by the war; on his plans; on being accompanied by his wife; should arrive at Mongu about 28 Dec.; plans to move out at once and camp near the village of his interpreter; encloses a letter to Yeta; is also writing to the District Commissioner (tpc.)


/147 Ibid. to Mulena yo Muhulu Yeta III, 23 Nov. – has come from England to write a book about Malozi life; asks to be allowed to live among the people; mentions his education and his time in Zululand; should like to make a camp near a village in the Mongu district. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/2/148  P.V.S. Ngcobo to ibid., 1 Dec. 1939 – refers to MG’s letter; was sorry not to see him; needs money; asks him to send some; has some papers to send (tp.)


/149 Ronnie[?] [Lassiter?] to ibid., ibid. – refers to MG’s two letters; on his saddle and bridle; is surprised MG should have been treated in such a manner by the N.A.D.; has had enough of them; the future is not rosy; refers to the information MG requires (autogr.)


/150 N.H.A. Malcolm Mangele to MG, 2 Dec. – [some text in another language]; asks about wild animals; asks about schools; on a motorbike he wanted to get from England; on MG sending money; on the war; on the death of chief Bokwe; on his successor. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/151 Ronnie[?] [Lassiter?] to ibid., 26 Dec. – apologises for not replying sooner; has been seconded to assist with the Rinderpest campaign; on his immediate movements; on the war; on assistance in connection with the matter with the Union NAD; refers to the information MG requires; there is little buying and selling of cattle amongst natives; hopes they both like Barotseland; will write again with his new address (autogr.)


/152 B.S. Hudson to P.E. Hall, 17 Jan. 1940 – on his editing the records of Tribal History; there is an enormous amount of work to do; it will be of great historical interest; is enclosing a copy of the Macdonell report on Balovale; personal news (autogr.)


/153 C.B. Breedt, Veterinary Office, Nongoma, to MG, 19 Jan. – sends him information about Cattle Sales at Mona, Somekele and Ulundi; gives numbers of cattle sold and amount realised (tp.)


/154 A. Lynn Saffery, South African Institute of Race Relations, to ibid., 2 Feb. – refers to MG’s letter of 26 [Jan.] [not held]; on his subscription; glad that the information was useful; on lending him Blue Books or other material; on the volumes of the Census which have been published (tp.)


/155 B.S. Hudson to MG, 6 Feb. – refers to papers dealing with ancient Barotse history (tp.)


/156 […?] to MG, 29 Feb. – refers to MG’s letter of 22 Feb. [not held]; is glad he arrived safely in Mongu; thanks him for dealing with letters; on some financial matters; on purchasing a tent; asks him to let him know if he wants anything from Livingstone. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/2/157  J. Gordon Read, Provincial Commissioner, to ibid., 11 Mar. 1940 – refers to MG’s application to shoot birds in Barotse Province; the Native Government has no objection to his shooting birds for the reasonable needs of himself and his native employees; encloses licence (tp.)


/158 Bird Licence (printed and autogr.)


/159 J. Gordon Read to ibid., 11 Mar. – on his request for permission to pursue researches into the social anthropology of the Africans in the Mongu-Lealui District; there is no objection provided these be conducted in the villages south of Mongu as far as the Senanga border (tp.)


/160 B.J. Versfeld, South African Council For Educational & Social Research, National Bureau of Educational and Social Research, to MG, 12 Mar. – advises him in regard to the publications which will contain articles by him, based on his research work financed by the Council; acknowledgment must be made to the Council; the Bureau will purchase a copy of ‘African Political Organisation’; the minimum number of copies required by the Council is 10 (tp.)


/161 Induna Ikangiwa Mumeka to MG, 25 Apr. – on not seeing him (autogr.)


/162 Liuma Sipula to […?], 3 May – letter in another language (autogr.)


/163 Ibid., 4 May – refers to his note; hopes to see him (autogr.)


/164 Singanda to […?], 6 June – letter in another language (autogr.)


/165 C.G. Trapnell to MG, ibid. – will be impossible for him to cooperate in the work MG suggested; explains why; on preservation of specimens; there is a lot still to be found out about Barotse agriculture; perhaps a scientific institution in South Africa might be interested in naming the specimens (autogr.)


/166 S. Maieya[?] to ibid., 15 Aug. – welcomes him home; on his operation; on his hospital room (autogr.)


/167 Induna Mukulwakashiko[?] to ibid., 10 Sept. – letter in another language (autogr.)


/168 Henry Mwanza Sibofu to ibid., 30 Oct. – thanks him for the meat (tp.)



MS 495


/2/169  P.Y. [Prof. E. Pratt Yule] to ibid., 17 Oct. 1940 – has found someone who could do some work for him in the P.M.B. archives; on the death of Busson; congratulates him on his marriage; on MG going to the Egyptian battlefields; the person who could do the work is called Pechey; on E-P (autogr.)


/170 Joel Mashekwa to ibid., 19 Nov. – on buying some cartridges from him (autogr.)


/171 Silumesii to ibid., 26 Nov. – gives general news from Lealui (autogr.)


/172 Mulena Mukwai & Ishee Kwandu to ibid., 6 Dec. – thank him for cheque for £2; wish him a safe journey to England (tp.)


/173 Ngandi Kangombe to ibid., 20 Feb. 1941 – letter in another language (autogr.)


/174 MG to Mulena Mukwae & Ishee Kwandu, 22 Feb. – on sending them some sugar; asks for information on various matters (tpc.)


/175 Jameson P. Liabene to [MG?], 1 Mar. – on the death of his brother’s wife; asks for money; encloses letter from his brother[?] 2 leaves (autogr.)


/176 Thomas Liabene to Jameson [Liabene], 25 Feb. – letter in another language (autogr.)


/177 B.M. Pechey to MG, 16 Mar. – apologises for being so long in getting the job done; has spent hours poring over the files of the C. Native Commissioner; the time that would have to be spent would not be worth the few items of data which might turn up; difficult to find any facts about the government actions; mentions Zulu reactions; is sending with his manuscripts some of the notes he took; still wishes to delve into some of the missionaries’ reports; is sorry that he has been so long and that the work has been fruitless; if MG considers that the data that might be forthcoming will be of value he is happy to continue. 4 leaves (autogr.)


/178 R.A. Jubb, Acting Chief Meteorologist, to ibid., 17 Mar. – is forwarding copies of Northern Rhodesia Annual Meteorological Reports up to 1837; attaches further statistics on hours of sunshine and mean monthly cloud amount for Mongu (tp.)


/179 Rhodesian Meteorological Service, Summary of rainfall 1937-40 (printed and tp.)



MS 495


/2/180  List of maximum and minimum [temperature?] for Mongu, 1938-40 (tp.)


/181 List of hours of sunshine and cloud amount for Mongu, July 1939-Feb. 1941 (tp.)


/182 Kangombe to MG, 27 Mar. 1941 – on money; on his daughter; on Nawala (autogr.)


/183 MG to the Acting Chief Meteorologist, 3 Apr. – returns the meteorological reports for Northern Rhodesia which he loaned; on some missing reports; thanks him for his help (tpc.)


/184 J.W.A. Parkhurst, F.H. Lowe & Co., to ibid., 5 Apr. – asks if he wishes to extend his insurance cover (tp.)


/185 D.J. […?], Archivist, Government Archives, to MG, 16 May – refers to his letter of 13 Nov. 1940 [not held]; members of the public cannot be allowed access to official records which are still in the custody of Government offices (tp.)


/186 T.O.P. to MG, 21 May – letter in another language (autogr.)


/187 Nawala to ibid., 2 June  – on his wife’s health; asks when he is coming back (autogr.)


/188 [MG] to the Provincial Commissioner, 4 Sept. – ‘Comments on “Memorandum concerning the improvement of recreational and economic conditions in subsistence areas”’. 5 leaves (tpc.)


/189 Induna Ambanwa to MG, 15 Dec. – letter in another language (tp.)


/190 [MG?] to Mutompehi Ishee Kwandu, 31 Dec. – letter in another language (tp.)


/191 George R. Norton to MG, 30 Jan. 1942 – on taking a copy of his thesis; he is reading MG’s thesis carefully; on becoming a member of the Institute; on the Russians; mentions ‘The church and the world’ by C.E. Hudson and Maurice Reckitt; on the isolation of ‘this country’; mentions Bernard Icely who is a priest in Ndola (tp.)


/192 A. Jalla to Mr Read, 4 Feb. – on MG’s essay on the writing of Lozi language; on the adoption of conjunctive or disjunctive writing (tp. with autogr. note from J. Gordon Read to MG)



MS 495


/2/193  MG to J. Gordon Read, 22 Feb. 1942 – on Tribute in Barotseland. 4 leaves (tp.)


/194 Ibid., [ibid.] – ibid. 6 pages (autogr. draft)


/195 MG to J. Gordon Read, 6 Mar. – thanks him for copy of M. Jalla’s comments on his paper on Lozi concordance; shall consider cutting the reference to ‘conjunctive writing’; on having the paper published in African Studies; asks if he would like copies (tpc.)


/196 J.F. Ritchie to ibid., 16 Mar. – refers to his file on the subject of Tribute paid to Chiefs; on the distinctions between ‘tribute’, ‘property rights’ and ‘gifts’; discusses his own experience; asks him to send MG a copy of this letter (tp.)


/197 MG to ibid., 19 Mar. – thanks him for the copy of Mr Ritchie’s letter commenting on his note on Tribute; on the distinctions between ‘tribute’, ‘property rights’ and ‘gifts’; answers some of Ritchie’s points; encloses a copy of the letter for Mr Ritchie (tpc.)


/198 J.F. Ritchie to ibid., 24 Mar. – thanks him for the copy of MG’s letter of 19 Mar.; on the distinctions between ‘tribute’, ‘property rights’ and ‘gifts’; makes some comments (tp.)


/199 MG to ibid., 29 Mar. – has received from Dr Richards a letter in which she states that she wishes to resign from the Directorship of the Institute; the Trustees may wish to consider the position again; presents his analysis of the situation; sets out the possible courses of action open to the Trustees. 3 leaves (tpc.)


/200 H. Vaux, District Commissioner, to J. Gordon Read, 7 Apr. – on native iron work; on the cost of purchasing iron items from native workers (tp.)


/201 Ngambela Wina to MG, 7 Apr. – thanks him for inviting him and Suu to dinner; thanks him for ammunition (tp.)


/202 E. Unsworth[?], Lusaka, to MG, 12 Apr. – thanks him for the copy of his memo on tribute in Barotse; would like to discuss it with him; asks him some questions; mentions Robinson. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/203 Gabriel Munyamu to MG, 1 May, note in another language (autogr.)


/204 Abrahama to ibid., 9 May – letter in another language (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/205  The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation, Ltd. to MG, 2 June 1942 – on the renewal date of his car insurance (tp.)


/206 F.H. Lowe & Co., June – ‘Notes on Third Party Insurance’ (tp.)


/207 Julius Lewin to ibid., 19 June – returns his article; should be glad if he returns it by 15 Sept. for the Dec. number; asks him to shorten it; on paper supply; the journal may have to be reduced in size; glad he likes the new format (tp.)


/208 Abraham Machai to ‘Mulena Gluckman’, 26 June – letter in another language (tp. with autogr. note in English)


/209 […?] to […?], 10 Aug. – note in another language (autogr.)


/210 Mulena Mukwae to MG, 11 Aug. – on the death of the Indala; hopes he shall visit this year (tp.)


/211 MG to Jack Simons, 15 Aug. – on family news; on plans for a paper and a book; Audrey Richards has resigned; on news of the war; asks for information about the experience of other governments regarding written wills for Africans (tp.)


/212 Ibid. to Lynn Saffery, ibid. – has referred the Government to him for information about the experience of other governments regarding written wills for Africans; hopes to see him when he goes south on leave (tp.)


/213 Ibid. to Senator […?], ibid. – has referred the Government to him for information about the experience of other governments regarding written wills for Africans; shall be in Barotseland until the end of the year (tp.)


/214 J. Zacharaia to MG, ibid. – thanks him about leave pay; on leaving the Institute; is now employed by the Internment Camp (autogr.)


/215 Brian A. Farrell to MG, 20 Aug. – apologises for keeping his paper so long; read it twice; finds it difficult to know what to say which will be useful; explains why; MG’s object is to formulate processes of social change; mentions certain respects in which MG’s formulation seems inefficient; asks him to excuse the ‘long and quite useless rigmarole’. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. corrections)



MS 495


/2/216  [MG] to Olga and Matt, 23 Aug. 1942 – heard from someone in Mongu that they said Mrs Rudge told them MG was a fifth columnist; asks them to write to say whether she did say it, or anything else derogatory; explains what happened when he met her (tpc.)


/217 H. Vaux, District Commissioner, to the Adjutant, Lusaka Infantry Training Centre, 10 Sept. – on a Driver who overstayed his leave; on the question of whether a maternal uncle can be referred to as ‘mother’ (tp. with autogr. note to MG)


/218 MG to Brian Farrell, 13 Sept. – thanks him for letter and illuminating comments; shall not attempt to make anything of his criticisms until they meet; [much technical argument on sociology] (tpc.)


/219 [MG?] to KuBoNgambela Wina, 22 Sept. – thanks him for honey; thanks him for allowing him to pay his respects to the Mukwae Mbuywana; on his visit to the Paramount Chief and the Moyoo (tpc.)


/220 Ibid. to BoNgambela Wina, ibid. – wants to collect examples of the inhabitants of the different types of villages in Bulozi; asks for his authority; on the information he wants from indunas; [many foreign words in the requests]; encloses draft of his reconstruction of the history of the makolo system (tpc.)


/221 L.M. Povall, South African Institute of Race Relations, to MG, 23 Sept. – refers to MG’s letter to Mr Saffery which has been passed to him; the Rev. Percy Ibbotson has drawn his attention to the Southern Rhodesian Native Wills Act; has asked him to let MG have particulars (tp.)


/222 P. Ibbotson to ibid., 29 Sept. – noticed that he was seeking information regarding wills for Africans; assumes he is familiar with the Native Wills Act in Southern Rhodesia; could send him a copy (tp.)


/223 MG to Harry […?], District Commissioner, Mongu, 1 Oct. – gives list of seatings in kuta (tp.)


/224 Ibid. to Miss Golombick, ibid. – pleased to hear that she is going to make the notes on Northern Rhodesian inheritance customs for him; encloses a copy of his letter in which he deals with the Lozi law of inheritance; outlines what he wants her to do; mentions references (tp.)



MS 495


/2/225  Ibid. to Rev. Percy Ibbotson, 5 Oct. 1942 – refers to his letter of 29 Sept. [not held]; he was enquiring on behalf of the Northern Rhodesian Government; assumes they have the Southern Rhodesian reference books; will pass on the details (tp.)


/226 Ibid. to L.M. Povall, ibid. – refers to his letter of 23 Sept. [not held]; Mr Lewin has written to him at length; the Rev. Ibbotson has informed him of the Southern Rhodesian legislation; thanks his Council for help (tp.)


/227 John Hewitt, Director, Albany Museum, to MG, 7 Oct. – has made an effective mount of Chizaluki; on MG collecting for him in Barotseland; describes the kind of material which is wanted; he has £25 to spend (autogr.)


/228 Ngambela Wina to ibid., 7 Oct. – sends present of three fish (tp. with autogr. PS)


/229 Matt to ibid., 9 Oct. – refers to his letter of 23 Aug.; cannot deny that Mrs Rudge said those words; does not wish to go against her; blames himself; does not think she meant it seriously; is moving into a house (autogr.)


/230 Induna Mwane-Chiengele to […?], 11 Oct. – letter in another language; note added from Solami to MG, on Mutondo (autogr.)


/231 Ibid., ibid. – note in another language (autogr.)


/232 Ny. Henry […?] to MG, 13 Oct. – letter in another language (autogr.)


/233 Musala Lwendo to ibid., 31 Oct. – letter in another language (autogr.)


/234 J.W.A. Parkhurst & Co. to ibid., 9 Nov. – thanks him for letter and cheque; on the renewal of his car insurance; encloses the necessary form (tp.)


/235 [MG] to Mrs D. Rudge, 18 Nov. – has a written admission that she referred to him as a fifth columnist; this is a slander; reminds her of the occasion on which they met; demands that she apologise in writing; has reported the matter to various bodies; expects signed copies of the apology to send to these bodies (tpc.)


/236 Ibid. to Matt, ibid. – glad he will be setting up house soon; mentions the matter of Mrs Rudge; on his plans (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/237  18 Nov. 1942 – slip with Mrs Rudge’s signature, signed for MG’s letter (tp.)


/238 Ngambela Wina to MG, 19 Nov. – the Paramount Chief will expect him on Saturday; has no objection to MG writing down the people at his Mulumbo; on Mary Gluckman (tp.)


/239 [MG] to Provincial Commissioner, Mongu, 20 Nov. – encloses letter to be filed; if he hears any of these slanderous rumours, he knows the source (tpc.)


/240 Ibid. to Mr Collett, Detachment Commander, N.R.P., Mongu, 24 Nov. – MG had made a remark that he was willing to bet that Maybank would be arrested; the papers had been full of the correspondence between Government and Maybank; on taking a judge to catch a plane; the judge had to fly back a day early; hence MG deduced Maybank had been arrested[?]; he had no inside information; the judge was recalled publicly (tpc.)


/241 Mulena Mukwae to MG, 30 Nov. – thanks him for cheque for £5 (autogr.)


/242 Yette Golombick to MG, 1 Dec. – asks him to excuse delay; has only sent material on three tribes; on a missing book; the material sent is not very good but there was little to work on (tp.)


/243 Ibid., nd – precis of inheritance practices among the Ila, the Lamba and the Bemba. 3 leaves (tp.)


/244 MG to Mr Vaux, 4 Dec. – on the query as to how MG knew Maybank would be arrested; it was thought there might have been a leak; MG wrote to the Detachment Commander to explain; reiterates the circumstances under which he came to make the remark; would be grateful if he [Vaux] could confirm his account to the Detachment Commander; MG did not know Maybank would be arrested, he made a lucky, if logical, guess (tp.)


/245 Mulena & Ishee to MG, ibid. – on coming to lunch (tp.)


/246 E. Rusty to MG, ibid. – the Director of African Education approves the purchase of 6 sets of photographs; would like them to be paid for this year; cannot manage to get to Nalolo (tp.)


/247 MG to Mr Unsworth, 6 Dec. – [very similar letter to /2/244]; has also written to Vaux; had no inside information; he made a lucky, if logical, guess (tp.)



MS 495


/2/248  Ibid. to Mr Collett, 6 Dec. 1942 – has not had an acknowledgment of his letter explaining the circumstances relating to Maybank; has written to the District Commissioner and the Crown Counsel asking them to confirm his account of the conversation (tp.)


/249 [MG] to Eric(?) […?], ibid. – hopes he received the copies of Lozi laws; on a case he listened to in the Saa-Katengo court; has been asked by the police how he knew Maybank was going to be arrested; he did not know it but thought it probable; said so in conversation with him, the judge and Vaux; asks him to confirm the facts of this conversation with the Lusaka CID; is trying to get to Livingstone by 24 Dec.; on visiting (tpc.)


/250 W.R. Collett[?] to MG, 7 Dec. – did not think he required an acknowledgment; encloses an official one now (tp.)


/251 Ibid., ibid. – acknowledges receipt of his letter of 24 Nov. referring to the Maybank arrest; is not in a position to say whether the explanation was satisfactory; also acknowledges receipt of letter of 20 Nov. covering copy of a letter to Mrs Rudge imputing slander (tp.)


/252 Ngambela Wina to MG, ibid. – on delivering some items for his wife (autogr.)


/253 MG to E. Rusty, 8 Dec. – disappointed that he cannot get to Nalolo; goes into much detail about the photographs; returns some books; on his work (tp.)


/254 [MG] to Julius Lewin, 9 Dec. – thanks him for letter and enclosure about the Native Wills (tp.)


/255 MG to the Chief Secretary, Secretariat, Lusaka, 18 Jan. 1943 – encloses notes on inheritance among the Eli, the Bemba and the Lamba; notes on the Kaonde will follow (tp.)


/256 [MG] to ‘Your Excellency’, 19 Jan. – as requested, submits his views on how agricultural production in Barotseland might be increased; refers to Trapnell and Clothier’s book and his own; on the absence of able-bodied men; on locally-employed labour; on migrants; outlines ways of increasing output; on the exorbitant prices charged for transport on the river. 3 leaves (tp.)


/257 Ngambela Wina to MG, ibid. – on Sianga’s visit to Mulundwe; on people’s health (tp.)



MS 495


/258 G. Abraham, Secretary, South African Council for Educational and Social Research, to MG, 1 Feb. 1943 – refers to his letter of 22 Jan.; has no trace of a previous letter explaining that his report was burnt in a fire which destroyed his camp in Barotseland; asks for a copy; has not yet received the reprints of his article; asks him to direct further correspondence to the South African Council for Educational and Social Research, as the National Bureau has suspended its activities for the duration of hostilities (tp.)


/259 B. Masani Muliya to ibid., 17 Mar. – has arrived home; on his health (autogr.)


/260 J. Friedlander to ibid., 3 Apr. – mentions Prof. I. Schapera, who suggested he get in touch; asks for a history of the Zulu with reference to the effect of European civilisation and industrialisation on their customs, diet, housing etc.; is studying tuberculosis in the Zulu in Natal; has much valuable material which he proposes publishing the results in the future (tp.)


