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Minutes, correspondence, papers, and publications. 1929-34, 1948-62, 1969-70.

 16    TWB to Duncan Clark, 22 Feb. – on date and time of visit to Layer Marney Hall (tpc.)

 17    Duncan Clark to TWB, 24 Feb. – will join him on visit if at all possible (tp.)

 18    F.A. Cadman to TWB, 3 Mar. – following visit to Layer Marney Hall has written to Mrs E.M.M. Campbell and her son, Major Campbell; requests two more copies of A scheme (tp.)

 19    TWB to F.A. Cadman, 4 Mar. – sends two copies of A scheme, and proof of his British Association paper; wishes return of latter (tpc.)

 20    F.A. Cadman to TWB, 7 Mar. – acknowledges receipt of A scheme and proof; sending latter to Mrs Campbell and former to Major Campbell (tp.)

 21    Ibid, 9 Mar. – confirms appointment for meeting between TWB and Mrs Campbell at 21 Bedford Square (tp.)

 22    Notes on meeting between TWB and Mrs Campbell, 15 Mar. (tp.)

 23    F.A. Cadman to TWB, 21 Apr. – reports Mrs Campbell prepared to accept £18,000 (tp.)

 24    TWB to F.A. Cadman, 30 Apr. – appreciates trouble taken by him; the figure asked ‘is quite out of the question’; for £20,000 could find property more conveniently placed; possibility of obtaining property free of all cost (tpc.)

 25    F.A. Cadman to TWB, 1 May – will pass his letter of 30 Apr. to Mrs Campbell (tp.)

 26    Mrs Campbell to TWB, 14 May – returns proof; regrets he has turned down Layer Marney Hall (autogr.)

 5/    1951, Jan. – Oct.

  1    HJB to TWB, 3 Jan. – thanks him for his congratulations [on his CBE]; hopes 1951 will see good progress on Committee’s aims (autogr.)

  2    FS to TWB, 15 Jan. – informs him of Council’s appointment of EJR to Committee; asks who should write to him (tpc.)

  3    Lord Rennell of Rodd to HJF, 16 Jan. – pleased to be appointed to Committee; reports on the amount of material available in Herefordshire; problem is storage (tp.)

  4    HJF to FS, 17 Jan. – refers to his banker’s orders; reports on exchange of letters with Lord Rennell and encloses his last (A59/5/3); does not refer to his resignation from RAI (autogr.)

  5    TWB to FS, 16 Jan. – preferable for HJF to write to EJR; suggests HJF should explain reason for his resignation as Chairman and his (TWB’s) inability to take an active part at present; must finish his thesis and book; his wife is ill; has to take the Assizes three days a week; will come for a talk about Dr Joan Evans (autogr.)

  6    HJF to FS, 20 Jan. – reports EJR in Pakistan and Lord Rennell on way to Australia; when former returns will inquire if he could ask the Duke of Northumberland to join the Committee; glad to know of Dr Joan Evans’s sympathy (autogr.)

  7    FS to TWB, 24 Jan. – sorry to hear of his troubles; has asked HJF to write to EJR (see A59/5/2, A59/5/5) (tpc.)

  8    Ibid, 25 Jan. – encloses letter on a Romany caravan (see A59/5/9) (autogr.)

  9    Edith Cunningham to RAI, [23? Jan.] – describes caravan; wishes to sell (autogr.)

 10    TWB to Edith Cunningham, 28 Jan. – Committee anxious about preservation of such objects; unable to consider matter at present; will remember offer when possible (tpc.)

 11    TWB to FS [28? Jan.] – refers to accumulation of tasks; must wait until thesis is complete (tp. pc.)

 12    TWB to IPC, 28 Jan. – acknowledges letter on the formation of a Museum of English Rural Life at Reading University; suggests existence of RAI Committee should be mentioned; wishes them success; pleased to do what he can after March (tpc.)

