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Minutes, correspondence, papers, and publications. 1929-34, 1948-62, 1969-70.

196    TWB to John W. Waterer, 22 Nov. – glad to hear opinions on the subject of the museum; gives reasons for imposing a limiting date; does not intend to adhere to it rigidly (tpc.)

197    RAS to FS, 24 Nov. – encloses copy of letter to TWB (A59/2/198) (tp. with autogr. note of the Queen viewing the saw-pit at the Building Exhibition); reply 1 Dec. [not retained]

198    RAS to TWB, 24 Nov. – comments on the saw-pit and the Queen’s interest; approves of the draft of Suggestions but notes omissions and too much detail in places (tp. with autogr. additions)

199    FS to ibid., 25 Nov. – RAI’s Exhibition Committee will probably meet on 29 Nov.; HJB thinks that if there is a chance of ‘getting in on the’ Festival of Britain, then TWB should be involved; asks if he could attend meeting (tp.)

200    TWB to FS, 26 Nov. – sorry but cannot come to London again so soon; will attend Council meeting on 6 [Dec.]; on correct procedure between Exhibition Committee and BEC; on potential costs of doing something for Festival of Britain; refers to para. 17 of Press Release (see A59/2/192)

201    Lord Kilmaine to HJF, 28 Nov. – acknowledges letter of 21 Nov. and correspondence with Lord Harlech [see A59/2/194, /195]; clear he does not wish to cooperate and has misinterpreted the plans; he (Lord Kilmaine) understood present plans were only for collection and storage; suggests Dr Joan Evans should be approached from the academic view-point and not through the Pilgrim Trust (tp.)

202    Sheffield Trades Historical Society to RAI, 29 Nov. – requests copies of A scheme; Society collects Sheffield tools and machinery; has extensive store (tp.); reply 1 Dec. [not retained]

203    TWB to RAS, 29 Nov. – enjoyed visit to saw-pit at Olympia; asks that he write a few lines on it for Folk-Lore; responds to RAS’s points about Suggestions; asks that he makes notes of his comments in the appropriate places; does not wish to hold it up much longer (tpc.)

204    Francis J. Cooper, Director, Lincoln Public Libraries, Museum and Art Gallery to RAI, 30 Nov. – has sent a copy of A scheme to Lord Monson; he is interested in preserving the English tradition, and has provided accommodation for the museum’s large exhibits (tp. with FS autogr. note); reply 2 Dec. [not retained]

205    List of people to whom English Museum Booklet sent (tpc.)

206    FS to TWB, 1 Dec. – note on minutes of Exhibition Committee, its approval of an English Traditional Exhibition in 1951 and Council’s likely response; suggests first consideration is space for it, type of exhibition and cost (tp. with autogr. PS and TWB autogr. notes)

207    Muriel Rose, The British Council, to TWB, 5 Dec. – in reply to his letter of 1 Dec. [not held] encloses copy of pamphlet relating to exhibition of British Needlework and Lace; interested to see A scheme; encloses copy of catalogue from exhibition of Rural Handicrafts from Great Britain, 1946 (tp.)

208    TWB to Muriel Rose, 6 Dec. – thanks her for pamphlet and catalogue; will keep her informed about the museum (tpc.)

209    RAS to TWB, 6 Dec. – sends two papers [not held] from which something might be extracted for Folk-Lore; on sawyers’ rhymes; further comments on Suggestions; would like fair copy when one is available. 2 leaves (tp.)

210    TWB to FS, 6 Dec. – notes meeting of Committee on 21 Dec. and agenda (tp. with autogr. notes)

211    ICP to FS, 10 Dec. – regrets unable to attend meeting (autogr. pc); also [not retained] from RUS, 12 Dec.

212    Sir David Russell to FS, 19 Dec. – acknowledges receipt of A scheme; expects to receive a copy of ICP’s lecture from the Royal Society of Arts (tp.)

213    FS to TWB, 22 Dec. – encloses minutes of Committee on 21 Dec. [see A59/14/5.3]; hopes he will attend Council on 10 Jan.; hopes printer’s estimate for Suggestions will be ready for Council (tp.)

