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noriko_satoDr. Noriko Sato (Pukyong U, South Korea) ‘Syrian Orthodox Christians’ (2001)

The contemporary Syrian Orthodox Christians in Syria seek to reconstruct their political and social identities within the broader perspective of nationalism, religion, language, and ethnicities in order to secure their political rights. As religious multiculturalism is considered to be a fundamental part of Syrian society, Syrian Orthodox Christians claim that their religion, whose liturgical language is Syriac-Arimaic, which is one of the ancient languages of Syria, forms part of this religious cultural heritage of Syria. Their religion and language demonstrate the origin of their community and its endurance in Syria since ancient times. Yet, they fear that their political rights are in danger of being denied, because many of them have refugee origin and have little knowledge of their liturgical language, which is essential to prove their Syrian origin. Moreover, the Syrian Orthodox Christians who fled from Iraq to Syria in the aftermath of the Iraq War identify themselves as Arabic speaking Christians. They have brought about an identity crisis among the existing community in Syria.


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