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Leases for 50 Great. Russell Street, 52 Upper Bedford Place, and 21 Bedford Square. 1909-47.

Leases for 50 Great Russell Street, 52 Upper Bedford Place, and 21 Bedford Square. 1909-47. Includes much other material on tenants and maintenance, relating to 21 Bedford Square.

The RAI’s offices and Library moved from 3 Hanover Square in 1908 to 50 Great Russell Street where it remained from 1909-24. From 1925-36 it was at 52 Upper Bedford Place and at 21 Bedford Square, 1937-71. The Library then moved to the Museum of Mankind (British Museum, Dept of Ethnography), 6 Burlington Gardens (where it was amalgamated with the Departmental Library in 1976) and the offices to 36 Craven Street. The latter then moved to 56 Queen Anne Street, and in 1988 to 50 Fitzroy Street of which it had acquired the freehold.


ABH Arthur B. Hayward, Architect and Surveyor, Adelphi Estate Office

H&M Hayward & Maynard [Arthur B. Hayward and D.C. Maynard], ARIB, Architects and Surveyors, Adelphi, WC

AK Sir Arthur Keith, FRS, FRCP (1866-1955), Master, Buckstone Brown Research Farm, Royal College of Surgeons; RAI President, 1913-16

RWW Robert Wood Williamson (1856-1932), author of The Mafulu Mountain peoples of New Guinea, 1912, The social and political systems of central Polynesia, 1924 etc. RAI Hon. Treasurer, 1912-20

A44/5/    Correspondence and papers concerning tenants at 21 Bedford Square 1938-60

Messrs Kenyon & Livock, 1938-46

  1    Cuthbert Lake & Sutton to H. Coote Lake, 10 Jan. 1938 – tenants of Cottage have not had hot water available in ground floor lavatory (tp.)

  2    Ibid., 12 Jan. – regarding undertaking to provide hot water for Messars Kenyon & Livock, suggests he contact Kimber, Bull, Howland & Clappé on the subject (tp. with autogr. note)

  3    Messrs Kenyon & Livock to [H.] Coote Lake, 17 Feb. – have heard that the caretaker is leaving; ask about arrangements for cleaning (tp.)

  4    S. Livock to ibid., 25 Mar. – on placing of duck boards on approach to their office; acknowledges receipt of keys; on supply of hot water. 2 leaves (tp.)

  5    Kenyon & Livock to ibid., 28 Mar. – on external painting to be done in July; disputes that RAI is under no obligation to redecorate inside the cottage; informs him of some damp in one of the offices. 2 leaves (tp.)

  6    Cuthbert Lake & Sutton to ibid., 1 Apr. – on the right of way to Livock & Kenyon’s offices; on hot water; on external painting; will inspect the damp and report on it (tp.)

  7    Ibid., 4 Apr. – suggest way to deal with the damp in the office of Kenyon & Livock; on alternative to duck board on approach to their office. 2 leaves (tp. with diagrams)

  8    Ibid., ibid. – on the duck board; on supply of hot water; on considering further the question of internal painting. 2 leaves (tp.)

  9    […?], 8 Apr. – note enclosing report of a conversation (autogr.)

 10    Ibid., 20 Apr. – are instructing W.A. King & Son to proceed with repair of plaster work and building of boarded platform-way; enclose estimate [not held] (tp.)

 11    H.A. King & Son to Cuthbert Lake & Sutton, 30 Apr. – submit estimate for work on Mr Livock’s office (tp. copy)

 12    Cuthbert Lake & Sutton to H. Coote Lake, 3 May – enclose estimate from H.A. King & Son (tp.)

 13    Ibid., 22 June – refers to meeting with Mr Livock; encloses copy of notes taken regarding work required to be done; on details of requirements. 2 leaves (tp.)

 14    Cuthbert Lake & Sutton to Messrs Kenyon & Livock, ibid. – gives outline of what is required in terms of redecoration and repairs. 2 leaves (tp. copy)

 15    Kimber Bull, Howland, Clappé & Co. to H. Coote Lake, 23 June – acknowledges receipt of letter of 22 June enclosing letter received from Messrs Kenyon & Livock [not held] (tp.)

 16    Cuthbert Lake & Sutton to ibid., 24 June – thank him for letter of 22 June [not held]; demands of Kenyon & Livock do not seem excessive; it appears to be good policy to let them draw up their own specification and select their own contractors. 2 leaves (tp.)

 17    [H. Coote Lake] to Cuthbert Lake & Sutton, 27 June – asks him to go ahead and get estimates (tpc.)

 18    Cuthbert Lake & Sutton to H. Coote Lake, 8 July – thanks him for letter of 7 July [not held]; work can start on 18 July (tp.)

