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Minutes, correspondence, papers, and publications. 1929-34, 1948-62, 1969-70.

18    WBF to Dr A.E. Mourant, Blood Group Reference Laboratories, 27 Jan. – asks if he might give second lecture of series described in enclosed copy letter [perhaps A59/10/15]; if not he will ask Fraser Roberts; sends notes of Blood Group Committee Meeting of 15 Oct. which have not been made up into Minutes (tpc.)

 19    Dr A.E. Mourant to WBF, 29 Jan. – would have liked to give lecture but will be abroad; is sure Fraser Roberts will be glad to give it; is leaving for Brazil on 11 Feb.; will fix dates for Blood Group meeting and write up the Minutes on his return (tp.)

 20    WBF to ICP, 31 Jan. – attaches copy letter on lecture series; TWB having agreed to give lecture now finds that he cannot; this a disappointment as one of the aims of the series was to publicise the idea of an English Museum; asks whether ICP would give a lecture; asks that he reply by telegram (autogr. draft)

 21    Ibid. to K.W. Luckhurst, 31 Jan. – explains why he has not been in touch sooner; problems with staff at the RAI and consequent arrears of work; encloses text for a preliminary announcement of the series, to be printed (autogr. draft)

 .1    Announcement of lecture series; Fellows of the RSA invited to attend (autogr. draft)

 22    ICP to WBF, 1 Feb. – cannot accept but Ffransis Payne, Deputy Curator, will give lecture on ‘Ploughs in Britain’ (telegram)

 23    Ibid., sorry not to be available; glad that Payne can come (tp.)

 24    Ffransis Payne, Welsh Folk Museum, to WBF, 1 Feb. – encloses summary of his lecture (autogr.)

 .1    Summary of Ffransis Payne’s lecture (tp. note)

 25    Noel Stevenson to WBF, 3 Feb. – apologises for delay; gives title and summary of his lecture (tp.)

 26    Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, 5 Feb. – includes announcement of lecture series

 27    Dr J.C. Trevor, Faculty of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge, to WBF, 9 Feb. – encloses 30-word summary of lecture; can bring skulls if required; will illustrate with slides; enquires about back copies of Journal (autogr.)

 .1    Summary of a lecture on ‘The Rough Island-Story’ (tp. note)

 28    WBF to Prof. Adam Curle, 9 Feb. – is sending to press the copy for a poster advertising the lecture series; had not received 30-word summary; realised that he had not sent letter in same terms as the enclosed [A59/10/15]; asks if he can telephone the summary; apologises for rushing him (tpc.)

 29    Ibid. to J.A. Fraser Roberts, 9 Feb. – sorry to hear that he has been ill; had tried to find someone else to give Blood Group lecture but without success; hopes Fraser Roberts will be able to do it; asks that he let him know as soon as he receives this letter (tpc.)

 30    Ibid. to Mr Hoggard, The Alcuin Press, 10 Feb. – hopes to be getting the proof of the poster the next day; encloses further copy; stresses importance of getting the posters by 12 Feb. (tpc.)

 31    12 Feb. – notice to Fellows of the RAI; emphasises importance of lecture series; hopes that many Fellows will attend (tp.)

 32    Major-General Cyril Lloyd, City and Guilds of London Institute, to WBF, 15 Feb. – thanks him for letter of 12 Feb. with notices of lectures [not held] (tp.)

 33    16 Feb. – announcement of lecture (newspaper cutting)

11/    1955

  1    Circular on excursion by University of Wales graduates to Welsh Folk Museum, St Fagan’s Castle, 22 May – sent to members of the Committee (mimeo.)

  2    Ulster Commentary, No. 114, July 1955, pp. 4-5, 8 plan for a folk museum (printed)

  3    Note from DHFW to WBF, 7 July – on projected folk museum. 2 leaves (tp. with notes by WBF and Sir Robert Hyde)

12/    1956-62


  1    TWB to RAI, 24 Mar. – notes Sir Robert Hyde is the present Chairman (tp. pc.)


  2    Mrs Lake Barnett to RAI, 26 Aug. – notes Central Register of Folklore Research; wishes to have information on the Committee for their records (tp.)

