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19/     Awards made in 1961. Chair Dr Audrey Richards

1/     Trustees’ Business

1     WBF, Acting Hon. Secretary to EEP, 9 May – informed Council members that he had said he did not wish to be re-elected as a Trustee; Dr John Beattie has been appointed (tpc.)

S.W.B. Fernando (Wickremasekara), Mrs Josephine Harmsworth, Miss Jocelyne Richard, J.P. Singh and Behari Verma shortlisted for interview; Applications from O.R. Dathorne, Miss Janet Love, Miss Barbara Pell, John Pilgrim, Robert Robert and G. Shogbola unsuccessful see Horniman Minutes, HT/87/1,/87/2, 6,29 May 1958, ff. 91-2

2/     Requests for Information

In alphabetical order:


1     George N. Appell, 24 Feb. (tp.)

2     Henry K. Githara, 16 Mar. (autogr.)

3/     Unsuccessful Applications

In alphabetical order:

1     Jean Lynn Jenkins,25 Apr. 1961 – application form. 4 pp. (tp.)

.1     Ibid., [25 Apr.] – details of expenses (tp.)

References from: .2, A.A. Bake, [May] (tpc.); .3, Kenneth G. Bergin, 11 May (tp.); .4, L.E.R. Picken, 3 May (tpc.)

.5     Notes on JLJ for the Trustees, [May] (tpc.)

.6     Joan Edwards to JLJ, 19 May – the Trustees are unable to make her an award (tpc.)

2     Isaac Chulu Mumpansha, 24 Apr. 1961 – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

.1     Kenneth Johnson, 16 May – reference (autogr.)

.2     Notes on ICM for the Trustees, [May] (tpc.)

.3     Joan Edwards to ICM, 19 May – the Trustees are unable to make him an award (tpc.)

.4     Revd. Harry O. Morton to Joan Edwards, 26 May – the World Council of Churches is sympathetic towards ICM but has limited funds; hopes the Horniman can support him (tp.)

.5     Joan Edwards to Revd. Harry O. Morton, 30 May 1961 – the Trustees cannot make an award to ICM; hopes the World Council of Churches will be able to help him (tpc.)

3     Peter John Arthur Rigby, 4 Feb. – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

.1     Ibid., [Feb.] – problems of Gogo social continuity. 4 leaves (tpc.)

.2     PJAR to Joan Edwards, 13 Feb. – on his referees; estimated budget (tp.)

References from: .3, H.A. Fosbrooke, 20 Apr. 1960 (tpc.); .4, Monica Wilson, 2 Mar. 1961 (tp.)

.5     Raymond Apthorpe to Joan Edwards, 14 Mar. – cannot support PJAR’s application (tp.)

.6     Notes on PJAR for the Trustees, [May]. 2 leaves (tpc.)

.7     Joan Edwards to PJAR, 19 May – the Trustees are unable to make him an award (tpc.)

.8     EEP to Dr Audrey Richards, 31 May – has no objection to PJAR being reconsidered; thinks H.A. Fosbrooke should be written to again (tp.)

.9     Prof. Meyer Fortes to AHC, 16 June – has a high opinion of PJAR’s talents; recommends him for a grant. 2 leaves (tp.)

.10     H.A. Fosbrooke to Joan Edwards, 23 June – explains the reasons for PJAR’s resignation from the Rhodes-Livingston Institute; if time in England has allowed him to see the African situation from a better perspective he may do well (tp.)

4/     Alison Hope Redmayne. The Hehe of Tanganyika.

1961-2. A study of the Hehe of Tanganyika. Supervisor EEP. Grant £1250


1     AHR, 24 Apr. 1961 – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

2     Ibid., [24 Apr.] – the Hehe (tp.)

3     D.A.T. Dick, 27 Apr. – recommends AHR (tp.)

4     W.A.J. Watson, [May] – ibid. (autogr.)

5     J.H.M. Beattie to AHC, 19 May – reference (tp.)

6     B. Kemp to Joan Edwards, 23 May – ibid. (tp.)

7     D.F. Pocock to Joan Edwards, 30 May 1961 – ibid. (tp.)

8     Notes on AHR for the Trustees, [May] (tp.)

9     Walter A. Prideaux, Goldsmiths’ Company to AHR, 21 June – she has been awarded a grant of £400 (tpc.)

10     EEP to AHC, 22 June – encloses letter from Goldsmiths’ Company (19/4/9 above); supposes it will affect the amount she needs from the Horniman Fund (tp.)

11     Walter A. Prideaux to EEP, 26 June – gives details of the Goldsmiths’ award to AHR (tp.)

12     AHC to AHR, 18 July – the Trustees have made her an award of £1250; see also Horniman Minutes, 28 June 1961, f. 104

13     AHR to AHC, 21 July – thanks him; is making travelling arrangements; will let him know banking details (tp.)

14     Ibid., 1 Aug. – plans to open an account in Tanganyika; expects to leave on 2 Sep.; hopes to buy a Land Rover; asks for her first instalment to be large to cover this (autogr.)

