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Minutes, correspondence, papers, and publications. 1929-34, 1948-62, 1969-70.

118    D. Dilwyn John to JGJ, 5 Mar. – sorry that he cannot accommodate the exhibition; apart from lack of space, the proper place would be St Fagans; unfortunately there is no space there either; very sorry (tp.)

119    BMB to JGJ, 16 Mar. – apologises for not returning form (A59/14/12.1); she is not available at all in Apr.; question of archive proposed by BEC brought before Council of Folk-Lore Society; it was unanimously agreed to co-operate (tp.)

120    VGS to JGJ, 26 Mar. – respective notices of meetings seem to have crossed in the post; JGJ’s agenda ‘full of interest’; on the position of Dr Megaw and Dr Young on Committee and sub-committees; general agreement had been reached on the subject of introducing new members (tp.)

121    Joan Edwards to JGJ, 1 Apr. – MWS abroad at present; notes from copy of letter from VGS to JGJ [A59/12/120] that he has no record of appointment of Dr Young or Dr Megaw to BEC; Dr Young away and asked leave to consider election again at later date; asks if he has had any reply from Dr Megaw, who was invited to join BEC by letter of 6 Oct. 1958 (tpc.)

122    Ibid.[?] to JGJ, 1 Apr. – has seen copy of VGS’s letter to him of 26 Mar. [A59/12/120]; outlines procedure for nomination to RAI committees; no question that this procedure can be altered (tpc.)

123    JGJ to Joan Edwards, 2 Apr. – on nomination procedure; on Dr Megaw’s membership of Committee; on Dr Young’s membership of Committee; two sub-committees meeting on 17 Apr. (tp. with autogr. notes)

124    VGS to JGJ, 2 Apr. – on Dr Megaw’s joining the Social Anthropology Sub-Committee; Dr Whitaker up for election; on the BEC becoming over-large (tp.)

125    George [Thompson, Director, 1959-86,] Ulster Folk Museum, to JGJ, 3 Apr. – thanks him for Committee minutes; concerning his name being put forward for Committee, mentions a ‘black spot’ on his past career when he failed to pay RAI subscription; he hopes to sort this out on 17 Apr.; on his travel arrangements; wishes him luck for ‘Scottish job’ (autogr.)

126    JGJ to VGS, 3 Apr. – on Dr Megaw’s membership; not worried about size of Committee although a number of ‘dead’ members never come to meetings; encloses rough draft of report of Committee; asks VGS to look at it and make any corrections (tpc.)

127    VGS to JGJ, 6 Apr. – Dr Megaw’s position can be regularised on 17 Apr.; returns his draft with minor corrections; agrees that ‘dead’ members should be dropped, but not sure how to do this (tp.)

128    George Thompson to JGJ, 8 Apr. – on travel and accommodation arrangements (autogr.)

129    MWS to JGJ, 9 Apr. – has seen correspondence concerning procedure for nomination to committees; makes one further point; discusses Dr Young and Dr Megaw; refers to meetings on 17 Apr. (tpc.)

130    Ibid. to Frank Atkinson, Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, 14 May – invites him to become member of BEC; one of the older committees of RAI which has not met for a while; now being revived; membership being revised; present members who met on 17 Apr. were particularly anxious that he should be invited to join (tpc.) Similar letters [not retained], 28 May, to Dr Derek K. Allcorn, Obstetric Research Unit, University Medical School, Aberdeen; Dr Howard E. Bracey, Dept. of Economics, University of Bristol; Dr J.B. Loudon

131    JGJ to Joan Edwards, 22 May – encloses corrected draft of Minutes; query concerning Dr Slaughter; lists people recommended for membership; asks her to duplicate minutes (autogr.)

132    MWS to JGJ, 26 May – encloses 50 copies of minutes; reminds him about list of museums in England, Scotland and Wales (tpc.)

133    VGS to JGJ, 28 May – apologises for delay in answering letter of 22 May [not held]; no Dr Slaughter has been recommended; has invited others to join Committee (tp.)