/261 MG to Dr J. Friedlander, 10 May – refers to his letter of 3 Apr.; is glad to help; the data will require some digging for as he has been working for 3½ years on the Barotse; understands that he wants a written paper, ready for publication; describes his time in Zululand in 1936/8; is sending offprints which will show the main bias of his researches; when he knows what is wanted from him he will say what he can do to help; suggests others to get in touch with (tpc.)


/262 MG to Brian Farrell, 14 May  – thanks him for the trouble he took in opening MG’s eyes to the logical deficiencies in his training; has now got clear the logic of scientific method; will adapt the technique to anthropology (tpc.)


/263 Ibid. to G. Abraham, 4 June – refers to his letter of 1 Feb.; asks him to explain to the Council that his full report on Zululand has been delayed, as a draft of it was destroyed in a fire which burnt out his camp in Barotseland; describes the sequence of events; since then has managed to write a short paper on the Zulu but cannot spare time from his Barotse work to write up his Zulu work; shall do it as soon as he can; expresses regret (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/264  Julius Friedlander to MG, 10 June 1943 – refers to delay in answering his letter; his letter brings a note of enthusiasm and cooperation; showed his letter and offprints to his chief Dr Dormer; is at present composing the outlines of their anticipated survey; will send these as soon as they are written up; mentions ‘Zakki’ Schapera. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/265 G. Abraham to MG, 12 June – acknowledges his letter of 4 June (tp.)


/266 T.W. Azariah to ibid., 13 June – would like to talk to him about the coming of Ngambela (autogr.)


/267 Ibid. to [MG?], 14 June – arrangements for accommodation [for Ngambela?] (autogr.)


/268 MG to Dr Julius Friedlander, 29 June  – refers to his letter; glad that he found his work on the Zulu interesting; on the difficulties of inducing the Zulu to accept any scheme in their interest; mentions two books; does not mind him showing his work to anybody (tpc.)


/269 Ibid. to the Rev. G.R. Norton, 7 July – on previous correspondence in which he promised to send a copy of his paper on the Barotse; sends it under separate cover; asks if the copy of his thesis was returned; thinks he still has half of MG’s Oxford thesis; would be glad of it back (tpc.)


/270 Dr Julius Friedlander to MG, 13 July – refers to his letter; his chief Dr Dormer will be writing soon about the TB survey (autogr.)


/271 Joseph Muwanenula[?] to ibid., recd. 13 July – letter in another language (autogr.)


/272 T.W. Azariah to the District Officer, Livingstone, 26 July – on his cases and his wife’s cases (tp.)


/273 Ibid. to the Director [MG], 30 July – on his wife’s illness which prevented her from coming to see him (autogr.)


/274 George R. Norton to MG, 17 Aug. – thanks him for his book ‘Economy of the Central Barotse Plain’; on MG’s thesis; on his own thesis; on his correspondence in the Guardian on various points relating to Catholicism; would like to discuss with him the problems relating to the conditions in the coal mining belt of Natal; asks after MG’s ‘happy event’ (tp.)



MS 495


/2/275  Alexander Silumesii Mutila to MG, 19 Aug. 1943 – would like to see him on his private affairs (autogr.)


/276 [MG] to Prof. Herbert Frankel, 20 Aug. – thanks him for offprint; encloses a letter to him as Editor of the S.A.J.E. (tp.)


/277 Ibid. to the Editor, S.A.J.E., ibid. – summarises the arguments raised by councillors in the Barotse National Council on the fixing of the price of fish. 3 leaves (tp.)


/278 MG to George R. Norton, ibid. – on ‘Economy of the Central Barotse Plain’; on his thesis; on Norton’s thesis; on the Catholics; on the ‘happy event’ (tpc.)


/279 B.S. Harrison to MG, 16 Sept. – sends a batch of Labour Officers’ reports; shall be pleased to speak to the discussion circle; is not sure about writing an article (tp.)


/280 Kina Fukuyema Sundano to MG, 5 Oct. – letter in another language (autogr.)


/281 T.W. Azariah to [MG?], 10 Oct. – wishes his case not to be taken to the Urban Court; describes details of the case; asks that the native be given a severe reprimand (tp.)


/282 Sikwela Mwanangombe to ibid., 26 Oct. – letter in another language (tp.)


/283 A.M. Lewanika to ibid., 10 Nov. – has no food in his hut; asks for an advance; gives details of his monthly expenditure (tp.)


/284 […?] to ibid., nd – note ‘one copy sent to D.O’ (autogr.)


/285 Joseph Sianchambu to the Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 1/12 Dec. – asks for leave to go home and plough his fields and help his sick mother (tp.)


/286 A. de V. Herholdt, Assistant Registrar, University of the Witwatersrand, to ibid., 20 Jan. 1944 – confirms his appointment as external examiner for the M.A. thesis of Mr G.E. Brausch; a copy of the thesis has been forwarded to him; encloses a memorandum on the report to be submitted (tp.)


/287 Information sheet for the guidance of external examiners for higher degrees (tp.)



MS 495


/2/288  [MG] to the Assistant Registrar, University of the Witwatersrand, 30 Jan. 1944 – refers to his letter of 20 Jan.; accepts the appointment (tpc.)


/289 T.W. Azariah, African Museum Assistant, to the Officer in Charge, Livingstone, 11 Feb. – complains of an assault by men from the Regiment (tp.)


/290 [MG] to Sir John […?], 24 Feb. – can now give a clear summary of the central problem of the Bemba chart[?]; on the Bemba (tp.)


/291 G.R. Minns[?], Acting Provincial Commissioner, to [MG], 10 Mar. – on the return of two copies of his Memorandum; cannot yet return them (tp.)


/292 [MG] to G.R. Minns[?], 20 Mar. – as he is using the memorandum he does not require the copies yet (tp.)


/293 S. Chuagwe Muzungu to […?], 22 Mar. – letter in another language (tp.)


/294 Abe […?] to MG and Mary Gluckman, 28 Mar. – thanks them for letter [not held] and for all they have done; was in a depressed mood; it is awful being in business; is back at Mongu; on his plans; on various jobs he has applied for; asks if MG would make some enquiries of H. Priest; states the queries. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/295 Ibid. to Mary [Gluckman], 28 Mar. – on things he has sent; mentions a sewing machine; on a book ‘The Fall of Paris’; has made a few interesting notes for MG; on opposition to MG’s coming here; sends a birthday present for John. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/296 [MG] to Abe […?], 3 Apr. – refers to his two letters; mentions Wulfsohn; goes into much detail on Abe’s affairs; thanks him for information on MG’s work on kuta reform; on the opposition to his coming up (tp.)


/297 MG to District Officer, Livingstone, 14 Apr. – recounts a dispute between two of his Lozi employees and a prison warder, concerning the stealing of a woman; they want the dispute to go to him (tp. with autogr. addition)


/298 D.S.M. Setambo to MG, 19 Apr. – asks for money to buy a gramophone (autogr.)


/299 Wina for Paramount Chief to MG, 10 May – asks for a copy of his Plan in connection with the Reform of the Barotse Native Government (tp.)



MS 495


/2/300  [MG] to Paramount Chief, 15 May 1944 – refers to his letter of 10 May; has only one copy of his plan; is working on it so cannot send it; sent four copies to the Provincial Commissioner; is having extra copies taken; will send one when he can (tpc.)


/301 Ibid. to […?], nd – asks that general reaction to his memorandum be wired (text of telegram?)


/302 Abe […?] to MG and Mary Gluckman, 17 May – refers to their letter [not held]; sorry that they had been ill; asks MG to stay; on a quarrel which is still going on; asks MG to ask Ellis about his £90; on forwarding something to Mary. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/303 Edgar [Unsworth?] to MG, 26 May  – on MG’s articles; had considered writing a separate appendix but felt it might confuse the issue; makes some comments on the articles. 3 pages (tp. with autogr. PS)


/304 […?] to […?], 3 July – refers to letter of 22 June; on the Paramount Chief’s decisions on kuta reform; refers to enclosed copies of comments by District Commissioners; will write on return (tp.)


/305 Offince[?] to MG, 10 Oct. 1944[?] – on a boy to help him (autogr. note)


/306 [MG] to Mr Wattmore, 13 Nov. – sends copies of Rhodes-Livingstone Papers; lists people to whom he would like to send copies (tp.)


/307 [MG?] to Billing, 19 Nov. – asks if he would get some statistics on law cases coming to the native courts; describes what he would have to do; has made out sheets which he can fill in; does not know when he will be able to get out on tour (tpc.)


/308 Ibid. to Mr Cartmel Robinson, 22 Nov. – refers to his letter of 17 Nov. [not held]; on writing to Paramount Yetta about his memorandum on the Barotse Kutas; refers to brief correspondence on the subject; it is part of his training to be punctilious (tp.)


/309 H.A. Watmore to MG, 28 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter of 13 Nov.; does not think it desirable that the papers be sent to the persons mentioned in his letter (tp. with autogr. note)



MS 495


/2/310  MG’s Secretary to [H.A. Watmore], 2 Dec. 1944 – refers to his letter of 28 Nov.; has posted the publications to him as the first lot seem to have gone astray; on not sending the papers to the persons mentioned in MG’s letter (tpc.)


/311 MG to H.A. Watmore, 7 Dec. – refers to previous correspondence; will send more copies of ‘The Economy of the Central Barotse Plain’ if he would like them; on the Barotse not seeing the papers; is at present working on Lozi marriage and divorce; may need to make a visit to get data (tpc.)


/312 Jack Krige to MG, 29 Jan. 1945 – on divorce among the Lovedu; thanks him for his ‘Lozi Land Tenure and Organization of the Rotse’; makes some comments on this (autogr. pc)


/313 MG to Mr Watmore, 28 Feb. – refers to letter from his secretary of 8 Feb. [not held]; thanks him for permitting Mr Lemon to help him by collecting legal statistics; has asked Mr Guthrie to take photographs on the work of Government and missions in Barotseland for him; is not sure when he will be able to get to Mongu (tpc.)


/314 Ibid. to Native Commissioner, Louis Trichardt, 8 Mar. – asks about a point of inheritance law among the Venda; refers to Strayt’s work (tpc.)


/315 Ibid. to Prof. G. Lestrade, ibid. – refers to an article he published on political organisation of the Venda-speaking tribes; asks about inheritance law; mentions Strayt (tpc.)


/316 Ibid. to Dr K. Oberg, ibid. – refers to his article on ‘Kinship Organisation of the Banyankole’; asks him a few questions about the Bahima and the Bayli (tpc.)


/317 Ibid. to Dr Adam, 10 Mar. – on Evans-Pritchard’s essay ‘Some Aspects of Marriage and the Family among the Nuer’, published in Dr Adam’s Journal for 1938; Evans-Pritchard has agreed to MG’s reprinting of the study; hopes he will agree to this; encloses a copy of his proposed introductory note (tpc.)


/318 Selma […?] to MG, ibid. – refers to E.P.’s ‘Marriage and the Family’; on the events of the last few weeks; has got exit permit and passport; on the work she meant to do for him; is struggling through kinship theories (tp. with autogr. notes by MG)



MS 495


/2/319  Native Commissioner, Louis Trichardt, to MG, 14 Mar. 1945 – gives information about the inheritance custom of the Venda (tp. with autogr. note by MG)


/320 G.P. Lestrade, University of Cape Town, to MG, 14 Mar. – gives information about the inheritance custom of the Venda (tp.)


/321 MG to A.T. Culwick, 17 Mar. – is trying to trace the distribution of two types of law of inheritance; outlines these types; asks if he could tell him what tribes in East Africa have the two types of inheritance (tpc.)


/322 Ibid. to Charles Bullock, ibid. – is trying to trace the distribution of two types of law of inheritance; outlines these types; asks him to clarify a point relating to inheritance in his book ‘The Mashona’; asks him about divorce among the Mashona (tpc.)


/323 Ibid. to Native Commissioner, 20 Mar. – thanks him for the very clear information (tpc.)


/324 Ibid. to Selma […?], ibid. – congratulates her on getting an exit permit; it she could do the notes for him it would be very useful; on the Venda; on tribes which do or do not have ‘hut-property’. 2 leaves, marked ‘File Lozi Marriage’ (tpc.)


/325 [MG] to Prof. Lestrade, 21 Mar. – thanks him for the information (tpc.)


/326 Apr. – flyer announcing a Lectureship in Social Anthropology in the University of Edinburgh (tp.)


/327 Charles Bullock to MG, 4 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 17 Mar.; refers to MG’s quotations from ‘The Mashona’; on the Native Wills Act; refers to his own article ‘Can a Native make a Will?’; on the rights of natives to inherit land; on cattle; on divorce among the Mashona[?]; has resigned his editorship of Nada; on his eyesight 8 pages (autogr.)


/328 A.T. Culwick to MG, 10 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 17 Mar.; on the laws of inheritance among the tribes he has worked with; encloses a bibliography and a copy of Tanganyika Notes and Records; suggests he contact Hans Loritschoner; refers to a letter of 20 Dec.; mentions Dr Robinson (tp.)



MS 495


/2/329  [MG] to Charles Bullock, 24 Apr. 1945 – refers to his letter [of 4 Apr.]; on the Shona system of inheritance; thanks him for his exposition of the position among the Shona; thanks him for the data on divorce; expounds his own fundamental theory (tpc.)


/330 Jack Krige to MG, 7 May – refers to MG’s letter of 28 Apr.; on Miss Richards; on one of his students, Miss Scroggie, who might be of value in MG’s intended survey. 2 leaves (tp.)


/331 [MG] to A.T. Culwick, 25 May – refers to his letter of 10 Apr.; on bibliographies; on the allocation of property to each wife among various tribes; is writing to Koritschoner at once; mentions Robinson (tpc.)


/332 MG to H. Koritschoner, ibid. – is trying to trace the distribution of a certain form of inheritance of property among African tribes; Mr Culwick suggested he might be able to give him some data; on the two types of property inheritance (tpc.)


/333 [MG] to Jack Krige, 1 June – refers to his letter; on Miss Richards; on Miss Scroggie; his marriage thesis is likely to be held up for some time; on Schapera’s view of comparative work, and his own (tpc.)


/334 [MG] to the Director of Medical Services, Salisbury, 4 June – asks if he has an address for Dr White who came from England in May 1944 (tpc.)


/335 […?] for Medical Director to MG, 8 June – gives addresses for Dr R.G. White (tp.)


/336 [MG] to the Medical Director, 20 June – thanks him for Dr White’s address (tp.)


/337 Ibid. to Dr R.G. White, 3 July – Col. Fletcher told MG that Dr White is interested in the study of primitive peoples; suggested he get in touch; their Institute is concerned with the study of the reaction of the peoples of British Central Africa to modern conditions (tp.)


/339 Kalervo Oberg to MG, 24 July – on MG’s letter; on his work; has put down the answers to his questions; asks about Wilson; includes information about marriage among the Bahima and the Bairu. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/2/340  [MG] to the Secretary to the University, University of Edinburgh, 6 Sept. 1945 – on the notice of appointment of a lecturer in Social Anthropology; on the Institute undertaking a large-scale scheme of research; if they cannot get trained personnel he shall ask to be allowed to resign; should they find personnel he will be obliged to stay; is therefore unable to submit an application; asks him to inform him if he fails to fill the lectureship; sends CV and list of publications (tp.)


/341 [MG] to Dr Oberg, 14 Sept. – on the death of Godfrey Wilson; on his wife; will send him a copy of his research plan and his last report; is grateful for the information about the Bhima and Bairu; has had to suspend his study on marriage as he was asked to do a study on land tenure; on collaboration with agriculturists (tpc.)


/342 MG to the Hon. the Chief Secretary, 15 Sept. – on the African Land Tenure Committee Report, Part I. 8 pages (cyclostyled?)


/343 Ibid., 24 Sept. – ibid. 3 leaves (cyclostyled?)


/344 MG to George [Norton], 1 Oct. – on his thesis; is very overworked (tpc.)


/345 Sam […?] to MG, 3 Oct. – on MG’s note and letter from Mr Vaux; will be sending a letter about local politics (tp.)


/346 J.H. Wallace, Chief Secretary, Lusaka, to MG, 15 Oct. – refers to MG’s letter of 3 Oct. [not held]; is directed to transmit the following pamphlets; lists these; the plans contained in these memoranda have been coordinated with the proposals for development made in Mr Clay’s memorandum; these plans have not yet been considered by Government; they may have to be modified or reconsidered; also encloses a copy of the application for the establishment of five Development Centres in Northern Rhodesia (tp.)


/347 Dr J.F.C. Haslam, ‘Health Services Development Plans 1945-55’ (printed booklet)


/348 A.W. Frisby, ‘African Education Development Plans 1945-55’ (printed booklet)


/349 T.G.C. Vaughan Jones, ‘Game and Tsetse Control Development Plan 1945-55’ (printed booklet)



MS 495


/2/350  J.H.N. Hobday, ‘Livestock Industry Development Plans 1945-55’ (printed booklet)


/351 ‘Development of Social Services for Africans: Development Centres’ (printed booklet)


/352 [MG] to the Secretary, RAI, 16 Oct. 1945 – submits essays for the Wellcome Medal (tp.)


/353 MG to the Chief Secretary, 19 Oct. – refers to his letter of 15 Oct. with enclosures; notes that the documents have not been published; will file them in his office (tpc.)


/354 H. Heather, Asst. Secretary, Royal African Society, to MG, 26 Nov. – thanks him for letter and subscription; encloses membership form and Banker’s Order (tp.)


/355 Lotta [Opper] to ibid., ibid. – refers to his letter of 9 Oct. [not held]; on her journey to England; on her family’s health; mentions Padre Cross; mentions Malinowski’s daughter; she was supposed to go to Switzerland but could not get Swiss francs; on thieving; on prices in the shops. 2 leaves (tp.)


/356 Felicia Stallman, Assistant Secretary, RAI, to MG, 29 Nov. – acknowledges copies of his two essays (tp. pc)


/357 J.L. Gray to ibid., 14 Dec. – supported Fortune’s candidature but Rolle and Lewin preferred Jeffreys; cannot meet Mitchell and Marwick in Jan. as he will be in Cape Town; has not been ill (autogr.)


/358 [MG] to the Secretary, RAI, 17 Dec.[?] – cover note for three copies of ‘The Seven Year Research Plan on the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute’ (tpc.)


/359 [MG] to Billy [Allan], 17 Dec. – has dashed off the scheme hurriedly; if he considers it worthwhile he can discuss it with the Governor; Carey-Jones thinks the main point is clear; on the estimates; leaves it to him to take the line he wants to with H.E. (tpc.)


/360 Ibid. to Colin [Trapnell], ibid. – the total Territorial allocation is £2,500,000 from the Colonial Development Fund over ten years; refers to the ‘Tonga show’; put his ideas to Moffat and H.E. and generally the basis of the scheme seems acceptable; encloses his memorandum for ‘hacking’; goes into other details; on discussing the plan at a provincial meeting (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/361  17 Dec. 1945 – W. Allan & MG, ‘The Relation of Research to Development Planning’; refers to Mr G.F. Clay’s ‘Memorandum on Post War Development Planning in Northern Rhodesia’; the core of the plans were the development centres; now seems unlikely that these can be afforded; submit a scheme for an economical organisation of research on development plans; on the Tonga survey; go into great technical detail about the proposals; include an estimate of costs and estimate of African staff. 7 leaves (tp.)


/362 [MG] to I. Glynn Thomas, University of the Witwatersrand, 21 Dec. – on the preferring of Jeffreys to Fortune for a post; this decision will put social anthropology at Witwatersrand behind any other department in the British Empire; hopes the rumours are untrue (tp.)


/363 Colin [Trapnell] to MG, ibid. – is all for the general line of the scheme; the suggestion of mobile teams is a sound one; approves his suggestion for Agriculture and Ecology; on a Tonga meeting (autogr.)


/364 [MG] to John [Gray], ibid. – is shocked that Jeffreys will be preferred to Fortune; if Witwatersrand appoints him it will mean that no serious anthropologist would rank a Witwatersrand graduate as a scientific colleague (tp.)


/365 Billy [Allan] to ibid., 22 Dec. – thanks him for the Development Research typescript; H.E. likes the lot; wants them to send it to J.S.M.; wants to think it over (autogr.)


/366 [MG] to Billy [Allan], 28 Dec. – is glad that H.E.’s reaction is good; on writing the idea up for the Journal; on various articles which could be included; on people to be invited to the meeting (tpc.)


/367 Ibid. to Colin [Trapnell], ibid. – refers to his note on 21 Dec.; is glad that he approves of the general idea of the Development Research Department; on extending the scheme to Nyasaland; is glad he can come to the Tonga meeting; on an article for the Journal (tpc.)


/368 Statement of leave pay due to MG and J.D. Clark, 1 Jan. 1946 (tp.)


/369 I. Glyn Thomas to MG, 2 Jan. – refers to his letter of 21 Dec.; on the appointment of Dr Jeffreys (tp.)



MS 495


/2/370  Billy [Allan] to MG, 2 Jan. 1946 – sends New Year greetings; is giving active consideration to the Development Research plans; on Colin adding a lot of useful stuff; wants to have his say; hopes to let him have the revised draft in a week or so; he and Colin will have a meeting on 21 Jan.; on other details (autogr.)


/371 [MG] to Billy [Allan] and Colin [Trapnell], 4 Jan. [1946; wrongly dated 1945] – in response to Billy’s note of 2 Jan.; points out errors; on the meeting on 22 Jan.; on Development Research; on bringing the Dev. Res. and the RLI closely together; the RLI should remain independent; goes into details about the connection between the Dev. Res. and the RLI; on housing them together (tpc.)


/372 Ibid. to Colin [Trapnell], 9 Jan. – refers to his letter of 3 Jan. [not held]; refers to his own letter of 4 Jan.; on working in a bit about his agro-economic areas; on working these up for the Journal (tpc.)


