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Minutes, correspondence and papers. 1953-76.

2    Symposium programme and papers presented

  1    Draft programme. 3 leaves (mimeo with corrections)

  2    Circular from AHC, 1 Mar. 1962 – sends programme (tp.)

  3    Programme for ‘Music and History in Asia and Africa’, 19-21 Mar. 1962. 4 leaves (tp.)

Papers presented

  4    [Prof. Mantle Hood], ‘The Effect of Medieval Technology on Musical Style in the Orient’. 12 pages (tp.)

  5    N.A. Jairazbhoy, ‘A Preliminary Survey of the Shahnai and Nāgasvara in India and Pakistan’. 9 pages (tp.)

  6    [John Okell], ‘A Note on the Burmese Nhai’. 9 pages [including 1 page of musical notation] (tp.)

  7    A.A. Baké, ‘Stick Dances’. 4 pages (tp. with pencil additions)

 .1    Draft of A79/8/2/7. 5 leaves (tp. with autogr. corrections)
  8    J.H. Kwabena Nketia, ‘History and the Organisation of Music in West Africa’. 27 pages (tp.)
  9    Gilbert Rouget, ‘Vocal Music and Traditional History in the Ancient Kingdom of Porto-Novo’ (tp.)

 .1    Draft of A79/8/2/9. 7 leaves (tp.)

 10    A.M. Jones, ‘Africa and Indonesia – An Ancient Colonial Era?’. 6 pages (tp.)

 .1    Draft of A79/8/2/10. 10 leaves (tp. with autogr. corrections)

 11    Percival R. Kirby, ‘The Changing Face of African Music South of the Zambesi, with particular reference to those South of the twenty-second Parallel’. 6 pages (tp.)

 12    E.O.J. Westphal, ‘Observations on current Bushman and Hottentot musical practices’. 6 leaves [including 2 maps] (tp.)

 13    David Rycroft, ‘Stylistic Evidence in Nguni Song’. 12 leaves (tp.)

 14    John Blacking, ‘The identification of different musical styles and their historical and sociological foundations, with special reference to the music of the Venda’. 9 pages (tp.)

 .1    Draft of A79/8/2/14. 20 leaves (tp. with autogr. corrections)

 15    K.P. Wachsmann, ‘Musical Instruments in Ki-Ganda Tradition and their place in the East African Scene’. 44 leaves (tp. with pencil corrections)

 .1    Draft of A79/8/2/15. 57 leaves (tp.)

Other documents associated with the presentation of papers

 16    J.R. Marr, ‘The Kutumiyămalai Music Inscription’ (tp.) [perhaps relates to his paper ‘Music in Tamil Literature and Inscriptions’, not held]

 17    Notes on ‘Oboe and Shawm’. 2 leaves (tp.) [refers to paper by N.A. Jairazbhoy]

 18    Percival R. Kirby, ‘Contribution to the Discussion on East and Central Africa and Indonesia’ (tpc.) [relates to paper by A.M. Jones]

 19    David Rycroft, ‘Brief Notes on Some of the Bushman and Hottentot Musical Recordings Collected by Dr E.O.J. Westphal, 1951’. 2 leaves (tp.)

  3    Correspondence etc. after the Symposium and relating to publication of papers

  1    [AHC?] to KPW, 22 Mar. 1962 – glad that all his efforts so amply rewarded (tpc.)

  2    Ibid.[?] to J.R. Bracken, SOAS, 22 Mar. – on behalf of RAI thanks him for lending projectors and other equipment for Symposium (tpc.)

  3    J.C. Bottoms, SOAS, to AHC, 22 Mar. – not able to attend many sessions of Symposium; however what he heard he found most valuable; grateful that he was told about the meeting; grateful for hospitality (autogr.)

  4    [AHC?] to A.A. Baké, 23 Mar. – Symposium went well; his paper which his wife presented on his behalf gave rise to considerable interest; good wishes for his health (tpc.)

  5    Ibid. to the High Commissioner for Ghana, 23 Mar. – on behalf of President and Council of RAI thanks him for help in making it possible for Prof. Nketia to attend Symposium; his contribution played a major part in the meeting’s success (tpc.)

  6    Rupert East to AHC, 23 Mar. – thanks RAI for inviting him to Symposium; enjoyed it enormously (autogr.)

  7    [AHC?] to [Franklin D. Murphy], Chancellor, UCLA, 23 Mar. – on behalf of RAI thanks him for generous help which UCLA gave in making possible the visit of Prof. Mantle Hood; the importance of his subject; his contribution added in no small measure to the success of the Symposium (tpc.)