15     AHC to AHR, 3 Aug. – agrees to her request; makes suggestions; asks about her Goldsmiths’ grant (tpc.)

16     AHR to AHC, 3 Aug. – on details of her Goldsmiths’ grant; on payment arrangements; has had advice on buying the Land Rover; alters her estimates accordingly (tp.)

17     AHC to AHR, 11 Aug. – sets out a payment schedule (tpc.)


18     AHR to AHC, 13 Sep. 1962 – encloses a report of her activities during the last year; on her languages; has met other anthropologists; all is going well; her Land Rover never let her down (tp.)

19     Ibid., [13 Sep.] – report for Sep. 1961 to Sep. 1962. 3 leaves (tp.)

20     AHC to AHR, 22 Oct. – thanks her for the report; will show it to the Trustees (tpc.)


21     J.H.M. Beattie to AHC, 30 May 1963 – report on AHR (tp.)

22     AHR to AHC, 18 Oct. – has returned to Oxford; hopes to visit London and hand in her final report (tp.)

23     Ibid., 11 Nov. – final report. 2 leaves (tpc.)

24     AHR to AHC, 12 Nov. 1963 – plans to visit London; is going to the Horniman Museum with a quantity of material culture; encloses her final report; see also20/4/12, 31 Dec. 1963 below


25     Ibid., 4 Jan. 1964 – asks for the address of A.T. Culwick

5/     S.B.W. Wickremasekera (Fernando). A Karava (fishing) caste community in Tangalla, south Ceylon.

1961-2. Supervisor Prof. C. von Fürer-Haimendorf. Grant £500


1     SBWW, 24 Mar. 1961 – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.); see also Horniman Minutes, HT/87/2, 29 May 1958, f. 92; first application rejected see also 16/1; 19/1 above

2     Ibid., [24 Mar.] – the plan for an intensive study of a Karava (fishing) caste community in Tangalla. 6 pp. (tp.)

3     W. McCormack to MWS, 27 Mar. – supports SBWW’s application (tp.)

4     E.R. Leach to AHC, 7 Apr. – reference (tp.)

5     SBWW to Joan Edwards, 23 Apr. – on his referees; has been to visit the village of his proposed study (autogr.)

6     A.L. Fernandez Prabha to Joan Edwards, 10 May – recommends SBWW. 2 leaves (tp.)

7     Notes on SBWW’s application for the Trustees, [June] (tp.)

8     AHC to SBWW, 1 July – the Trustees have made him an award of £500 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 28 June 1961, f. 104

9     SBWW to AHC, 5 Aug. – has been travelling widely; will write about payment arrangements (tp.)

10     Ibid., 24 Sep. – gives bank details (tp.)

11     Joan Edwards to SBWW, 5 Oct. – arrangements for his first payment have been made; mentions that R.R. Nayacakalou has returned; he had a profitable trip (tpc.)

6/     Roy Geoffrey Willis. The Fipa of E. Africa.

1961-2. To complete a period of study. Supervisor EEP, Dr J.H.M. Beattie. Grant £360

1964-5. Fieldwork in East Africa. Supervisor Dr J.H.M. Beattie. Grant £500. Extended by £100, £80. Total £680

Award of £360 made see Horniman Minutes, 28 June 1961, f. 104

Award of £1230 made see Horniman Minutes, 27 June 1962, f. 106 and 20/1/2, 27 Sep. 1962

Award of £100 made see Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110


1     Notes to the Trustees on RGW [18 Mar. 1961] (tpc.); see also 19/1/2, 18 May 1961 above

2     RGW to AHC, 16 Mar. 1966 – hopes to return to East Africa to follow up his fieldwork; needs extra money; asks if Horniman fund could supply it (tp.)

3     AHC to RGW, 23 Mar. – doubts the Trustees will give him any more; they do not meet until Oct. (tpc.)

see also 58/01/3.2

20/     Awards made in 1962. Chair Prof. I. Schapera

1/     Trustees’ Business

1     Secretary to EEP to AHC, 6 June 1962 – he thought he had resigned as a Trustee; does not wish to be re-elected (tp.)

2     AHC to Accountant, 27 Sep. – lists scholarships and awards made this year; to Elizabeth A. Bell and J.M. Goodliffe, J.D. Kesby, R.G. Willis and A.J. Strathern (autogr.)

Seven candidates interviewed: Elizabeth A. Bell, D.H.M. Brooks, L. Caplan, J.M. Goodliffe, J.D. Kesby, A.J. Strathern and R.G. Willis see Horniman Minutes, 27 June 1962, f. 106

2/     Elizabeth Ann Bell later Goodliffe. Central American archaeology (Mexico) [see also 20/3 below]


1     EAB, 26 Apr. 1962 – application form. 4 pp. (tp.)

2     EAB and J.M. Goodliffe to AHC, 24 Apr. 1962 – covering letter; asks for her and J.M. Goodliffe’s applications to be considered together; they will be married in the summer (autogr.)

3     Miss D. Davey, British Council to Dr I.W. Cornwall, 2 May – quotes a letter from a representative in Mexico; on scholarships for J.M. Goodliffe and EAB; travel costs will not be covered; suggests J.M. Goodliffe should seek advice from Eric Thompson; not sure if the British Council can help with travel expenses; hopes the RAI can (tp., photocopy)

4     I.W. Cornwall to WBF, 9 May – encloses photocopy (20/2/3 above); it should be attached to EAB’s application form; she has been accepted by the Dep. Of Prehistory of the Institute Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (autogr.)

5     Ibid., [May] – reference (tp.)

6     AHC to EAB, 25 July – the Trustees make her a grant of £135 towards travelling expenses (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 27 June 1962, f. 106

3/     John Michael Goodliffe. Central American archaeology [see also 20/2 above]


1     JMG, 24 Apr. 1962 – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

2     W.F. Grimes to WBF, 16 May – on the grants obtained for JMG and Elizabeth Ann Bell; hopes the Horniman Trustees will be sympathetic to their need for travel money (tp.)

3     I.W. Cornwall, [May] – reference (tp.)

4     AHC to JMG, 25 July – the Trustees make him a grant of £135 towards travelling expenses (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 27 June 1962, f. 106


5     [I.W. Cornwall to AHC via Prof. F.E. Zeuner, 30 May] – extracts from a letter from JMG and Mrs Goodliffe written on 7 Apr. giving their report. 3 leaves (tpc.)

4/     John Douglas Kesby. Social structure of the Irangi people of Tanganyika


1     EEP to AHC, 24 Apr. – supports JKD’s application (autogr.)

2     C.F.W.R. Gullick to AHC, 25 Apr. 1962 – reference (tp.)

3     K.O.L. Burridge, 26 Apr. – ibid. (tp.)

4     JDK, 28 Apr. – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

5     Walter A. Prideaux, Clerk of the Goldsmiths’ Company to AHC, 9 July – thanks him for the information that JDK has been awarded £1500 by the Horniman Trustees; the Goldsmiths’ Company will decide the amount of their award when he has presented more detailed plans (tp.); see also Horniman Minutes, 27 June 1962, f. 106

6     AHC to JDK, 27 Sep. – on arrangements for the payment of his grant (tpc.)


7     JDK to AHC, 29 Apr. 1963 – on his payments; his supervisor is Dr D.J. Stenning at Makerer and Dr J. Beattie at Oxford; gives brief outline of his programme (autogr.)

8     JDK to AHC, 3 May – thanks him for making the arrangements; asks if he would write to the East African Office to confirm he has been made a Horniman award (autogr.)

9     AHC to the East African Office, 8 May – confirms the award (tpc.)

10     JDK to AHC, 13 May – his visitor’s pass has arrived (autogr.)

11     Ibid., 28 July – has arrived in the field; gives an account of his activities so far (autogr.)

12     Ibid., 31 Dec. – a further report on his activities; has inherited two metal drawers from Alison Redmayne; is filming and recording; on finances (autogr.)


13     AHC to JDK, 16 Jan. 1964 – glad he is doing well; the Trustees will not let him have all his money at once; has arranged for a transfer of £500 (tpc.)

14     JDK to AHC, 13 Sep. – has been very busy; hopes to stay until 1966; is waiting to hear from Dr J. Beattie; on his future plans (autogr.)


15     JDK to AHC, 14 Mar. 1965 – has renewed his Visitor’s Pass; has continued to gather information; has given talks and written articles; Dr Beattie is there; he approves of his stay as long as his funds will last (autogr.)


16     Ibid., 11 Mar. 1966 – plans to return in Sep.; has helped Prof. King in editing a textbook; is learning new languages and continuing to gather information (autogr.)

5/     Andrew Jamieson Strathern. Descent, land tenure and social change in the New Guinea highlands


1     AJS to AHC, 18 Apr. 1962 – Prof. Meyer Fortes has suggested that he enquires about a Horniman scholarship; encloses details; would like Studentship to run from Sep. 1963 (autogr.)

2     Ibid., [18 Apr.] – details of his proposal. 7 leaves (tpc.)

3     AJS to AHC, 29 Apr.– encloses application form; gives further details of his plans; is going to marry a fellow anthropologist (Ann Marilyn Evans) and work with her (autogr.)

4     Ibid., 29 Apr. – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

5     J.F. Elam to AHC, 22 June – highly recommends AJS (tp.)

6     Prof. Meyer Fortes to AHC, 25 June – ibid. (tp.)

7     AJS to AHC, 4 July – thanks him for Trustees’ grant of £500 (autogr.); see also Horniman Minutes, 27 June 1962, f. 106

8     Ibid., 29 Aug. – gives details of his finances and difficulties; plans to marry in July and leave for the Pacific in Sep. 1963; asks for Horniman money to be available between these months. 4 pp. (autogr.)

9     AHC to Prof. Meyer Fortes, 27 Sep. – the Trustees expect a further application from AJS; asks for a report on his progress (tpc.)

10     AHC to AJS, 27 Sep. – agrees to his request and makes suggestions (tpc.)

11     AJS to AHC, 17 Oct. – is grateful for Trustees’ help; on his equipment. 3 pp. (autogr.)

12     AHC to AJS, 19 Oct. – on his equipment; gives advice on typewriters (tpc.)

13     AJS to AHC, 25 Oct. – on typewriters (autogr.)

14     Ibid., 10 Nov. – ibid.; has chosen a Beaucourt (autogr.)

15     Ibid., 27 Nov. – on filing cabinets and dictionaries (autogr.)

16     AHC to AJS, 28 Nov. 1962 – has arranged for a cheque to pay for his equipment (tpc.)

17     AJS to AHC, 16 Dec. – on his travel plans; needs to pay a deposit. 2 leaves (tp.)


18     Ibid., 6 Jan. 1963 – on booking a passage. 3 pp. (autogr.)

19     AHC to Sir Henry Lunn Ltd, 9 Jan. – confirms booking for AJS; asks them to accept the Horniman Trustees’ guarantee; it would be inconvenient for them to pay until summer (tpc.)

20     D.F. Loveridge, Sir Henry Lunn Ltd to AHC, 10 Jan. – gives total fare required; asks whether AJS will be paying any of it (tp.)

21     AHC to D.F. Loveridge, 14 Jan. – understands that Mrs Strathern may also receive a grant (tpc.)

22     D.F. Loveridge to AHC, 16 Jan. – has paid the Steamship company the deposit (tp.)

23     AJS to AHC, 7 Mar. – asks whether his fiancée could make an application for a grant as well; asks about carriage of cargo; wants an advance on his money to pay for typed vocabularies. 2 leaves (tp.)

24     AHC to AJS, 19 Mar. – he should ask Alfred Holt about cargo; will cover typing expenses; his fiancée could make an application; they should make a note of the circumstances (tpc.)

25     AJS to AHC, 25 Apr. – encloses an application; has not filled in another form; has included details asked for by Prof. R. Firth; asks him to mention to the Trustees that he will be working with his fiancée and that the plans may be modified. 3 leaves (autogr.)

26     Ibid., [25 Apr.] – detailed application. 14 leaves (tp., maps)

27     J.R. Goody to AHC, 23 May – Prof. Meyer Fortes has asked him to provide the report on AJS’s progress; he is doing well (tp.)

28     AHC to AJS, 6 June – the Trustees have awarded him £1500; Miss Evans has also been made a grant (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 30 May 1963, f. 108

29     AJS to AHC, 8 June – he and his fiancée are grateful; makes an arrangement to meet to discuss payment arrangements (tp.)

30     Ibid., 4 Sep. – asks for help in obtaining entry permits to New Guinea. 3 pp. (autogr.)

31     AHC to N.D. Oram, New Guinea Research Unit, 10 Sep. 1963 – Mr and Mrs Strathern are bonafide research workers; asks him to arrange entry permits for them (tpc.)

32     AJS to AHC, 9 Oct. – now has six month permits; asks him to confirm to the Migration Officer that money is reserved for their passage home; has sent off a crate; is due to leave on 26 Nov. 3 pp. (autogr.)

33     Ibid., 11 Oct. – glad that he and his wife have been elected Fellows; arranges to meet (autogr.)

34     AHC to AJS, 14 Oct. – offers times for meeting; encloses copy of letter to Migration Officer (tpc.)

35     Ibid., to Migration Officer, Australia House, 14 Oct. – the RAI holds funds to guarantee the return passage of Mr and Mrs Strathern (tpc.)


36     AJS to AHC, 15 July 1965 – on arrangements made for their return passage. 4 leaves (autogr.)

37     Ibid., 3 Oct. – gives details about his sailing. 2 leaves (autogr.)

38     AJS to AHC, 15 Oct. – confirms arrangements; asks about bringing items back for the Horniman Museum (autogr.)

39     Ibid., 25 Oct. – on problems with luggage; asks if there will be enough money to airfreight fieldnotes (autogr.)

40     Ibid., 29 Oct. – on money for their return (autogr.)

41     AHC to AJS, 1 Nov. – has arranged money as requested (tpc.)

42     AJS to AHC, 13 Nov. – thanks him; expects to be home in early Jan. (autogr.)


43     Ibid., 29 June – wishes to arrange to meet him; wants to go to a new field area; asks if there is any money left or whether he can make a new application. 3 pp. (autogr.)

44     AHC to AJS, 8 July – is sorry he could not meet him because of the Garden Party; he does have some money left; doubts the Trustees will make him another award (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 29 Sep. 1966, f. 113

45     AJS to AHC, 12 Dec. – asks for £300 of his Horniman money to be paid into his and his wife’s account; has obtained a further grant; will be leaving next Apr. (autogr.)

46     AHC to AJS, 21 Dec. 1966 – the cheque has been paid in (tpc.)


47     AJS to AHC, 12 Jan. 1967 – needs another letter to the Australian Migration Officer confirming that there are funds for his return (autogr.)

48     AHC to W.G. Kiddle, Canberra House, 13 Jan. – the Horniman Fund has awarded £600 to Mr and Mrs Strathern for their fieldwork in New Guinea during 1967 (tpc.)

21/     Awards made in 1963. Chair Prof. I. Schapera

1/     Trustees’ Business

1     List of candidates whose references have been taken up, 15 May; G. Benjamin, J. Berrell, M.E.F. Bloch, Audrey G. Boorne, R.J. Brain, D.H. McC. Brooks, J.H. Chaplin, B.A.L. Cranstone, A.R. Crichton, Ann Marilyn Evans, T.G.I. Hamnett, R.A. Kennedy, Katrin Norris, D.C. Pitt and A.J. Strathern (tp.)

2     EEP to AHC, 17 May – thinks D.H.M. Brooks has the right sort of personality for fieldwork; has not seen much of D.C. Pitt; his tutor thinks well of him (autogr.)

3     Agenda of meeting of 14 June 1963; list of students for current report: E.R. Clausen, E.A. Bell and J.M. Goodliffe, J.D. Kesby, R.R. Nayacakalou, R.G. Willis; list of interviewees: G. Benjamin, Miss A.G. Boorne, D.H.M. Brooks, J.H. Chaplin, T.G.I. Hamnett, J.E. Lavers, D.C. Pitt (tpc.)

2/     Unsuccessful Applications

In alphabetical order:

1     Bryan Allan Lefevre Cranstone, 30 Apr. 1963 – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

.1     BALC to AHC, 30 Apr. – covering letter; the British Museum will support him for travel and subsistence; what he would like from the Horniman Fund is money for a camera; is willing to return it at the end of his studentship (autogr.)

.2     Adrian Digby to AHC, 17 May – recommends BALC to the Trustees (tp.)

.3     AHC to BALC, 31 May 1963 – expects Adrian Digby will have told him that the Trustees have not made him a grant; they are willing to lend him their ciné camera (tpc.)

.4     Prof. Daryll Forde to AHC, 6 June 1961 – endorses BALC’s application (tp.)

2     Dr F. Harwood Stevenson to AHC, 20 May 1963 – reference for Ian Hamnett (tp., photocopy)

.1     Dr Kenneth Little to AHC, 22 May – ibid. (tp., photocopy)

.2     T.B. Smith to AHC, 22 May – ibid. (tp., photocopy); see also Horniman Minutes, 14 June 1963, f. 109

3     Robert Alexander Kennedy to AHC, 20 Feb. 1963 – finds he needs more time to complete his work; his supervisor, Humphrey J. Case has advised him to apply for a Horniman studentship; he also suggested that AHC might be willing to support his application (autogr.); see also 18/2 above

.1     AHC to RAK, 1 Mar. – encloses a form; does not think that as Secretary to the Trustees he should support him (tpc.)

.2     RAK, 14 Apr. – application form. 4 pp. (tp.)

.3     Ibid., to AHC, 16 Apr. – covering letter; gives additional details of his situation (tp.)

.4     Ibid., 17 May – names an alternative referee; is not convinced of the value of fieldwork at present; has altered his opinion of the most important area to study; wishes to regard his present studies as a preparation for later intensive fieldwork; is engaged on analysing material for publication; this will reduce the budget he estimated. 2 leaves (tp.)

.5     Charles H. Byron to AHC, 17 May – reference (tp.)

.6     RAK to AHC, 27 May – has discussed his thesis with his supervisors; gives a revised estimate of expenses (tp.)

.7     Dr A.J. Arkell to AHC, 29 May – gives details of RAK’s history; thinks it would be a pity if he could not complete his course (tp.)

.8     Humphrey J. Case to AHC, 29 May – recommends RAK (tp.)

.9     AHC to R.A. Kennedy, 31 May 1961 – his name has not been short-listed by the Trustees (tpc.)

*3/     Geoffrey Benjamin. A full social-anthropological study of the Temiar-Senoi of the Nenggiri Valley, Kelantan, Malaya, with special reference to political and religious organisation, system of shifting agriculture, and linguistics (including ethnolinguistics).

1963-4, 1964-5. Supervisor E.R. Leach. Grant £1200. Extended by £160. Total £1360

Grant of £1200 awarded see Horniman Minutes, 14 June 1963, f. 109; see also 24/7/1, 9 July 1966 below

4/     Revd. John Daniel Berrell. The Karanga people of S. Rhodesia


1     JDB to AHC, 24 Apr. – wishes to apply for a Horniman grant; gives qualifications, estimate of expenses and names of referees. 2 leaves (tp.)

2     Ibid., 27 Apr. – application form. 4 pp. (tp.)

3     A.A. Stephenson, 27 Apr. – recommends JDB (tpc.)

4     Revd. John Duggan, 28 Apr. – ibid. (tpc.)

5     Revd. E. Smithies, 28 Apr. – ibid. (tpc.)

6     Notes on JDB for the Trustees, [May] (tpc.)

7     Joan Edwards to JDB, 19 May – regrets the Trustees cannot make him an award; he may reapply (tpc.)


8     JDB to AHC, 3 Apr. 1963 – has completed his B. Litt.; wishes to make another application; gives further details. 2 leaves (tpc.)

9     AHC to JDB, 6 June – the Trustees have made him an award of £300; will arrange for Prof. Clyde Mitchell to be his supervisor (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 30 May 1963, f. 108

10     JDB to AHC, 21 June – his money should be paid into the Jesuit account (tp.)

11     JDB to AHC, 25 Oct. – has begun his researches; Prof. Mitchell is willing to supervise his work; has attended a talk by Lucy Mair (tp.)

12     AHC to JDB, 4 Nov. – will write to Prof. Clyde Mitchell (tpc.)

13     Ibid., to Prof. Clyde Mitchell, 4 Nov. – will be grateful if he acts as JDB’s supervisor; needs a short report on him next Spring (tpc.)

14     Prof. Clyde Mitchell to AHC, 14 Nov. 1963 – will get JDB to submit regular monthly reports (tp.)

Further award of £160 awarded see Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110

5/     David Hedrick McCarroll Brooks. The Bakhtiari, Iran, Persia


1     DHMB, 27 Apr. 1963 – application form. 4 pp. (tp.)

2     Ibid., 27 Apr. – covering letter; would like to be interviewed as soon as possible; has provided an alternative region of study due to difficulties in obtaining permission to visit Persia (tp.)

3     I.M. Lewis to AHC, 20 May – reference (tp.)

4     Godfrey Lienhardt to AHC, 30 May – supports DHMB’s application (tp.)

5     Ibid., 13 June – gives a fuller reference; was brief before because he expected DHMB would get a Scottish Education grant; he has applied for a Wolfson Fellowship at the British Institute of Persian Studies in Teheran; hopes he will receive a Horniman grant (tp.)

6     AHC to DHMB, 18 June – the Trustees have made him an award of £1000 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 14 June 1963, f. 109


7     DHMB, 3 June 1964 – first report; has been ill but used the time for study; his wife has been asked to set up a medical clinic; this proved a useful contact with the Government; on the tribe he is studying. 2 leaves (tp.)

8     AHC to DHMB, 12 June – thanks him for his report; sorry he had to forfeit his Scottish studentship; has arranged money transfer (tpc.)


9     DHMB to AHC, 7 May 1965 – wonders if he could obtain extra funding; needs financing while writing up his research (tp.)

10     P.A. Lienhardt to AHC, 7 May – supports DHMB’s request (tp.)

11     AHC to Prof. Meyer Fortes [copies to all Trustees], 20 May – asks if he approves of an extra grant to DHMB (tp., autogr. note by Prof. Meyer Fortes – has no objection)

Letters with notes of agreement from other Trustees not retained

12     AHC to DHMB, 26 May – the Trustees have granted him an extra £300 (tpc.)

13     DHMB to AHC, 30 May – is grateful; on payments (tp.)


14     Ibid., 29 May 1966 – after various difficulties is now free to travel unsupervised by the Secret Police; Dr Peter Lienhardt is pleased with his progress; is in acute difficulties with finance; asks for more money; may have to stop his research to get some work; this would cause suspicions with the Secret Police (tp.)

15     AHC to Dr Godfrey Lienhardt, 3 June – asks what he thinks about DHMB’s latest request (tpc.)

16     Dr Godfrey Lienhardt to AHC, 8 June – thinks DHMB should be supported; his brother (P.A. Lienhardt) speaks highly of him (autogr.)

17     P.A. Lienhardt to AHC, [June?] – supports DHMB’s request for an additional grant; explains his situation; thinks his work is very valuable (tp.)

18     AHC to DHMB, 9 June – the Trustees will allow him another £300 (tpc.)

19     AHC to Dr P.A. Lienhardt, 20 July – DHMB has been sent a further sum to complete his work with the Bakhtiari; doubts he will receive anything more (tpc.)

20     Dr P.A. Lienhardt to AHC, 25 July – is grateful that the grant was made; considers it will have been worth while; is recovering from typhoid (autogr.)

*6/     James Harvey Chaplin. East and Central African rock art and the present day ethnographic parallels in hut-decoration and ritual paintings and designs.

1963-4, 1964-5. Grant £300. Extended by £400. Total £700. Publications Forenames in N. Rhodesia; Wiving and thriving in N. Rhodesia in Africa XXIX 1959, p. 384-90, XXXII 1962, p. 111-22; Suicide in N. Rhodesia in African studies 1961, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 145-74; Concepts of the rainbow in Southern Africa in Ethnos 1959, pp. 151-71; Some snow crystal types from the Falkland Islands dependencies in J. of Glaciology 1956, vol. 2, pp. 733-4; A note on Mancala games in N. Rhodesia; On the making of a Chitumwa; A note on Central African dream concepts; A note on folk-art in N. Rhodesia in Man 1956, no. 193; 1957, no. 184; 1958, no. 119; 1963, no. 81; Some aspects of rainfall in N. Rhodesia I and II; The cost of exploring the Zambezi; an African sundowner party; Note on African taxes and tax stamps; Notes on the forts of the E. Province; Notes on some sites in Soli history in Northern Rhodesia Journal 1954,1955 vol. II, nos. 4 &6, pp. 32-8, 16-23; 1956 vol. III, no. 2, pp. 164-70; 1957 vol. III, no. 4, pp. 298-302; 1961 vol. IV, no. 5, pp. 443-5, 462-8; 1962 vol. V, no. 1, pp. 50-55; Preliminary account of Iron Age burials with gold in the Gwembe Valley in Proc. Of First Federal Science Congress 1960, pp. 397-406; Reliability of rainfall in N. Rhodesia; Sunshine in N. Rhodesia in Rhodesian Agricultural Journal; The Munwa stream rock engravings; Unpublished rock paintings of N. Rhodesia; Notes on traditional smelting in N. Rhodesia in South African Archaeological Bulletin 1959, vol. 14, no. 53, pp. 28-34; 1960, vol. 15, no. 58, pp. 45-9; 1961, vol. 16, no. 62, pp. 53-60; Note on rock grooves in N. Rhodesia; Further unpublished rock paintings from N. Rhodesia; A new rock engraving site in N. Rhodesia in S. African Archaeological Bulletin 1961, vol. 16, no. 64 p. 149; 1962, vol. 17, no. 65, pp. 5-13; Leonardo the Florentine; The wet season in N. Rhodesia in Weather 1952, vol. 7, pp. 170-1; 1954, vol. 9, pp. 272-5

Grant of £300 awarded see Horniman Minutes, 14 June 1963, f. 109

Further award of £400 granted see Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110

7/     Ann Marilyn Evans later Strathern. Descent, land tenure and social change in the New Guinea highlands; see also 20/5 above


1     AME, June 1962 – Zande witchcraft. 14 leaves (tp.)


2     AME to AHC, 24 Apr. 1963 – covering letter; encloses application form and two papers; notes that her application is complementary to that of A.J. Strathern. 2 leaves (tp.)

3     Ibid., [24 Apr.] – application form. 4 pp. (tp.)

4     Ibid., [24 Apr.] – more detailed account of plans and expenses; enclosed with 7/1 above. 8 leaves (tp.)

5     D.M. Wheatley [to Trustees], 27 Apr. – reference (tp.)

6     J.R. Goody to Trustees, 29 Apr. – ibid. (tp.)

7     Miss M. Leale to AHC, 17 May – ibid. (tp.)

8     Alison Duke to AHC, 17 May – ibid. (tp.)

9     AME to AHC, 18 May – asks for return of her essay on Dinka Totemism (tp.)

10     Agnes R. Cooper to AHC, 22 May – reference. 2 leaves (autogr.)

11     Ibid., [22 May] – gives her own personal credentials (autogr.)

12     AHC to AME, 7 June – the Trustees had already decided to make a grant of £1500 to Andrew Strathern [her fiancé]; did not feel able to make another grant for the same expedition; were very impressed with her testimonials; decided to award her £250 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 30 May 1963, f. 108

13     AME to AHC, 10 June – expresses gratitude. 2 leaves (autogr.)

14     Ibid., 29 June – thanks him for cheque and for inviting her to the Huxley Dinner (autogr.)

15     Ibid., 31 July – is now married; Dr J.R. Goody will be the couple’s supervisor for the Michaelmas term; Dr Paula Brown will be their supervisor while they are in the field; asks about reports (autogr.)


16     AME to AHC, 1 May 1967 – asks for £300 to be paid into her joint account so she can plan her travel to New Guinea; AJS left last Monday (tp.)