134    Frank Atkinson to MWS, 1 June – accepts invitation to join BEC with pleasure (tp.)

 .1    Ibid. to JGJ, nd, has written a reference for him; delighted to serve on Committee on Folklife (autogr.)

135    Dr Derek Allcorn to MWS, 3 June – very willing to help; difficult to get to London; pleased to accept if she thinks he can be useful even though attending meetings infrequently (tp.)

136    MWS to Dr Derek Allcorn, 5 June – attending meetings of BEC need not be a heavy burden; unlikely to meet more than twice a year; valuable to have members who can be consulted; she will inform JGJ that he accepts (tpc.)

137    JGJ to VGS, 10 June – reports on what happened the day before; MWS wrote immediately to invite people to join Committee; she did not invite Prof. Marsh or Dr Whitaker; she did invite Dr Slaughter of Leeds University, who has accepted; encloses his letter of acceptance [not held] (tpc.)

138    VGS to MWS, 13 June – refers to report from Social Anthropology Sub-Committee with names of those recommended for membership; enquires whether Council has accepted the recommendations; Dr Whitaker has declined as he is going to Newfoundland (tp.)

139    Joan Edwards to VGS, 15 June – thanks him for letter of 13 June [A59/12/138]; MWS presently in Australia; on replies to invitations to serve on Committee (tpc.)

140    Dr Howard Bracey, Ohio State University, to MWS, 22 June – pleased to accept invitation; shall not be able to take an active part until his return to England in the autumn; seeks a contact in England concerned with sociological methods for a young man at Ohio State University; asks if she can suggest anyone other than Adam Curle (tp. with autogr. PS)

141    VGS to Joan Edwards, 29 June – clarifies the position regarding new members; he and JGJ write to welcome people but make clear that official invitations come from RAI; on current state of replies from those invited (tp.)

142    Joan Edwards to VGS, 30 June – on acceptances; no replies yet from Dr Allcorn or Dr Megaw; filing relating to BEC has not been easy but now it can be straightened out; thanks him for his help (tpc.)

143    Ibid. to Dr Howard Bracey, 2 July – MWS abroad so she is acknowledging his letter [A59/12/140]; Dr Curle has been in Pakistan but should be back; a letter to University of Exeter should reach him (tpc.)

144    Andrew Jewell to MWS, 10 July – is making progress with directory of folk collections; has circulated the enclosed letter to all members of the Folk-Lore Society; has sent a similar letter to all museums with folk collections (tp.)

 .1    Circular letter concerning Directory of Folk Collections [enclosed with A59/12/144] (tp.)

145    Joan Edwards to Dr J.B. Loudon, 19 Aug. – refers to letter of 28 May (see A59/12/130); wonders if he ever got it; would be glad of his reply (tpc.)

146    Dr J.B. Loudon to Joan Edwards, 6 Sept. – cannot believe he did not reply; is delighted to accept; will write to MWS to let her know and to apologise (autogr.)

147    Ibid. to MWS, 6 Sept. – horrified to learn from Miss Edwards that he never replied to MWS’s letter; if not too late is delighted to accept invitation; apologises profusely (autogr.)

148    Joan Edwards to VGS, JGJ, 7 Sept. – as agreed reminded Dr Loudon that no reply had been received to MWS’s letter; his formal acceptance now received; records of membership of BEC now in order (tpc.)

149    JGJ to Joan Edwards, ‘Saturday’ – thanks her for invitation; discusses lecture and dinner; asks her to duplicate 50 copies of enclosed notice (autogr.)

 .1    Notice of public lecture by David Jenkins of University of Wales on 22 Oct.; invitation to members of Committee to tea at AD’s flat beforehand (tp.)

150    Joan Edwards to JGJ, 13 Oct. – encloses 50 copies of notice of lecture (tpc.)

151    Stefan C. Christopher, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, to MWS, 9 Nov. – asks whether any sociological or anthropological work has been done in Cornwall; asks about literature or people involved in such work (tp.)