  8    A.M. Jones to Prof. Mantle Hood, 23 Mar. – sorry not to talk to him at Symposium; asks some questions on pelog [scale in Javanese music] (tp.)

  9    Franklin D. Murphy, Chancellor, UCLA, to AHC, 27 Mar. – thanks him for note re. Prof. Mantle Hood (tp.)

 10    Prof. Mantle Hood to Father A.M. Jones, 27 Mar. – answers his questions about pelog; believes the Symposium a success; hopes RAI will do something like it again (tpc.)

 .1    ‘Improvisation on the Javanese Gender’ by Prof. Mantle Hood (photocopy) [perhaps enclosed with A79/8/3/10]

 11    Dr Gilbert Rouget, Musée de l’Homme, Paris, to AHC, 28 Mar. – expresses how much he enjoyed the Symposium; is grateful to RAI Council which enabled him to attend (tp.)

 12    KPW to AHC, 29 Mar. – Symposium expenses relating to postage, duplication, Dr Rouget’s air fare (tp.)

 13    Prof. Mantle Hood to AHC, 30 Mar. – enjoyed the Symposium; hopes there may be occasions in the future for further exchange of ideas; has suggested to KPW that RAI might be interested in receiving Ethnomusicology Letters, progress reports on research at the Institute of Ethnomusicology (tp.)

 14    A.M. Jones to WBF, 2 Apr. – on his discussion with Mantle Hood on pelog; latest issue of International Folk Music Journal contains a lecture given by Prof. Hood; sends enclosures [not present] (autogr.)

 15    JM, Horniman Museum, to AHC, 11 Apr. – on a central clearing house for copies of tapes brought back from the field; the Museum would help; collectors might identify their instruments in the Museum’s collection; on books on musical instruments; on photographs of musical instruments; he would like to see the Horniman Museum used as clearing house for organological information and as training centre for the playing of such instruments (tp.)

 16    John Blacking, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, to DKR, 27 Apr. – thanks him for copies of papers; asks about publication of the papers; Alan Merriam of Ethnomusicology has been asking him for an article; if Symposium papers not to be published soon he will send his to Alan Merriam; asks about record of the comments or criticisms; MS of Venda Children’s Songs has arrived (autogr.)

 17    Ibid., 12 May – as publication of Symposium papers is planned he will not publish his paper elsewhere; asks for time to make revisions; on articles in African Music Journal (autogr.)

 18    KPW to DKR, 21 June – figures relating to number of words of each paper to be published (tp. with autogr. additions)

 19    Corrected copy of A79/8/3/18, nd (tp.)

 20    List of names of authors, nd

 21    Dr Fred Warren, Dept. of Music, Chico State College, California, 1 Oct. – would like copies of the Symposium papers (autogr.)

 22    [AHC?] to Dr F.R. Allchin, 15 Nov. – will add his bibliographic references; it has been agreed that no attempt will be made to reproduce the discussions (tpc.)

 23    KPW to members of the Committee, 12 Dec. – postponement of meeting due to weather conditions; matters to be discussed include importance of no further delay in the publication of the symposium proceedings and the possible inclusion of the discussions; next meeting on 14 Jan. 1963 (tp.); the proceedings were not published by the RAI; see Minutes, 27 Feb. 1963 for RAI’s inability to fund publication. [A number of the essays on Africa were eventually published in Essays on Music and History in Africa, ed. Klaus P. Wachsmann, Northwestern University Press, Evanston, 1971]

 24    RWF to KPW, 14 Jan. 1963 – kind of him to suggest that RF’s contribution to discussions can be conceived as a preface; does not feel that this would be appropriate; what he said related to some specific topics; has consulted AHC who confirmed that prefaces to RAI symposia should be anonymous (tp.)

 25    KPW to DKR, 16 Jan. – encloses letter from RWF; refers to remark by AHC that RWF did not want Proceedings of Symposium published; perhaps no one straightforward (tp.)

 26    Ibid., 2 Feb. – tape machine with one of the Symposium tapes on it has been stolen from RAI; suggests that Committee ask Council to go ahead with publication under a different title; discusses some of the papers (tp.)

