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Guidelines for Exhibitors of Photographs at the Royal Anthropological Institute  

The RAI welcomes occasional photographic exhibitions in its meeting room on the first floor at 50 Fitzroy Street.

The room is well lit, and with the frames available (suitable for images up to 50 x 40 cm), can accommodate up to 35 images, with frames hung above one another. Exhibitors wishing to use larger frames will need to supply them themselves.

Exhibitors will need to demonstrate a coherent and purposeful narrative for their work, which should relate clearly to the discipline of anthropology. They should supply a letter of endorsement from a supervisor or other suitable source.

All proposals will be considered by the RAI Photo Committee, and their decisions are final.

The costs of printing must be borne by exhibitors.

Please note that visitors to exhibitions will need to make an appointment since the room is sometimes in use. There is no disabled access.

For any further information please contact the Photo Curator