 19    Kenyon & Livock to ibid., 11 July – thanks him for letter informing him that work will begin on 18 July (tp.)

 20    Ibid., 30 Sept. – on account for redecoration and repairs; there is still a leak; enclose a cheque for rent (tp.)

 21    H. Coote Lake to Kenyon & Livock, 10 Oct. – instruction has been given to builder to repair the leak; thanks him for accounts; hopes the work is satisfactory (tpc.)

 22    Ibid. to M.B. Clappé, Kimber Bull, Howland & Clappé, 12 Oct. – on possible extension of lease to Kenyon & Livock (tpc.)

 23    S.G. Livock to Miss K.M. Martindell, 14 Feb. 1940 – gives a list of keys in possession of his staff (tp.)

 24    M.B. Clappé to ibid., 18 July – includes extract from lease to Kenyon & Libock, outlining their obligations for repair (tp.)

 25    S.G. Livock to ibid., 28 Mar. 1941 – encloses cheque for rent; encloses cheque for proportion towards Fire Watching (tp.)

 26    Kenyon & Livock to ibid., 23 Mar. – sends account for repair to fanlight and window caused by bomb damage (tp.)

 27    S.G. Livock to Hon. Treasurer, RAI, 27 Mar. 1942 – sends cheque for rent, and contribution to fire watching (tp.)

 28    Ibid., 26 May – asks for reduction in rent; Mr Kenyon not using his share of office space; one room has been unused; they have done what they can to assist RAI during difficult circumstances (tp.)

 29    Ibid., 26 June – sends cheque for rent; will be glad to have a reply to letter regarding war-time reduction in rent (tp.)

 30    [Felicia Stallman], Assistant Secretary, RAI, 1942-52 [FS] to S.G. Livock, 1 July – will reply shortly about reduction in rent (tpc.)

 31    W.L. Hildburgh, Hon. Treasurer 1942-44, to S.G. Livock, 7 Aug. – Officers have decided to reduce his quarterly rent; Bedford Office has twice refused to reduce the RAI’s own rent, so this concession will be a drain on resources; hopes to continue the concession until the firm is once more in a position to pay the full rent (tp.)

 32    Ibid. to A.G. Kenyon, 8 Dec. – Council wishes to review the matter of reduced rent; Bedford Estate will not grant RAI any reduction in rent; asks to see a statement of their firm’s financial position so that the matter can be reviewed; Council would be pleased to help in granting permission for sub-letting. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 33    S.G. Livock to Dr W.L. Hildburgh, 26 Feb. 1943 – they have found an architect, Mr Leathart, who is willing to take over the unused office (tp.)

 .1    W.L. Hildburgh, nd – note attached to /5/33 (autogr.)

 34    FS to Kenyon & Livock, 30 Apr. – suggests that they pay more to Mrs Davis, as there has been an increase in her duties since Mr Leathart moved in (tpc.)

 .1    Draft of ibid. (tp. with autogr. corrections)

 35    Ibid. to S.G. Livock, 17 June – on increase of amount paid to Mrs Davis (tp. with autogr. note)

 36    Ibid., 25 June – thanks him for cheque for rent; glad to have settled the matter of Mrs Davis (tpc.)

 37    S.G. Livock to FS, ibid. – encloses cheque for rent; on increase in payment to Mrs Davis (tp.)

 38    Kenyon & Livock to Dr Hildburgh, 7 Dec. – Mr Leathart has given one month’s notice to leave his office because it is damp; roof needs inspection; room requires redecoration before another tenant can be found (tp.)

 39    FS to Kenyon & Livock, 15 Dec. – notice of rent and fire watching charges (tpc.)

 .1    FS, nd – note about fire watching charges (autogr.)

 40   S.G. Livock to Dr Hildburgh, 3 Apr. 1944 – before sending rent money was waiting to see if there would be a reduction as one of the offices is unfit for use; would be glad to discuss the matter (tp.)

 41    17 Apr. – notes ‘further to Mr Livock’s letter’ on the dampness in one of his offices; on the cause; on repairs in train (tp.)

 .1    FS, nd – notes about the dampness in the wall (autogr.)

 42    FS to S.G. Livock, 21 Apr. – cannot yet reply to his letter; the matter has been referred to Council which will not meet until the middle of May (tpc.)

 43    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, 18 May – asks for advice about the situation with Mr Livock and the damp office; on the reduction in rent in 1942; on the sub-letting to Mr Leathart; encloses copy of Mr Livock’s letter of 3 Apr. [/5/40]; asks whether the RAI is at fault in any way. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 44    T. Walter Howland to FS, 22 May – thanks her for underlease to Kenyon & Livock dated 29 Sept. 1931; as this has now expired, asks whether any other lease has been entered into; on hearing from her on this point, will address the points raised in her letter (tp.)

 45    Ibid., 26 May – spells out the conditions contained in the lease and underlease; RAI is liable for repairs rendered necessary by defective water pipe; suggests a letter be sent along the lines of the enclosed draft (tp.)

