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22/     Awards made in 1964. Chair Dr J.S. Weiner

1/     Trustees’ Business

1     Prof. Daryll Forde to AHC, 14 June – confirms his recommendations of R. Brain and J.E. Lavers (tpc.)

Application from Mr Land rejected see Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110

2/     Andrew Baring. The development of the State in Kanem, Darfur and Bornu.

1964-5. Supervisor EEP. Grant £500


1     AB to AHC, 1 Apr. 1964 – asks for an application form and any information on other grants (tp.)

2     Ibid., 22 Apr. – application form. 4 pp. (tp.)

3     EEP [to Trustees], 27 Apr. – willing to support AB (autogr.)

4     A.B. Brown to AHC, 15 June – reference (tp.)

5     U.W. Kitzinger to AHC, 17 June – ibid. (tp.)

6     AHC to AB, 29 June 1964 – the Trustees have awarded him £500 for fieldwork (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110


7     AB to AHC, 14 Jan. 1965 – has already come out to the Sudan as his Arabic was progressing slowly in England; has received a lot of help in Khartoum; on his future plans; intends to apply for an extension of his grant so he can stay in the field for a longer period as suggested at his interview. 2 leaves (tp., autogr.)

8     AHC to AB, 26 Jan. – approves his plans; will put his application to the Trustees; they will not give a decision before Oct.; asks how much extra he will need (tpc.)

9     R.G. Lienhardt to AHC, 17 Feb. – on financial support for AB (tp.)

10     AHC to R.G. Lienhardt, 18 Feb. – did not realise AB was in need; has cabled him £200 (tpc.)

11     AHC to Accountant, 25 May – on sending a further instalment to AB (tp.)

12     AB to AHC, 4 Aug. – not sure that he will have received his previous requests for money; is overdrawn; describes his work so far (tp.)

13     AHC to AB, 20 Aug. – is sending the balance of his grant; repeats what he said about the further application (tpc.)

14     Ibid., 26 Aug. – has heard that Coutts could not trace the account he mentioned; they are still holding money sent to him in May (tpc.)

15     AB to AHC, 6 Sep. – on banking difficulties; now has the money; gives detailed estimate for further grant as written in a letter of 16 May; revises this; will not be able to survive until Oct.; has taken a part-time job; continues very busy. 2 leaves (tp.); see also Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 112

16     AHC to Dr R.G. Lienhardt, 11 Nov. – asks if he has heard from AB (tpc.)

17     Dr R.G. Lienhardt to AHC, 16 Nov. – has told AB to write to both him at Oxford and AHC; will write a sterner letter if nothing is heard soon; will see if EEP can ‘ginger him up’ (autogr.)

18     AB to AHC, 25 Nov. – has heard nothing since he last wrote; wonders if he has been made a further award; is anxious about money; on his researches (tp.)


19     AB to AHC, 25 Feb. 1966 – is distressed at still having received no replies; his bank will not lend him any more money; on his plans and discoveries. 3 leaves (tp.)

20     AHC to AB, 24 Mar. – much of their communication has gone astray; states his position; the Trustees will make a final grant of £250 when he has confirmed that he has received all the original payments (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 29 Sep. 1966, f. 113

21     Dr R.G. Lienhardt to AHC, 26 Mar. – AB is a mystery to him; he seems to have disappeared; will have to apply sanctions (autogr.)

22     Peter Worsley to AHC, 12 Apr. – ran into AB in the Sudan; on his behalf requests funds urgently; was impressed with him and his work (tp.)

23     AHC to Dr Rehfisch, University of Khartoum, 29 Apr. – Peter Worsley has suggested that he may be able to help with AB; asks him to forward the enclosed and ask him to write (tpc.)

24     AB to AHC, 13 May – has heard from Dr R.G. Lienhardt; was surprised that none of his letters arrived; encloses copies; his debts have risen; will have to return home if no money comes; would be disappointed as work progressing well (tp.)

25     Ibid., to Dr R.G. Lienhardt, 19 May – had thought that he would see the letters he wrote to AHC for the Trustees; encloses copies; gives a full account of his activities; since he last wrote has fallen off his scooter and suffered broken bones; was ill with complications; is now recovered and hoping to receive further funds; on urgency of this. 3 leaves (tp.)

26     AHC to AB, 26 May – thanks him for the correspondence; repeats that he cannot send money until he has confirmed what he has already received (tpc.)

