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A142/5    General Correspondence and papers, 1939-57

  1    11 July 1939 – notes on Finance. 2 leaves (tp. and autogr.)

  2    Treasurer’s Report for 1939; budget for 1940. 4 leaves (tp. draft with autogr. corrections)

  3    Lord Raglan to Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown, RAI President 1939-41, 18 Jan. 1940 – on investments; on proposed circular to fellows (tp.)

  4    W.G. Wilsher, Hon. Treasurer 1940-41 (WGW), to WBF, 21 Jan. – on investments; on meeting (autogr.)

  5    Ibid., 24 Jan. – postpones meeting (autogr. pc)

  6    Ibid., 4 Feb. – on meeting; suggests discussing the pension matter; refers to annual budget; refers to stamps scheme, which WBF or Miss Lindgren must introduce (autogr.)

  7    WBF, 4 Feb. – ‘abstract’ [of a letter to WGW?] (autogr. notes)

  8    Ibid. to WGW, 8 Feb. – on arranging a lunch appointment; on conversion loan; on role of executive committee; hopes he has heard of new investment (autogr. draft)

  9    WGW to WBF, 9 Feb. – on the executive committee; plans to come to London (autogr.)

 10    Ibid., 10 Feb. – thanks him for Curl papers; on meeting R.S. people; thanks him for lunch (autogr. pc)

.1    WGW, ‘The Origin of Warlike Instinct’, reprinted from The London Rotarian, Mar. 1938 (printed leaflet)

 11    WGW to WBF, 28 Feb. – thanks him for two letters [not held]; on visiting London (autogr.)

 12    Ibid., 9 Mar. – sorry he is unwell; on meeting (autogr.)

 13    Ibid., 1 Apr. 1940 – thanks him for two letters [not held]; refers to meeting; Miss Lindgren has been most helpful (autogr.)

 14    WBF to WGW, 4 Apr. – sorry not to have time to discuss in detail how economies could be made; the initiative must not be left to the President [A.R. Radcliffe-Brown], who knows nothing of finance; Miss Lindgren’s view; on publications (autogr. draft)

 15    Ibid. to Geoffrey M. Morant, ibid. – entreats him to attend finance sub-committee meeting; lists members of the sub-committee; is sure he will have useful suggestions to make (autogr. draft)

 16    WGW to WBF, ibid. – will not be at beginning of meeting but will try to get there before the end; Miss [K.M.] Martindell, Assistant Secretary 1920-42) is sick; has asked her to check some figures; figures come out worse than he originally calculated (autogr.)

 17    Geoffrey Morant to ibid., 7 Apr. – mentions two ‘rather crazy’ ideas with regard to finances; Fellows to give contribution when they receive the Journal; collecting and selling foreign stamps; he cannot attend meeting but asks him to bring these ideas up if he thinks them practicable (autogr.)

 18    WGW to WBF, ‘Sunday’ [7 Apr.?] – on talking before the meeting (autogr.)

 19    WBF to WGW, nd – Budget Committee and Curl Committee to meet on 9 Apr.; hopes to arrange meeting of drafting committee for colonial research memorandum; hopes he will attend; hopes he will asks Miss Lindgren for full account (autogr. draft)

 20    Ibid., 11 Apr. – afraid that not much progress made in finance meeting; more must be done; much could be done by correspondence; on standing up to Miss Martindell; on opposition from ‘RB’ [Radcliffe-Brown?]; asks that they meet to discuss things; asks if he could spend a week at the Institute putting finances on a sound basis (autogr. draft)

 21    WGW to WBF, 13 Apr. – tells when he will be in London (autogr.)

 22    Ibid., 16 Apr. – thanks him for two cards [not held]; has lunch appointments; will call or telephone (autogr.)

 23    WBF to WGW, 20 Apr. 1940 – sorry not to spend time with him on Thursday [18 Apr.]; hopes he managed to do some useful ‘pioneering’ in the office; Budget must be put before Council; on Miss Martindell’s salary; on getting Miss Martindell to cyclostyle the Budget ‘for Monday’ [22 Apr.]; on the sale of stamps through Geoffrey Morant (autogr. draft)

 24    WGW to WBF, 22 Apr. – had already asked Miss Martindell to prepare Budget sheets; on her salary (autogr.)

 25    Ibid., 9 May – thanks him for letter telling him that draft balance sheet has been sent to Jones & Peel [not held]; should like to meet [G.D.] Hornblower; they corresponded when WGW was invited to take over as Treasurer; on WBF’s visit to Brighton (autogr.)

