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Nowhere to Call Home

Wednesday 23 November 2016, 4.10pm
Bertha DocHouse, Curzon Bloomsbury WC1N 1AW

Dir: Jocelyn Ford
China / United States / 2014 / 76mins

Part of our The Lives of Others Season, bringing you tales from the four corners of the earth.

“This story breaks all the rules and upends popular perceptions of Tibetans and journalists alike. Deeply moving, ethically challenging and utterly compelling.” – Jonathan Watts, The Guardian

Zanta, a farmer’s widow in Tibet defies her father-in-law by refusing to marry his other son, suffering great prejudice and exclusion. Fleeing the village and her family, Zanta crosses the border into China, ending up in the slums of Beijing, working as a street vendor. Destitute and exhausted by the constant battle against anti-Tibetan sentiment, she tries to give her son to a customer—an American journalist. On a holiday trip back to Zanta’s village, the unwitting foreigner must decide whether to step into the family dispute or watch as Zanta suffers the abuse traditionally faced by Tibetan widows.

Zanta’s gripping story of determination in the face of disaster puts a human face on the political strife that fractures both China and Tibet.

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The Lives of Others: Tales from the Four Corners of the Earth

Film Season

The latest season at Bertha DocHouse in partnership with the Royal Anthropological Institute and the RAI Film Festival, sheds a light on people and communities around the world.

From a floating village in Columbia to an all-girls school in Afghanistan, each of these beautiful films tell a unique story that reflects back on our own lives here at home.

In partnership with the Royal Anthropological Institute and the RAI Film Festival