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44/ 1960. General

1 Librarian, BBC to Miss Joan Edwards, Administrative Secretary, 11 Mar. 1960 – consults the RAI on the terminology to be used be a professional anthropologist in a television script (tp.)

2 MWS to Librarian, BBC, 16 Mar. – suggests terminology to be used (tpc.)

3 Loyal address to HM the Queen on the birth of HRH Prince Andrew, later Duke of York on 19 Feb., 3 Mar. (printed); see Council minutes, 7 Apr. 1960, Item 1

4 AIR to MWS, 11 May – on difficulties with her Presidential address and its publication; refers to a meeting on 10 May (tp.); see ‘Social mechanisms for the transfer of political rights in some African tribes’, JRAI, Vol. 90, 1960, pp. 175-90

5 Miss J. Edwards to AIR, 14 May – reports death of J.P. Mills; refers to title of her Presidential address (see /4 above) and the Horniman Trustees (tpc.); see Council minutes, 2 June 1960, f. 105

6 AIR to MWS, 17 May – refers to symposium dinner and to the Hailsham letter (tp., annotation); see /43.1/4 above

7 Ibid., to Miss J. Edwards, 6 June – refers to British Academy grant, draft of Hailsham letter (see /6 above) and to Presidential address (autogr.)

8 Ibid., 28 June 1960 – on Man files and Dr Porter; suggests bringing Dr Ray Abrahams to the Garden Party (autogr.)

9 MWS to AIR, 15 July – mentions the scroll (see /3 above); suggests a joint symposia between the RAI and the Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA)(tpc.)

10 AIR to MWS, 20 July – thanks her for her letter, 15 July; also thinking of symposia; not sure if a joint meeting with the ASA desirable; makes suggestions for a topic; suggests meeting (tp. and autogr.); see Council minutes, 6 Oct., 3 Nov. 1960,and 5 Jan. 1961, Items 12, 8, 1 respectively

11 Ibid., 14 Sep. – met Secretary, Colonial Social Science Research Council; said letter to Lord Hailsham (see /7 above) had aroused great interest; other useful comments noted (tp.)

12 Prof. M. Fortes to AIR, 19 Sep. – talked with Mrs B.Z. Seligman; she is concerned about the future of the Seligman Trust and the Endowment Fund; suggests they discuss it (tp.)

13 AIR to MWS, 20 Sep. – encloses note on conversation with Secretary, Colonial Social Science Research Council (/11 above); suggests a ‘watching brief’ at the Royal Society about the Hailsham letter; refers to the Paris film meeting and Prof. C. D. Forde and films for hiring for teaching; he will write a report for the Ethnographic Film Committee; business men and race relations, suggests their interests (tp.); see Council minutes, 6 Oct. 1960, Item 5a for report on the Comité International du Film Ethnographique, Paris and Item 9k for Lord Hailsham’s report

14 Prof. M. Fortes to MWS, 23 Sep. – supports the Ethnomusicology Committee but has not time to remain on the Committee; has written to AIR about Mrs B.Z. Seligman’s concern over the Seligman Trust and the Endowment Fund (see /12 above); found her article in the Boas Symposium ‘very enlightening’ (autogr.)

15 MWS to AIR, 28 Sep. – have put the refusal of a visa to Prof. M. Gluckman on the Council agenda (tpc.); see Council minutes, 6 Oct. and 1 Dec. 1960, Items 5 and 8 respectively, and 5 Jan., 2 Feb. 1961, Items 9 and 1 respectively

15.1 AIR to MWS, 29 Sep. – refers to Prof. Mary Douglas and her pamphlet on the former Belgian Congo; should sell; Mrs S. Chilver and Dr P. Kaberry might do one on the Cameroons (autogr.); see Council minutes, 6 Oct. 1960, Item 9h

16 AIR to Prof. P.M.S. Blackett, [end] Sep. 1960 – on his Overseas Development Institute and possible RAI contacts (tpc.)

17 Prof. R.W. Firth to [MWS?], 6 Oct. – interested in her idea of a conference involving the ASA; difficulty of finding time to attend; her suggestion of leadership in newly independent states would attract many; mentions some names (tp.)

18 Prof. P.M.S. Blackett to AIR, 11 Oct. – thanks her for her letter (/16 above); mentions William Clark, Director, Overseas Development Institute and importance of contact with anthropologists (tp.)

19 AIR to MWS, 12 Oct. – asks for date of Seligman Endowment Fund Trustees; talked to RWF about meeting with the ASA; thinks leadership in newly independent states an excellent idea; makes suggestions; suggests approaching the Wenner-Gren Foundation for funds for library extension (tp.)

20 MWS to AIR, 13 Oct. – mentions meeting of Seligman Trustees; RAI/ASA conference and programme, urgency of meeting (tpc.)

21 William Clark to AIR, 13 Oct. – now setting up the Overseas Development Institute; interested in cooperation; would like to meet (tp.)