 13    TWB to JMM, 28 Jan. – refers to article in Man (see ‘Primitive transport vehicles in Ulster’ by JMM and G.B. Thompson, Man, Jan. 1951, Item 3); glad of information on the Reading project; Committee must assist them (tpc.)

 14    ‘A museum of rural life: Reading University venture’, The Times, 31 Jan. 1951, p. 3 (clipping)

 15    ‘As one countryman to another: museums and country life’, The Countryman, Vol. 43, spring 1951, pp. 167-72 (offprint)

 16    Note on the Henry Smith Charity, 10 May (autogr.)

 17    TWB to FS, 10 June – inquires about advertisement in The Museums Journal and despatch of review copy of Suggestions (tp. with notes by FS); see A59/5/21 for reply

 18    FS to JLM, 31 July – acknowledges packet of reviews; grant received for the Blood Group Centre; would prefer another name for English Museum (tpc.)

 19    Acting Curator, Castle Museum, York to TWB, 17 Aug. – on number of admissions to the Museum per week (tp.)

 20    TWB to FS, 23 Sept. – on date of meeting the President and HJF (tp. with draft reply by FS)

 21    FS to TWB, 25 Sept. – replies to letter of 10 June [A59/5/17]; advertisement has appeared but no review of Suggestions; new Editor may decide to review it; second copy sent (tpc.)

 22    TWB to Museums Association, 7 Oct. – encloses advertisement on Suggestions (tpc.)

 23    Draft advertisement for Suggestions (tp. with corrections)

 24    Museums Association to TWB, 9 Oct. – acknowledges letter of 7 Oct. (tp.)

 25    Copy of advertisement of Suggestions, The Museums Journal, Vol. 51, No. 8, Nov. 1951, p. ix (see A59/13/1k)

 26    Notice of Folk-Lore Society meeting, 10 Oct. on ‘The work of the Irish Folklore Commission’ by Prof. J.H. Delargy with notes on the commission (printed, tp.)

 27    TWB to G.E. Fussell, 16 Oct. – asks for information on the British Agricultural History Society (tpc.)

 28    G.E. Fussell to TWB, 17 Oct. – acknowledges letter of 16 Oct.; good deal of interest shown; hope society will be established (autogr.)

 29    J.F. Wolfenden, Vice-Chancellor, Reading University to TWB, 18 Oct. – invites him to lunch; wishes to discuss developments at Reading and RAI plans (tp. with comments by TWB on verso)

 30    TWB to J.F. Wolfenden, 19 Oct. – acknowledges letter of 18 Oct.; pleased to accept invitation (tpc.)

 31    J.F. Wolfenden to TWB, 20 Oct. – acknowledges letter of 19 Oct.; gives time and place of lunch (tp.)

 32    ICP to TWB, 22 Oct. – officially notified of his election to CIAP Executive Committee; TWB’s name not listed; understood he and TWB had been elected (tp.)

 33    Notes on Committee by FS (autogr.)

 34    Ibid.

 35    FS to TWB, nd – has been told that Leith Hill Place might be suitable for the Museum (autogr. note)

 .1    Festival of Britain information sheet on ‘National Trust Gardens on Show’; Leith Hill Place mentioned [enclosed with A59/5/35] (tp.)

 6/    1951, Aug. – Dec. Application to the Pilgrim Trust

  1    FS to HJF, 2 Aug. – encloses draft application; comments on the estimates (tpc.)

  2    FS to JLM, 2 Aug. – encloses draft application; would appreciate comments (tpc.)

  3    JLM to FS, 3 Aug. – comments on rules for order of honours, degrees, etc.; cannot think of a better name (see A59/5/18); refers to possible National Trust houses (autogr.)