 46    […?] to Kenyon & Livock, nd – with reference to letter of 3 Apr. [/5/40], Council is prepared to make a reduction in the rent; has decided to redecorate the rooms (tp. draft) [enclosed with /5/45]

 47    S.G. Livock to FS, 30 June – sends cheque for rent; is trying to find new tenant for Mr Kenyon’s room, now that repairs are completed (tp.)

 48    FS to S.G. Livock, 11 July – thanks him for cheque; on contributions to fire watching (tpc.)

 49    Ibid., 14 July – Council is prepared to remit one quarter of the rent payable, due to water damage to one of the rooms; encloses statement for balance due (tpc.)

 50    Ibid., ibid. – statement of balance of rent due [enclosed with /5/49]

 .1    Draft of /5/49 (autogr.)

 51    Bratt Colbran Ltd. to S.G. Livock, 28 Dec. – invoice for fire bottom grating (printed and tp.)

 52    S.G. Livock to Douglas H.F. Wilson, RAI Hon. Treasurer 1944-56, 15 Jan. 1945 – asks that he bring before Council his application to extend the lease; his architect is interested in taking the room; he may also be interested in taking the whole house, should this fit in with the plans of the RAI (tp.)

 53    FS to S.G. Livock, 19 Jan. – Council has not yet made a decision but the matter is under urgent consideration (tpc.)

 54    S.G. Livock to FS, 5 Mar. – thanks her for letter of 15 Feb. [not held] regarding Council’s offer to extend lease; on increased rental; on redecoration required (tp.)

 55    FS to S.G. Livock, 9 Mar. – repeats terms of Council’s offer to extend the lease; redecoration can only be commenced when such work is permitted; asks him to let her know if he wishes to make a firm offer before Council meeting on 13 Mar. (tpc.)

 56    S.G. Livock to FS, 14 May – he did not receive her letter of 9 Mar. before the Council meeting; repeats his offer to renew the lease on the terms stated (tp.)

 57    FS to S.G. Livock, 14 June – his offer has been considered by Council; it has received other offers; has accepted an offer from another learned society (tpc.)

 58    RAI to ibid., 5 July – notice for payment of rent (tp. and autogr.)

 59    S.G. Livock to FS, 2 Aug. – is sorry he forgot to send cheque for the rent; encloses it, with deduction for renewal of grate (autogr.)

 60    Grant, Ware & Nelson to RAI, 1 Sept. – ask for reference for S.G. Livock as a tenant (tp.)

 .1    Note relating to /5/60 (tp.)

 61    Kimber Bull & Co. to FS, 7 Sept. – refers to her letter of 5 Sept. to T. Walter Howland [not held]; have looked at counterpart lease; landlord is obliged to carry out repairs; tenant has no right to carry out repair himself; he is not entitled to deduct the sum from his rent; asks for copy of head lease (tp.)

 62    FS to Kimber Bull & Co., 10 Sept. – encloses copy of head lease; encloses receipted invoice which S.G. Livock sent to her (tpc.)

 63    D.H.F. Wilson to Grant, Ware & Nelson, 11 Sept. – Mr Livock has been a tenant for a number of years; has always been found satisfactory (tpc.)

 64    Kimber Bull & Co. to FS, ibid. – on repair to Mr Livock’s fireplace (tp.)

 65    FS to S.G. Livock, 13 Sept. – thanks him for letter of 2 Aug.; Officers were surprised by information in it; cannot agree to deduction in rent; requests him to forward it; he can then claim a refund for the repair to the fireplace (tpc.)

 66    27 Sept. – notice for payment of rent (tpc.)

 67    S.G. Livock to FS, 8 Oct. – sends the keys; encloses cheque for rent; in order to keep the fire going he had to act at once with regard to the fireplace (tp.)

 68    FS to S.G. Livock, 22 Nov. – Council has agreed to allow the deduction of the cost of repair to the grate from rent; RAI will take over the anthracite and coal left in the cellar; on some other items left behind (tpc.)

 69    S.G. Livock to FS, 19 Dec. – on the anthracite and coal; on the items left behind (tp. with autogr. notes)

 70    FS to S.G. Livock, 20 Dec. – encloses cheque for the coal and anthracite (tpc.)

 71    S.G. Livock to FS, 23 Jan. 1946 – asks for assurance that all liability for rent and fire watches properly discharged (tp.)

Other tenants, 1939-60

 72    D.F. Allen, Hon. Secretary, British Numismatic Society, to RAI, 16 May 1939 – on payment of charges for electricity and cleaning (autogr.)

 .1    extract from leases to British Numismatic Society (tp.)

 73    A.N.C. Shelley to FS, 5 May 1944 – enquires about tenancy of one of the upper floors (tp.)

 74    Allsop & Co. to RAI, 5 Mar. 1945 – encloses leases to tenants (tp.)

 75    FS to Allsop & Co., 7 Mar. – acknowledges return of leases (tpc.)

 76    […?], The Historical Association, to W.B. Fagg, 8 June – willing to go ahead with the tenancy (tp.)