17     Mrs Barbara Bentley to AME, 19 May – AHC has arranged the transfer (tpc.); see also 47/2/4; 49/1/6; 51/2/4; 52/6/7; 57/2/1

8/     John Ellis Lavers. Pre-colonial economic organisation in Bornu Province (Chad Basin).

1964-5. Supervisor Dr Phyllis Kaberry. Grant £100. Extended by £950. Total £1050


1     JEL, Apr. 1963 – application form. 4 pp. (tp.)

2     Dr Phyllis M. Kaberry to AHC, 3 Apr. – reference (tp.)

3     K. Dering, 26 Apr. – recommends JEL (autogr.)

4     Prof. Daryll Forde to AHC, 3 May – reference (tp.)

5     K. Dering, 25 May – ibid. (tp.)

6     AHC to JEL, 18 June – the Trustees feel he should spend more time studying in the UK; they award him £100; he may apply for a full scholarship next year (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 14 June 1963, f. 109

7     Ibid., to Société de Géographie, Paris, 19 Aug. – JEL will be visiting Paris in connection with his work as a Horniman student; would appreciate any help offered him (tpc.)


8     JEL to AHC, 1 Feb. 1964 – thanks the Trustees for his grant; has used the money studying in Paris and has bought some useful books (tp.)

9     JEL, 27 Apr. – application form. 4 pp. (tp.)

10     D.H. Weir, University of London to JEL, 8 May – on the procedure to follow if he wishes to spend time abroad (tp.)

11     Dr Phyllis M. Kaberry to AHC, 16 June – gives a fuller reference for JEL (tp.); see also 22/1/1, 14 June 1964 below

12     AHC to JEL, 29 June – the Trustees have made him an award of £950 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110


13     AHC to Federal Immigration Officer, Nigeria, 14 Apr. 1965 – asks for all necessary documents to be issued to JEL to enable him to complete his fieldwork (tpc.)

14     Killick Martin & Co., Elder Dempster Lines to AHC, 15 Apr. – refunds cheque for JEL’s passage; it was cancelled due to the illness of his father (tp.)

15     AHC to Killick Martin & Co., 12 May – encloses cheque for first class passage for JEL for 4 June (tpc.)

16     JEL to AHC, [?May] 1965 – the Immigration Attaché at Nigeria House has suggested that a letter be written to the Minister of Education asking for help (autogr.)

17     AHC to the Minister of Education, Nigeria, 19 May – asks for all assistance to be given to JEL (tpc.)


18     Dr Phyllis M. Kaberry to AHC, 11 Mar. 1966 – has heard from JEL; on his money; he is applying for a Goldsmiths studentship at Zaria; he plans to learn Arabic; he is also applying for a Leverhulme studentship; his work has been good (tp.)

19     JEL to AHC, 8 June – at W.R.G. Horton and Prof. Armstrong’s suggestion has applied for the position of Research Fellow at the University of Ife; this will allow him to spend another three years in Nigeria; will be able to buy a car; his motor-scooter has not been a success; asks how this development will affect his Scholarship; he wishes to borrow a Landrover; asks how much money he has left (tp.)

20     AHC to JEL, 20 June – recommends him to take the Fellowship if he can; gives financial details; thinks there would be no objection to him keeping his equipment until he has finished his research (tpc.)

21     JEL to AHC, 1 July – on his payments; work is going well (tp.)

22     Ibid., 19 July – gives a statement of his Horniman money (tpc.)

*9/     Katrin Norris (later Mrs Fitzherbert). Research into changes in West Indian family structure as a result of migration to England.

1964 Grant £250. Publication small book commissioned by the Institute of Race Relations

Award of £350 made see Horniman Minutes, 30 May 1963, f. 108

Further award of £250 made see Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110

10/     David Charles Pitt. Social change in Samoa.


1     DCP, Mar. 1962 – some obstacles to economic development in Fiji and Island Polynesia (reprinted from J. of the Polynesian Society, vol. 71, no. 1)


2     Ibid., [Apr.] 1963 – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

3     K.O.L. Burridge to Trustees, 17 May 1963 – reference (tp.)

4     AHC to DCP, 18 June – the Trustees have made him an award of £500 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 14 June 1963, f. 109

5     Murray C. Groves to AHC, 19 June – reference (tp.)

6     DCP to AHC, 21 June – on his payments; hopes to leave for the South Seas by the end of the summer (autogr.)

7     AHC to Murray C. Groves, 2 July – the Trustees have made a grant to DCP; Prof. R. Firth hopes that it will help him to attract additional funds (tpc.)

8     DCP to AHC, 8 Oct. – wishes payments to start; hopes to leave before Christmas; has been able to obtain other funds (autogr.)

9     AHC to DCP, 11 Oct. – has arranged payments (tpc.)


10     DCP to AHC, 22 Feb. – on his progress so far (autogr.)