Who is your data shared with?

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Who is your data shared with?

Your membership data is passed on to Wiley our publisher. They use this data to send out hard copies of the journals and also to provide online access for our members to the journals on Wiley Online Library and JSTOR.

Membership numbers and names are passed on to the Anthropology Library and Research Centre at the British Museum so that they can provide library access and EZproxy online access for fellows. 

For members who pay for their subscription by direct debit their banking details are held by Rapidata for processing their payments.

Email addresses are also stored with Mailchimp for the sending out of member emails.

We use a membership database system provide by NomadIT.

Forensic Anthropology applications are shared with reviewers and the examinations board for certification.

Your personal data is not passed on by us to organisations other than those indicated above.