  3    RAI to Mrs Lake Barnett, 29 Aug. – reports Committee has not been active in recent years; it has been retained by Council in case required (tpc.)

  4    VGS, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Durham, to WBF, 5 Dec. – refers to letter from WBF of Oct. 1956 on Ethnographical Committee [not held]; refers to article in Times of Mar. on study of English rural communities; this could provide focus for RAI; would be happy to assist in any way (autogr.)


  5    Ibid., 8 Jan. – glad to hear of revival of BEC; reasons why early meeting is important; first item on agenda may be original aim of founding an English Museum; suggestions for reconstituting the committee; suggestions for sub-committees (tp.)

  6    Ibid., 16 Mar. – suggests dates for meetings; importance of securing attendance of Bowen, Rees and Littlejohn (autogr.)

  7    Ibid. to WBF and Sir Robert Hyde (for information), Prof. E.Bowen, Dr R. Frankenburg, Dr J. Littlejohn, JMM and Dr A. Rees, 31 Mar. – BEC has not met for some time; scheme for English museum seems remote; has been suggested that committee meet soon to consider devoting itself to study of British Ethnography; possibility of sub-committee of British Sociographic Studies which might establish centre for organisation of research etc. (tp.)

  8    Andrew Jewell, Keeper, Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, to WBF, 20 May – thanks him for circular re. meeting of BEC; Assistant Keeper Mr. J.G. Jenkins (JGJ) can attend meeting on 30 May (tp.)

  9    ICP, Welsh Folk Museum, Cardiff, to WBF, 24 May – cannot attend meeting on 30 May (tp.)

 10    James Littlejohn, Dept. of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh, to WBF, 27 May – cannot attend meeting on 30 May; expresses his support of ‘Sheddick’s suggestion’ (autogr.)

 11    RUS to WBF, 27 May – cannot attend meeting on 30 May; would like to see fully representative society to deal with all branches of folk life in England; suggests joint meeting of RAI with Folk-Lore Society; Folk-Lore Survey and English Museum at Reading (autogr.)

 12    Mrs Lake Barnett to Dr Marian W. Smith, Hon. Secretary, RAI 1956-61 (MWS), 28 May – had previously been told that BEC was in abeyance (see A59/12/3); has heard from RUS that it is being revived; would be glad to be kept informed of its activities; mentions Central Register of folk-lore activities; important to work together (tp.)

 13    MWS to Mrs Lake Barnett, 30 May – BEC meeting today; not sure of what is on the agenda; will keep her informed; agrees on importance of working together (tpc.)

 14    TWB to MWS, 23 Aug. – refers to meeting on 27 Sept. and visit to Museum of English Rural Life (see A59/14/11.1); cannot attend either; difficulties of visiting London; thinks it best if he resigns from Committee and Deputy-Chairmanship (tp.)

 15    Prof. Reginald A. Cordingley, School of Architecture, University of Manchester, to MWS, 28 Aug. – thanks her for letter of 20 Aug. [not held]; pleased to serve as member of BEC; regrets that he cannot attend meeting on 27 Sept. (tp.)

 16    MWS to TWB, 29 Aug. – thanks him for letter (A59/12/14); is sure Committee will be sorry to hear of his resignation; asks if he might consider remaining on Committee in a corresponding capacity (tpc.)

 17    TWB to MWS, 1 Sept. – is prepared to remain on Committee in a corresponding capacity (tp.)

 18    Prof. E.E. Evans, Dept. of Geography, Queen’s University, Belfast, to MWS, 4 Sept. – happy to join the Committee although visits to England are rare (autogr.)

 19    VGS to ibid., 18 Sept. – sorry that he will miss Committee meeting on 27 Sept.; lists some of the activities the Sociography[sic] Sub-Committee discussed at meeting in May (tp.)

 20    MWS to VGS, 19 Sept. – thanks him for letter; she will be away on 27 Sept. but will pass his letter to WBF (tpc.)

 21    RUS to WBF, 19 Sept. – thanks him for Minutes; always interested to hear about Committee but London too far for him to be able to attend meetings (autogr.)