214    JLM to [TWB], 25 Dec. – has heard from HJF that he would like to discuss the proposed museum; will be very glad to see him (autogr.)

215    TWB to FS, 28 Dec. – replies to letter of 22 Dec. (A59/2/213); has amended minutes slightly; Suggestions will not be ready for next meeting; BMB wishes to see it; cannot manage both Council meetings; by Feb. meeting hopes to have more information; encloses list of recipients of A scheme (see A59/2/205) (tp.)

216-28    Correspondence between TWB and Miss A.M. Buck (AMB), Curator, Gallery of English Costume, Platt Hall, Manchester on the draft of Suggestions, 6 Aug. 1949 – 27 Jan. 1950

216    TWB to AMB, 6 Aug. 1949 – asks her to comment on his notes on storage methods (tp. copy)

217    Notes on costume (tp. copy)

218    AMB to TWB, 8 Aug. – outlines storage methods used at Platt Hall. 3 leaves (tp.)

219    TWB to AMB, 15 Aug. – acknowledges her helpful letter of 8 Aug. [A59/2/218]; comments on clothes hanger (tp. copy)

220    Ibid. – encloses list of proposed headings covering dress and accessories (tp. copy) (see A59/2/221)

221    Headings for dress and accessories (tp. copy)

222    AMB to TWB, 17 Aug. – gives permission to quote anything of interest; notes on hanger should quote Metropolitan Museum of Art as source; interested in his classification [Suggestions]; would like to see final draft. 2 leaves (tp.)

223    Notes on costume hanger (tp. copy)

224    Illustration of costume hanger by AMB with notes by her (autogr.)

225    AMB comments on classification (tp. with autogr. notes)

226    TWB to AMB, 18 Aug. – grateful for all her notes; anxious to work with her on the classification; refers to Museum, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1949 devoted to Swedish museums with notes on costume display (tpc.)

227    Ibid, 26 Jan. 1950 – sends her final sections on costume approved by Committee; asks for any amendments; her collaboration noted in booklet; illustrative material such as photographs should be included under relative headings (tpc.)

228    AMB to TWB, 27 Jan. – thinks classification of costume satisfactory solution; reference to her collaboration correct but feels it is undeserved (tp.)

 3/    1950

  1    BMB to TWB, 3 Jan. – will be away so asks him not to send the classification [Suggestions] until after 11 Jan.; would be nice to see him in Oxford, but he should not change his plans to see JLM on her account; thinks JLM will be sympathetic but may not be able to do much (autogr.)

  2    HJB to ibid., 6 Jan. – on a collection of ‘Bygones’ to be sold at Sotheby’s on 20 Jan.; asks if any funds available to purchase any of the items for the Museum (autogr.)

  3    TWB to BMB, 6 Jan. – has tried out the classification as a means of indexing his collection of photographs; it worked well; would like to see her as well when he visits JLM; is waiting to hear from EJR in order to arrange a combined visit (tpc.)

  4    G.L.C. Hardinge to TWB, 7 Jan. – lost TWB’s letter [A59/2/183] hence delay in answering; is happy to keep the mill and sweep until they can be housed; looks forward to meeting him (autogr.)

  5    EJR to TWB, 12 Jan. – would be pleased to discuss proposed Museum; would like to see one started (tp.)

  6    TWB to EJR, 20 Jan. – would like to visit him when the weather improves; will write again (tpc.)

  7    TWB to JLM, 20 Jan. – replies to invitation of 25 Dec. (A59/2/214); hopes to visit him soon; would have to be a Saturday (tpc.)

  8    JLM to TWB, 21 Jan. – Saturday a convenient day (autogr. pc.)

  9    BMB to TWB, 23 Jan. – has tried out ‘the index’ [Suggestions] on several things and it has worked well; notes ‘typeslip’; encloses cutting about Oxford plan for local museum; has sent [D.B.] Harden a copy of brochure [A scheme?]; [T.K.] Penniman’s views on the Oxford scheme; suggests TWB might write to A.B. Emden [Chairman of Museum Committee] and send him a copy of brochure; on meeting of Folk-Lore Society Council (tp.)