22 AIR to MWS, 14 Oct. – importance of a meeting on a conference this session; possible RAI/ASA conference and RWF’s views; will be in London for Seligman Trustees meeting; wrote to Prof. Blackett; Overseas Development Institute will be a wealthy body; heard from the Director, William Clark (tp.)

23 Ibid., 28 Oct. – thanks her for her hospitality; mentions meeting of Seligman Trustees [at Mrs B.Z. Seligman’s house] and possible use of funds (tp. and autogr. note on her ill-health)

24 Ibid., 4 Nov. – refers to her ill-health; RWF thinks there should not be a joint meeting with ASA; AIR suggests postponing the symposium but having a debate at an ordinary meeting between a political scientist and an anthropologist; mentions IS and the Presidency, Prof. A.E. Mourant, Prof. M. Gluckman and William Clark (tp., autogr. note)

25 AIR to Miss J. Edwards (JE), 8 Nov. – refers to the Talbot Prize and Prof. E.E. Evans-Pritchard (tp.)

26 Ibid., 28[?26] Nov. – on MWS’s illness and contacting her husband, H.F. Akehurst (autogr.)

27 JE to AIR, 28 Nov. 1960 – ibid. (tpc.)

28 Dr Bhuban M. Das, Anthropological Society of Assam to RAI President, 1 Dec. – announces the 6th annual meeting; pays tribute to the RAI and hopes for a message of good wishes (tp.); AIR’s reply, 12 Dec., not retained

29 AIR to JE, 2 Dec. – refers to Council’s wish to see Prof. M. Gluckman; EJL suggests Council sending flowers to MWS (tp.)

30 JE to AIR, 5 Dec. – on MWS and a visit to her in hospital (tpc.)

31 GCT to EJL, 7 Dec. – as Vice-President thought she was ‘honourably’ exempt from attending Council but will do so in view of agenda; refers to the Australian government’s refusal to issue a visa to Prof. Max Gluckman and AIR’s views; and to Dr K.P. Oakley, MWS and Prof. Dorothy Garrod (autogr.); see Council minutes, 6 Oct. and 1 Dec. 1960, Items 77 and 8 respectively, 5 Jan. and 2 Feb. 1961, Items 9 and 1 respectively; see also 6 Apr. 1961, Item 7 for MWS

45/ 1961. General, the appointment of Joint Hon. Secretaries and the death of the Hon. Secretary

1 AIR to JE, 2 Jan. 1961 – mentions MWS; refers to discussions about the next President and CDF and Prof. F. Eggan (tp., annotations)

2 JE to AIR, 3 Jan. – mentions MWS; refers to President’s Committee; CDF and Dr F. Eggan (tpc.); see Council minutes, 2 Feb. 1961, Item 8 for the President’s Committee

3 AIR to JE, 10 Jan. – refers to Lord Hailsham’s memorandum (tp., annotations)

4 [AIR] to Prof. M. Gluckman, [10 Jan.] – informs him of the postponement of the discussion on the restriction of anthropologists’ movements as his views on the subject have not arrived; paper needed about two weeks before the discussion in a Council meeting (autogr. draft by WBF)

5 EJL to WBF, 11 Jan. – refers to an exhibition by B.E.B. Fagg and her Scandinavian visit; asks him to think about the Hon. Secretaryship; mentions Dr G.H.S. Bushnell and the obituary for Louis C.G. Clarke; note on MWS’s illness (autogr.); see Man, 1961, Nov. No. 220 for the obituary by Dr Bushnell

6 Prof. M. Gluckman to AIR, 12 Jan. 1961 – thanks her for her letter of 10 Jan.; feels ‘rather guilty’ not producing a brief; has to go into hospital for a torn cartilage; it seems best to follow her suggestion; will give his views in response to what she writes (tp.)

7 AIR to JE, 17 Jan. – encloses Prof. Gluckman’s letter (/6 above); will come to the March Council; refers to Sir Solly Zuckerman and Lord Hailsham’s letter (tp., autogr. note); there is no reference in Council minutes, 2 Mar. 1961 or subsequently to Prof. Gluckman presenting his views on the restriction of anthropologists’ movements

8 Ibid., 31 Jan. – is sending a reminder to Lord Hailsham; is also writing to Sir Solly Zuckerman on the matter of grants; hears Dr Ernest Haddon wants to resign as the JRAI and Man are too specialised now (tp., annotation by JE on verso)

9 JE to AIR, 1 Feb. – gives title of the Council for British Archaeology mentioned in her letter to Lord Hailsham of 15 July 1960; Dr Haddon’s membership cancelled (tpc.)

10 Prof. J.H. Hutton to WBF, 8 Feb. – prefers not to consider nomination to the Presidential Committee unless there is a controversial issue; asks for briefing on the issue (autogr.); see Council minutes, 2 Feb., 2 Mar. and 6 Apr. 1961, Items 8, 9 and 7 respectively

11 AIR to WBF, 9 Feb. – mentions MWS’s illness; thinks his idea of a Joint Hon. Secretaryship a good one as it would keep MWS ‘in the picture’; suggests Dr Margaret Read; thanks him for taking on the Hon. Secretaryship for the present (tp., autogr. annotations)

12 Dr O.F. Raum, Kiel to RAI, 9 Feb. – sent a manuscript in Nov. 1960 to AIR; not heard from the RAI; glad to know her correct address (autogr.); no paper appeared by Dr Raum in either the JRAI or Man for 1961-2

13 AIR to JE, 17 Feb. – has had Dr Raum’s typescript for a long time; does not know what to do with it; refers to the Wellcome Medal judges, the Talbot prize and asks what happens to books sent by rejected candidates (tp.); JE wrote to Dr Raum on 22 Feb.