 26    WBF to WGW, 31 May – has had meeting with auditor; has grasped some of the points at issue, in particular the Journal; went over other points; on a new method of accounting; has passed his draft Report to Miss Lindgren; suggests that the three of them meet; on various RAI meetings. 4 leaves (autogr. draft)

 27    [E.J. Lindgren] to WGW, 1 June – has received Treasurer’s Report for 1939 which she encloses; on costs of the Journal; asks him to have Report typed (tpc.)

 28    WBF to A.R. Radcliffe-Brown 2 June – on points he [Radcliffe-Brown] queried in Balance Sheet; on the new method of accounting; not done consistently due to accounts not being kept in sufficient detail; details relating to costs of the journal; on the new firm of auditors, as compared with Jackson, Pixley [previous firm]; asks about Lord Lloyd. 4 pages (autogr. draft)

 29    A.R. Radcliffe-Brown to WBF, nd – on the accounts; thanks him for his assistance; on Lord Lloyd (autogr.)

 30    WGW to WBF, 22 June – thanks him for help in ‘Treasurership duties’; congratulates him on stamp scheme; on his mother’s health (autogr.)

 31    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 25 June. 2 leaves (tp. draft with autogr. corrections)

 32    WGW to WBF, 29 June – on visiting; his budget forecast an understatement (autogr.)

 33    Ibid., 19 Sept. – hopes there have not been any bombs nearby; hopes the Institute not damaged; encloses a cheque (autogr.)

 34    WBF to WGW, 11 Dec. 1940 – sorry that he has resigned from Treasurership; Council have persuaded [W.L.] Hildburgh, Hon. Treasurer 1942-44 (WLH), to take the position; on leaving the British Museum for the Board of Trade and evacuation to Bournemouth (autogr. draft)

 35    WGW to WBF, 18 Dec. – had hoped to hold position of Treasurer until WBF’s second year as President; on the war; on books given by WBF (autogr.)

 36    WBF to WLH, 22 Dec. – congratulates him on becoming Treasurer; offers his help; WGW had been a disappointment; on WGW’s lack of activity and delegation of anything involving trouble; previous incumbents more industrious but never got to the root of problems; Treasurers have not had enough time; on the shortcomings of Miss Martindell; on the change of auditors, on WGW’s recommendation; asks if he might take over running of Luncheon Club; on paying for War Damage. 10 pages (autogr. draft)

 37    WLH to WBF, 29 Dec. – thanks him for long and helpful letter on his new office; on his unsuitability for the position; fears that he may be a disappointment; however, outlines factors in his favour; gives reasons why he is not able to devote much time to the role; suggests someone who could prepare the balance sheet; on possibility of changing auditors; on the Luncheon Club. 6 pages (autogr.)

 38    WBF to WLH, 31 Dec. – does not think that he will be disappointed; in discussing previous régime did not intend to be didactic; did not wish to imply that the job took up a lot of time; approves of the idea of WLH’s friend helping with the balance sheet; on replacing sandbags; on firms of auditors. 4 pages (autogr.)

 39    Budget Estimate 1940 (tp.)

 40    Report of the Council, June 1939 to June 1940. 7 leaves (autogr. draft)

 41    M.B. Clappé, Kimber Bull & Co. [RAI solicitors], to Miss Martindell, 7 Oct. 1941 – owing to decrease of business he has accepted a Government appointment; other solicitors in the firm will carry on his business (tp.)

 42    WLH to Kimber Bull & Co., 28 Apr. 1942 – asks whether phrases in Treasurer’s Report relating to sale of stamps imply that RAI is engaged in trade, contrary to charitable status (tpc.)

