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Dr Mark Jamieson (Durham) ‘Language and identity among the Sumu people of the Rio Siquia, eastern Nicaragua’ (2005)

I conducted fieldwork principally amongst the Ulwa (Southern Sumu) of Karawala on lower Rio Grande, as well as among the Sumu of the Rio Escondido basin and the Miskitu of the Pearl Lagoon area, in eastern Nicaragua. This work was focused mainly on the relationships between economy, domestic organisation and belief. The peoples of these districts are primarily swidden horticulturalists for whom relations of production and reproduction are organised around the institutions of uxorilocal postnuptial residence and brideservice. This constellation of practices, it was found, have an evident elective affinity with beliefs in ghostly attack and sorcery as causes of misfortune, which have been subject to interesting changes as subsistence in some of these communities has become progressively more dependent on capitalist relations of production.



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