14 Ibid., 21 Feb. – refers to Dr Raum’s typescript (tp.)

15 Dr G.H.S Bushnell to WBF, 22 Feb. – will do an obituary for Louis C.G. Clarke; cannot take on the Presidency; gives reasons (autogr.)

16 Prof. J.H. Hutton to WBF, 23 Feb. 1961 – thanks him for information and of MWS’s illness; thinks Dr Margaret Read would be a good successor; afraid Dr Bushnell will decline the Presidency on health grounds; gives views on possible names; is writing to the President to be excused from serving on the Presidential Committee (autogr.)

17 Sir George Beresford-Stooke to WBF, 7 Mar. – gives dates when he will be away; suggests a member of Council be asked to act (autogr.)

18 JE to AIR, 11 Mar. – thanks her for Dr Mary Douglas’s letter; mentions telephone conversations and Dr Daniel Biebuyck; Mrs Hoernlé’s photograph returned some time ago (tpc.)

19 AIR to WBF, 14 Mar. – has heard Dr Read has declined the Hon. Secretaryship owing to other commitments; thinks they should consider Anthony Christie (tp.); see Council minutes, 6 Apr. 1961, Item 7 for Christie’s nomination as Joint Hon. Secretary; see also Council minutes, 4 May 1961 for the announcement of MWS’s death on 2 May in New York and Minute 1 for Christie’s appointment as sole Hon. Secretary; and Minute 7 on WBF’s role as Acting Hon. Secretary during MWS’s illness

20 AIR to JE, 14 Mar. – refers to Dr Mary Douglas’s manuscript and Dr Biebuyck’s draft and the former promise of typing and mapping assistance by MWS; asked her to check this point (tp.); see Council minutes, 6 Oct. and 3 Nov. 1960, Items 9h and 2b respectively

21 JE to AIR, 15 Mar. – on Dr Mary Douglas’s manuscript (tpc.)

22 AIR to JE, 17 Mar. – ibid. (tp.); Dr Biebuyck and Dr Douglas’s Congo tribes and parties was published by the RAI in Aug. 1961

23 AIR to WBF, Easter Monday [3 Apr. 1961] – AHC offers to act as Hon. Secretary; suggests acceptance on trial; refers to Library and Executive Committees (tp.); the last Executive Committee was held on 31 May 1961 and was superseded by the Library, Publications and Standing Committees

24 Formal letter to Officers and members of Council since 1956 on contributions in memory of MWS by JE and sent at Mrs B.Z. Seligman’s request, 8 May 1961 (mimeo.)

25 Tribute to MWS from WBF, 5 leaves (tpc.); WBF’s tribute was published in The Times, 9 May 1961; obituaries appeared in Man, Oct. 1961, Nos. 202-4; see also Council minutes, Item 1 for other tributes

26 ‘Humane studies are in need of help’ by Sir Maurice Bowra, The Times, 12 Oct. 1961, p. 13; a report on Research in the humanities and the social sciences: report of a survey by the British Academy, 1958-60

27 Letter to the Editor, The Times, 13 Oct. 1961, signed by Prof. I. Schapera, RAI President (tpc.)

46/ 1962. General and appointment of Hon. Treasurer

1 WBF to H.E. Wadsworth, 11 Mar. 1962 – on meeting him and his availability to be nominated as Hon. Treasurer (autogr.)

2 Sir George Beresford-Stooke to WBF, 28 Mar. – is going away but has written to H.E. Wadsworth; will shown everything at RAI (autogr.)

3 WBF to Prof. I. Schapera, 1 Apr. – on importance of Mrs B.Z. Seligman being on Council and possibility of being elected Vice-President; refers to ERL’s views on anthropology and industry and I.M. Sieff’s efforts to interest his industrial friends; the latter’s and Mrs Seligman’s generosity to the RAI; and to I.M. Sieff and Council; refers also to H.E. Wadsworth and his willingness to stand for Hon. Treasurership (autogr. draft); both Mrs Seligman and I.M. Sieff were appointed special members (see Council minutes, 5 Apr. 1962, Item 6c, Item 6b for H.E. Wadsworth)

4 WBF to AHC, 9 June – on H.E. Wadsworth’s willingness to become Hon. Treasurer and his contact with Sir George Beresford-Stooke; AHC’s views expressed before Council (7 June)(tp.); H.E. Wadsworth took office at the end of the year; see Council minutes, 11 Oct. 1962, f. 158 when he was ‘designate’ and 8 Nov. 1962, f. 162 when he was confirmed as Hon. Treasurer