  4    Ibid. – encloses suggested insertion for draft (autogr. with annotation by HJF)

  5    Notes on draft by FS (autogr.)

  6    TWB to FS, 5 Oct. – suggests list of Committee members should accompany application (autogr. pc.)

  7    TWB to Humphrey Whitbread, 6 Oct. – on the advice of Lord Kilmaine encloses draft application; comments on the Committee; asks if he will act as a Trustee to deal with any money allocated by the Trust (tpc)

  8    Humphrey Whitbread to TWB, 9 Oct. – regrets cannot agree to be a Trustee; scheme not within his interests; sends good wishes (tp. with note by TWB)

 8a    FS to Committee members, 12 Oct. – encloses drafts of letter to Lord Kilmaine and application to the Pilgrim Trust; comments of substance requested by 20 Oct. (tpc.) (see A59/6/35)

  9    WLH to FS, 14 Oct. – comments on draft including estimates on running expenses and the acquisition of specimens (autogr.)

 10    ICP to FS, 15 Oct. – ibid including titles of prospective staff and costs (tp.)

 11    JMM to FS, 15 Oct. – ibid including estimates (tp.)

 12    TWB to FS, 17 Oct. – ibid; refers to ‘excellent’ review of Suggestions in Folklore (tp. pc.)

 13    FS to HJB, 17 Oct. – asks if he will approach Lord Crawford and inquire if he will agree to be a Trustee (tpc.)

 14    RUS to FS, 18 Oct. – has nothing to add to draft (autogr.)

 15    WBF to FS, 19 Oct. – considers draft should be discussed by the Committee and approved by Council in view of extent of new material; refers to constitution of Museum which should be under control of RAI for initial 5-year period; comments on salaries (autogr.)

 16    BMB to FS, 19 Oct. – has discussed draft with T.K. Penniman; considers Museum should start with good technicians at maximum wage; suggests a pension scheme should be arranged to attract suitable applicants from universities or good firms (tp. with autogr. note by FS)

 17    EJR to FS, 20 Oct. – considers draft ‘puts the case adequately’ (autogr.)

 18    Lord Rennell of Rodd to FS, 25 Oct. – in agreement with draft; suitable premises the main difficulty; some country museums unable to exhibit their substantial collections; Hereford Museum an example; much material available in the county and which sells for ‘derisory sums’; suggests finding National Trust houses near Hereford (tp.)

 19    FS to TWB, 29 Oct. – encloses comments from Committee members; President and HJF think WBF’s proposal must go to Council (see A59/6/15); encloses draft note for Council (see A59/6/20); mentions adjustments to costing figures (tpc.)

20a    Draft on WBF’s alternative proposal for Council on 13 Nov. (see CM/81/2/5c) (tpc.)

20b    Proposal submitted to Council (mimeo. with amendments by FS)

 21    Note by FS to BZS’s comments on draft (autogr.)

 22    Note by FS on RAS’s comments on draft (autogr.)

 23    TWB to FS, 1 Nov. – returns comments from Committee members; comments on suggested pension scheme and WBF’s proposals; agrees with amendments to costing; unable to read her notes (see A59/6/21-2) (tp.)

 24    FS to TWB, 2 Nov. – replies to his letter of 1 Nov. (tpc.)

 25    WBF to TWB, 14 Nov. – comments on Council’s decision on his main point (see CM/81/2/5c, f. 642) includes more detailed suggestions for final document (see A59/6/26); comments on salaries (autogr.)

 26    ‘Suggestions for draft letter to Lord Kilmaine’ and ‘Suggested amendments to the simplified scheme’ by WBF. 3 leaves (autogr.)

 27    TWB to WBF, 17 Nov. – as Chairman, has to ‘rule you out of order!’; comments of substance required by 20 Oct., final draft already approved by the President, HJF, and himself; comments on figures for salaries and type of secretary required (tp.)

 28    TWB to FS, 17 Nov. – encloses letter from WBF [A59/6/25]; notes amendment to para 9; comments on dispatch of application; wonders about review in Man of Suggestions (see Man, May 1952, Item 113 by J.H. Hutton) (tp.)

