Richard Werbner Award

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2023 The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters (Catalina Tesar, Romania)
Commendation All God’s Children (All God’s Children, USA/Indonesia)
2021 A Kali Temple Inside Out (Dipesh Kharel & Frode Storaas, India, 2018)
Commendations Death of the One Who Knows (Dana Rappoport, Indonesia, 2020)
The Healer and the Psychiatrist (Mike Poltorak, UK, 2020)

2019 Heartbound (Janus Metz & Sine Plambec, Denmark, 2018)
Special Commendations Horror in the Andes (Martha-Cecilia Dietrich, Peru/UK, 2019)
This is My Face (Angélica Cabezas Pino, Chile, 2018)
Tindaya Variation (Isaac Marrero-Guillamon, UK, 2018)
2017 The Way I See Today (Antonia Gama & Márcio Gomes, Brazil, 2016)
2015 Kalanda: The Knowledge of the Bush (Lorenzo Ferrarini, UK, 2014) *
2013 The Price of Death (Rebekah Lee, South Africa, UK, 2012)
2011 Unity Through Culture (Christian Suhr & Ton Otto, Demark, 2011) *

* distributed by the RAI