 43    Kimber Bull & Co. to WLH, 30 Apr. 1942 – clarifies position that the sale of stamps does not constitute trading; suggests slight changes of wording (tp.)

 44    Ibid. to WBF, 13 June 1946 – encloses notification of charges (tp.)

 45    Douglas H.F. Wilson, Hon. Treasurer 1944-56 (DHFW)[?] to Prof. Daryll Forde, 28 May 1948 – resigning Treasuryship at the end of the year (tpc.)

 46    Ibid. to WBF, 17 May 1949 – apologises for not answering his letter of 31 Mar. [not held]; appreciates his support; is pleased to carry on as Treasurer; on Webster Plass being elected to Council; on Lecture Room; would like a meeting of Ways and Means Committee soon (tp.)

 47    FS to TWH, 29 June – thanks him for ten guineas overpaid (tpc.)

 48    Ibid., 23 Sept. – encloses Deed of Covenant signed by Mrs Seligman, for stamping (tpc.)

 49    TWH to FS, ibid. – acknowledges her letter enclosing Deed of Covenant (tp.)

 50    Ibid., 26 Sept. – returns the Deed of Covenant, stamped (tp.)

 51    FS to TWH, 29 Sept. – acknowledges Mrs Seligman’s Deed of Covenant (tpc.)

 52    Ibid., 13 Feb. 1950 – RAI inviting Fellows to make covenanted donations; encloses proof of proposed circular for approval [not held] (tpc.)

 53    Ibid., 24 Feb. – encloses proof of banker’s order to be sent with covenant forms for approval (tpc.)

 54    Kimber Bull to RAI, 25 May – bill relating to Deeds of Covenant (tp.)

 55    TWH to FS, 6 June – encloses receipt for cheque (tp.)

 56    Prof. E.E. Evans-Pritchard, RAI President 1949-51, to WBF, 4 Aug. – [W.A.] Sandman is writing memo on position of Learned Societies to put before Nuffield Foundation; asks him about RAI’s position; on Brownlee Kirkpatrick and the Schmidt School books (autogr.)

 57    WBF, 22 Aug. – report on RAI, ‘Its functions and present financial position’, sent to Nuffield Foundation. 6 leaves (tpc.)

 58    W.A. Sandman, Nuffield Foundation, to WBF, 22 Aug. 1950 – thanks him for information (tp.)

 59    Ibid., 18 Sept. – trustees considered the application on behalf of RAI; not prepared at this stage to commit themselves; hopes however to keep in touch (tp.)

 60    TWH to FS, 27 Sept. – returns Mr Sykes’ Agreement (tp.)

 61    FS to TWH, 30 Sept. – acknowledges receipt of Mr Sykes’ Agreement (tp.)

 62    Ibid., 22 Dec. – encloses Deed of Covenant signed by Dr Salaman (tpc.)

 63    Ibid., 6 Jan. 1951 – ibid. by G.E. Speck (tpc.)

 64    Ibid., 11 Jan. – encloses two Deeds of Covenant, for Miss Rosalind Beaufort Moss and William Henry Corkill (tpc.)

 65    Ibid., 19 Jan. – encloses Deed of Covenant for Sydney Fitzgerald Collins (tpc.)

 66    Ibid., 12 Feb. – encloses two Deeds of Covenant, for Sir Maurice Bloch and Miss Sylvia Benton (tpc.)

 67    Ibid. 14 Mar. – encloses Deed of Covenant for R.T. Hutchings (tpc.)

 68    Ibid. – ibid. for R. Merrifield (tpc.)

 69    DHFW to FS, 15 Mar. – suggests leaving Mr Horniman’s name on the ‘attached’ [not present]; letter should go to Mr Sieff over the President’s [Prof. E.E. Evans-Pritchard’s] signature (tpc.)