 77    C.F.S. Chapple, Town Clerk, Borough of Holborn, to RAI, 14 Nov. Council has learned that housekeeper is leaving the flat; emphasises that the flat must not be used other than as a residential dwelling (tp.)

 78    FS to the Town Clerk, Holborn, 19 Nov. – while the housekeeper is leaving, it is not correct that the RAI intends to use the flat other than as a dwelling (tpc.)

 79    Ibid. to Allsop & Co, 29 Nov. – encloses correspondence with Holborn Borough Council; would be glad of their opinion on the matter (tpc.)

 80    Allsop & Co. to [FS], 30 Nov. – in response to her letter, as premises will be used for residential occupancy, the council can take no further action (tp.)

 81    FS to Allsop & Co., ibid. – the flat will become vacant on 25 Jan. [1946] (tpc.)

 82    Maj. W.O. Churchill to FS, 6 Dec. – enquires about tenancy of the top floor flat (tp.)

 83    Allsop & Co. to FS, 18 Dec. – advises that the lettings value of the flat is £175 per year; discusses approaching the Council to agree value for rating (tp.)

 84    FS to Allsop & Co., 20 Dec. – in response to their letter; would like them to approach the Council concerning value for rating (tpc.)

 85    Allsop & Co. to FS, 3 Jan. 1946 – on value for rating; asks to be informed when the flat is let (tp.)

 86    […?] to ibid., 13 Jan. – the flat was beyond their means; describes what he needs; perhaps if the flat were let, he could take one room in it (autogr.)

 87    FS to Maj. W.O. Churchill, 16 Jan. – on the terms of the head lease regarding structural alterations; application must be made to the Bedford Estate to make any changes to the structure (tpc.)

 88    E.J. Rudland to FS, 25 Jan. – enquires about tenancy of the top floor flat (tp.)

 89    FS to the Manager, Midland Bank, Oxford St., ibid. – enquires whether Mrs Peter Ellis would be a responsible tenant (tpc.)

 90    Ibid. to Ivor Brown, Editor, The Observer, ibid. – ibid. (tpc.)

 .1    notes regarding Mrs Peter Ellis’s application for tenancy (autogr.)

 91    Ivor Brown to FS, 25 Jan. – Mrs Peter Ellis is his sister; she would be a reliable tenant (tp.)

 92    FS to Coutts & Co, 26 Jan. – asks that the bank follow up Mrs Ellis’s reference from Midland Bank (tpc.)

 93    Evelyn Reed to Allsop & Co., 28 Jan. – confirms offer to rent the top floor flat; specifies some conditions (tp.)

 94    ‘MH’, 29 Jan. – states alternative offers for flat from J.H.A. Lang (tp.)

 95    Allsop & Co. to FS, ibid. – forwards applications from Miss Evelyn Reed [/5/93] and Mr J.H.A. Lang [/5/95] (tp.)

 96    Coutts & Co. to FS, 31 Jan. – Mrs Peter Ellis considered as a suitable tenant (printed and tp.)

 97    FS to R. George Upton, Bedford Office, 1 Feb. – requests permission to sub-let the top floor as a flat; mentions Mrs Ellis; asks for authority to proceed (tpc.)

 98    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, Kimber Bull & Co. [RAI’s Solicitor], 2 Feb. – on the letting of the flat to Mrs Ellis; on the drawing up of a draft agreement (tpc.)

 99    T. Walter Howland to FS, 4 Feb. – will prepare draft agreement as soon as possible; mentions some details of the tenancy and the agreement (tp.)

100    R. George Upton to FS, ibid. – asks for names of other occupants; asks for Mrs Ellis’s address and references (tp.)

101    FS to R. George Upton, 5 Feb. – answers his questions (tpc.)

102    Ann Mullins to RAI, 6 Feb. – enquires about tenancy of the top floor flat (autogr.)

103    R. George Upton to [FS], 7 Feb. – ‘farming out’ of premises in small lettings is contrary to provisions of the Lease; does not see way to consent to further underletting (tp. with autogr. notes added by FS)

104    C.F.S. Chapple to RAI, 9 Feb. – encloses notice withdrawing requisition in respect of third floor flat (tp.)

105    D.H.S. Wilson to […?], 13 Feb. – Mr Howland suggested an agreement to purchase Mrs Ellis’s furniture; Upton’s approval would be needed for furnished letting (tp. with autogr. notes added by FS)

106    [FS] to D.H.F. Wilson, 15 Feb. – Mr Howland suggests Mrs Ellis’s solicitor get in touch (tpc.)

107    FS to R. George Upton, 22 Feb. – refers to previous correspondence; now asks that the flat might be sublet as a furnished flat; asks for a quick decision (tpc.)

108    C.F.S. Chapple, 25 Feb. – notice of taking possession of third floor, under Regulation 51 of Defence Regulations, 1939 (tp.)

