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Visual Anthropology and the City

14 & 15 October 2016

‘Visual Anthropology and the City’ is a two-day-symposium at UCL, which brings together anthropologists, filmmakers and artists.  Urban anthropology has fascinated journalists, photographers and policy makers with the emergence of the Chicago School since the 1920s.  Ethnography and long-term research facilitated deeper insights into the everyday lives of urban neighborhoods that were often associated with violence, crime and housing problems. Cinema and photography have also since their inception engaged with the urban, and their development is deeply entwined with that of the modern metropolis. We are interested in visual research that looks at modernity, subcultures, non-western cities, regeneration, urban elites, domestic space, social movements and urban architecture.  In this symposium we will discuss films, photography and writings on the subject from both academic and practitioners’ perspectives.  For more details on the programme and registration (essential) please email barbara.knorpp@gmail.com

The complete programme is available here.

Free and welcome to all!

Dr Barbara Knorpp (Anthropologist, UCL) barbara.knorpp@gmail.com
Caterina Sartori (RAI Film Officer) film@therai.org.uk

Friday 14th October 2016 13.00-19.00                                                                       
Cruciform Building, UCL, Gower St, (London WC1E 6BT) Lecture Theatre 1
Saturday 15th October 2016 10.00-17.30
Institute of Archaeology, Heritage Studies, UCL, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY, Lecture Theatre G6LT