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Anthropology Communicates


Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 3-5pm (GMT)

A video of the event is available here

A Right to Care: The Social Foundation of Recovery from Covid-19

This session will be lead by the LSE Covid and Care Research Group, with confirmed speakers:
Prof Laura Bear (LSE)
Nikita Simpson (LSE)
Jordan Vieira (LSE)
Jaskiran Bhogal (LSE)

and chaired by Prof Emma Crewe (SOAS)

Our report presents key findings from a 6-month ethnographic study on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on disadvantaged households and communities across the UK, conducted the LSE Covid and Care Research Group. This research involved in-depth interviews and multiple surveys with people across communities in the UK, with particular focus on a number of case studies of intersecting disadvantage. Crucially, our research has found that Government policy can improve adherence to restrictions and reduce the negative impacts of the pandemic on disadvantaged groups by placing central importance on the role of communities, social networks and households in economy and social life. In this session, we discuss the role of ethnographic research in the policy response to Covid-19 in the UK, and reflect on our experiences of working with policymakers. The report can be accessed here http://eprints.lse.ac.uk/107060/


Illustration by Maggie Li.



This series of monthly webinars is an opportunity to promote anthropology’s unique contribution to understanding policy-making and advocacy and to consider how, what, where and when anthropology should communicate. The aim of the series is to encourage anthropologists to engage with different audiences, settings and contexts and, in doing so, to influence policy-makers and practice.

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Spring 2021: further Anthropology Communicates webinars to be confirmed.