5 Lady Shaw (Ciciley) to WBF, 17 Oct. – much surprised to see AHC so well; suggests more lectures on Africa in view of events on that continent (autogr.); WBF was Acting Hon. Secretary during his absence; see Council minutes, 5 Apr. 1962, Item 4aii, f. 151

47/ 1962. Alteration to the By-laws, Standing Committee composition and Man’s finance

1 WBF to BMB, [30 Apr. 1962] – stresses importance of voting on House List in view of the ‘hints’ by the Standing Committee of far-reaching changes to the By-laws and Articles; gives his views on voting; notes her obituary of Prof. R.M. Lowrie (Man, June 1962, No. 143)(autogr. draft); see Council minutes, 3 May 1962, Items 4ai and 6, ff. 153-4

2 H.H. Coghlan to WBF, 1 May – not ‘happy’ about the RAI; necessity of a strong ‘moderating influence’; glad to know his views; will vote with confidence; Prof. J.D. Evans suitable for the vacancy; refers to the Ancient Metal and Mining Committee, need of a geologist, suggests Prof. F.E. Zeuner (autogr.)

3 GCT to WBF, 1 May – refers to Prof. J.D. Evans; will do her best to attend Council (autogr.); GCT was present at the Council, 3 May

4 Prof. H.J. Fleure to WBF, 1 May – gives sympathy in his present problems; regrets he cannot attend Council, 3 May; refers to proposed symposium, AHC and Estyn Evans (autogr.)

5 Prof. J.D. Evans, Athens to WBF, 10 May – letter of 17 Apr. just received; would have been pleased to stand for election; apologises for delay in replying (autogr.)

6 BMB to WBF, 26 May – wonders if anything of importance will arise at Council, 7 Council; very busy at present and hopes to avoid going to London (autogr.)

7 Memorandum on the Executive Committee, dissolving it and the balance of power by WBF, 27 May. 3 leaves (autogr.); the last meeting of the Executive Committee was held on 31 May 1961 when it was superseded by the Library Committee, the Publications Committee and the Standing Committee

8 BMB to WBF, 5 June – asks if vital matters will arise at next Council; prefers not to be present; discussed matters with Eric Alport; would like to see WBF (autogr.)

9 Memorandum ‘The Hon. Secretary and the future’ to WBF (see /7 above) from EJL, 6 June (tp.)

10 AHC to Prof. N.A. Barnicot, 8 June – informs him that his name has been withdrawn from the House List; his name should not have been included without his consent (tpc.); see Council minutes, 3 May and 7 June 1962, Items 6c and 1g respectively, ff. 152, 156

11 Memorandum by WBF on the ‘Barnicot vacancy’ and By-Law X, 7’, 9 June 1962. 4 pp. (autogr.)

12 AHC to WBF, 12 June – on the ‘Barnicot vacancy’ had not spoken at Council without documentation; proposes no further discussions with Prof. Barnicot; vacancy in House List will be discussed by the Standing Committee tomorrow (tp.); the topic is not mentioned in Standing Committee minutes, 14 June 1962

13 WBF to AHC, 14 June – on amendments to the By-laws; suggests his notes on the By-laws should be shown to the Standing Committee (tp.); WBF’s notes were not mentioned in the Standing Committee minutes, 14 June or 2 Aug. 1962 though the topic was referred to frequently during the months of 1962

14 Sir George Beresford-Stooke to WBF, Aug. Bank Holiday, i.e. 6 Aug. – on 1962 estimates and revenue from Man; economies appear necessary (tp., annotations by WBF)

15 WBF to Sir George Beresford-Stooke, 24 Sep. – replies to letter (/14 above) on Man finances; explains change of method of sending out dues, the shortfall and cost of production; will need to ask for a supplementary estimate (autogr. draft); the supplementary grant was approved see Council minutes, 11 Oct. 1962, Items 3e, 12 b

16 IS to WBF, 25 Sep. – Man finances referred to the Standing Committee by the Hon. Treasurer; encloses memorandum with proposals it will make to Council (/17 below)(tp., annotations by IS)

17 ‘Memorandum to the Hon. Editor of Man’ with Standing Committee recommendations to Council; invites comments. 25 Sep. signed I. Schapera (tp.)

18 Sir George Beresford-Stooke to WBF, 29 Sep. – thanks him for his letter (/15 above); will not be back until next Council, 11 Oct.; hopes to get up to date note of the financial position (autogr.); see Council minutes, 11 Oct. 1962, Items 3d-e, 5c and 12 b

19 WBF to IS, 4 Oct. – thanks him for his letter of 25 Sep. (/16 above); much surprised by its contents; Oct. Council the proper occasion for him to apply for a supplementary allocation for Man; sets out steps he has taken; would like to see him before Council (autogr. copy)

20 IS to WBF, 5 Oct. – invites him to lunch (autogr. postcard)

21 Prof. E.E. Evans-Pritchard to WBF, 5 Oct. 1962 – supports Man wholeheartedly though unable to attend Council; as a widower his first duty is to his children despite Council’s criticisms; does what he can to help RAI; cites income from ARR-B’s publications (tp., marked personal)