 27    James Lazarus, Jerusalem, Israel, to [DKR], 21 Apr. 1963 – saw notice of Symposium in African Music Journal, 1961; asks whether it was held; if so, asks whether any papers were published (autogr.)

 28    Percival R. Kirby to KPW, 6 May – has had no news since he sent typescript and tapes more than a year ago; assumes they have been neither used nor published; would therefore like them to be returned to him care of South Africa House; is about to sail from South Africa; asks for acknowledgement of this letter (autogr.)

 29    AHC to KPW, 8 May – sends apologies for meeting; reports that tapes have been transcribed; texts will be available any day now; MS will thus be completed; to be brought to attention of Publications Committee (autogr.)

 30    KPW to AHC, 9 May – did not receive his letter in time for the meeting; as KPW not available from autumn A.A. Baké was elected new Chairman; handing MSS of Symposium proceedings to Mr M. Boston; has covered some expenses himself but does not expect reimbursement; refers to ‘categorical declaration’ that no money available from RAI (tp.)

 31    Ibid. to A.A. Baké, 13 May – passes on Prof. Kirby’s letter, which he has acknowledged; such decisions not in his hands; Dr Baké should advise RAI what their attitude should be then inform Prof. Kirby; MSS now all with Mr. M. Boston who will prepare for estimates of print required for publication; Prof. Kirby’s MS with Mr Boston; DKR presumably knows where his tape is; editorship may have to be reconsidered; first it must be decided which papers to include (tp.)

 32    Ibid., 14 May – asks him to inform Prof. Nketia of decision regarding publication of his Symposium paper (tp. with autogr. note to DKR)

 33    T. Viswanathan, Madras, India, to DKR, 18 Nov. – studied under Prof. Mantle Hood; noticed that he had given paper at Symposium; asks for a copy; asks for a copy of DKR’s paper (tp.)

 34    S.M. France, Clerk to the Officers, RAI, to Mr T. Viswanathan, 27 Nov. – the papers he mentioned have not yet been published; should they be published in the near future, he will be informed (tpc.)

 35    KPW to WBF, Secretary, RAI Publications Committee, 9 Jan. 1964 – has failed so far to raise any funds; sales price of £4 or £5 unrealistic; as total financing out of the question, what amount is required; no promise or even hope that any money forthcoming (tp.)

 36    Ibid., 14 Feb. – trying to do editing job; raises several points: proposes that the publication follow the Journal of the RAI; basing the book on papers in his possession (list attached); assumes that title will be in accordance with list, ‘Essays on Music and History in Africa and Asia’; asks about Philip Dark’s paper; mentions typing of papers; mentions illustrations, maps, diagrams, plates etc.; asks with whom he should correspond; PS on two matters unrelated to Symposium, on Somali flute and thumb rattles of Southern Sudan. 2 leaves (tp.)

 .1    List of papers for ‘Essays on Music and History in Africa and Asia’ (tp.) [perhaps enclosed with A79/8/3/36]

 .2    Another list of papers for ‘Essays on Music and History in Africa and Asia’. 2 leaves (tp.) [perhaps enclosed with A79/8/3/36]

 37    Ibid. to WBF, DKR, 2 Mar. – looks forward to their comments on his letter of 14 Feb.; no news from RAI or AHC; he expects an official communication; wishes only to communicate and consult with WBF and DKR (tp.)

 38    Ibid. to JO, SOAS, 4 Mar. – has heard from WBF that RAI has voted the money for publication of Symposium papers; asks for a copy of JO’s paper; rather urgent (tp. with pencil note)

 39    Rough notes on preparation of book, nd (autogr.)

 9/    Minutes

6 Aug. 1953    8 May 1963 complete as follows:

  1953    6 Aug.        Ethnomus/82/1
15 Oct.            Ethnomus/83/2

  1954    [20 Oct. – referred to in Ethnomus/85/1]

  1956    19 Apr.    [    Ethnomus/85/1]
    Draft copy of same
10 May            Ethnomus/85/2
6 July            [Ethnomus/85/S]

  1957    Notice of meeting 14 June
14 June            Ethnomus/86/1]
Notice of meeting 27 Nov.
27 Nov.            MC/87/1

  1958    Notice of meeting 25 Apr.
25 Apr.            MC/87/2
Notice of meeting 13 June
13 June            [MC/87/3]

  1959    24 Apr.        MC/88/1
Notice of meeting 22 June
22 June            MC/88/2
Notice of meeting 26 Oct.
26 Oct            [MC/88/3]
3 Nov.    notice of meeting to discuss Secretary’s Memorandum

  1960    22 Jan.    Notice cancelling meeting arranged for 5 Feb.
Notice of meeting 22 June
22 June            MC/89/2
Notice of meeting 18 Nov.
18 Nov.        EM/89/4
Draft copy of ibid.
List of those present; list of apologies

  1961    [17 Feb.]    no minutes available; matters referred to in minutes of 14 June
20 Mar.    Report of meeting of Symposium sub-committee
14 June        [Minutes of a meeting of Symposium sub-committee]
Notice of meeting 5 Dec.
5 Dec.
Draft copy of ibid.