/373 Colin [Trapnell] to MG, 16 Jan. – refers to MG’s letters; on his redraft of the Development Research scheme; on siting; mentions Colonel Robins; on the Millers and Winterbottoms. 3 pages (autogr.)


/374 Billy [Allan] to ibid., 18 Jan. – sends redraft of his memorandum; on Robins (autogr.)


/375 ‘The Relation of Research to Development Planning’, revised version. 10 leaves (tp. with autogr. corrections)


/376 [MG] to M. Brodie, Chairman, Housing Committee, 19 Jan. – on subletting his house while he is away from Mar. until Sept.; Mr Robinson is anxious to move in (tpc.)


/377 Ibid. to Iain [Glyn Thomas], 22 Jan. – refers to his letter of 2 Jan.; has had a gloomy letter from Audrey Richards; thinks it a tragedy that Edinburgh, N.M.C. etc. are breaking out into social anthropology when the shortage of personnel is so great; looks forward to seeing him in Johannesburg (tpc.)


/378 M. Brodie to MG, 23 Jan. – on the occupation of his house by Mr Robinson while MG is on leave (tp.)


/379 [MG] to M. Brodie, 25 Jan. – ibid. (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/380  William Allan to the Commissioner for Native Development, 8 Feb. 1946 – encloses copies of a memorandum on ‘The Relation of Research to Development Planning’ prepared by himself, MG and Mr Trapnell; should be glad if he could bring the proposals contained in the memorandum to the notice of Government (tpc.)


/381 ‘The Relation of Research to Development Planning’. 7 leaves (tp. with autogr. corrections)


/382 Appendix on ‘Agro-Economic Areas and Development Research’. 4 leaves (tp.)


/383 Ibid. to E. Rusty, 8 Mar. – is going on leave to England; on getting Milile to copy his mosquito boots, which are worn out (tp.)


/384 I. Isaacson to MG, 20 Mar. – on a parcel of stamps; on his part time business (autogr.)


/385 Mr Robertson to Mr Forster, 23 Mar. – on paying MG for an article (tp. copy)


/386 Secretary for MG to I. Isaacson, 25 Mar. – MG has left for overseas leave; acknowledges his letter of 20 Mar. (tpc.)


/387 H. Brink, Secretary to the Editor, Libertas, to MG, ibid. – sends copy of the Memorandum addressed to the Accountant (tp.)


/388 African Welfare Association of Livingstone to MG, 13 Apr. – invitation to attend its Annual Sports; programme is attached (tp.)


/389 Ibid., programme for Annual Sports (tp.)


/390 H.M. […?], University Registry, Oxford, 8 May – formal permission is not required for him to publish his thesis (tp.)


/391 Miriam[?] G. Church, Libertas, to MG, 13 May – is forwarding to him his photographs and negatives relative to his article ‘Human Laboratory across the Zambezi’; on having his articles republished in overseas periodicals (tp.)


/392 MG to the Editor, African Studies, 16 May – is about to publish his Doctorate thesis; asks permission to reproduce parts of the thesis which appeared as articles in the journal (tpc.)


/393 Ibid. to the Editor, Africa, nd – ibid. (tpc.)

MS 495


/2/394  MG’s Secretary to Dr Geza Roheim, 21 May 1946 – refers to his letter of 20 Apr.; MG is awaiting a passage to England; will forward his letter (tpc.)


/395 MG to the Registrar, University of Oxford, ibid. – thanks him for letter of 8 May (tpc.)


/396 T.C. Robertson, Libertas, to MG, 22 May – his articles are being sent to London agents; on acknowledging photographs (tp.)


/397 MG to the Hon. Chief Secretary, Lusaka, 4 June – on a minute on the subject of witchcraft. 3 leaves (tpc.)


/398 [MG] to Lotta [Opper], 7 June – hopes to arrive in England by the beginning of July; on getting in touch (tpc.)


/399 Joint Editors, African Studies, to MG, ibid. – refer to MG’s letter of 16 May; have no objections to him using the articles (tp.)


/400 MG’s Secretary to the Joint Editors, African Studies, 11 June – refers to their letter of 7 June; MG has left for England; will forward their letter (tp.)


/401 Felicia Stallman to MG, 24 June – he has been awarded the Wellcome Medal for his essay ‘The Seven Year Research Plan of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute of Social Studies in British Central Africa’; on the prize money; congratulates him (tp.)


/402 Beatrice Wyatt to ibid., 1 July – is glad to give permission regarding the reproduction of articles in Africa (tp. copy)


/403 MG’s Secretary to Felicia Stallman, 4 July – refers to her letter of 24 June; MG is due to land in England during the first week of this month; has written to him; gives his address (tp.)


/404 W.M. MacMillan to MG, 28 July – sends the ‘precious documents’; congratulates him on a good working liaison with the N.R. officials; good to see him in London; no more news from J.D.R.J. (autogr.)


/405 Barclays Bank Ltd. to ibid., 9 Sept. – on income tax in the United Kingdom (tp. copy)


/406 [MG] to Capt. Graham, 7 Oct. – thanks him for pleasant voyage; sends two illustrated articles; hopes that his next voyage to England will be with him (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/407  Ibid. to Jack Simons, 7 Oct. 1946 – on Ray’s confinement; sends copies of his reviews of B.M.’s books; asks him to comment; encloses a set-out of his own point of view (tpc.)


/408 Felicia Stallman to MG, ibid. – has only just received the Wellcome Medal; is sending it; encloses cheque; asks him to acknowledge both (tp.)


/409 MG to Prof. J.H. Wellington, University of the Witwatersrand, 14 Oct. – wants to include an account of the human geography of Zululand in his book; asks if he knows a book from which he could make a précis (tpc.)


/410 [MG] to the Editor, East Africa and Rhodesia, 15 Oct. – on writing to Mr Vine but the letter was returned; on his seeming rudeness in not calling on him (tpc.)


/411 Ibid. to Messrs. Faber & Faber Ltd., 16 Oct. – is writing an anthropological account of Zululand; would like to quote Roy Campbell’s ‘Zulu Girl’ from his volume ‘Adamastor’; asks for permission (tpc.) [cross ref. to Faber permission slip]


/412 Ibid. to Dr Wulf Sachs, ibid. – encloses proof of his Zulu book with a covering letter to Littlebrown; on going to a university; Jan. is too soon; Evans-Pritchard and Fortes are in agreement that MG is the one they want for a lectureship at Oxford; would prefer it to Cambridge for at least ten reasons; (tpc.)


/413 Ibid. to Messrs. Littlebrown, Publishers, ibid. – Dr Wulf Sachs had suggested his name to them as an anthropologist who might write on the lines in which they are interested; encloses a proof of the arguments of his book on Zululand; refers to some of his articles to which they could refer if the proof is insufficient; Oxford University Press is interested; so he would like to know as soon as possible if they would consider it; as they funded his work, the Union Government National Bureau of Educational and Social Research have first call on publication; should try to persuade them to publish through Littlebrown. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/414 Ibid. to I. Glyn Thomas, 18 Oct. – thanks him for a copy of Marais’ Inaugural Lecture; was sorry to have missed him in Johannesburg; had a long talk with Mrs Hoernle who could put MG’s impressions to him (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/415  Ibid. to Mr Kennedy, Director, Africana Museum, 19 Oct. 1946 – the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute and the Rhodes-Livingston Museum have been separated under different Boards of Trustees; returns cheque to cover balance of amount advanced to him to purchase specimens; suggests he communicates with the Curator of the Museum; it has been difficult for him to go on tour and obtain specimens (tpc.)


/416 Ibid. to the Editor, the Livingstone Mail, 21 Oct. – refers to a review of ‘Understand the African’ by Dr J. Winterbottom in the issue of 18 Oct.; quotes from the review, on the intelligence of the European and the African; highlights two false implications made in the quoted paragraph; refers to Dr S. Bieshewel’s ‘African Intelligence’; we are not in a position to judge the African intelligence; finds no difference in innate intelligence between Africans and whites. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/417 Ibid. to Prof. J.H. Wellington, 23 Oct. – thanks him for the Geographical Report on Zululand; will return it very soon (tpc.)


/418 Ibid. to the Board of Anthropology, Cambridge, 25 Oct. – withdraws his application for the post of lecturer; has to make plans for next year; was unable to await their decision any longer (tpc.)


/419 Julius Lewin to MG, 26 Oct. – will use his article-reviews next year (autogr. pc)


/420 Ndate Sandongo to Sitenge Sandongo, 28 Oct. – letter in another language (autogr.)


/421 R. Sitonge to Bo Coisson Kangwanda, c/o MG, 31 Oct. – letter in another language (tp.)


/422 [MG] to J. Lewin, Editor, African Studies, ibid. – on a mistake in his review of Malinowski’s book; asks if he could make a substitution (tpc.)


/423 Jack [Simons] to MG, ibid. – would like to put on paper his reactions to MG’s ‘stuff’; agrees with him in criticising functionalism; on two influences on Malinowski’s approach to anthropology; makes further points on Malinowski; on functionalism; claims that it is incomplete; touches on a third factor which influenced Malinowski; goes into a great deal more theoretical argument; will send this; hopes he will muster energy to finish the job; on the birth of his daughter. 4 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/2/424  MG to Prof. J. Wellington, 1 Nov. 1946 – returns his account of the geography of Zululand (tpc.)


/425 Ellen [Hellman] to MG, 3 Nov. – thanks him for the manuscript he sent her; on elections; on MG’s reviews for various journals; she thinks his tone patronising and arrogant; gives her opinion of his ‘theoretical venture’; hopes her criticisms are due to her own lack of grasp rather than to weakness in his ‘theoretical strivings’; asks what his plans are. 2 leaves (tp.)


/426 MG to R. Sitonge, 5 Nov. – on him detaining Coisson’s wife against his or her will; Coisson is legally married to the woman; if she does not return at once MG will report the matter to the District Commissioner (tpc.)


/427 R. Sitonge to the MG, 7 Nov. – refers to previous correspondence on a proposed marriage between the writer’s niece and Coisson (tp.)


/428 Ibid. to Jack Simons, 8 Nov. – refers to his letter of 31 Oct. [cross ref.]; congratulates him on the birth of his daughter; good of him to write at such length; agrees with him; mentions functionalism; on the heat; on his Zulu book; has withdrawn from Cambridge (tpc.)


/429 MG to Ellen Hellman, ibid. – on his reviews; says she can keep the beginnings of his theoretical ideas; refers to her criticism; is now working on descriptive chapters of the Zulu book; answers another of her points; is planning to go to Oxford in Sept. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/430 Ibid. to R. Sitonge, 11 Nov. – refers to his letter of 7 Nov.; glad to hear that Coisson’s wife is leaving for Livingstone (tpc.)


/431 Peter du Sautoy, Faber and Faber Ltd., to MG, 19 Nov. – is glad to give permission for him to include ‘The Zulu Girl’ from ‘Adamastor’ by Roy Campbell in his anthropological account of Zululand; encloses invoice for the fee (tp.)


/432 Ibid. to the Secretary, Public Library, Livingstone, 25 Nov. – thanks her for Bird’s ‘Annals of Natal’ (tp.)


/433 Ibid. to J. Lewin, 26 Nov. – on another slip in his article on Malinowski’s book (tp.)



MS 495


/2/434  Izzy [Wolfson] to MG, 27 Nov. 1946 – thanks him for three volumes of his journal; encloses postal order; encloses a copy of the Report of Mr Bussey; family news (tp.)


/435 [MG] to Izzy Wolfson, 29 Nov. – returns the postal order; the journals were a gift; thanks him for the Bussey Report; on family matters; was upset by the news in last week’s Guardian (tpc.)


/436 Ibid. to T.C. Robertson, ibid. – congratulates him on his efforts in Libertas; has not forgotten that he undertook to give him a series of articles on witchcraft; asks if he would consider a shorter series of photographs showing aspects of native life; for example on the difficulties of measuring food or calculating how much food is in store (tpc.)


/437 Ibid. to the Editor, Trek, 30 Nov. – asks if he would be interested in the enclosed script of a broadcast he gave in July last year; has had a letter from the Editor of the Natal Witness about it; it is now too late for them to use it (tpc.)


/438 Universities Quarterly to MG, 6 Dec. – receipt for subscription (printed pc)


/439 Africana Museum to ibid., 9 Dec. – receipt (printed)


/440 W.M. MacMillan to ibid., 22 Dec. – thanks him for card and […?] which tastes good; on Cambridge and Oxford; he is going to be Director of Colonial Studies at St Andrews; refers to a N. S’man review pulling the legs of Hailey & co.; on the news; thanks him for the Trek article (autogr.)


/441 [MG] to the Town Clerk, Livingstone, 17 Dec. – on using the sanitary lane behind his house to get his car into the garage (tpc.)


/442 Rev. G. Michael Scott, Harold E. Sergay & Dr John B. Robertson, African Mine Workers Union Organising Fund Committee, to MG and Mary Gluckman, 23 Dec. – on the rights of Labour to organise into trade unions, and the right to withhold labour; Africans in South Africa do not have these rights; on the situation of the Mine Workers Union; asks for donations to help. 2 leaves (tp.)


/443 […?], Town Clerk, Livingstone, to MG, 27 Dec. – attaches Council’s authority for MG to use the Sanitary Lane for motor transport purposes (tp.)



MS 495


/2/444  Ibid., 27 Dec. 1946 – permission is granted to MG to make use of the Sanitary Lane for the purpose of driving his car into the garage (tp.)


/445 [MG] to the Town Clerk, 28 Dec. – thanks him for providing services in 1946 (tpc.)


/446 Ibid., ibid. – thanks him for permission to use the Sanitary Lane (tpc.)


/447 E.J. Waddington to MG, 30 Dec. – has received his letter about applying for an Oxford lectureship; does not wish to stand in his way; is glad to be named as referee; on the team working with MG at Oxford; at the last meeting it was thought that the matter should be deferred for later consideration (tp.)


/448 MG to Messrs Faber & Faber Ltd., 30 Dec. – thanks them for permission to quote from ‘The Zulu Girl’ (tpc.)


/449 Barclays Bank, 31 Dec. – form concerning power of attorney or mandate (printed and autogr.)


/450 [MG] to the Commissioner for Income Tax, ibid. – encloses income tax return for 1945-46; encloses memorandum of payments of premiums paid for insurance; on Compulsory War Savings; on missing certificates (tpc.)


/451 C.K. Meek to MG, 2 Jan. 1947 – thanks him for gift sent to his wife; on his wife’s illness; mentions Ian (autogr.)


/452 […?] to ibid., 3 Jan. – is sending some receipts; has been moving the furniture; hopes she will not make too many mistakes now Betty has left (tpc.)


/453 [MG] to Dr J.B. Robertson, 8 Jan. – is replying personally to his circular asking for a contribution to the African Mine Workers Union Organising Fund Committee; he and his wife sympathise; all their spare money is going to a more urgent cause; need not say what this is; as soon as the other matter is over will send as much as he can (tpc.)


/454 [MG] to Prof. W.M. MacMillan, ibid. – is glad the tobacco arrived safely; hopes the directorship at St Andrews comes off successfully; missed his review in the New Statesman; on things in Livingstone; is coming over on leave about Sept. and has applied for a Lectureship; on the rewriting of ‘Africa Emergent’ (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/455  Ibid. to Sir John Waddington, 13 Jan. 1947 – sends extract from Dr Fortes’ letter about the things he should cover in his reference for MG for the post at Oxford; some people in England feel that MG should remain here; has considered the matter carefully; on his circular letter; on refunding the Beit Trust for Holleman’s vanette (tpc.)


/456 Ibid. to Dr C.K. Meek, 17 Jan. – on Dr Meek’s wife’s illness; on his own work; on the birth of his son (tpc.)


/457 J. Thornton & Son, Booksellers, to MG, 22 Jan. – encloses revised invoice (autogr.)


/458 MG to Research Officers, RLI, 20 Feb. – sets down some notes on the structure of the corporate lineage system; quotes from a letter from Fortes commenting on the section MG wrote for the Lamba Report. 3 pages (tp.)


/459 Ibid., 26 Feb. – quotes from letter from E.P. about lineages (tpc.)


/460 [MG] to Messrs. J. Thornton & Son, ibid. – notes the change in the invoice; asks for statement of the total account (tpc.)


/461 Exeter College, Oxford, 3 Mar. – list of subscriptions to the appeal for contributions to found a lecture in memory of Dr R.R. Marett (printed)


/462 J.S. Moffat, Secretary, Development Authority, to MG inter alia, pre-17 Mar. – encloses copies of the Ten Year Development Plan for Northern Rhodesia; on additional copies (tp.)


/463 [MG] to Dr C.K. Meek, 17 Mar. – congratulates him on his appointment at Oxford; looks forward to seeing him there; on his staff conference; has got copies of his new books on land tenure but has not looked at it yet due to his own writing commitments; will write as soon as he has read it (tpc.)


/464 Ibid. to the Secretary, Development Authority, 17 Mar. 1947 – refers to his circular and the copies of the Ten Year Development Plan for Northern Rhodesia; will not require further copies (tpc.)


/465 Ibid. to Brooks & Son, 19 Mar. – enquires about renting a house from Oct. for a year; gives references (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/466  Ibid. to Barclay’s Bank Income Tax Department, 19 Mar. 1947 – asks some questions about tax matters (tpc.)


/467 Ibid. to Sir John Waddington, ibid. – has had letters from Evans-Pritchard about the appointments; another senior lectureship in social anthropology has been created and MG is to be appointed; has not yet heard officially but wanted to let him know as soon as possible; thinks he will still be able to help with the scheme here; is planning to meet Dr Colson in the next couple of weeks; thanks him for sympathy and support (tp.)


/468 E.J. Waddington to MG, 20 Mar. – refers to MG’s letter of 8 Mar. [not held]; sorry that the matter did not turn out as he wished (tp.)


/469 MG to Officers, RLI, 24 Mar. – encloses manuscript of his paper ‘Kinship and Marriage among the Lozi and Zulu’; lists a number of additional points on which he had been collecting data. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/470 [MG] to Sir John Waddington, 26 Mar. – has now had a letter from Evans-Pritchard to say that the lectureship has been approved; is grateful for his letter of 20 Mar. (tpc.)


/471 Ibid. to Fletcher, ibid. – on his wife coming late to a garden party as her son is only four months old (tpc.)


/472 Alan Campbell Craig, Goldby, Panchaud & Webber, Chartered Accountants, to MG, 1 Apr. [1947?] – refers to his note; apologises for not replying about the insurance scheme before; goes into detail about it; describes different insurance and building society schemes. 3 pages (autogr.)


/473 W.M. MacMillan to ibid., 4 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 8 Jan., and present of tobacco; has handed in ‘Africa Emergent’ to Penguin; on long trips to London and St Andrews; on the British weather; refers to the second edition of Hailey; on seeing people in Oxford; on house-hunting; hopes his Oxford plan has come off; on his son (autogr.)


/474 Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, statement of salary, cost of living allowance and insurance paid to MG 5 Apr. 1946-4 Apr. 1947 (tp.)


/475 C.K. Meek to ibid., 14 Apr. – thanks him for his kind letter; if MG comes to Oxford the School of Anthropology will not have suffered by his [Meek’s] appointment; on his wife’s operation (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/476  MG to His Excellency the Governor General of the Belgian Congo, 14 Apr. 1947. – on the possibility of his visiting the Congo; gives details about himself; gives details about the Institute and its staff; should he be able to visit the Congo, would like to see something of the mining region of Katanga, and to go into the Luba country or the Lake Dilolo region; is grateful to his Excellency for his interest; cannot exactly foresee what his movements will be (tpc.)


/477 Herbert Dulake & Co. to MG, 21 Apr. – fear there is nothing they can offer to rent in or near Oxford; advise him to put advertisements in the Oxford Mail and the Oxford Times (tp.)


/478 [MG] to Alan C. Craig, 23 Apr. – refers to his letter of 1 Apr.; thanks him for the trouble he has taken; would be grateful if he would work the building society scheme for them; on housing; is in a rush as he is leaving to go on tour in Barotseland (tpc.)


/479 [MG] to Dr C.K. Meek, 24 Apr. – sorry that his wife has had an operation; is looking forward to Oxford and to working with him; hopes his people will come to Oxford with him (tpc.)


/480 James Styles & Whitlock to MG, ibid. – refers to his enquiry of 19 Mar.; has not houses to let at present; suggests he get in touch in Oct. (tp.)


/481 E.J. Brooks & Son to ibid., ibid. – refer to his letter of 19 Apr.; think he will find it almost impossible to obtain an unfurnished house to let; occasionally hear of furnished houses; will keep his name in mind (tp.)


/482 Mary Gluckman to MG, 27 Apr. – mostly personal news. 8 leaves (autogr. and tp.)


/483 Barclays Bank Ltd., Income Tax Department, to MG, 1 May – answers the questions contained in his letter of 19 Mar. about income tax (tp.)


/484 A.T.B. Elwin[?] to ibid., 6 May – thanks him for his letter of 4 May [not held]; asks him not to delay the Paramount Chief Imwiko; will provide him with a plan of the seating arrangements in the Saa-Sikala (tp.)


/485 L. Petillon, Vice Governor General, to ibid., 14 May – refers to MG’s letter of 14 Apr.; has recommended him to the Governors of Elisabethville and Lusambo; he will receive all necessary help during his visit to the Congo (tp., in French)



MS 495


/2/486  Joel Zaza Mashekwa to MG[?], 17 May 1947 – has a bad leg and is bedridden; asks him to send some tobacco (autogr.)


