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2023Zeitlyn, DavidOn anthropological trading zones and thin description 
2022Webb, Matthew RajThe Flow of Craft-Marked Expertise: “Skill Regimes” in Global Fashion Production in Mumbai 
2021Mautner, OriThe Self in Self-Formation: Embodiment, Religious Mediation, and the Subject’s Interrelated Parts among Orthodox-Jewish Meditators 
2020Andrews, Kyrstin MallonThe Color of Seawater: Color Perception and Environmental Change in Dominican Seascapes 

2019 no award made 
2018 no award made 
2017Myhre, Knut ChristianTales of a Stitched Anus: Fictions, Analytics, and Personhood in Kilimanjaro 
2016Cortesi, LuisaAn ontology of water and land in North Bihar, India 
2015Glaskin, Katie‘They used to frighten us’: Other-than humans and the re-making of the social 
2014Moran-Thomas, AmyTHE PARA-COMMUNICABLE: Political Ecologies of Nutrition and Chronic Transmission in Northern Ghana 
2013 no award made 
2012 no award made 
2011Henley, PaulTrouble in Paradise: the films of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson in Bali and New Guinea 
2010 no award made 

2009Swift, PhilipTouching Conversion: Tangible Transformations in a Japanese New Religion 
2008Mosko, MarkPartible penitents: Dividual personhood and Christian practice in Melanesia and the West 
2007Winslow, DeborahThe Village Clay: Recursive Innovations and Self-Fashioning among Sinhalese Potters 
2006Vokes, RichardCharisma, Creativity and Cosmopolitanism: A perspective on the power of the new radio broadcasting in Uganda and Rwanda 
2005Costantino, IvanLandscapes of the Western Pacific: Anthropology and the Land of Ethnography in the Work of Bronislaw Malinowski 
2004Henley, PaulSpirit-Possesion, Witchcraft and the Abstract Presence of Islam: a Re-appraisal of Les Maitres Fous After Fifty Years  
2003MacClancy, JeremyThe Literary Image of Anthropologists  
2002 no award made 
2001Stevens, HillarySpace and Power in the Soviet Forced Labour Camps  
2000Freeman, DenaFrom Warrior to Wife: Cultural Transformation in the Gamo Highlands  

1999Heyman, JosiahRespect for Outsiders? respect for Law?: the Moral Evaluation of High-Scale Issues by U.S. Immigration Officers  
1998 no award made 
1997Rival, L.Androgynous, Parents and Guest Children: the Huaorani Couvade 
1996Rapport, N.The `Contrarities’ of Israel. An Essay on the Cognitive importance and the Creative Promise of both/and  
1995Busby, C.Of Marriage and Marriageability: Gender and the Dravidian Kinship System 
1994Bouquet, M.Family Trees and their Affinities 
1993Henley, P.South Indian Models in the Amazonian Lowlands 
1992Roscoe, P.B.Amity and Aggression: a Symbolic Approach to Explaining the Incest Taboo 
1991Hann, C.From Production to Property: Decollectivization and the Human-Land Relationship in Contemporary Eastern Europe 
1990 no award made 

1989 no award made 
1988 no award made 
1987Harrison, S.Magical and Material Polities in Melanesia 
1986Fuller, C.J.The Hindu Pantheon and the Legitimation of Hierarchy 
1985 no ward made 
1984 no award made 
1983Sillitoe, P.Divide, and No One Rules 
1982Feil, D.K.Beyond Patriliny in the New Guinea Highlands 
1981Shipton, P.Strips and Patches: Towards a Demography of Landholding and Political Systems in East Africa 
1980Donham, D.Beyond the Domestic Mode of Production 

1979 no award made 
1978Gell, A.The Gods that Play: Vertigo and Possession in Mura Religion 
1977Jackson, M.Ambivalence and the Last Borne: Birth-Order and Position in Convention and Myth 
1976 no award made 
1975Spencer, P.Opposing Streams and the Gerontocratic Ladder: Two Models of Age Organization in East Africa 
1974Biersack, A.Matrilaterality in patrilineal systems: the Tongan case 
1973Carter, A.T.A Comparative Analysis of the Systems of Kinship and Marriage in South Asia. 
1972 no award made 
1971Gudeman, S.The Compadrazgo as a Reflection of the Natural and Spiritual Person 
1970 no award made 

1969Davis, J.Honour and Politics in Pisticci 
1968Strathern, A.Descent and Alliance in the New Guinea Highlands: Some Problems of Comparison 
1967 no award made 
1966 no award made 
1965 no award made 
1964Tambiah, S.J.Kinship Fact and Fiction in Relation to the Kandyan Sinhalese 
1963 no award made 
1962 no award made 
1961Yalman, N.On the Purity of Women in the Castes of Ceylon and the Malabar 
1960Brothwell, D.K.The Paleopathology of early British Man 

1959Peters, E.L.The Proliferation of Segments in the Lineage of the Bedouin in Cyrenaica 
1958 no award made 
1957Goody, J.The Mother’s Brother, and the Sister’s Son in West Africa; Leach, E.R. Magical Hair 
1956 no award made 
1955Smith, M.G.On Segmentary Lineage Systems 
1954 no award made 
1953Gough, E.K.Female Initiation Rites on the Malabar Coast 
 Stevenson, H.N.C.Status evaluation in the Hindu caste system 
1952Köbben, A.J.New Ways of presenting an Old Idea: the Statistical Method in Social Anthropology 
1951Leach, E.R.Structural Implications of Matrilateral Cross-Cousin Marriage 
1950 no award made