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Goldsmiths MA Visual Anthropology End of Year Screening

Saturday 21 October
4PM – 8PM
The Royal Anthropological Institute, 50 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 5BT

4PM – 5:15PM

Misia Zoccoli – Where is home (20’)
A woman in the street can be everyone, and a smile can hide many experiences. A
single-person ethnography, this short film is based on the idea of discovering of the
past and asserting the present.

Eleanor Veness – Because She Can (23’) – Q&A
A film set in Palestine that follows the history and lives of a group of women between Jerusalem
and Hebron, West Bank.

Emir Syazwan – Where Monsoons meet (20’) – Q&A
A film on gambling superstitions and lottery numbers which follows Linda P, who hails from a family
of Baba Nyonya Peranakan gamblers. From the gambling dens in Malacca to the mountain ranges
of Pahang, finally culminating in Paris.

5:30PM – 6:45PM

Irina Radu – Layers of Speech (19’) – Q&A
A short documentary on speech and operating with it in different domains: religious preaching and
stage hypnotism.

Arianna Nacci – Those who stay (20’) Q&A
Those who stayed is an intimate portrait of how life goes on one year after the
earthquake that stroke central Italy.

Vittoria Paglino – Choir (19’) – Q&A
An exploration of chorality. Personal narratives and the collective experience within a community of
amateur singers in Northern Italy.

7PM – 8PM

Rui Yang – The Guardian of Yaks (23’) – Q&A
For Tibetans who live in the pasturing area of Yvshu, yak-raising is not only a means of production
but also a way of realizing faith. As herdsmen, they acquire dairy products from yak, but do not kill
them. Yak are like a family member for these Tibetans.

E-ju Lee – Behind the Fence (20’)
In London, there is an allotment where people sow, grow their own narratives about life, and repeat
them with the coming of the seasons. This film will explore this relationship with people and their
attachment to this place.