J.B. Donne Essay Prize on the Anthropology of Art Past Recipients

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2021   no award made  
2019 Dr Konstantinos Kalantzis Athens and the Indigenous Sublime: Rethinking Orientalism and Desire from Documenta 14 to the Cretan Highlands  
  Dr Myriam Lamrani Images on the Move. Migrant Saints ‘Beyond’ the Mexico-US Border  
2017 Dr Paolo Fortis The aesthetics of ‘time-reckoning’: a Guna chromatic history  
2015 Prof Lawrence Rosen Chaos and Choice: The Social Meaning of an Islamic Art Form  
2013 Dr Huon Wardle The Artist Carl Abrahams and the Cosmopolitan Work of Centring and Peripheralising the Self  
2011 Dr Joseph Long The Buryat circle dance and the aesthetics of belonging: Meaning to perform and performing to mean in Southern Siberia  

2009 Dr Sohini Ray The language of hand gestures in Manipuri dance: semantics and politics  
2007   no award made  
2005   no award made  
2003   no award made  
2001 Dr Sean Kingston Attention to form in a Southern New Ireland life-cycle  

1999 Dr James Leach Drum and Voices: Aesthetics, technology and political relations in a Rai Coast (Papua New Guinea) society  
1997   no award made  
1995 Dr Peter Gow Piro designs: Paintings as a meaningful action in an Amazonian lived world  
1993 Dr Nicholas Thomas A second reflection: Opposition and irresolution in contemporary Maori art  
1991 Dr Michael O’Hanlon Unstable images and second skins: Artefacts, exegesis and assessments in the New Guinea Highlands  

1989 Prof Michael Herzfeld Icons and Identity: Religious orthodoxy and social practice in modern Greece  
1987 Dr Howard Morphy From dull to brilliant: The aesthetics of spiritual power among the Yolngu