109    Claim form for compensation relating to taking of possession of third floor (printed)

110    Fiona Ellis to FS, 22 Feb. – sorry that they will not be tenants; they have taken somewhere else as negotiations were taking so long (autogr.)

111    R. George Upton to [FS], 26 Feb. – has received her letter [/5/107]; will defer decision in light of Notice of Requisitioning [see /5/108] (tp.)

112    Draft of appeal to Holborn Borough Council against the requisitioning order (tp.)

113    T. Walter Howland to FS, 27 Feb. – has received draft appeal, which he returns with some corrections [see /5/112] (tp.)

114    W.B. Fagg & D.H.F. Wilson to the Chairman, Housing Committee, Holborn Borough Council, ibid. – confirm visit of President Prof. H.J. Fleure to Mr Lineham; submit urgent appeal against requisitioning notice; the flat will be occupied by the Librarian and a friend; it is important to have someone on the premises as there is much valuable property in the house (tpc.)

115    Ibid. draft (tp. with autogr. corrections)

116    Ibid. draft (tp. with autogr. note ‘Copy for S.C. Barham Esq. Ministry of Health’)

117    Rough notes relating to /5/114. 3 leaves (autogr.)

118    Metropolitan Borough of Holborn, 5 Mar. – acknowledgment card (printed and autogr.)

119    [W.B. Fagg] to J. O’Gara, Ministry of Health, 15 Mar. – repeats the appeal against requisitioning notice; on the importance of the RAI’s work; on the importance of the library; on the occupant of the flat combining the duties of librarian and caretaker; asks if the President might visit to explain more fully (tpc.)

120    Ibid. draft (autogr.)

121    C.F.S. Chapple, Holborn Borough Council, 16 Mar. – consideration of the matter adjourned until next meeting (tp.)

122    […?], Ministry of Health, to W.B. Fagg, 19 Mar. – Mr O’Gara is on leave; no letter has arrived from Holborn Borough Council; gives a date for Prof. Fleure to visit (tp.)

123    J. O’Gara to [D.H.F. Wilson], 8 Apr. – has written to the Council; a response to the RAI is expected from the Town Clerk (tp.)

124    C.F.S. Chapple, 9 Apr. – notice of giving up possession of third floor flat (tp.)

125    FS to J. O’Gara, 26 Apr. – refers to withdrawal of requisition; conveys thanks of the President and Hon. Treasurer (tpc.)

126    Ibid. to C.F.S. Chapple, ibid. – acknowledges notice withdrawing the requisition (tpc.)

127    Kimber Bull & Co. to FS, 26 July – encloses two Agreements between RAI and Mrs Tidy (tp.)

128    FS to Kimber Bull & Co., 30 July – acknowledges receipt of Agreements (tpc.)

129    Ibid. to Mrs A.J. Hudson, 4 June 1947 – would like to see her about the flat which is falling vacant (tpc.)

130    Ibid. to Mr Dutton, 9 July – Officers heard with regret that he is closing his office; asks that he write formally (tpc.)

131    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, 31 July – refers to Mr Dutton’s wish to sub-let one of his rooms to the Society of Industrial Artists; RAI will agree so long as the Bedford Estate approve; asks that he write to Mr Dutton. 2 leaves (tpc.)

132    T. Walter Howland to FS, 5 Aug. – on checking the references of the Society of Industrial Artists; advises that Mr Dutton should disclose the amount of rent he will ask for the room (tp.)

133    FS to Norbert Dutton, 8 Aug. – relays to him the points raised by T. Walter Howland [see /5/132] (tpc.)

134    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, 14 Aug. – on the new librarian occupying the flat; she would like to share it with a friend or friends; RAI would like to check that this is acceptable (tpc.)

135    T.C. Boyes to T. Walter Howland, 11 Sept. – refers to letter of 29 Aug. [not held]; asks questions relating to letting of second floor (tpc.)

136    T. Walter Howland to FS, 12 Sept. – encloses letter from T.C. Boyes (tp.)

137    FS to T. Walter Howland, 18 Sept. – answers question contained in Mr Boyes’s letter (tpc.)

138    T. Walter Howland to FS, 19 Sept. – thanks her for her letter of 18 Sept. (tp.)

139    Ibid., 29 Sept. – Bedford Estate cannot see their way to further cutting up the premises; therefore RAI cannot give consent to Mr Dutton’s subletting to Society of Industrial Artists (tp.)

140    T.C. Boyes to Kimber Bull & Co., 2 Oct. – thanks them for letter of 29 Sept. [not held]; asks whether RAI would accept surrender of tenancy; his Client no longer needs the accommodation (tpc.)

141    T. Walter Howland to FS, 3 Oct. – encloses letter from T.C. Boyes; asks whether RAI will accept surrender of Mr Dutton’s tenancy (tp. with autogr. note to Mr Wilson by FS)

142    R. Vaughan, Bronek Katz & R. Vaughan, Architects, to [FS], 9 Oct. – enquires about possibility of leasing the second floor offices (tp.)