  1962    Notice of meeting 20 June
20 June
Draft copy of ibid.
Notice of meeting 4 Dec.

  1963    Notice of meeting 14 Jan.
14 Jan. [postponed from 4 Dec. 1962]
Notice of meeting 27 Feb.
27 Feb.
Notice of meeting 8 May
Copy of ibid. with pencil notes
8 May
Notice of meeting 12 Nov.
Copy of ibid. with pencil notes
12 Nov.        no minutes

 10/    Memoranda etc. referred to in the Minutes

  1    20 Oct. 1954 – Summary of proceedings at an informal meeting held with Mr & Mrs Lane on the hazards of recording music in the field. 4 leaves (tp.)

  2    Notes on advice for recording music and dances in the field by Revd. A.M. Jones, circulated prior to meeting 6 July 1956. 3 leaves (tp.)

 .1    RC to Committee, nd – Father Jones has requested that appended notes be circulated to Committee members (tp.) [accompanying A79/10/2]

  3    13 June 1958 – Summary of discussion on the nature and techniques of ethnomusicology led by KPW (tp.)

  4    22 June 1959 – Memorandum on the activities and general aims of the Committee from the Chairman, KPW (tp.)

 .1    Draft of A79/10/4 (tp. with autogr. corrections)

  5    Oct. 1959 – Memorandum on the nature of ethnomusicology (tp.)

  6    12 Apr. 1961 – Draft prepared for the Ethnomusicology Sub-Committee by LERP; referred to in Reports of Sub-Committee meetings of 20 Mar. and 14 Jun. 1961. 3 leaves (tp. with autogr. notes)

  7    Jan. 1963 – Memorandum by KPW on a project to publish a series of brief articles in Man on the scope of the subject of ethnomusicology (tp.)

 11/    Ethnomusicology Panel

  1    Notices of meetings

 .1    1967 Summer Programme [nd but see A79/11/3/2-6]
 .2    1967 Autumn Programme
 .3    1968 Spring Programme [nd but see A79/11/3/29]
 .4    1968 Summer Programme
 .5    1968 Autumn Programme
 .6    1969 Spring Programme
 .7    1969 Summer Programme
 .8    1969 Autumn Programme
 .9    1970 Spring Programme
.10    1970 Summer Programme
.11    1970 Autumn Programme
.12    1971 Spring Programme
.13    1971     Autumn Programme
.14    1972 Spring Programme [2 copies, annotated]
.15    1972 Summer Programme [2 copies, annotated]
.16    1972 Autumn Programme
.17    1973 Spring Programme
.18    1974 Spring Programme
.19    1974 Summer Programme and notice of activities. 2 leaves

  2    Reports etc. on the activities of the Panel

 .1    1965-68 [one leaf only but some is missing]
 .2    23 June 1966 – Minutes of meeting; decisions of meeting; notice summarizing decisions. 3 leaves
 .3    [1967] – report of activities over past year. 2 leaves [nd; see programme for autumn 1967]
 .4    4 July 1968 – report of meeting
 .5    1969 – report. 2 leaves
 .6    1970 – report. 2 leaves [nd; see programmes for 1970]
 .7    1971 – report
 .8    1972 – report. 3 leaves
 .9    1973 – report. 2 leaves
.10    nd – report describing the function of the Ethnomusicology Panel. 3 leaves

1967 – 71 Correspondence relating to speakers at meetings

  1    Prof. Trevor A. Jones, Dept. of Music, Monash University, Victoria, Australia, to JM, 31 Jan. 1967 – happy to give talk; will be in England June – Oct. or Nov. (tp.)

