Mobilising Methods in Medical Anthropology 2022

18-21 Jan 2022

The conference is over, but registered delegates can still catch up on sessions they missed until mid-April. Enter the conference platform, navigate the agenda and instead of live zooms, you’ll find embedded recordings. We have 47 such recordings, with only a handful of panels/labs opting out from being recorded.

Delegates are also encouraged to view the film programme catalogue (PDF), and watch the films which remain available until end of Sunday 23rd January, via Whova.

See this page: Accessing RAIMed2022 sessions page for detailed instructions on how to set up a Whova account and get into RAIMed2022 sessions

Medical anthropology is a practice of continual empirical negotiation. Its investigative tools and means of analysis are often shaped according to methods in other fields and by dynamic transitions in the global health landscapes of infections and disease, as experienced in the current COVID 19 pandemic.

The ‘Mobilising Methods’ conference seeks to explore the creative and dynamic tensions that arise in conceptual and methodological terms between medical anthropologists and with those who work closely with us across a range of institutional and collaborative settings and diverse health conditions. The conference will focus on the challenges and opportunities of contemporary medical anthropology before, through and beyond COVID 19 that require engagement with translation, collaboration and communication. We encourage contributions reporting innovative methodologies and communication strategies.

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