22 GCT to WBF, 6 Oct. – will do her best to attend Council (autogr.)

23 HJB to WBF, 6 Oct. – intends to attend Council; interested ‘to know nature of the attack on Man’ (autogr.)

24 WBF to Sir George Beresford-Stooke, 8 Oct. – thanks him for his letter (/14 above) which he interpreted ‘as a friendly warning’; surprised at strong resolution on Man from Standing Committee obviously unaware of his letter (/15 above); apologises for any unintentional annoyance; mentions consultation with the accountant; some encouraging facts about Man costs (draft autogr.); see Standing Committee, 25 Sep. 1962, Item 8, f. 14

25 Prof. H.J. Fleure to WBF, 9 Oct. – wishes to see him; has doubts about the RAI; tried to keep policy on broad lines with the Library as the backbone; will try to attend Council (autogr.)

26 Man finances by the Hon. Editor. 8 leaves (autogr.)

27 AHC to WBF, [nd, c. 9 Oct.] – IS ‘decided to cut the Publications Committee report to main heads and to invite the Chairman to speak’; his draft will be typed and available (autogr.)

28 Man finances: paper prepared by the Hon. Editor, Man. 3 pp. (mimeo.); see Council minutes, 11 Oct. 1962, Items 3e, 5c, f. 159

29 BMB to WBF, 10 Oct. – refers to Mrs Lowie’s photographs and his accident; proposes to be at Council [11 Oct.] with other supporters; has talked to Dr Derek Roberts; mentions Man and Standing Committee (autogr.)

30 WBF to Dr Derek F.B. Roberts, [after 11 Oct.] – his resolution on the Standing Committee intended as a compromise and ‘to promote reconciliation’; explains why it did not ‘satisfy me’; opposed to the exclusion of the editors from the Committee; suggests his resolution should be consolidated into one thus increasing the members from five to nine; grateful for his constructive comments on Man (autogr. draft); see Council minutes, 11 Oct., 6 Dec. 1962, Items 6i, 9 respectively and 10 Jan. 1963, Item 1, ff. 159, 165-6

31 Dr Audrey Butt, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford to WBF, 11 Oct. 1962 – only just received his letters; refers to Man and Standing Committee, to BMB and Dr Derek Roberts; supports him especially over Man (autogr.)

32 Prof. J.H. Hutton to WBF, 11 Oct. – has just received his memorandum on Man; wishes to disassociate himself from the discourtesy with which he had been treated; infers Council has abdicated in favour of the Standing Committee; explains inability to attend Council now; asks to know if he can help (autogr.); see /27 above

33 H.H. Coghlan to WBF, 12 Oct. – writes to say he was ‘disgusted’ at the way Council members behaved [11 Oct.]; it appeared to be a personal attack on him [WBF]; gives his views on Man (autogr.)

34 BMB to WBF, 12 Oct. – refers to yesterday’s Council and discussion of Man, to views of ERL and Mrs B.Z. Seligman; hopes the amended By-laws will include the Editors (autogr.)

35 Dr K.P. Wachsmann to WBF, 12 Oct. – asks him to look at his motion and to amend the By-laws and membership of the Standing Committee (tp. and autogr.)

36 GCT to WBF, 14 Oct. – prefers to second Dr Wachsmann’s motion on the By-laws; has written to AHC asking for prompt circulation of the By-laws; has heard from Dr K.P. Oakley [KPO] about Huxley Lecture; he refers to Mrs Sonia Cole and her support for him [WBF] at the Council meeting; will suggest to KPO that he writes to IS about By-laws; refers to Prof. R.W. Firth’s views (autogr.)

37 AHC to WBF, 14 Oct. – after consulting IS and CDF, most convenient date for meeting on Man would be 25 Oct.; will provide him with Man figures; asks for ‘reasonably’ detailed 1963 financial statement (tp.)

38 Dr Audrey Butt to WBF, 16 Oct. – hopes to get Prof. Evans-Pritchard to next Council [he was not present on 8 Nov.]; difficulty of a pre-Council meeting owing to lecture commitments but BMB will be available; refers to ERL’s views (autogr. postcard)

39 GCT to WBF, 17 Oct. – mentions ERL and vacancies on the Standing Committee; encloses letter from AHC [not present]; is side-tracking the issue but gives her the opportunity of being constructive; notes her views; refers to Dr Fraser Roberts’s comments at last Council meeting and support for Dr Wachsmann’s resolution on the By-laws and the Standing Committee (autogr.)

40 Prof. J.H. Hutton to WBF, 19 Oct. 1962 – gives his opinion of the draft By-laws and Articles; will attend next Council if his vote is required (autogr.); Prof. Hutton was present at the meeting on 8 Nov.

