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The Empire of Mt. Sion:  A Korean Millenarian Group Born in a Time of Crisis.

Professor James H. Grayson, Sheffield University

Wednesday 18 June at 5.30 pm

In 1940,  during the middle of the Second World War,  a millenarian movement emerged in the south-eastern corner of Korea which was then under colonial domination by Japan. Called Sion-san cheguk [The Empire of Mt. Sion], the leaders predicted the defeat of Japan in the ‘Pacific War’, and the establishment of Christ’s reign on earth in which reign the members of the movement would play a key role. Although there is a strong strand of millenarian thought in the various Protestant denominations in Korea, the Empire of Mount Sion is unique as being an amorphous movement which subsequently became transformed into a denomination. Known as Sion-san Yesu-gyo changno-hoe [Mt. Sion Presbyterian Church], this denomination still exists possessing a single church building in the south eastern city of Kyŏngju.  As a small-scale group with a history of over 60 years, it provides an excellent opportunity to study how a millenarian group begins, develops, and eventually becomes an institutionalised entity.

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