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Royal Anthropological Institute / Development Studies Association Tourism Research Seminars: Theme – Mass Tourism


Evolving perspectives on tourism’s interaction with nature- connecting at last?

Professor Andrew Holden, University of Bedfordshire

Monday 13 June at 5.30 pm

Our relationship to nature is under re-evaluation as society faces environmental challenges driven by anthropogenic/anthropocentric causes. Whilst the reactions of how to deal with these changes that threaten our well-being vary according to perspectives of political ecology, environmental conservation has become increasingly mainstream to policy and practice. As an increasing popular component of global consumerism, tourism plays out within changing paradigms of the philosophy of how we ‘should’ interact with nature. In a retrospective evaluation of the evolution of tourism’s relationship with nature, this presentation utilises theories and concepts of environmental ethics and psychology to analyse how to gauge a considered response to current environmental challenges. Besides examining how tourism has emerged as a mixed metaphor for harm and benefit to nature, consideration is also given to the role of tourism in connecting individuals and society to nature as a shift toward environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

Andrew Holden is Professor of Environment and Tourism in the Institute for Tourism Research (INTOUR) at the University of Bedfordshire.  His research interests focus on the interface between human behaviour and the natural environment within the context of tourism. He has published several texts with Routledge on the subject including Environment and Tourism (3rd) edition and the Environment and Tourism Handbook co-edited with Professor David Fennell and over 40 academic papers. His research and consultancy work on tourism, environment and development has embraced several countries including Nepal, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, Cyprus and Scotland.

This event is free, but tickets must be booked. To book tickets please go to http://andrewholden.eventbrite.co.uk