/487 Mulena Mukwae to ibid., ibid. – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; on MG’s kindness during a stay at Livingstone; general greetings (tp.)


/488 A.M. Lewanika to ibid., 19 May – on paddlers for his barge; on his wife (autogr.)


/489 Herbert Coblans, Natal University College Library, to ibid., 20 May – Prof. Krige has asked him to order the following books; gives a list; suggests he send them by train; congratulates him on his Oxford job (tp.)


/490 Mary Gluckman to ibid., 21 May – mostly personal news. 4 leaves (tp.)


/491 Phyllis Puckle to ibid., 26 May – EP has asked her to write to say that MG’s appointment has now been approved by the General Board; going before Congregation is a pure formality; he will have time to resign before 9 June; on the weather (tp.)


/492 Wina Ngambela to ibid., 27 May – sends a piece of meat as a present from the Paramount Chief (tp. with autogr. PS)


/493 Ibid., ibid. – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; he and the Paramount Chief will be glad to see him; sends another piece of meat (autogr.)


/494 Ibid., nd – thanks him for the note; on coming over (autogr.)


/495 K.C. Turpin to ibid., 27 May – the General Board has given its approval to his appointment; it will shortly be submitted to Congregation; on the terms of his appointment (tp.)


/496 K.W. Seta for Chief Yeta to MG, 28 May – letter in another language (tp.)


/497 Mary Gluckman to ibid., ibid. – mostly personal news. 2 leaves (tp.)


/498 K.W. Seta to [MG?], 29 May – asks for petrol and a battery for his car (autogr.)


/499 Imwiko to MG, ibid. – thanks him for newspaper cuttings; sends him a chicken (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/500  Phyllis Puckle to ibid., 30 May 1947 – refers to his letter of 23 Apr. to E.P. [not held]; on Huntingford’s application; on the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute being admitted in to the Federated Superannuation System for Universities; on a heatwave (tp.)


/501 K.W. Seta for Chief Yeta to ibid., 31 May – he failed to see the Chief; on the car; he has no time at present (tp.)


/502 Phyllis Puckle to ibid., 3 June – the University approved his appointment today; it may be some days before the official notice is sent; gives the terms of the appointment as published in the University Gazette; on limitations regarding outside teaching (tp.)


/503 K.C. Turpin to ibid., 5 June – the Congregation has approved his appointment; the terms are as given in his letter of 27 May; includes a copy of this letter (tp.)


/504 Kakondo and Daniel[?] to ibid., 6 June – on paddlers; letter in another language; [on verso:] on a dispute about payment for paddlers[?]; on paying for two boys who were ill (autogr. and tp.)


/505 MG to K.C. Turpin, 9 June – refers to his letter of 5 June; has pleasure in accepting the lectureship; notes the conditions of appointment; asks about increments, children’s allowance and superannuation; on travel arrangements; on taking up the post a few days late (tpc.)


/506 Ibid. to His Excellency the Vice-Gouverneur General, Belgian Congo, 12 June – refers to his letter [of 14 May]; has troubled him to no purpose as he has been appointed to a senior lectureship in Oxford and is leaving for England a month earlier than planned; this will prevent him visiting his country; apologises (tpc.)


/507 Ibid. to Cobbie [Herbert Coblans], ibid. – refers to his letter of 20 May; on the books; on posting them; on his lectureship; the team are going to Oxford for a year (tp.)


/508 [MG?] to Mulena Makwai of Nololo, ibid. – thanks him for his kindness; on Chief Yeta’s car; his wife sends her greetings (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/509  Henry [Swanzy] to MG, 17 June 1947 – on MG’s two attacks on Malinowski; on Malinowski; on who is to succeed him; mentions Fleure, Fortes and EP; on other mutual friends; refers to the letter as ‘gossipy’ (tp.)


/510 A.T.B. Elwin[?] to ibid., nd – on Mankoya figures (tp.)


/511 […?] to […?], nd – acknowledges letter of 25 June; on making another Council in the Katengo; on the National Kuta in old Lozi times; on the decision-making process; on the new Katengo; on how the members of the Katengo should sit. 4 leaves (tpc.)


/512 ‘Letter from Nyakayoa, written 27 June 1947’, to MG – on ceremonies[?]; on makishi (tp.)


/513 Kalonga Wahibita to MG, 2 July – sends fowl as ‘Liyumbu’ (autogr. note)


/514 K.C. Turpin to MG, 8 July – on increments, children’s allowances and superannuation; on taking up the post a few days late (tp.)


/515 Imwiko, Paramount Chief, to ibid., 9 July – on his arrival; will send the waggon for his luggage (tp.)


/516 E.G. Clarke to ibid. & Mary Gluckman, 21 July – refers to their letter [not held]; on letting rooms; on their move back to Oxford; Geoffrey is now a policeman; mentions Nolly[?]; on the weather (autogr.)


/517 Telegram from Secretary of State to Governor, 25 July – on the appointment of Dr Colson as Acting Director from the date of MG’s resignation; on MG’s proposal to bring the research staff to Oxford from Oct. to June 1948; on Margaret Read meeting MG; reply from Governor: on the team going to Oxford; mentions Margaret Read (tp.)


/518 Ibid. to J.W.A. Parkhurst, 28 July – on the insurance on his car; will either be selling it or taking it to England (tp.)


/519 Manager, Alexandra Hotel, Muizenberg, to MG, 30 July – on rates for rooms between 12 and 19 Sept. (tp.)


/520 Thos. Cook & Son (South Africa) Limited to MG, 31 July – refers to MG’s letter of 22 July [not held]; on certain goods to be held pending his departure for the United Kingdom (tp.)



MS 495


/2/521  Greig Barr, Sub-Rector, Exeter College, Oxford, to ibid., 31 July 1947 – refers to MG’s letter of 24 July [not held]; on allotting him a room from 6 to 9 Oct.; after that it may be difficult; mentions Dacre (autogr.)


/522 [MG] to Mr Lipschild, 1 Aug. – thanks him for form for Automobile Association; has decided not to take the car to England; gives reasons why (tpc.)


/523 Ibid. to J.W.A. Parkhurst, 19 Aug. – on insurance (tp.)


/524 Herbert Coblans to MG, 22 Aug. – on his books; shall send him a cheque; on his work (autogr.)


/525 ‘Extract from Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Rhodes Livingstone Institute held at Government House, Lusaka, on 25.8.1947’ (tp.)


/526 [MG] to Herbert Coblans, 29 Aug. – thanks him for letter and cheque; asks him to get in touch if he comes over (tpc.)


/527 B.M. Masani to MG, 26 Sept. – thanks him for the false teeth; old Induna Namunda is dead; Simhala has a baby; on Dr Colson; mentions the ten shillings a month as MG said. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/528 Thos. Cook & Son (South Africa) Limited to MG, 3 Oct. – encloses debit notes in connection with the shipment of packages (tp.)


/529 MG’s Secretary to Thos. Cook & Son (South Africa) Limited, 14 Oct. – refers to their letter of 3 Oct.; on a mistake in the invoice; encloses payment (tpc.)


/530 Thos. Cook & Son (South Africa) Limited to the Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 20 Oct. – returns the cheque as it is made out to MG (tp.)


/531 MG’s Secretary to Thos. Cook & Son (South Africa) Limited, 27 Oct. – sent a corrected cheque; it should have been registered; asks to be informed when it arrives (tpc.)


/532 Thos. Cook & Son (South Africa) Limited to the Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 6 Nov. – the cheque has arrived safely; have heard from MG who advises that one package failed to arrive at destination; on forwarding the cover note so that MG can make a claim (tp.)


/533 MG’s Secretary to Thos. Cook & Son (South Africa) Limited, 11 Nov. – is forwarding the cover note (tpc.)

MS 495


/2/534  Government Circular, 29 Nov. 1947 – on War Bonus for European Civil Servants (tp.)


/535 P.A. Wilson, Secretary, Social Science Research Council, to MG, Dec. – on the Luapula Grant; the Institute’s proposals were for a preliminary investigation of the social organisation of the people in this area; the Council stipulated that Ian Cunnison be appointed; on other conditions; encloses copies of an extract from his research plan (tp. copy with autogr. note)


/536 Government Circular, 1 Dec. – on Temporary Adjustment of Salaries for European Civil Servants (tp.)


/537 MG to Betty […?], Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 12 Dec. – asks for roneoed copies of the balance sheet for 1947; asks for copy of the minutes of the last Trustees meeting; on the Luapula grant and the conditions attached; on Cunnison’s emoluments; on applying to the Beit Trust for Fellowships to study the Ila and Ndebele; asks her to write letters to various people; on looking for a house. 3 pages (tp. with autogr. notes)


/538 MG & Elizabeth Colson to the Secretary, Beit Railway Trust, 12 Dec. – submit a request that the Trustees consider attaching two more Beit Research Fellowships to the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; propose that these should be to study the Ndebele and the Ila; on these two tribes and the proposed Fellowships; on personnel; on the amount of the Fellowships. 3 leaves (tp.)


/539 Secretary to the Government Printer, Lusaka, 15 Dec. – asks him to send some publications to MG (tpc.)


/540 MG to Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 22 Dec. – sends statement of his disbursements; includes some brief notes (tp. with autogr. notes)


/541 Ibid., 23 Dec. – on paying Miss Colson (autogr.)


/542 Imwiko, Paramount Chief, to MG, 29 Dec. – refers to MG’s letter of 27 Nov. [not held]; has been busy with the National Council and the case of chief Mwenemutondo; on the rains (tp.)


/543 MG to Rhodes Livingstone Institute, 30 Dec. – on Marquard; on paying for printing of Journal 5 (telegram)



MS 495


/2/544  Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 31 Dec. 1947 – on final effort as Secretary; goes through a number of matters mentioned in his letters and cable (tp.)


/545 MG to P. Wilson, Secretary, Colonial Social Science Research Council, 22 Jan. 1948 – Elizabeth Colson has taken over from him as Acting Director of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; there are a number of matters referred by the Trustees which have not been answered; lists these; thanks them for the attention they have given to the affairs of the Institute while he has been Director (tp.)


/546 MG to Paramount Chief [Imwiko?] Lewanika, Feb. – refers to his letter of 29 Dec.; responds to some points in that letter; on the winter in England; is living in a small house and does not yet have an office; this is why he has not sorted out his photographs; will send photographs; is homesick for Barotseland. 2 leaves (tp.)


/547 Ibid. to Mrs Mosdell, Feb. – refers to her letter of 24 Jan. [not held]; thanks her for vouchers; discusses some of these (tp. with autogr. additions)


/548 Lwendo Musole to MG, 4 Feb. – on family news; sorry that MG has forgotten them; will say more news when he has a reply (autogr.)


/549 Mosses Chitema Musole to ibid., 7 Feb. – asks how he is; does not know where MG is; asks if he has forgotten him (autogr.)


/550 E.J. Whinster[?], Zambezi River Transport, to ibid., 21 Feb. – refers to his letter of 14 Jan.; the decision of the chief Secretary is now awaited (tp.)


551  Jean Mosdell, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to ibid., 26 Feb. – refers to his letter of 22 Dec. 1947; the auditor requested that she await his return before settling MG’s disbursements; refers to his letter of 14 Jan.; mentions Dr Lane; will send a copy of the Government Circular; on other correspondence she has forwarded; mentions Makishi costumes (tp.)


/552 Mrs Anne Miller, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to ibid., 8 Mar. – is doing a check-up of the library; encloses a list of books borrowed by him; asks him to send back any he no longer needs; asks him to check the list for accuracy; asks about the addresses of several people (tp.)



MS 495


/2/553  List of books and publications borrowed from the Rhodes-Livingstone Library by MG (tp.)


/554 Anne Miller to MG, 22 Mar. 1948 – has sent cards for the bibliography; on those cards she still has; on personal matters; on her work at the Institute (tp.)


/555 L.L. Situmo to ibid., 24 Mar. – for a long time has wanted to get in touch about MG’s research work; he used to see him while he was at the Victoria Falls Native School; thinks he could collect native customs for him; mentions customs to do with ‘raindoctors’; on the places where he could look (autogr.)


/556 [MG] to Anne Miller, Apr. – refers to her letter of 22 Mar.; thanks her for the cards; glad she is enjoying her work at the Institute; more on the cards; on personal matters (tpc.)


/557 J.G. Hibbert, Colonial Office, to ibid., 20 Apr. – addresses him concerning the appointment of Dr Colson; on an honorarium for her; MG seems to have instructed the Secretary of the Institute to pay this salary from Sept. 1947; Sir Gilbert Rennie asks on what authority he acted in this way; asks for his observations on the matter (tp.)


/558 Patricia Lederman to ibid., 25 Apr. – is a student at UCL; on a seminar paper she began on the Lozi of Northern Rhodesia; asks him to elucidate several points from his works on the Lozi. 4 leaves (autogr.)


/559 MG to Sir Gilbert [Rennie], [30 Apr.?] – on payment of director’s emoluments to Dr Colson, 1947. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/560 H.H. Hitchcock, the Beit Railway Trust, to MG, 4 May – encloses a copy of his letter to Miss Colson regarding the creation of another Beit Fellowship; assumes he will recommend someone; refers to a joint meeting at Bedford Square; is sailing for Rhodesia on 20 May; may meet Miss Colson on the ship (tp.)


/561 Ibid. to Miss Colson, ibid. – on the decision of the Beit Trustees regarding the establishment of further Beit Fellowships for the study of the Ndebele and the Ila; the Beit Trustees would prefer to concentrate upon the Ndebele; have agreed to create a Fellowship of £1,500 per year for a four-year study of the Ndebele; the concurrence of the Southern Rhodesia Government will be obtained before the Fellow is appointed (tp. copy)



MS 495


/2/562  H.J. Braunholtz, British Museum, to MG, 4 June 1948 – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; on masks; on the price (autogr.)


/563 T.B. Bottomore[?] to MG, 11 May – reopens correspondence on the subject of research posts in Rhodesia; is taking an MSc at LSE; will present his thesis in May 1949; should like afterwards to pursue his researches among more primitive peoples; is now married (autogr.)


/564 J.G. Hibbert to ibid., 20 May – addresses him in connection with the 1947 accounts of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; the Governor of Northern Rhodesia has forwarded copies of the unaudited accounts with comments by the Auditor; there are four items on which expenditure has been incurred without the sanction of the Board of Trustees; lists these; a copy of the unaudited accounts is enclosed (tp.)


/565 Rhodes Livingstone Institute, Revenue and Expenditure Account 31/12/47. 4 leaves (tp.)


/566 MG to His Excellency the Governor of Northern Rhodesia, 25 May – was surprised to receive the queries by the Auditor of four items on which expenditure has been incurred without the sanction of the Trustees; he is surprised because the queries should have come directly to him rather than through the Secretary of State; this gives the impression that the accounts were not kept in good order; answers the queries; comments on some other over-expenditures. 3 leaves (tp.)


/567 Ibid. to the Secretary, Colonial Research Committee, ibid. – refers to his letter of 20 May; has answered the queries in a letter to the Governor of Northern Rhodesia, President of the Board of Trustees; asks if he will show the enclosed copy to the Secretary of State; the expenditure was authorised, but the Auditor could not find authorisation in the minutes; this was because the secretary had left (tp.)


/568 [MG] to L.L. Situmo, 8 June – remembers him very well; explains why he has been so long in replying to his letter; on Mr Holleman working at Livingstone on the Shona peoples; suggests he write to him (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/569  G.M. Rennie, President, Board of Trustees, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 14 June 1948 – refers to MG’s letter of 30 Apr. on the subject of the payment to Dr Colson of an allowance from early Sept. to 31 Dec.; takes issue with some of the points in that letter; MG will gather that he cannot agree that MG had authority to authorise the payment to Dr Colson; asks for an early reply to his letter. 2 leaves (tp.)


/570 Ibid., ibid. – refers to MG’s letter of 25 Mar. containing his observations on the queries regarding the accounts; explains why he sent the unaudited accounts to the Colonial Office; he asked the Colonial Office to seek an explanation from MG of the various items of over-expenditure; is referring his observations on the queries to Dr Colson; encloses copy of observations from the Colonial Office on the 1947 accounts (tp.)


/571 ‘Extract from Colonial Office Letter … dated 31.5.48, addressed to Sir Gilbert Rennie…’ – explains fully why they feel they must have the audited accounts of the Institute before the Colonial Social Science Research Council can be asked to consider the possibility of recommending a grant; there are one or two points, besides those raised by the auditor, about which they are not quite clear; outlines these; sorry to trouble him with these financial details but are anxious to have the Institute’s finances straightened out as soon as possible (tp.)


/572 A.M. Lewanika to MG, 16 June – refers to MG’s letter of 30 May [not held]; gives family news; on the diaries; on the Annual Big Meeting for the National Council of the Barotse (tp.)


/573 MG to Sir Gilbert Rennie, 23 June – refers to his two letters of 14 June; will answer them together; refers to delays caused by referring the matter of Dr Colson’s position to the Colonial Social Science Research Council; mentions a previous instance involving Mr Marwick; on another case involving African research assistants; an organisation like the Institute can only work when it retains independence and decisions are made by the Board of Trustees; on the Institute in general; gives some judgment on the research work done so far; on having members of the team in England; next passes to the financial queries in his letters; detailed discussion of Dr Colson’s emoluments; detailed discussion of the accounts for 1947; apologises for the length of his explanations. 6 pages (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/574  Irene M. James, Public Relations Officer, the Rationalist Press, to ibid., 25 June 1948 – on some lectures of ‘Reason and Human Nature’ which Dr Fortes had discussed with MG and Brian Farrell; her Directors would welcome a course of six lectures on this theme; on the fee; on possible publication; on dates; on a venue; mentions their conference in July; encloses preliminary programmes (tp.)


/575 Preliminary notice of the Third Annual Conference of the Rationalist Press Association Limited, on ‘Reason and Unreason in Society’ (tp.)


/576 Notice of six lectures by Dr Frieda Goldman on ‘Current Theories of Personality’ (tp.)


/577 Jean Mosdell to MG, 1 July – on a payment for insurance; on another sum paid into his account (tp.)


/578 MG to Miss James, 5 July – refers to her letter of 25 June; cannot remember any definite discussion with Dr Fortes on this subject; Mr Farrell is away but will discuss it with him on his return; on attending the Conference; has now been in touch with Mr Farrell who also say Dr Fortes discussed no specific plans with him; should like to give the lectures but fears that he cannot; outlines his work commitments (tpc.)


/579 Ibid. to H.J. Braunholtz, 8 July – refers to his letter of 4 June; hopes to get down to the question of costs shortly; on payment (tp.)


/580 Ibid. to Sir Gilbert [Rennie], ibid. – on a reported decline in the birthrate of the Wiko in Barotseland; it would be necessary to have a proper sampling by a demographer to check this; on Wiko immigration (tpc.)


/581 Irene M. James to MG, 14 July – refers to his letter of 5 July which gave her some disappointment; appreciates his heavy commitments but asks him to bear in mind the possibility of lecturing; on his visiting the Conference; encloses a programme (tp.)


/582 G.M. Rennie to ibid., 16 July – refers to his letter of 23 June; is grateful to him for taking so much trouble; with the assistance of Dr Colson and MG’s letter of 25 May they got the 1947 accounts straightened out; hopes to discuss the affairs of the Institute with the Colonial Social Science Research Council when he is in London; should welcome the opportunity to talk to him (tp.)



MS 495


/2/583  James Murray, Acting Provincial Commissioner, to the Secretary for Native Affairs, Lusaka, 26 July 1948 – on the question of whether the Mawiko are or are not producing children; the question is worthy of study; there is much to be learnt of interest about these people; on Dr Evans (tpc.)


/584 Ibid. to MG, 29 July – thanks him for the copy of his letter to Sir Gilbert Rennie; attaches a copy of his last official letter on the subject; on the Mawiko (tp.)


/585 MG to Mwanamulena Mwendawelie Lewanika, 1 Aug. – refers to his letter of 16 June; is sorry to hear of the deaths in his family; on the diaries; on the death of the Paramount Chief; he aches to return to Loziland (tpc.)


/586 MG to Miss James, 28 Aug. – refers to her letter of 25 June; has heard from Dr Fortes and discussed the lectures with Mr Farrell; they are prepared to give them at the end of 1949; on the question of expenses (tpc.)


/587 D.F. Maxwell Sekambo to MG, 1 Sept. – gives his personal news; on Mrs Mosdell; on Dr Colson; on MG leaving Rhodesia; mentions Benson Masani, Nelson M. Nalumango and Joseph Mwanakatwe (tp.)


/588 […?] to MG, ibid. – on references on Zulu divorce; encloses references. 2 leaves (tp.)


/589 Irene M. James to MG, 13 Sept. – refers to his letter of 28 Aug.; on expenses; on further details regarding the lectures; encloses syllabuses of some of this year’s lectures (tp.)


/590 Notice of six lectures by Dr Frieda Goldman on ‘Current Theories of Personality’ (printed)


/591 Notice of six lectures by W.E. Swinton on ‘Reconstructing the Remote Past’ (printed)


/592 Irene M. James to MG, 21 Sept. – at the Alliance Hall the earliest available dates are in early 1950; if they prefer autumn 1949 she could only get Conway Hall; asks what his preference is (tp.)



MS 495


/2/593  E. Adamson Hoebel to ibid., 21 Sept. 1948 – on exchanging publications with him; shall send all his articles which are available; on other works of his; on the work he has been doing in the field; on the University of Utah where he is head of the department of anthropology; the reprints will be on their way before too long. 2 leaves (tp.)


