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26/     Awards made in 1968. Chair Prof. Maurice Freedman

1/     Trustees’ Business

1     Horniman awards from 1 Jan. 1968 onwards –Marianne V. Cardale, D.J. Chivers, J.D.H. Collinson, Louise H.M. Hogg, D.P. Lumsden, P.F. Wilkinson (tpc., Mrs Caroline Humphrey added autogr.)

2     AHC to Prof. Maurice Freedman and Dr I.M. Lewis, 11 Apr. – J.H. Keenan and Elizabeth Warren, née Mandeville were interviewed; neither available in Oct. 1968; neither considered first class (tp.)

3     List of grants made on 8 Oct. – applications listed with sums awarded, P.A. Andrews, J.M. Black, Father M.F.C. Bourdillon, M.B. Corrie, J.H.P. Evans, A.F. Gell, J.C. Harriss, Angela Jameson, Sylvia G. Moore, M.K. Wallington, J.H. Keenan, Elizabeth Mandeville, D. Clark (tpc., autogr.)

2/     Unsuccessful Applications

In alphabetical order:


1     Peter Alford Andrews, [July] 1968 – application form (tp.)

.1     Ibid., July – the form, use and technology of nomad tents (tp.)

References from: .2, Emrys L. Peters , 1 Oct. (tp.); .3, O.H. Koeningsberger, 5 Sep. (tp.)

.4     AHC to PAA, 11 Oct. – the Trustees have not made him an award (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117

2     George Henry Andrew Bankes, [June?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

.1     Ibid., [June?] – proposed topic of research (tp.)

.2     AHC, 7 Oct. – notes that GHAB was interviewed; it was agreed that his application would be considered with those for the 1969 awards (tp.)


.3     GHAB to AHC, 13 June – withdraws his application; has found sufficient funds from elsewhere (tp.)

3     David Clark, [June?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

.1     Ibid., [June] – covering letter (tp.)

.2     Peter C.W. Gutkind, 8 July – reference (tp.)

.3     DC to AHC, 12 Aug. – gives change of address (autogr.)

.4     AHC to DC, 8 Oct. 1968 – the Trustees did not make him an award (tpc.)

.5     DC to AHC, 16 Oct. – on his plans for research work; will write again in Nov. with a more specific proposal (tp.)

.6     AHC to DC, 21 Oct. – reminds him that the Trustees make decisions just once a year; any new proposal will be considered in Oct. 1969 (tpc.)


.7     DC to AHC, 14 Apr. 1969 – gives full details of the work he proposes to do. 4 leaves (tp.)

.8     AHC to DC, 27 May – his application has been considered by the Trustees and an external referee; it was considered that he would be unlikely to carry through his plan at the level required; his name was not added to the shortlist (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117

4     Mary Christine Hugh-Jones, [July?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

References from: .1, Prof. R. Firth, 30 July (tp.); .2, Maurice Freedman, 26 July (tp.)

See also 26/2/5.3 below

5     Stephen Philip Hugh-Jones for Peter Silverwood-Cope and Christine Hugh-Jones to AHC, 27 May – gives details of grants offered and likely expenses. 2 leaves (tp.)

.1     SPH-J, [July?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

.2     S.J. Tambiah to AHC, 7 Aug. – recommends SPH-J and Peter Silverwood-Cope; mentions A.F. Gell. 2 leaves (tp.)

.3     SPH-J to AHC, 13 Aug. – he, his wife Christine and Peter Silverwood-Cope are now working as research assistants for E.R. Leach; none of them requires a Horniman grant now (tp.)

