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Life in a Turkish provincial town in 2015: Elections and New Social Directions?

David Barchard

Friday 27 November at 3.30 pm

David Barchard looks at the structures and patterns underlying life in a small central Anatolian community and tries to relate them to broader questions about the direction of Turkish society and its political system.. A time of unprecedented prosperity has been combined with a rising role for religion and the fading of some of the cultural and political motifs of the early decades of the Turkish Republic. Social media and television, and face to face contacts through tourism, make global cultural attitudes easily accessible to anyone interested in them and at the level of household life and consumer behaviour convergence with familiar features of advanced industrial societies seems surprising well advanced. But how true is this  for beliefs, values, and attitudes, gender equality, political behaviour and participation, and notions of individual and communal identity? In particular, has the social and cultural basis now been established for the sustained successful growth of Turkey as an industrial society?

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