 29    FS to HJF, 21 Nov. – encloses application for signature and forwarding (tpc.)

 30    FS to TWB, 21 Nov. – reports documents sent to HJF (tpc.)

 31    TWB to FS, 23 Nov. – notes slight mistakes in documents (tp.)

 32    WBF to TWB, 25 Nov. – comments on his drafting amendments and his whole hearted support for TWB’s actions; without his expertise doubts scheme could have proceeded (autogr.)

 33    FS to TWB, 26 Nov. – notes corrections and adjustments to costing (tpc.)

 34    TWB to FS, [27 Nov.] – acknowledges letter of 26 Nov.; agrees with her views (tp. pc.)

 35    Drafts

  a    Draft of a letter to Lord Kilmaine (from HJF and TWB) including costs. 3 leaves (tp. annotated by TWB and HJF)

  b    Ibid omitting costs. 3 leaves (tp. annotated by HJF and FS)

  c    Ibid. 2 leaves (mimeo.)

  d    Draft of ‘A simplified scheme for the establishment of an English museum’ (tp. annotated by TWB, HJF, and FS; attached addition to paragraph 7 by FS)

  e    Ibid, paragraphs 1-4 (tp. with amendment)

  f    Ibid, complete with members’ names appended (tpc.)

  g    Ibid omitting members’ names (mimeo.)

 36    President, RAI, Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Committee to Lord Kilmaine, Secretary, Pilgrim Trust, 27 Nov. – sets out the need for an English Museum and the urgency of such a museum acting as storage for objects in the first instance; submits application for a grant of £10,000 a year for 5 years to enable the museum to be established (tpc.)

 37 Lord Kilmaine to TWB, 29 Nov. – acknowledges application and mentions the lucidity of presentation; comments on several points requiring further information (tp.)

 38    TWB to FS, 1 Dec. – asks her to draw attention to incorrect wording of Minute 5(c) for meeting of 4 Dec. (tp.)

 39    FS to TWB, 3 Dec. encloses Lord Kilmaine’s reply (tpc.)

 40    TWB to FS, 6 Dec. – encloses draft reply (tp. pc. with autogr. note)

 41    Ibid, 9 Dec. – has heard from HJF; assumes he has sent any amendments to draft (tp. pc.)

 42    FS to TWB, 9 Dec. – encloses letter to Lord Kilmaine for signature (tpc.)

 43    Draft reply to Lord Kilmaine (tp. with autogr. note by TWB)

 44    Ibid (tpc. with autogr. note by TWB and adjustment by JPM)

 45    TWB to Lord Kilmaine, 10 Dec. – replies to letter of 29 Nov. (A59/6/37) (tpc.)

 46    Lord Kilmaine to TWB, 12 Dec. – acknowledges letter of 10 Dec.; Trustees meet in Feb. (tp.)

 47    Ibid (tp. copy with note by TWB)

 7/    1952. Rejection of application by the Pilgrim Trust

  1    Lord Kilmaine to TWB, 25 Feb. – Trustees decided to make no financial contribution but suggest Committee should cooperate with existing local museums (tp.)

  2    TWB to [FS], c. 26 Feb. – thinks no reply is required (tp. note)

  3    FS to TWB, 27 Feb. – expresses deep disappointment at rejection; inquires about ‘the next step’ (tpc.)

  4    TWB to FS, 1 Mar. – encloses draft reply; had expected better result; resigns Chairmanship and membership of the Committee; cannot give the time required; must work on his book; Committee should be called; asks HJF to preside; notes expenses he has borne to avoid burdening the RAI; wishes statement on the finances of Suggestions (tp.)

  5    FS to TWB, 3 Mar. – acknowledges letter of 1 Mar.; will have letter ready for his signature after approval by HJF and JPM; could like to talk matter over when he is at RAI (tpc.)

  6    FS to JPM, 3 Mar. – informs him of rejection of application and TWB’s resignation from the Chairmanship and membership of the Committee; encloses draft reply (tp. with autogr. approval by JPM)

  7    FS to HJF, 3 Mar. – ibid (tpc.)

  8    Draft reply (tp.)

  9    FS to TWB, 7 Mar. – encloses reply for signature (tpc.)

 10    TWB to Lord Kilmaine, 7 Mar. – expresses regret at decision of Trustees and appreciation of his personal interest (tpc.)

