25-29 October 2021

Please find on these pages clips provided by delegates on the subject of our conference. We hope that they are of interest, and will leave this page available after the event’s conclusion.

The film clips have been divided by region. Please click on the region to see all the clips in that category.


Please click here to see the following films from Africa.

  • Titus and Stephen Presenting the Namunyak App 
  • Welcome to my World: This is Sierra Leone!
  • LCMO – Introduction to VIMA project
  • Stop Illegal Lion Killing Campaign – WASIMA
  • A special Mpimbwe Sukuma women dance held during stop illegal lion killing outreaches in June 2017
  • Bayaka Conservation
  • The Music Returns to Kai-as
  • Mangombe knowledge
  • Investigating lemur hunting in south-east Madagascar – MOSA Jean Fidèle


Please click here to see the following films from the Americas.

  • Ecological Protection in Dasiqox Nexwagwez?an
  • Cultural Revitalization in Dasiqox Tribal Park
  • Dasiqox Nexwagwez?an – Sustainable Livelihoods
  • YOU are Talking to one!
  • Tecoltemi case. Complaint filed by Fundar and the Tiyat Tlali Council.
  • Language and farming in Maruranau
  • Impact of Covid-19 on community life
  • The impacts of Covid-19 on Indigenous farming
  • Marine Indigenous  Areas in Chile – ECMPO – Espacio Costero Marino para Pueblos Originarios
  • Indigenous Marine Areas: Conservation assemblages for sustainability in Southern Chile
  • The Cloak is the Territory of the Tupinambá
  • Traditional Agricultural System of Rio Negro/AM
  • Traditional Agricultural System of Rio Negro – Indigenous Knowledge and Diversity
  • Protect the Pipmuacan
  • #IndigenousPeoplesDay: The Guaraní WLT helped to save land for in 2012
  • Yagua people, Colombia, Feb. 2019
  • Marubo people, Brazil, Feb. 2019
  • Tuyuka people, Brazil, Feb. 2019
  • Wayãpi people, French Guyana, March 2019
  • Testimony of Gliceria Tupinambá


Please click here to see the following films from Asia.

  • Matak malirin – greening coolness: Water and the vitality of life in Timor-Leste
  • Tanawthari Landscape of Life – Conservation Alliance Tanawthari
  • Healing Forests & Forest Healers
  • Transformations – Wellbeing
  • Phasepardhis from Hunters to Keepers Journey of Transformation
  • Rivers For Life
  • Soqotra Heritage Project: Intangable Heritage
  • Soqotra Heritage Project: Mission Statement
  • No Burma Military Dictatorship on Our Land
  • The revival of Manas National Park: Partha Pratim Das at TEDxSaraighat


Please click here to see the following film from Europe.

  • Welcome to Yakutia


Please click here to see the following films from Oceania.

  • Te Wao Nui
  • Te Whanuagatanga a Tohora me Kauri – Matua Tohe Ashby 
  • Healthy forest, healthy people – Matua Kevin Prime