 .1    BMB, Comments and Suggestions on Scheme of Classification [enclosed with A59/3/9]. 3 leaves (tp. with autogr. additions)

 .2    ‘City and County Museum Plan’, The Oxford Times, 13 Jan. [enclosed with A59/3/9] (newspaper cutting)

 10    D.J.B. Copp, Assistant Secretary, British Association for the Advancement of Science, to TWB, 24 Jan. – Committee of Section H has recommended TWB’s paper ‘A plea for a museum of English life and traditions’ for publication in Advancement of Science; asks for his agreement; asks for indication of length and illustrations (tp.) (see A59/16/6)

 11    TWB to D.J.B. Copp, 25 Jan. – is very willing for his paper to be published; on length; main illustration would occupy a full page (tpc.)

 12    Ibid. to BMB, 26 Jan. – thanks her sincerely for her help with Suggestions; on points raised by her; thanks her for the cutting; on visits to JLM and EJR (tpc.)

 13    D.J.B. Copp to TWB, 26 Jan. – article to be between 2500 and 5000 words; asks whether illustration could be reproduced on half a page (tp.)

 14    TWB to D.J.B. Copp, 27 Jan. – will aim for approx. 3000 words; illustration will be from photograph (enclosed) taken from original watercolour; does not think it can be reduced to half a page; original is 36 inches wide (tpc.)

 15    Ibid. to Lord Rothschild, 30 Jan. – refers to ‘the attached note’ from the Daily Express [not held]; encloses copy of the booklet; if the property be thought suitable, it would help the BEC if Lord Rothschild would consider its use for the English Museum (tpc.)

 16    D.J.B. Copp to TWB, 31 Jan. agrees that photograph should have a full page (tp.)

 17    Lord Rothschild to TWB, 31 Jan. – refers to cost of repairing and running Rushbrooke Hall (tp.)

 18    TWB to Lord Rothschild, 1 Feb. – had feared that the problem would be cost of repairs and maintenance; the scheme is still at an early stage so no use in pursuing Rushbrooke Hall further (tpc.)

 19    BMB to TWB, 3 Feb. – on possibility of joining in his visit to JLM; ‘enclosed’ [not held] may be of interest (autogr.)

 20    TWB to D.J.B. Copp, 15 Feb. – sends article; asks whether copyright of watercolour and photograph can be reserved as he paid 30 guineas for the watercolour (tpc.)

 21    R.G. Pratt to RAI, 16 Feb. – requests 2 copies of A scheme; interested in certain agricultural implements; hopes to get others interested (tp.)

 22    TWB to Messrs. Hunt, Barnard & Co. Ltd, Aylesbury, 20 Feb. – asks for quote for pamphlet [Suggestions]; gives details of size etc. (tpc.)

 23    J.G. Medcalf, Managing Director, Messrs. Hunt, Barnard & Co. Ltd. to TWB, 22 Feb. – regrets that the firm is unable to take on any more composing work due to shortage of compositors; cannot therefore provide estimate (tp.)

 24    D.J.B. Copp to TWB, 22 Feb. – paper has gone to printer; on copyright of the illustration, which remains with artist; could give the block of the watercolour to TWB after printing, should he so wish (tp.)

 25    TWB to D.J.B. Copp, 23 Feb. – thanks him for his trouble; points out that the copyright is his own; he wishes to preserve his own rights with acknowledgment printed beneath the illustration; would like the block after printing (tpc.)

 26    FS to TWB, 23 Feb. – asks if she should put matter of printing Suggestions on Agenda for next Council meeting (tp.) (see CM/79/6, Minutes of Council meeting 7 Mar. 1950, minute 5b)

 27    TWB to Messrs. Cheney & Sons, Banbury, 25 Feb. – asks for quote for pamphlet [Suggestions]; gives details of size etc. (tpc.)

 28    Cheney & Sons to TWB, 27 Feb. – regretfully cannot give quotation; cannot take on any new work (tp.)

 29    D.J.B. Copp to TWB, 2 Mar. – willing to make the required acknowledgment; encloses the photograph and a print made from the block; asks that he return the print with comments (tp.)