 11    Message from WLH, 26 Mar. – W.T. O’Dea, Science Museum, has agreed to join Committee (autogr.)

 12    Notes ‘for action’ by FS. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 13    J.W.Y Higgs, Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, to HJF, 4 Apr. – thanks him for letter of 1 Apr. [not held]; sorry that Pilgrim Trust have not provided any finance; is delighted to join committee (tp.)

 14    HJF to WBF, 5 Apr. – trying to follow Committee suggestions (see Minutes, 25 Mar., A59/14/7.2); cheque should be sent to TWB; working on possible appeal to the Ford Foundation (autogr.)

 15    Charles Singer to HJF, 9 Apr. – appreciates request to join Committee; much occupied with A history of technology; unable to attend meetings; his name may be used if helpful (tp.)

 16    W.T. O’Dea, Keeper, Science Museum to HJF, 10 Apr. – pleased to serve on the Committee (tp.)

 17    TWB to HJF, 11 Apr. – willing to remain on Committee but cannot promise active help until end of 1953; surprised at small sales of Suggestions; would like a statement of stock of publications and envelopes; glad Prof. J.H. Hutton will review it for Man (tp.)

 18    HJF to WBF, 14 Apr. – hopes meeting of 6 May will sanction meeting     with Royal Society of Arts representative; thinks Committee correspondence should be filed at RAI; returns letters for filing; notes various actions required (autogr.)

 19    Letter to The Times, 4 June from J.F. Wolfenden, Vice-Chancellor, Reading University on the Museum of English Rural Life established there and leader on the subject (clippings) [see also A59/19/13]

 20    Draft for an appeal for help to acquire a site, employ skilled workers, and to meet costs of administration by HJF. 2 leaves (autogr.)

 21    BMB to HJF, 13 July – makes a number of suggestions on draft. 6 pages (autogr.)

 22    HJF to WBF, 4 Oct. – suggests meeting to discuss future of BEC; suggests some people who might give lectures at the RAI; suggests a day conference on ethnography with reference to the Family and Kin (autogr.)

 23    WBF to HJF, 9 Dec. – apologises for delay in response to letter of 4 Oct.; possibility of article on English Museum in The Connoisseur; to celebrate Coronation suggests series of lectures; essential that opening lecture should be by HJF; suggests other speakers; would also like a one day conference (tpc.) (see A59/10)

 24    TWB to Mrs A.C. Bowe (ACB), Secretary to the Officers, 15 Dec. – cannot manage London visit until Jan. (tp. with autogr. note)

 8/    1953

  1    TWB to WBF, 5 Jan. – refers to his financing of Suggestions (£94) and agreement that he would be reimbursed by sales; doubts that review copies were ‘properly sent out’; sales only £11.64 but cheque never received; now suggests whole cost of booklet should be treated as a gift from him including any income from sales (tp.)

  2    ACB to TWB, 5 Jan. – acknowledges letter of 15 Dec. (A59/7/24); HJF would like to meet him on 16 Jan. with Sir Robert Hyde (tpc.)

  3    Ibid, 6 Jan. – acknowledges letter of 5 Jan. to WBF (A59/8/1) (tpc. with autogr. note by ACB)

  4    ACB to HJF, TWB, Sir Robert Hyde, DHFW, 13 Jan. – notification of meeting on 17 Jan. (tpc.)

  5    ACB to TWB, 21 Jan. – conveys Council’s thanks for his offer (see Council minutes, 8 Jan. 1953, CM/82/4, f. 680 and A59/8/1); aims of Committee to be pursued; will be informed about sales of Suggestions (tpc.)

  6    ACB to I.M. Sieff (1889-1972), later President of Marks & Spencer Ltd., 23 Feb. – encloses papers on Committee at the request of DHFW (tpc.)