 70    FS to TWH, 19 Mar. – encloses Deed of Covenant for C. Bellerby (tpc.)

 71    Ibid., 16 Apr. – ibid. for Dr J.A. Fraser Roberts (tpc.)

71a    FS to Israel Sieff, 20 Apr. – covenant with cheque for £400 has reached RAI; thanks him most deeply for his generosity (tpc.)

 72    Ibid. to TWH, 24 Apr. – encloses Deed of Covenant [for Messrs. Marks & Spencer]; however title of RAI is incorrect; asks whether another is needed (tpc.)

 73    Ibid., 3 May – ibid. for A.H. Christie (tpc.)

 74    DGFH to Prof. E.E. Evans-Pritchard, 4 May – dinner with Mr Sieff has been booked for 20 June; asks him to advise the names on the list (tpc.)

74a    Marks and Spencer Limited to FS, 8 May 1951 – refer to letter of 2 May [not held]; enclose new cheque with correct name; enclose new Covenant (tp. with autogr. reply added by FS)

74b    FS to Marks and Spencer Limited, 11 May – thanks them for cheque and Gift Covenant (tpc.)

 75    Ibid. to TWH, 15 May – encloses Deed of Covenant for Messrs. Marks & Spencer; Stamp Duty will be £7 (tpc.)

 76    TWH to FS, 16 May – returns Deed of Covenant which has been stamped (tp.)

 77    FS to TWH, 17 May – encloses cheque for Stamp Duty (tpc.)

 78    TWH to FS, 21 May – encloses receipt for cheque (tp.)

.1    21 May – receipt referred to in A142/5/78 (printed and autogr.)

.79    Prof. E.E. Evans-Pritchard to WBF, 21 May – Mr Israel Sieff has taken great interest in financial state of the RAI; has given generous covenant; he believes that a much larger sum could be raised if RAI’s position and possibilities put to other men of business; hence he has organized a dinner party; WBF invited (tp.)

 80    FS to TWH, 20 June – encloses Deed of Covenant for M. Freedman (tpc.)

 81    Ibid., 27 June – encloses references for possible tenant of second floor at 21 Bedford Square [RAI premises] (tpc.)

 82    Ibid. – encloses Deed of Covenant for Dr H. Lehmann (tpc.)

 83    Ibid., 30 June – ibid. for Dr A.E. Mourant (tpc.)

 84    Kimber Bull to RAI, 3 July – bill relating to Deeds of Covenant (tp.)

 85    Ibid., – covering letter for A142/5/84 (tp.)

 86    FS to TWH, 10 July – encloses Deed of Covenant for Prof. S. Zuckerman (tpc.)

 87    Ibid., 11 July – ibid. for F.E. Girling (tpc.)

 88    J.P. Mills to WBF, 27 July – on arrangements for a lunch appointment (autogr.)

 89    FS to TWH, 7 Aug. – encloses Deed of Covenant for Miss Elizabeth Kitson (tpc.)

 90    TWH to FS, 7 Sept. 1951 – has her letter of 6 Sept. [not held]; on Mr Doll’s inspection of ‘work referred to’ (tp.)

 91    DHFW to WBF, 12 Sept. – Mr Sieff’s dinner postponed; 7 Nov. suggested (tp.)

 92    J.P. Mills to WBF, 13 Sept. – assumes that a Mrs Sieff who fell from the roof of a block of flats is the wife of Israel Sieff; on sending a letter of condolence (autogr.) [in fact the wife of Israel Sieff died in Israel on 8 Jan. 1966]

 93    FS’s Secretary to TWH, 27 Sept. – encloses Deed of Covenant for John Derek Freeman (tpc.)

 94    J.P. Mills to WBF, 19 Oct. – on meeting with Israel Sieff, who was most encouraging; on Mr Sieff’s financial target; on arrangements for the dinner party (autogr.)