41 WBF to IS, 24 Oct. – despite the last Council remains grateful for their congenial meeting the previous day and his friendly suggestions about Man; would like to talk to him further and suggests lunch before the next Council (autogr. draft marked personal)

42 Ad hoc Committee on Man held on 25 Oct. – proposals regarding Man (tp.); see Council minutes, 8 Nov. 1962, Item 4a, f. 162

43 Dr Eric Alport to WBF, 25 Oct. – gives his views on the draft By-laws and Articles (autogr.)

44 Suggestions for the ‘improvement’ of Man by ERL, 27 Oct. 4 leaves and attached note (tpc.)

45 EJL to WBF, 27 Oct. – gives her views on the By-laws, Standing Committee, and on individuals. 10 pp. (autogr.)

46 Prof. J.H. Hutton to WBF, 31 Oct. – hopes to be present at Council, 8 Nov.; too deaf to be put on any committee (autogr.); see /40 above

47 WBF to IS, 31 Oct. – spoke to Dr Wachsmann about his resolution on the By-laws, feels it a matter of principle but seems ‘ready to play ball’; feels he should consult GCT; comments on the excellent Malinowski lecture; offers to publish a summary in Man (autogr. draft)

48 Ibid., – G.W.B. Huntingford and he were considering the transfer of some papers from Man to the JRAI; volunteered he now thought he, as Editor JRAI should be on the Standing Committee; asked that you should know this; your plan for increasing the membership to nine should not now cause any controversy (autogr. draft)

49 AHC to Council members, 1 Nov. – a special committee on Man arising from the last Council has made recommendations to be considered by the Publications Committee; invites members to make comments relating to Man (mimeo.)

50 Mrs Sonia Cole to AHC, 3 Nov. – gives views on Man (tp.)

51 Prof. J.H. Hutton to WBF, [4 Nov.] – encloses copy of letter to AHC [not present] on By-laws and Articles; asks him to phone if he requires him to vote (autogr.)

52 Dr J.S. Weiner to AHC, 5 Nov. – gives views on Man (tp.)

53 Prof. M. Fortes to AHC, 5 Nov. – ibid. (tp.)

54 BMB to AHC, 5 Nov. 1962 – if there is a vacancy on Council would like to nominate Dr John Beattie; Dr Alport is willing to second nomination (tpc.)

55 BMB to WBF, 6 Nov. – sends a copy of letter to AHC (/54 above); would like to see Dr J.E.S. Thompson back on Council; intends to propose him for next Council; refers to comments about Man (tp.)

56 (Prof.) Adrian Mayer to AHC, 6 Nov. – gives views on Man (tp.)

57 EJL to WBF, 7 Nov. – notes on the By-laws and Standing Committee (autogr.)

58 BMB to WBF, 7 Nov. – hopes things are not going too badly; Dr Roberts sympathetic over Man; draft By-laws and Articles shoddy; foresees a long and ‘perhaps stormy’ Council (autogr.)

59 Dr Phyllis Kaberry to AHC, 7 Nov. – gives her views on Man (tp.)

60 Dr Burton Benedict to AHC, 11 Nov. – gives his views on Man (tp.)

61 H.H. Coghlan [to AHC], 12 Nov. – ibid. (tp.)

62 Prof. H.J. Fleure to WBF, 12 Nov. – on GCT’s inability to accept nomination as ?Vice-President; mentions other names (autogr.)

63 Dr John Middleton to AHC, 12 Nov. – gives his views on Man (tp.)

64 Dr D.F. Roberts to the Publications Committee, 12 Nov. – ibid. (tp.)

65 B.A.L. Cranstone to AHC, 13 Nov. – ibid. 4 pp. (autogr.)

66 Dr E.A. Alport to AHC, 13 Nov. – ibid. (tp., autogr. annotations); copy to WBF not retained

67 BMB [to AHC, nd] – gives her views on Man (tp.)

68 G.W.B. Huntingford [to AHC, nd] – gives his views on Man (tp.)

69 AHC to WBF, 16 Nov. – encloses comments (see above); refers to GCT’s views on Man and summary of comments (tp.); the above views were considered by the Publications Committee, 20 Nov. 1962, Item 3

70 Summary of comments by WBF (autogr.)

71 Man: summary of proposals from Council members, Nov. 1962 (mimeo.)

72 GCT to WBF, 22 Nov. – would be glad to hear outcome of last Council; hopes to attend next one (autogr.)

73 HJF to WBF, 30 Nov. – comments individuals’ suitability as Vice-President; not able to attend Council on 6 Dec. (autogr.)

74 GCT to WBF, 2 Dec. – gives views on Publications Committee and Man, Standing Committee and the By-laws and Mrs Sonia Cole (autogr.); see Council minutes, 6 Dec. 1962, Items 4 and 9, ff. 164-5

75 WBF to AHC, 2 Dec. – refers to Man and the functions of the Hon. Secretary to provide information for the proceedings section; difficulty of obtaining summaries of lectures from lecturers; makes recommendations; puzzled at discrepancy between Council members views on Man and the summary prepared by the Publications Committee (draft autogr.)

