RAI Biological Anthropology Small Grant Scheme Final Reports

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2020 Lubeek, Juliën Kavish Implications for diet and extinction of Gigantopithecus blacki from Pleistocene China based on Dental Microwear Texture Analysis (DMTA)  
2019 Gaffney, Dylan First footsteps across Lydekker’s Line: behavioural plasticity in the insular and continental rainforests of western New Guinea  
2018 Dähling, Kira Palaeoenvironment reconstruction of Southeast Arabia to investigate the dispersal of modern humans out of Africa  
2017 Hassan, Anushé  How much do fathers matter? Paternal investment and child health in rural Tanzania  
2017 Patalano, Robert Water Availability and Human Dietary Behaviour at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania  
2016 Rand, Asta Diet, Health, and Movement in Early Modern Poland: Evidence from the Drawsko 1 Cemetery (17th-18th c.)  
2015 Siek, Thomas Neoplastic Disease in Medieval Poland  
2015 Elliott, Gail Agricultural Effects on Skeletal and Dental Growth and Maturation in Prehistoric Populations from Northern Chile.  
2014 Nadell, Jason Functional adaptation with reference to mobility pattern and ontogeny; a cross-sectional study across the upper and lower limbs of primates.  
2014 Lemmers, Simone Stress, Life History and Dental Development in Primates  
2013 Hawkes, Duncan Stibbard Reading the signals: What does Hadza hunting success honestly convey?  
2012 Bales, Ashley The phylogenetic position of Proconsul  
2012 Pradeilles, Rebecca Community socio-economic status influences on dietary intake and obesity in South African adolescents  
2010 Gasperetti, Matthew A. The Foundations of Agriculture: A Biocultural Study of Diet, Health, and Behaviour in the Prehistoric Southern Levant  
2009 Gregoricka, Lesley An Isotopic Investigation of Mobility, Exchange, and Tomb Membership in Bronze Age Arabia  
2009 Lameria, Adriano Reis e Variations in the Call Repertoire of Wild Orangutans