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MA Visual Anthropology Goldsmiths 2018 Screening

December 12 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 9:30 pm

MA Visual Anthropology Goldsmiths 2018 Screening

12 December 2018
2:00 – 9:30PM
at the RAI

Goldsmiths 2018 MA Visual Anthropology students invite you to a screening of a special selection of short films created as part of their final projects. We believe the future of filmmaking is anthropological and we are excited to show you our films that cover fascinating social and cultural realities around the world. We will be screening 15 short films throughout the day, with complimentary wine and filmmaker Q&As. If you are intrigued by how a new generation of anthropologists are communicating their research through film then you are warmly invited to join us for this day of screenings and Christmas festivities!

2- 4PM

PALOP (Bruno Lopes, 19 mins)
An experimental film that contextualises the presence of people of African origins in Portugal. The film focuses on the personal experiences of two different generations – with a similar background (the former Portuguese colonies in Africa) – and  their  perceptions  in  relation  to  cultural  identity.

MAUREEN’S (Rhianne Patent, 21 mins)
Maureen’s is a family run pie & mash shop in London’s East End. The film explores Maureen and her son Jason’s responses to the changing area and how immigration has shaped their life stories.

VOLTURNO STORIES (Leonardo Signoretti, 20 mins)
Castel Volturno: a small town in the Campania region. Abandoned by the State, it tells today stories of struggle.

A VERY DAI GIRL (MengHua Zhang, 27 mins)
The protagonist of this documentary is Xiao Yue, a 22-year- old Dai girl. This film recorded her daily life by direct observation, and it is a reflection of gender perception in Dai society.

A film about Mr. Zhang Chi’Wa, a repairman who trapped himself in- side a closing factory. Many of his co-workers fled in recent years, while his stay is a mystery. His experience reflects the QK’s destiny. Meanwhile, QK’s destiny is a shadow of China’s economic reforming history.

4 – 4:20PM Break

4:20 – 6:30PM

WORKING WITH MEMORIES (Victoria Hall, 20 mins)
The film is a  personal  reflection  by  the  filmmaker  and  her  family, using video to navigate their  pasts  and  reconnect  to  forgotten memories.  It is inspired by the charity My Life Films, which explores how visual material is useful in relieving anxiety and reconnecting the identities of those living with dementia.

LIMBUS PATRUM (Alessandro Mangione, 20 mins)
Limbus Patrum is an attempt to investigat  the conditions of asylum seekers in the Basilicata Regional Hub in Southern Italy.  Through the life of of Henry, Ehis and Abdul, it gives account to the slowed sense of time and state of limbo in which  they  find  them selves as a result of bureaucratic procedures of indefinite duration.

STRANDED (Richa Singh, 22 mins)
Stranded is the story of two women who are connected through hair. It captures the feelings and emotions of a cancer survivor as she shares her struggle and the story of a beauty salon & wig store owner and her motivations.

GREEN LAGOON (Monica Jeler, 20 mins)
The film highlights the relational dynamism around the Aghien Lagoon, in Ivory Coast. The film conveys how the relationships between different subjects and between humans and non-humans could give rise to mutual enrichment, constructive criticism and the development of unexpressed potentialities.
Followed by director Q&A

THE WILLOW MAN (Olivia McNeilis, 21 mins)
The Somerset Levels and Moors is the last region of the UK that grows willow commercially. The willow industry has been in constant decline. This film is a portrait of the last willow growers and craftsmen, as they navigate a complex landscape between past and present, tradition and economic viability; all the while weaving towards a sustainable future.

6:30 – 7PM Break
Christmas drinks and celebrations

7 – 9:30PM

IT’S JUST A MOVIE (Silvia Gin, 15 mins)
This film is the result of a collaborative filmmaking workshop carried out in Calabria. It presents the stories of three immigrants who settled in Italy, while reflecting on the methodology of collaboration.
Followed by director Q&A

WOMEN ONLY (Samira Hatamizadeh, 20 mins)
Not only Tehran’s Metro is a means of public transportation, but also it is considered as a workplace by more than 5,000 vendors.  Based on observation and some casual conversations with women vendors, this film explores different parts of their daily lives in the subway.
Followed by director Q&A

GREEN WITH EMPATHY (Aime Dorsett, 22 mins)
Are houseplants being elevated to the status of pets? This film is curious of the unlikely companionships that can blossom between a human and a cactus. It follows two houseplant ‘owners’ over 7 months and unearths a complex assemblage of love and loss, as tears are shed and relationships tested.
Followed by director Q&A

PAANI. OF WOMEN AND WATER (Costanza Burstin, 23 mins)
Women against water shortage.  An ethnographic documentary that explores the peculiar relationship between women and water in a small village of Rajasthani desert, India.
Followed by director Q&A

BROKEN SKIN. (Lidija Burcak, 24 mins)
Psoriasis is a very visible yet somehow hidden disease. Worldwide 125 million people are affected by it. The encounter of the filmmaker and other psoriasis-affected people is turned into a poetic journey that explores skin as a metaphor of belonging and belief.
Followed by director Q&A

This event is free, but tickets must be booked. To book tickets please go to https://goldsmtihs2018.eventbrite.co.uk

Location : Royal Anthropological Institute
50 Fitzroy Street
United Kingdom


December 12 2018
2:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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