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The 2013 AGM will take place on Friday 20 September at 3.00 pm in the BP Lecture Theatre, Clore Education Centre, British Museum, London WC1. It will be followed by the 2013 Presidential Address.

All are welcome. Only RAI Fellows may vote at the AGM. Formal notification of the AGM has also been published in Anthropology Today and on the RAI website.


3.00 pm: Tea
3.30 pm: AGM
5.00 pm (approximately): Presidential Address, to be given by Prof Clive Gamble, on Anthropology and deep history

Following the AGM and lecture, there will be a drinks reception for all present.


1.    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 14 September 2012

2.    Annual Report of the Council for 2012

3.    Appointment of Auditors (Current auditors: H.W. Fisher and Company, Chartered Accountants)

4.    Election of Officers and Council for the year 2013-2014 (see overleaf for House List)

5.    Announcement of elections of the Huxley Memorial Lecturer and Henry Myers Lecturer for 2014

6.    Rivers Memorial Medal for 2013 [Professor Phyllis Lee]

7.    Lucy Mair Medal for 2013 [Professor Michael Banton]

8.    Any other business

(for election of Officers and Council under agenda item 4)

Names proposed by Council (new nominations marked with *)
All nominations are subject to the election of candidates as RAI Fellows for the year(s) in which they hold office. Former Presidents are ex officio Vice Presidents and not listed below.

President: Professor Clive Gamble

Elected Vice Presidents: Professor Raymond Apthorpe*, Dr Lissant Bolton, Dr Simon Underdown
Hon Secretary: Dr Eric Hirsch

Hon Librarian: Professor C. Thomas Selwyn

Hon Treasurer: Dr Julie Scott

Ordinary members of Council

Dr Mary Adams*
Professor Tim Allen*
Professor Sue Black*
Dr Sarah Elton
Professor David Gellner
Professor Victoria Goddard
Dr Rachel Gooberman-Hill
Professor John Gowlett
Dr Kate Hill*
Dr Fiona Jordan*
Professor Jeremy MacClancy*
Dr John MacGinnis*
Professor Trevor Marchand
Professor Judith Okely
Dr Melissa Parker*
Dr Raj Puri
Dr Howard Reid*
Dr James Staples
Professor Brian Street*
Professor Julian Thomas

Article 42(b) of the Articles of Association states:
In addition to the candidates named in the House List, any member (Fellow) may be nominated for election as an Officer or a member of Council provided such member shall not have been disqualified under these presents.
Nominations shall be in writing and signed by at least two members (Fellows) eligible to vote and accompanied by a statement in writing by the nominee expressing his willingness to serve if elected. Nominations must have been lodged with the Secretary not later than three days before the Annual General Meeting.