  2    [JM] to A.V. King, 3 Mar. – discusses programme for summer term; suggests 22 June for his talk; asks for title soon (tpc.) [wrongly dated 1968]

  3    A.V. King to JM, 4 Mar. – hopes to present paper in June; title will be [cut off – see A79/11/3/4] (tp.)

  4    [JM] to A.V King, 6 Mar. – thanks him; cut out his title and stuck it to list as his machine will not type phonetics (tpc.)

  5    Ibid. to AHC, 6 Mar. – encloses revised programme; will send copies to Ethnomusicology in New York and to Current Anthropology (tpc.)

 .1    Programme enclosed with A79/11/3/5 (tpc.) On verso [JM] to AHC, 18 Feb. – on programme; on discussion of Merriam book (tpc.)

  6    [JM] to Prof. Percival R. Kirby, 7 May – invites him to speak at meeting on 25 May; present series of meeting is on work in progress (tpc.)

  7    Ibid. to Poul Rovsing Olsen, 8 Aug. – seeks to confirm 26 Oct.; asks for definite title if possible (tpc.)

  8    Ibid. to Peter Kennedy, 8 Aug. – seeks to confirm 12 Oct.; asks for definite title if possible (tpc.)

  9    Ibid. to LERP, 8 Aug. – exhibition has been cancelled due to lack of funds; invites him to speak at Panel meeting in the spring term (tpc.)

 10    Peter Kennedy to JM, 11 Aug. – confirms 12 Oct; gives title; has suggested to Cassells who are publishing ‘Folk Songs of Britain’ a chapter on musical instruments; asks whether JM could supply it, with photographs; refers to exhibition (tp.)

 11    [JM] to Peter Kennedy, 12 Aug. – would be interested in writing a chapter on English folk instruments but might need help; thanks him for mentioning exhibition (tpc.)

 12    LERP, Jesus College, Cambridge, to JM, 14 Aug. – sad news about the exhibition; willing to speak at Panel (tp.)

 13    Poul Rovsing Olsen to JM, 18 Aug. – confirms 26 Oct.; gives title (autogr.)

 14    [JM] to Dr Gilbert Rouget, 16 Oct. – refers to an X ray; asks if he will speak at a Panel meeting in the spring term (tpc.)

 15    Ibid. to Ernst Emsheimer, 24 Oct. – asks if he is coming to London any time; asks if he would be willing to address the Panel; explains that RAI cannot pay speakers; asks if copies of Dr Norlind’s ‘Systematik der Saiteninstrumente’ are still available (tpc.)

 16    Ernst Emsheimer, Musikhistoriska Museet, Stockholm, to JM, 25 Oct. – will speak to Panel with pleasure; sends three copies of Norlind’s book (tp.)

 17    [JM] to Felix van Lamsweerde (FVL), Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, Amsterdam, [2 Nov.] – invites him to talk to Panel during spring term (tpc.)

 .1    Ibid. to Barbara Bentley, RAI, 2 Nov. – encloses draft letter to FVL [A79/11/3/17](tpc.)

 18    Ibid. to FVL, 2 Nov. – has asked RAI to invite him; has drafted letter; wishes to know if letter does not arrive; mentions possible dates for spring and summer terms (tpc.)

 19    FVL to JM, 6 Nov. – wants to combine date with Vilayat Khan’s concert in London; has not yet received letter from RAI (tp.)

 20    JM] to FVL, 10 Nov. – discusses dates of concert and of Panel meeting in Mar. (tpc.)

 21    FVL to JM, 13 Nov. – has received letter of invitation from RAI; his director wants a written application; asks about the position regarding expenses as this is a factor for his Institute; encloses a draft letter to AHC (tp.)

 22    Mrs Gwen Montagu to FVL, 16 Nov. – writes on her husband’s behalf; RAI has no funds to contribute to expenses; JM thought that FVL’s Institute more able to help than RAI; discusses available equipment; programme subject to alteration if FVL cannot get leave (tpc.)

 23    [JM] to FVL, 17 Nov. – has spoken to AHC’s secretary who confirmed that RAI has no funds with which to pay speakers; it regards the invitation as an honour; understood that if FVL received a formal invitation his own institute could cover expenses; if not, perhaps he could speak when visiting England for other reasons; would prefer FVL not to write to AHC in those terms as it would antagonize him (tpc.)

 24    FVL to JM, 21 Nov. – thanks him for his and his wife’s letters; encloses copy of letter to AHC; hopes to be there in Mar. (tp.)