/594 T.B. Bottomore[?] to ibid., 22 Sept. – on his application for an appointment with the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; is going to do some reading in anthropology; will visit Oxford again if MG wishes it (autogr.)


/595 Emrys Peters to ibid., 25 Sept. – on not answering his queries earlier; answers his queries on frequency of divorce; on levirate; on ghost marriage; on sororate; on impotency; on the marriage of a shaikh; on a couple of other points. 4 leaves (tp.)


/596 Irene M. James to ibid., 30 Sept. – refers to MG’s postcard [not held]; has reserved the small hall at Conway Hall beginning Tuesday 4 Oct. (tp.)


/597 [MG] to Mwanamulena, 1 Oct. – refers to receiving his diaries; asks if he could find out what happened in a case in 1942; asks many questions about the diaries. 4 pages (tpc.)


/598 Irene M. James to MG, 18 Oct. – on travelling and hotel expenses; asks which half of the term they would like for the lectures; sends a copy of the current number of the Free Mind (tp.)


599  T.B. Bottomore[?] to ibid., ibid. – on not attending a seminar; is anxious to do an urban survey; would rather wait; hopes to have free time for reading next year (autogr.)


/600 Dennis Humphrey to MG, 22 Oct. – Government will not agree to publication of his paper; it would stir up racial feeling; on Welensky putting a cartoon in his paper; on a recent inquiry for the right of home brewing; sent him some statistics; on Elizabeth; on MG’s talk at the British Association; gave a talk to secondary education types[?] at Munali (autogr.)


/601 Lukonga Mulinda to ibid., ibid. – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; on MG’s family; on his wife’s illness; Barotseland is in disorder since the death of the Paramount Chief Imwiko; describes this disorder; if he has not heard of this, will write again (tp.)



MS 495


/2/602  A.M. Lewanika to ibid., 1 Nov. 1948 – thanks him for the cheque sent as a present for his new baby; things are bad in Lealui; on the failure of crops due to flood; has delivered his greetings (tp.)


/603 MG to Dennis Humphrey, 4 Nov. – refers to his letter of 22 Oct.; on trying to get his essay published elsewhere; suggests Africa or African Studies; thanks him for other news; on the Summer School at Cambridge; on candidates for anthropology at Oxford (tpc.)


/604 Ibid. to Miss I.M. James, ibid. – refers to her two letters; is grateful to her for settling everything (tpc.)


/605 Ibid. to Mrs Mosdell, ibid. – thanks her for files; thanks her for manuscripts; asks about payments for the Makishi costumes; on an extra payment which he may be due (tpc.)


/606 A. Close, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 16 Nov. – refers to MG’s letters of 4 & 11 Nov.; on the Makishi costumes; on retrospective salary payments; on several other small matters (tp.)


/607 Joel Zaza Mashekwa to MG, 27 Nov. – has retired from teaching; has been appointed induna; refers to his stories of the late Mulena Mukwae; Siyanga did not give him a present (autogr.)


/608 MG to Lukonga Mulinda, 12 Dec. – refers to his letter of 22 Oct.; sorry to hear of the illness of his wife; his letter was the first news MG had had of trouble in Barotseland; should be grateful if he would get Maxwell to write down the whole story (tp.)


/609 Namakando Wina to ibid., nd – has received the fountain pen; he and Suu have lost their posts in the Kuta (tp.)


/610 MG to Mubange Namakando Wina, 14 Dec. – is glad he received the pen; has heard the story of how he and Suu lost their places in the Kuta; sympathises; longs to be back in Africa; is going skiing (tp.)


/611 [MG] to Barclays Bank Ltd., ibid. – on a penalty to be paid regarding his income tax in Northern Rhodesia; he has sent a cheque but the penalty has not been removed from the receipt[?] (tp.)


/612 Ibid. to Mrs Close, ibid. – thanks her for the information contained in her letter (tp.)



MS 495


/613 Mwanawina III to MG, 30 Dec. 1948 – thanks him for undated letter with good wishes for Christmas; thanks him for congratulations on his installation as Paramount Chief; on delay in replying (tp.)


/614 Moses Sitema Musole to ibid., 8 Jan. 1949 – does not know where he is; has left his training because of school fees; has asked the Secretary Control for MG’s address; asks how MG’s sons are; shall be happy to have a letter from him (autogr.)


/615 Sitema Musole to ibid., ibid. – letter in another language (autogr.)


/616 Gladys M. Wrigley, the American Geographical Society of New York, to MG, 17 Jan. – hopes he will call attention to the Jan. number of the Geographical Review containing ‘A Vegetation-Types Map of Tanganyika Territory’ in the Rhodes-Livingstone Journal (tp.)


/617 Information sheet about ‘A Vegetation-Types Map on Tanganyika Territory’ by Clement Gillman (tp.)


/618 M. Wina to ibid., 27 Jan. – refers to MG’s letter of 14 Dec.; on he and Suu losing their places in the Kuta; the floods have not yet come; on other indunas who have lost their posts. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/619 MG to Ngambela Wina, nd – refers to his letter of 22 Jan.[sic]; gathers it is a bad year for the crops and the fish in Barotseland; thanks him for news of discharge of councillors (tp.)


/620 Nelson M. Nalumango to MG, 5 Feb. – thanks him for letter [not held] congratulating him on nomination to be one of the first Africans on the Northern Rhodesia Legislative Council; on the death of his son; on changes in the Barotse cabinet; is busy touring the whole territory to see his constituents; on the Victoria Falls conference on federation; Maxwell Sekambo has lost his son; on Mrs Elliott; Mr J. Mwanakatwe has lost his daughter. 2 leaves (tp.)


/621 Namakando Wina to Paramount Chief Mwanawina III, 14 Feb. – it is a long time since he left the service of the Barotse Native Government; has had no word in connection with a reward; gives the history of his past service; on difficult times which took place during his time as Prime Minister; appeals for a gratuity in appreciation of his work. 3 leaves (tp. copy)



MS 495


/2/622  […?] to the Paramount Chief Mwanawina III, 8 Mar. 1949 – has rendered service for many years; mentions gratuity (tp. copy)


/623 Lwendo Musole to MG, 9 Mar. – refers to MG’s letter of 26 Feb. [not held]; on his schooling; on his family; on the demotion of the Prime Minister of Barotseland; on drought; would like to join his department when he has finished Standard 6 (autogr.)


/624 […?] to ibid., nd – gives account of the reception given to the Secretary of State for the Colonies (tp., incomplete)


/625 John S.B. Stopford, Vice-Chancellor, Manchester University, to ibid., 17 Mar. – the University is about to institute a Readership in Social Anthropology; is looking for the first occupant of the post; his name has been suggested; asks if he would meet informally and without commitment; suggests 27 Apr.; on the salary (tp.)


/626 [MG] to Sir John Stopford, 21 Mar. – on the proposed Readership; on seeing the documents describing plans for the Readership; he thought them too ambitious; explains why; this is why he did not apply; he would be happy to meet the Committee if they were prepared to discuss his views; encloses an outline of his career and list of publications; (tpc.)


/627 Ibid. to the Government Printer, Lusaka, 23 Mar. – asks permission to publish a map in ‘Seven Tribes of British Central Africa’; asks him to send reports of the African Representative Council and Hansard (tpc.)


/628 Ibid. to Mwanaulena Mwendawelie Lewanika, ibid. – hopes he and his family are well; asks him some questions (tp.)


/629 Ibid. to the Hon. N. Nalumango, ibid. – refers to his letter of 5 Feb.; sends sympathy on the death of his son; thanks him for news of the changes in the Kuta in Barotseland; on the question of amalgamation (tp.)


/630 4 Apr. – slip concerning entry to the British Museum Reading Room for MG (printed and autogr.)


/631 nd – rules relating to the British Museum Reading Room (printed)



MS 495


/2/632  Miss P.M. Speight, Assistant City Librarian, City of Johannesburg Public Library, to MG, 7 Apr. 1949 – gives bibliographic details of a book by Emil Holub, from the British Museum catalogue; on his bibliography of Barotseland (tp.)


/633 D.F. Maxwell Sekambo to MG, 14 Apr. – is still at the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; on Dr Colson and Miss Elliott; on MG’s letter of 22 Oct. 1948 [not held]; on the death of his son; Lukonga is away on leave; on news of other people. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/634 A.J. Lacey[?] for Government Printer to ibid., 20 Apr. – gives permission for him to use the Northern Rhodesia Tribal Map (tp.)


/635 Namakando Wina[?] to MG, 23 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 23 Mar.; on the shortage of grain food-stuffs; the house of the new Ngambela has been burnt; is running a Home-Store. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/636 A.M. Lewanika to MG, 26 Apr. – refers to MG’s letter of 23 Mar. [not held]; on the illness of their children; answers MG’s queries; encloses copies of Wina’s and Suu’s letters (tp.)


/637 MG to Sir John Stopford, nd – is pleased to accept his offer of a Chair in Social Anthropology; his hesitation arose from the thought of leaving Oxford only two years after settling in; is looking forward to a great opportunity; on moving expenses; raises several points to do with the establishing of the Department; on visiting Manchester again to discuss plans for the first year’s work. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/638 Ibid., list of expenses incurred in visiting Manchester for interview (tpc.)


/639 John S.B. Stopford to MG, 2 May – is pleased to know that they can go forward with recommendation of appointing MG as Professor of Social Anthropology; answers the points raised in MG’s letter (tp.)


/640 MG to Sir John Stopford, 3 May – refers to his letter of 2 May; Prof. Evans-Pritchard has asked him to resign immediately; he and Fortes are most enthusiastic about the establishment of the chair; explains why; responds to points made in previous letters (tpc.)


/641 Ibid. to Miss Speight 6 May – refers to her letter; is sending her a copy of his bibliography on Barotseland (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/642  Ibid. to E.C. Parnwell, Oxford University Press, 6 May 1949 – asks if he is able to give a quote on ‘Seven Tribes of British Central Africa’; sends copy with all corrections and changes; sends bibliographies; asks whether the bibliographies should follow each article or appear at the back of the book (tpc.)


/643 Joseph Mwanakatwe to MG, 7 May – refers to MG’s letter of 23 Mar. [not held]; apologises for not having written since MG left Livingstone; on his studies; has not been able to meet the Director of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; is working on translations; he may be awarded a scholarship for a course in London; on a promotion (tp.)


/644 MG to Dr Tyson, Librarian, University of Manchester, ibid. – is getting in touch with him in his capacity as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and as Librarian; asks him about affiliations which anthropology has in the faculty; suggests some journals which the library should take; asks what would be the best course for meeting his requests when the Chair is officially established; Thorntons have a fair collection of anthropological books (tpc.)


/645 D.M. Neale, Oxford University Press, to MG, 10 May – Mr Parnwell is away; acknowledges his letter; on the new copy; on the bibliographies (tp.)


/646 Ngambela Walubita to ibid., ibid. – thanks him for letter; thanks him for the pen; on his house burning down; on ex teacher Shibo (tp. with autogr. PS)


/647 MG to Mrs Close, 11 May – on two matters which he would like to bring to Dr Colson’s attention; includes a letter to Dr Colson on the subject of the disappearance of advertisements for [RLI] publications from various journals and the substitution of advertisements for publications of the Rhodes-Livingstone Museum; thinks it is a mistake on the part of the publishers of these journals; suggests she write to them (tp.)


/648 M. Tyson to MG, 13 May – there are no affiliations likely to affect him; will arrange for the periodicals he mentioned to be bought; suggest he lets him have a list of the works he would like; on Thorntons (tp.)


/649 W. Mansfield Cooper, Registrar, University of Manchester, to MG, 13 May – he has been appointed Professor of Social Anthropology; on the salary (tp.)



MS 495


/2/650  MG to Dr Tyson, 17 May 1949 – refers to his letter of 13 May; on filling the few gaps in the Library; has made a list of journals and books and starred those he thinks essential; has marked the books of which he would like additional copies; on Thorntons (tp.)


/651 MG, list of Journals and Periodical Publications. 3 leaves (tp., annotated in red ink)


/652 ‘Institute of Social Anthropology List of Recommended Books’ (printed, annotated in red ink)


/653 Book list for the Diploma in Social Anthropology, 1948-49 (tp.)


/654 E.C. Parnwell to ibid., 19 May – sends the original version of his essay on the Lozi; on the bibliographies (tp.)


/655 20 May – notice of a meeting of the Committee on Arrangements in Social Anthropology (tp.)


/656 D.F. Maxwell Sekambo to MG, 21 May – pleased to hear that he has been made a professor; the enclosed letter was written in Apr. (autogr.)


/657 MG to E.C. Parnwell, 23 May – refers to his letters; was shocked by the quote for printing the book; thinks it important to get the book out; is reluctant to change the format; has asked Dr Colson to let him know if she can raise the extra money (tp.)


/658 M. Tyson to MG, 24 May – returns a copy of his list; there are copies in the Library of books marked with a red tick; will have to talk about multiple copies as he is restricted as to book space (tp.)


/659 Henri P. Junod, the Penal Reform League of South Africa, to ibid., 25 May – refers to MG’s letter of 2 Apr. [not held]; mentions his father’s contributions to science in South Africa; mentions a biography of his father Henri A. Junod he has written; quotes from the book; on ‘The Life of a S.A. Tribe’ being reprinted; refers to MG’s ‘contemplated appreciation’ (tp.)


/660 E.C. Parnwell to MG, 1 June – on the bibliographies; thinks each should appear with the article to which it refers (tp.)



MS 495


/2/661  Mrs Close[signed ‘Web of Kinship’] to ibid., 1 June 1949 – refers to MG’s letter of 11 May; on copies of Paper no. 14; the papers he ordered have been despatched; his letter about advertisements has been forwarded to Dr Colson; on payments made to him; on the pamphlet Africa (tp.)


/662 A.M. Lewanika to ibid., 4 June – refers to MG’s letter of 19 May; on helping the Paramount Chief with his private correspondence; he found this helped him in his research work for MG (tp.)


/663 W. Mansfield Cooper to MG, 17 June – on MG’s salary (tp.)


/664 [MG] to W. Mansfield Cooper, 18 June – submits statement of expenses incurred in attending the meeting of the Committee on Arrangements in Social Anthropology (tpc.)


/665 B.H. Blackwell Ltd. to ibid., 20 June – on some books MG has ordered (tp.)


/666 MG to Rev. H.P. Junod, 21 June – refers to his letter; is sorry he has not replied before; on the biography of his father; thanks him for the translation of what he wrote about his father’s methods of field research; on reprinting ‘Life of a South African Tribe’; on his apprectiation of M. Junod’s work (tpc.)


/667 Ibid. to M. T. Badertacher, Secretaire General de la M.S.A.S., ibid. – asks if he can help him obtain a copy of Junod’s biography of his father; is planning to write an appreciation of the late Henri A. Junod; asks for the name of a bookseller (tpc.)


/668 Ibid. to Mrs Close, ibid. – refers to her letter of 1 June; he ordered three copies of M. Fortes’ ‘Web of Kinship among the Tallensi’; has sent them to Dr Colson, Mr Mitchell and Mr Cunnison; answers the points in her letter (tpc.)


/669 Ibid. to Ngambela Walubita, 22 June – refers to his letter of 10 May; sends sympathy on the burning down of his house; hopes the photographs will have arrived; on Shibo; will be moving to Manchester in Sept. (tpc.)


/670 J. Badertacher to MG, 25 June – refers to MG’s letter of 21 June; the book was sent yesterday (tp. pc)


/671 Quintin Whyte, the S.A. Institute of Race Relations, to ibid., 29 June – the Institute has been invited to become a Governing Member of the International African Institute; nominates him as their representative (tp.)



MS 495


/2/672  Beatrice Wyatt, International African Institute, to ibid., 1 July 1949 – sends him a copy of the Institute’s revised Constitution (tp.)


/673 11 July – notice of a meeting of the Simon Research Fund Committee on 18 July (tp.)


/674 ‘Simon Visiting Professorships Government and Administration’ – for consideration by the Simon Research Fund Committee on 18 July. 2 leaves (tp.)


/675 Joseph Mwanakatwe to MG, 12 July – refers to MG’s letter of 24 May [not held]; congratulates him on his professorship; has been awarded a bursary for a two-year course in London; is likely to leave Northern Rhodesia early in Sept.; on his replacement; on roles which he has had to resign in Livingstone; gives his addresses (autogr.)


/676 E. Devons to W. Mansfield Cooper, 12 July – proposes at the next meeting of the Simon Committee that part of the accumulated funds be used to invite eminent authorities to give public lectures; explains why he attaches importance to this proposal; suggests some people who might be so invited (tp.)


/677 W. Mansfield Cooper to MG, 18 July – Council have authorised the appointment of a Senior Lecturer and a Lecturer in Social Anthropology; have also authorised a grant for the payment of visiting research workers ; Prof. Gillon will not be coming to Manchester (tp. with autogr. PS)


/678 [MG] to W. Mansfield Cooper, 19 July – refers to his letter of 18 July; had heard that Gollin was going to Birmingham; seems like his chance of establishing a research department may come earlier than he hoped; on sending people to the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; on Manchester becoming the British centre for the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute (tpc.)


/679 E. Devons to MG, 20 July – the Simon Committee agreed on all his proposals; Radcliffe-Brown will be invited as a visiting professor in 1950; Miss Colson will be offered a Research Fellowship; on Mr Worsley; Mr Hutchins is on the short list for a Research Studentship; asks about letters from his referees invites him for tea; invites him to dinner (tp.)


/680 J. Thornton & Son, Booksellers, to MG, 27 July – has reserved a copy of Evans-Pritchard’s ‘Witchcraft among the Azande’ for him for some time; asks if he wants it (autogr. pc)



MS 495


/2/681  Beatrice Wyatt to ibid., 2 Aug. 1949 – has heard that he has been appointed to represent the South African Institute of Race Relations; enclose copy of the draft of the revised Constitution (tp.)


/682 Ibid., 4 Aug. – refers to his letter of 3 Aug. [not held]; two organisations have nominated him to represent them; this is not in order; it would be better if the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute nominated the Director as its representative (tp.)


/683 Leaflet about the International African Institute (printed)


/684 Constitution of the International African Institute, revised Mar. 1949. 15 pages (tp.)


/685 International African Institute, Report of Administrative Director, 10 Mar. 1949. 6 pages (tp.)


/686 Leaflet listing publications of the International African Institute (printed)


/687 International African Institute, supplementary publications list (tp.)


/688 International African Institute, accounts for the year ended 31 Dec. 1948 (printed)


/689 MG to Société des Missions Evangéliques, Paris, 6 Aug. – during his work with the Barotse people he became friendly with several members of the Paris Evangelical Mission; is anxious to acquire a full set of their writings; lists some works; asks if they have any in stock (tpc.)


/690 His Majesty’s Stationery Office to MG, 10 Aug. – on some items which are out of print (printed and tp. pc)


/691 James Nisbet & Co. Ltd. to ibid., ibid. – ‘Alone in Africa’ is out of print so they cannot help (tp.)


/692 Ch. Foltz, Société des Missions Evangeliques, to ibid., 11 Aug. – their librarian is on holiday; will give her MG’s letter on her return; the majority of the books he wants are exhausted or not published by them; can send him copies of their journal (tp., in French)


/693 Alan Craig to MG, ibid. – refers to MG’s letter of 24 July [not held]; gives some family news; is a Divisional Commissioner for Pathfinder Scouts; congratulates him on his new appointment (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/694  Moses Sitema Musole to ibid., 13 Aug. 1949 – letter in another language (autogr.)


/695 Karin Hissink, Frobenius Institute, to ibid., 16 Aug. – Prof. Jensen is on vacation; on a work of which he has no copy, which is out of print; Prof. Jensen would be interested in MG’s publications on the Barotse; on exchanging them for other publications (tp., in German)


/696 MG to Karin Hissink, 21 Aug. – refers to her letter of 16 Aug. and the work of Prof. Jensen’s which arrived; his own principal preliminary study of the Barotse is out of print; sends copies of two other monographs and offprints of various articles; should be glad to receive any copies of the work of her Institute; is interested in old German records of the region; lists these in case she can trace copies (tpc.)


/697 A. Close, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 23 Aug. – answers some points made in his letter of 14 Aug. [not held] (tp.)


/698 Karin Hissink to MG, 16 Sept. – thanks him for his letters and for the publications; will try to find the works he has indicated but it will not be easy; she will let him know (tp., in German)


/699 MG to the Secretary, Rationalist Press Association Ltd., 26 Oct. – gives statement of expenses incurred in going to London to give 2 lectures in the course ‘Reason and Belief in Social and Moral Behaviour’ (tp.)


/700 Ibid., nd – notes for ‘Lecture III – The Domination of Social Beliefs over Individual Ideas’ and ‘Lecture IV – Reasoning in the Relations of Social Groups’ (autogr.)


/701 C.B. Bonner, the Rationalist Press, to MG, 28 Oct. – is exploring the feasibility of constructing a panel of RPA lecturers; asks if he would consider invitations to speak; asks other questions (tp.)


/702 Philip Gluckmann to MG and Mary Gluckman, 12 Nov. – on the financial mess in which various Gluckmanns find themselves; on advancing money to Emanuel and Katie; on an economic blizzard in South Africa; on the Jewish community in Johannesburg; on family news (tp.)



MS 495


/2/703  MG to Ngambela Walubita, nd [14 Nov. 1949] – has heard of troubles in the Kuta; Commander Fox-Pitt said he had been elected Ngambela; congratulates him; sends greetings for Christmas; apologises for delay in sending the photograph; has been living in a hired house and has been unable to unpack his things; on Wina and Suu; sends greetings to various people (tpc.)