 30    Harry Meyer, Letchworth, to TWB, 3 Mar. – has been in contact with J.D. Starkey, Secretary of Hertfordshire branch of Historical Association, about preservation of Little Hadham Windmill; suggested trying to get Carnegie Trust interested; refers to report in News Chronicle about TWB’s Museum scheme; asks how the plan is progressing; possibilities of special exhibits for festival year of 1951. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 31    TWB to D.J.B. Copp, 3 Mar. – thanks him for letter, photograph and pull, which he returns (tpc.)

 32    Ibid., 4 Mar. – returns proof with very few corrections; asks for 25 additional off-prints, for which he will pay (tpc. with autogr. additions)

 33    TWB to EJR, 5 Mar. – suggests 18 Mar. for meeting (tpc.); see A59/3/5-6

 34    D.J.B. Copp to TWB, 7 Mar. – thanks him for return of proofs and pull; will make corrections; can send 25 copies to author at no cost (tp.)

 35    FS to ibid., 8 Mar. – returns printing estimate for Suggestions; on TWB’s generosity in offering to bear costs; gives views on pricing of pamphlet (tp.)

 .1    Text for cover of Suggestions (autogr. by TWB)

 36    EJR to TWB, 9 Mar. – 18 Mar. convenient for meeting; gives directions to his house (autogr.)

 37    TWB to JLM, 13 Mar. – suggests 18 Mar. for meeting (tpc.)

 38    JLM to TWB, 14 Mar. – 18 Mar. convenient for meeting (autogr. pc.)

 39    E.J. Rudsdale, Curator and Librarian, Wisbech Museum & Literary Institute, to ibid., 14 Mar. – has read A scheme; has heard rumour that TWB considering the possibility of acquiring Layer Marney Hall, which he knows well; has collected many ‘bygones’ in Essex; very willing to provide notes on old implements, as well as addresses of owners; mentions that machinery from Bourne Mill, Colchester will be removed (tp.) (see A59/4)

 40    TWB to E.J. Rudsdale, 15 Mar. – things ‘very nebulous’; only exploring possibilities; will bear his kind offer in mind (tpc.)

 41    BMB to TWB, 16 Mar. – shall be glad to join him on visit to JLM; on arrangements; offers to help with printing costs of Suggestions; thinks it very generous of him to offer to pay initially (tp.)

 42    Notes on the interview with JLM, 18 Mar. (tp.)

 43    Ibid. with EJR, 18 Mar. (tp.)

 44    BMB to TWB, 20 Mar. – sends the papers which JLM gave to her; when TWB has finished with them they should go to RAI for archives; enquires how EJR reacted; mentions some firms which might be interested; enjoyed their meeting on Saturday (tp.) [the ‘papers’ referred to are those relating to earlier attempts to found a museum: see A59/18]

 45    JLM to TWB, 21 Mar. – has written to Dr Joan Evans who is unwilling to serve as a Trustee; BMB is sending his file on the 1930-1 folk museum project [see A59/18] (autogr.)

 46    TWB to BMB, 22 Mar. – thanks her for the papers; they fill a gap in the history of the movement; will write to JLM to thank him; EJR has agreed to serve on BEC; has heard from printer, proofs should be ready in four or five weeks; asks if she will check them as well (tpc.)

 47    Ibid. to JLM, 22 Mar. – acknowledges receipt of papers on folk museum project; EJR has agreed to serve on the Committee and to act as a Trustee (tpc.)

 48    FS to TWB, 20 Apr. – sends proof of Suggestions (tpc.)

 49    G.L.C. Hardinge to ibid., 11 May – asks if he might dismantle the mill and store it in parts (autogr.)

 50    TWB to G.L.C. Hardinge, 13 May – agrees to mill being dismantled; the establishment of the museum will be ‘a hard and long task’ (tpc.)

 51    TWB to FS, [23 May] – has sent 950 manila ‘bags’ for posting Suggestions (tp. pc.) (see A59/13/1f)

 52    [D.J.B. Copp] to TWB, nd – compliments slip sent with offprints; further 25 copies can be supplied at cost (tp.); TWB to D.J.B. Copp , 11 June – thanks him for offprints; would like to have the extra 25; asks for copies of illustration with caption (tpc.) (see A59/13/1g)

 53    D.J.B. Copp to TWB, 15 June – sorry that printers could not include illustration with offprints; on cost of copies of illustration (autogr.)