27     Dr R.G. Lienhardt to AHC, 9 June – encloses letter from AB (22/2/25 above); asks his advice; AB should have written to EEP (autogr.)

28     AB to AHC, 20 June – is complaining to the post office about the missing letters; he has not been remiss in sending reports of his work; is distressed that the Trustees have decided not to renew his scholarship as he had been led to expect; repeats his previous answers concerning sums received; lists all letters sent. 2 leaves (tp.)

29     AHC to Dr R.G. Lienhardt, 23 June 1966 – has still not heard from AB; ‘off the record’ thinks the Trustees may give him a further grant if his work is of high calibre; will require a critical assessment of his work (tpc.)

30     Dr R.G. Lienhardt to AHC, 28 June – he should by now have received the letter from AB which he forwarded; has not yet written; would appreciate advice; thinks he should redeem himself by writing a full report; considers that AB should sort out the postal difficulties (tp.)

31     AHC to AB, 15 July – glad he has received all of his grant; assumes he is now returning; if he does wish to apply for a further grant it must arrive before 31 July (tpc.)

32     AHC to Dr R.G. Lienhardt, 15 July – thinks it strange that AB should assume he would get a further grant because he has got into debt; he could get more money if he and EEP supported him; he does not mention what he needs; asks whether he thinks they should continue to support him (tpc.)

33     AB to AHC, 20 Aug. – thanks him for money transfer; is returning to Darfur; would be glad to hear of any decisions the Trustees have made (tp.); see also 24/1/1, 29 Sep. 1966 below

*3     Miss AUDREY G. BOORNE. Fieldwork in Afghanistan.

1964-5. Grant £350

No grant made to application in 1963 see Horniman Minutes, 14 June 1963, f. 109

Grant of £350 awarded see Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110

*4     Robert Brain. Study of the Bangwa, Mamfe Division West Cameroon.

1964-5. Supervisor Dr Phyllis Kaberry. Grant £525

Grant of £525 awarded see Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110

5/     Simon Edward Mitchell. Fishing communities in Pernambuco in N.E. Brazil.

1964-5. To complete studies at London School of Economics prior to fieldwork in Brazil. Supervisor Prof. R. Firth. Grant £200. Extended by £400, 1966 and £250, 1967. Total £850


1     SEM, 23 Feb. 1964 – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

2     Ibid., [23 Feb.] – project in Brazil. 2 leaves (tp.)

3     Charles Stuart [to Trustees], 12 Mar. – reference (autogr.)

4     J. Steven Watson [to Trustees], nd – ibid. (autogr.)

5     J.R. Fox [to Trustees], nd – ibid. (tp.)

6     Prof. R. Firth to AHC, 19 Mar. – ibid. (tp.)

7     AHC to Prof. R. Firth, 29 June – the Trustees were reluctant about SEM’s application; on his strong recommendation they have offered him £200 if he can find no other support (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110

8     Prof. R. Firth to AHC, 30 June – assures him there is no other support (tp.)


9     SEM, 15 Sep. 1965 – form with details of his application (tp.)

10     Maurice Freedman to Miss Caroline Wright, Secretary to the Horniman Trustees, 20 Sep. – reference (tp.)

11     Prof. R. Firth to Miss Caroline Wright, 30 Sep. – ibid. (tp.)

12     AHC to SEM, 15 Oct. – he has been made an award of £400 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 112


13     H.H. Keen, Secretary William Waldorf Astor Foundation to AHC, 22 Feb. 1966 – a grant of $1000 has been made to SEM; it has to be paid to an institution; SEM is already in Brazil; asks if the RAI would be willing to receive the grant and pay it to him (tp.)

14     AHC to H.H. Keen, 11 Mar. – confirms willingness to accept the cheque (tpc.)

15     SEM to AHC, 3 May – hopes the Astor Foundation grant has caused no inconvenience; progressing well so far despite weather; asks if there is any possibility of more money; would like to stay until Apr. (tp.)

16     Miss Caroline Wright to SEM, 17 May – AHC doubts there is any hope of more money (tpc.)

17     Ibid., 22 June – the position of the Fund is better than they thought; he should apply as soon as possible (tpc.)

18     SEM to Miss Caroline Wright, 22 July 1966 – encloses an application form and report of work so far (tp.)

19     SEM, [22 July] – report on research in N.E. Brazil (tp.)

20     Ibid., [22 July] – application form (tp.)

21     Maurice Freedman to Trustees, 16 Aug. – can add nothing to his previous reference (tp.)

22     J.R. Fox to AHC, 5 Sep. – ibid. (tp.)

23     AHC to SEM, 30 Sep. – the Trustees have awarded him £250 (tpc.); see Horniman Minutes, 29 Sep. 1966, f. 113 and 24/1/1, 29 Sep. 1966 below

24     SEM to AHC, 6 Oct. – is grateful; will send report in Dec.; is trying to get copies of missing publications for Miss B.J. Kirkpatrick, Librarian (tp.)


