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This are examples of post list which can be copied and pasted into pages

To copy a list you like the look of, hover over the pencil icon and select “copy” then paste it into another pages. Afterwards, you can change the query of the list to match the posts you want to appear (ie by category or manual selection). You can also create your own lists by adding the “posts” widget to a page/post and modifying layout and query yourself.

Here are two layout boxes showing to the left some explanatory text, and to the right the “posts” widget, with query set to show 2 manually selected posts, in one column.  The first box uses blue (awards) while the second box uses green (events)

A gift of £25,000 could provide an Urgent Anthropology Fellowship, which focuses on research on disappearing indigenous cultures, languages, and ecologies. This unique scheme, privately funded by anthropologists (founding sponsor: Dr George Appell) has been running since 1995. For a list of past Urgent Anthropology Fellows and their work, see link below.

The following RAI lectures have been recorded and are available online to listen to or download. Videos of other RAI events are available on our YouTube channel here

Here is a list showing posts in the category “Art courses” with image and excerpt. Note: this post list uses the “card” layout, as this is more responsive.

Here is a list showing manually selected post, 150 word excerpts and links without images. 

2023 Awards

Huxley Memorial Medal and Lecture: Professor Alex de Waal is executive director of the World Peace Foundation at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and one of the world’s most consistently original and productive anthropologists in international humanitarian and development studies.  His DPhil involved long term ethnographic fieldwork on famine in Darfur, Sudan and proved to be a stepping stone to developing a compelling and much respected critique of Sen’s work (an economist and Nobel Laureate) on famine. His work has profoundly shaped the field of international development and humanitarian studies, recognised – in part – by his election as the first president of the International Humanitarian Studies Association. In 2005-2006, he was seconded to the African Union mediation team for Darfur; and he subsequently served as senior adviser to the African Union high-level implementation panel for Sudan. He was on the list of Foreign Policy’s

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New from the RAI Book Series

A Touch of Genius: The Life, Work and Influence of Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard Edited by André Singer Vol. 4 of the RAI Book Series. Evans-Pritchard was perhaps the most influential anthropological scholar of the twentieth century. His extraordinary work in Africa has formed a central foundation to anthropological thought since the 1930s, with generations of anthropologists having read and appreciated his ethnographies of the Azande, Nuer and Sanusi, and his analyses of social structures, belief systems and history. And yet, though so much has been written about his work, a rounded understanding of the person has proved elusive.

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