152    MWS to Dr Stefan Christopher, 17 Nov. – does not know of any studies of the sort he mentions; gives him VGS’s address as he might be able to help (tpc.)


153    Mar., English Folk Dance and Song Society, Notice of conference on ‘Current Problems in the Preservation of Folk Music (and related customs) of the British Isles’, to be held at Cecil Sharp House on 24 Sept.; some notes on the proposed Conference attached (tp.)

 .1    Notes on the proposed conference (tp) [enclosed with A59/12/153]

 .2    Sara Jackson, Secretary, English Folk Dance and Song Society, to RAI, nd – glad that RAI will be taking part in conference (tp.)

154    VGS to MWS, 30 Mar. – thanks her for reminder regarding Reports of Committees; is in touch with JGJ (tp.)

155    Ibid. to WBF, 6 Apr. – thanks him for helpful letter [not held]; refers to ‘major snag’ – MWS has informed him that no liaison with DSIR can be contemplated without approval of Council; has asked AD to confirm that this is official attitude of RAI (tp.)

156    MWS to VGS, 20 Apr. – sorry that he has resigned from BEC; explains ties between RAI and its committees; not her own ‘ruling’; on his negotiations with DSIR; useful work can be done in British Ethnography from the Social Anthropology side; hopes he is willing to continue his work with the Committee (tpc.)

157    Ibid. to EE, 16 Aug. – refers to English Folk Dance and Song Society Conference; asks if she might attend as representative of RAI; RAI will pay registration fee; encloses copies of papers received [perhaps A59/12/153 & A59/12/153.1] (tpc.)

158    EE to MWS, 18 Aug. – happy to attend conference as RAI delegate; will pay her own fee (enclosed) (autogr. pc.)

159    Joan Edwards to EE, 19 Aug. – thanks her for agreeing to attend conference; Council would like a short report on the conference at meeting of either 6 Oct. or 3 Nov. (tpc.)

160    Ibid. to Sara Jackson, 19 Aug. – informs her that EE will attend conference as representative of RAI; encloses her registration fee (tpc.)

 .1    English Folk Dance & Song Society, 22 Aug. – receipt for fee [referred to in A59/12/160]

161    Sara Jackson to Joan Edwards, 30 Aug. – acknowledges letter of 19 Aug.; will send papers to EE (tp.)

162    JGJ to WBF, 3 Sept. – thanks him for letter [not held]; encloses account of meeting of 1 Sept.; committee has been appointed to explore possibility of new society; if WBF objects could he send a memorandum (autogr. with autogr. comment by WBF)

 .1    Report of meeting for those interested in formation of a Society for Folk Life Study, held on 1 Sept. in Cardiff. 2 leaves [enclosed with A59/12/162]

163    JGJ to MWS, 8 Sept. – attempts to arrange meeting of BEC for previous day unsuccessful; only one other member turned up; is disappointed with response of Committee; therefore wishes to resign as Secretary as he does not seem to have support of members; disbandment of Committee will have to be considered as it is not serving a useful purpose (tp.)

164    MWS to JGJ, 16 Sept. – sympathises with his position; she cannot personally accept resignation; Council meets for reappointment of committees in Oct.; she will bring his letter before them at that time; AD will probably be in touch directly; is sure that lack of response from Committee not to do with him personally (tpc.)

165    Ibid. to AD, 16 Sept. – encloses JGJ’s letter of 8 Sept. and her reply; suggests they meet with WBF before Council meets to discuss future of Committee (tp.)

166    AD to JGJ, 19 Sept. – MWS has shown him JGJ’s letter of 8 Sept.; he knew of JGJ’s discouragement and shared it; regrets the decision very much; repeats that only Council can accept resignation (tp. with autogr. note)

167    EE to MWS, 26 Sept. – confidential report of Conference on 24 Sept.; seems of greater importance to RAI than anticipated; details of papers and discussions; if MWS would like a short report for Man she can send one in two weeks’ time. 2 leaves (tp.)