6     Peter Lachlan Silverwood-Cope, [July?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

See also 26/2/5.2-.3 above

7     Elizabeth Katherine Warren (née Mandeville), [Mar.?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

.1     AHC to EKW, 8 Oct. 1968 – the Trustees did not make her an award (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117 and 26/1/2-3 above

3/     Jacob Misha Black. Transhumant pastoralists in Iran


1     JMB, 11 June 1968 – application form (tp.)

2     Ibid., [11 June] – proposed topic of research (tp.)

3     Prof. C. von Fürer-Haimendorf to AHC, 25 June – reference (tp.)

4     Barbara E. Ward, 28 June – ibid. (tp.)

5     AHC to JMB, 8 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £450 (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117

6     JMB to AHC, 12 Oct. – is grateful; will have left for Iran by Jan. 1969; gives banking details (tp.)

7     AHC to JMB, 30 Oct. – arranges to make payments in three instalments (tpc.)


8     JMB to AHC, 26 Nov. 1969 – encloses his report; has not received his third instalment (tp.)

9     Ibid., 26 Nov. – report on the first six months of fieldwork among the pastoral nomads of Luristan, Iran. 2 leaves (tp.)


10     Ibid., 12 Jan. 1970 – requests information about his third payment (tp.)

11     Mrs Barbara Bentley to JMB, 19 Jan. – gives payment details (tpc.)

12     JMB to AHC, 28 July – encloses brief final report; says he ‘passionately loathed’ his people; saw beautiful scenery and gathered much material; is returning in Sep. (tp.)

13     Ibid., to Trustees, 28 July – final report; is gathering his material for his thesis (tp.)

14     Mrs Barbara Bentley to JMB, 4 Sep. – AHC has resigned; Dr John Waechter is now Hon. Secretary; will place his report before the Trustees (tpc.); see also 27/6/6, 19 Apr. 1970 below

4/     Father Michael Francis Charles Bourdillon. The religion of some Shona-speaking people, Rhodesia.


1     MFCB, [26 July] 1968 – application form (tp.)

2     Ibid., [26 July] 1968 – supporting statement on proposed topic of research (tp.)

3     J.H.M. Beattie to AHC, 27 July – reference (tp.)

4     R.G. Lienhardt to AHC, 20 Aug. – ibid. (tp.)

5     AHC to MFCB, 11 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of up to £400; he is to let them know if support from other sources means he can manage with less (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117

6     MFCB to AHC, 26 Oct. – asks for £300 to be sent to him in Rhodesia (tp.)

7     Ibid., 7 Nov. – is willing to receive the money in two instalments; on payment arrangements (autogr.)

8     AHC to MFCB, 18 Nov. – doubts there is a legal way for money to be sent to Rhodesia; asks what he would like done (tpc.)

9     MFCB to AHC, 27 Nov. – has written to the English Province of the Society of Jesus for advice about money (autogr.)

10     Ibid., 11 Dec. – gives details of payment arrangements (tp.)


11     Ibid., 31 July 1969 – has had to change his original plan; is preparing a report for the Rhodesian Government; now has permission to begin fieldwork in a village (tp.)


12     Ibid., 22 Mar. – has completed his fieldwork; will complete the writing-up back in England; notes an article he had published in Nada (tp.)

5/     Jeffrey Hewitt Pollitt Evans. Social organisation of a Pathan tribe in N.W. Pakistan


1     JHPE, [July?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

2     Dr Eric Sunderland to AHC, 10 Aug. – reference (autogr.)

3     Philip Mayer to AHC, 16 Aug. – ibid. (tp.)

4     AHC to JHPE, 8 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £350 (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117


5     JHPE to ACH, 27 Jan. 1969 – enquires about his payments (tp.)

6     Mrs Barbara Bentley to JHPE, 4 Feb. 1969 – on his instalments (tpc.)

7     JHPE to Mrs Barbara Bentley, 1 Aug. – his fieldwork plans have been interrupted because of troubles in Pakistan; asks for money to be made available for him to buy a ticket (tp.)


8     Ibid., to the Trustees, 26 Feb. 1970 – was unable to obtain a visa for Pakistan; has changed to Afghanistan (autogr.)


