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Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

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JRAI Forensic Anthropology supplement Issue – Launch event


This supplement has been an exciting project which has allowed us to not only examine the areas of work that forensic anthropologists are involved in on a daily basis, but also to explore the cross fertilisation that continues to occur between forensic anthropology, biological anthropology and social anthropology. We are at an exciting point in our profession, having established a certification process within the UK, with the RAI as our governing body. This certification process is now moving internationally for forensic anthropology and work is ongoing on a certification for those social anthropologists who take on work for the courts. This body of papers now showcases both the past, the present and the future for our specialties and how they interrelate. 



Prof Lucy Easthope (Durham University)

Dr Rose Drew (University of Winchester)

Prof Gwyn Madden (Grand Valley State University)

Valentina Panci (University of Dundee)

Dr James Rose (University of Melbourne)

Prof Lucina Hackman (University of Dundee)

Prof Dame Sue Black, Baroness Black of Strome (St John’s College)


Supplement Issue contributors

Dr Catherine Merritt (University of Toronto); Prof Lucy Easthope (Durham University); Dr Rose Drew (University of Winchester); Prof Gwyn Madden (Grand Valley State University); Valentina Panci (University of Dundee); Dr James Rose (University of Melbourne); Prof Lucina Hackman (University of Dundee); Prof Dame Sue Black, Baroness Black of Strome (St John’s College); Dr Nicholas Márquez-Grant (Cranfield University); Dr Grant Thomson (University of Dundee)