 168    MWS to EE, 28 Sept. – thanks her for report; had no idea that most of the time would be taken up by new society; tells her that JGJ has resigned; suggests they might discuss the situation (tpc.)

169    EE to MWS, 30 Sept. – gives more detailed information on positions of various people involved in the conference and the possible new society (tp. with autogr. PS)

170    JGJ to ibid., 30 Sept. – pleased to continue membership of BEC; feels that it needs new blood and cutting out of dead wood (autogr.)

171    Dr W. Watson to MWS, 11 Oct. – encloses proforma (see A59/14/16.1); cannot attend meeting (autogr.)

172    Dept. Secretary, Dept. of Social Studies, University of Hull, to ibid., 11 Oct. – Dr P.M. Worsley in Canada for a year; therefore unable to attend meeting (tp.)

173    Assistant Keeper, Science Museum, to ibid., 17 Oct. – Mr O’Dea at present in India; therefore cannot attend meeting (tp.)

174    R.A. Cordingley to ibid., 21 Oct. – has not been able to contribute much to BEC; his commitments have increased; therefore sends apologies and resignation from the Committee (tp.)

175    MWS to EE, 27 Oct. – kind of her to offer to write report for Man on the conference at Cecil Sharp House; however this would only give publicity to plans for new society and journal; thinks it would be valuable if EE would discuss the matter with BEC; Committee meeting on 4 Nov.; discusses dates (tpc.)

176    Ibid. to Dr W. Watson, 27 Oct. – sorry that he cannot come to meeting which is primarily to discuss the future of the Committee; VGS has resigned as Hon. Secretary of Social Anthropology Sub-Committee; both he and JGJ discouraged by lack of response from members; MWS feels that a smaller committee might achieve more; asks for his opinion on this (tpc.)

177    EE to MWS, 28 Oct. – cannot come on 4 Nov.; suggests some alternative dates; her letters could be read to Committee (autogr.)

178    Dr W. Watson to ibid., 28 Oct. – was aware that JGS had resigned; his own opinion of the Committee; some centralising agency needed; difficulties of travelling to London for lectures from Scotland or Wales; idea of regional bibliography was a good one; hopes to meet her for a chat next week (tp.)

179    J.W.Y. Higgs’s secretary, Dept. of Agriculture, University of Oxford, to ibid., 31 Oct. – he cannot attend meeting on 4 Nov. (tp.)

180    Andrew Jewell to ibid., 1 Nov. – cannot attend meeting on 4 Nov. (autogr.)

181    J.B. Loudon, Social Psychiatry Research Unit, Penarth, Glamorgan, to ibid., 1 Nov. – cannot after all attend meeting on 4 Nov. (tp.)

182    D. Cherry to Joan Edwards, 2 Nov. – RAS has telephoned; cannot attend meeting on 4 Nov. (tp. note)

183    Dr Megaw, School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh, to MWS, 2 Nov. – cannot attend meeting on 4 Nov.; only received notification the day before; would have liked to attend Mr Lucas’s lecture (autogr.)

184    MWS to Dr W. Watson, 2 Nov. – agrees that Committee needs ‘attractions’; asks when he will next be in town (tpc.)

185    Dr W. Watson to MWS, 7 Nov. – on her and his own health; gives dates of his forthcoming visits to London; agrees it would be good to talk things over (tp.)

186    MWS to Dr W. Watson, 8 Nov. – arrangements to meet on 3 Dec. (tpc.)

187    A. Cossons to BEC, 31 Dec. – has a copy of Suggestions; is using it to classify material connected with 19th century elections; asks whether more detailed classifications have been worked out (tp.)


188    Joan Edwards to A. Cossons, 4 Jan. – his letter has been referred to WBF; copy has been sent to TWB who was concerned with compilation of Suggestions; to the best of WBF’s knowledge further sub-divisions were not worked out (tpc.)