76 WBF to CDF, 5 Dec. – spent time at RAI with AHC and Miss Rachel Lloyd, (Secretary) so that they could agree on the agenda; agreed ‘shortened version’ of the review of publications; IS had apparently said the report should be short headings only; he (CDF) would speak to the report as Chairman, Publications Committee; comments on draft minutes and inefficiency in the RAI office (autogr. draft)

77 BMB to WBF, 5 Dec. – comments on Council meeting next day, 6 Dec. (autogr.)

78 Ibid., 7 Dec. – comments on Council meeting, 6 Dec.; hopes there will be no more crises for a while (autogr.)

79 HJF to WBF, 12 Dec. – has heard from GCT about Council; greatly relieved the Hon. Editors are on the Standing Committee; will ‘not press other matters at the moment’ (autogr. with autogr. note by Mrs Fleure on verso); see Council minutes, 6 Dec. 1962, Item 9, f. 165

80 Notes on Man and Curl Fund by WBF (autogr.)

81 Estimates for 1963 for Man by WBF (autogr.)

48/ 1963. By-laws, Standing Committee, Importance of archaeology, Council meetings, General

1 WBF to BMB, 17 Jan. 1963 – flying to the USA; suggests she speaks to named Oxford colleagues of the importance of the new articles [By-laws] which are referred by the Standing Committee to the Feb. Council for decision; stresses importance of maintaining the status quo on the right of Past Presidents to sit on Council; also important AHC’s ideas to extend Hon. Fellowships and Council power to remit up to 10 subscriptions (autogr.)

2 Prof. J.H. Hutton to WBF, 20 Jan. – agrees with him on the three points raised especially with the Hon. Fellowships; doubts he will be able to attend Council on 7 Feb. (autogr.)

3 Formal letter to Council on the Huxley Lecture, 1964 and the Endowment Fund from AHC, 8 Feb. (mimeo.)

4 AHC to Dr J.R. Goody, 5 Apr. – name nominated for next Council, 1963-4; verso: JRG’s reason for declining to stand (mimeo., and autogr.); many formal acceptances have not been retained

5 [Sir] J.E.S. Thompson to AHC, [7 Apr.?] – prepared to stand for Council nomination; importance of archaeology keeping ‘a toe-hold’ in the RAI; refers to articles of the JRAI; RAI may end by being identified with social anthropology; may be ‘a sensible evolution’ but should be the result of a deliberate policy (autogr. post card)

6 Dr H. Lehmann to AHC, 8 Apr. – willing to serve on Council; considers Dr Joseph Needham a good candidate for the Henry Myers Lecture and hopes to persuade AHC to look favourably on the idea (tp.)

7 AHC to I.M. Sieff, 8 Apr. – reports Council has again elected him as a Special Member; also reports on the Endowment Fund (tpc.)

8 I.M. Sieff to AHC, 9 Apr. – conveys his pleasure at election as a Special Member; glad to hear of progress of the Endowment Fund (tpc.)

9 AHC to [Sir] J.E.S. Thompson, 10 Apr. – ‘puzzled’ by his remarks (see /5 above); number of archaeologists connected with the RAI; refers to archaeological lectures and articles in Man and JRAI; cannot see why he and GCT are so concerned; writes as an archaeologist (tpc.)

10 [Sir] J.E.S. Thompson to AHC, Maundy Thursday i.e. 11 Apr. 1963 – refers to his letter (/9 above); not making a serious protest; archaeology has an outlet in Antiquity; names those whom he would like to see elected; his impression is that RAI publications have few archaeological articles; impression exists that RAI interests are mainly social anthropology; has views on how the situation can be remedied (tp.)

11 GCT to WBF, 17 Apr. – agrees some intercommunication will be needed before the next Council; will be in London on 2 May; he knows whom to invite to a meeting; Dr John Waechter willing to stand for election; Council’s agenda arrives so late; asks him for a list of those nominated and by whom; mentions archaeologists’ contribution to the Endowment Fund and importance of archaeology to social anthropology. 4 pp. (autogr.)

12 Dr John H.M. Beattie to AHC, 22 Apr. – just returned from west of Ireland; willing to stand for election; suggests one of his junior colleagues, Dr Rodney Needham should be substituted instead (tp.); AHC replied, 24 Apr., that nominations had been closed

13 Dr Mary Douglas to AHC, 25 Apr. – appreciates the honour of nomination; too busy to accept (autogr.)

14 GCT to WBF, 30 Apr. – thanks him for his ‘helpful’ letter; gives her views on possible individuals for election; cannot attend his meeting; mentions IS (autogr.)

15 Dr John Waechter to AHC, 10 May – in view of his uncertain plans it would be better to leave his nomination until next year (tp.)

16 Dr A.E. Mourant to AHC, 22 May – Blood Group Committee decided that staff members’ salaries should be related to that of the Medical Research Council though not members of the MRC; glad if he would bring this to Council’s attention (tp., copy); enclosed in /17 below

17 Ibid., 4 June – sorry to see the Blood Group Committee’s recommendation is not on Council’s agenda; matter is urgent in view of the MRC’s timetable; sending a copy and of previous letter to the President (tpc.)