 22    Michael Young, Center for Advance Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, California, to MWS, 22 Sept. – had he been in England would have been glad to join Committee; however as he will be in America until next summer it is not possible (tp.)

 23    EJR to WBF, 22 Sept. – rarely able to get to London so resigns from Committee with regret (autogr.)

 24    J.W.Y. Higgs, Dept. of Agriculture, University of Oxford, 23 Sept. regrets that he cannot attend meeting on 27 Sept. or visit to Museum of English Rural Life; did not receive notification of previous meeting; is delighted to continue membership (tp.)

 25    JGJ, Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, to Miss Joan Edwards, RAI, 30 Sept. – returning list of members which he took away after meeting; asks for list of Committee members (autogr.)

 26    Ibid. to ICP, 1 Oct. – thanks him for invitation to meet at Cardiff; Committee decided on 27 Sept. that it would be a good thing to hold a weekend conference in Cardiff; decided to approach [Dr Basil] Megaw of School of Scottish Studies to join Committee; other people to be invited to join Material Culture Sub-Committee (tpc.)

 27    Ibid. to Joan Edwards, 8 Oct. – thanks her for draft minutes; is getting in touch with members of Committee to arrange meeting (tp.)

 28    Ibid. to Alwyn Rees, University College of Wales, 8 Oct. – asks him if he will be in London for meeting of BEC during last fortnight of Jan.; asks whether he would like to serve on either or both of the new sub-committees, on Material Culture and Social Anthropology (tpc.)

 29    VGS to MWS, 8 Oct. – will be pleased to hear in due course what happened at meeting on 27 Sept. (autogr.)

 30    [Joan Edwards] to JGJ, 9 Oct. – encloses minutes to be sent out; asks that he send the enclosed letter to Mr Higgs (A59/12/31); encloses letter from Dr Young [not held]; asks him to write to EJR and BZS about their resignations (tpc.)

 31    Ibid. to J.W.Y. Higgs, 9 Oct. – sorry that he did not receive minutes; RAI had an out of date address for him (tpc.)

 32    MWS to VGS, 10 Oct. – the setting up of the sub-committees was confirmed; the minutes will be distributed shortly; new members recommended to Council have accepted with the exception of Dr Michael Young who is abroad (tpc.)

 33    Alwyn Rees to JGJ, 11 Oct. – has no business in London in Jan.; expensive to make special trip; asks about travelling expenses; gives available dates during Oct. and Nov.; glad that JGJ elected Hon. Secretary; could be more useful on Social Anthropology Sub-Committee than Material Culture one but unlikely to be able to attend many meetings (tp.)

 34    JGJ to Joan Edwards, 13 Oct. – thanks her for minutes; asks for addresses for EJR and BZS; hopes to hold meeting in last fortnight of Jan. (tp.)

 35    Ibid. to MWS, 13 Oct. – important to get distant members to attend meetings; raises question of travelling expenses; asks whether Alwyn Rees might give a paper at the RAI during last fortnight of Jan. (tpc.)

 36    Ibid. to Dr Michael Young, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, California, 13 Oct. – thanks him for letter which MWS has passed on; will send him minutes of all meetings; looks forward to welcoming him to meetings on return to England (tpc.)

 37    VGS to MWS, 13 Oct. – minutes have arrived; asks for full names and addresses of various members of Sociography Sub-Committee; asks about RAI practice relating to committee correspondence (tp.)

 38    RAS to WBF, 13 Oct. – mistakenly had not expressed interest in remaining on BEC and Material Culture Sub-Committee; would like to do so if not too late (autogr.)

 39    VGS to JGJ, 13 Oct. – thanks him for minutes; not happy with prospect of arranging a meeting and preparing a progress report by Jan.; on members of the sociography Sub-Committee; on chairmen for both sub-committees (tp.)

 40    MWS to VGS, 15 Oct. – sends names and addresses; on other possible members; secretaries of the sub-committees may initiate their own correspondence though RAI would like to have copies (tpc.)