25     Ibid., 4 Jan. 1967 – has arranged with Dr Morris for a report of his fieldwork to be sent (tp.)

6/     John Llywelyn Wynne Williams. Technical aspects of the pottery from the Lipari Acropolis site in the Aeolian Islands, Italy.

1964-5. Supervisor J.D. Evans, Dr I.W. Cornwall. Grant £600


1     JLWW, 26 Apr. 1964 – application form. 4 pp. (autogr.)

2     JLWW, [26 Apr.] – outline of his project. 2 leaves (tp.)

3     J.D. Evans, 23 June – reference (tp.)

4     AHC to JLWW, 29 June – the Trustees have made him an award of £600 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 26 June 1964, f. 110

5     JLWW to AHC, 26 Oct. – asks for the first instalment of his grant (autogr.)


6     Ibid., 17 Jan. 1965 – had planned to leave for Italy at the beginning of Feb.; has been advised to stay home as his father has been taken seriously ill; his supervisors agree that he has plenty to carry on with; hopes the temporary set-back will not affect the conditions of his grant (autogr.)

7     AHC to JLWW, 20 Jan. – sorry about his father; the Trustees will not worry about the postponement (tpc.)

8     JLWW to AHC, 13 Mar. 1965 – is sorry to report that a serious fire has broken out in his home; fortunately his research materials were saved; it is now impossible for him to leave especially as the housekeeper has handed in her notice; plans to move to a bungalow in Aug.; could not leave his father before May; would leave too short a period in Italy if he had to be back for Aug.; now intends to spend a further year on the project once he has settled domestic matters; asks for payments of his grant to be deferred until Sep.; his thesis is going well. 3 leaves (tp.)

9     AHC to JLWW, 17 Mar. – provided his supervisor is happy the Trustees are in no hurry (tpc.)

10     JLWW to AHC, 21 Mar. – thanks him for his sympathetic attitude; is handing in the first draft of his work to Prof. J.D. Evans (autogr.)

11     Prof. W.F. Grimes to AHC, 29 Mar. – on behalf of JLWW asks that his grant be held until he is ready to continue his research (tp.)

12     AHC to Prof. Grimes, 31 Mar. – has already made the arrangements concerning JLWW (tpc.)


13     Ibid., to Prof. J.D. Evans, 9 June – notes that JLWW still has £300 owing to him; asks if he has any news of him (tpc.)

23/     Awards made in 1965. Chair Prof. Meyer Fortes

1/     Trustees’ Business

1     Peter M. Worsley to AHC, 1 Dec. – thanks him for his letter informing him he has been elected a Trustee; explains his reasons for declining; if he had been asked in advance would have suggested Prof. Clyde Mitchell (tp.)

2     [AHC] to Prof. P.M. Worsley, 16 Dec. – assures him there will be few meetings and that the work will not be excessive; hopes he will reconsider (tpc.)

3     Prof. P.M. Worsley to AHC, 28 Dec. – agrees to be a Trustee (tp.)

Applications from J.M. Weatherby and Miss Moller unsuccessful; after interview awards not made to I.C. Thomson, Miss J.E. Bramley or A.R. Walker see Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 111

2/     Virginia Rose Cecilia Luling. The social context of fertility cults in Southern Somalia.

1966-7. Supervisor Dr I.M. Lewis. Grant £500


1     VRCL, 15 Sep. – application form. (tp.)

2     Ibid., [15 Sep.] – fieldwork proposal (tp.)

3     Revd Gervase Matthew to Miss Caroline Wright, 17 Sep. – reference (autogr.)

4     Dr Phyllis Kaberry to AHC, 23 Sep. – supports VRCL’s application (tp.)

5     J.A.W. Forge, 8 Oct. – ibid. (tp.)

6     AHC to VRCL, 15 Oct. the Trustees have made her an award of £500 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 112

7     Dr I.M. Lewis to AHC, 19 Oct. – delighted that VRCL has been made a grant (autogr.)


8     VRCL to AHC, 5 July – is about to set off; requests that her grant be paid (autogr.)

3/     Malcolm Donald McLeod. Ashanti cults.