  7    HJF to ACB, 14 Apr. – encloses letter from RAS [not held] on possible house; asks for it to be shown to Sir Robert Hyde (autogr.)

  8    ACB to Sir Robert Hyde, 1 May – encloses RAS’s letter (tpc)

  9    C.M. Stanford & Son, Chartered Auctioneers, Colchester to TWB, 19 Aug. – offers Layer Marney Hall at reduced price (see A59/4/8-18)

 10    TWB to C.M. Stanford & Son, 30 Aug. – acknowledges letter of 19 Aug.; no possibility now of acquiring the property (tpc.)

 11    TWB to ACB, 2 Sept. – encloses items A59/8/9-10 (tp. pc.)

 12    Secretary-Archivist, School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh to RAI, 2 Dec. – encloses copy of their questionnaire for the BEC (tp.)

 .1    Questionnaire No. 1 on Scottish Life and Tradition [referred to in A59/8/12] (tp. booklet)

 .2    Information sheet on the School of Scottish Studies (tp.)

 9/    1954

  1    Sir Robert Hyde to WBF, 11 Feb. – encloses list of firms to be sent leaflet on public lecture series (tp.)

  2    List of firms to be circularized. 8 leaves (tp.)

  3    Ransomes Sims & Jefferies Ltd, Ipswich to RAI, 8 Apr. – regrets notice of lecture ‘Ploughs in Britain’ arrived too late; firm maker of ploughs for 165 years; requests printed report (tp.)

  4    British-American Tobacco Company Ltd to RAI, 9 Apr. – acknowledges receipt of notice of lectures; acknowledgements [not retained] also received from: Dartford Iron Works; Nuffield Foundation; John Ryan, BBC, The Langham (tp.)

  5 Robert Sergean, Group for Research in Industrial Psychology to RAI, 11 May – unable to attend lectures; requests reports or summaries; request [not retained] also received from Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, 2 June (tp.)

  6    RAI to Group for Research in Industrial Psychology, 17 May – no reports available yet; hopes to publish summaries in Man (see Man, Aug. 1955, Items 128-32)

  7    HJF to WBF, Aug. 20 – does not wish to continue as Chairman; on lack of funding from Pilgrim Trust; encloses letter he has written to Sir Robert Hyde [not held]; mentions Industrial Welfare Congress (autogr.)

  8    Ibid., 13 Sept. – encloses reply from Sir Robert Hyde [not held]; suggests meeting; activities of BEC close to those that interest Mr Sieff (autogr.)

  9    TWB to WBF, 21 Sept. – regret cannot attend meeting of Committee at such short notice (tp.)

 10    WBF to Dr F.G. Vallee. 19 Oct. – invites him to become a member of the Committee; similar letters [not retained] sent to Prof. E.G. Bowen and Dr V.G. Sheddick (VGS), 26 Oct. (tpc.)

 11    Dr F.G. Vallee to WBF, 25 Oct. – accepts invitation; applies for membership of RAI (tp.)

 12    VGS to WBF, 28 Oct. – ibid; asks for information on progress of Committee to date (autogr.)

 13    Prof. E.G. Bowen to WBF, 30 Oct. – ibid; in full agreement with aims (autogr.)

 14    RAI to TWB, 22 Dec. – asks for information on papers of earlier committee referred to in minutes of 2 Nov. 1950 [see A59/14/6.2] (tpc.)

 15    TWB to RAI, 27 Dec. – file given to BMB and himself by JLM; handed to FS to be kept with other Committee papers [see A59/3/44-47] (tp.)

10/    1954, 16 Feb. – 27 Apr. Six public lectures

  1    Notice of lectures: Man in Britain: aspects of anthropological study by HJF, J.A. Fraser Roberts, Prof. Adam Curle, Ffransis G. Paine, H.N.C. Stevenson, and Sir Robert Hyde (2 copies)

 .1    Drafts of A59/10/1. 2 leaves (autogr.)