18 Dr Eric Alport, Rotterdam to AHC, 11 Oct. – gives his views on last Council; mentions helpfulness of Dr A.A. Gerbrands; refers to exhibition; asks about Tom Harrisson’s lecture (autogr.)

19 H.H. Coghlan to WBF, 15 Oct. – regrets not able to attend Council on 5 Oct.; hopes to he helpful at Nov. Council; Ancient Mining and Metallurgy Committee went well; will urge AHC to get a report in Man (autogr.)

20 WBF to Dr J.S. Weiner, 1 Dec. 1963 – thinking about his letter to Council arising from Prof. F.E. Zeuner’s death; Adrian Digby is advising that the Vice-Presidency should remain vacant until June; has much sympathy with this view; if the vacancy is filled better to appoint some distinguished ex-member of Council such as Dr A.E. Mourant; mentions Prof. John Evans as a member of Council (autogr. copy)

49/ 1964. Ioma Evans-Pritchard Scholarship and Committee on Social Studies

1 Prof. E.E. Evans-Pritchard to Dr J.S. Weiner, RAI President, 16 Dec. 1964 – appeals to RAI for a donation to the appeal (autogr.)

2 Leaflet setting out the aims of the Ioma Evans-Pritchard Scholarship (printed)

3 AHC to Dr J.S. Weiner, 30 Dec. – gives his views on the appeal (autogr.)

4 The Committee on Social Studies: Schedule of Evidence by [RAI] … Anthony Christie. 3 pp. (mimeo.); see Council minutes, 6 Feb. 1964, Item 6, f. 193

50/ 1965. Combining JRAI and Man

1 The future of the Journal and Man, [Mar. 1965] by WBF. 6 pp. (autogr. draft)

2 Agenda for the meeting of Council, 11 Mar. 1965 (mimeo.); see Council minutes, 11 Mar. 1965, Item 4, f. 17 for the decision to replace Man with a quarterly, Man, the Journal of the RAI from 1966

3 Council agenda, Item 3a, amendment moved by WBF (mimeo.); see Council minutes as above

4 Library exchanges (mimeo.)

5 Notes for discussion (mimeo.); on the advantages of combining JRAI and Man

51/ 1965-7. International Folk Music Council


1 Dr Barbara Krader, International Folk Music Council (IFMC) to AHC, 27 July 1965 – seeks accommodation; gives size of office required (tp.)


2 AHC to Dr Barbara Krader. 1 Mar. 1966 – will be able to provide accommodation; her colleague has seen the rooms; gives rent and telephone arrangements (tpc.)

3 Dr Barbara Krader to AHC, 7 Mar. – accepts proposals; suggests date for the move (tp.)

4 Dr Maud Karpeles, IFMC to AHC, 23 Aug. – grateful for his cable; her board could not accept the RAI wishes; gives reasons; mentions his offer to supervise general direction; tenancy likely to be short as will probably be moving to the USA; hopes to have a talk with him (tp.)

5 AHC to Dr Maud Karpeles, 26 Aug. – will be returning to London for 10 days; has explained why the RAI had to withdraw its offer; regrets the difficult position of the IFMC (tpc.)

6 FS, IFMC to AHC, 22 Nov. – recently appointed Executive Secretary; finds there have been discussions between Man and the JIFMC about a joint effort to increase circulation; glad to know the stage of the project (tp.)

7 AHC to FS, 23 Nov. – reports no discussions have taken place; joint efforts unlikely as the RAI is embarking on a new publication to replace previous one (tpc.)


8 FS to AHC, 1 Feb. 1967 – on rent owed to time IFMC spent at the RAI; mentions the telephone account (tp.)

9 AHC to FS, 14 Feb. – on financial matters (tpc.)

10 FS to AHC, 24 Feb. – has discussed his letter with her Committee; a cheque for the full amount will be forwarded (tp.)

11 Ibid., 11 Sep. – reports that the IFMC will be transferred to Copenhagen; inquires about arrangements for their Manual (tp.)

12 Clerk to the Officers to FS, 13 Sep. – states no copies of their Manual were sold by the RAI (tpc.)

52/ 1970. [1973]. General

1 ‘Statement by the Curator of the Horniman Museum on issues from the letter read out … [the] Council meeting on 12 Mar. 1970’ signed by David Boston and with a memo to David M. Boston from Jean Jenkins, 18 Mar. 3 ff. (mimeo.); statement on Dr Ernst Heins’s difficulties; see Council minutes, 12 Feb. and 12 Mar. 1970, ff. 155 and 160

2 Circular signed Jean La Fontaine, Editor, RAI Paperback Series on the launch of the series with proposed titles. 3 pp. (mimeo.); see Council minutes, 18 June 1970, f. 175; the series does not appear to have been published

3 Circular signed J.S. Weiner, Chairman, Publications Committee on the reissue of papers from the JRAI (mimeo.); see Council minutes, 18 June 1970, f. 175; the reissue of JRAI papers does not appear to have taken place

4 Structure and function of the [RAI][?1973]. 3 ff. (mimeo.)

W.B. Fagg Papers combined with RAI files.