 54    Ibid., 21 June – thanks him for letter of 16 June [not held]; copies of illustration have been ordered; on settling invoices (tp.)

 55    FS to TWB, 10 July – HJF recovering from accident; hopes to be fit for work by Sept.; next Committee probably not until Oct; suggests Report on Royal Commission on Historic Houses may be of interest (tpc.)

 56    Ibid. to HJF, 11 July – hopes he will continue to make progress; will write to TWB, Lord Kilmaine and Dr Salaman (tpc.)

 57    Ibid. to Lord Kilmaine, Pilgrim Trust, 11 July – owing to HJF’s accident meeting will have to be postponed (tpc.)

 58    Lord Kilmaine to FS, 12 July – regrets to hear of HJE’s accident; looks forward to meeting him later (tp.)

 59    Dr Redcliffe Salaman’s secretary to FS, 12 July – Dr Salaman in Sweden; will write on his return (tp. pc.)

 60    TWB to FS, 12 July – asks for details of HJF’s accident and his address; cannot manage Committee meetings until his thesis is nearly finished; Report seems to have ignored English Museum (see A59/3/55) (tp.)

 61    FS to TWB, 14 July – reports on HJF’s accident; gives his address (tpc.)

 62    Leagrave Press, Luton, to RAI, 31 July – delivery note for 250 copies of Suggestions (printed slip with autogr. text)

 63    FS to TWB, 1 Aug. – 20 copies of Suggestions have arrived and look ‘very nice’; asks about complimentary copies; proposes putting an advertisement in Man (tp.)

 64    TWB to FS, 2 Aug. – relieved to see copies of Suggestions; outlines costs of printing (1000 copies printed), postage, distribution etc.; asks for printer’s account to be sent to him (tp.)

 65    BMB to FS, 7 Aug. – has received a copy of Suggestions from JWB; encloses stamps for Pitt Rivers Museum copy (tp.)

 66    Note from TWB on time needed for his thesis, c. 11 Aug. (tp. pc.)

 67    TWB to Leagrave Press, Luton, 11 Aug. – protests at increase of 40% above estimate; asks for observations (tpc.)

 68    FS to TWB, 16 Aug. – hopes he obtains satisfaction from printer; otherwise the selling price will be incorrect (tpc.)

 69    TWB to FS, 17 Aug. – has not heard from printers as Director is away; sales should be continued; asks for a review copy to be sent to Antiquity (tp. pc.)

 70    Ibid., 29 Aug. – printer has agreed that the extra cost should be cancelled (tp. pc.) (see A59/13/1h & 1i)

 71    HJF to FS, 14 Sept. – has sent short note to The Times; wishes he were fitter; hoping to be replaced as Chairman; feels he must try to see Secretary, Pilgrim Trust soon; support needed for storage policy; interested in the Kontiki voyage [by Thor Heyerdahl] (autogr.)

 72    FS to HJF, 23 Sept. – his note to The Times not published but Mrs Lake Barnett’s was [Folk-Lore Society] (see A59/3/82d), a ‘lamentable thing’; would be very sorry if he finally decided to resign the Chairmanship; would prefer to leave the matter until next Committee (tpc.)

 73    Ibid. to TWB, 23 Sept. – encloses cutting of Mrs Lake Barnett’s letter; unfortunate that it should deal with RAI affairs (tp. with autogr. PS)

 74    TWB to WBF, 24 Sept. – has been trying to avoid third application for deferment of his thesis; has no time to write to The Times; agrees with FS that Mrs Lake Barnett should be sent a copy of A scheme (tp pc.)

