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Joint Concert With The Anglo-Turkish Society

Thursday 16 June 2022,  6.00pm (BST)

This seminar will be held in-Person at the Royal Anthropological Institute

Booking essential: https://ferhat-tanriverdi-concert.eventbrite.co.uk 


A brief introduction to Alevi music and its religious context 

Artist: Dede Ferhat Tanrıverdi
Introduction: David Shankland, Director, RAI

The rich musical culture of the Alevis centres around the saz, or bağlama, a long-necked double-stringed instrument similar to a lute. Most villages in Anatolia will have skilled proponent, usually known as an aşık, literally one who loves, who may both perform and also compose their own lyrics. They may play in religious rituals, but also in weddings and at other times. In this live presentation, we will explore some of the symbolism and social place of this music, and also hear a young Turkish musician from Vienna, where he is beginning to build up a reputation as being a talented performer.

Please note that there is a small charge for this event, in order to cover the musician’s costs. There will be an opportunity for discussion and to ask questions after the presentation.



Ferhat Tanriverdi was born in Linz, Austria. After finishing his primary and secondary school in Linz and vocational school in Welste, he graduated from the music and media technology department of the Anton Bruckner Conservatory in Linz. He was introduced to the bağlama during his secondary school years and took bağlama lessons from teachers in Alevi associations for 3-4 years. He then took the stage in Turkish song-bars and weddings. On moving to Vienna in 2015 he was invited to the Cem house in Vienna. After receiving his dede training he continues to play the bağlama in muhabbet sessions and Cem houses.

Contact: contact@angloturkishsociety.org.uk 

Location : 
Royal Anthropological Institute
50 Fitzroy Street
United Kingdom