143    FS to Bronek Katz & R. Vaughan, 13 Oct. – refers them to Allsop & Co. who are acting for the RAI (tpc.)

144    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, ibid. – on Bedford Estates’ refusal to allow Mr Dutton to sublet his rooms; on Mr Dutton’s request for release from remaining lease; on possible new tenants (tpc.)

145    D.H.F. Wilson to Allsop & Co., ibid. – on details pertaining to the remainder of Mr Dutton’s lease; RAI may require one of the rooms; thanks him for advice relating to RAI’s own lease, which expires mid-summer 1951 (tpc.)

146    Allsop & Co. to D.H.F. Wilson, 15 Oct. – notes that RAI is uncertain about needing one of the rooms; will not offer one room until a decision is made (tp.)

147    FS to ibid., 20 Oct. – encloses papers regarding Mr Dutton (tp.)

148    N. Haines, The Paper Makers’ Association of Great Britain and Ireland, to FS, 22 Oct. – regarding the rooms to be let, Mr Bolam would like to view them (tp.)

149    T.C. Boyes to Kimber Bull & Co., 22 Oct. – asks about RAI’s decision regarding surrender of his client’s lease (tpc.)

150    T. Walter Howland to FS, 23 Oct. – encloses letter from T.C. Boyes; suspects that Katz & Vaughan are no longer interested in the premises (tp.)

151    FS to Allsop & Co., 27 Oct. – encloses letter from Mr Boss [not held], enquiring about the second floor offices (tpc.)

152    Ibid. to H. Boss, ibid. – has passed his letter to Allsop & Co. (tpc.)

153    Allsop & Co. to FS, 28 Oct. – they will act regarding the second floor offices once RAI has decided how many rooms to let (tp.)

154    FS to Allsop & Co., 29 Oct. – RAI has decided to let two rooms on the second floor from 25 Dec. until midsummer 1951; sub-lease must be approved by the Bedford Estate (tpc.)

155    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, ibid. – informs him of decision regarding the letting of the rooms; as soon as new tenants are found, Mr Dutton will be released from his obligations (tpc.)

156    T. Walter Howland to FS, 30 Oct. – notes decisions taken regarding the offices (tp. with autogr. note by FS)

157    Allsop & Co. to RAI, ibid. – formal offer has been received from Mr Boss; gives names of solicitor and bank references for Mr Boss (tp.)

158    FS to Allsop & Co., 3 Nov. – acknowledgment of letter regarding Mr Boss’s offer (tpc.)

159    Allsop & Co. to RAI, 6 Nov. – confirms that a verbal offer to take the second floor rooms has been received from Messrs Snell & Co.; they quantity surveyors, whom the Bedford Estate might prefer to business consultants (tp.)

160    Ibid., 7 Nov. – confirmation of offer from Snell & Partners; includes their referees (tp.)

161    Francis Bolam, The Paper Makers’ Association of Great Britain, to FS, 10 Nov. – will not be taking the rooms; the lease not quite suitable (tp.)

162    D.H.F. Wilson to FS, 13 Nov. – returns letters from Allsop & Co.; agrees that quantity surveyors might be more acceptable as tenants; suggests that Allsop & Co. take up the references (tp.)

163    Allsop & Co. to RAI, 14 Nov. – on accepting offer from Snell & Partners; are taking up references (tp.)

164    Rowland & Hutchinson, Solicitors, to Allsop & Co., 15 Nov. – have no information about Snell & Partners; to the best of their knowledge Mr Snell would be a responsible tenant (tp.)

165    FS to Francis Bolam, ibid. – notes that he no longer wishes to take the rooms (tpc.)

166    Stewart Klitz & Co. to Allsop & Co., 17 Nov. – Messrs Snell & Partners have been known to the firm for a long time; no hesitation in recommending them (tp.)

167    Lloyds Bank to ibid., 19 Nov. – reference for Messrs Snell & Partners (printed and tp.)

168    Allsop & Co. to RAI, 21 Nov. – enclose original references for Messrs Snell & Partners (tp.)

169    FS to D.H.F. Wilson, 24 Nov. – encloses references for Messrs Snell & Partners; the information to be passed to Hon. Solicitor, for approach to Bedford Estate (autogr.)

170    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, 2 Dec. – on the letting of rooms to Messrs Snell & Partners; asks that he take the matter up with the Bedford Estate as soon as possible (tpc.)

171    T. Walter Howland to FS, 3 Dec. – has received her letter with correspondence regarding letting to Messrs Snell & Partners; will take it up with the Bedford Estate immediately (tp.)

172    FS to Allsop & Co., 10 Dec. – on arrangements for cleaning and electricity (tpc.)

173    T. Walter Howland to FS, ibid. – has received letter from Bedford Estate, intimating that licence will be granted; has also received draft licence from the Solicitors to the Duke of Bedford; is preparing draft underlease to Messrs Snell & Partners (tp.)