 95    FS’s Secretary to TWH, 20 Oct. – encloses Deed of Covenant for Miss E.K. Gough (tpc.)

 96    Kimber Bull to RAI, 8 Nov. – bill relating to Agreement with Librarian (tp.)

 97    Ibid. – bill relating to several general matters (tp.)

 98    TWH to FS, ibid. – covering letter for A142/5/96, A142/5/97 (tp.)

 99    DHFW to WBF, 20 Nov. – on a lunch appointment with Mr Sieff (tp.)

100    J.P. Mills to ibid., 30 Nov. – on a lunch appointment (autogr. pc)

101    FS’s Secretary to TWH, 21 Dec. – encloses Deed of Covenant for Mrs B. Bekker (tpc.)

102    WBF[?], nd – notes on miscellaneous expenditure 1951. 2 leaves (autogr.)

103    FS’s Secretary to TWH, 3 Jan. 1952 – ibid. for Dr E.R. Leach (tpc.)

104    Ibid., 16 Jan. – ibid. for M.P. Banton (tpc.)

105    Ibid., 21 Jan. – ibid. for J.P. Mills (tpc.)

106    Ibid. to Kimber, Bull & Co., 24 Jan. – in answer to theirs of 8 Nov. [1951] encloses cheque (tpc.)

107    Ibid. to TWH, 24 Jan. 1952 – encloses two Deeds of Covenant for Mr E.B. Choat and Mr J.P. Mills; on necessity for a new Covenant for Mr Mills (tpc.)

108    Kimber Bull & Co. to FS’s Secretary, 25 Jan. – thanks her for cheque (tp.)

109    DHFW to Israel Sieff, 19 Mar. – encloses note received from WBF [possibly A142/5/57] in connection with approach to Nuffield; thought he would like to read these papers; on arrangements for a lunch appointment (tpc.)

110    Israel Sieff to DHFW, 20 Mar. – is in agreement with the contents of his letter [A142/5/109]; returns the papers sent (tp.)

111    DHFW to WBF, 25 Mar. – thanks him for note of 20 Mar. [not held]; on a lunch appointment with WBF and J.P. Mills; FS might make written report on her attendance since 6 Feb.; encloses copy of letter to Israel Sieff, and letter from him [A142/5/112, A142/5/110]; returns pencilled redraft of points discussed recently with Mr Sieff and typed copy [possibly A142/5/111.1 and A142/5/111.2] (tp.)

.1    WBF, nd – on the application of Anthropology in industry; financial restriction has prevented RAI from taking the lead in this development; need for capital investment by industries; with financial backing a Committee will be set up; steps which might be followed. 2 leaves (autogr.)

.2    WBF, nd – typed version of A142/110.1 (tp.)

112    Ibid. to Israel Sieff, ibid. – encloses interpretation of recent memo prepared at their last meeting [not held]; proposal to appoint exploratory committee should be put to Council; on details of this (tpc.)

113    Ibid. to J.P. Mills, 4 Apr. – had meeting with ‘Bussy’ [LJB] of Auditors, who is going to take over handling of RAI’s accounts for a year’s trial, at cost of £250; gives reasons why this is a good idea (tpc.)

114    Kimber, Bull & Co. to RAI, 24 Apr. – bill relating to Underlease (tp.)

115    Angela Bowe to DHFW, 12 May – encloses figures relating to Kimber, Bull & Co.’s professional charges over the last five years; refers to ‘chaotic’ filing system of RAI (tp.)

116    H.J. Newlin to WBF, 24 Sept. – on arrangements to meet WBF and J.P. Mills (tp.)

117    Kimber, Bull & Co. to RAI, 27 Oct. 1952 – bill relating to Coote Lake Superannuation Fund (tp.)

118    Ibid. – ibid. relating to stamping Deeds of Covenant (tp. with autogr. additions)

119    Ibid., 27 Oct. – ibid. relating to Alteration of Articles (tp. with autogr. additions)

120    Ibid., – covering letter for A142/5/117, A142/5/118, A142/5/119 (tp.)

121    DHFW to Angela Bowe, 28 Oct. – asks her to show ‘the attached’ to J.P. Mills and WBF (tpc.); 30 Oct. – WBF’s response; discusses whether the bills of 24 Apr. [A142/5/114] and 27 Oct. are excessive (autogr.)