1966. Supervisor EEP. Grant £500


1     MDM, 15 Sep. – application form (tp.)

2     Oxford University, Institute of Social Anthropology, nd – on MDM’s project (tp.)

3     EEP to AHC, 16 Sep. – reference (autogr.)

4     R.G. Lienhardt to AHC, 17 Sep. – supports MDM (tp.)

5     F.M.H. Markham to AHC, 6 Oct. – reference (tp.)

6     AHC to MDM, 15 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £500 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 112

7     MDM to AHC, [end Oct.] – has not yet fixed his plans; will make arrangements about his payments later; would like £50 to spend on equipment; is likely to receive another £500 in addition to the Horniman grant (tp.)

8     Ibid., 7 Dec. – plans to leave for Ghana in the second week of Feb.; asks for an instalment of his grant (tp.)


9     Ibid., 10 Mar. 1966 – urgently needs the rest of his grant to pay for his tickets (tp.)

10     Ibid., [Sep.?] – gives a report on his progress; has met many anthropologists; asks for an application form for joining the RAI (tp.)

11     AHC to MDM, 3 Oct. – glad all is well; is sending form (tpc.)

12     MDM to AHC, 4 Dec. – the application form never turned up; asks for some additional funds; not certain about the Wenner-Gren Foundation grant; needs money urgently (tp.)

13     AHC to Prof. Meyer Fortes, President, 9 Dec. – asks for his opinion on a further grant for MDM; says they could probably manage about £150 (autogr.)

14     Prof. Meyer Fortes to AHC, 11 Dec. – wishes to give MDM every encouragement; in favour of sending £100; is trying to arrange something more substantial (autogr.)


15     MDM to AHC, [Jan. 1967] – the money has made a great difference; on his latest progress (autogr.)

4/     Jonathan Hugh Musgrave. A functional interpretation of the hands of Neanderthal man.

1966. Supervisor Dr J.R. Napier. Grant £200


1     JHM, 15 Sep. 1965 – application form (tp.)

2     Ibid., [15 Sep.] – further notes on his application (tp.)

3     K.O.L. Burridge to AHC, 17 Sep. – reference (tp.)

4     J.R. Napier to AHC, 28 Sep. – ibid. (tp.)

5     Dr G. Ainsworth Harrison to AHC, 11 Oct. – ibid. (tp.)

6     AHC to JHM, 15 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £200 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 112


7     JHM to AHC, 1 Jan. 1966 – hopes to get as far as Jerusalem; it seems ridiculous that Neanderthal Man should be affected by modern politics (tp.)

8     Ibid., 16 Dec. – encloses his report (autogr.)

9     Ibid., 16 Dec. – report. 2 leaves (tp.)

10     AHC to JHM, 20 Dec. 1966 – hopes he may be able to write a note for Man (tpc.)

5/     Jonathan Patrick Parry. Aspects of social organisation among a polyandrous people of the Jaunsar-Bawar area of Northern India.

1966. From May 1965 for eighteen months. Supervisor E.R. Leach. Grant £300


1     JPP, 16 Sep. 1965 – application form (tp.)

2     Ibid., [26 Sep.] proposed field of research; estimate of expenses. 3 leaves (tp.)

3     J.B. Broadbent to AHC, 23 Sep. – reference (tp.)

4     Prof. Meyer Fortes to AHC, 23 Sep. – ibid. (tp.)

5     E.R. Leach to AHC, 23 Sep. 1965 – ibid.; considers him not as intellectual as Richard Tapper but expects he would make a better field anthropologist (tp.)

6     AHC to JPP, 15 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £300 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 112

7     JPP to AHC, 17 Oct. – would like the grant paid in a lump sum at the beginning of Apr. 1966 (tp.)


8     JPP to AHC, 22 Mar. 1966 – asks for his money to be paid (tp.); see also 51/7/4, 15 Apr. 1993 below

6/     Mrs Ursula Marion Sharma. Caste and religious behaviour in an Indian village.