189    Ibid. to TWB, 4 Jan. – informs him of receipt of letter from Mr Cossons; gives gist of reply; quotes from Mr Cossons’s letter; asks for his advice on this point (tpc.)

190    TWB to Mr A. Cossons [copied to RAI], 6 Jan. – the classification designed to be elastic; makes suggestions for sub-headings to suit Mr Cossons’s purposes (tp.)

191    Joan Edwards to TWB, 9 Jan. – thanks him for writing to Mr Cossons and for copy of the letter (tpc.)

192    JGJ to [no recipient], 10 May – notice of inaugural meeting of The Society for Folk Life Studies, to be held 6-8 Sept.; programme and registration form enclosed [A59/12/193.1 & .2](tp.)

 .1    Announcement of conference on scheme to form a Society for Folk Life Study (newspaper cutting)

193    JGJ, Acting Hon. Secretary, Society for Folk Life Studies, to AD, 15 June – announces the inaugural conference; invites RAI to send a representative to contribute to this symposium; encloses programme and registration form (tp.)

 .1    Programme for conference of Society for Folk Life Studies. 2 leaves (tp.)

 .2    Registration form for ibid. (tp.)

194    Joan Edwards to Dr W. Watson, 15 June – she has been asked to arrange a meeting concerning the BEC; WBF anxious that Dr Watson should attend; asks whether 22 June is convenient for him (tpc.)

195    Dr W. Watson to Joan Edwards, 16 June – cannot attend meeting on 22 June; suggests alternative dates (tp.)

196    BMB to Anthony H. Christie, Hon. Secretary, RAI, 1961-70 (AHC), 18 June – cannot attend meeting on 22 June; would not be able to attend meeting until after 12 July; suggests the meeting is held without her (autogr.)

197    Joan Edwards to Dr W. Watson, 22 June – neither AHC nor WBF available on 24 Sept.; they are anxious to fix meeting on a day which would be convenient for him; asks that he let her know when he could attend (tpc.)

198    Ronald G. Stansfield, British Association for the Advancement of Science, 30 June – refers to conversation on borderline between interests of the RAI and those of the Sociology Section of the British Association; encloses Sociology Section programme for Norwich meeting; does not anticipate any ‘collision’ between their activities (tp.)

 .1    24 Apr., programme of British Association, Norwich, Section N, Sociology (tp.)

199    Dr W. Watson to Joan Edwards, 11 July – could be in London on 24 Sept. if convenient (tp.)

200    AHC to EE, 18 Aug. – asks if she has received papers in connection with meeting of Society for Folk Life Studies  on 6-8 Sept.; had hoped to attend himself but unable; asks if she might give him a report, if she attends, to be used for discussion at meeting of BEC on 27 Sept. (tpc.)

201    EE to AHC, 23 Aug. – sorry but she cannot attend meeting on 6-8 Sept. (autogr. pc.)

202    AD, nd, notes on meeting of BEC held on [27] Sept.; Miss Jones advised Committee that she had prepared draft proposal for an exhibition; this not circulated; nor was there any agenda; paucity of attendance; as the future policy of RAI vis-à-vis the new folk culture society was involved, members felt they could serve no useful purpose; meeting adjourned (autogr.)

 .1    Compliments slip accompanying A59/12/202; with comment ‘this is rather disappointing’ in AD’s hand (printed)

203    AHC to AD, 3 Oct. – thanks him for note [A59/12/202.1] enclosing Minutes of last meeting of BEC; sorry that meeting was unsatisfactory; explains procedure for arranging agenda; points out that only document in RAI’s possession relating to new society was laid on the table; explains why Miss Jones’s proposal was not circulated (tpc.)