/704 Ngambela Walubita to MG, 1 Dec. – refers to MG’s letter of 14 Nov.; has been appointed to take the place of Wina as the Ngambela; sends greetings from various people (tp.)


/705 Eric R. Wolf to MG, 23 Apr. 1950 – on an offprint of MG’s ‘Malinowski’s “Functional” Analysis of Social Change’; shall be glad to reciprocate his kindness if he desires some publication from the United States (tp.)


/706 James A. Sinclair & Coy. Ltd. to ibid., 6 May – envelope containing negatives


/707 B. Sandler, Manchester Victoria Memorial Jewish Hospital, to ibid., 11 May – is interested in the mechanism of certain types of sterility; has found some evidence of a psychiatric mechanism; asks about sterility being imposed upon native women by witch doctors; asks about native methods of contraception (tp.)


/708 D.M. Neale to MG, 18 July – has received proofs of MG’s article and Mr Barnes’; has some queries; on the new diagram MG wants added; sends three sets of proofs of the illustrations (tp.)


/709 Ibid., 20 July – on Marquard and his broadcast (tp.)


/710 Ibid., 21 July – will publish the editors’ names on the spine of the jacket; can leave the copy for the jacket until after his holiday; sends three sets of slips; mentions Mr Barnes (tp.)


/711 MG to Barbara […?], 23 July – on proofs; returns three sets of illustrations; gives instructions for what she should do with them; asks if she could ask Turner about two queries which he cannot answer; spells out these queries. 4 pages (autogr.)


/712 Vic Turner to ibid., nd – gives the corrections relating to the two queries (autogr.)


/713 Barbara […?], MG’s Secretary, to Mr Neale, 26 July – answers the two queries in his letter of 18 July (tpc.)



MS 495


/714 D.M. Neale to MG, 31 July 1950 – on the placing of the maps in the contents list; tells him he can wait until he gets back to Manchester before doing more; Miss Colson’s article is the next one he would like back (tp.)


/715 Hans […?] to ibid., 9 Aug. – on the OUP proof reader; makes some specific point regarding the proofs; is in Chibi reserve; is anxious to hear what MG thinks of his manuscript (tp. with autogr. note)


/716 D.M. Neale to MG, 10 Aug. – refers to MG’s letter of 7 Aug. [not held]; on having a list of maps etc. separate from the contents list; on cutting out a paragraph in the preface (tp.)


/717 Robert H. Lowie to MG, 10 Jan. 1951 – on Dr Elsy Leuzinger; she is going to Rhodesia; needs MG’s and Prof. Forde’s sanction for going to the district in question; on his travels with his wife (autogr.)


/718 MG to Prof. W.M. Macmillan, 16 Feb. – on the terrible journey home he had; on a letter from Kepple Jones; on a thesis on North East Rhodesia and Nyasaland; will send a cheque for his expenses and honorarium (tpc.)


/719 Mulena Mukwae to ibid., 25 June – refers to MG’s letter of 27 Apr. [not held]; on the death of ex-Paramount Chief Yeta III; greetings (tp.)


/720 Alvin[?] Lubwama to ibid., 1 Aug. – on meeting him several years ago at Makerere College; he was a medical student then but has now turned to journalism; is taking a journalism course at the London Polytechnic this year; looks forward to meeting him again (autogr.)


/721 Duncan […?] to ibid., 11 Feb. 1952 – thanks him for two interesting weekends; mentions Bill Watson; on articles; thanks his wife for her hospitality; encloses a cheque (autogr.)


/722 Manager, Shuter & Shooter (Pty) Ltd., to ibid., 26 Feb. – trusts that he has received the books; on items which are out of print or out of stock (tp.)


/723 [MG] to W.M. Williams, 19 May – he was not appointed to the Lectureship; was junior to a number of other applicants; enjoyed his thesis enormously; has recommended him to a colleague in Leeds for a project; could send his thesis to Dr Henriques; it is possible that his own department may have some Research Assistantships; asks if he would like to be informed about these (tpc.)

MS 495


/2/724  W.M. Williams to MG, 21 May 1952 – refers to MG’s letter; is glad he liked the thesis; on mentioning his name to Dr Henriques; is coming to Manchester and would like to talk about the suggestions he made in his letter (tp.)


/725 W.M.M.[?] to ibid., 7 June – is off to Central Africa about 20 June; outlines his itinerary; mentions Malau[?] (autogr.)


/726 W.M. Williams to ibid., 25 June [1952?] – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; has settled the details of the work he will be doing at Keele Hall; on the possibility of running a course in elementary Social Anthropology; hopes to start work for a Ph.D. once he is settled at Keele; hopes to publish something from his MA thesis; on the difficulty of choosing which journal to submit to; perhaps MG could suggest something. 2 leaves (tp.)


/727 Mulena Mukwae to ibid., 31 July – on MG’s letter [not held]; on Ishee Kwandu’s eye sight; is busy with Federation discussions; shall be pleased to see MG on a visit to Barotseland next year (tp.)


/728 ‘Memorandum on Federation presented to the Right Honourable Mr. Clement Attlee, O. M., K.C., P.C., M.P., Leader of the Opposition in the British House of Commons by Mr. Godwin A. Mbikusita Lewanika, Chairman of the Kitwe African Federation Committee, Founder and Former President of the Northern Rhodesia African Congress on the 23rd. August, 1952. Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia’. 4 leaves (tp.)


/729 Nawala to MG, 26 Aug. – letter in another language (autogr.)


/730 Godwin A. Mbikusita Lewanika to MG, 13 Sept. – is attending the World Assembly for Moral Re-Armament; asks him about the course in Social Anthropology; may be coming to England next year to take courses in editing and running a newsletter; is here with Prince Siisii Mwanawina, the son of the present Paramount Chief (autogr.)


/731 W.M. Williams, University College of North Staffordshire, to ibid., 17 Sept. – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; shall be pleased to take part in the discussion next Mar. and to give a talk to the post-graduate seminar; is hoping to visit Manchester soon; they might discuss the matter; on possible days for his visit (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/732  Godwin A. Mbikusita Lewanika to MG, 26 Sept. 1952 – refers to MG’s letter of 19 Sept. [not held]; the Conference ends on 6 Oct.; hopes to visit him before going back to Africa; on Mwana Mulena Siisii Mwanawina; on taking political science as a degree subject; refers to the copy of his Memorandum to Mr Attlee which he sent to MG; if he does not qualify for a degree, would like to take a course in ‘Local Government and Public Administration’; wonders if MG might assist him (tp.)


/733 Ibid., 29 Sept. – circular letter ‘To all African leaders throughout the Continent of Africa and abroad’ on the World Assembly for Moral Re-Armament. 4 leaves (tp.)


/734 Ibid., 2 Oct. – refers to MG’s letter of 29 Sept. [not held]; will talk to his class on Central African Federation; is also going to talk to MPs; on the reasons why he wants to study for a degree; on translating the Bible with the late Rev. Jalla; on other books he has written; this and other work have left little time for study; on two forthcoming conferences; has sent a copy of his circular letter and copies of the books he has produced (tp.)


/735 Ibid., 8 Oct. – on his travel plans; on seeing MG; on his visit to the House of Commons (tp.)


/736 Siisii Mwanawina to ibid., 25 Oct. – on visiting him with Mr Godwin Mbukusita Lewanika; on visiting him (tp.)


/737 Godwin A. Mbikusita Lewanika to MG, 20 Nov. – circular letter explaining the reasons why he is opposed to the proposed Federatin of Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia. 5 leaves (tp.)


/738 David Kalimosho to ibid., 3 Dec. – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; thanks him for gift; on their picture; asks where he can get cheap firearms; news of other people; is pleased that MG is coming to Barotseland. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/739 W.M. Williams to ibid., 7 Dec. – refers to MG’s letter of 2 Dec. [not held]; apologises for not writing for such a long time; on his work; asks if MG could suggest any reading which might be helpful; looks forward to coming to Manchester next term (tp.)


/740 Siisii Mwanawina to ibid., 16 Dec. – shall not be able to come on 20 Dec. due to the weather; suggests a date in Mar. instead; had written to the Paramount Chief Mwanawina III telling him that he would be MG’s guest on 20 Dec.; shall tell him the visit is postponed (tp.)

MS 495


/2/741  W.M. Williams to ibid., 30 Dec. 1952 – refers to MG’s letter of 24 Dec. [not held]; on the BBC; on his thesis which he intends to submit to a publisher; does not intend to split it up into articles; on his work on forty-second cousins (tp.)


/742 E. Vinaver, Department of French Studies, University of Manchester, to ibid., 15 Jan. 1953 – encloses a reproduction of a miniature from an unpublished French manuscript (tp.) [phot. 115939]


/743 W.M. Williams to MG, 2 Feb. – returns the book MG lent him; on coming to Manchester; suggests dates; has not heard from the BBC; has not had a chance to do much in the way of preparing his thesis for publication (tp.)


/744 Godwin A. Mbikusita Lewanika to MG, 16 Feb. – refers to MG’s letter of 24 Dec. [not held]; was glad to hear he got the copy of the memorandum against Federation; he warned the British Government that they were inviting disaster if they were to continue with Federation; is anxious about the situation; refers to what is happening in Kenya; on race relations in Northern Rhodesia; on various other people (tp.)


/745 Ilute Yeta to ibid., 23 Feb. – attaches a copy of a circular minute concerning the United Nations Progamme of fellowships and scholarships; desires to apply; on completion of such a course would like to work in Barotseland; is the son of the late Mulena Yo Muhulu Yeta III; on his education; on his work experience; asks for his advice in this matter; asks if he would act as a referee (tp.)


/746 David Tait, University College of the Gold Coast, to ibid., 8 Nov. – is delighted to get the invitation to become a member of the Association of Social Anthropologists and would like to join; has been reading MG’s ‘African Systems of Kinship’ and considering his hypothesis on divorce and kinship structure; makes some further points arising from this work (tp.)


/747 [MG] to [David Tait], nd – refers to his note about MG’s hypothesis regarding the rate of divorce and kinship structure; answers the points Tait made; on coming to West Africa sometime; asks for his bibliography for the ASA register. 2 leaves (tp.)



MS 495


/2/748  Robert K. Merton, Columbia University, to ibid., 24 Nov. 1953 – on the date of MG’s letter; shall be unable to leave his university for at least two years; mentions Ed Shils; on MG’s monograph on Malinowski; thanks him for inviting him to Manchester (tp.)


/749 David Tait to ibid., 2 Dec. – on trying to decide whether or not to apply for his job; has come to the conclusion that he will get more field work done here; gives answer to MG’s question from the ASA about publications; on MG’s hypothesis about the sororate; asks him to come and visit; if MG could stay, he would approach Kofi and find out what the College could do to help financially; asks him to let him know probable dates by return (tp.)


/750 Henry Swanzy, the Royal African Society, to ibid., 13 Apr. 1954 – thanks him for ‘Rituals of Rebellion’; he listened to ‘The Magic of Despair’ last night; praises MG as a broadcaster; hopes he will look him up when he is in London (tp.)


/751 Mrs E.M. Hodgson to ibid., 30 Apr. – on his broadcast ‘The Magic of Despair’; asks whether the Mau Mau ritual and existentialism have anything in common (autogr.)


/752 Michael Scott, the Africa Bureau, to ibid., 4 May – thanks him for his lecture on ‘Rituals of Rebellion in S-E Africa’; at the Committee meeting was asked to write to ask MG if he would write a pamphlet for them; length and title would be up to him but asks for something no longer than 30 pages (tp.)


/753 MG to Mrs E.M. Hod[g]son, 14 May – is unable to say whether there is a connection between Mau Mau ritual and existentialism as he knows too little of the latter (tpc.)


/754 Ibid. to Henry Swanzy, 14 May – explains why he has not written for so long; on the ‘Magic of Despair’ and ‘Rituals and Rebellion’; will look him up when he is in London (tpc.)


/755 Henry Swanzy to MG, 28 May – is sorry to have missed him on Wednesday; only heard of his proposal at the very last minute; was listening to the recording made at Oxford this morning; his shadow is looming over the horizon of African affairs in Britain (tp.)


/756 Martin Flegg to ibid., 28 July – encloses a note of his firm’s charges; as it came to rather a lot, has made a reduction (tp.)



MS 495


/2/757  Bill […?] to ibid., 31 Aug. 1954 – is going to an agricultural equipment demonstration on 8 Sept.; will return via Manchester on 9 Sept.; suggests coming to see him (autogr.)


/758 Prof. E. Pratt Yule, University of Natal, to ibid., 3 Dec. – found a letter from him dated 19 June 1953; was horrified; had heard rumours that MG might be coming out; on bad news from his family in Scotland so is coming back; on MG’s family (autogr.)


/759 Abraham Yaari, the Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, to ibid., 20 Dec. – on his Frazer Lecture on Rituals of Rebellion; Dr Samuel Eisenstadt asked him to translate two chapters of the lecture to be included in a sociological anthology; a similar ritual exists in Judaism; describes the ritual of the election of a mock rabbi (tp.)


/760 John […?] to ibid., 12 Jan. 1955 – is sending back MG’s manuscript on anthropology in Central Africa together with some articles and two copies of his own Central African bibliography; has made one or two suggestions; he might mention his own paper on race relations; on a meeting at the weekend; on the problem of having a discussion in such a big group (tp.)


/761 Dr E. de Fautereau to [MG?], 31 Jan. – on a text he produced which is almost illegible even to a reader of French; includes some equations; has had to give up scientific study to bring up his large family; on becoming a member of the RAI; sends him some unedited booklets (autogr., in French)


/762 Jack Goody to MG, 8 Mar. – has still got his page-proofs; has used them in a course of lectures he gave; asks if he can keep them during the vac; enjoyed the ‘Judicial Process’ very much; is still a Radcliffe-Brownian; there are some other points he would like to take up with him; on Cambridge becoming a Manchester colony (autogr.)


/763 Nontando Jabavu Crosfield to ibid., 24 Mar. – had to make an unexpected journey to South Africa as her brother was killed; on the conditions under which people are forced to live; on her father; on her travel plans; on the Aba-Mbo people (tp. with autogr. note)



MS 495


/2/764  [MG] to Michael Stephens[?], 14 June 1955 – refers to his letter; on the Commonwealth scheme; is delighted that his lectures are considered a great success; encloses letters; will be delighted to do a book on Livingstone; on Mrs Hutchinson’s letter about Briffault’s ‘The Mothers’; the general theme of the evolutionary method was treated by Forde four or five years ago (tpc.)


/765 Ibid. to Michael Stephens, BBC, 14 July – Firth said MG’s broadcasts had had a big impact; the immediate fruit has been a big demand form Extra Mural courses in anthropology in the London area; hopes to see him in London in Aug. (tpc.)


/766 Hon. Mr Justice A.G.C. Somerleigh to MG, 3 Sept. – it is nice to hear from him; his books accompany him on his circuits in Barotseland; is stationed at Lusaka but expects to be moved to Livingstone; on the two places; on his wife[?]; mentions Exeter [College] (autogr.)


/767 MG to Michael Stephens, 20 Sept. – encloses letters of introduction as promised; on the stone-age broadcast; he thought a good broadcast had been made out of unpromising material; on Dusty Bohannan’s novel; was not impressed with it; explains why (tpc.)


/768 List of people to whom letters of introduction were sent[?] 3 leaves (tpc.)


/769 Jack Winterbottom to ibid., 24 Oct. – their letters about fish traps have crossed; needs a picture urgently; asks him to send one to Miss Major, of Longmans, Green & Co. in London; they may be evicted from their house (tp. with autogr. note)


/770 MG to Miss Major, Longmans, Green & Co., Ltd.; 9 Nov. – encloses three photographs of fish traps for her to look at; will try to find the negative of the best one if she wants it (tpc.)


/771 Beryl M. Major to MG, 10 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter of 9 Nov.; thanks him for the photographs; shall be able to reproduce from the print so shall not bother him for the negative; on a reproduction fee (tp.)


/772 MG to Miss B.M. Major, 15 Nov. – refers to her letter of 10 Nov.; thanks her for return of the two small photographs; on the reproduction fee (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/773  John […?] to ibid., 9 Jan. 1956 – refers to MG’s letter of 5 Feb. [not held]; encloses list of additions to his bibliography together with a note on Tonga, Lunda, etc.; on the publication of a book in which his article appears; has noted that MG cannot talk to the Anthropology Club on 3 Feb. on an alternative date; on Spann. 5 pages (tp.)


/774 MG to Robert Smith, Faculty of Commerce and Social Science, University of Birmingham, 11 May – refers to his letter of 6 Mar.; explains why he has been busy; hopes he has a copy of his letter so he can follow the reply; answers the points made in that letter (tp.)


/775 Yonina Talman, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, to MG, 7 June – is sending the paper she is to give in the sociological congress in Amsterdam; briefly describes the paper; hopes to discuss the paper with him; on the dates when she will be in England (tp.)


/776 Colin Gluckman to MG, 12 Aug. – has been sent to a Criminal Law conference in Geneva; after that is coming to London for 3 or 4 weeks; will see all of them; on dates; on his address in Geneva; Katie Gluckmann to MG, 12 Aug. – hopes they have a nice time together; longs for all of them; asks if she will ever see them again (autogr.)


/777 Rev. Michael Scott to MG, 19 Sept. – on the letter from Peter Lake; it is important that the material sent to him be regarded as ‘top secret’; thinks he will find the papers interesting (tp.)


/778 J.S.P. Lake, Potel, Tattersall & Lake, to MG, 21 Sept. – writes at the suggestion of Dr Roland Oliver; was asked by the ANC to investigate the question of mineral rights in Northern Rhodesia; put the case to Mr Roy Wilson QC whose Opinion is enclosed; Mr Wilson considers that the title of the BSA Company to its concessions on the Copper Belt is defective; explains why; the implications of the Opinion are extremely serious; asks him for further information; Dr Oliver thinks MG could throw light on the whole matter; has set out the documents which Mr Wilson had before him; these will follow. 2 leaves (tp.)


/779 Roy Wilson, 2 May – Opinion on African National Congress re: British South Africa Company. 29 leaves (tp.)


/780 List of documents supplied to Mr R.M. Wilson, QC (tp.)



MS 495


/2/781  A. Sekeli Konoso, General Secretary, Barotse National Society, to Evans S. Siyubo & Co., 14 Nov. 1956 – refers to his letter of 14 Sept. [not held]; answers a number of the points made in that letter; on the Paramount Chief. 3 leaves (tp.)


/782 John Hatch to ibid., 30 Nov. – after discussion with Mr Julius Nyerere has agreed to form a Scholarship Trust for Tanganyika; on attempts to secure openings for Tanganyikans to come to the UK to take courses at universities and colleges; wishes to establish a Trust; hopes MG will act as Trustee. 2 leaves (tp.)


/783 John Armitage, London Editor, Encyclopaedia Britannica Ltd., to ibid., 2 Dec. 1959 – asks him to look through his article on Barotse, Barotseland to see if it needs to be brought up to date; if he wishes to rewrite this will be agreeable; on payment; asks for copy by 14 Mar. 1960 (tp.) [NB out of chronological sequence]


/784 MG to John Hatch, 6 Dec. 1956 – refers to his letter of 30 Nov.; is pleased that he and Julius Nyerere thought of him; would like to be clearer about the duties; has very little time away from Manchester; to fit in additional business in London would be difficult; on the amount of correspondence he has to deal with; they are welcome to his name but he cannot undertake to do anything in the way of work; suggests Prof. Mackenzie (tpc.)


/785 A. Sekeli Konoso to the Right Hon. James Griffiths, MP, ibid. – writes for advice as some people in the Barotse Native Government are establishing a case against the Barotse National Society; includes copy of the summons served on him; gives the background to the case. 2 leaves (tp.)


/786 John Armitage to MG, 9 Dec. 1959 – refers to MG’s letter of 4 Dec. [not held]; it will be difficult to allow much additional space for his article; asks if 100 words will suffice; hopes he can accommodate extra matter by an occasional shortening of the present text (tp.) [NB out of chronological sequence]


/787 Ibid. to Dr D. Schneider, University of California, Berkeley, 11 Dec. 1956 – refers to his letter of 26 Nov. [not held]; on Arnold Pollack; on his own review of the Marriage book in Man; discusses American work; on a lecture by E-P; on a book by Julian Pitt-Rivers; congratulates him on his appointment at Berkeley; refers to the invitation to Palo Alto; is now Dean of the Faculty and cannot leave until his period of ‘servitude’ is over (tpc.)



MS 495


/2/788  Gervas Clay, Residents Commissioner, Barotseland Protectorate, to ibid., 12 Dec. 1959 – refers to MG’s letter of 4 Dec. [not held]; on the population of Barotseland; suggests he send him a copy of his article for the Encyclopaedia Britannica in case there are points which have altered in recent years (tp.) [NB out of chronological sequence]


/789 Lewis [Gann] to ibid., 18 Dec. 1956 – sends Christmas greetings; refers to MG’s letter of 8 Dec. [not held]; is grateful for his comments on the manuscript; answers some detailed points made by MG; on the preface; on his German Jews paper; on the Suez ‘business’ (tp.)


/790 John Hatch to MG, 21 Dec. – refers to MG’s letter of 6 Dec.; is writing to Prof. Mackenzie; will wait to hear from him before approaching MG again (tp.)


/791 MG to Lewis Gann, 3 Jan. 1957 – refers to his letter of 18 Dec.; sorry that he has not yet read his essay for the book; Fosbrooke sent a copy of his letter; on making changes to the manuscript; on the foreword (tpc.)