9     Ibid., 3 Apr. 1971 – gives a report on his activities; appeals for more money. 2 leaves (tp.)

10     Mrs Barbara Bentley to JHPE, 17 June 1971 – encloses a further application form; no more money will be available until Jan. 1972 (tpc.)

6/     Antony Francis Gell. Cognitive aspects of political organisation in the Bewani Mountains region of New Guinea.


1     AFG, [July?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

2     Ibid., [July?] – outline of project. 2 leaves (tp.)

3     J.A.W. Forge, 19 July – reference (tp.)

4     S.J. Tambiah to AHC, 19 July – ibid. (tp.); see also 26/2/5.2, 7 Aug. 1968 above

5     AHC to AFG, 8 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £450 (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117

6     AFG to AHC, 23 Oct. – sends thanks; on payment arrangements (autogr.)


7     Ibid., 9 Dec. 1969 – work has been progressing well; hopes to stay for some time longer; enquires about his finances. 2 leaves (autogr.)


8     Mrs Barbara Bentley to AFG, 22 Jan. 1970 – the balance of his grant has been paid into his account (tpc.)

7/     John Charles Harriss. The economic behaviour of human groups in S. Europe during the Late Glacial and Early Post-Glacial with especial reference to man-animal relationships.


1     JCH, [June?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

2     J.G.D. Clark, 20 June 1968 – reference (tp.)

3     David Trump to AHC, 22 June – ibid. (tp.)

4     AHC to JCH, 11 Oct. – the Trustees ask whether he would be able to accept a much smaller award than he had asked for (tpc.)

5     JCH to AHC, 18 Oct. – has been awarded a State Studentship; does need money from the Horniman to cover fieldwork expenses. 4 leaves (autogr.)

6     AHC to JCH, 21 Oct. – the Trustees will make him an award of £150 towards the cost of fieldwork (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117

7     JCH to AHC, 31 Oct. – on payment arrangements (tp.)


8     Ibid., 30 Apr. 1969 – encloses a report; still has some money left which he hopes to use on further fieldwork (tp.)

9     Ibid., 30 Apr. – report. 3 leaves (tp.)

8/     Jeremy Hugh Keenan. Social organisation of the Tuareg (Sahara)


1     JHK to AHC, 1 Mar. 1968 – thanks him for his advice; has applied for grants as suggested; encloses application form and covering letter (tp.)

2     Ibid., [1 Mar.] – application form (tp.)

3     Ibid., 2 Mar. – encloses application form; asks for an interview as soon as possible; has to return to the field before July; has had much experience in the Central Sahara (tp.)

4     AHC to Dr Maurice Freedman, 19 Mar. – encloses JHK’s application form; asks him to arrange an interview (tp.); see also 26/1/2, 11 Apr. 1968 above

5     JHK to AHC, 17 June – as suggested at his interview he contacted Dr ?Bynou; his advice has caused him to change his plans; is spending three months studying the language and gathering material before going into the field; is willing to attend another interview. 3 pp. (autogr.)

6     AHC to JHK, 23 July – has noted his change of plans; will notify him about an interview later (tpc.)

7     Ibid., 11 Oct. – asks for an indication of his fieldwork plans (tpc.)

8     JHK to AHC, 19 Oct. – fieldwork has been successful; will take a long time to write up but is preparing a resumé; on his future plans; would welcome an opportunity of discussing his work (autogr.)

9     AHC to JHK, 30 Oct. – arranges a meeting (tpc.)

10     JHK to AHC, 1 Nov. – confirms time of meeting; encloses copies of his resumé (autogr.)

11     Ibid., [Oct.] – the social organisation of the Ahaggar Tuareg. 6 leaves (tpc.)

12     AHC [to Dr Maurice Freedman?], 5 Nov. 1968 – notes discussion with JHK at his interview; on his plans and estimated expenditure; he has applied for a Goldsmiths Scholarship; the Trustees will give him up to £500 (tp.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117

13     JHK to AHC, 9 Dec. – Goldsmiths has awarded him a scholarship on condition that an arrangement is reached with the Horniman Fund; wishes to discuss matters in person (tp.)