1966. Supervisor Dr A.C. Mayer. Grant £300


1     UMS, 15 Sep. 1965 – application form (tp., autogr.)

2     Ibid., [15 Sep.] – topic of research (tp.)

3     Prof. C. von Fürer-Haimendorf to AHC, 22 Sep. – reference (tpc.)

4     Adrian C. Mayer to AHC, 25 Sep. – ibid. (tp.)

5     AHC to UMS, 15 Oct. – the Trustees have made her an award of £300 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 112

6     UMS to AHC, 28 Oct. 1965 – sends thanks; on payment details. 2 leaves (autogr.)


7     Ibid., 25 Jan. 1966 – has booked a passage and will arrive in Bombay on 14 Apr.; it would be convenient if her grant could be paid to her husband; requests form to join RAI. 2 leaves (autogr.)

8     Miss Caroline Wright to UMS, 1 Feb. – AHC says the arrangement she suggests is acceptable; encloses form (tpc.)

9     UMS to Miss Caroline Wright, 6 Feb. – on her grant (autogr.)

10     Om P. Sharma to AHC, 17 Sep. – has moved to a new address (autogr.)

7/     Richard Lionel Tapper. Social anthropological study of Shahsavan, a pastoral nomadic group (Iran).

1966. Supervisor Prof. C. von Fürer-Haimendorf. Grant £200


1     RLT, 16 Sep. – application form (tp.)

2     Ibid., [16 Sep.] – on proposed topic of research (tp.)

3     E.R. Leach to AHC, 17 Sep. – reference. 2 leaves (tp.); see also 23/5/5, 23 Sep. 1965 above

4     Prof. C. von Fürer-Haimendorf to AHC, 22 Sep. – ibid. (tp.)

5     Adrian C. Mayer to AHC, 25 Sep. – ibid. (tp.)

6     AHC to RLT, 15 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £200 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 112

7     RLT to AHC, 2 Nov. – on payment arrangements; will be sending reports to Prof. C. von Fürer-Haimendorf (tp.)

8/     Nicholas Edward Wincott. Connections between selected urban and rural communities in Zambia.

1966. Supervisor Dr J.M. Beattie. Grant £300


1     P.A. Lienhardt to AHC, 9 Sep.1965 – reference (tp.)

2     NEW, 15 Sep. – application form (tp.)

3     Ibid., [15 Sep.] – outline of research project. 2 leaves (tp.)

4     John H.M. Beattie, 16 Sep. 1965 – reference (tp.)

5     AHC to NEW, 15 Oct. – the Trustees have made him an award of £300 (tpc.); see also Horniman Minutes, 11 Oct. 1965, f. 112

6     NEW to AHC, 19 Oct. – on payment arrangements (autogr.)

7     L.J. Cohen to AHC, 30 Oct. – reference (autogr.)

8     NEW to AHC, 31 Dec. – the Dep. Of Education and Science wants a breakdown of expenses for which the Horniman grant was intended; is finishing his B. Litt. (autogr.)


9     AHC to E.W. Hall, Dep. Of Education and Science, 11 Jan. 1966 – NEW’s award was made to cover research assistance during his fieldwork in Zambia (tpc.)

10     R. Fowler to AHC, 18 Jan. 1966 – no reduction will be made in NEW’s Studentship from the Dep. Of Education and Science (tp.)

11     NEW to AHC, 10 June – has accepted a post as Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Malawi due to family responsibilities; is being allowed time to pursue six months’ fieldwork; it will be along the lines planned for Zambia; his thesis will be accepted; will leave next month; is no longer eligible for a State Studentship; realises the Trustees may change their decision about him (autogr.)

12     AHC to NEW, 24 June – congratulates him on his appointment; will tell the Trustees that he withdraws his application (tpc.)

13     Barrie Reynolds, National Museum of Zambia to AHC, 29 July – asks for details of scholarship awarded to NEW (tp.)

14     AHC to Barrie Reynolds, 23 Aug. – NEW has received an appointment in Malawi and will not take up his scholarship (tpc.)


15     NEW to AHC, 22 May 1969 – had to resign his post at Malawi due to restrictions; has now been a student at the Dep. Of Sociology at Columbia University for a year; on his plans for research; enquires whether he could apply for funds for language training (tp.)

16     NEW, [22 May] – curriculum vitae (tp.)

17     Mrs Barbara Bentley, Clerk to the Officers to NEW, 1 June – his name will be put before the Trustees (tpc.)

18     Terence K. Hopkins to AHC, 4 June 1969 – reference (tp.)

19     Ian Michael to AHC, 5 June – ibid. (tp.)

20     NEW to Mrs Barbara Bentley, 24 July – on his changes of plan; withdraws his application; asks her to keep the references in case he decides to re-apply (autogr.)