174    Allsop & Co. to RAI, 11 Dec. – refers to letter of 10 Dec. [/5/172]

175    T. Walter Howland to FS, ibid. – encloses draft surrender by Mr Dutton of his underlease [see /3/22] (tp. with autogr. note by FS)

176    Ibid., 15 Dec. – thanks her for returning draft surrender approved (tp.)

177    FS to T. Walter Howland, 19 Dec. – on hours of access and arrangements for cleaning (tpc.)

178    T. Walter Howland to FS, 22 Dec. – will now try to settle the draft agreement (tp.)

179    T. Walter Howland to FS, 30 Dec. – encloses underlease for Snell & Partners; encloses counterpart of Mr Dutton’s lease with surrender indorsed; on charges in relation to this matter (tp.)

 .1    ‘receipted account’ for three guineas paid to Bedford Estate (tp.) [enclosed with /5/179]

180    Allsop & Co. to RAI, 5 Jan. 1948 – encloses note of professional fees (tp. with autogr. note by FS)

181    FS to Norbert Dutton, 7 Jan. – reminds him that he still has keys; on outstanding charge for electricity (tpc.)

182    T. Walter Howland to FS, 8 Jan. – encloses cheque for rent from Messrs Snell & Partners; asks for lease duly executed as soon as possible; in PS acknowledges receipt of same (tp.)

183    FS to T. Walter Howland, ibid. – returns underlease and surrender of Mr Dutton’s underlease (tpc.)

184    Ibid. to Mr Miller, ibid. – on arrangements for reading the meter; on cleaning the offices (tp.)

185    Ibid. to Messrs Snell & Partners, ibid. – receipt for rent (tp.)

186    Ibid. to Allsop & Co., 16 Jan. – encloses cheque for £50, fee in connection with letting offices (tpc.)

187    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, 2 Feb. – encloses cheque for £4 4s, fee in connection with underlease (tpc.)

188    [FS] to Mr Miller, 25 Feb. – draws his attention to the terms of the lease with regard to office hours; asks him to observe these more strictly (tpc.)

189    A.C. Miller to FS, 26 Feb. – apologises for rudeness; will adhere strictly to the terms of the lease (autogr.)

190    D.H.F. Wilson to T. Walter Howland, 28 Apr. – Snell & Co. now wish to rent a third room; are willing to do so without a lease; asks whether this would be acceptable to the Bedford Estate (tpc. with autogr. notes by FS)

191    T. Walter Howland to D.H.F. Wilson, 29 Apr. – RAI precluded from parting with possession of any part of the premises without consent of the Bedford Office; there would be no advantage to the RAI in not having a lease (tp.)

192    FS to T. Walter Howland, 5 May – writes in response to his letter to Mr Wilson; RAI would be glad if he would approach the Bedford Estate in this matter; further details of the additional rental (tpc.)

193    T. Walter Howland to FS, 6 May – has applied to the Bedford Estate Office for permission to underlet the third room (tp.)

194    Ibid., 12 May – steward to Bedford Estate has consented to underletting the room without a formal licence; encloses draft underlease [see /3/24]; asks that this be handed to Messrs Snell & Partners for approval, then returned (tp.)

195    Ibid., 21 May – matter of licence by the Historical Association has been delayed; now encloses engrossment for sealing (tp.)

196    FS to Messrs Snell & Partners, 22 May – informs them of the decision taken with regard to the room; suggests date of 3 May as suitable (tpc.

197    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, 28 May – encloses draft underlease and letter solicitor of Messrs Snell & Partners (tpc.)

198    T. Walter Howland to FS, 31 May – thanks her for letter; letter from solicitor was not enclosed; returns Mr J.D. Bowman’s covenant as he has failed to execute it (tp.)

199    Ibid., 2 June – encloses underlease for sealing; also counterpart for execution by Mr Snell (tp.)

200    A. Macleod, Snell & Partners, 8 June – asks if office hours might be extended (tp.)

201    FS to Rowland & Hutchinson, 10 June – encloses counterpart underlease for signing (tpc.)

202    Rowland & Hutchinson to FS, 15 June – encloses counterpart underlease (tp.)

203    FS to Messrs Snell & Partners, 22 June – Officers see no objection to their extending of office hours (tpc.)

204    T. Walter Howland to FS, ibid. – has not received back the underlease and counterpart; asks for them to be returned to him (tp.)

205    FS to T. Walter Howland, 23 June – encloses licence to assign Historical Association; encloses underlease and counterpart for room on second floor (tpc.)

206    Ibid. to Messrs Snell & Partners, ibid. – Officers have considered their suggestion regarding top floor; Council cannot meet them in this matter; underlease for the room on the second floor now completed so matter can be concluded (tpc.)