122    Angela Bowe to TWH, 30 Oct. – Hon. Treasurer will lay bills before next Officers’ meeting (tpc.)

123    TWH to Angela Bowe, 26 Nov. – has received her letter of 21 Nov. enclosing bill relating to Curl deceased [not held]; little margin for reducing charges; however is prepared to reduce charges by 10%; on suggestion that Curl bill should be presented to Public Trustee; believes this would be useless; gives his reasons for thinking so (tp.)

124    Angela Bowe to TWH, 28 Nov. – acknowledges letter concerning Underlease (tpc.)

125    Ibid., 11 Dec. – Officers have directed her to accept reduction of charges by 10%; concerning Curl bill, Officers would like it to be presented to New Zealand Public Trustee (tpc.)

126    Kimber, Bull & Co. to WBF, 6 Jan. 1953 – thanks him for cheque; will forward the Curl bill to Public Trustee; repeats his doubts that Public Trustee will pay it (tp.)

126a    Marks and Spencer Limited to RAI, 17 Apr. – enclose cheque for £400 due under Deed of Covenant (tp.)

127    DHFW to J.P. Mills, 27 Apr. – proposes to offer Sir Robert Hyde the Treasuryship; reasons why this is a good idea; asks the Officers to give the matter their consideration; he will be happy to turn the job over after 11 years as Treasurer (tp.)

128    Ibid. to WBF, 1 May – thanks him for letter of 28 Apr. [not held]; on meeting to discuss Hyde and Treasuryship; on increasing monthly printing of Man (tp.)

129    G.H.S. Bushnell to WBF, 11 May 1953 – gives his comments on introduction to Annual Report [not held]; only received draft on the morning of the meeting; suggests that Council members should have time to consider things before meetings (autogr.)

130    DHFW to Dr J.C. Trevor, 29 Jan. 1954 – refers to letter of 14 Jan. [not held]; on the overhauling of Publications Dept.; encloses copy of memo from WBF on this [not held]; on having a meeting to discuss this; on expenses for editing Journal; would like to bring up subject of advertising at the meeting (tpc.)

131    Draft of Annual Report of the Council, 1953-4 (tpc. with autogr. corrections) [see CM/83/8]

.1    Another version of A142/5/131 (tpc. with WBF autogr. corrections)

.2    Another version of A142/5/131 (tp.)

.3    Another version of A142/5/131 (tpc.)

.4    WBF, draft of A142/5/131.3 (autogr.)

132    Raymond Firth to WBF, 14 May – on his draft preamble to Report of Council; suggests an alteration (tp.)

133    G.H.S. Bushnell to ibid., ibid. – encloses a version of preamble which he and G.I. Jones have ‘pruned’; is sending Firth a copy (autogr.)

134    Kimber, Bull & Co. to RAI, 15 July – encloses some small bills; nothing has been received from Public Trustee re. Curl bill (tp. with autogr. notes)

135    WBF to TWH, 28 Sept. – refers to Angela Bowe leaving last Dec.; on the Curl Bequest Fund; on interest and legal charges; on extending the scope of the scheme (tpc.)

135a    8 Mar. 1956 – document addressed to RAI among others, regarding proving of will of W.L. Hildburgh, Hon. Treasurer 1942-44. 2 leaves (tpc.)

136    Kimber, Bull & Co. to RAI, 25 June – encloses note of charges relating to Deeds of Covenant [not held] (tp.)

137    [4 Apr. 1957] – Memorandum for Council from Hon. Treasurer (tpc.) [see CM/86/7]

138    Ibid. – Accounts for 1956 and Estimates for 1957 (tp.) [see ibid.]

139    4 Apr. 1957 – Memorandum for Council from Hon. Secretary (tp.) [see ibid.]

140    MWS, 18 June – notes on forming a Working Committee (autogr.)

141    J.A. Fraser Roberts to MWS, 9 July – on meeting on 18 [July] (tp.)

142    Alfred Bossom to ibid., 12 July – on his term of office as Chairman of Royal Society of Arts (tp.)

143    [J.A. Fraser Roberts, RAI President June 1957-June 1959], to Israel Sieff, 19 July – is calling a special meeting to consider finances of RAI; invites him to attend and to take the Chair; on dates (tpc.)