 41    Ibid. to JGJ, 16 Oct. – sympathises about distant members of BEC; however RAI unable to pay travelling expenses; RAI cannot even pay expenses of speakers; would be pleased to hear proposed title; suggests 5 Feb. (tp.)

 42    JGJ to VGS, 16 Oct. – agrees that it will be difficult to produce progress report before Jan.; suggests each sub-committee meets to decide what they can do; asks if it would be a good idea to try to find out what research projects are being carried out; lists of members of sub-committees not yet complete; on chairmen; on arrangements for meeting of main committee. 2 leaves (tp. and autogr.)

 43    VGS to MWS, 17 Oct. – thanks her for prompt reply to request for information (tp. with autogr. notes)

 44    JGJ to RAS, 18 Oct. – thanks him for letter which WBF has passed on; confirms that he is member of BEC and Material Culture Sub-Committee (tpc.)

 45    Ibid. to MWS, 18 Oct. – on travelling expenses and Alwyn Rees’ lecture (tpc.)

 46    VGS to JGJ, 20 Oct. – thanks him for letter (A59/12/42) on dates for meetings; on trying to discover what research projects are being carried on; on members of the sub-committees; general points on the main committee and the sub-committees. 2 leaves (tp.)

 47    Miss M.A. Bennet-Clark, Assistant Keeper, [Dept. of Ethnography, British Museum], to VGS, 20 Oct. – thanks him for circular of 17 Oct. [A59/15/1] sent to WBF, who will be away until Apr. 1959 in Nigeria (tpc.)

 48    JGJ to VGS, 21 Oct. – on frequency of meetings; on research projects; refers to an essay on Canal Boatmen [see A59/12/49]; on membership; encloses completed list of members of main committee and both sub-committees. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 .1    List of members enclosed with A59/12/48 (tpc.)

 49    John Matthews to JGJ, 23 Oct. – encloses paper on narrow boats and boatmen; could perhaps go to Man; on Mr James, a boatman; asks for return of his notes (tp.)

 50    RAS to JGJ, 27 Oct. – glad to know he is on the committee; discusses some tools which have not been returned; mentions ‘Mr Hartley’s’ waggon pictures (tp.)

 51    MWS to JGJ, 28 Oct. – suggests 22 Oct. 1959 for Alwyn Rees’ lecture (tp.)

 52    VGS to JGJ, 28 Oct. – on trip to Reading coinciding with founding meeting of Committee; sets out working rules and principles relating to: meetings and possible dates; research tasks; chairman; suggests they meet on 26 Nov. to discuss matters. 3 leaves (tp.)

 53    [Andrew Jewell] to VGS, 30 Oct. – apologises for not replying to circular of 17 Oct. regarding Social Anthropology Sub-Committee [A59/15/1]; thinks it better if he serves on Material Culture Sub-Committee, hence is not returning questionnaire (tpc.)

 54    JGJ to John Matthews, 31 Oct. – thanks him for article which he will show to Committee with a view to publication (tpc.)

 55    Ibid. to MWS, 31 Oct. – asks if it would be in order to say that Alwyn Rees’ talk on 22 Oct. 1959 ‘promoted’ by the BEC; good idea to present occasional lectures (tpc.)

 56    Ibid. to RAS, 31 Oct. – glad that all the tools except coach router and ‘mahogany object’ have been returned; will return the others soon; hopes RAS will be able to attend Material Culture Sub-Committee meeting in Jan. 1959 (tpc.)

 57    Ibid. to VGS, 31 Oct. – will reply in detail to his letter of 28 Oct. soon; will be pleased to see him on 26 Nov. (tpc.)

 58    VGS to MWS, 3 Nov. – proposes to call meeting of Social Anthropology Sub-Committee on 25 Nov.; hopes the meeting can be held at RAI (tp.)

 59    Ibid. to JGJ, 3 Nov. – cannot meet on 26 Nov.; is arranging meeting of Social Anthropology Sub-Committee on 25 Nov.; hopes JGJ will attend so they can discuss outstanding matters (tp.)

 60    MWS to VGS, 5 Nov. – agrees that meeting can be held at RAI; tells him about talk by Mr Trefor Owen on 15 Jan. 1959; suggests he might hold another meeting to coincide with this (tpc.)