14     AHC to Walter Prideaux, Clerk of the Goldsmiths Company, 13 Dec. – confirms that JHK has a Horniman award on condition that he also has other funds; the Goldsmiths grant will satisfy this (tpc.)


15     JHK to AHC, 19 Jan. 1969 – outlines material for a discussion or paper; arranges a meeting. 3 leaves (tp.)

16     R.J. Covington, National Provincial Bank to AHC, 25 Feb. – on arrangements for JHK to take money to Algeria for research (tp.)

9/     Michael Keith Wallington. Comparative social structure of platyrrhine monkeys and its relevance to the behaviour of protohominids


1     MKW, [July?] 1968 – application form (tp.)

2     Ibid., [July?] – proposed topic of research (tp.)

3     David Pilbeam, 5 Aug. – reference (tp.)

4     MKW to AHC, 1 Aug. – changes the names of his referees (autogr.)

5     Ibid., to Mrs Barbara Bentley, 9 Aug. – explains about the referees (tp.)

6     K.J. Pascoe to AHC, 23 Sep. – reference (tp.)

7     AHC to MKW, 8 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £500 (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 8 Oct. 1968, f. 117


8     MKW to AHC, 24 Jan. 1969 – would like his grant as soon as possible (autogr.)

9     Ibid., 5 Aug. – would like the rest of his money; he is now ready to start fieldwork; will send reports (tp.)

27/     Awards made in 1969. Chair Dr G. Ainsworth Harrison

1/     Trustees’ Business

1     Interview list of applications for 1969 awards with details of referees, area of work and amount requested – V.A. Clarke, Mrs Rosalind Eyben, P.R. Lattin, N.T. Platt, Alison F. Richard, J.D. Seddon, A.F.V. Singer, M. Stanton, Mr and Mrs Turton, Chitra K. Wickremesinghe (tpc., annotated)

2/     Request for Information


1     Michael John Walker, 12 Apr. (tp.)

.1     AHC to MJW, 18 Apr. – the Horniman Fund makes grants for fieldwork; it does not provide funds of the order he mentions (tpc.) see also 28/11 below

3/     Unsuccessful Applications

In alphabetical order:

1     Rosalind Eyben (née Horner), [1 Aug.] 1969 – application form (tp.)

.1     Ibid., [1 Aug.] – proposed topic of research (tp.)

References from: .2, Prof. M. Gluckman, 12 Aug. (tp.); .3, Dr A.A. Trouwborst, 13 Aug. (tp.)

.4     AHC to RE, 20 Oct. – the Trustees did not make her an award (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118

2     Vera Jane Gilbert, [17 Nov.] 1969 – application form (tp.)

.1     Ibid., [17 Nov.] – proposed topic of research. 2 leaves (tp.)

.2     Ibid., to AHC, 17 Nov. – covering letter. 2 leaves (tp.)

.3     AHC to VJG, 21 Nov. – the Trustees have already made their awards for this year; doubts they would support her proposals (tpc.)

3     Ahmad Sohaimi bin Abdul Jalil, [Sep.?] 1969 – application form (tp.)

.1     Revd. A.D. Galvin to AHC, 21 Sep. – reference (tp.)

.2     AHC to ASBAJ, 21 Nov. – the Trustees have already made their awards (tpc.)

4     Thomas Frederick Johnston to Trustees, 15 Nov. 1969 – has already accomplished much work on ethnomusicology; needs further funds to support him in the field (tp.)

Encloses copies of letters of support to himself from: .1, J.A.R. Blacking, 15 Aug. (tpc.); .2, Dr J.P. Malan, 23 Aug. (tpc.); .3, Dr Hugh Tracey, 3 Sep. (tpc.); and character reference from: .4, Alun Jones, 7 Feb. (autogr. copy)

.5     Mrs Barbara Bentley to TFJ, 25 Nov. – the date for last applications has passed; nothing further will be available until Jan. 1971 (tp.)


.6     TFJ, [Mar.?] 1970 – application form (tp.)

.7     Mrs Barbara Bentley to TFJ, 4 Mar. – asks if he will be in England for an interview in Oct.; if not he may wish to send further details for the Trustees (tpc.)

.8     Dr Hugh Tracey to Mrs Barbara Bentley, 11 Mar. – can make no recommendations without further details about TFJ’s application; encloses a booklet on the codification of African music (tp.)

.9     TFJ to Mrs Barbara Bentley, 17 Mar. – will not be able to attend an interview; gives details of his work; encloses two papers, Xizambi friction-bow music of the Shangana-Tsonga and The vocal and instrumental music of the Shangana-Tsonga [see MS 401] (tp.)

.10     TFJ, [17 Mar.] – proposed topic of research. 2 leaves (tp.)

References from: .11, D.K. Rycroft, 6 Apr. (tp.); .12, Alun Jones, 23 Apr. (autogr.)

.13     Mrs Barbara Bentley to TFJ, 2 Nov. – the Trustees have not made him an award (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 20 Oct. 1970, f. 119

5     Nicholas Tristan Platt to AHC, 1 Apr. 1969– Prof. Maurice Freedman has told him to asks about a fieldwork grant from the Esperanza Trust; gives personal details (photocopy with autogr. notes by AHC and E.R. Leach about the role of the Esperanza Trust)

.1     AHC to NTP, 3 Apr. – his request does not fall within the terms of the Esperanza Trust; encloses a Horniman application form (tpc.)

.2     NTP, [11 Apr.] – application form (tp.)

References from: .3, J.A.W. Forge, 25 Apr. (tp.); .4, Maurice Freedman, 29 Apr. (tp.)

.5     NTP to AHC, 7 May 1969 – wishes to amend the estimate he gave on his form (tp.)

.6     AHC to NTP, 20 Oct. – the Trustees have not made him an award (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118


.7     Miss J.M. De Witt to AHC, 21 Nov. 1970 – NTP asks if he would send details of the Horniman scholarships to him in Bolivia (tp.)


.8     Ibid., 2 Jan. 1971 – NTP did not receive the information before he had to leave his fieldwork; asks for a duplicate to be sent to Oxford (tp.)

.9     NTP, [24 Feb.] – application form (tp.)

.10     Ibid., 24 Feb. – covering letter; will not be available for interview but will send field reports; further details can be had from J.A.W. Forge (tp.)

.11     Maurice Freedman to AHC, 22 June – reference (tp.)

.12     J.A.W. Forge, 30 June – is not providing a reference since NTP has withdrawn his application; considers him a brilliant student (tp.)

.13     Mrs Barbara Bentley to J.A.W. Forge, 2 July – has not heard that NTP has withdrawn his application; would like a reference before the Trustees’ meeting in Oct. (tpc.)

.14     J.A.W. Forge to Mrs Barbara Bentley, 6 July – is mystified; asks for a copy of NTP’s application form (tp.)

.15     Ibid., 8 Aug. 1971 – has had a cable from NTP asking him to withdraw his application (autogr.)

6     Alison Fettes Richard, [1 Apr.] 1969 – application form (tp.)

.1     Ibid., [1 Apr.] – details of research project. 7 leaves (tp.)

References from: .2, Bernard G. Campbell, 29 May (tp.); .3, J.P. Garlick, 10 Oct. (tp.)

.4     AHC to AFR, 20 Oct. – the Trustees have not made her an award (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118

7     John David Seddon, [May?] 1969 – application form (tp.)

References from: .1, Ernest Gellner, 7 May (tp.); .2, Dr J.C. Woodburn, 7 May (tp.)

.3     AHC to JDS, 21 Oct. – in view of his change of circumstances the Trustees will not proceed further with his application (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118

8     Chitra Kamini Wickreme-Singhe to AHC, 17 Dec. 1968 – wishes to know whether her plan for study would make her eligible for a Horniman grant (tp.)


.1     Ibid., [2 June] 1969 – application form (tp.)

.2     Ibid., [2 June] – plan of research (tp.)

.3     Rodney Needham to AHC, 14 June – reference (tp.)

.4     AHC to CKW-S, 11 Oct. – the Trustees did not feel able to make her an award; they would consider a more detailed research proposal (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118

.5     CKW-S to AHC, 30 Oct. – was disappointed; now encloses a more detailed proposal (tp.)

.6     Ibid., [30 Oct.] – plan of research (tp.)

.7     AHC to Prof. I.M. Lewis [copy to all Trustees], 5 Nov. – encloses CKW-S’s plan and recommendation from Rodney Needham; asks whether she should be made an award (tp.; autogr. reply from Ioan Lewis – favours small grant)

.8     Barbara Ward to AHC, 7 Nov. 1969 – gives her opinion of C.K. Wickreme-Singhe’s plan; not anxious to make a large award; is willing to act follow majority opinion (tp.)

.9     Eric Sunderland to AHC, 9 Nov. – recommends an award of £600 (tp.)

.10     AHC to CKW-S, 15 Dec. – the Trustees have not changed their minds about her application (tpc.)

4/     Victor Alan Clarke. Biological characteristics of the British gypsies


1     VAC, [July?] 1969 – application form (tp.)

2     Ibid., [July?] – proposed topic of research (tp.)

3     Eric Sunderland to AHC, 2 Sep. 1969 – reference. 2 leaves (tp.)

4     H. Lehmann to AHC, 3 Oct. – ibid. (tp.)

5     AHC to Dr Arthur E. Mourant, 20 Oct. – the Trustees are prepared to help VAC; he, Geoffrey Harrison and Eric Sunderland have thought it would be a good idea to use some money from the Nuffield balances; it has been ear-marked for ‘the book’; considers it would be of great help to him (tpc.)

6     AHC to VAC, 20 Oct. – the Trustees are prepared to support him; he has already received £200 and can rest assured that he will receive the full £450 (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118

7     Dr Arthur E. Mourant to AHC, 31 Oct. – has spoken to J.A. Fraser Roberts; they agree to divert money from the Nuffield balances for VAC’s grant (tp.)

8     AHC to VAC, 3 Nov. – another £250 is available for his research (tpc.)

9     VAC to AHC, 19 Nov. – would be grateful for the money now as the gypsies are easier to approach in the winter; asks for advice about funds for personal maintenance (autogr.)

10     AHC to VAC, 24 Nov. – is willing to try the Esperanza Trustees on his behalf (tpc.)

Award of £900 granted see Horniman Minutes, 26 Oct. 1973, f. 122

5/     Peter Rodney Lattin. Field study of the Pygmy chimpanzee (Congo)


1     PRL, [July?] 1969 – application form (tp.)

2     Eric Sunderland to AHC, 2 Sep. – reference (tp.)

3     Dr Vernon Reynolds to AHC, 29 Sep. – ibid. (tp.)

4     PRL to AHC, 6 Oct. – since a discussion with Dr John Napier has changed his plans; gives details. 4 pp. (autogr.)

5     AHC to PRL, 20 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £250 (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118

6     Ibid., to Dr John Napier, 20 Oct. – tells him of PRL’s award (tpc.)

7     PRL to AHC, 23 Oct. – on payment arrangements (autogr.)

6/     André Felix Vitus Singer. Problems of assimilation and urbanisation of tribal groups in Western Iran


1     AFVS, [July?] 1969 – application form (tp.)

2     EEP to AHC, 28 July – supports AFVS (tp.)

3     Peter Lienhardt to AHC, 10 Oct. – reference (tp.)

4     AHC to AFVS, 21 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £750; they hope he will obtain further support from elsewhere (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118


5     Mrs Barbara Bentley to Dr Peter Lloyd, 22 Jan. 1970 – gives details of AFVS’s application and award (tpc.)

6     AFVS to AHC, 19 Apr. – has had to alter his area of research due to difficulties in obtaining permission; J.M. Black was one of the last people allowed to study in the area; has spent time studying the people in advance and has learnt the language; hopes the Trustees will accept the change (tpc.)

7     Ibid., 1 Sep. – encloses a report on his fieldwork; is happy with his research so far (tp.)

8     Ibid., [1 Sep.] – report. 3 leaves (tp.)

7/     Michael Stanton. Problems of education for positive community relationships


1     MS, [23 July] 1969 – application form (tp.)

2     Ibid., 23 July – supporting statement (tp.)

3     Ibid., 23 July – covering letter (tp.)

4     Prof. E.A. Peel to AHC, 28 July – reference (tp.)

5     Kenneth Charlton to AHC, 11 Aug. – ibid. (tp.)

6     AHC to MS, 20 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £170 (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118

7     MS to AHC, 25 Oct. – thanks him; hopes for further support; will inform him; asks if an alternative area of study would be acceptable (tp.)

8     AHC to MS, 3 Nov. 1969 – there is no objection to his studying elsewhere (tpc.)

9     MS to AHC, 28 Nov. – has received further awards; can now begin his fieldwork in India; asks for his money to be made available in Jan. (tp.)


10     MS to AHC, 24 Apr. 1970 – has just returned from India; encloses a report (tp.)

11     Ibid., Apr. – report. 3 pp. (tp.)

8/     Andrew and Jo Turton. Cotton – technology, economics, practical and ritual uses in a North Thai village


1     AT to [?], 12 June 1969 – describes the research project that he and his wife plan to carry out in Thailand; his grant from the LSE will not cover his expenses; asks if he would be interested in supporting them. 2 leaves (tp.)

2     AT to AHC, 12 June – encloses letter 27/8/1 above; Jo thought the Horniman Fund may be able to help; welcomes any suggestions (tp.)

3     AHC to AT, 1 July – encloses an application form; makes other suggestions including writing to H.E. Wadsworth who used to be Secretary of the Cotton Board (tpc.)

4     AT to AHC, 13 July – encloses completed form; asks for the open letter (27/8/1 above) to be submitted with it; asks for advice on expense budget (autogr.)

5     AT and Jo Turton, [13 July} – application form (tp.)

6     H.S. Morris to AHC, 15 Sep. – reference (tp.)

7     Maurice Freedman to AHC, 3 Oct. – supports the Turtons’ application (tp.)

8     AHC to Harry E. Wadsworth, 20 Oct. – mentions the Turtons’ plans; asks whether the Cotton Board would make the grant of £150 they ask for (tpc.)

9     AHC to AT, 21 Oct. – the Trustees have made them an award of £130; will get in touch with the Cotton Board (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 16 Oct. 1969, f. 118

10     AT to AHC, 3 Nov. – thanks him; has not contacted the Cotton Board; has met an old girl friend whose work in textiles will be helpful; now has a truck driver; is expecting to meet Gilbert and Ariane Lewis; Jacques Lemoine and his wife are coming to stay. 2 leaves (autogr.)

11     Harry E. Wadsworth to AHC, [Nov.] 1969 – suggests that the Turtons contact the Shirley Institute; they could send a report to the British Cotton Growing Association; expects they could offer advice (autogr.)


12     AT to AHC, 22 May 1970 – has not yet received any money; expects to be at SOAS next year (autogr.)

13     Mrs Barbara Bentley to AT, 5 June – AHC has now retired and will be leaving for Indonesia with his wife, Rita; is sending the £130; apologises for delay (tpc.)