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emma_gilberthorpeDr Emma Gilberthorpe (Durham) ‘Living with Oil: the impact of resource development in Papau New Guinea’ (2004)

The Urgent Anthropology Fellowship gave me the opportunity to continue my work in two regions of Papua New Guinea affected by large-scale resource extraction projects. I worked closely with friends and contacts in both the Waro Valley, where recipients of huge cash royalties from the Kutubu oil project reside; and the Star Mountains, where the environmental and social effects of the Ok Tedi copper mine imposes on a number of ethnic groups. The main purpose of my Fellowship was to produce an ethnographic film that represented the candid views of individuals working and living in around project impact areas on issues such as development, sustainability and the future. The method and output reflects a desire to produce a resource that is more accessible to non-academic users. Data have since been developed into a teaching resource and stand-alone film with a supplementary monograph, which has been disseminated to academic and non-academic institutions. The stand-alone film is also available on YouTube. I remain very grateful for the award and the research I was able to conduct continues to inform my work.


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