 25    FVL to AHC, 21 Nov. – thanks him for invitation to speak to Panel; confirms date and title; awaiting decision of his institute; will write again when he has news (tpc.)

 26    RWF to JM, 12 Dec. – suggests that Panel might like to hear his recordings of Tikopia songs from Solomon Islands; discusses dates (tp.)

 27    [JM] to RWF, 15 Dec. – would love to hear the recordings; suggests dates; mentions equipment available (tpc.)

 28    RWF to JM, 3 Jan. 1968 – will come on 9 May; will bring tape recorder and slides (tp.)

 29    [JM] to LERP, 19 Feb. – describes equipment available at RAI; other details (tpc.)

 30    [JM] to LERP, 8 Mar. – thanks him for talk; encloses catalogue of his Sheffield exhibition; invites him to see his collection; describes Tangiers shawms; would like to visit Cambridge to see LERP’s collection (tpc.)

 31    O. Akin Euba, London, to JM, 15 Aug. 1969 – will have to wait until his return to Nigeria to confirm date; asks if he should modify his paper (tp.)

 32    [JM] to O. Akin Euba, 16 Aug. – discusses dates; describes equipment available; says audience more technical than the IFMC (tpc.)

 33    Ibid. to Ernst Heins, 16 Aug. – encloses formal invitation; refers to MK ‘still a great power in the IFMC’ (tpc.)

 34    Ibid., formal invitation to speak to Panel; dates mentioned (tpc.)

 35    Ernst Heins, Universiteit van Amsterdam, to JM, 19 Aug. – encloses formal acceptance; mentions review in Galpin Journal; will now subscribe to it (autogr.)

 36    Ibid. to RAI and JM, 19 Aug. – accepts request for an address to the Panel; title and date to be confirmed (tp.)

 37    [JM] to Ernst Heins, 8 Sept. – discusses accommodation arrangements; asks if he can obtain a midwinterhoorn; asks about smoked eels; subscription for university came through; suggests articles (tpc.)

 38    O. Akin Euba, Institute of African Studies, University of Ife, Nigeria, to JM, 8 Sept. – confirms his talk on 23 Oct. (tp.)

 39    Prof. Wilfrid Mellers, University of York, 11 Nov. – thanks him for letter of 3 Nov. [not held]; is willing to talk; stresses that he has no qualification to do so; is a performing musician, not an ethnomusicologist; is interested in primitive music because it has influenced his creative work; suggests title and date (tp.)

 40    R.M. Bradfield to JM, 19 Jan. [1970] [wrongly dated 1969] – acquired some recordings of Banks Islands music from Derek Rawcliffe, Archdeacon of Southern Melanesia; these were transcribed onto tape at the Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford; offers to bring them to the Panel; also has a MS of Rawcliffe’s on Solomon Islands music; asks if anyone on the Panel is specialised in this field (autogr.)

 41    Ernst Heins to JM, 26 Jan. – asks that his travel expenses be covered; has to be careful with boss since he went to States last month; needs tape recorder, speakers, slide projector and screen (tp.)

 42    [JM] to Ernst Heins, 2 Feb. – this is a problem; told him plainly that RAI has no funds for travel expenses; this is why a formal invitation was sent so that it could be used to get fares from his own department; offers to put him up; refers to the equipment available (tpc.)

 43    Ibid. to Dr Alison Redmayne, 21 Feb. – invites her to play her Hehe tapes at Panel meeting on 18 June (tpc.)

 .1    Brief notes about Alison Redmayne (autogr.; unknown hand)

 44    JM to R.M. Bradfield, 21 Feb. – apologises for delay in replying; has been trying to hand over job of Secretary; invites him to play the tapes; suggests dates; will be visiting Pitt-Rivers Museum in Mar.; hopes they might meet; suggests RC or John Layard as experts on the area in question (tpc.)

 45    Ernst Heins to JM, 1 Mar. – has to withdraw; another institution in London has cancelled a lecture engagement because of the RAI appointment; hoping the other institution would pay expenses; without the engagement he would be paying to give talk; furious at the situation; feels crushed between two conflicting parties while refusing to take sides; assures JM it is not personal; very apologetic (autogr.)

 46    [JM] to Ernst Heins, 5 Mar. – is a disturbing situation; no way to treat the RAI or Ernst Heins; scholarly profession riddled with feuds; grossly unprofessional way for the other institution to behave; colleague taking over the Panel in the autumn as JM is going to Iowa (tpc.) [see A95/52/1]