/792 D.M. Neale to MG, 25 Jan. – quotes from a letter concerning ‘Seven Tribes of British Central Africa’ from David F. Aberle, University of Michigan, who considers it a serious misfortune that the book is out of print; gives sales figures for the past five years; asks if the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute would consider the matter (tp. copy)


/793 Mary S. Marsden, Administrative Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 1 Feb. – on claims he will be making on Institute funds (tp.)


/794 Minutes of the 3rd Meeting of the Projects and Priorities Committee, 5 Feb.. 7 leaves (tp.)


/795 Ruth [Van Velsen] to MG, 8 Feb. – on proof reading work she has done (autogr.)


/796 T. Price to MG, 12 Feb. – refers to MG’s letter of 10 Oct.; has profited from his comments on the paper; regrets that it has been so long before he could send this; the revised version is at his disposal for publication by the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; on a Kololo settlement at Loanda (tp. with autogr. notes by MG referring to Kololo)



MS 495


/2/797  MG to Mr T. Price, 26 Feb. 1957 – refers to his letter of 12 Feb.; thanks him for revised version of his paper; does not have time to look at it at the moment; answers his query about the Kololo (tpc.)


/798 G.N. Das to MG, 27 Feb. – asks for a copy of MG’s article ‘Analysis of a social situation in modern Zululand’ (tp.)


/799 Henry Fosbrooke, 7 Mar. – information about ‘R.L.I. Project – Social Structure amongst Africans in the Urban Areas’. 2 leaves (tp.)


/800 Ruth Van Velsen to MG, 11 Mar. – on the time she spent on the Gann manuscript; on the time she spent on Bill Epstein’s proofs (tp.)


/801 Ibid. to Lewis Gann, 13 Mar. – encloses a letter from Ruth Van Velsen and a copy of his foreword; on the manner in which he set out his footnotes; on the amount of editorial work which had to be done; he writes thus out of liking for him; the book is most interesting; thinks he owes a debt of gratitude to Ruth Van Velsen; refers to his letter of 26 Feb. (tpc.)


/802 T.L. Jones, Manchester University Press, to MG, 19 Mar. – refers to contacting the American Anthropologist about ‘Seven Tribes’ and ‘Judicial Process’; on his foreword to Gann; has incorporated some suggestions; makes one in particular (tp.)


/803 MG, 20 Mar. – note referring to a book for review (tp. and autogr.)


/804 Ibid. to Terence Jones, 25 Mar. – refers to his letter of 19 Mar.; is delighted to accept his comments on the foreword to Gann; on his writing to the American Anthropologist about ‘Judicial Process’ and ‘Seven Tribes’ (tpc.)


/805 1 Apr. – note on books ordered for review (tp.)


/806 Miss M.E. Dalziel, Gale & Polden Ltd., to MG, 4 Apr. – is sending the ‘History of the King’s African Rifles’ for review (tp.)


/807 Ruth Van Velsen to ibid., 5 Apr. – on a doubtful passage in Lewis Gann’s book; on some work she did on ‘Vic’s stuff’ (tp.)



MS 495


/2/808  MG to Terence Jones, 10 Apr. 1957 – on the Gann foreword; on a reference which he checked (tpc.)


/809 Ibid. to Terence Jones, 16 Apr. – on Bailey’s book; a statement must be inserted that it was published with the financial help of SOAS and the Publications Fund of the University of Manchester (tpc.)


/810 Ibid. to Mrs Sutcliffe, University Press, ibid. – Elizabeth Colson has sent a lot of amendments; asks her to check various things (tpc.)


/811 M.S. Marsden to MG, 11 May – encloses cheques for Mrs Gluckman, Mrs Van Velsen and Mrs Turner; on signing the authority for the payment to Mrs Van Velsen (tp.)


/812 Thomas J. Larson to Henry Fosbrooke, 27 May – on his studies and his field work with the Hambukushu tribe of the Okavango Swamps; it has been suggested that he might prepare one or more papers for publication; encloses an outline of a paper he has written; the Bechuanaland administration would be interested in an ethnographic account of this tribe; asks for any suggestions (tp.)


/813 Ibid., ibid. – outline of ‘The Hambukushu of the Okavango: an Immigrant Tribe’s Adaptation to a new Land’ (tp.)


/814 MG to Prof. D.T. Cole, 4 June – on republishing three papers on his Zulu research which were published in Bantu Studies and African Studies; asks permission for the reprinting (tpc.)


/815 Prof. D.T. Cole to MG, 17 June – is glad to grant permission to reprint his three articles; asks that he acknowledge the earlier publication; gives full references; would like one or two copies of the reprinted work (tp.)


/816 17 June – Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, Note to Standing Committee on ‘Establishment of Aptitude Testing in conjunction with Institute’s Industrial Sociologist Project’. 3 leaves (tp.)


/817 K.K. Stevenson, Librarian, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 25 June – encloses a form for him to sign and return to the Rev. Dr J. Peter Grant; hopes it will not be a nuisance (tp.)



MS 495


/2/818  Henry Fosbrooke to T.L. Jones, 26 June 1957 – on grants for publications from the Colonial Office; has material available for Journal XXII and Paper XXVIII; on reprints; on visiting Manchester in July (tp.)


/819 [MG?] to ibid., 1 July – asks for copies of the R.L.I. Journal (tpc.)


/820 MG to Prof. D.T. Cole, 4 July – thanks him for the permission to reprint his articles; shall acknowledge the earlier publication; will send as many copies as he wishes (tpc.)


/821 Ibid. to Miss G. Wrigley, 4 Oct. – was horrified to discover that he never reviewed the issue of her Review containing the ‘Vegetation-Types Map of Tanganyika Territory’ by Clement Gillman; asks if it is too late for a notice now (tpc.)


/822 R.M.S. Ng’Ombe, Assistant Librarian, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to Miss Carmel Margolis, MG’s Secretary, 18 Mar. 1958 – on her letter asking for copies of MG’s article ‘Malinowski’s Sociological Theories’; stock of this paper is exhausted (tp.)


/823 Minutes of the 13th meeting of the Fifty-One Society, held on 8 Apr. (tp.)


/824 H.A. Fosbrooke, 12 Apr. – ‘Editorial Notes’ on the Journal; this issue is largely devoted to historical articles; on various of the articles in the issue; on the delay in publishing the number; on Journal No. 25. 2 leaves (tp.)


/825 On staff changes [at the RLI?] (tp.)


/826 Raymond Apthorpe, Research Secretary, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 29 Apr. – has rearranged the library; came across some notes of MG’s; asks if he should send them or catalogue them (tp. with autogr. note)


/827 22 May – Information sheet about the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute: aims, history, organisation, buildings, library, publications etc. 5 pages (tp.)


/828 Raymond Apthorpe to MG, 4 Aug. 1959 – encloses a personal letter he sent to Sir John Moffat, Vice Chairman of the RLI Trustees; refers to MG’s letter to Fosbrooke confirming his resignation of last Mar.; refers to the Matthews/Clack ‘fiasco’; encloses a paper on the Nsenga; on another paper; would be grateful for comments (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/829  Ibid. to Sir John Moffat, 4 Aug. 1959 – prefaces his comments with an affirmation of the need for a research institute in Lusaka; Northern Rhodesia is a field unrivalled in Africa for research in the social studies; on studies in Nyasaland and Southern Rhodesia; on the decline of the research work and reputation of the RLI; reasons for this; on a lack of confidence in the Director; makes suggestions for remedying the present state of the Institute; gives a personal example of a source of dissatisfaction; makes suggestions for the Lusaka central office; on the role of the Research Secretary; on the setting up of a Journal in the Social Sciences for the Rhodesias and Nyasaland; this could replace the RLI Journal; on developments regarding other publications of the RLI; has mixed criticism with suggestion. 5 leaves (tpc.)


/830 MG to Raymond Apthorpe, 4 Sept. – it would be improper for him to comment on what he writes about the Institute; it would also be improper for him to comment on his manuscript; must not have any relations with the staff of the Institute lest it be interpreted as interfering between the Director and the staff (tpc.)


/831 Ibid. to Sir John Moffat, ibid. – the Director of the RLI has not yet reported MG’s resignation to the Trustees; encloses a copy of a letter he has written to him; is severing his relations with the Institute and its staff; explains why; cannot comment on Apthorpe’s work at present (tpc.)


/832 Gervas Clay to MG, 1 Feb. 1960 – refers to MG’s letter of 6 Jan. [not held]; returns the article for the Encyclopaedia Britannica; makes some suggestions for amendments and additions (tp.)


/833 Ibid., 27 Feb. – refers to MG’s letter of 9 Feb. [not held]; gives the area of Barotseland; on the governmental set-up in the five districts; attaches a copy of a note concerning the Protectorate and the Barotse Native Government; there may be points of interest of which he may wish to be reminded (tp.)


/834 ‘A Note on the Barotseland Protectorate and Barotse Native Government’. 5 pages (tp.)


/835 MG to John Armitage, 6 Apr. – is sorry to be late with the enclosed; has been in correspondence with the Resident Commissioner of Barotseland about it (tpc.)


/836 John Armitage to MG, 12 Apr. – thanks him for the revised article on Barotse, Barotseland (tp.)



MS 495


/837 Dudley Barker, Curtis Brown Ltd., to MG, 22 Apr. 1960 – on a series of academic articles published in the American magazine the Saturday Evening Post; the man who organises the series, John Kobler, was in London recently and was interested in MG’s name; he asks whether MG would consider writing an article on how tribal man has continued into western civilisation; on the fee; the writer is asked to prepare a synopsis; on sending him a copy of the Saturday Evening Post; on letting him have a synopsis (tp.)


/838 MG to Dudley Barker, 27 Apr. – refers to his letter of 22 Apr.; would be prepared to write on the subject which Mr Kobler suggests; encloses a copy of a manuscript delivered at a conference; asks him to let him know if he thinks it suitable (tpc.)


/839 Dudley Barker to MG, 2 May – is glad to hear that he would like to put up a synopsis to John Kobler; has explained badly the subject he has in mind; clarifies that he wants an article about the remains of tribalism which persist in all of us; refers to MG’s broadcast about a football match; asks if he would like to tackle this subject; will send copies of the magazine; returns his lecture (tp.)


/840 Ibid., 10 May – glad that he would like to go ahead; encloses two copies of the magazine; hopes he will reconsider the idea of submitting the whole article; should be grateful if he would revert to the idea of a synopsis (tp.)


/841 MG to Dudley Barker, 30 May – refers to his letter of 10 May; on the articles from the Saturday Evening Post; they are written in a high-flown style; sends a draft of what he would cover; on the word ‘Tribalism’; suggests alternative titles; on his trip to Australia (tpc.)


/842 Dudley Barker to MG, 2 June – thanks him for outline of article on ‘Community and Tribalism’; has sent it to America to be passed on to John Kobler; assumes he would not be able to write anything before the autumn (tp.)


/843 MG, nd – text on ‘Community and Tribalism’. 3 leaves (tp.)


/844 List of references (tp.)



MS 495


/2/845  Helen M. Herman, Secretary to Victor Weybright, Chairman and Editor, the New American Library, to MG, 2 June 1960 – Mr James MacGibbon asked her to return the outline of his book; encloses it (tp.)


/846 W. Mansfield Cooper to ibid., 1 July – refers to a note MG sent [not held] about salary; was glad to be able to adjust salaries; appreciates what MG does (tp.)


/847 MG to D. Mosenfelder, Collier’s Encyclopedia, 18 Aug. – refers to his letter of 5 Aug.; on lengthening his article; encloses manuscript with amended contract (tpc.)


/848 Desmond Reader to MG, 25 June 1961 – hopes to catch him before the vacation starts; wonders if he would lend support as referee for the post of Directorship of the RLI; on his present role; on his research experience; on his publications; on his experience of research institute administration; has written to ask Meyer Fortes to co-referee (tp.)


/849 MG to Desmond Reader, 4 July – refers to his letter of 25 June; shall be glad to act as referee; can speak only of his published work and can say little about his directorial capacities; Fortes has left for America and might not reply to a request for a reference (tpc.)


/850 MG to S.C.M. Press Ltd., 8 Aug. – writes as an editor of ‘Human Problems in British Central Africa’, the journal of the RLI; would like to publish a review article by Dr George Shepperson on three books published by them; lists these; would be grateful for copies of the books (tpc.)


/851 J.D. McCormack, Assistant Secretary, the Inter-University Council for Higher Education Overseas, to MG, 9 Aug. – Dr D.H. Reader has applied for the post of Director of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute; encloses particulars; his name has been given as a referee; asks him to send his assessment of the applicant’s qualifications (tp.)


/852 Particulars of the post of Director of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute (tp.)



MS 495


/2/853  MG to J.D. McCormack, 15 Aug. 1961 – agreed to act as referee for Dr Reader because he has difficulty in filling his quota of referees; his personal knowledge is based on a period some ten years ago and one brief meeting; does however know some of his published work; cannot report on his ability to direct the Institute but mainly on his ability as an anthropologist; emphasises that he does not consider Dr Reader’s comparative inexperience is a handicap; on his work (tp.)


/854 A.A. Dubb, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 16 Nov. – refers to MG’s letter to Mr White of 9 Nov. [not held]; is sending Sundkler’s ‘Bantu Prophets’ for review by George Shepperson (tp.)


/855 Claude B. McCaleb, Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc., to the Editor, Manchester University Press, 1 Mar. 1962 – on plans to add articles from anthropology to the Bobbs-Merrill Reprint Series in the Social Sciences during the coming year; encloses a statement from the publisher, a catalogue of titles and a sample reprint; encloses a proposed Letter of Agreement covering reprinting of Articles from the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute Journal; on the terms (tpc.) [at top of page:] ‘A Statement from the Publisher about the Bobbs-Merrill Reprint Series in the Social Sciences’ (tp. copy)


/856 Announcement that the University College at Salisbury will assume responsibility for the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute with effect from 1 Apr.; a new director has not been appointed so Mr White should continue to carry out the duties of director until he goes on leave (tp.)


/857 A.A. Dubb to MG, 26 Apr. – the Bobbs-Merrill Co., have requested permission to reprint articles from the Rhodes-Livingstone Journal; on those papers of MG’s which they wish to reprint; the Institute has agreed; Bobbs-Merrill will contact him personally (tp.)


/858 S.H. Irvine, Acting Director, Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, to MG, 19 Dec. – has been asked by the University College to express its appreciation of his services on the Editorial Board of the Institute and invite him to continue to serve for a two-year period from 1 Jan. 1963; it is planned to increase the Board’s membership by four new members; names these; on the debt owed to MG by the Institute (tp.)



MS 495


/2/859  Doris Dewey, Administrative Assistant, the Encyclopedia Americana, to MG, 3 Sept. 1963 – encloses proof of his article ‘Zulu’ prepared for the printing of the Americana; raises some queries (tp.)


/860 MG to Doris Dewey, 16 Sept. – answers her queries; thanks her for careful editing (tpc.)


/861 J.A. Lemkin for Peacock, Fisher & Finch, Solicitors, to MG, 10 June 1964 –the firm has been instructed by the Government of Northern Rhodesia in connection with the claim of the BSA Company to the mineral rights throughout Northern Rhodesia; seeks his opinion of matters connected with the Lewanika concessions of 1890, 1900 and 1909; on the 1890 Agreement; on the Concession of 1900; sends two maps; states the questions to which he seeks answers, concerning the jurisdiction of Lewanika over the territory, the granting of mineral rights under Barotse law, etc. 3 leaves (tp.)


/862 Two maps (printed) [enclosed with previous item]


/863 J.A. Lemkin to MG, 12 June – some further documents have come to his notice; describes these; on Lewanika’s son Yeta III. 2 leaves (tp.)


/864 MG to J.A. Lemkin, 19 June – refers to his two letters; has not had time to look up the relevant material; suggests meeting him in London to discuss the problems involved (tpc.)


/865 J.A. Lemkin to MG, 26 June – refers to their meeting; has prepared a note of what MG said; asks that he correct and return it; would be pleased to see any material documents (tp.)


/866 MG to J.A. Lemkin, 8 July – refers to his letter of 26 June; returns the draft of what he said, corrected; will send a cyclostyled biography; on Doke’s book on the Lamba; is sending a number of papers on Barotseland; lists these. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/867 ‘The Government of Northern Rhodesia re: British South Africa Company; Statement of Professor Gluckman’. 5 leaves (tp.)


/868 J.A. Lemkin to MG, 10 July – refers to his letter of 8 July; acknowledges receipt of the items mentioned which will be returned (tp.)



MS 495


/2/869  Ibid., 22 July 1964 – encloses a fair copy of his amended paper on the Barotse; returns the copies of his printed works; the matter is now with Counsel (tp.)


 .1  Insurance slip for a packet (printed)


/870 Geoff D. Nicholls, Department of Geology, to MG, 27 July – has now succeeded Dr Mills as the Editor of the magazine Staff Comment; hence has received his letter; will draw his letter to the attention of Barron, Mills and Standring; regrets that MG and his colleagues were caused distress; on the offending article; MG@s views on anonymity agree with his own; on Mr Bernstein’s generosity to the University; on setting the record straight in the next issue; includes a possible paragraph of retraction. 3 leaves (tp.)


/871 MG to J.A. Lemkin, 10 Aug. – refers to his letter of 22 July; thanks him (tpc.)


/872 MG to Dr G.D. Nicholls, 13 Aug. – refers to his letter of 27 July; it meets his anxieties fully; now that he is confident that there will be no more such articles he is quite content; has no objection to the publishing of the retraction; on Mr Bernstein; hopes they can meet for a drink and a laugh about the whole thing (tpc.)


/873 J.A. Lemkin to MG, 21 Sept. – asks what his fee is for the statement on the Barotse (tp.)


/874 MG to J.A. Lemkin, 14 Oct. – he was away in Norway when his letter arrived; suggests a fee of 100 guineas; the solicitors of the BSA Company contacted him on this matter when he was in Norway; they flew a man to Bergen to get MG’s evidence; MG felt that a statement to them would not conflict; on the points he made (tpc.)


/875 Ibid., 17 Oct. – his solicitor reckons that the suggested fee is too low; asks that he correspond with him; the solicitors of the Chartered Company have tried to get one of MG’s research staff to make a statement (tpc.)


/876 Arthur T. Porter, Principal, University College, Nairobi, to ibid., 29 Nov. 1965 – will not be here when MG passes through Nairobi; is visiting Dar es Salaam (tp.)


/877 [MG?] to Narayan, 25 Dec. – refers to his letter of 26 Nov. [not held]; on staying in Zambia; mentions Chamau and Ruka; on his book; on Delhi (tp.)



MS 495


/2/878  MG to the Litunga Sir Mwanawina Lewanika, 25 Dec. 1965 – on where he has been since leaving Mongu; thanks him for kindness and hospitality during MG’s visit to Barotse; hopes his son will visit the Malozi; has asked his secretary to send a copy of ‘The Ideas in Barotse Jurisprudence’; his return to Barotse was a little spoiled as some people were afraid of him because they believed he had been passing information about ‘baloyi’ from England; explains how he thought the rumour might have arisen; has tried to write an account of this; encloses some copies; asks that he could help settle these false rumours; sends greetings (tpc.)


/879 Ibid. to the Mulena Mukwae, Litunga-la-mboela, ibid. – does not think they met when MG was in Bulozi in 1940-47; on his public opposition to the Federation, which meant he was not allowed to visit the country; has just made a brief two-weeks’ visit; did not have time to get to Nalolo; his visit to Mongu was spoilt by rumours that during the hunt for ‘baloyi’ he had sent information from England; this was quite untrue; explains how he thought the rumour might have arisen; has written a statement in Silozi; encloses copies; asks that he make these known; sends greetings (tpc.)


/880 Ibid. to the Chief Mukwae Mbowanjikana, 26 Dec. – on his public opposition to the Federation, which meant he was not allowed to visit the country; has just made a brief two-weeks’ visit; did not have time to get to Libonda; his visit to Mongu was spoilt by rumours that during the hunt for ‘baloyi’ he had sent information from England; this was quite untrue; explains how he thought the rumour might have arisen; on further evidence for this; has written a statement in Silozi; encloses copies; asks that he make these known; sends greetings. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/881 Tom Mbasiwana to [MG?], 9 Feb. 1966 – letter in another language (autogr.)


/882 Ingangwana Mushala to MG, 2 May – refers to MG’s letter of 28 Mar. [not held]; on a case[?] concerning gardens; sends the other Lands’ Dispute Statement herewith; gives Mulena Yetanalute’s generation. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/883 Mushala Ingangwana to ibid., 5 May – refers to MG’s letter of 28 Mar. [not held]; on villages and gardens; asks about MG’s books (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/884  Frederick Quinn to MG, 24 May 1966 – on a play ‘La Mort de Chaka’ by Seydou Badian; on a poem on Chaka by L.S. Senghor; can send references later (autogr. pc)


/885 Ibid., 17 July – on the play by Badian; on the poem by Senghor; looks forward to seeing his book (tp.)


/886 Ingangwana Mushala to ibid., 7 Aug. – thanks him for the book; on land he was given by his father Lewanika; on his life history; on his mother. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/887 Ibid., ibid. – note about retiring (autogr.)


/888 MG to Mutompehi Dikombwa Ingangwana Mushala, 12 Nov. – refers to his letter of 7 Aug.; on delay in replying; thanks him for telling him the history of his family; encloses a small gift (tpc.)


/889 Phil Silverman to MG, 15 Feb. 1967 – refers to MG’s letter [not held]; on his work in Barotseland; gives a brief idea of what he has been doing; is doing a survey of ‘elites’ in the district; has not been concerned with kinship or marriage; he is not comfortable speaking Silozi; on drinking habits of the Lozi; talks about the man the Lozi call ‘Makapweka’. 3 leaves (tp.)