 .1    Report of the conference of Society for Folk Life Studies; list of officers elected; details of membership (tp.) [referred to in A59/12/203]

 .2    ‘Society for Folk Life Studies / Launching at London Conference’, [Sept.] (newspaper cutting)

204    VGS to AHC, 19 Oct. – surprised by suggestion in his letter of 18 Oct. [not held] that VGS should deal with Mr Stansfield’s enquiry; VGS cannot advise on present state of activity of BEC; resigned in May 1960, in protest against decision that it was improper for him to approach bodies such as DSIR without prior authority of RAI; as Hon. Sec. of RAI, AHC ex officio member of BEC; better able to give Mr Stansfield the information he requires (tp.) [copy sent to R.G. Stansfield, DSIR, Warren Spring Laboratory, Stevenage]

205    R.G. Stansfield to AHC, 22 Oct. – encloses ‘proper version’ of notice previously sent in draft, and letter sent with it; VGS sent him copy of his letter to AHC, which he is treating informally (autogr.)

 .1    Ibid., letter to accompany notice of 1962 meeting of British Association for the Advancement of Science (tp.) [enclosed with A59/12/205]

 .2    Programme of Sociology Section, 1962 meeting of British Association for the Advancement of Science (printed) [enclosed with A59/12/205]


206    J. Eric S. Thompson to CDF, 16 Jan. – has his note about the BEC; reluctantly accepts [chairmanship?]; refers to committee as ‘still-born’; will take over at spring meeting (tp.)

13/    1949-52. Expenses, device and sales of Suggestions

  1    Paid personally by TWB, Mar. 1949 – Nov. 1951. 11 items, a-k

  2    Total sales, Oct. 1950 – Mar. 1952

  3    Device for the English Museum

14/    Minutes etc.

Exploratory Committee on the Ethnography of Great Britain

  1    21 Oct. 1948

 .1    Notice of meeting [wrongly announced as 20 Oct.] (tpc.)

 .2    Minutes. 3 leaves (tp.) [BEC/1]

 .3    Signatures of those present (photocopy)

  2    6 Dec. 1948

 .1    Agenda (tpc.)

 .2    Letter from AD to HJF, circulated for information of Committee (tp.)

 .3    Minutes. 2 leaves (tp.) [BEC/2]

 .4    Signatures of those present; note by FS (photocopy)

  3    1 Feb. 1949

 .1    Notice of meeting (tpc.)

 .2    Agenda [includes ‘Museum of English Life and Traditions: scheme enclosed’: see A59/2/49]

 .3    Minutes. 2 leaves (tp.) [BEC/3]

  4    25 Mar. 1949

 .1    Agenda (tp.)

 .2    Minutes. 2 leaves (tp.) [BEC/4]

British Ethnography Committee

  5    21 Dec. 1949

 .1    Agenda (photocopy)

 .2    Note on Exhibition to be held in 1951 (Agenda no. 6) (photocopy)

 .3    Minutes. 2 leaves (tp.) [BEC/79/1]

  6    2 Nov. 1950

 .1    Agenda (tpc.)

 .2    Minutes. 2 leaves (tp.) [BEC/80/1]

  7    25 Mar. 1952

 .1    Agenda (tp.)

 .2    Minutes (tp.) [BEC/81/1]

  8    18 Dec. 1952

 .1    Notes of an informal meeting (photocopy)

[17 Jan. 1953: no agenda or minutes; meeting noted in letter dated 13 Jan. 1953 (see A59/8/4)]

  9    24 Sept. 1954

 .1    20 Sept. 1954, preliminary notice of meeting 24 Sept. to discuss the future of the Committee, to be confirmed if Sir Robert Hyde can attend (tp.)

 .2    Note to WBF on Sir Robert Hyde’s availability

 .3    Minutes. 2 leaves (tpc.)

 10    30 May 1958

 .1    15 May 1958, notice of proposed meeting 30 May 1958 (tp.)

 .2    Reply slip from BMB, able to attend [with comment]

Similar slips [not retained] from HJF, Dr R. Frankenberg, JGJ (see also A59/12/8), RAS, VGS

 .3    Reply slip from TWB, unable to attend [with comment]

Similar slips [not retained] from Dr J. Littlejohn (see also A59/12/10), JMM, ICP (see also A59/12/9)

 .4    Minutes (tp.)