  2    Notes of the discussions after the lectures:

  a    Lecture 1: The English heritage by HJF, 16 Feb. 6 leaves (tp.)

  b    Lecture 2: Anthropological aspects of blood group studies in Britain by J.A. Fraser Roberts, 2 Mar. 1 leaf, recto and verso (tp.)

  c    Lecture 3: The rural community by Prof. Adam Curle, 16 Mar. 1 leaf, recto and verso (tp.)

  d    Lecture 4: Ploughs in Britain by Ffrancis G. Payne, 30 Mar. 1 leaf, recto and verso (tp.)

  e    Lecture 5: The importance of custom in industrial society by H.N.C. Stevenson, 13 Apr. 3 leaves (tp.)

  f    Lecture 6: The application of anthropological knowledge to our industrial society by Sir Robert Hyde, 27 Apr. 1 leaf (tp.)

1953-54 Correspondence etc. relating to the lectures

  3    nd, ‘Notes of an Informal Meeting of Members of the British Ethnography Committee’ on the subject of a series of lectures. 2 leaves (tp.)

  4    nd, notes of names [possible speakers]. 2 leaves (autogr.)

  5    HJF to WBF, 31 Oct. 1953 – encloses draft of possible inaugural lecture; would welcome suggestions; would like Sir Robert Hyde to see it (autogr.)

  6    WBF to Prof. Raymond Firth, 8 Nov. – invitation to lunch with WBF, DHFW and Sir Robert Hyde; need to discuss lecture series; to be held at Royal Society of Arts; will contact Luckhurst about this and other matters; on Sieff and his plans (autogr. draft)

  7    Ibid. to K.W. Luckhurst, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, 8 Nov. – asks if he will receive ‘an informal deputation’ consisting of WBF, Sir Robert Hyde and DHFW; President Sir Raymond Firth may also be present; wishes to discuss the lecture series; also possible cooperation between RAI and RSA in the foundation of an English Museum; will send pamphlets; asks which day is preferable (autogr. draft)

  8    K.W. Luckhurst to WBF, 9 Nov. – is free either Thursday or Friday; encloses issue of Journal which contains relevant paper [not held] (tp. with autogr. note)

  9    Sir Robert Hyde to WBF, 10 Nov. – tried to contact him but failed; on the museum and Sieff’s opinion; is returning HJF’s draft to him with some comments (tp.)

 10    K.W. Luckhurst to WBF, 3 Dec. – has reserved the Hall on dates required for lectures; sorry that he cannot allow the use of the Library for tea (tp.)

 11    TWB to WBF, 10 Dec. – cannot manage a meeting on 16th; will be in Hove from 28 Dec. until 8 Apr.; should be easier to get to town from there (autogr.)

 12    Noel [Stevenson] to WBF, 9 Dec. – cannot attend meeting on 16 Dec.; is coming to London on 20 Dec. and will give available dates then (autogr.)

 .1    List of people attending or not attending meeting on 16 Dec. (autogr.)

 13    WBF to Prof. Adam Curle, 5 Jan. 1954 – asks whether he will help with lecture series; outlines the six lectures; hopes he will agree to give lecture; describes audience aimed at (tpc. with autogr. additions) [wrongly dated 1953]

 14    Prof. Adam Curle to WBF, 8 Jan. – shall be glad to give lecture; can give more detail and a title in a week or two; suggests general title if required now (tp.)

 15    WBF to HJF, 22 Jan. – gives details of dates of lectures; gives provisional programme; asks for definite title and statement of subject in 30 words (tpc.) [Similar letters to TWB and Noel Stevenson (25 Jan.) not retained.]

 .1    Title and summary of Sir Robert Hyde’s lecture (tp. note)

 .2    Ibid. of J.A. Fraser Roberts’ lecture (autogr. note)

 16    HJF to WBF, 25 Jan. – gives his title and summary of his lecture (autogr.)

 17    TWB to WBF, 25 Jan. – is at present in Hove until first week of Apr.; all his notes etc. are at his house in Bedfordshire; no time to prepare lecture; apologises (tp.)