 75    TWB to FS, 25 Sept. – has cuttings of The Times correspondence; best policy to wait until ‘world affairs’ and ‘threats of increased income tax’ are settled before launching their scheme; cannot do anything further until his thesis and book are completed; his hobby has made inroads into his savings; needs to earn money again; does not take ‘these spasms of correspondence’ too seriously; gives his views on Mrs Lake Barnett’s letter; considers WBF should write to her; his views may be quoted at next Council meeting (tp. with autogr. note)

 76    HJF to FS, 25 Sept. – agrees to remain on Committee for the present; encloses another draft letter for The Times; is visiting some friends to see how he progresses (autogr.); the letter was not published (see also A59/3/79)

 77    TWB to FS, [25 Sept.] – asks for copy of A scheme to be sent to Mrs Jean Mellanby (see A59/3/82b); inquires if Committee was notified of publication date of Suggestions (tp. pc.)

 78    FS to members of the Committee, 27 Sept. – circular announcing the publication of Suggestions (tpc.)

 79    Copy of letter to The Times from HJF – (a) Draft (autogr. with autogr. amendments by WBF); (b-c) 2 copies of tpc.; the letter was not published

 80    FS to TWB, 30 Sept. – acknowledges his letter of 25 Sept. (A59/3/75); agrees with his views on Mrs Lake Barnett’s letter; HJF has prepared another letter to The Times; he stresses importance of acquiring storage space (tp.)

 81    HJF to WBF, 30 Sept. – sympathises about WBF’s mother’s illness; thanks him for dealing with The Times in FS’s absence; encloses letter from TWB [not held] (autogr.)

 82    Article, letters to The Times and leader: (a) 29 Aug. The folk museum: Scandinavian society through the centuries; (b) letters: 9 Sept. from Jean Copeland Mellanby; (c) 13 Sept. from James Nowell, and from A.H.R. Christian; (d) 19 Sept. from Mrs Lake Barnett; (e) 25 Sept. from D. Dilwyn John, Director, National Museum of Wales, and leader, Folk museums

 83    FS to members of the Committee appointed by Council, 7 Oct. – notifies appointment (tpc.)

 84    HJF to WBF, 8 Oct. – suggests meeting of Committee to consider future policy; EJR has agreed to help; possibility of Pilgrim Trust support for scheme of storage and classification; for health reasons would like to give up the Chairmanship (autogr. with autogr. notes by FS)

 85    TWB to FS, 10 Oct. – willing to serve again on the Committee (tp. pc.); also acceptances [not retained] from: BMB, RAS, RUS, 10-16 Oct.

 86    FS to HJF, 17 Oct. – asks if he will Chair the meeting between Dr L.S.B. Leakey and Prof. W.E. Le Gros Clark on 31 Oct. (tpc.)

 87    FS to BMB, 20 Oct. – expresses concern at lack of progress over English museum; asks her to raise the matter at the Committee (tpc.)

 88    Revd. Harcourt Lightburne to FS, 27 Oct. – acknowledges copy of A scheme and the advice on membership (autogr.)

 89    Keeper of Circulation, Victoria & Albert Museum, 6 Nov. – requests copy of A scheme (tp.)

 90    FS to HJF, 8 Nov. – reports on Prof. G.H. Green’s election as Fellow; refers to Council’s regret at his resignation as Chairman; TWB to succeed him (tpc.)

 91    Ibid. to Miss Maud Karpeles, 10 Nov. – informs her of the work of the Committee; mentions a similar RAI project and her knowledge of it; wishes to include more public figures on the Committee; would like to discuss this with her (tpc.)

 92    Ibid. to HJF, 10 Nov. – encloses draft minutes [see A59/14/6.1]; lists of names of those to be approached (tp. with autogr. reply by HJF)

 93    FS to TWB, 11 Nov. – refers to HJF’s resignation and TWB’s appointment as Chairman (tpc.)

 94    Sir David Russell to ICP, 17 Nov. – regrets confusion caused by his first letter; wishes to have a copy of A scheme; has discussed provision of folk museums with others interested in the subject (tp.) (see also A59/3/97-8, A59/3/102-3)

 95    RAS to HJF, 20 Nov. – sends notice of exhibition of a wheelwright’s shop at the Science Museum (see A59/3/96) (autogr.)