144    Israel Sieff to J.A. Fraser Roberts, 24 July – would have been pleased to attend but is going to be abroad until Oct.; not sure what advice he can give but will await news (tp.)

145    MWS to ibid., 25 July – encloses letter from Israel Sieff [A142/5/144]; suggests 7 Nov. for meeting (tpc.)

146    J.A. Fraser Roberts to Israel Sieff, 26 July – thanks him for letter [A142/5/144]; asks him if 7 Nov. is convenient; his advice has always been valuable (tpc.)

147    Ibid. – adds a more personal letter; hopes he will take the Chair at meeting; asks his advice on approaching firms with interests in countries where anthropology functions in a popular and traditional sense; specifically mentions making an approach to Lord Heyworth, past President of the Royal Statistical Society. 2 leaves (tpc.)

148    Israel Sieff to J.A. Fraser Roberts, 2 Aug. – can attend meeting on 7 Nov.; would rather not take the Chair (tp.)

149    Lord Raglan to Janet Anderson, 28 Aug. – on the sub-committee meeting to consider finance; on the date; thanks her for cheque (tp.)

150    Janet Anderson to Lord Raglan, 2 Sept. – meeting will be on 7 Nov.; thanks him for acknowledging receipt of Curl cheque (tp.)

151    Oct. – Membership lists. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes)

152    D. Cherry to MWS, 5 Nov. – figures on appeal and subscriptions to Man and Journal (tp. with autogr. note)

153    MWS, 7 Nov. 1957 – Agenda for meeting of Working (Financial) Committee (tpc. with autogr. notes)

154    WBF, nd – notes on Receipts and Expenditure. 2 leaves (autogr.)

155    DHFW to all Fellows, nd – on financial difficulties of RAI; asks for suggestions of bodies which might award grants (tpc.)

156    nd – notes on Publications – Sales and Circulation, relating to Man and the Journal; includes suggestions for increase of sales and revenue, and sale of advertising. 4 leaves (tp.)

 /6    General Correspondence and papers, 1971-85

  1    22 Nov. 1971 – RAI Endowment Fund, figures. 2 leaves (photocopy)

  2    A.V.S de Reuck, RAI Hon. Treasurer 1970-73, nd – on Finances of the RAI; attaches budget for 1972; work of RAI divided into three departments: Library, Publications and Administration; Centenary Appeal called upon to make up current deficit (tpc.)

  3    nd – Cash-Flow Budget for 1972. 3 leaves [attached to A142/6/2] (tpc.)

  4    nd – Centenary Appeal – Summary of Appeal Programme submitted by Charity Consultants Limited. 2 leaves (photocopy) [see also A45/9]

  5    [end of 1971?] – figures for Esperanza Trust, General Trust Fund no.9, Endowment Fund, Coote Lake Superannuation Fund (Trustees) Capital Account, Rivers Memorial Fund and Emslie Horniman Fund. 3 leaves (photocopy)

  6    20 June 1973 – Submissions to Standing Committee by Finance Committee (tp.)

  7    Unemployment Benefit Office, Cheltenham, to RAI, 3 Aug. – on claim for unemployment benefit by Geoffrey M. Darling [RAI Director 1973]; asks for form to be filled in (photocopy)

  8    Mrs Barbara Bentley, RAI Secretary, to Unemployment Benefit Office, Cheltenham, 7 Aug. – further to the form, the person dealing with it is on leave until 5 Sept. (tpc.)

  9    Ibid.[?] to A.V.S de Reuck, 7 Aug. 1973 – sends the form from the Department of Employment; is unsure of how to answer some of the questions; does not want to involve the RAI in any incorrect statements (tpc.)

 10    A.V.S de Reuck to Barbara Bentley, 13 Sept. – asks her to stamp the form and send it off (autogr.)

 11    Diane Warburton, Administrative Secretary 1970-76, to A.V.S de Reuck, 14 Sept. – encloses further copy of the form about Mr Darling (tpc.)

