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2018: Dr Susan Crate, topic ‘Engaging Longitudinal Ethnography in Circumpolar Russia to Track Unprecedented Change, Facilitate Community Collaborative Research and Bolster Adaptive Response into the Future’

2018: Dr Sveta Yamin-Pasternak, topic ‘Yupik, Chukchi, and Inupiaq communities on the Russian and Alaskan sides of the Bering Strait’

2016: Dr Enrico Ille, topic ‘Date palm production and socio-economic changes along the Nile in northern Sudan (Abri, Dongola, Dar al-Manasir)’

2014: Dr Karin Willemse, topic ‘The Abri area of Northern Sudan’

2012: Dr Margarita Huayhua; topic ‘The Indian as a Problem in the Andes’

2010: Dr Jan Peter Laurens Loovers; topic ‘Tracing Trails with Teetl’it Gwich’in: Poetics, Well-Being, Memory and Land in Circumpolar Canda’

2009: Dr Simron Singh; topic ‘Anthropological and ethnological research and documentation among the inhabitants of the Nicobar Islands, India’

2008: Dr Rahile Dawut; topic ‘Ugyur pilgrimage rites in Xinjiang’

2008: Dr Thomas Thornton; topic ‘The effects of rapid climate change on indigenous Northern coastal peoples, with particular reference to marine food resources and indigenous knowledge’

2007: Dr Dario Novellino; topic ‘Enabling the “indigenous voice”: beyond technocratic solutions to forest conservation on Palawan Island (the Philippines)’

2006: Dr Thanuja Mummidi; topic ‘The Konda Reddis: perspectives on their social organisation and shifting cultivation overlooked by developmental intervention’

2005: Dr Mark Jamieson; topic ‘Language and identity among the Sumu people of the Rio Siquia, eastern Nicaragua’

2005: Dr Tatiana Bulgakova; topic ‘Bringing traditional Nanay knowledge from the archive to the school’

2004: Dr Emma Gilberthorpe; topic ‘Living with Oil: the impact of resource development in Papau New Guinea’

2003: Dr Rogaia Abusharaf; topic ‘The impact of Arabization and Islamization on identity and self-hood among the Southern Sudan’s indigenous peoples’

2002: Dr Ananda Rajah; topic ‘Karen refugees in Thailand’

2001: Dr Noriko Sato; topic ‘Syrian Orthodox Christians’

2000-2003: Professor Alan MacFarlane & Dr Mark Turin; topic ‘Digital processing of anthropological information’.  They have produced a website, Digital Himalaya.

2000: Dr Christopher Duncan; topic ‘The Halmahera of Indonesia’

1999: Professor Veronica Strang; topic ‘Aboriginality in North Queensland’

1999: Dr Bartholomew Dean; topic ‘Urarina in the Peruvian Amazon’

1998: Dr Cai Hua produced a video Daba/Na Shaman on the revival of religion among the Na in southwest China. This is now available for sale in Film Sales. The Study Guide is available on-line here.

1996: Dr Stuart Kirsch; topic ‘Resisting the Mind: the Yonggom and the World System’

1995: Dr Roxanne P. Hakim; topic ‘The resettlement experiences of a Vasava Bhil community affected by the Sardar Saroval (Narmada) Dam Project in western India’