Lucy Mair Medal & Marsh Prize for Applied Anthropology

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The Lucy Mair Medal & Marsh Prize for Applied Anthropology is awarded annually by the Royal Anthropological Institute. First awarded in 1998, the Medal is intended to honour excellence in the application of anthropology to the relief of poverty and distress, and to the active recognition of human dignity.

Individuals should not apply on their own behalf, but any Fellow or Member of the Institute is invited to send a nomination for consideration by the Honours & Awards Committee, which will make a recommendation to the RAI Council.  The Committee is also empowered to search actively for a candidate for the Medal; and may recommend that the medal not be awarded in any year.  The Medal may be awarded at any stage in a person’s career, but is intended to recognize sustained and effective work.  While it is not intended to recognize contributions to anthropological theory as such, anthropologists who have made a contribution to theory as well as to applied anthropology are not thereby excluded from consideration.  The Honours & Awards Committee may consider not only a nominee’s publications, but also such work as practical advice to governments and voluntary organizations.  Nominees may be of any nationality or residence. 

The winner of the Award will receive £1000, sponsored by the Marsh Charitable Trust.

Nominations should be sent to the Director, RAI, 50 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 5BT by the 1st of March each year. It is recommended that nominations should be carefully argued and supported by appropriate documentation.

Prior Recipients