 12    14 Sept. – unemployment benefit form, with answers filled in [as requested in A142/6/7] (photocopy)

 13    Jonathan Benthall, Director, 1974-2000, to C.R. Moss, Hon. Treasurer 1973-84, 5 May 1975 – on the Coote Lake Superannuation Fund; history of the Fund; reference to ‘acrimonious correspondence’ between Miss Coote Lake and RAI [see A142/4]; on recommendation to modify the rules of the Fund; its accumulated income could be used for Terminal Gratuities, for example to Brownlee Kirkpatrick or Mrs L. Nussbaum; encloses a draft letter to Mrs Nussbaum (tp.)

.1    Ibid. to Mrs L. Nussbaum, nd – on money set aside for her retirement; on maximizing benefit and minimizing tax; on the possibility that some of it will come from Coote Lake Fund [enclosed with A142/6/13] (tp.)

 14    nd [1977?] – notes and diagrams on Membership/Publications Income; Other Income; Bank Payments; Prodecure for Preparation of Quarterly Management Accounts. 5 leaves (photocopy)

 15    C.R. Moss and Jonathan Benthall to Fellows and Members, Feb. 1982 – on Charitable Covenants; on new tax relief rules relating to them which can be specially beneficial to higher-rate tax payers (tpc.)

 16    23 June 1983 – Figures for Photographic Collection. 2 leaves (tp. with autogr. corrections)

 17    Jonathan Benthall to Finance Committee, 24 June – Financial Targets for RAIN … 1984-87. 2 leaves (tp.)

 18    Ibid. to Adrian Mayer, C.R. Moss, 9 Dec. – on staff salaries; asks approval for an increase of 4.6% (tp.)

 19    Ibid. to Finance Committee, 14 Dec. – on Fellowship/Membership incentive scheme involving T shirts and Occasional Papers for new recruits (tp.)

 20    List of salaries for 1983 (autogr.)

 21    Jonathan Benthall, 27 Feb. 1984 – notes on expenses and revenue (tp. with autogr. notes)

 22    Ibid. to C.R. Moss, 28 Mar. 1984 – encloses detailed budget for 1984 [not held]; on some of the details; the financial position is sound and the Auditor agrees (tp. memo)

 23    ‘1984 Projections as at 16 April 1984’. 4 leaves (printout with autogr. notes)

 24    Ibid., [16 Apr. 1984] another version. 3 leaves (printout)

 25    ‘1984 Projections as at 31.8.1984’.5 leaves (printout)

 26    List of salaries for 1984 (autogr.)

 27    Jonathan Benthall to Lorraine Baric, Hon. Treasurer 1984-85, 4 Mar. 1985 – gives summary of financial performance for 1984; refers to computer printout of estimates for 1984 [perhaps A142/6/25]; suggests that provision be made in 1984 accounts for staff party (wp.)

 28    Ibid. to Adrian Mayer, Lorraine Baric, Philip Goldman, 13 Mar. – ‘herewith’ income and expenditure statement for 1984; budget for 1985 [not held]; summary of budget for Council meeting 21 Mar. [A142/6/28.1]; notes on some points; on Esperanza funds (wp. with autogr. note)

.1    Ibid., 13/14 Mar. – Financial report for Council meeting 21 Mar. [referred to in A142/6/28] (wp.)

 29    Ibid., 18 Mar. – budget for 1985 (wp. with autogr. notes)

 30    Ibid. to Adrian Mayer, Lorraine Baric, Eric Sunderland, Philip Goldman, 20 June – Financial report for Council meeting; on budget, income, Anthropology Today, and subscription rates (wp.)

 31    Jonathan Benthall to Eric Sunderland, 19 Dec. – Financial Report. 2 leaves (tp.)

 32    1985 projections. 4 leaves (printout with autogr. notes)

 33    List of salaries for 1985. 4 leaves (autogr.)

 34    nd [1984?] – notes on finance. 3 leaves (photocopy of autogr.)

 35    Budget 1985. 13 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes)