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6/ USA representation

1 Prof. Franz Boas’s secretary, Columbia University, New York to JLM, 5 Jan. 1932 – Prof. Boas is ill; he will write as soon as possible (tp.)

2 Prof. George Grant MacCurdy (GGMacC), Yale University (Conseil member) to JLM, 14 Oct. 1931 – announcement of Congress received; he and Mrs MacCurdy intend to become members; surprised USA not represented on Permanent Council. (tp.)

3 JLM to GGMacC, 12 Nov. – explains difficulties of approaching appropriate societies; asks for his advice; gives details of statutes (autogr. carbon)

4 GGMacC to JLM, 28 Nov. – names associations to approach and individuals interested in the Old World (tp.)

5 JLM to GGMacC, 10 Dec. – thanks him for his helpful letter; USA national secretaries to be appointed and placed on Hon. Council.; glad of his advice; asks if he would consult with the Smithsonian Institution and the American Association for the Advancement of Science; hopes to send details of new Congress of Anthropology and Ethnology (autogr. carbon)

6 GGMacC to JLM, 11 Jan. 1932 – makes suggestions for US representation (tp.)

7 Ibid., 3 June – reports Harriet M. Allyn (US National Secretary) unable to attend Congress; suggests Theodore D. McCown as replacement (tp.)

8 Alan Rowe, University Museum, Philadelphia to JLM, 6 May 1932 – regrets unable to attend Congress (autogr.)

9 American Anthropological. Association (AAA), John M. Cooper, Washington, Dec. to JLM, 16 Jan. 1932 – considering nomination of US delegates; asks for copies of leaflets (tp.)

10 JLM to AAA, 2 Feb. – has sent copies of all papers; sets out requirements for representation; comments on correspondence with Prof. Boas’s secretary, Prof. MacCurdy and the American Association (autogr. carbon)

11 AAA to JLM, 19 Feb. – thanks him for the papers; finalising representation; Prof. Boas’s condition is improving (tp.)

12 JLM to AAA, 15 Mar. – on nominations for US representations (autogr. carbon)

13 AAA to JLM, 7 Apr. – adjustments have had to be made; gives names of nominations (tp.)

14 JLM to American Academy of Sciences, Philadelphia, 15 Nov. 1931 – asks for assistance with representation; sets out requirements (autogr. carbon)

15 JLM to American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC, (AA), 14 Dec. 1931 – asks for assistance with the best way of appointing representatives (autogr. carbon)

16 AA to JLM, 14 Jan. 1932 – has sent copies of his letter to Prof. Boas and Charles H. Danforth, Chairman of anthropological section of AA (tp.)

17 AA, C.H. Danforth, Chairman, Section on Anthropology, Stanford University to JLM, 21 Jan. – makes two suggestions for representatives (tp.)

18 American Council of Learned Societies (AC), Stuart A. Rice, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia to JLM, 5 Jan. 1932 – suggests he should write to Waldo G. Leland, Permanent Secretary, AC (tp.)

19 JLM to AC, Waldo G. Leland, 10 Mar. – asks for assistance with representation; sets out requirements (autogr. carbon)

20 AC, Waldo G. Leland to JLM, 11 Apr. – suggests agreed names for Permanent Council and National Secretaries and alternatives (tp. with autogr. annotations by CARR and HSK)

21 JLM to AC, Waldo G. Leland, 4 May – thanks him for his helpful letter; hopes to meet him when he is in London (autogr. carbon)

22 JLM to Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, 14 Dec. 1931 – asks for assistance with representation (autogr. carbon)

23 O.G.S. Crawford (OGSC), Ordinance Survey Office, Southampton to JLM, 11 Apr. 1932 – asks if action has been taken concerning USSR [sic] representation; will be visiting there soon (tp.)

24 JLM to OGSC, 13 Apr. – thanks him for his offer of help; outlines difficulty of obtaining US representation; numbers of central bodies concerned with organization makes for an ‘absurd state of affairs’ (autogr. carbon)

25 JLM to CARR, 17 Apr. – gives definite proposals for US representation; reports J.H. Breasted cannot come; K.S. Sandford to represent the Chicago Oriental Institute; M.I. Rostovtzeff will come if possible; names others who hope to attend; has written about Vatican representation and to OGSC (autogr. carbon; annotated: cancelled verbally)

7/ Circulars

1 Invitation to attend the first meeting (in English and German)

2 Ibid. with application form (in French)

3 Application form (in French)

4 Names of members of the Comité d’Honneur, Conseil permanent and the British Organizing Committee (annotated by JLM)

5 Ibid. (revised)

6 Programme giving change of date, subscription, sections and excursions (2 copies)

7 Ibid. (in French)

8 Ibid. (in German)

9 Connaught Club’s invitation to Hon. Membership

10 List of hotels with rates and covering letter (tp.)

11 List of members

8/ Press Cuttings

1 Reports from The Times, 2 (2 reports) and 8 Aug. 1932

9/ Resolution expressing regret at the attitude of the Dept of Antiquities of the Egyptian Government in obstructing the study of Egyptian prehistory

1 JLM to Prof. P.E. Newberry, 30 July 1932 – Miss Eleanor Gardner’s application to export temporarily material from Kharga Valley for study has been refused by the Egyptian Dept of Antiquities; asks his advice in calling attention to this unsatisfactory state of affairs; suggests incident should be brought to the notice of the Congress (autogr. carbon)

2 JLM to CRP, 14 Sep. – encloses letter from Miss Caton Thompson; may be of help in his dealings with the Foreign Office (autogr. carbon)

3 CRP to JLM, 16 Sep. – has been in touch with Foreign Office; they approve of the resolution; advise writing to the Egyptian Minister in London; Congress Executive should forward resolution (autogr.)

4 JLM to CRP, 25 Sep. – inquires whether he would prefer to forward the resolution or that he, JLM, should write as Secretary of the Congress; he may prefer that future dealings should be with current President in Oslo; response from the Egyptian Government may be better if a non-British spokesman conveys international opinion (autogr. carbon)

5 Resolution passed by Section II: Palaeolithic and Mesolithic; refers to Kharga Oasis; requests the Bureau to take necessary steps to draw attention to ‘this alarming state of affairs’ (tp. with autogr. corrections)

6 Ibid – similar resolution omitting reference to the Kharga Oasis (in French; tpc. with autogr. corrections)

7 Resolutions passed by Section III: The neolithic, bronze, and early iron ages in the ancient world, sub-sections A and B, supported by C (A, autogr. draft by H.J. Fleure, President of Section 111; B, autogr. draft in French by JLM)

8 Ibid. (tp. draft with autogr. corrections; signed Maurice, i.e. Mustafa, Amer, Egyptian Conseil member)

9 Draft resolution adopted by the Permanent Council (in French, autogr. by JLM; signed M. Amer, 0. Menghin, John L. Myres); see Proc. 1st Int. Contr. Prehist. and Protohist. Sci., 1932, p. 10 for printed text

10/ Resolution on the compilation of an international vocabulary of technical terms cited in prehistoric archaeology; see also /3/21-3

1 CF-CH to JLM, 21 Dec. 1932 – has written to J. Breuer (Belgian National Secretary) asking if he wants a temporary English colleague; inquires if VGC has left a proposed programme before going away (autogr.); see Proc. 1st Int. Congr. Prehist. and Protohist. Sci., 1932, p. 11 for text of resolution (in French)

2 Ibid., 28 Dec. – Breuer wishes to avoid discussion during VGC’s absence; likes idea of compiling a number of ‘full specimen list of words’; he (CFCH) suggests Breuer as a clearing house for a number of specialists; makes suggestions; seems a case for a symposium (tp.)

3 JLM to CFCH, 5,7an. 1933 – agrees headings outlined by VGC and Breuer sufficient for a team to work on; outlines procedures; necessary to find funds for typing expenses (tpc.)

4 CF-CH to JLM, 16 Jan. – has considered his proposals; feels Breuer’s suggestion of filling non-controversial sections preferable during VGC’s absence; VGC’s sub-committee of consultants has not yet agreed on text of sub-divisions; prepared to act as a clearing-house for the English work (tpc.)

5 JLM to CFCH, 20 Jan. – thanks him for his letter; detail can be filled-in without waiting for the theoretical frame of the volume; would like to try the pottery section; makes other suggestions for help (tpc.)

6 Technical terms not discoverable in dictionaries. 5 leaves (tpc.)

11/ Gift of books; see Proc. 1st Int. Congr. Prehist. and Protohist. Sci., 1932, p.14

1 Prof. Jose Frisancho, Cuzco (Peruvian National. Secretary) to [JLM], 24 July 1932 – acknowledges circular of first session; sends copy of his Del Jesuitismo al Indiniasmo (in French; tp., annotated by CARR)

2 Prof. Ugo Rellini, Rome (Conseil member) to [JLM], 18 Oct. – refers to his publication presented to the Congress; asks him to write to Bosch-Gimpera about his interest in the Congress; sends him an offprint on the Congress (in French; autogr.)

12/ Publication of Proceedings

1 AWB to JLM, 19 Dec. 1932 – glad to have Congress papers when ready (tp.)

2 JLM to AWB, 27 Dec. – is meeting CARR to complete revision of Congress dossier; asks how many copies of circulars he needs; notes some Council members have not paid their dues; asks his opinion on various options (tpc.)

3 AWB to JLM, 5 Jan. 1933 – would like 5 copies of circulars; on non-payment; is inclined to send them the Proceedings as suggested (autogr.)

4 CARR to JLM, 22 Dec. 1932 – has arranged meeting; lists outline of agenda (autogr.)

5 JLM to CARR, 27 Dec. – has no notes of first general meeting; gives outline of events; some discrepancy in order of proceedings; second meeting clear from agenda (tpc.)

6 CARR to JLM, 7 Jan. 1933 – sends draft of general account for Compte Rendu; some resolutions need editing; only lacks ten papers from sectional proceedings (autogr.)

7 Ibid., 20 Jan. – encloses abstract from Prof. Herbert Kuhn; will take 4pp.; difficult to cut; thinks it should stand but JLM may think it would set a precedent (tp. with autogr. note by CARR); see also /5/135

8 JLM to CARR, 21 Jan. – Kuhn has sent whole paper; summary at end should be printed; if he objects will offer to print in full in English in Man (tpc.)

9 HSK to JLM, 31 Jan. – sends specimen page; met Humphrey Milford, OUP, with CARR; suggested OUP should take on Proceedings and Handbook and set against printing bill; is considering proposal (autogr. with autogr. note by JLM)

10 Memorandum on dispatch of circulars by CARR, May 1933

13/ Congress deficit

1 Notes for Executive Committee, 29 Oct. 1932 (autogr. by JLM)

2 CRP to JLM, 11 Nov. – encloses letter on deficit (not present) (autogr.)

3 JLM to T.A. Joyce (TAJ), RAI President, 19 Nov. – expenses just covered; inviting country responsible for publication; have material for substantial volume; JLM agrees with CRP that further subsidies should be sought before applying elsewhere for grants; requests RAI to consider a further contribution (autogr. carbon)

4 TAJ to JLM, 21 Nov. – not sympathetic to CRP’s suggestion; RAI responsible for Americanist Congress in 1934; should ‘husband’ resources to meet these obligations (tp.)

5 JLM to TAJ, 22 Nov. – in view of his letter did not raise matter of the Congress publication; will discuss matter again with CRP; refers to change in Library regulations requested by Prof. C.G. Seligman; refers to Seligman as ‘a breaker of library rules’ (autogr. carbon)

6 JLM to HSK, 10 Dec. – asks if he has details of Royal. Society’s publication fund and possibility of a grant; government help unlikely; with CARR should check material to be sent to AWB (autogr. carbon)

7 JLM to CRP, 10 Dec. – replies to letter of 11 Nov. (/2 above); further RAI help problematical; has reminded HSK about Royal Society publication fund; gives analysis of accounts and present deficit; tried to get Organizing Committee ‘to face the facts’ but finance always postponed. 4 pp. (autogr. carbon)

8 CRP tp JLM, 12 Dec. – acknowledges letter of 10 Dec.; thinks ‘a whip round for tenners will cut the knot’; has had some success; asks JLM to approach anthropologists (autogr.)

9 HSK to JLM, 12 Dec. – meeting with CARR arranged; grant from Royal Society unlikely (tp.)

10 JLM to Prof. Seligman, 17 Dec. – notes CRP’s suggestion and asks for his help (autogr. carbon)

11 JLM to Miles C. Burkitt, 22 Dec. – thanks him for his report on Dreyer’s paper; explains financial position and asks for her help (autogr. carbon)

12 JLM to CRP, 22 Dec. – asks for names of those he has approached; refers to Prof. P.G.H. Boswell and the conservation of caves (autogr. carbon)

13 Prof. Seligman to JLM, 22 Dec. – will send contribution in the New Year (tp.)

14 Miles C. Burkitt to JLM, 24 Dec. – thinks he has done his bit by writing the early part of the Handbook; regrets cannot contribute financially(autogr.)

15 CRP to JLM, 24 Dec. – glad he will help with unpaid subscriptions; has approached antiquaries only (autogr.)

16 Henry Balfour to JLM, 28 Dec. – suggest a 10/- donation from everyone preferable to asking a few for £10; has seen no statement of expenses; thinks there must have been ‘rash expenditure’; regrets he cannot help as his income is much reduced (autogr.)

14/ Institut international d’Anthropologie

1 Report on certain discussions at the anthropological Congress in Portugal, 1930 – record by M.L. Tildesley presented to Council of the meetings in Coimbra on the relationship between the IIA and the Congrès international. 13 leaves (tp. with corrections; signed M.L. Tildesley); see also another copy at A62/151/39

2 Statuts (printed)

3 Ve Session de 1’Institut international d’Anthropologie, XVe Congrès international d’Anthropologie & d’Archeologie préhistoriques, Paris, 15 mars 1931 – notice of ‘session extraordinaire’ to be held in Paris on the occasion of the Exposition coloniale internationale; invitation and other details (printed)

4 Ibid – information from the IIA (mimeo., annotated by JLM)

15/ Miscellaneous

1 ‘Bericht uber den ‘1. International Congress of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences’ (London 1932)’ by Franz Han?ar, Wiener prähistorische Zeitschrift, Vol. 20, 1933 (offprint)

2 3e Congrès International des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques: .1, Premiere séance du Conseil permanent le 14 aout 1950. 5 leaves; .2, Deuxieme séance du Conseil permanent le 16 aout 1950. 6 leaves; .3, Troisieme séance du Conseil permanent le 19 aout 1950. 4 leaves