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The Man who Loved Books (Homage to JR Llobera)

Dr Roger Canals, Universitat de Barcelona

Wednesday 10 January at 5.30 pm

Any personal library is much more than a collection of books, is like material biography, a living archive, a sort of geographical legacy of one’s interests, projects and intellectual influences. Based on this idea, The Man who Loved Books is a touching, sensitive and intellectually rigorous documentary film which explores the life and work of the anthropologist Josep Ramon Llobera,1939–2010, who left after his death a magnificent personal library on literature, art, music and social sciences. Llobera, who was of Catalan origin, spent most of his academic life in London, at University College London, living in his beloved Bloomsbury. Through the testimony of those who knew him, such as friends, family and colleagues, excerpts from his writings and rich archive material The Man Who Loved Books uncovers different facets of the life of JR Llobera through a visual exploration of his personal library. The film invites us to reflect on the profession of the anthropologist and on the meaning and function of anthropology as a scientific discipline. Above all, it is about friendship and a tremendous love of books.

Title: The Man who Loved Books (Homage to JR Llobera)
Director: Roger Canals
Camera: Roger Canals
Editing: Jordi Orobitg
Year: 2015
Production: Ann MacLarnon & Jordi Orobitg Productions

This event is free, but tickets must be booked. To book tickets please go to https://canals.eventbrite.co.uk

Location : Royal Anthropological Institute
50 Fitzroy Street
United Kingdom