 61    Ibid. to JGJ, 5 Nov. – informs him of Mr Trefor Owen’s talk; has informed VGS; they may wish to hold meeting on that day (tpc.)

 62    RAS to JGJ, 6 Nov. – on visiting a coachbuilders’ works in Bradford; their woodworking tools burnt last year; they have an album of photographs of carts, waggons and early coach-built cars; thanks him for catalogues just received (tp.)

 63    JGJ to VGS, 7 Nov. – thanks him for agenda for meeting on 25 Nov.; hopes to be there; on date of next main committee meeting; on public lectures; hopes they can discuss these matters (tpc.)

 64    VGS to JGJ, 10 Nov. – glad that JGJ might attend sub-committee meeting; essential that they talk together; is concerned that there is a ‘misunderstanding’ in relations between the two sub-committees and between sub-committees and main committee; sets out their respective roles; supports proposal for Easter meeting of main committee; on meeting in Cardiff (tp.)

 65    J.W.Y. Higgs to JGJ, 11 Nov. – on choice of dates for Material Culture Sub-Committee meeting (see A59/15/13) (tp.)

 66    VGS to ibid., [?] Nov. – on behalf of a member of the Social Anthropology Sub-Committee enquires about possibility of travelling expenses (tp.)

 67    ICP to [JGJ?], 11 Nov. – on Material Culture Sub-Committee; his other commitments (autogr., in Welsh)

 68    RAS to JGJ, 12 Nov. – sorry that he will be away during first week of Jan. 1959 (see A59/15/13); mentions working whipmaker in Peterborough (tp. with autogr. note)

 69    ICP to [JGJ?], 13 Nov. – on a paper sent [by JGJ]; makes some points on it (autogr., in Welsh)

 70    JGJ to VGS, 13 Nov. – RAI do not pay expenses; referring to VGS’s letter of 10 Nov. (A59/12/64) on the relations between main Committee and sub-committees; reasons for suggesting Cardiff for next meeting (tpc.)

 71    Alwyn Rees to JGJ, 15 Nov. –hopes not to be more than half an hour late on 25 Nov.; not sure he will have a paper ready at the beginning of next winter; will discuss on 25 Nov. (tp., in Welsh)

 72    VGS to JGJ, 17 Nov. – on travelling expenses; on relations between main Committee and sub-committees (tp.)

 73    R.A. Cordingley to JGJ, 21 Nov. – on dates for meeting of Material Culture Sub-Committee (see A59/15/13) (tp.)

 74    RAS to JGJ, 28 Nov. – mentions pictures and prospectus; on various publishers (autogr.)

 75    BMB to JGJ, 8 Dec. – on dates for meeting (see A59/15/13); on setting up of central archive; Folk-Lore Society has already set up Central Register; extract from their journal enclosed; care must be taken not to duplicate their work (tp.)

 .1    ‘Central Register of Folklore Research in Great Britain’, extract from Folklore, vol. LXVII, June 1956 (printed)

 .2    Duplicate of some of A59/12/75.1 (tp.)

 76    ICP to [JGJ?], 8 Dec. – on a job; on salary (autogr., in Welsh)

 77    Ibid., 10 Dec. – thanks him for considering him as Chairman; suggests AD; on articles on coracles (autogr., in Welsh)

 78    RUS to MWS, 11 Dec. – thanks her for letter informing him that Council has re-appointed him to BEC; sorry his visits to London so infrequent; will do all he can to help (autogr.)

 79    CDF, Dept. of Anthropology, University College London, to JGJ, 12 Dec. – cannot offer to take Chairmanship of BEC; already Chairman of South American Anthropological Research Committee; cannot take on more (tp.)

 80    MWS to Dr Peter Collison, Dept. of Social Administration, University of Oxford, 12 Dec. – Social Anthropology Sub-Committee recommended to Council that he should be invited to become a member (tpc.)

 81    Ibid. to Dr L.F. Henriques, Dept. of Social Studies, University of Leeds, 12 Dec. – glad that he can attend Symposium on Race and Race Relations in Jan. 1959; Social Anthropology Sub-Committee recommended to Council that he should be invited to become a member (tpc.)