/890 Wendy Robinson to ibid., 7 May – has just received a copy of his book; on general news from Mongu; family news. 4 pages (autogr.)


/891 Induna Ingangwana to ibid., 22 May – thanks him for gift of a book; news from the court. 2 leaves (autogr., some in another language)


/892 Nawala[?] to ibid., 24 May – letter in another language. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/893 Ibid., ibid. – ibid. (tp.)


/894 Nawala Sitali Kakandelwa to ibid., 5 June – thanks him for the book; Mbasiwana has passed away; on Mr Peter; asks him to send a wristwatch (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/895  G.M. Jones, School of Education, University of Manchester, to MG, 22 Aug. 1967 – refers to MG’s letter of 20 July [not held] about Mr Kafunye of Zambia; Mr Kafunye is the type of person for whom the Commowealth Bursary scheme was devised; he would have to be nominated by his own government for a course of advanced training; there is no point in Kafunye sending a CV until he has government or British Council sponsorship; suggests he tackle his own education people for a Commonwealth Bursary. 3 leaves (autogr.)


/896 ‘F’, the University of Zambia, to MG, 28 Feb. 1970 – refers to MG’s letter of 27 Jan. [not held]; was sorry MG was having such a lean time; hopes he is fit again; trusts he has received his bibliographical notes; is sorry that he has wasted so much time recommending him for jobs; on various posts; on applying for a Simon Fellowship; on MG mentioning some doubt about his eligibility; encloses a couple of cuttings on Baroteseland; gives some news from Barotseland; on an editorial in the Times of Zambia; on the ‘Networks’ book. 11 pages (autogr.)


/897 Times of Zambia, 19 Feb. – ‘Ngambela, aged 78, installed at Lealui’ (newspaper cutting)


/898 The Zambian News, 22 Feb. – article on famine; ‘Deadlock over Chief Moomba’s Successor’ (newspaper cutting)


/899 Jan Vansina, Kinshasa, to MG, 15 Aug. 1971 – refers to MG’s letter of 27 July [not held]; on the reorganisation of his university; mentions Kuper’s book; includes a long retraction; if MG would like a more precise statement, he should not hesitate to ask for it; on MG’s books; refers to a book by M. Godelier (tp.)


/900 Sally […?] to MG, 2 Mar. 1972 – refers to his letter; refers to an examination; is sending the complete list of the HRAF holdings; advises him not to use the Inca as an example of anything; on checking the volumes of the ‘Handbook of South American Indians’; on marriage stability she agrees with the direction of the amended hypothesis; on a kinship book she wants to write; on the chances of being financed; did send the law papers in on time; has had neither reaction nor acknowledgment. 2 leaves (autogr.)



MS 495


/2/901  Jo Ann Dickens, University of Texas, to ibid., 14 Apr. 1972 – should have asked for a person such as him to love; he was not a disappointment due to passive resistance; he and Prof. James are fond experiences (tp.)


/902 Mary Gluckman to Pacific Telephone, 19 Apr. – on disconnecting their telephone (tp.)


/903 The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company to MG, nd – refers to deposit paid (printed and tp.)


/904 Samuel Krislov, Editor, Law and Society Review, to ibid., 27 Apr. – is moving towards the final editing of the articles for the Hoebel issue; calls his attentions to one or two small points (tp.)


/905 MG to Alan Henderson, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 3 July – received a letter from the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service Center; thanks him for taking the matter up; encloses a document from Blue Cross; asks him to let them know that his membership ceased on 31 May (tpc.)


/906 Ibid. to Pacific Telephone, 19 July – on his telephone (tp.)


/907 Ibid. to the Director, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 9 Oct. – mentions Prof. J. Van Velsen, chairman of a seminar he attended in Zambia; recommends him for a Fellowship; outlines what he knows of Van Velsen’s work; on his knowledge of independent Africa; on his personal qualities; on his wife. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/908 George Stocking, LSE, to MG, 27 July 1973 – has Xeroxed his letter to Prof. Brown; would be interested in his history of the Manchester department; may have some questions about the RLI (tp.)


/908a Margot Dias to ibid., 14 Mar. 1974 – on MG’s article; on photographs; is too busy for a visit (tp.)


/909 W.R. Cole, Rye, Lawrence & Leman, to MG, 23 May – on tax returns (tp.)


/910 Mrs J. Harris, MG’s Secretary, to Mr Cole, 24 May –on the tax returns (tpc.)


/911 Prof. Pino Paioni, Centre International de Sémiotique et de Linguistique, to ibid., 14 June 1975 – refers to Mary Gluckman’s reply to his invitation to take part in a symposium; is sorry to hear of his illness;  will be honoured by his participation (tp.)

MS 495


/2/912  Mary Gluckman to Prof. Pino Paioni, 24 July 1975 – refers to his letter of 14 June; sadly her husband died in Jerusalem on 14 Apr. (tpc.)


/913 Ibid. to Miss Peach, [RAI], 8 Oct. 1981 – has found more photos of MG’s; on issues of RAIN for Aug. 1981 (autogr.)


/914 Prof. R.P. Werbner to Jonathan [Benthall], 25 July 1999 – cover note for papers of MG’s; some give indication of MG’s early ideas (autogr. note)


/3 Correspondence concerning house purchases

This section is arranged chronologically.


 /1  Martin Flegg, Leman, Harrison & Flegg, to Mary Gluckman, 5 Mar. 1948 – discusses various details concerning the purchase of a property at 15 Hernes Road, [Oxford] (tp.)


 /2  Ibid., 10 Mar. – gives details of the mortgage; on the purchase of some fixtures and fittings (tp.)


 /3  Leman, Chapman & Harrison, ibid. – invoice for professional charges (tp.)


 /4  Martin Flegg to MG, 6 Apr. – discusses details of a tenancy agreement (tp.)


 /5  W.H. Bentley & Co. Ltd. to J.J. Battersby, 1 Mar. 1949 – specification and tender for exterior painting of ‘Dinglewood’, Ladybrook Rd, Cheadle Hulme (tp.)


 /6  J. Sowerbutts & Son Ltd. to J.J. Battersby, 4 Mar. – specification and approximate estimate for exterior painters’ work at ‘Dinglewood’, Ladybrook Rd, Cheadle Hulme (tp.)


 /7  List of painting jobs to be done with three different prices (autogr.)


 /8  E.J. Brooks & Son. to Mary Gluckman, 5 July – on selling their property in Hernes Road (tp.)


 /9  H. Thompson & Sons to ibid., 6 July – on the cost to the owners of resurfacing an unadopted road in Cheadle Hulme (tp.)


/10  Barclays Bank Ltd. to MG, ibid. – on various details concerning the purchase of a property, Arden Grange (tp.)



MS 495


 /3/11  W. Llewellyn to Messrs Leman, Harrison & Flegg, 15 July 1949 – on the possibility of purchasing a portion of the grounds of Arden Grange (tp. copy)


/12  Martin Flegg to Mary Gluckman, 18 July – on the purchase of Arden Grange; encloses copy of letter from Mr Llewellyn (tp.)


/13  MG to W. Marsden, 24 July – with regret has had to instruct solicitors to break off negotiations to purchase Arden Grange; his wife is not well; he fears she will have a miscarriage; the delays have been a strain; offers to pay his legal costs incurred in the negotiations (tpc.)


/14  Ibid. to Mr Dean, Messrs W.H. Sutton and Sons, ibid. – encloses his letter to Mr Marsden; would like to consider the purchase of Dinglewood (tpc.)


/15  Ibid. to Martin Flegg, ibid. – encloses copy of his letter to Mr Marsden; hopes they can buy the house they saw last week; on other legal details (tpc.)


/16  Ibid. to W. Lockyer, Barclays Bank Ltd., ibid. – on the difficulties with Arden Grange; on his wife’s illness; on getting a valuation on another house (tpc.)


/17  Martin Flegg to MG, 28 July – on Arden Grange; there is no contract and MG is at liberty to break off negotiations (tp.)


/18  Thompson & Cooke to Messrs Leman, Harrison & Flegg, 30 July – on Arden Grange; on their client’s legal costs (tp. copy)


/19  Martin Flegg to MG, 2 Aug. – encloses copy of letter of 30 July from the Solicitors for the Vendor; on the legal costs (tp.)


/20  H. Thompson & Sons to the Manager, Barclays Bank, ibid. – has inspected the property Dinglewood; gives a description of the house; there will be ample security for an advance of £4,000 to £4,500 (tp.)


/21  Receipt for advertisement placed in the Stockport Advertiser by Mary Gluckman (printed and autogr.)


/22  Martin Flegg to MG, 5 Aug. – on the purchase of Dinglewood; mentions cheque for payment of legal costs of vendor of Arden Grange (tp.)



MS 495


/3/23    MG to Martin Flegg, 6 Aug. 1949 – refers to his letter of 5 Aug.; is trying to get the vendor to advance the date of giving them possession; would like to move in mid-Sept.; on a potential buyer for 15 Hernes Road (tpc.)


/24  Martin Flegg to MG, 8 Aug. – on the purchase of Dinglewood; on the sale of 15 Hernes Road (tp.)


/25  Chief Clerk, Barclays Bank, to Mary Gluckman, 10 Aug. – encloses a copy of the valuation; on her health (tp.)


/26  Ibid. to the Manager, Barclays Bank, ibid. – on a certificate of payment (tpc.)


/27  Mary Gluckman to W.M. Lockyer, Chief Clerk, Barclays Bank, 11 Aug. – thanks him for letter and valuer’s report on Dinglewood; their offer on the house was accepted; on financial arrangements; on the potential buyer of 15 Hernes Road (tpc.)


/28  Ibid. to the Manager, Barclays Bank, ibid. – on a refund of overpaid tax (tpc.)


/29  Martin Flegg to MG, ibid. – has received a copy of the Valuation which is satisfactory; the road has not been taken over by the local authority; on MG’s approximate liability (tp.)


/30  W.M. Lockyer to MG, 12 Aug. – on the Bank advancing up to £4,000 for the purchase of Dinglewood; on the charge for the valuation (tp.)


/31  Ibid. to Mary Gluckman, 13 Aug. – refers to her letter; £4,000 is the absolute maximum advance possible (tp.)


/32  S.C. Leman, Leman, Harrison & Flegg, to MG, 15 Aug. – discusses various points to do with the purchase of Dinglewood (tp.)


/33  MG to Mr Leman, 16 Aug. – on various points to do with the purchase of Dinglewood and the sale of 15 Hernes Road (tpc.)


/34  James Styles & Whitlock to Mary Gluckman, 22 Aug. – on proceeding to offer 15 Hernes Road by public auction; discusses details of the conditions and fees (tp.)


/35  Mary Gluckman to James Styles & Whitlock, 23 Aug. – queries a phrase in their letter of 22 Aug. (tpc.)


/36  James Styles & Whitlock to Mary Gluckman, 24 Aug. – confirms the meaning of the phrase she queried (tp.)



MS 495


/3/37    9 Sept. 1949 – slip concerning the installation of a telephone at Dinglewood (printed and autogr.)


/38  MG to Martin Flegg, 23 Sept. – on moving into the house next Thursday; sends the balance of the purchase prices; gives their addresses (tpc.)


/39  James Styles & Whitlock to MG, 30 Sept. – on the valuation of the fixtures and fittings of 15 Hernes Road (tpc.)


/40  Schedule of fixtures and fittings in and about No. 15 Hernes Road. 2 leaves (tp.)


/41  Martin Flegg to Mary Gluckman, 11 Oct. – on a plot of land to be sold to Mr Clucas; the date of completion was 28 Sept.; the date of completion of 15 Hernes Road is 25 Oct.; asks for receipts for rates etc. (tp.)


/42  MG to Martin Flegg, 14 Oct. – refers to his letter of 11 Oct.; on the strip of land they want to sell; on completion dates; encloses receipts for rates etc.; on the keys to 15 Hernes Road (tpc.)


/43  25 Oct. – slip concerning the disconnection of a telephone (printed and autogr.)


/44  Martin Flegg to Mary Gluckman, 13 Jan. 1950 – hopes to complete the sale of 15 Hernes Road soon (tp.)


/45  G.W. Batt, Barclays Bank Ltd., to MG, 23 Jan. – refers to MG’s letter of 19 Jan. [not held]; on a credit to their account; on a temporary overdraft (tp.)


/46  John Lee & Sons (Stockport) Ltd. to ibid., 21 Sept. – an account for easing windows should have been forwarded to him; apologise for the error (tp.)


/4 Private Correspondence

The majority of these letters are from MG to Mary Gluckman and contain personal and intimate material. They have not been catalogued in detail: only the date of each letter has been recorded. Some of the very long letters with multiple dates also contain diary-like accounts of MG’s field work.


 /1     MG to Mary Gluckman, 3 May 1939 (tp.)


 /2  Ibid., 17 Dec. 1941. 4 pages (autogr.)


 /3  Ibid., 19 Dec. 3 pages (tp.)


 /4  Ibid., 21 Dec. 5 leaves (autogr.)



MS 495


/4/5 Ibid., 21 Dec. 1941. 6 leaves (autogr. and tp.)


 /6  Ibid., 22 Dec. 14 pages (autogr. and tp.)


 /7  Ibid., 26 Dec. 4 pages (tp.)


 /8  Ibid., 28 Dec. 4 pages (tp.)


 /9  Ibid., 30 Dec. 4 pages (tp.)


/10  Ibid., 2 Jan. 1942. 4 pages (tp.)


/11  Ibid., 4 Jan. 6 pages (tp.)


/12  Ibid., 6 Jan. 4 pages (tp.)


/13  Ibid., 9 Jan. (tp.)


/14  Mary Gluckman to MG, ibid. (tp.)


/15  MG to Mary Gluckman, 10 Jan. 4 pages (tp.)


/16  Ibid., 13 Jan. [1942; wrongly dated 1941]. 7 pages (tp.)


/17  Ibid., 14 Jan. 3 pages (tp.)


/18  Ibid., 16 Jan. (tp.)


/19  Ibid., 18 Jan. 4 pages (tp.)


/20  Ibid., 20 Jan. 4 pages (tp.)


/21  Ibid., 21 Jan. 4 pages (tp.)


/22  Ibid., 22 Jan. 3 pages (tp.)


/23  Ibid., 24 Jan. 8 pages (tp.)


/24  Ibid., 25 Jan., marked ‘Diary of a trip from Mulobezi to Mongu …’ 4 pages (tp.)


/25  Ibid., 27 Jan. 5 pages (tp.)


/26  Ibid., 28, 29, 30 Jan. 27 pages (autogr.)


/27  Ibid., 31 Jan., 1, 2 Feb. 21 pages (autogr.)


/28  Ibid., 3, 4, 5, 9 Feb. 28 pages [unfinished?] (autogr.)


/29  Ibid., 7, 8, 11, 13, 14 Feb. 30 pages (autogr.)


/30  Ibid., 16, 17, 18 Feb. 16 pages (autogr.)



MS 495


/4/31 Ibid., 19 Feb. 1942. 10 pages (autogr.)


/32  Ibid., ibid. 4 pages (autogr.)


/33  Ibid., ibid. 3 pages (autogr.)


/34  Ibid., 20, 24, 25, 26 Feb. 22 pages (autogr. and tp.)


/35  Ibid., 27 Feb. 6 pages (tp.)


/36  Ibid., 2, 4 Mar. 12 pages (autogr. and tp.)


/37  Ibid., 5 Mar. 4 paqes (tp.)


/38  Ibid., 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 Mar. 28 pages (tp. and autogr.)


/39  Ibid., 12 Mar. 3 pages (tp.)


/40  Ibid., 15, 16, 17, 18 Mar. 36 pages (autogr.)


/41  Ibid., 22, 25, 26 Mar. 10 pages (tp.)


/42  Ibid., 26 Mar. 4 pages (autogr.)


/43  Ibid., 29, 30 Mar. 8 pages (tp.)


/44  Ibid., 1 Apr. (tp.)


/45  Ibid., ibid. 4 pages (tp.)


/46  Ibid., 6, 8 Apr. 12 pages (tp. and autogr.)


/47  Ibid., 10 Apr. 8 pages (autogr. and tp.)


/48  Ibid., 18, 19, 20 Apr. 42 pages (autogr. and tp.)


/49  Ibid., 20 Apr. 6 pages (autogr. and tp.)


/50  Ibid., Sunday. 4 pages (autogr. and tp.)


/51  Ibid., 27 Apr. (tp.)


/52  Ibid., 29 Apr. (tp.)


/53  Ibid., 17 May. 12 pages (tp.)


/54  Ibid., 6, 8 Dec. 10 pages (tp. with autogr. additions)


/55  Ibid., nd (tp.); [on verso:] Mary Gluckman to MG, nd (tp.)


/56  Ibid., Saturday (tp.); [on verso:] Mary Gluckman to MG, nd (tp.)



MS 495


/4/57    Mary Gluckman to MG, 11 Nov. [1942?] (tp.)


/58  Ibid., 24 Nov. 4 pages (autogr.)


/59  MG to Mary Gluckman, Friday (tp.)


/60  Mary Gluckman to MG, nd – part of a note (tp. and autogr.)


/61  MG to Mary Gluckman, 30 Aug. 1944. 4 pages (tp.)


/62  Mary Gluckman to MG, 25 May 1947. 4 pages (tp. and autogr.)


/5 Undated Correspondence

 /1     A.T. B[ryant] to MG, nd – sends Part I of his manuscript; has no objection to him using extracts as long as he gives the source as ‘Bryant’s Zulu People before the Whiteman Came’; on the error of professional anthropologists that all books on primitive peoples are written for them; his book is written for the common people who live amongst the Native people; Mrs Hoernle probably did see the manuscript (tp.)


 /2  Hugh Ashton to ibid., nd – sends a critical appreciation of his paper; makes various specific points. 3 leaves (autogr.)


 /3  [MG] to Capt. G.W.B. Huntingford, nd – thanks him for booklets on the Kavirondo and Nandi; asks him to confirm a point concerning inheritance among those tribes (tpc.)


 /4  Wina to MG, nd – on his health; on Mr Suu (autogr.)


 /5  Macai to MG, nd – letter in another language (tp.)


 /6  Daniel Waluka Liywalii to MG[?], nd – note in another language (autogr.)


 /7  Murena Yo Muhulu to Murena Mukwae, 8 Feb. [no year] – letter in another language (tpc.)


 /8  [MG] to A. Mwandawelie Lewanika, Davidson Silemessi Sianga, Albert Kafunya & David Kalimosho, nd – ‘Notes on the Keeping of a diary’. 3 pages (tp. with autogr. corrections)


 /9  […?] to MG, nd – congratulates him on Professorship; on his ‘Essay on Barotseland’; makes some points on the essay. 3 leaves (tp., possibly incomplete)



MS 495


/5/10    MG to the American Anthropologist[?], nd – letter on ‘British Social Anthropology’. 11 leaves (autogr.)


/11  Lukonga Mulinda to MG, nd – letter in another language (autogr.)


/12  Tom Mbasiwana to MG, nd – letter in another language (autogr.)


/13  MG to Edmund [Leach?], 5 Jan. [year?] – takes it he wants comments on his treatment of MG’s paper in ‘African Systems of Kinship and Marriage’ and on the substantive part of his own paper; his hypothesis correlating stable marriage with father-right has been attacked by others; goes into lengthy discussion of his paper; moves on to [Leach’s] analysis. 6 leaves (tp. with autogr. additions)


/14  David […?] to [MG?], date missing – second page of a letter; on titles; mentions Peter Gutkind (tp.)


/15  Secretary-Curator to the Institute to MG[?], nd – [part of a letter]; on his work being under the direction of Godfrey Wilson; on travel expenses for his wife (tp.)


/16  Charles White to MG, 25 Oct. [year?] – refers to his letter and letter on circumcision Rites; is sorry if his comments made MG feel indignant; on the ‘great song of the lodge’[?]; on Turner reading a paper on a circumcision; MG raises some interesting points; is looking after P.C./Secretariat until Phillips comes back. 4 pages (autogr.)


/17  Yihlo Matolana to […?], nd – letter in another language (autogr.)


/18  Chain letter (autogr.)


/19  W.M. Williams to MG, 20 Nov. [year?] – the purpose of his letter is to enquire about the post advertised; asks MG to confirm that the post would require teaching outside of his experience; thinks it may be possible that MG requires a ‘modern’ communities lecturer; does not want to give the impression at Keele that he is more of an anthropologist than a geographer; on his thesis; on the reasons why he has not written sooner; on his work (autogr.)



MS 495


/5/20    Ibid., 27 Nov. [year?] – refers to MG’s letter; encloses completed application form; understands the position in relation to other possible applicants; on MG expanding his department; wonders if there could be a chance for him there (autogr.)


/21  Ibid., nd – apologises for not writing sooner; has decided against doing a Ph.D. to concentrate on publication; will concentrate on geography for the time being; his geographical studies have been neglected; shall try to ‘keep his hand in’ in anthropology; on his thesis (autogr.)


/22  Homemade Christmas card from Timmy


/23  […?] Gluckman[?] to Louis & Joyce, MG & Mary, Colin & Saada, nd – on the family finances, as pertaining to Emanuel and Katie. 2 leaves (tpc.)


/24  J.H. Balmer[?], Witwatersrand Native Labour Association, to MG, nd – if he goes to Johannesburg, can introduce him to Head Office; he might like to see some of the Barotse people working on the Mines[?]; would appreciate his views. 2 leaves (autogr.)


/25  Paramount Chief to Native Commissioner, 9 Dec. [?year] – on Chief Sinde; on his people; asks him to help his people settle in the district (tp. copy?)