207    T. Walter Howland to FS, 24 June – thanks her for underlease and counterpart (tp.)

208    A. Macleod to FS, 5 July – encloses cheques for electricity, and rent of extra room (tp.)

209    Ibid., 8 July – encloses cheque for rent (tp.)

210    FS to Messrs Snell & Partners, 29 July – on the work being done to make the third floor room ready; work not proceeding as speedily as anticipated (tpc.)

211    A. Macleod to FS, 30 July – the builders will start shortly after the holiday; impossible to start sooner due to pressure of work (autogr.)

212    FS to D.H.F. Wilson, 4 Aug. – on the fitting up of the room; Snell & Partners have asked if they can have use of one further room on a temporary basis; if so, then there should be some charge (tpc.)

213    Ibid. to Messrs Snell & Partners, 9 Aug. – on the temporary use of an empty room on the top floor, pending arrangements for the occupation of the flat (tpc.)

214    A. Macleod to FS, 17 Aug. – on temporary occupation of rooms on the third floor; on rent; on date for commencement (tp. with autogr. note to D.H.F. Wilson by FS)

215    FS to Messrs Snell & Partners, 31 Aug. – on temporary occupation of the two rooms (tpc.)

216    A. Macleod to FS, 31 Aug., – encloses letter addressed to Council (tp.)

217    Ibid. to RAI Council, ibid. – accommodation is inadequate to the business they are handling; asks whether they could lease the attic rooms (tp.)

218    FS to Messrs Snell & Partners, 20 Sept. – will report to Council their request of 31 Aug. [/5/217/]; however, the new librarian will be taking up residence in the flat; asks that they vacate the premises and allow the cleaner access (tpc.)

219    A. Macleod to FS, ibid. – they have now vacated the rooms (tp.)

220    Fletcher, Napper & Co. to RAI, 25 Oct. – request for a reference for Mr Norbert Dutton (tp.) [reply on verso]

221    Ibid., 29 Dec. – encloses cheque for rent (tp.)

222    FS to D.H.F. Wilson, 13 June 1949 – encloses a letter concerning Snell & Partners [not held]; Mr Macleod has always been a prompt payer; it may be wise to take up references (tpc.)

223    A. Macleod, Macleod & Partners, to RAI, 11 July – refers to application to transfer the lease; anxious to meet liability for rent (tp.)

224    FS to William Charles Crocker, 5 Oct. – refers to earlier correspondence concerning assignment of the lease to Mr Macleod; asks if he can supply references for Mr Macleod (tpc.)

225    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, 8 Dec. – Mr Macleod’s solicitor requests that the remainder of the lease be assigned to Macleod & Partners; encloses letter from solicitor including one reference; Council is ready to agree to this; encloses some other items (tpc.)

226    T. Walter Howland to FS, ibid. – has received her letter enclosing two counterpart leases; however the letter from William Charles Crocker was not enclosed; once he has this, he will take up the matter with the Bedford Estate (tp.)

227    FS to Coutts & Co., 12 Dec. – asks them to obtain a banker’s reference for Mr Macleod (tpc.)

228    Ibid. to T. Walter Howland, 19 Dec. – encloses reference for Mr Macleod (tpc.)

229    T. Walter Howland to FS, 23 Jan. 1950 – has received the licence duly sealed (tp.)

230    Ibid., 9 Feb. – returns the two counterpart underleases (tp.)

231    FS to T. Walter Howland, 10 Feb. – thanks him for return of counterpart underleases (tpc.)

232    Coutts & Co., 7 Feb. 1951 – ‘Messrs M. & Partners’ considered as suitable tenants (printed and tp.)

233    Messrs Way & Waller to RAI, 14 Feb. – Miss L.A. Macleod has applied to take offices through their firm; they ask whether she would be a responsible tenant (tp.)

234    A. Macleod to FS, 23 Feb. – has regretfully decided not to seek renewal of lease in June; offices are too large for his reduced staff (tp.)

235    FS to Messrs Way & Waller, 27 Feb. – Miss Macleod has been a satisfactory tenant (tpc.)

236    Ibid. to A. Macleod, ibid. – has received his letter with regret [see /5/234]; asks when he will be vacating offices, as lease does not expire until 25 June (tpc.)

237    A. Macleod to FS, ibid. – he is taking other offices on 25 Mar.; not entirely sure of the date of his removal (tp.)

238    John Jaffé & Co. to RAI, nd – Mr Macleod proposes taking a property through their agency; asks if he would be considered a responsible tenant (tp.)

239    D.H.F. Wilson to John Jaffé & Co., 20 Apr. – RAI has always found Macleod & Partners to be responsible people who met rental obligations promptly (tpc.)

240    Elliott, Son & Boyton to RAI, 2 June – Mr Macleod proposes taking a property through their agency; asks if he would be considered a responsible tenant (tp.)

241    Ibid., 11 June – asks if there is a reason why RAI cannot provide a reference (tp.)