 82    VGS to JGJ, 18 Dec. – thanks him for showing him the correspondence concerning CDF (see A59/12/79); sorry that he cannot take Chair; asks about [Lord Rennell of] Rodd; asks about substitute for Dr [Ian] Whitaker (tp.)

 83    ICP to ibid., 19 Dec. – has received notice of meeting on 2 Jan. (A59/15/14); regrets he cannot attend; points out that main focus should be on England, as Ireland, Scotland and Wales already have central archives etc.; great need is to develop study of English Ethnography and prepare way for Folk Museum for England (tp.)

 84    W. O’Dea to JGJ, 22 Dec. – has his note of meeting on 2 Jan. (A59/15/14); regrets that he cannot attend (autogr.)

 85    JGJ to VGS, 31 Dec. – wrote to Dr Megaw, who will consult his governing body about suggesting people for the sub-committee; details on Lord Rennell; other suggestions for Chairman; on the Easter meeting (tpc.)


 86    L.F. Henriques to MWS, 5 Jan. – accepts with pleasure invitation to join Social Anthropology Sub-Committee (tp.)

 87    Peter Collison, North Carolina, to ibid., 5 Jan. – accepts with pleasure invitation to join Social Anthropology Sub-Committee, although he will be away until Oct., after which time he will be an active member (autogr.)

 88    JGJ to Mrs Lake Barnett, 5 Jan. – Material Culture Sub-Committee has decided to set up central archive of folk material; would be grateful for any assistance; of courses would be happy to help with the central register of folklore set up by Folk-Lore Society in 1956 (tpc.)

 89    Ibid. to VGS, 5 Jan. – informs him of what happened at meeting of Material Culture Sub-Committee; on a proposed one-day meeting; asks him to ask his members if they could attend on 20 Mar. (tpc.)

 90    Lord Rennell to JGJ, 6 Jan. – thanks him for letter of 5 Jan. [not held]; shall be glad to receive particulars of the sub-committee in due course; on two farm carts which are deteriorating; if no one wants them he will have to destroy them (tp.)

 .1    Flyer for Lord Rennell of Rodd, Valley on the March: A History of a Group of Manors on the Herefordshire March of Wales, [Oxford University Press, 1958] (printed)

 91    ICP to [JGJ?], 6 Jan. – his museum Council meets on 20 Mar. so he cannot attend Committee; indeed as he can never get to meetings perhaps best if he resigns; more on the Committee and what it has or has not achieved (autogr., in Welsh)

 92    Mrs Lake Barnett to JGJ, 7 Jan. – glad to hear of proposed central archive of folk material; would appreciate help with Folk-Lore Society’s central register; encloses two papers which indicate their aim; has received a letter from a Folk-Lore Society member informing her of committee formed to establish a Lewis and Harris Folklore Museum; gives his addresses (tp.)

 .1    S.R. Burstein, President, Folk-Lore Society, to members, nd – on central register etc. (printed) [perhaps enclosed with previous item]

 93    VGS to JGJ, 12 Jan. – on membership of the Social Anthropology Sub-Committee; concerning main BEC, on Chairman; on Easter meeting; on JGJ seeking a teaching post (tp.)

 94    ICP to [JGJ?], 12 Jan. – on a date in Apr.; on a lecture; on exhibition in Cardiff; he does not want to open the discussion (autogr., in Welsh)

 95    MWS to VGS, 13 Jan. – sends addresses of Dr Collison, Dr Henriques and Mr G.D. Mitchell, who have all accepted invitation to serve on Social Anthropology Sub-Committee (tpc.)

 96    JGJ to Lord Rennell, 26 Jan. – sorry for delay in replying [to A59/12/90]; still keen to have the wagons but at present could not afford to transport them to Reading; has approached National Farmers’ Union for help with cost (tpc.)

 97    RAS to JGJ, 31 Jan. – asks him to identify a ‘pricker’ or comb [drawing enclosed] sent to him by Leicester Museum (autogr.)