 11    27 Sept. 1958

 .1    21 Aug. 1958, preliminary notice of meeting 27 Sept. 1958 followed by visit to Museum of English Rural Life (tp.)

 .2    Agenda (tp.)

 .3    Minutes (tp.) [BE/88/2]

 12    17 Apr. 1959

 .1    JGJ to MWS [and presumably other Committee members], encloses questionnaire about dates etc. for next meeting (tp.)

 .2    VGS’s reply to the questionnaire [with comments]

 .3    Agenda (tp.)

 .4    List of members Mar. 1959 [referred to in Agenda no. 3] (tp. with autogr. additions)

 .5    Minutes. 3 pages (tp.) [BE/88/3]

 13    Annual Report, 1958-59. 2 leaves (tp

 14    6 May 1960

 .1    Agenda (tp.)

 .2    Minutes (tp.)

 15    7 Sept. 1960

 .1    Agenda (tp.)

 16    4 Nov. 1960

 .1    MWS to members of Committee with reply slip concerning dates and dinner (tp.)

 .2    Reply slip from J.B. Loudon, able to attend (see also A59/12/181)

Similar slip [not retained] from RAS (see also A59/12/182)

 .3    Reply slip from ICP, unable to attend [with comment]

Similar slips [not retained] from F. Atkinson, TWB, P. Collison, R.A. Cordingley (see also A59/12/174), R.J. Frankenberg, A. Jewell (see also A59/12/180), J. Littlejohn, G.D. Mitchell, W. Watson (see also A59/12/171), M. Young

 .4    Agenda (tp. with autogr. list of apologies)

 17    22 June 1961

 .1    13 June 1961, notice of possible meeting 22 June 1961 (tpc.)

 .2    19 June 1961, notice of meeting to discuss future work of the BEC to be held 22 June 1961 (tp. pc)

 18    27 Sept. 1961

 .1    13 July 1961, preliminary notice of meeting 27 Sept. 1961 (tp.)

 19    Minute book 1948-60 [on oversize shelf]

Notebook with pages pasted into it. Minutes of meetings of:

Exploratory Committee on the Ethnography of Great Britain
21 Oct. 1948
6 Dec. 1948
1 Feb. 1949
25 Mar. 1949
British Ethnography Committee
21 Dec. 1949
2 Nov. 1950
25 Mar. 1952
notice of meeting 30 May 1958
30 May 1958
27 Sept. 1958
17 Apr. 1959
6 May 1960

15/    Sub-Committees: Agendas, Minutes etc. [See also A59/12 for general correspondence relating to the Sub-Committees]

Social Anthropology Sub-Committee

  1    VGS, Honorary Secretary, to WBF [and presumably others], 17 Oct. 1958 – Council has agreed to reorganization of the BEC and the setting up of a Sub-Committee concerned with social studies; list of objectives and membership enclosed (Appendix A); progress reports to be prepared by Jan.; questionnaire enclosed (Appendix B) regarding time and place of meeting (tp.)

 .1    Appendix A referred to in A59/15/1 (tp.)

 .2    Appendix B referred to in A59/15/1 (tp.)

  2    VGS, 5 Nov. – information circular on results of questionnaire [A59/15/1.2] (tp. copy)

  3    Ibid. – notice of meeting 25 Nov.; agenda. 2 leaves (tp. copy with autogr. notes)

  4    Minutes of meeting 25 Nov. 3 leaves (tp.)

  5    25 Nov. – report of sub-committee (tp. with autogr. note)

  6    VGS, 2 Mar. 1959 – information circular giving notice of meeting 17 Apr (tp. copy)

  7    Ibid, 23 Mar. – notice of meeting 17 Apr.; agenda (tp. copy with autogr. notes)

  8    Ibid. – information circular on working procedure (tp. copy)

  9    Minutes of meeting 17 Apr. (tp.)

 10    17 Apr. – report. 2 leaves (tp.)