Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future

14 - 18 September 2020

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 This exhibition is part of panel MV17 which will be on 15 September at 15.00.

Name: Orly Orbach

Title: Rehearsed Futures: Supplementary school performances in and beyond the Museum of London

These drawings are of London-based Supplementary Schools children from transnational backgrounds, preparing to perform on a museum stage. Performance is conceptualized as a practice of return through which remote places continue to resonate in the children’s minds. Their parents’ home countries are revisited imaginatively and in actuality through touring performances. 

Name: Robert Deakin

Title: Motorcycle in Repose: 4 Images of the Pre-Regenerated Aberfeldy Estate

Sometime in the late 1990s, James Watters – a life-long resident of Poplar, east London – took a walk around his local neighbourhood with a disposable camera. He photographed ordinary things which, in the context of the current comprehensive redevelopment of his estate, evoke his conflicting feelings about the changes taking place.


Name: Katherine Stansfeld

Title: Woodberry Down Street Views: video-mapping estate regeneration, temporality and place in north-east London through Google

This video explores the anticipation of a future ‘regenerated’ neighbourhood of London using and subverting an anomaly of Google Street View. It investigates environmental changes wrought by housing regeneration, evoking the importance of different buildings in shaping perspectives and horizons; questioning the affective and ambivalent dimensions of changing material landscapes.



Name: Alexandra D’Onofrio

Title: Animating mobility: From Imaginative Horizons to Experiences of Illegalised Border Crossing, and back

In order to explore the imagination in/forming their experience of migration, three Egyptian men who crossed the Mediterranean illegally to reach Italy, produced these animations for our collaborative research. The animations show how their experience and memory were created by the interdependent relationship between reality and the imagination of the places they imagined to reach.