 96    Press notice of ‘An early wheelwright’s shop’ (see A59/3/95) (mimeo.)

 97    Sir David Russell’s secretary to FS, 20 Nov. – regrets confusion over his request; wishes to have a copy of A scheme (tp. with draft reply by FS on verso) (see also A59/3/94, A59/3/98, A59/3/102-3)

 98    ICP to FS, 20 Nov. – has received enclosed letter from Sir David Russell (tp. with draft reply by FS) (see A59/3/94, A59/3/102)

 99    FS to HJB, 22 Nov. – reminds him of his promise to approach Lord Crawford (tpc.)

100    HJB to FS, 24 Nov. – has spoken to Lord Crawford; he is in sympathy with Committee’s aims; he thinks Pilgrim Trust will be interested; suggests not mentioning his name; he would support any RAI applications; thinks the National Trust has houses available and suitable for storage (autogr.)

101    RAS to FS, 1 Dec. – requests copies of A scheme (tp.)

102    FS to ICP, 2 Dec. – glad confusion about Sir David Russell’s request is cleared (tpc.) (see also A59/3/94, A59/3/97-8, A59/3/103)

103    FS to Sir David Russell’s secretary, 2 Dec. – has now sent A scheme (tpc.) (see also A59/3/94, A59/3/97-8, A59/3/102)

104    FS to TWB, 28 Dec. – reports on her talk with Dr Joan Evans, who agrees the Committee needs strengthening; she suggested houses accepted in lieu of death duties as possible for storage; suggested further names of people to be approached (tpc.)

 4/    Aug. 1949 – May 1950. Viewing property

  1    Gosfield Hall, Essex – description of property issued by C.M. Stanford & Son, Colchester, auctioneers, estate agents, etc. (mimeo.)

  2    Layer Marney Hall Estate to be sold by auction, 9 Aug. 1949 – description of property to be auctioned by Messrs C.M. Stanford & Son, Colchester and Messrs Kemsleys, London and Romford (illus. brochure with map)

  3    Layer Marney Hall for sale by private treaty by Messrs. C.M. Stanford & Sons, Colchester – description of property (illus. brochure)

  4    F.A. Cadman, of C.M. Stanford & Son, Estate Agents, Colchester, to Duncan Clark of Duncan Clark & Beckett, Estate Agents, Colchester, 5 Dec. – encloses copy of illustrated auction particulars; only Lot One remains unsold; price £20,000 (tp.)

  5    Duncan Clark to TWB, 5 Dec. – sends some material on the Harwich Crane; sends some particulars of Layer Marney Hall together with letter from Estate Agent (A59/4/4); believes the owner would sell at a low price if proposed use of the house interested her (tp.)

  6    TWB to Duncan Clark, 7 Dec. – thanks him for papers on Cranes; would like to see Layer Marney Hall; discusses arrangements for a visit (tpc.)

  7    F.A. Cadman to Duncan Clark, 7 Dec. – on price asked for Gosfield Hall (tp.)

  8    Duncan Clark to TWB, 7 Dec. – encloses particulars and photographs of Gosfield Hall [perhaps A59/4/1]; Messrs. Stanford would be glad to have photographs back (tp.)

  9    Ibid., 10 Dec. – glad to hear of proposed visit to Layer Marney; suggests he might like to look at Gosfield Hall as well; Messrs. Stanford will make the arrangements; if possible he would like to come too; further letter from Stanford enclosed [not held]; Layer Marney now vacant (tp.)

 10    TWB to Duncan Clark, 13 Dec. – thanks him for letters of 7 and 10 Dec. (A59/4/8 & 9); is getting in touch with Stanford & Son to arrange visits to Gosfield Hall and Layer Marney after Christmas; will let him know when the date is fixed (tpc.)

 11    Ibid. to C.M. Stanford & Son, 13 Dec. – wishes to see Gosfield Hall and Layer Marney Hall (tpc.)

 12    F.A. Cadman to TWB, 14 Dec. – notes TWB will view properties in the New Year; encloses additional photographs of Layer Marney Hall (tp.)

 13    Ibid, 1 Feb. 1950 – inquires about viewing the properties (tp.)

 14    TWB to C.M. Stanford & Son, 21 Feb. – names date for viewing Layer Marney Hall; considers Gosfield Hall too isolated (tpc.)

 15    C.M. Stanford & Son to TWB, 22 Feb. – makes arrangement for viewing (tp.)