 .1    Drawing of ‘pricker’ [enclosed with A59/12/97]

 98    AD to JGJ, 2 Feb. – thanks him for questionnaire [A59/14/12.1] which he returns; asks if it concerns Material Culture Sub-Committee or meeting of both sections (tp.)

 99    JGJ to VGS, 3 Feb. – thanks him for returning questionnaire (see A59/14/12.2); on dates; unhappy with prospect of holding symposium on same day as Committee meetings; Material Culture Sub-Committee rejected his idea of a weekend meeting (tpc.)

100    Ibid. to Dr D. Dilwyn John, 3 Feb. – BEC hoping to hold an exhibition on folk life material in Cardiff during British Association meeting in 1960; asks whether they might have a room for this purpose in the museum (tpc.)

101    Ibid. to AD, 3 Feb. – is arranging meeting of main Committee as a first step; ICP does not want to speak at the symposium; asks about alternative speaker; on the exhibition in Cardiff (tpc.)

102    Ibid. to RAS, 3 Feb. – hopes he can come to Committee meeting in Apr.; no idea about the tool, which looks like a biscuit pricker (tpc.)

103    VGS to JGJ, 4 Feb. – will try to attend meeting in Apr.; on the symposium (autogr.)

104    JGJ to MWS, 6 Feb. – on exhibition in Cardiff during British Association meeting in 1960; he must go to Cardiff to discuss matters with the Director of the National Museum; asks whether RAI would help with travel expenses; wishes to take out personal membership of RAI (autogr.)

105    ICP to [JGJ?], 9 Feb. – 25-27 most inconvenient; asks him to try again (autogr., in Welsh)

106    D. Dilwyn John to JGJ, 9 Feb. – glad that he is coming to Cardiff; ICP should also take part in discussions; on suitable dates (tp.)

107    HJF to Brownlee Kirkpatrick, RAI Librarian, 9 Feb. – refers to ‘the enclosed’ [not held] written ‘with a view to helping’ the BEC; suggests appointment of Prof. Marsh of Nottingham University to BEC, particularly to Social Anthropology Sub-Committee; refers to Teilhard du Chardin review (autogr.)

108    Joan Edwards to VGS, 11 Feb. – refers to HJF’s note about Prof. Marsh [A59/12/107]; has also passed message on to JGJ (tpc.)

109    [MWS] to JGJ, 13 Feb. – welcomes him to Fellowship of the RAI; appreciates an active Committee such as the BEC; sorry to say that RAI cannot pay travel expenses to Cardiff; hopes to attend next meeting of his Committee (tp.)

110    VGS to JGJ, 13 Feb. – has heard that HJF has suggested nomination of Prof. Marsh; would have preferred HJF to make suggestion to himself or JGJ; on correct procedure for nominating members of Committees (tp.)

111    MWS to VGS, 16 Feb. – has received copy of his letter of 13 Feb. [A59/12/110]; sorry that he interpreted Joan Edwards’ note as an official request; on procedure for nominating new members to Committee (tpc.)

112    VGS to MWS, 17 Feb. – glad that they are in agreement about nominations (tp.)

113    RAS to JGJ, 17 Feb. – has seen a ‘waggon graveyard’ at Winkfield; also visited a forge; saw some old account books; asks if he is photographing smithies etc. (autogr.)

114    VGS to JGJ, 25 Feb. – sees from his letter and one from MWS that they are all agreed about nominations; on dates for Committee meeting; refers to unlikelihood of new post (autogr.)

115    D. Dilwyn John to JGJ, 27 Feb. – looks forward to seeing him in Cardiff; suggests that they lunch with ICP (tp.)

116    VGS to MWS, 28 Feb. – JGJ hoping to arrange meeting of BEC on 17 Apr.; he is convening a meeting of the Social Anthropology Sub-Committee on the same day; hopes that both can be held at RAI (tp.)

117    Dr W. Watson, Dept. of Social Anthropology and Sociology, University of Manchester, to JGJ, 28 Feb. – returns form about dates (see A59/14/12.1); asks if anything required from him for symposium; has suggested Ilsley from Aberdeen should be asked (tp.)