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We are eternally grateful to the benefactors who have supported the work of the Institute since its inception in 1871.

Recent benefactors include the late Elizabeth Colson who was for many years a Fellow of the RAI. She very kindly remembered the Institute in her will with a gift of £10,000. In order to mark her scholarly achievements, we held a one day conference in her memory on 12 October 2017. To find out more about the event click here.

Our benefactors include but are not limited to:

  • Richard Werbner
  • Elizabeth Colson
  • Leslie Hill
  • Roger Kirkpatrick
  • Edmund Leach
  • Laura Edwards
  • Jeanne Mary Fischer
  • Gordon Hewes
  • E. Kitson
  • W.B. Fagg
  • Audrey Richards
  • James Harvey Chaplin
  • Ivan D. Margary
  • Marc Fitch
  • Captain A.W.F Fuller
  • Seligman Memorial Trust
  • Dunlop Rubber Company Ltd
  • Israel Sieff
  • The United Africa Company Ltd
  • Sir Arthur Keith
  • The Viking Fund Inc
  • Reginald Burton Dennis
  • Marks and Spencer Ltd
  • George David Hornblower
  • Elizabeth Graham Hocart
  • Samuel Matthias Curl
  • Henry Myers
  • Roger Goodland
  • Emslie John Horniman
  • Mary Edith Durham
  • Brenda Zara Seligman
  • Harold Coote Lake
  • Harry Geoffrey Beasley
  • Henry Balfour
  • Herbert Spencer
  • Alfred Percival Maudslay
  • Laura Spellman Rockefeller Memorial Fund
  • Carnegie United Kingdom Trust
  • A Featherman
  • Henry Muirhead
  • Sydney Ellis
  • Miss E.S Wolfe